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Miocic to fight Big Country at UFC 161

May 22, 2013


Roy “Big Country” Nelson


In what will be the biggest fight of his career, it has just been announced that Croatian-American Stipe Miocic will now fight Roy “Big Country” Nelson at UFC 161 from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on June 15th. 


Nelson is riding a three-fight win streak, having won all three contests by first round KO. As the 6th ranked UFC Heavyweight, it makes the most sense for him to face another top-10 fighter, but very few are available. Miocic is available.



Should Cleveland-native Miocic pull out a victory over Nelson, it would propel his career in the UFC Heavyweight ranks.



More to come from the Crippler this week…









Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 55 comments

  1. Ziva Istina says:

    looking at an image of that fat ass I really do question if this afterschool organized fight club is really a sport. This Nelson character looks like a big bouncer at a dive bar.

  2. Dave says:

    Big test for miocic. i would love to see him win. But he doesn’t seem to have enough gas when he fights. His conditioning isn’t very good. Don’t think he can beat Nelson. But anything can happen. Hope Miocic can pull the trigger on fight night.

  3. Ziva Istina says:

    Didn’t this pig beat Cro Cop or am I confusing him for some other afterschool organized fight club participant who is also fat and out of shape.

  4. Anonymous says:

    yes he demolished cro cop, and there is no chance big country is losing, he doesn’t look like much at all but boy does he have a chin,heart and powerful haymakers, the chances are very slim here but fingers crossed

  5. Allen Steven says:

    Ziva you know I live you, but once again how ignorant you are. You don’t do any research on Nelson and you make yourself out to look like a fool once again.

    Nelson has one of the most dangerous right overhand punches anyone has ever seen. He’s got a solid ground game and has scary knockout power.

    His look may be goofy, but Nelson is legit. Nobody has been able to knock him out. His chin is unbreakable, even Junior Dos Santos couldn’t finish him off. I’m very happy for Stipe in getting this opportunity. This is a massive fight going up against someone like Roy Nelson Just hope people stop posting nonsense when they haven’t done any research on a certain topic. It’s reasons like this that people stop commenting…

  6. Allen Steven says:

    Meant to say like you, sorry damn spell check on the Mac can mess things up sometimes. You get the point, do research and stop posting about shit. Once again, MMA/UFC is an evolving sport and appeals to a lot more people than soccer in certain areas. It’s not the same predictable stuff every season such as EPL and even the major tournaments.

  7. prdurabo says:

    Miocic has a chance, because he has the same qualities Big Country has. Miocic has a hell of a chin, is more active, and isn’t sloppy like Big Country. BC has the better ground game (assumption based off the ADCC credentials Nelson has).

    I think it is a good matchup, but at the same time I think this is Miocic’s last chance. It is definitely a better matchup than crocop.

    @Allen HW has always been a weak division. LHW is following that trend as well because of aged elite fighters. Look at #2 Overeem loss to Bigfoot – that was a disgrace. Shit like that doesnt happen in the other classes.

  8. Ziva Istina says:

    @Allen Steven……it just shows that afterschool organized fight club is not a real sport if this fat ass is one of the better ones in his division. He knew legalized bar fighting would be this popular. By the way, do the fans of this “sport” still wear their tapout t-shirts that are one size too small with a sportcoat.

  9. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    @Ziva, these guys are some of the best in their field, Kimbo slice was king of backyard brawling and didn’t last in ufc, these guys train as hard if not harder than professional footballers and that is fact. I hate violence in public, i have family and friends around the world, I believe in martial art’s to defend you or your family and in a professional enviorment and in films.I’m not concerned about how fighters or people look but what they can do and that includes you. I like Roy Nelson and he may be fat but i bet he is more professional than man football players.This is not just to you ziva although you would love that but to anyboby taking the piss!

  10. Ziva Istina says:

    This stuff isn’t a sport. People only tune into to see the violence and blood. I give credit to the people who run this version of afterschool organized fight club for being able to make some nice money from it.

    It seems the MMA crowd is more sensitive than the pro wrestling crowd. Speaking of whick, wasn’t Brock lesnar the champ of afterschool organized fight club for a period of time.

  11. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    mma forums are very bad, i don’t participate, Brock was the champ and a good fighter but not good enough to last but look at his training it was excellent, i bet you could have someone come up from the mls and score a few goals for Munich, what does that mean and it could actually happen when you think about it.

  12. Martin Hrvat says:

    Ziva…considering that you hate the “afterschool fight club” so much…you seem to know alot about this “non sport”…you referenced crocops fight with Nelson… Brock Lesner as champion…my guess is that you also somewhere deep down inside enjoy the blood… :-)

  13. Ziva Istina says:

    @Martin Hrvat……I’m familiar with all sports or events that label themselves as being a “sport”. Sure, I watch when it is on or when there is big hype for a certain match. I watch for blood and with the faint hope that someone actually dies in the ring. I think that would be great TV, to see how they handle it. Just like the Romans did in the old days, I root for death and destruction because anyone willing to comepte in this shit is nuts.

    All I know is this…..I saw Brock Lesnar win the WWE title, then drop it, go to after school organized fight club, win the heavyweight title in after school organized fight club, then lose it, then leave after school organized fight club and go back to WWE. It appears winning the WWE title is much harder to do than winning a title in after school organized fight club. Hell, John Cena would dominate after school organized fight club

  14. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    @Ziva, as your superior i order you to stand down and you will, please tell me about any footballer that trains harder then a ufc fighter, i respect both sports as you should unless your a little bitch but then again it is what i love about you!

  15. Ziva Istina says:

    you can train all you want, it still doesn’t make it a sport. My little cousin trains all day playing the piano. Playing the piano is not a sport.

    Working out all day in the gym does not mean you are an athlete playing a real sport.

    Repect to the guys who partake in this “sport”. It nothing more than a bunch of self defense moves. Hell, most females living in urban centers take self defense classes to avoid being mugges on the mean streets of XXXX city.

  16. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    People might be resisting mama istinas moves in your neighourhood.I love all forms of martial arts and i respect them as a sport.It’s nice you talkin shit though, how about some ground and pound?or you can finally tap out

  17. Poglavnik says:

    Most of these fighters have been doing it for a very short time. Maybe in a few generations it will be a bit more credible. Right now you have truck drivers, bouncers, WWE wrestlers, kids with rec center gym passes a couple of tattoos and tough guy attitudes and they become Ultimate Fighters. Most of that show is shirtless dudes walking around the house, staring at themselves in the mirror, and stuffing their faces. I don’t consider that world class training.
    If you like skill, toughness and athleticism watch boxing.
    If you like homo-erotic meat-heads staring at their muscles in the mirror and rolling around on a mat all day then UFC is for you.

  18. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    @Poglavnik, i’m not a meat head or homo erotic and i don’t mind ufc but i’m not a fan of the people who run it, Dana White i would find hard to trust.It’s a cool sport but it is not amateur i can assure you.It would be good though if you guys could support any Croatian fighters in the ufc though,Stipe we love your work Brother!

  19. Allen Steven says:

    No point in arguing with Ziva and the rest of the haters that clearly show no knowledge of the sport and no interest in the sport. The heavyweight division is actually stacked right now. You look at guys like Junior Dos Santos, Fabricio Werdum, Antonio Silva, Daniel Cormier, Alistair Overeem, Frank Mir, and Mark Hunt just to name a few. Also can’t forget about Nogueira.

    You can look up any of those guys and you see how incredible they are. You’ll see how talented they are and truly diet themselves. You are dissing a sport because of one image rather than doing research on the rest of the division.

    Nelson is a top ten heavyweight, but hasn’t beaten anyone that is considered to be a top fighter. He beat Cro Cop when Cro Cop was on the decline, big deal. He was dominated by Dos Santos and Mir when he fought them.

    The whole thing you brought up about Brock makes you sound dumb too and why there is no point in arguing you with. You come off as a typical 45 year old that judges things without doing proper research. For now on, just don’t respond to Ziva or the rest of the critics They only post for attention and have done zero research when it comes to the sport. They don’t know how much dedication they put to getting in the best physical shape and or how to diet. Just because Nelson chooses to be fat and have a mullet doesn’t mean the rest of the division is like that.

    End argument, for the people that like MMA let’s just talk about it and ignore the common stereotypes. It’s the same shit I hear from people all the time.

  20. Poglavnik says:

    I respect and root for all Croatian athletes.
    I just like fucking with people.
    MMA/UFC fans make themselves easy targets when they tell me how huge that sport is going to be and how it’s better than so many other things.
    I personally don’t see it growing anymore than where it is now. They need to have less events with better fights. So many UFC events are practically unwatchable these days. Maybe thats just me though…

  21. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    @Poglavnik, i don’t want it to grow anymore and i have never even assumed it would be bigger than football.I just love watching some of the fights.

  22. Poglavnik says:

    Nothing wrong with that!

    And to all the Roy Nelson supporters, just because he has a head like concrete and can out slug a man does not make him a great athlete.
    The man would be considered obese by most standards, even American ones!

  23. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    @Poglavnik, obese he may be but i can asurre you Roy and Luka would be very close when it comes to comparative fitness tests.Back to the point, Stipe is a Croatian man looking to speak for us in his own way.

  24. Poglavnik says:

    The proof is in the pudding, or his gut.
    Now if you’re talking about a guy like GSP then you have a good argument, but if you’re talking about some cranked-out, heavyweight, I dunno.
    Fighters have more down time and rest periods between fights. Footballers train their whole lives since they’re practically toddlers to get to that level.
    I grew up around soccer and boxing most of my life so i know what a real athlete looks like.
    I don’t know how I’d prove it but if there was a way I’d definitely take that bet.

  25. Poglavnik says:

    GSP is awesome!
    In a couple of generations there will be more fighters of his pedigree in MMA. In other words, athletes that have been doing it their whole lives.
    Right now there are too many “reality tv stars” that are considered top 10 talents. Weed them out, limit the events in a month, and we’ll see a much better product.

  26. Ziva Istina says:

    dedicated yourself to training and eating right??????? So after school organized fight club is the equivalent to women in yoga classes.

  27. Allen Steven says:

    It’s funny people like to rip on MMA fighters, yet not a damn thing is said about footballers or soccer players about diving. Don’t mean to continue this argument, but once again all I see is half the site is full of biased posters that don’t do any sort of research about the sport yet make judgements of it.

    Typical old Croatian men…

  28. Poglavnik says:

    MMA fighters wouldn’t be diving, but they would be passed out all over the field if they tried keeping up with professional soccer players.

  29. Ziva Istina says:

    people dive in soccer, basketball, football, etc, to get a competitive advantage.

    I’m sure some after school organized fight club participants could play organized team sports or some other actual sports. Right now, there is no future for people in this “sport” unless they are in the elite level. The 125th ranked golfer in the world will pull in over a million dollars this year and that is not including endorsements. The avergae bench warmer in the NBA is making a minimum of 450K. I can list the other sports as well.

    it will be around for a while because Fox Sports is invested in it and it eats up TV programming hours. This stuff is relatively cheap to produce and is perfect for a network looking to draw young eyeballs. Again, the entire reason a majority of people watch after school organized fight club is for the potential violence. If you could gaurentee me death or sever injury for every PPV or TV matcg, I would watch and so woudl a lot more. Right now there are as many excited matches as there are matches that resemble ballet where two guys are just dancing around each other.

  30. prdurabo says:

    I dont consider mma a sport either. UFC tries to make it a sport which is ruining it (for me at least). I prefer the Japanese model of mma. Point fighters are emerging due to the sport angle.

    Sport is fighting without throwing a punch. MMA is just a natural progression of roman arena fighting. It is a true test of power. If you want to see the progression of MMA then look back at Pancrase, Shooto, early UFC, and Pride.

    Do you consider boxing a sport? Kickboxing?

  31. Poglavnik says:

    Kessler/Froch II on HBO tomorrow will be twice as entertaining as Velasquez/Silva on PPV. You’ll probably see 12 rounds of action between 2 sluggers rather than whats mostly likely going to be a 1st round knockout by Velasquez. Save your money people and watch a real sport!

  32. Allen Steven says:

    Yeah boxing a sport that has barley any creativity, has what four or five stars left that draw big money, and have commentators that should be in a retirement home. Real sport with just punching, then hugging rather than actual mixed martial arts. Also a sport that has some of the shadiest judging (Pacquiao-Bradley ha)

    So much for having an intelligent conversation with some MMA fans on the site (which there are). Nothing but ignorance, god forbid trying to have an actual conversation with someone.

    It’s sad a site that I really like has people that are so clueless.

  33. Allen Steven says:

    Before I head out to watch the Champions League final (absolutely love it’s all-German, should be a great game), just want to explain one more thing to how stupid some of you people are. Unlike boxing, UFC actually builds a whole card. They don’t rely on the main event and hope it draws many buy rates. On the card tonight, you have…

    Junior Dos Santos a former heavyweight champion and a knockout machine against Mark Hunt one of the best comeback stories in the past ten years and a former K-1 champion. Also someone who beat Cro Cop in Pride, which is a massive accomplishment.

    Glover Texieira a powerful striker that just beat Rampage Jackson (who is past his prime, but still a notable win) against a rising star in James Te Huna.

    Then you have Gray Maynard (who fought in the epic two fights against Frankie Edgar, including one that was so good it ended in a draw and it was fight of the year in 2011) against T.J Grant who’s won his last four fights. Winner faces Benson Henderson, who is starting to become a very popular champion at lightweight.

    Then the opener has Donald Cerrone vs KJ Noons, which should be a fun opener. Cerrone is another guy that fans enjoy and has fought in some big fights with Nate Diaz and Anthony Pettis. Noons is coming over from Strikeforce and has fought against Nick Diaz, who almost everyone knows about that’s into combat sports.

    The UFC knows how to build most cards. Now granted some fall flat and they put on just two or three big fights while the rest are undercard guys. The fact is you don’t buy a PPV to just watch the main event. For the UFC, you buy the PPV to watch all the fights and know most of the guys if not all. It’s not like that with boxing. So once again keep showing your ignorance and keep exposing how much of an old/out of touch you are with modern sports.

  34. Poglavnik says:

    Grow up kid! Boxing has some of the best commentating in all of sports. Roy Jones, max kellerman, Jim Lampley, larry merchant, Teddy Atlas, etc, etc. Sorry they don’t have Mean Gene Okerlund, or Joe “the stand-up comedian” Rogen screaming at you.
    Most people would agree the best UFC fights are when they actually stand up and trade blows. No one likes watching men roll around for 5 minutes at a time.

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