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February 14, 2011


Written by Ante Baričević 


“…Bilo je to, bilo je to… 

…Bilo je to na Valetinovo…

…Sjecam se ja, sjecas se ti…

…Kad smo Dinamo mi vratili!”


February 14, 2011 marks the 11th anniversary of the day that the Bad Blue Boys brought back the holy name Dinamo to the city of Zagreb over a turbulent nine year battle with the club’s (then) executive board, mainly Zlatko Canjuga, and the top political party, HDZ, with former Croatian president, Franjo Tuđman, at the helm.

After openly supporting Tuđman and his HDZ party during the late eighties and early nineties, the Bad Blue Boys were “thanked” by having the club’s name they supported–a club synonymous with the Croatian struggle in the former Yugoslavia and dubbed the Croatian team–ripped from them. Like a dictatorship, with no explanation or cause, the club’s name was changed to HAŠK-Građanski in 1991 against the discretion of the Bad Blue Boys and other Dinamo supporters. HAŠK and Građanski were two separate rival clubs, along with Concordia, that dominated the Zagreb soccer scene pre-World War II. All three clubs were eradicated in 1945 after being deemed “ustaške” by the communists for cooperation with the Pavelić government during NDH. In their place, Dinamo was formed by the communist regime, though many Dinamo supporters today see Građanski as the club’s predecessor since the supporters, players, coaches, team colors, stadium and nickname were the same.

The mere name change in 1991 from Dinamo to HAŠK-Građanski could be compared to the delusional and ridiculous coupling of teams such as Real Madrid-Barcelona, Celtic-Rangers, and Liverpool-Manchester United to name a few.

In 1993, it only got worse. The announcement was made that there would yet again be another name change from HAŠK-Građanski to NK Croatia Zagreb–a move distinctly made by Tuđman. Tuđman vehemently opposed Dinamo and ordered the police to confiscate any items that had the name Dinamo or small ‘d’ on it during games. He often publicly spoke against Dinamo because he felt the name was “too communist.” Ironic, considering he himself used to be one of Tito’s generals and the former president of Partizan Belgrade, a Dinamo foe from the old Yugoslavian league that was considered the army’s team.

A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.



Since that point, the Bad Blue Boys vowed to fight back and bring back their holy name of Dinamo. Throughout the years, the Bad Blue Boys would go to games with their Dinamo flags, banners, scarves; even if they were met by the receiving end of a police baton and a cold jail cell. The famous Croatian rock group, Pips, Chips and Videoclips, recorded ‘Dinamo Ja Volim’ (Dinamo I Love) which even today serves as an anthem to all Dinamo supporters. Plays and a book were even written during their struggle.

The culmination of their battle occurred in front of the west side of Maksimir stadium on February 14, 2000. About 3,000 Bad Blue Boys made their presence known outside of the club’s administrative offices, clashing with police officers, singing songs, waving flags, banners and dawning their beloved ‘d’. Inside the club, after hours of long deliberation, one of Dinamo’s legends who was involved in the meetings, Velimir Zajec, declared:

“We have Dinamo!”

In 2011, the Bad Blue Boys have a new fight on their hands against Zdravko Mamić. Dinamo has kept its name but now they want their club back and they will be heard. They stood up in defiance against Yugoslavia in the eighties, defeated Franjo Tuđman and his HDZ cronies in the nineties, and now they proudly stand up against Zdravko Mamić. If the adage of history repeating itself is accurate, the Bad Blue Boys will once again come out victorious.

Today we remember their battle from ten years ago and Croatian Soccer Report stands behind them in their present cause today.








Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 69 comments

  1. dukic says:

    this is a good article but why one day after hajduk turns 100. let torcida enjoy this anniversary. come csr this article shouldnt be posted now. AJMO BILI!

  2. Ante B says:


    Today is the actual day of the anniversary. When are we supposed to post it?

    Hajduk got the day before and the day of the anniversary to celebrate. Torcida enjoyed it, time to move on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dinamo is a Communist name! it is not holy! Look at the other Dinamo names that are communist like Dinamo Kiev, Dinamo Minsk etc.

  4. Ante B says:

    True, but what Dinamo Zagreb represented in old yugo was anything but communism. To root for Dinamo, the Croatian team, meant you were Croatian and anybody, even hajdukovci, can vouch for that no matter how much it might hurt their ego and pride.

  5. DJ Dan says:

    Idk why this had to be posted. Its the 11th Anniversary yes, but it's not really a milestone. Seems like just a response to the Hajduk stuff from this week.

  6. Ante B says:

    Great idea but I'll have to pass. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as this year. Just wait til April and May too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is such a bullshit move to have this crap on the day after the 100 anniversary. Who gives a rats ass about an 11 year anniversary. I dont like this retaliation. Purgeri man

  8. Anonymous says:

    Keep celebrating your birthdays and anniversaries while dinamo celebrates championships year after year

  9. Ante Kvartuč says:

    Ante B. wrote a fantastic story and that is the reason CSR ran it. CSR, in it's current Blogger form, does not have the luxury to run more than one story at the top of the site. That will change in the next 2 months or so when we move to a new 'real' website where multiple stories can be seen simultaneously.

    That's just the reality of it.

    Don't take anything away from Ante. We always welcome our readers to chime in on anything Croatian soccer if they feel the need. Ante B. and Tom R. have come through. Even Allen Steven has helped us out.

    In the end, Hajduk fans will always battle it out with Dinamo supporters, and this is the best forum to do it IMO.

    Hajduk's 100th was a big deal, that's why it gets its own icon on the right side of CSR. But how long should we celebrate it? A week? A month? A year? Let's remember what Split did for their Hajduk. It was amazing. No doubt about it.

    But we got a big week ahead of us. Champions League is back!

    And TEAM CSR just met with the 'Man with a Golden Voice' in Hollywood….stay tuned….

  10. Anonymous says:

    Who gives a shite about this gypsy club, typical Dinamo supporters trying to steal the spotlight off Hajduk after their unique celebrations which Dinamo would never match… jugo's!

  11. ziva istina says:


    it marks the anniversary of the name change. Its worth noting, it's a footnote.

    Just like next year, Hajduk's 101th birthday will be a footnote. You mention it and move on.

    THis is a blog, people can write/respond to whatever they want.

    As a hajduk guy it does not bother me when someone talks about dinamo. So, I don't know why it would bother other hajduk supporters. Just like I don't understand why hajduk's 100th would bother dinamo fans.

  12. JerseyCro says:

    anybody read the article which stated Hajduk wanted to fix the friendly match with Slavia…I'm surprised they didn't blame Mamic for the loss, which they usually do

  13. Ante B says:

    This is a blog, not a credible news source…yet. If you want to write anything regarding Croatian soccer, this is your canvas. There are a lot of Hajduk supporters on this site so why not try to educate them, as well as others who probably aren't that into Croatian soccer (read: Mrs. BBB, hot stuff), who could take something away from this. Now, if you're that repulsed by the timing and subject matter and commented, I thank you for the compliment. Keep reading because I've got some good stuff coming in the near future I'm going to run by the guys.


  14. Franjo Tudjzman says:

    Guys, two things:

    1) It's absurd to have an "11th anniversary" article. I'm a fan of your site and being honest that this was absurd to even mention.

    2) I'm a Hajduk fan and probably should not care, but why would anyone want to root for a Serbian name? After the war was over, do you think Serbs would have stayed with any names that "sounded too Croatian?" Of course not.

  15. Denis Svirčić says:

    @Ante B,

    First off, thanks for this well written piece. However, coming with this on Hajduk's 100th birthday was a little out of line. I understand that this piece is time sensitive and would be useless to post a week later, but at the same time, 11th anniversary over 100th anniversary.

    As editor of CSR, I have stressed so many times in the past "this is OUR site." However, a post like this in my opinion, makes you look biased in front of everyone else here at CSR.

    If this was posted next year on Dinamo's 12th anniversary and Hajduk's 101st anniversary, no one would care.

    However, now you get this:

    "Idk why this had to be posted. Its the 11th Anniversary yes, but it's not really a milestone. Seems like just a response to the Hajduk stuff from this week." ~DJ Dan

    "100 > 11"

    "It's absurd to have an "11th anniversary" article. I'm a fan of your site and being honest that this was absurd to even mention." ~Franjo Tudjzman

    and they are right.

    I also have to side with Dukic on this one:

    "this is a good article but why one day after hajduk turns 100."

    Also, question for you. Do you really think it is necessary to write a post on Dinamo's 12th, 13th 14th…. anniversary?

    Im sure that you can find 10 or so just as significant events in the history of both hajduk and Dinamo to post every year. But 100, only comes around every 100 years.

    Ziva Ista wrote "As a hajduk guy it does not bother me when someone talks about dinamo." I am in the same boat. This article wasn't out of line. However, it did rub me the wrong way that you would show up on Hajduk's 100th for an 11th year anniversary.

    You can continue to bring it, we will continue to post them as long as they are not inappropriate. However, as our motto states "uniting Croatians around the Globe." In no shape or form, does this piece unite anyone outside of Dinamo.


    I think we will pass. down boy, down boy, heal heal heal


    Yes I "read the article which stated Hajduk wanted to fix the friendly match with Slavia". This wasn't "Hajduk" but a few Hajduk heads that proposed this. Obviously, this wasn't a "friendly" match, but more of a celebrity-hollywood match. A celebrity hollywood match is intended to entertain the public. Hajduk could have lost 100-0 it wouldnt matter.

    I dont get why Dinamovci are so bitter. Every Dinamovac that I talked to the past few days said "what happened to Hajduk, lost 2-0".

  16. Ante B says:

    I don't understand and it's a bit two faced of you to say one thing publicly and another privately. If you don't like submissions, then don't put them up. Don't put them up if you're not comfortable with them. It's as easy as that, I'm not an editor. If you say that I'm showing my Dinamo bias, then you (and the rest) are showing your bias towards Hajduk.

  17. Ante B says:

    Also, tell me how celebrating Hajduk's 100 year anniversary unites anyone outside of Hajduk.

    Here comes the sparks of hajduksoccerreport.com…

    Since you quoted Ziva, I'll do the same. He said it's a footnote, move on. That's exactly what this article is.

    I just have to be honest and didn't expect the two faced nature on this one, pretty disappointing all things considered.

  18. Denis Svirčić says:

    Like I said in my last comment, "well written" and "This article wasn't out of line, " meaning that this was worth putting up.

    Put yourself in Hajdukovac shoes. How would you react?

    Also, you didnt answer my question:

    "Do you really think it is necessary to write a post on Dinamo's 12th, 13th 14th…. anniversary?"

    like ziva istina said "a footnote" would be great… meaning… a comment…. even a post if nothing is going on in the Croatian sports world.

    Again, this is just my opinion. I'm not two-faced nor am I calling you out.

    If the tables were turned and Dinamo had their 100th, and a Hajdukovac did the same thing, I would say the same thing to the Hajdukovac.

    and please dont start with hajduksoccerreport.com… I thought we went over this already many moons ago…

  19. Ante B says:

    Ask yourself the same thing as to how a dinamovac would react to Hajduk reaching 100…on two to three posts for an entire weekend. Svaka cast, for a price, you got your 100 years.

    If Dinamo celebrated their 100 year anniversary and two prior posts were dedicated to it the entire weekend, I would have no problems with a Hajdukovac coming in on Monday morning with a Hajduk article.

    And in regards to posting again in the future about the anniversary, why not? It's a date in history like they do on the TV shows. Why not on CSR?

  20. Denis Svirčić says:

    @Ante B,

    I started this comment because of the reaction from our followers(mostly Hajdukovci) here on CSR. Once again, it becomes a Hajduk vs. Dinamo topic when it doesnt have to be that way.

    Why not let Hajduk have their anniversary in peace. Talk a little shit if you have to, thats fine.

    How many significant dates in Dinamo Zagreb history can you name off hand? Do we really need an article on all of them?

    Did we write anything about Hajduk last year and their 99th anniversary? No. A few people mentioned it as a comment and all the talk was on plans for next year.

    Your article doesn't offend me. For me its business as usual and keep it moving. However, it was not the right time for you to post an article like that about an 11th year anniversary. A "footnote" = comment in my book.

    You can write about significant dates in Dinamo history all year if you want. One for every month if you'd like. then, not only would we be called Dinamoreport.com, but we wouldn't be uniting Croatians around the world.

    Once we get the new website running, we will have a Dinamo Zagreb section. In this section, you can write a post everday if you wish.

    As we are CroatianSoccerReport. Not Hajduksoccerreport.com nor dinamosoccerreport.com. Obviously, 90% of the HNL news is Hajduk or Dinamo.

    1) Hajduk and Dinamo are in 90% of Croatian media and conversations around the Croatian sports world.

    2) We are always open for anyone outside of Dinamo/Hajduk to write about Rijeka, Cibalia…. etc etc.. Ante and I don't know much about the rest of the HNL, and no one has stepped forward to contribute.

    Hajduk's 100th year anniversary was a celebration for Hajduk fans all over the world. Do Dinamovci, Rijeka, Varteks fans give a shit? Most likely not. However, they realize that this is 100 years. This happens not even once in a lifetime.

    Lets say after 2 articles of Dinamo winning the league title this year(which will most likely happen), the following day, we write a post "on this day, 11 years ago, Hajduk defeated Partizan."

    Do you see my point?

  21. Allen says:

    LOL, I come around and read stories all the time on this site and open the comment section just to see a bunch of adults argue like little bitches. Good article regardless if you are a Dinamo or Hajduk fan. Who cares what anniversary is older than the other, grow up u fn losers.

  22. Denis Svirčić says:

    Ante and I and most people here on CSR enjoy to read your comments and posts here on CSR.

    I blame myself for not talking to you before Ante posted your article.

    Once we have the new website up, we would love to have you as our Dinamo guy. We will have a Dinamo Zagreb section.

  23. Denis Svirčić says:


    "Good article regardless if you are a Dinamo or Hajduk fan."

    That was never in question by anyone here on CSR.

  24. Denis Svirčić says:


    just out of curiosity, who do you support?

    "Who cares what anniversary is older than the other"

    apparently, most people here on CSR.
    Also, I dont remember anyone making an 11th anniversary jersey.

  25. Ante B says:


    The bringing back of Dinamo was important and was practically in every newspaper yesterday as well.

    1) Is Hajduk celebrating 100 years supposed to be a month long event, is it Croatian Ramadan? You guys celebrated on CSR on Saturday and Sunday. Fine, fair enough. My birthday is one day long and the next day it's done. Was the weekend not enough? Were two posts not enough? How much more time did you want to enjoy it? Easily any dinamovac could have bitched as to why you guys used two posts but they didn't because we honestly don't give a shit.

    2) You used a false comparison. How can you compare a Hajduk-Partizan game to the name Dinamo being brought to Zagreb after a nine year battle? Sure, it was the 11th anniversay but this was done because 1) we didn't write about it last year and 2) why not talk about an anniversary since the entire weekend was dedicated to a birthday/anniversary? Dinamo coming back to Zagreb is a huge date. The other famous dates in Dinamo and BBB history: June 9, May 13, February 14 and possibly April 26 if you believe Dinamo is a continuation of Gradanski.

    Plus, if you're going to write something the day after Dinamo wins a championship then by all means go ahead. Why? Because it doesn't change the fact that it happened, people can scroll down, and it's in the past.

    Any bitching in here by the hajdukovci is undeserved. Although, like the previous commentor said, if my team can only celebrate it's birthdays and not championships, then I'd be pissed too.

  26. Denis Svirčić says:

    1) Why we used 2 posts for Hajduk's 100th? Have you looked at any other Croatian sports websites? Dinamo was only mentioned when they returned from Turkey in a small article on the side… and Keleva quote.. besides that it was all Hajduk..

    "Was the weekend not enough?" This was never in question.

    2) I made up Hajduk-Partizan date.. I just used it as an example.

    "we didn't write about it last year "

    ok, I'll give you that.

    "why not talk about an anniversary since the entire weekend was dedicated to a birthday/anniversary?"

    1) you are off here…. Croatians Around Europe was posted Sunday. No one bitched or complained. Business as usual.

    " if my team can only celebrate it's birthdays and not championships, then I'd be pissed too."

    I dont see it as a competition. Only Dinamovci see this as a competition.

    In the end, it comes down to this:

    "Any bitching in here by the hajdukovci is undeserved."

    Your call. We'll have to agree to disagree.

  27. Ante B says:

    My end: if CAE didn't bother Hajdukovci then neither should this; it's not Ramadan.

    You just made all of my points for me to the hypocrisy that is the bitching of the hajduk fans.

  28. Boris says:

    i'm not sure how i feel about the whole name change fiasco. to me, dinamo with a red-star smack in the middle of the logo is clearly a commie name. but the BBB who were against a name change certainly weren't commies because they were among the first to volunteer to defend croatia in the war. i think it's a generational thing. i can remember my dad, who is a purger old-timer, saying that pretty much all of his soccer buddies resented the name dinamo and its commie origins, and thought reverting back to HASK would be cool. those who were old enough to remember what it was like when the commies took over every facet of political and social life have every right to resent the name dinamo. but younger dinamo fans have no historical frame of reference for the whole name change thing, so all they ever knew was dinamo, and i understand why they didn't want it changed. the move to NK Croatia Zagreb was even worse because that name implied that it was the national club of the whole country, which it obviously isn't.

    the best thing they could've done was to keep the name dinamo and just rip out that stupid commie red star from the logo. it looks so much more sharp without that stupid red star.

    in any case, hrvatski dragovoljac has the best logo of them all.

  29. Dennis Fistonić says:

    @Ante B

    Sorry brotha, I gotta call you out on this one…

    All weekend long you were putting down, bitching, and talking smack about the 100 anniversary. Although your article was well written, you cannot deny the fact that it was in direct retaliation to the anniversary. All these comparisions to Ramadan are bullshit. We posted Croatians Around Europe, a regular feature of CSR, on the exact day of the anniversary. If Dinamo had a legit anniversary to celebrate (20, 25, 50 years, etc) I would have no problem with the article whatsoever. However, an 11th year? Really?

    You are right, Dinamo's 11th anniversary should've been a footnote. A footnote, in correlation to CSR, is a comment or 2 or 3 by fellow members and not in the form of a nose rubbing article. You fail to realize that a 100 year anniversary in any walk of life is a hell of an accomplishment, let alone a football club.

    I find it very hard to believe you would take no offense if the tables were turned. Like I told you personally over the weekend; If Dinamo had it's 100th anniversary, I would congratulate you and your club and not once would I mention any of the negative corruption or poor leadership your club puts on a day to day basis. This was not the case over the weekend.

    Like I said before, I am not putting down the article for its quality, however the timing was poor and was done in poor taste in my opinion and in the opinion of many others.

  30. zuti says:

    when the article was written regarding jajduk's 100th, the author said, don't worry dinamovci, you'll get your chance….or something like that. i think everyone respected that.

    but, now that there is an article about the february 14th return of dinamo, all the hajdukovci jump on it like a fat kid on a pack of smarties and start trash talking.

    the best one was, "serb name". well, let's look at this a little more objectively. the serbian 1st league has a team by the name of, well, none other than….yes, hajduk! didn't see a dinamo anywhere in their table.

    kako bin ti rekao, za vrijeme tita vikali ste da tito živi vječno sad je to hajduk…ironično, zar ne?

  31. ziva istina says:

    Man, the last 30 posts are complete nonsense.

    Let me have my two cents worth here (offer up more nonsense) and that is the last you will hear from me on this topic.

    Ante is free to write/comment whatever he wants and its obvious what his views are on dinamo and hajduk. I agree with his comments most of the time on all other topics, but to me he loses all credibility when discussing this topic. Now, if the editors of CSR want to remove/delete his items or the items of anyone else, the are more than free to do so. I don't think they need to be but that is up to the guys who run the site. We are all free to write and comment as we like, but it does not mean the boys cant censor us if that wish.

    Now, to answer a question as to why there was so much coverage of the hajduk celebration both on this site and in cro media…..some of you guys need to learn what the term "news worthy" or "news worthiness" means…..there was coverage of hajduk's 100th in the lead up to the event and then there was coverage of what actually took place and the reaction by the fans to the events that took place. It was not a one-day story. Compare it to what took place in Egypt; there was a build up, a climax and the follow up. Same thing here…..there was a build up to the celebration, there was the events that took place (climax) and then the follow up coverage.

    Again, I got no problem with someone trying to point out dinamo's name change took place on this date. That is fine, but it all appears someone has a complex/dislike (you pick the word) for a certain topic. At least, that is how it appears from a neutral point of view.

  32. Ante B says:

    I'll take the last word on this one.

    Throw the timing issue of the window because the only nonsense is the hajdukovci bitching and this has yet again turned into Hajduk vs. Dinamo which is idiotic. The hajdukovci care about the timing and the dinamovci do not. Ramadan time in effect from now on.

    I disagree with Ziva on his 'neutral' point of view after quoting he's a hajduk guy. The neutral supporters here, I assume Allen, also said the timing is no big deal because it's a well written article. Other people who are neutral have stated the same to me.

    (I don't think I've ever addressed that but thanks for the compliments, yes even including Svircic and Fisto amongst the drabble of the timing issues or lack thereof)

    Lesson learned: foot notes (a new term now) and the Hajduk Ramadan waiting period are now in effect.

    Boris and Zuti, thank you for being the only ones to comment on the actual subject matter. 2 out of 45, can't complain.

  33. Franjo Tudjman says:

    Ante, my last thoughts….

    I enjoy reading articles about BOTH Hajduk and Dinamo. When there's some big news about Dinamo (ex. a win, a player acquistion, etc), obviously I'd expect to see something about them on this website. With Hadjuk's 100th anniversary, Croatian-Americans would expect to see an article regarding that.

    By putting an "11th anniversary" article at this time, you made it WAY too obvious of what your intentions are. I think you would want followers here to believe that the site is for all fans and not just for those who follow specific teams.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the article – with Dinamo it's more an attachment and familiarity issue then an overly abstract analysis of its communist origins for BBB. However, being an Ustasa as you are Ante (Pavelic) B why would you object to restoring the name of the club before the Communists changed it for their own propaganda purposes.

    Then there is the straw man. No one doubts that Dinamo were central to Croatian identity and its eventually liberation but was that not at odds with the name of the club which was named in opposition to such a cause. Would it not be logical to synchronize its name with its identity. If HASK-Gradanski is such a problem why not name the team Gradanski if that is its historical predecessor whilst dropping HASK.

    Sure Tudjman was a Partizan in his early life but was it not an act of repentence to disavow a name which was communist in its origins. Unlike yourself I have no problem with the Luburic/Tudjman concept of national reconciliation. Tudjman, Bobetko et al were patriots who fought for our liberation when it mattered. I certainly wouldn't want to be faced with the prospect of fighting for the Axis or the Communists. For this reason we should be merciful.

    Regards Tomo

  35. Allen says:



    I hold no grudges against Dinamo or Hajduk, I follow and watch both teams at the end of the day, I got a Dinamo Zagreb jersey though its more fun to cheer for a team that has a chance to qualify for champions league in all seriousness. If Hajduk had a chance, I would cheer for them also.

    At the end of the day you are cheering for a team because your dad and grandfather told you too, and you hate the opposite team for that reason. Most of the people of this site have most likely never seen Dinamo or Hajduk play a meaningful game anyways, get over it. The Croatian league has been a joke and a bore for years, no1 watches it in Croatia, people would only care if a team were in Champions league or playing in europe in the Winter. Its a fn feeder league for the rest of Europe and our National Team, that's all it is. So at the end of the day who fucking cares if you are a Dinamo or Hajduk fan, both teams are good for fucking nothing.

  36. Dennis Fistonić says:

    @ Allen

    Ignorance must be bliss for you.

    You are a typical bandwagon fan who will root for the team who is on top of the standings or has the trophy in their cabinent. Why don't you grow a pair and pick a team, go through the journey of what a season is all about instead of just picking the team that wins the championship every year.

    You are right, the HNL is crap and is a feeder league for the bigger leagues in Europe. However, don't tell me I am a fan of a certain team because I was forced to by someone else. Some of us have brains and are able to decipher for ourselves who we want to root for.

    Both teams are good for nothing? You can't tell me that Hajduk's win over Anderlecht was one of the most thrilling victories in recent memory. You don't think for that particular night, that victory didn't give the city of Split and Dalamcija some joy? Something to take their minds off of their low standard of living lives? You don't think Dinamo's run in the Europa League and win over Ajax a couple years ago gave purgeri joy and satisfaction?

    Stop taking the easy way out. The journey to the top is always better than the championship.

    Going to Genoa, Italy to watch Hajduk play against Sampdoria a couple years ago was an absolute thrill. Hajduk playing against Buducnost from Crna Gora at Poljud was the greatest fan experience of my life. Are you saying all of that is diminished because Hajduk aren't in Champions League?

    So don't tell me they are good for nothing. For you, ignorance is bliss.

  37. Torcida North says:

    You guys are on crack and seriously need help! Im a heavy Hajduk supporter and we had our weekend to celebrate and now on to the next news! I mean as someone posted does this site have to go into Ramadan mode? I found the read interesting as I didnt know too much about what led to the name change back and all. Im Hajduk all the way but Dennis your being way too touchy!

  38. dukic says:

    hey anonymous. hajduk has 9 jugo league championships. dinamo has 4. Hajduk also 2 champions league quarter finals appearance during the time of jugo. dinamo has none. hajduk has 1 semi final appearance for uefa cup during the time of jugo. again dinamo none. pa ti sad meni reci ko je bio bolji klub u bivsoj jugoslaviji. btw hajduk were in the quarter finals of the 1994 champions league and lost to ajax the eventual champs. so with that being said hajduk has had more success in europe then dinamo. let the stats speak for themselves.

    and sure i know dinamo has one hnl more times then hajduk but winning the hnl is like being the smartest kid in a special ed class.

  39. Anonymous says:

    kup velesajmskih gradova danasnja europa league bivsi uefa kup 1967 dinamo zagreb..toliko o europskim natjecanjima..dinamo-leeds…dinamo ima europski trofej

  40. Denis Svirčić says:

    @Ziva istina

    I dont know how many times I said this, but once again you are right. Fuck up for once. I want to go off on you one day.

    @Ante B

    "Throw the timing issue of the window"

    We can't because this was the only problem with your article. But at the same time, I shouldn't have been so harsh on you because in the end, WE posted your article.

    "I disagree with Ziva on his 'neutral' point of view after quoting he's a hajduk guy."

    Just because you're a "Hajduk guy" doesn't mean you cant be neutral.

    I agree with "Franjo Tudjman". Read his last comment from a "neutral" perspective.


    Thanks for signing out at the bottom. You make some good points. "Ante (Pavelic) B" nice touch.


    Why Varazdin?

    So you are a Croatia fan first? Meaning any Croatian club in outside competitions?

    "At the end of the day you are cheering for a team because your dad and grandfather told you too, and you hate the opposite team for that reason."

    In some cases, this is true. However, look at the late Drazen Petrovic an his brother Aco. Growing up, Drazen was a Hajdukovac, while Aco was a Dinamovac. They would always give each other shit.

    I was born and raised in LA… making me a Lakers fan. My family comes from nearby Sibenik, making me a Hajduk fan from youth. Some people change their teams for personal or political reasons… example… so many Croatian lakers fans dropped off once the Lakers signed Vlade Divac.

    I will forever follow Hajduk and the Lakers.

    "Most of the people of this site have most likely never seen Dinamo or Hajduk play a meaningful game anyways, get over it."

    ehh… its hard to say. I know a few people on this site that have been to meaningful Hajduk and Dinamo games. Am I a diehard Hajduk fan… I would say no. In the end I have Croatia #1, Lakers #2, Hajduk #3.. I watched 3 Hajduk-Dinamo matches live, and I watched Hajduk play Birkirkara in Malta. Those are my Hajduk highlights.

    "So at the end of the day who fucking cares if you are a Dinamo or Hajduk fan, both teams are good for fucking nothing."

    I disagree. It can always get worse my friend. Be happy with what you got. Be Happy that your teams are not Birkirkara, Tarxien Rainbows, or the mighty Hamrun Spartans.

  41. Allen says:

    @Dennis Fistonić

    lol Thanks for jumping to conclusions before asking. I am a hardcore Toronto Maple Leafs fan, Buffalo Bills fan, and Toronto Blue Jays fan. All of those games you talk about are minor accomplishments over a long period of time that mean nothing. You sound like a fan of Newcastle or some small no name team that lives off one win against a club for the rest of your life. Sadly you have proven what it means to be a fan of Hajduk or Dinamo at the end of the day, you got nothing. It is nice when your team wins against a superior team, no denying that but these teams are what they are and people need to realize this. History is important and taking a side is important but if you havent grown up in croatia and lived there it is hard to pick a side and argue like this to the very end.

    At the end of the day Hajduk accomplished something very important and articles were written. Dinamo a few days later had an important date and an article was written. That is all it was, people are too sensitive for no reason.

  42. Allen says:

    I am not saying people should not be a fan because the HNL is garbage, it is important to have supporters for each team. But complaining and crying for every little issue because Hajduk or Dinamo fans get sensative is stupid. This site has done well and I check it up but if issues keep coming up because there are too many Dinamo or Hajduk stories I will move on. These teams cannot get people to come to games in Croatia, the league is struggling and we are here arguing over nothing. Argue about who has better players and prospects coming up like every other website, not stupid shit like this guys.

  43. Slavonac from Canada says:

    this is a croatian soccer site so whatever is soccer related is relavant…for that reason even though I hate to admit it Ante B's article is relavant..and well written.

    congratulations to Hajduk and 100 years even though I myself am a Dinamo fan.

    I have a question to some of you if you are interested.

    I was in Zadar a few years back and of course we talk soccer. During our discussions many many of my buddies from Zadar (huge Hajduk fans) say…if Dinamo ever played Crvena Zvijezda or Partizan in a qualifying match for whatever reason they would cheer for the serbs rather than have Dinamo win…how many of you Hajduk fans feel the same?

    I think its retarded…I'd never cheer for a serb team over a croatian team ever for any reason.

  44. ziva istina says:

    You have guys on both sides who think like that…

    I would never root for a serb club in my lifetimes.

    I was in Maksimir back in 97 when dinamo-partizan played and I was there with plenty of other dalmos that were rooting for dinamo.

    Only time in my life that i actually feared for my safety. They let in too many into the stadium that day and who knows what the hell would have happend if dinamo lost.

  45. Ante B says:


    Excellent question. But first, I love, love, love the Ante (Pavelic) B. remark.

    Re: Gradanski, if Dinamo would've changed its name democratically from Dinamo to Gradanski (no HASK attached), then I think it would've been a fine move. However, Tudman's opposition to Dinamo matched with the combination of HASK and Gradanski was a ridiculous move. In the article, I believe I also wrote that a large number of Dinamo supporters believe Gradanski is the team's predeccesor. So, to answer your question–there would've been nothing wrong with changing back to the name Gradanski if those above conditions were met. Instead, by rejecting Dinamo like HDZ did, they created dissention between the club and its supporters. The name might be communist but what Dinamo represented was anything but. One of the greatest ironies in Croatia sports. (The other is that the Torcida was founded in Zagreb and the Bad Blue Boys in Split)

    In all of its wisdom, Dinamo is going to add a prefix to their name on the 100th anniversary of Gradanski's formation. NK Dinamo Zagreb is going to be changed to GNK Dinamo Zagreb which in its entirety would be Gradanski Nogometni Klub Dinamo Zagreb.

    In terms of politics…well, do Zemuna i bok.

    In terms of rooting for a serb club over Hajduk, N-E-V-E-R. At the end of the day, no matter how much I dislike them, I'd never root for a serb team.

  46. Ante B says:

    Sorry, just saw Anonymous put Dukic in his place :)

    Dukicu, in terms of European champion trophies:

    Dinamo 1
    Hajduk 0

    End of story.

  47. Denis Svirčić says:

    @Slavonac from Canada,

    "if Dinamo ever played Crvena Zvijezda or Partizan in a qualifying match for whatever reason they would cheer for the serbs rather than have Dinamo win…how many of you Hajduk fans feel the same?"

    Interesting question. Do I consider Dinamo in the same boat as Zvezda and Partizan? No. Zvezda and PArtizan are pretty much at the botom of the barrel for me.

    In the end, Dinamo produces talent for the repka. So just going by this, I root for the "croatian players" of Dinamo because some of them will be representing Croatia.

    "I'd never cheer for a serb team over a croatian team ever for any reason."

    I agree.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I remain unmoved in my opinions. The 2nd paragraph answered the question of Dinamo = Croatian pride. We'll agree to not agree.

    I'm a different and unrelated Tomo.

    Regards Tomo

  49. Torcida North says:

    HAHAHHAH what jadnici!Cheer for a Serb side over a Cro??? Nobody with a brain would do that. I work with a bunch of Serbs and believe me they wouldnt cheer for us under any circumstance! Proves we as a people have a complex if there are people that exist who are Cro's that would cheer against a Cro team playing the Serbs! Thats as backwards as a pravi Dalmatinac being a Delije!

  50. Torcida North says:

    Oh yeah and anyone doing there research will tell you they were celebrating in Zadar and Split (whole coast)when Dinamo beat Partizan 5-0 in 97! I was in Zadar that summer as I can tell my experience and you cold hear celeberatory gunfire when Dinamo scored! Saying anything else is just crazy! HAHAHAHA

  51. zuti says:

    from uefa.com:

    The UEFA Europa League evolved from the UEFA Cup, which itself was conceived by Switzerland's Ernst Thommen who, along with Italy's Ottorino Barrasi and England's Sir Stanley Rous, later FIFA President, created a tournament for representative sides from European cities that regularly held trade fairs.

    This forerunner to the UEFA Cup, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, was founded on 18 April 1955, two weeks after the founding of the European Champion Clubs' Cup. The first Fairs Cup involved teams from Barcelona, Basle, Birmingham, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Lausanne, Leipzig, London, Milan and Zagreb. The original tournament lasted three years, with matches timed to coincide with trade fairs. Barcelona, using players purely from FC Barcelona, beat a London representative side 8-2 on aggregate in the final.

    For the second tournament the organisers reverted to club participation but the teams still had to come from cities staging trade fairs. Sixteen clubs took part in the 1958-60 tournament, after which it was staged on an annual basis. By 1962 the number of entrants had risen to 32; there are now over 100. In its early years, teams from southern Europe dominated, notably Barcelona, who won it three times, and Valencia CF who won it twice. In 1968 Leeds United AFC became the first northern European club to win the trophy, heralding a run of six successive wins by English sides.

    nk kompleks=0

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