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Crippler Exclusive at UFC 161 (Interviews Updated)

June 14, 2013

Miocic with The Crippler, Tomislav Magdic, Andrija Pavlic

Miocic with The Crippler, Tomislav Magdic, Andrija Pavlic



The Croatian Crippler has been hanging out with Croatian MMA fighters Stipe Miocic and Igor Pokrajac before their respected UFC 161 fights against Roy Nelson and Ryan Jimmo. A win against ‘Big Country’ Nelson would be a huge career milestone for Cleveland native Miocic while light heavyweight Igor Pokrajac looks to get back into the thick of things following a loss in his last fight to Vinny Magalhaes on September 22nd.




Stipe Miocic Interview



Igor Pokrajac Interview



Miocic, Rozic i Pokrajac

Miocic, Rozic i Pokrajac



P1010014 P1010017 P1010020 P1010021 P1010022



P1010008 P1010009 P1010011





Mike Rožić
Posted By: Mike Rožić 13 comments

  1. Ziva Istina says:

    Check out the 3rd image and the road beaf on the right hand side as you look at the photo.

  2. Poglavnik says:

    Anyone ever seen The Simpsons episode where Homer starts boxing and becomes a contender because he’s got a head like concrete and can’t be knocked out?
    Well Roy Nelson is the Homer Simpson of the UFC.
    Hopefully Stipe knocks his fat ass out!

  3. Allen Steven says:

    Forget the fat chick, you met Hendo!?!?! Damn Crippler is having a pretty awesome week.

  4. Jarac says:

    Man that would be a huge win for miocic, hopefully he doesnt get knocked the fuck out by the vicious overhand right by big country

  5. agibeJ says:

    Hey Crippler – how did you get your hands on Ted DiBiase’s sport coat??? Everyone’s gotta price…

  6. T.O. Cro says:

    well done! Your interviewing technique has improved, although it was difficult to hear what Pokrajac was saying.
    Quick question? Do you ever feel you jinx the fighter by telling him that you think he is going to win, as you did with Miocic?
    Best of luck to both Stipe and Igor!!!

  7. prdurabo says:

    around 11 et

    main card starts at 10

    you’re actually watching the “backyard fight club”?

  8. Ziva Istina says:

    i watch man of the big organized afterschool fight club events……i watch for bloody violence and with the hope some gets seriously injured or dies in the ring.

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