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January 27, 2011





Marko Petrović was saved by a last second defensive stand by his SFU teammates as they defeated LMU 61-60 Thursday night in Los Angeles. Petrović didn’t have the best of games as he scored three points (1-7 FG), grabbed four boards and added an assist in 19 minutes of play. He had two lay-ups blocked in the process. Nonetheless, the young Croatian freshman remained fired up the entire match, all the way until the final buzzer. TEAM CSR will meet with Petrović January 28th for an interview. We have our questions. Do you CSR Nation?


CSR has its hands full with Croatian basketball players this weekend as both Marko Petrović and Andrew Bogut visit the City of Angels. Freshman shooting guard, Marko Petrović, will be in Los Angeles as his San Francisco University Dons take on LMU and Pepperdine. CSR will meet with Marko, who is the nephew of late Croatian superstar and Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Dražen Petrović. Dražen tragically passed away in Germany during a freak auto accident in 1993.






“Marko brings a lot of skills that we felt we needed on our team. People may believe that we signed Marko just for his shooting ability and yes, he is a good shooter, but I believe he brings a lot more than just that skill. Marko is a multi-position team first guy (National Champion Prep Program @ Findlay Prep) that is a good ball handler and passer. He makes the right play and also is a willing and capable team defender. I am excited about coaching him and look forward to getting him on the Hilltop.”


-SFU Coach Walters on Petrović






To CSR Nation & Prva Generacija,







Andrew Bogut (above) visits Staples Center on Monday night as his Milwaukee Bucks take on the Los Angeles Clippers. Bogut is coming off a 2009-10 season where he made the All-NBA Third team, shortly after shattering his entire arm in a freak slam dunk accident in April. Bogut was a class act last year when CSR met up with him to find out exactly how Croatian he is. Verdict: he’s Croatian. Here’s the interview from last season:
 sits down with Andrew Bogut from Adrian Svirčić on Vimeo.


Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 20 comments

  1. dukic says:

    this is cool. just talked to marko the other day. seems like a good kid.

  2. Raptore says:

    would be cool to see the petro term re-emerge in the NBA, followed Drazens carreer closely, I was 10 years old when he signed with Portland,was mad happy kid when he made an impact at the nets..

    It was a great era & time for Croatian kids growing up who followed Basketball, Had so many great idols, Petrovic, Kukoc & Radja, the national team played with so much pride & were respected from all corners of the world, it made croatian kids want to pick up a basketball & shoot some hoops..

    Basketball has taken a step backwards in Croatia, not much talent comeing through now days, Hopefully the pace will pick up & we can regain our position as a feared team..

    Bogut is pure class,im sure we havent seen the best of him yet, hes only going to get stronger & better from here on..

    he grew up not far from me, dandenong is only 25 minutes or so away from my area, im from the western suburs, so allways great to see a local succeed & make your city proud..

  3. ziva istina says:

    Bogut……good player, good teammate. Borderline all-star at center (mostly because the center position is garbage in the NBA), but he is a quality player. Needs to learn to make his FTs and stay healthy.

    Petrovic…..i follow college ball and i doubt he will ever do anything in the college game. Most kids who are legit talents play from day 1 as freshmen and he does not. I'm sure he will be OK with a college degree and then go home and play for Cibona. The question I would ask him are his thought on the 30 for 30 series. I'm willing to bet he had no problem with it.

  4. Allen19 says:

    Bogut is an incredible player. I do enjoy watching him and I really enjoyed the interview. He was so friendly and seemed to answer whatever question you brought up. I knew he wasn't going to be a bust after a few bad years and I am really happy he developed into a force. Now I can only hope Brandon Jennings gets back and helps the Bucks make a run. I am at a crossroads with the NBA, since I am currently a Heat fan but very disgusted to be one cause I hate teams that do business like this but oh well.

    Marko seemed like a great kid and I will start following him. He isn't doing a whole lot this year, but I will try to check out San Fran when they play Gonzaga and St.Mary's. He is still a freshman so he has time to develop, but I am not sure why he picked San Fran since it's not that great of a school. Oh well, nevertheless I liked the highlights even with the strange shooting form. Also he seems like a happy kid and not all serious which is good to see. Good luck Marko!!!

  5. Ante B says:

    I have to agree with ziva and doubt that he had anything against the Divac interview since his dad Aco and baka (I'm assuming Marko is Aco's son) were involved. But still, his voice has to be heard about what he thought about the documentary. "Vlade Divac? Cetnik!"

    I'm sure the basic questions you guys usually ask (do you like Croatian soccer, fan of Dinamo/Hajduk/someone else) are now the standard questions.

    Ask him why he thinks that Croatian basketball has been in a horrid state since his uncle tragically passed away? How come nobody has been able to fill Drazen's shoes despite the other sports successes Hrvatska has had…

    Ask him what his uncle's legacy means to him personally.

  6. Ante Kvartuč says:

    Yes, Marko is Aco's son.

  7. TheGoldenChild says:

    Ask Marko if he's gonna switch to corn rolls the upcoming season.

  8. JP says:

    @Golden Child … haha, maybe he's related to Perisic 🙂

    … more importantly, I hope that he (Marko) matures quickly at College and not just as a baller. The ball should take care of itself as long as he keeps his head on straight. Plus, guys like Keion Bell at Pepperdine should more than keep his game-ego in check for the time being. If he actually studies too that should help.

    Best of luck Marko, give it your best shot!

    As for Bogut, all the best to him, he's shown that he's a warrior!

    Ask Bogut if he'd be interested in meeting/mentoring Marko…? That'd be pretty cool in my books! This way we can start uniting our hoops bredren too 🙂

  9. Andrej says:

    Hopefully Marko turns into something. We need some ballers back in the league. But this guy is a bit of a tweener, hopefully he can play the point because at 6'3 its tough playing SG in the nba. Love Bogut though, sick guy and baller too..

    Back to nogomet, Rakitic finally left for Sevilla….YES!! lets hope he continues to develop. I can't wait to see what role he plays.

  10. TheGoldenChild says:

    Looks like Kranjcar could be moving as well. An article posted yesterday shows that he wants to move, and Tottenham are accepting offers. Liverpool looks like the only option at the moment though.

    Grats to Rakitic.

  11. ziva istina says:

    @Andrej…this younger Petrovic has no chance at playing in the NBA. Just reality. After college he will have a decent career back in Cro and then in some european country.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It is cool that you guys cover colelge atheletes too now. you should check out my friend Davor Bakovic he plays for DeAnza college and recently got awarded all american

  13. Anonymous says:

    he plays soccer

  14. someguy says:

    Anyone watching the handball match? Croatia blows a 12-8 lead, Croatia 14-16 Iceland at the half.

  15. ziva istina says:

    DeAnza college????? Di je to?

    My cousin's daughter is ranked first in her 3rd-grade kickball class….Lets cover her as well.

  16. Ante B says:

    I believe it's the best community college in the country here in the Bay Area thanks to Bill Gates. I took a class or two there to save money while attending the Harvard of the Bay Area

  17. Anonymous says:

    yeah they are the top ranked community college in the country and ranked 15th nationally in soccer

  18. ziva istina says:

    great community college soccer……..the minor leagues of minor leagues in college.

  19. Anonymous says:

    well if it helps he is getting offers.

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