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Big Joe Šimunić in trouble again?

November 20, 2013





Joe Šimunić after the game


Photo:Damir Krajač/CROPIX


Joe Šimunić will one day go down as one of the best defenders in Croatian history. However, Joe will most likely be remembered for his 3 yellow cards in one game against Australia in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the red card he received against Serbia two months ago in Beograd, and for his actions after Croatia’s 2-0 win over Iceland on Tuesday night in Zagreb. Video footage taken by Adrian Svirčić shows Šimunić taking a microphone onto the field after the match and shouting “Za dom spremni!” (“For the homeland!”) to the fans. The fans responded with: “Spremni!” (“Ready!”) 


That was the war call used by Ustaše that ruled the state during World War II. However, what most people don’t know is that “Za dom spremni” was used hundreds of years before the Ustasa. The line was first used by Nikola Šubić Zrinski in the 16th century protecting the Croatian people from the Turks and then later by Croatian ban, Josip Jelačić.


Word quickly spread around the world as Australian, American, English, and German media reported on the story. The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, SB Nation, Eurosport, and SkySports jumped all over this story.


FIFA and UEFA both consider this chant to be offensive and punishment is surely around the corner for the HNS and Šimunić. Croatian media has already slammed the Dinamo Zagreb defender as 24sata wrote: “Our team has waited for this celebration for a long time and Joe ruins everything,” but the man himself continues to justify his line as “patriotic.” Croatian manager, Niko Kovač refused to comment on the issue, but was seen in this video from Vacant Cranium quickly leaving the pitch as Šimunić is seen in the background on the pitch after the game.





The Australian-born Šimunić defended his action, saying “some people have to learn some history. I’m not afraid. I did nothing wrong. I’m supporting my Croatia, my homeland. If someone has something against it, that’s their problem.”


There was no immediate reaction from FIFA to the latest incident. FIFA spokesperson told Perform: “We are in the process of analysing the different match officials’ reports and gathering information. We cannot comment further for the time being.” We ask CSR nation this: What is your take on Joe Simunic’ actions after the game?



Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 453 comments

  1. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Joe did nothing wrong in my opinion. The media is hyping this up cause its their job to do so! Reading all this crap today upset my stomach and got my blood pressure sky high. This topic is going to get into the left wing right wing debate i can see it already…

  2. Poglavnik says:

    Simunic = Legend!
    It’s a shame that some of these self hating Hrvati think otherwise.
    Even if they don’t agree with the man they should keep it to themselves!
    That’s how I see it.

  3. T-Bone says:

    The bottom line is it is a slogan meant to inspire love of your country and readiness to defend it. These are feelings and qualities that serve as inspiration while playing soccer and are meant to be interpreted that way. The ‘nazi’ connotation is ridiculous and offensive in 2013.

  4. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    These yugo nostalgic punks need to get over it!

  5. Bobby V says:

    Maybe Simunic was a sensitive to the fact that a lot of fans were turning their backs on the Repka and wanted to use this platform to rally the people behind the national team again.

    I think it was simple as that – everyone else has turned it political. I’m not a big fan of mixing sports with politics, but in our and most European cultures, it is the norm.

  6. U Boj says:

    Well done Joe.

    Teach them something, all those jugo scum and serbs.

  7. CousinBilo says:

    It’s pretty well known that the KKK regularly recited the pledge of allegiance prior to the lynching of blacks in the south. And yet it’s okay to have schoolchildren saying it.

    Spend some time in the south and I’m sure you’ll see more Confederate flags than you can count. Yet there’s no uproar about that.

    My university would play against a rival university whose mascot was the equivalent of an “Indian”. 40,000 people would sing songs about “killing injuns”, and we’re burn, piss on, and cut the heads off of and mutilate indian dolls for the entire week of our games. No uproar whatsoever.

    This is just bullshit created by commie yugo serb sympathizers.

  8. IvicA says:

    Ugh. CBS news’ headline has to be the worst:

    “Croatia fans celebrate World Cup berth with pro-Nazi chants”

    Man, what irresponsible journalism.

  9. dannyj says:

    the best i read was a comment from another “croat” saying he is an australian and where was he during the war… dude was like 14 or something best i can figure
    im pretty sure bigjoe would be there given the chance…
    dude is a scrapper and all other BS aside, this will do nothing but fuel us going to worldcup…
    just cause i live in canada and butcher the language, doesn’t mean i can stand watching all this shit in vukovar… don’t some of these people in charge appreciate all the human lives lost for centuries to gain a country of its own. bah…
    i am a poor son of a bitch but i will start a fund to pay for big joe’s fifa fine… that would erk the shit out of those commies there.
    ill personally pledge $500 if you guys are willing to do it for real, lets do it, we all throw in a few bucks and it also will get publicity for this site. lets show that there are real croats not just in croatia for fucks sake

  10. "The Anonymous 1" says:

    Well done Joe!
    I kind of feel Joe was trying to win the fans back.

  11. dannyj says:

    lets do it guys… lets start a fund for big joes fine, and i think some should be taken for the site and the guys running it…

  12. Bobby V says:

    This is getting more coverage than I ever expected – I think shits gonna hit the fan and we might see Platini and FIFA overreact.

  13. Ante B. says:

    The best part is that “Za dom spremni” is legal in Croatia. (See the 2011 court case in Knin documents) yet FIFA and UEFA consider it illegal? Let’s mark that under bullshit and irony at its finest. If they are saying it’s because the Ustase used it then our country is illegal, as is our flag, currency, language, religion, etc.

    Za dom spremni je stari hrvatski poklic! Joe has nothing to apologize for as he did nothing wrong.

    We always say there’s never a platform for us, well, if this site can be responsible for outing the mafia then we should be able to take a stance about Za dom spremni. Granted we are the dijaspora but I know people will listen.

  14. Bobby V says:

    At bare minimum, FIFA will force the Croatian government to denounce what Simunic did Let’s hope they don’t ban us from Brazil.

    Either way, Big Joe won’t be going – either thru a suspension from FIFA or the fact that Kovac will view him as a distraction – he will be the focus of all the attention there.

    Just when you thought all the worrying about qualifing for Brazil was over.

  15. dannyj says:

    banning us from brazil wouldn’t happen cause it would take so much of the spotlight, cause im sure like others here i wouldn’t leave it alone

  16. dannyj says:

    big joe for sure knew his time is up sooner then later… he knows with lovren playing the way he is, that he is on his way out.
    i would take another like him then all the skill of the god of hailovic

  17. Luka says:

    Svaka ti cast Joe.
    It took balls and well done. Only wish more Hrvati would stand up like what you did.
    FIFA will not ban us for this. See you in Brazil.
    This whole campaign people have shitted on you but if it wasn’t for you we would not be in the playoff or going to Brazil. You played solid for us.

  18. someguy says:

    The fans chant this during every match, but when a player initiates it causes an uproar…..makes sense.

  19. lika Joey says:


  20. Jarac says:

    Man joe is going out with a bang, 3 yellow cards in one game to greatest slide tackle in football history of a cetnik to chanting za dom spremni with the crowd icing on the cake would be if he topped it of with a zieg hiel. Im sure half the fans in the crowd were. One might ask whats next!!!! I can’t wait.

    I would like to end this with a ZA DOM SPREMNI!!!!

  21. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    That’s such fuckin bullshit that anyone would create an uproar over this.

    Don’t idiots take into consideration context anymore? This is a fuckin soccer game that the national team was playing in…

    Chanting “For the homeland!” …”Ready!” After a soccer game has nothing to do with Nazi-ism.

    Joe did nothing wrong.

    Is “U boj, u boj…Za narod svoj!” (translated: To the battle, to the battle, for your people/nation) – which Croatians chant in EVERY national team game – referring to actually going to war? Or is it referring to a fucking soccer game?


  22. nepoznat nepoznat says:

    I don’t get the uproar IN Hrvatska??? I DO get the uproar NOT IN Hrvatska

    Look at it to someone who doesn’t speak Croatian, Watch Joes arms as he and the crowd chant. It could come of badly

    All that being said, I think it’s total crap and when I’ve ever said it or u boj it was ALWAYS just about the stuff on the pitch. That’s also the way I have taken it WHENEVER I have heard it during a match, about a match, leading up to a match, etc. Context is key here and it is super common to use in a nogomet context.

    There should be nothing wrong with this… But I could see how it could be taken poorly

  23. Ziva Istina says:

    When you want to play in FIFA competitions you have to play by FIFA’s crazy politically correct rules.

    I think what Joe did was great. The average citizen in Cro has no issues with it.

    But, Joe is no idiot. He had to know there would be consequences. None of us are stupid. We know Za Dom Spremni is controversial to many some in Cro, especially the left wingers and the 91ers. The reason it is controversial is another discussion for the idiot element in Cro.

    Now, the people against it are the fucken old school commies who hate anything Cro. But guess what???? Those fuckers are in power now. So, as long as they are in power and hold postions of influence in society we have to abide by their rules. It’s fucked up, but welcome to the modern, politically correct world we all live in.

    I’ll leave with this for the night………Hajduk and Dinamo have three games coming up in December (2 cup and HNL match). I hope each time Simunic’s name is introduced over the loud speakers that all the fans give him a standing ovation. To my jadan i mali hajduk followers, yes that means giving a dinamo player a standing ovation. lets not forget that Ustase Joe grew up as a hajdukovac and only went to Dinamo because he likes money, like all of us.

  24. nepoznat nepoznat says:

    Well said Ziva but Idiot element doesn’t quite do it justice. No one in Croatia, in this context, should take legitimate offense to this!

  25. Mr. Black says:

    This is all BS. When there’s no news, some journalists decide to make some themselves. I suggest next game the Simunic plays naked because the Ustachi also used the colors of our shirts.
    Politically correct? I live in Belgium and I don’t want Croatia to become a new Belgium: Almost 10 per cent of the population here is Arab, Turk or Black. Simunic is a hero to me!!!

  26. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    @Svircic&Kvartuc-On a lighter note-Things are getting big!CSR has just had a mention on Australian TV!!
    -Thursday night on the SBS program “Thursday night FC” which is a local soccer roundup.The Croatian co host -David Zdrilic mentioned that he wasn’t able to catch the Cro v Iceland game live on TV,but got a update off CSR!Well done gents!

  27. MelbCro says:

    @ Ante(Zivas step dad)

    What self respecting person watches Thursday FC? That’s just sad, you need help champ

  28. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    Who said I was self respecting??Hey,dont rain on the boys parade,they have been mentioned on TV.

  29. Kangaroo Joe says:

    I don’t know what cause he’s helped. All I can see is the intensification of an international media campaign to prosecute this kind of behavior.

    Simunic is now the lightning rod, the public figure to fuel the persecution of subcultures that harbor these sentiments.

    Thousands of fans initiating or repeating these chants is sufficiently devolved to receive a fine and nip it in the bud. No crowd can be interrogated by the media, lose their livelihood nor create international headlines.

    Simunic should have left it to the fans.

  30. Radnik says:

    Simunic was just a selfish idiot. Why jeopardize the whole team just because he felt the need to cause controversy.

    Selfish fool!

    Now we have a agonizing wait to see how FIFA will punish us. I vote that simunic pays a fine and be banned from the world cup.

  31. Elvis says:

    The only Nazi chant is Sieg Heil or Hail Victory. Everything else is poppycock!

  32. Elvis says:

    Btw don’t forget to vote no on 12/1/2013.

  33. Radnik says:

    FIFA won’t distinguish one from the other.

    Croatia already have a bad rep with FIFA/uefa and the western media as nazi saluting fascists, this latest incident does nothing but throw more gasoline on the fire.

    We don’t need more bad publicity surrounding this far right chants and gestures especially from players.

    We need to remedy our image not tarnish it even more.

  34. Doktor Prle says:

    Croatia have a bad rep because of “radnici” like yourself. What a perfect tag – “Radnik?” Radis ti, sinko, protiv Hrvatske. Radili ste i raditi ce te i dalje.

    Da nije vas petokolonasa koji svaki put javljate stranim autoritetima sto to Hrvati RADE, ne bi bilo nikakvih problema.

    Koliko je vas izdajnika. JEBOTE kol’ko vas ima.

  35. Hungarian says:

    Franjo Tudjman, Ante Gotovina, Antun Gudelj…..”Big”Joe Simunic… croatian “heroes”.
    Go for help to Genscher, Kinkel, Zimmermann and RuderFinn.
    They’re certainly going to help you.
    What is it like to be the other (negative) side of the media attention?

  36. Doktor Prle says:

    Svi ti sto si ih nabrojio su vam jebali mater.

  37. Ziva Istina says:

    So now Simunic is a “hero”. Yeah, no jock sniffing going on here!

    Simunic is your typical diaspora first generation born hrvat. Good dude, but not a hero.

  38. IvicA says:


    So now they fired the Maksimir stadium announcer for handing the microphone to Joe?


  39. Zagorac says:

    Anyone against this needs to read a book.

  40. Doktor Prle says:


    A few months ago they fired a waitress at HRT’s building in Zagreb. She was hired by Antun Vrdoljak during the Tudjman era.

    They had her fired so to fill her waitress position with one of theirs. Literally, these communist thugs even replace waiters and waitresses.

    The poor lady, who was caring for her ill son and mother, killed herself on her father’s grave out of total despair.

    The firing of the speaker is no surprise.

  41. ny says:

    against this is all those jugo scum, some are on this site and know who they are but are quiet now, hmmmmmmm

  42. Ziva Istina says:

    The inner workings of HRT would make for a nice documentary based on how people are hired/fired reflecting the govt. in power

  43. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    What pisses me off the most is the media is making a big stink out of this but nothing about the removal of the Vukovar banner in Maksimir stadium? What, so now we cant have names of croatian cities at games in croatia? Faken IZDAJICE!!!

    And the 91ers and yugos wonder why we get heated! Perfect example of the little petty crap these lefty’s go through to show theu hate croatia. They should all be gassed in jasenovac with the rest of the cigani!

  44. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    “They should all be gassed in jasenovac with the rest of the cigani!”


  45. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    the media will always sell their stories and add their own interpretation just to make BIG headlines. after watching what Simunic did a few times I’m really wondering what they found so “incriminating” about it. I know people will always try to associate Croatians with Nazi’s…thats fine, I’d never want to be associated with Russia or China…everyone has a right to their own version of history and unfortunately for us, they have the forum to present Joe’s chants how they want to. I’m not pissed at Joe, I just dont think it was necessary to do what he did, full well knowing people will always jump at the opportunity to take things way out of context.

    I cant find any video where he said something that can really be perceived as derogatory…did he use the word Ustasa or give the “salute”?

    I just dont think we need the negative attention right now…I am all for NO CIRILICA in Vukovar, FUCK THEM and lets fight for our cause…I’m not sure how this got to be such a huge story and I just wish it wasnt…Croatia doesnt need or want negative media at this time.

  46. Radnik says:


    Daj odjebi! Mali pipak fascista!

  47. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Hey i don’t wish anybody bad but what these people are doing is nonsense. All they do is talk about Jasenovac, Ustase etc… I’m sick of it! Nobody can have pride and be a Croat and if they are they are aromatically linked to Jasenovac and the “crimes” Ustase did to the Serbs,Jews and Cigani in Jasenovac. Is that fair? Yet they don’t see the countless crimes their ancestors did to their own people.

  48. Doktor Prle says:

    First things first:

    1) The Croatian media is anything but. The only Croatian media outlets are on the net.,, And Hrvatski Tjednik, published in Zadar. That’s about it. Steer clear of anything EPH (Globus, Jutarnji, Slobodna). Steer clear of Novi List. Vecernji is undefined but portends to be a center-right conservative paper. Many times it is, many times it isn’t.

    2) This entire non-controversy is being drummed up not only for Internet hits and selling papers. This is a campaign being waged against the values of the Croatian people. Joe Simunic isn’t the issue here. All he did was react to what is being done to Croatians and their homeland. That’s all. You can slice the pressure in Croatian society with a knife. That’s how bad things are

    3)Croatia has an alien government, both Yugoslav-communist and Serbian. 1/3 of SDP’s ministers are Serbs. It is their goal to tie Croatia to Serbia, indefinitely. It is their goal to Serbianize the Croatian people. It is their goal to revise history; to abolish Serbian guilt; to blame Croats ad nauseum. All this takes place under the tutelage of Great Britain.

    4)The refusal to extradite UDBA officers to Germany should tell you everything

  49. Doktor Prle says:


    Kako kaze legenda Vuco:


  50. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    nije bitno – you know they are delusional right? have you ever seen a Serb politician, any figure talk about politics, history or their version of why NATO bombed them? Its incomprehensible…they completely divert attention away from their own responsibilities and then similairly do what Jews do, exaggerate and recreate a new fucked up version…my dad told me its impossible to talk with an ignorant person, so dont even try to!

    I’m concerned with world perception about Croatia, yes, I dont want people to think we are as fucked up as Serbs are and I dont like people to think we are a country that doesnt respect others…which is why I dont understand how this got so BIg…that Jovanovic guy has taken this to a new level and I dont exactly know why other politicians arent saying anything to defend Simunic?

  51. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Slavonac – The reason it got to the world media is because of our media. If They didn’t make such a big deal out of it, the world media wouldn’t nor would they even know.

    One of our politicians stepped up today and backed Simunic up. This is the first thing i have ever agreed with Vrbanovic on…

  52. Doktor Prle says:

    Why did my post disappear?

  53. Doktor Prle says:

    Awaiting moderation? Say whaaa? 😀

  54. Kangaroo Joe says:

    This won’t end well for Simunic.

    Such is the media reaction that somebody has to “do something”. The punishment has to be sufficient to placate the hysterics.

    Very few will bunker down with him because they don’t want to be dumped upon by the pile of shit headed his way.

    Expect a good suspension. If only two WC games I doubt Kovac will want to be down a defender for probably half our World Cup.

    He can retire now without submitting and his balls intact.

  55. Kangaroo Joe says:

    Mamic made that comment about Jovanovic, that being a Serb shouldn’t be given the Sports portfolio of such national interest that had him arrested for a “hate crime”. Spoke one of his rare truths..

  56. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    nije bitno – was it the Croatian media? you sure?

  57. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    It was, still is and always will be the Croatian media…

  58. mkez00 says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Kovac started Simunic only for his past history playing with him? One would think Lovren has had enough success the past few months to warrant starting. This could be a good excuse for him to make the switch.

    A lot of teams are unveiling new kits for the WC, anyone know if Cro is doing the same?

  59. Doktor Prle says:

    Why would Simunic not start? Who’s better than him in the back?

  60. U Boj says:

    Waiting for Doktor Prie’s comment. Hopefully this isn’t true that it is being held back by the moderators!

  61. Denis Svircic says:

    This is the start of the European Union taking over. Obviously, it started long ago, but this shows how Croatians in power are willing to do whatever the European Union asks them to do.

    I applaud the people in Vukovar fighting for our people. They could have easily gave in to these EU scum.

    @Ante(Zivas step dad),

    Thats great! thanks for letting us know.


    I dont think Simunic “jeopardized the whole team.”

    First, Simunic might be a hard core ustasa, pro hitler, nazi, etc etc. Nothing that he said confirms that.

    Second, this was Simunic’ last chance to interact with the fans in Croatia after a win to send them into the world cup. Simunic might not be fit for Brazil. If he’s fit, this will be the last time he suits up for Croatia.

    The problems in Croatia need to be solved first.

    1) Firing the person that gave Simunic the mic? What was security supposed to do? Run after Joe and tackle him on the pitch? Fire security too f it.

    2) We want the EU, yes.(I am going by what the people have voted for.). However, we are not little bitches. Our government needs to step up and tell the EU to go F itself.

    conversation between EU and Croatia.

    EU: Hey Croatia, whats up with all this fascist talk after the game?

    Croatia: There was no fascist talk. Simunic quoted something that our people have been using for 1000 years.

    EU: But those words were used by Ustasa

    Croatia: Yes, but ustasa also wore white underwear. So we shouldn’t wear white underwear?

    EU: This is unacceptable. Croatia can not join the European union like this.

    Croatia: You can keep the European Union and we will keep our beautiful Croatia. Make sure your passport is valid when visiting our beaches in the summer.

  62. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    OK Joe was just fined 25,000 kuna. Lets hope this is it and we can all move on….

  63. Denis Svircic says:

    @Doktor Prle,

    Im not in the office, so I cant access the website. Most likely you have a link and sometimes the system automatically awaits moderation. Try posting one link at a time.

  64. Denis Svircic says:

    25,000 kuna. Thats roughly $5000.

    Can we get 50 people to donate $100 each?

    We pay this fine off! Make news around the world. It will be the best $100 you ever spent. We have to move fast though.

  65. Denis Svircic says:

    I am in! That leaves 49 people.

  66. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    I’m in! lets do this!!

  67. Mishko says:

    Denis someone should set up a facebook page. I’m in.

  68. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Come on Croatian Sports, Denis has a good idea…

    50 people 100 bucks each for JOE

  69. Mishko says:

    But the the page needs to be done tactfully with an explanation that ZA DOME SPREMI is 1,000 years old etc etc to make these whining little bitches look stupid.

    BTW – Fantastic Idea.

  70. Denis Svircic says:

    48 people

  71. Colin O'Haravić Colin O'Haravić says:

    $100 In. And the good Doctor’s comment had a few links in it. Sometimes the site doesn’t to automatically approve that. All good though.

  72. Luka says:

    I’m in.

  73. Bee says:

    well i see this as good and bad, bad that now since he was “charged” by the district attorney in Croatia that we are admitting our quilt and it will be easier for FIFA to fine/ban what ever us or in a way good that FIFA will say ok he has been punished already by his own people lets give him a minimal punishment instead of something crazy.

    Also i dont have a 100$ to spare but i can def do 20$ for a good cause, someone please set up page. Now how would money be collected by Paypal? and also how would the money be given to him or go in the right hands to pay the fine? and Thirdly is is tax deductible?? 🙂 hahah

  74. Anonymous says:

    do it on a crowdfunding website. like…

    Post links to FB, and get ziva to tweet about it.

  75. Denis Svircic says:


    Lets see if we can get 50 people first. $5000 is not a lot of $$$.

    Paypal is tricky because they take a few bucks. So you might have to pay $5 to send $100.

    Most likely someone will want the story in Zagreb. Vecernji, Jutarnji, etc etc. We will vote on who to contact and I’m sure that they would set something up. Meet with Simunic and give him a check.

    I would prefer to get 500 people chipping in $10 each, but that would take months to organize.

  76. majstore says:

    1) I don’t think a pro athlete needs our charity.

    2) fuck paying the fine, it should be fought to ensure doing things like this are not “illegal”, so no one else ever has to go through with this bs again.

  77. Bee says:

    ok a website where we send it to would work instead of sending it to someones personal paypal or account. Also there arent going to be any other bills accepted but only 100$? cant there be a little box that you check of how much you want to donate? etc. 5, 10, 25, 50 , 100, 1000

    Thanks Denis

  78. NY says:

    Love this article and the line of

    “while Tito claimed the lives of 1,000,000 (mostly Croats)”

    I hope that piece of shit Black Zodiac on this site is reading this. Last year he will preaching to us how Tito saved Croatians and is a fuckin hero to him. Black Zodiac you are a piece of shit. .

  79. Poglavnik says:

    I wanna put Simunic on the back of my shirt for June.

  80. NY says:

    aricle that “truth to power” posted

  81. Poglavnik says:

    I honestly doubt Simunic would take our money, and if he did, I might have to second guess what a “hero” he is. It would be a beautiful gesture though.

  82. Luka says:


    It isn’t charity

    it makes it bigger news by us doing it, it shows people stand behind him and support him, he did not nothing wrong, time for us to tell the real story/meaning instead of others making shit up.

  83. Mishko says:

    Big Joe for President.

  84. majstore says:

    It is a nice gesture no doubt, but you’d be hard pressed to find many people to give to that cause because of the fact that he’s a pro athlete. It’s just the reality.

    Now if you guys were saying you were collecting $ for a diff cause like the little girl Nora that was I’m guessing you would prob get a different response.

    IMO of course, but I think I’m right on this one.

  85. Bobby V says:

    The Jews control most of the media here in the states. Anything Pro-Nazi anti-Jewish will be spread world wide in a hurry.

  86. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    I’m up for it. It won’t be charity, but it’ll make a big statement if some channel picks it up. Granted, they would label us Facist/Nazi/Ustase etc.

    then we can just change the website to ‘’ haha 🙂

  87. majstore says:


    * That was sick and passed away

  88. Mishko says:

    @Bobby V – Exactly.

  89. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    This gives the repka more fire going into the world cup thats for sure!

  90. Doktor Prle says:

    Poštovani predsjedniče Josipović i premijeru Milanović,

    Obraćam se Vam se kao dijete poginulog hrvatskog branitelja. Boli me duša kada vidim na koji način postupate prema herojskom i napaćenom gradu Vukovaru, a time i prema cijeloj našoj Domovini, povodom nametnutog, jednoumnog ćiriličnog napada na najsvetiju žrtvu – Vukovar.

    Boli me duša na koji način se odnosite prema pretrpljenoj žrtvi, tisućama poginulih i nestalih hrvatskih ratnika (branitelja i civila), preživjelim hrvatskim braniteljima, djeci poginulih hrvatskih branitelja, suprugama i roditeljima ubijenih i poginulih hrvatskih vitezova.

    Osnovni razlozi Vašeg „vraćanja” prema Zagrebu na 18.11. 2013. jesu sljedeći:

    1) Nepoštivanje žrtve i zaborav

    Gospodine predsjedniče i premijeru, zaboravljate da smo mi još uvijek ŽIVI i da se gubitak života ne može zaboraviti! Ne možete ugasiti tinjajući iskru ljubavi na voljene, koja tako Živo prebiva u nama! Kako Vas nije sram pozivati se na „zakon”?! I zakon postavljati iznad ubijenog života, kako bi uveli ćirilicu u Vukovar. Vrijeđate Vukovar Skabrnjaživot moga oca koji je ostao to kobno jutro u Škabrnji i dao život za moju obitelj, a time i za Vašu današnju slobodu. Vrijeđate ubijene živote Vukovaraca!

    PozivOtkažite ili odgodite Vaše posjete Srbiji i njihovim predstavnicima u Hrvatskoj, i posjetite svoje Hrvate u Hrvatskoj. Dođite u dom žene koja je silovana u ratu i pitajte je kako se osjeća i treba li joj pomoć. Posjetite djecu i udovice poginulih i pitajte ih koje su strahote prošli u ratu. Upitajte djecu poginulih i nestalih kako je to odrasti bez oca uz pretrpljene traume. Pozovite preživjele hrvatske branitelje i neka Vam kažu o ratnim traumama, tražite od njih savjete kako danas zaštiti u dostojanstvu svoju Domovinu.Papa Franjo je u svojoj katehezi 19.11.2013. govori o slučaju Eleazara kojeg su pokušali prisiliti da se odrekne vjere. On radije odabire mučeništvo, žrtvu vlastitog života, nego spas po licemjerju. Umjesto da misli na sebe, misli na mlade, na trag koji, njegov herojski čin, može ostaviti u njihovu pamćenju. Žrtva koju je dao Vukovar je herojski čin kojeg Vi trenutno obezvrjeđujete nametnutim uvođenjem ćirilice i šaljete iskrivljenu percepciju povijesti za naše sljedeće generacije.

    Otkažite ili odgodite Vaše posjete Srbiji i njihovim predstavnicima u Hrvatskoj, i posjetite svoje Hrvate u Hrvatskoj. Dođite u dom žene koja je silovana u ratu i pitajte je kako se osjeća i treba li joj pomoć. Posjetite djecu i udovice poginulih i pitajte ih koje su strahote prošli u ratu. Upitajte djecu poginulih i nestalih kako je to odrasti bez oca uz pretrpljene traume. Pozovite preživjele hrvatske branitelje i neka Vam kažu o ratnim traumama, tražite od njih savjete kako danas zaštiti u dostojanstvu svoju Domovinu.

    2) Ne-kažnjavanje odgovornih

    Gospodine predsjedniče i premijeru, niste pokazali nikakvu pravnu stručnost u pokretanju tužbi prema zločinu i genocidu koji je počinjen u Vukovaru, Škabrnji. Silovane žene sreću svoje zlikovce u Vukovaru koji slobodno šetaju tim istim gradom?! Ne možete zbog „zakona” o manjinama (kojeg nije donio Bog, već grješni čovjek), a te iste manjine su počinile zločin, sada uvoditi ćirilicu za iste manjine!!

    Pokrenite tužbe protiv onih koji su počinili genocid u Vukovaru, Ovčari. Priznajte i jasno recite svijetu da se Hrvatska branila u ratu. Nemojte izjednačavati krivnju Hrvata i Srba te na taj način iskrivljavati povijesne činjenice i vrijeđati žrtvu Vukovara.

    3) Odnos prema žrtvi i Domovinskom ratu

    Gospodine predsjedniče i premijeru, pokažite ljubav prema Domovini! Poklonite se žrtvi koju je Vukovar dao i cijenite svoju današnju slobodu jer je ona nastala na temeljima ubijenih života naših očeva. Ne može se ići naprijed ako niste svjesni svoje prošlosti i ako ne dišete sa svojim narodom. Ne mogu zaboraviti da je moj otac ubijen prije 22 godine, kada sam imala samo 9 godina!!

    I VI ne možete uvesti ćirilicu u Vukovar niti u bilo koji grad u Hrvatsku! NIKADA. Molim vas izbrišite parole „nije vrijeme”. Neće nikada niti biti vrijeme kada će se moći uvesti ćirilica. Grješni ste ljudi, kao i svi mi, uzmite zakon i promijenite ga radi svoga naroda. Vratite povjerenje barem malčice prema svom vlastitom integritetu, jer ćete to isto povjerenje teško više moći dobiti od običnog naroda.

    Na samom kraju bih istaknula sljedeće. Bez ostvarivanja svega gore navedenoga nije moguć suživot sa Srbima. Prekrivanje i skrivanje prave istine o Domovinskom ratu vodi Vašu politiku prema krahu. Kao što je hrvatski narod krenuo u obranu svoje Domovine sa gorućim srcem i ljubavlju prema svom domu, tako će i sada, kada nas napadate vrijeđanjima i uvođenjem ćirilice u Vukovar.

    Stat ćemo u obranu dostojanstva i žrtve, radi svih onih kojih sada nema i koji prebivaju u vječnosti. Najmanje što možemo učiniti za njih je da u svojoj ljubavi i strpljivosti širimo istinu o Domovinskom ratu, ne dopustimo banaliziranje Domovinskog rata i spriječimo uvođenje ćirilice u Vukovar-Hrvatsku.

    Nema veće ljubavi nego dati život svoj za prijatelja rekao je Isus.

    Dr. sc. Maja Rogić
    Dijete poginulog hrvatskog branitelja

  91. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Prle – And then Milanovic and the rest says we need to let go of domovinski rat and move on but he/they still BS about WWII

  92. Doktor Prle says:

    They lost the Domovinski rat, that’s why they’re hell bent on revising it.

    They perpetually concentrate on WWII, because it’s where they draw their power from. “Antifascism.” An Orwellian straight jacket on the Croatian people.

  93. Denis Svircic says:


    1) obviously, he doesnt need the $$$.. Its about the support. He will most likely donate the $$$. Make him look good too.

  94. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Who votes for these idiots? It has to be fixed cause i dont the majority of the croatian people side with their vision.

  95. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    I don’t think*

  96. Doktor Prle says:

    They always have roughly 30% of the vote every election. That 30% are the remnants of Yugoslavs, children of mixed-marriages, Serbs. They win because of the media stranglehold on the country. They control HRT and they have the EPH consortium for brainwashing purposes. The confused and the naïve then vote along with the 30%.

    Tudjman placed the anti-Croat element at 25%, if recall correctly. Sadly, it’s higher.

  97. Denis Svircic says:

    50 people: $100 each.

    simple. No $5 bills. only deals with “c” notes, gangsta style.

    This isnt a “donation”.

    this is telling the EU to go F themselves.

  98. Doktor Prle says:

    … and Sanader destroyed HDZ and the Croat voting base. HDZ presently isn’t doing a very good job of reconstruction.

  99. new guy says:

    I’m in… Post where $ is to be sent. But the person above is correct. A lucid, detailed explanation as to why we have chosen to pay the fine must accompany the donation.

  100. Dejan says:

    I have just skimmed through the comments and people find him innocent. He used the same words that would be chanted in a Ustasa chant that’s like Germany using the Hitler salute in their games, not cool!

  101. Doktor Prle says:

    What is the “Hitler salute?”

    Ustase do not equal National-Socialists. Sorry, Dejane. Lijepog li hrvatskog imena….

  102. Poglavnik says:

    ^ ^

  103. Mishko says:

    @Dejan, don’t be a brainwashed idiot.


  104. elcroato says:

    I’m down.

  105. Dejan says:

    I wish to say this to all the people that defend Josip’s action and to the site administrator? This is the Croatian people? the ones that cant in their mind think anything wrong with stating the say call that Ustasa would call? PATHETIC! You will lose REAL Croatian fans because of the retards you have on your site.

    Imagine it like a night club, if you have too many ghetto people there, the non-ghetto people will see it as exactly that. a ghetto night club.

    Please don’t ever question the legitimacy of my Croatian heritage. All I’m trying to do is open your eyes that nationalism is not patriotic.

  106. Doktor Prle says:

    Not all of us subscribe to your definition of nationalism. Nationalism isn’t a dirty word, as your communist shitheads would have the world believe.

    I have questioned it and I will question it whenever I feel. You’re no Croat, shithead. And, yes, you’re in the minority.

  107. elcroato says:

    Simunic isn’t ghetto. While his judgment was questionable he wasn’t promoting killing Serbs and Jews, but rather, his love and passion for Croatia.

  108. Doktor Prle says:

    Yeah, all thousands of us that chant Za Dom Spremni aren’t real Croatians. But Dejan, lijepog li hrvatskog imena, and his kind are…

    Serbs and Yugoslavs have logic as their greatest enemy.

  109. Doktor Prle says:

    Dejanovi ministri:

    Željko Jovanović -SRBIN – znanost obrazovanje šport
    Rajko Ostojić -SRBIN -zdravstvo
    Milanka Opačić -LIČKA SRBKINJA- socijalna politika i mladi
    Predrag Matić -POLUSRBIN – branitelji
    Veljko Ostojić -SRBIN- turizam
    Siniša Hajdaš Dončić -POLUSRBIN- pomorstvo promet infrastruktura Branko Grčić -SRBIN -regionalni razvoji i fondovi eu
    Arsen Bauk – SRBIN -uprava
    Vesna Pusić -ČETNIČKI KORJENI Anđelinović- vanjski poslovi

  110. Nk Drava (Ludbreg) says:

    I’m in-
    Figure out a way to present it so that we don’t look like idiots..
    We can easily be thrown into a group of uneducated right wingers- when we are actually proud Croatians- and proud to nationalistic.

    Try to use this jesture to make a statement. And I don’t think it has to be the full amount- maybe half…

    Sorry that most citizens of other countries don’t feel that way.

  111. Luka says:

    Pathetic and sad when you see who is in our ministry. Jesus one would think we are talking about Serbia.

  112. Dejan says:

    Using the same phrase that was used by an infamous person, group or entity is not wise and its not a wonder the world still sees Croatia as “ghetto” nation because the people try justifying actions of those that they should condemn and not praise.

    As I said, please don’t try to muddy up my Croatian legitimacy.

  113. Doktor Prle says:

    The only ghetto nation in the “regijon” is your homeland of Serbia. Don’t worry about Croatia. We don’t need or want your “help.”

  114. Tone says:

    Dejan, get the f off this site you pice of sh#t

  115. Dejan says:

    Thats pretty immature guys, all i’m trying to do point some new perspectives to you guys and I’m only getting negativity?

    BTW dont judge peoples nationality by their name, budale.

  116. Doktor Prle says:

    Only a Serbs could call regurgitated Yugo-Serbian propaganda something “new.”

    Dobro ti je rekao Tone. FUCK OFF.

  117. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    @ Dejan

    Eyyyy ‘bre’

    My folks don’t like too far from one of the foibe in Istra where they tossed all the Talijani into back in the day. I’m sure we could find some extra room and throw you in there as well. How’s that sound, bre?

  118. Iggy Iggy says:

    I’ve got something for you fuckers

    and dont worry, this time it doesnt involve me undoing any zippers on my person, i promise

    whoever was asking in another thread if someone could do a video with all the qualifying goals/games:

  119. The Fonz says:

    Puno hvala Iggy!

  120. Bobby V says:

    Ever since the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, Serbs have slowly realized how hard they now have to work for themselves to keep the things they have..

    Croatians and Slovenians produced most of the GDP for the former Yugoslavia – sending it to Belgrade. Who the fuck knows what ever became of it. They appointed themselves head of every government position – even the fucking Admiral of the Navy was a Serb – probably never saw the Adriatic in his life.

    It’s no wonder they never wanted to seperate – it was reverse welfare for them. Fucking leeches – time to get educated and work for yourselves.

  121. Bobby V says:

    – and another thing…I’m proud of the way we have reacted to the Simunic incident on this site.

    It’s not whether you know the language or not, it’s what is in your minds and hearts.

    Good job CSR posters – your parents didn’t fail you.

  122. Poglavnik says:

    ^ ^
    Hvala Iggy!
    If i didn’t already know the ending that video would be tough to watch 🙂

  123. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    awesome video Iggy!

  124. Ziva Istina says:

    hey, that’s my line…….;)

    Noval idea about raising money for Simunic’s fine.

    Has anyone heard of a timeline when or if FIFA/UEFA will make a comment or decision on punishment. Because, one will come. Either the savez for giving him the mic or Simunic himself will get hit.

  125. Bobby V says:

    Knowing Simunic, he’ll pay the fine and then contribute double the amount to a charity in Vukovar.

  126. Sude Mi says:


    Dude, if you didn’t know before coming on here that your opinion would not be tolerated on this site, you are dumber than you look.

    You can say what you want about the timing of Joe’s little show given the current climate in Croatia, Europe and FIFA but trying to attack those three words on here is stupider than Igor Stimac thinking he could coach a national team.

    Give it up already.

    Clearly your parents failed you if in fact you are Croatian and can’t understand the significance of those three words to the Croatian psyche, in spite of the negativity from WWII.

  127. Poglavnik says:

    That video just re-affirms my love for Mandzukic!
    Love his goal against Serbia that he helped create the turnover on, and the goal against Wales where he blocks the goalies clearance.
    This guy has so much (word of the moment) HEART!
    Also, anytime Vida and Lovren are on the field together we should all be scared.
    Hopefully their time will come, but right now I have zero faith in them.

  128. Dejan says:

    smh…tsk haha.

  129. Chupe says:

    Not everyone from Croatia is a Ustasa. Some of your grand parents were Partizan,Fasisti so the truth hurts some.My family no one was a Ustasa so i cannot comment on the situation,

    But Za dom Spremni has nothing to do with Ustasa its goes back to the 1700s or 1800s in Croatia. Croatia is run by serbs and jeben im mater.

    In America they play that Charge anthem thats kinda also Discriminante,

  130. Poglavnik says:

    His parents failed him when they named him Dejan.
    I’m guessing Slobodan must have already been taken?

  131. Bee says:

    Iggy you are one old fuck born in 81 right?? just kidding mate, did you create the video?,if so goood job.

  132. Chupe says:

    Bice Bolje its not like Joe sang jure i Boban or Jasenovac or any of the ustaske songs. Politics and Sport dont mix but Za dom Spremni just means for homeland ready man so what, lets say a guys name is hitler and you say Hi Hiler how are you does that make you a nazi hahahah.

  133. Mishko says:

    @Chupe it goes back longer than that.

    The Year of 1566. Nikola Subic Zrinski at the turkish siege of Siget, defended against a far more numerous Turks invader . After a long battle and siege, massively outnumbered, and rather than surrender they carried out a suicidal charge of the Turks, inflicting large losses. Nikola Subic Zrinski exclaimed , ” For the homeland – to battle ! ”

    The Opera “Nikola Subic Zrinski”, contains patriotic songs, and referenced in the final aria, “to the battle , to the battle” in which was the cry of “The Homeland” (Za DOM).

  134. Ziva Istina says:

    @Denis………..come on, what about the idea of the t-shirt.

  135. Sude Mi says:


    ….and don’t forget Srbislav, that was also no doubt taken too.

  136. Chupe says:

    @ Mishko thanks i knew it was long ago, But this is getting old,instead of people being amazed how small croatia reach the tournament 8 out of 10 major tournaments we get this Bs publicity.

  137. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Prle – where did you get the info on all of those names. If there’s a link please post it.

  138. Ziva Istina says:

    what about the name Jugoslav

  139. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    nije bitno – this morning I was looking at several names, some guys put up comments from these clowns…so I googled them, also I saw more from yesterday and wanted to know what motivates them…and today I also read some things that are really making me wonder why soo many Serbs are in positions of media or power in Croatian politics?

    for example Vesna Pusic – Minister of Foreign and European Affairs – I didnt know this until today (I dont really follow any more politics other than the headlines in Croatia) – her brother publicly supported Milosevic and the Yugoslav People’s Army Generals as members of the YPA Generals political front in 1990s Croatia.

    there are tons of these types of people…truly I’m sorry to admit, I knew there were ex communists…but I had no idea how many…fucking disturbing!

  140. Chupe says:

    3 Jews and Sebs run Croatia. Liberal Scum! SDP. HDZ is no better but atleast Croatian are in the party.

  141. Chupe says:

    Croatia is full of Commies and they running the country to the growned SDP hates diaspora making up rules so we pay taxs and forcing us to sell our land and homes.

  142. nije bitno nije bitno says:


  143. Ziva Istina says:

    @slavonac…..the govt is loaded with scum like Pusic. They are everywhere in positions of power and influence throughout the country. University professors, heads of media companies, ministers within the govt, etc…..

  144. Chupe says:

    Sons and daughters of Udbasi and Partizani now veliki hrvati majku im jeben.

  145. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Ziva – well, I’m guilty of not really knowing the details. I love to go back to Zagreb – Zagorje then Slavonia and then onto Dalmacija…unfortunately for me my parents arent alive anymore so my dad isnt here to talk about that stuff like he used to (he’d read every darn paper twice over).

    Its really a shame that people here and around the world feel the pride and those there vote in the ex Yugo’s and commies….I just cant understand why that is? Is one party less corrupt than another…why would Croatians allow ex commies to run the government?
    did they not know they were commies before they are voted in…this is surreal, they had commie Serbs dictating for them before and now again?

  146. Chupe says:

    Mamic je Kreten ali what he said about Jovanovic is true. asshole serb lover. When he was in Marakana he didnt see Croatian flags burned Vukovar je nas poster, Seats getting flung at Simunic. Bastard smece srpsko,

  147. Chupe says:

    @ Slavonac beacuse HDZ robed Croatia ponzi and corruption. Now the SDP that is the commie democrat party are making the people pay and no party is good in Croatia.

  148. Ziva Istina says:

    @slavonac…….long story made short…….they got voted back into power because Tudjman and after his death the HDZ robbed the country. The people slected between two evils. The politicians who are considred “patriotic” are portrayed as being to ring-wing (somme of it there own doing and some of it because media doesn’t like them)

  149. Chupe says:

    Ziva what o you think of Hsp Ruza Hrvatska? whats your take on her.

  150. Sude Mi says:

    Branitelji iz BiH iskazali potporu i zahvalnost Šimuniću i hrvatskoj reprezentaciji
    Nakon medijske i političke hajke od strane cijelog državnog vrha kojoj su se pridružili i SDP-ovci, Jadranka Kosor i Milorad Pupovac, u obranu hrvatskog reprezentativca stala je Kordinacija udruga proisteklih iz domovinskog rata. Hoće li još neka udruga stati iza hrvatskog reprezentativca i najstarijeg hrvatskog domoljubnog pozdrava koji nikad nije imao nikakvih konotacija osim onih o ljubavi prema domu, obitelji i domovini, ostaje za vidjeti. “Povodom plasmana hrvatske nogometne reprezentacije na završnicu Svjetskog prvenstva u Brazilu 2014., mi, hrvatski branitelji iz Bosne i Hercegovine želimo Vam uputiti iskrene čestitke i izraze zahvalnosti za radost i ponos koji smo doživjeli mi Hrvati, svake generacijske dobi, u Bosni i Hercegovini nakon Vaše fenomenalne igre koja nas je odvela na završnicu Svjetskog prvenstva u Brazilu”, poručili su iz Kordinacije udruga proisteklih iz domovinskog rata.

    “Hrvatska nogometna reprezentacija je istinski nacionalni simbol koji objedinjuje sve generacije hrvatskog naroda u Domovini i iseljeništvu i nimalo nas ne čudi da takav nacionalni simbol, dan nakon utakmice, žele urušiti isti oni koji su bili protiv suverenosti Republike Hrvatske, koji su osmišljavali udruženi zločinački pothvat i koji se ne mogu pomiriti s uskrsnućem hrvatske države koja se želi osloboditi svih ideoloških okova, povijesnih neistina i zlonamjernih kvalifikacija.

    Vrijeme koje je pred nama pokazat će je li više onih koji su „za” ili „protiv” onakve Hrvatske kakvu zagovaraju Željko Jovanović, Ivan Zvonimir Čičak, Stipe Mesić, Milorad Pupovac, istospolne zajednice, ateisti, međunarodni plaćenici i ostaci jugoslavenskih obavještajnih i sigurnosnih službi koji su još uvijek infiltrirani u medije, pravosuđe i službe sigurnosti.

    Mi, hrvatski branitelji iz Bosne i Hercegovine ćemo glasovati ZA tradicionalnu obiteljsku Hrvatsku kao temelj budućnosti hrvatskog naroda, glasovat ćemo za hrvatski Vukovar bez natpisa na ćirilici dok se ne kazne svi zločinci i dok se svi nestali Hrvati ne pronađu i dostojno pokopaju, glasovat ćemo za Josipa Šimunića i hrvatsku nogometnu reprezentaciju koja okuplja srca iseljene i domovinske Hrvatske i uvijek ćemo biti spremni braniti svoj dom i Domovinu”, poručila je Kordinacija udruga proisteklih iz domovinskog rata u svom priopćenju.


  151. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    my sister says she doesnt know who to believe anymore….she lives in Brod and says life is tough there nowadays!

    thats a big shame, I know there is corruption in every country on every continent but its frustrating to learn ….after so many years of suppression and you get your freedom, you have another evil to deal with!

    One of my best friends lives in Zagreb…he makes a very very good living there wotking for an American company, he says you basically have to learn to live with the shit…I think its easier for him than for those that dont make a great wage!

  152. dannyj says:

    i only read up to denis post about making the fund… ah hello dannyj was saying that yesterday… i didn’t read through the rest but yes lets pay his fine damn it.
    i thought i could put in more but with xmas and all coming up i make donations to charities and such, but i will do the $100 to the fine and another $50 to dennis and the guys for the site

    lets do this, and yes lets try to put it everywhere on the net that we support joe and what he did and the repka and fuck all you jew loving jugodouche bags

  153. Poglavnik says:

    HRV/BiH = My dream final!

  154. Bobby V says:–sow.html

    I think it would be more effective if we sign on to these articles and educate the public – click above and keep adding comments.

  155. Ziva Istina says:

    replying to comments doesn’t do much, if anything.

    The only thing that is going to draw attention on Simunic’s behalf is if the savez comes out backing Simunic (they wont) or is his teammates come out backing him (they wont).

  156. majstore says:

    Only because someone’s gotta mention it …

    Figures a bosanac or a hercegovac would be the one that instigated all of this. I mean really, who else

    ; )

  157. Zaba says:

    Im from Canberra and know Simo from school and playing soccer together at McKellar oval. Havnt seen him since he left here to play in Europe though. Looks like he is still the same guy!!!!! Good on him!!!! I probably don’t know to much, but I don’t understand these Politicians are happy to have Serbian sranje writing on some im guessing government buidings, but are angry for what Simo did. Jeba nji bog mate!!!
    Isnt that why our people fought for our country, to have more freedom, the serbs never let you say anything remotely creation patriotic in public.

  158. Ziva Istina says:

    true……we know a dalmatinac wouldn’t waste the time or effort.

  159. Banda U. says:

    25000 kuna fine for joe and 6 games is what i hear. Mandzo might get 2-4 games.

  160. Iggy says:

    Onya big Joe for doing Aussie hrvati proud buddy.. ill chip in if u fuckers organise that..

    My cunty workplace has now blocked .. lollicopters.. guess I was spending too much time here rather than working.. which ironically, is precisely what I’m doing now.. lol.. cunts making me use my phone.. sneaky cunts..

    Did zdrilic really mention csr?? Ha, cool.. I have watched thursday fc once its fuckn painful to look at lol but I guess any mentions are welcome ay

  161. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    Awesome video! Thanks. This reminds me how difficult it was for us to score a goal. Damn we sucked in qualifying. Luck was definitely on our side.


    Simunic’s face on the front of my shirt? Simunic’ name across my back? Isn’t that jocksniffing at its finest?

    I would wear it. However, I’m surprised that you are pushing for it. Selling 100 shirts would get us $500. Who knows if we would even sell 100. Also, I’m not in this for the $$$. If Ante and I were, CSR would have folded years ago.


    Serbs throw up the three-finger salute all the time. When you think of cetnici you think of the three finger salute. I dont like it but I dont think it should be banned. Its part of their history. Not all serbs are cetniks and not all croatians are ustasa.

    So why not slam all the serb players flashing the three finger salute just because cetnici did the same? Its stupid. 3 finger salute is serbian sign used by Cetnici. Just like “Za dom spremni” is a Croatian saying used by ustasa.

  162. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    Rooney got 2 games for a deliberate kick to the back of a player. It would be a tragedy if Mandza gets 2 games. I dont even want to think about 4 games.

    Croatian players might have Simunic’ back but I dont blame them for keeping quiet. They dont want to miss the world cup in brazil. Simunic had a long croatian career and already played in the world cup. He can be banned for 20 games and wouldnt care because he went out as a champ.

  163. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    As far as the “donation”, yes, we do have to come up with something “professional.” I asked Ante B to contribute to this because he’s the right man for the job. Lets see if he accepts the call.

  164. vatrena cast says:

    Well people, does anybody here watch ESPN COLLEGE GAME DAY? because if you do. They are at my school for the okstate baylor game. Look for me on ESPN on saturday with a CROATIA IS GOING TO THE WORLD CUP and ZA DOM SPREMNI sign!

  165. vatrena cast says:

    anyone have any other ideas about what i can put on the sign. let me know

  166. Mishko says:

    It’s too bad the wrong side won.

  167. Bobby V says:

    Donate to an Orphanage in Vukovar in Joe’s name.

  168. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    @Iggy-Yes ,they really did mention CSR on Thursday night FC.They even flashed up the feed from CSR about Mandzukic getting the red card and made a joke about it.
    SBS has done a lot of fine soccer programs over the years and lots of Cros work on the program.Thursday night FC is fairly corny and lame.They tried to do a comedy style format,but it falls flat heaps.Melb Cro gave me a serve for watching it,its ok! I don’t particularly watch it closely,but I will atleast flick on to anything that has Cros on it,thats when I caught what was mentioned.Geezz,crucify me if you will,I can accept it!! 🙂

  169. Bobby V says:

    Check out this clip on Simunic – “Kangaroo sa velikom srce”
    Oh my God he’s corrupting our youth! – haha

    It’s a series done on different Croatian players.

  170. Iggy says:

    Yes, I did make the vid and thanks for the kind words re: that. Can you love me again seemed oike a fitting song the way some of u guys were hating on our team there for a while ! 😉

    The Dejan posting on this site doesnt deserve to share my boy lovrens name !!

  171. Ante B. says:

    Of course the only time I don’t have my phone, something comes out of the woodwork. Of course I would be down to start a campaign to pay Joe’s fine but I want it super transparent from the funding aspect to the refund if Joe doesn’t accept the funds. There should be a $5k cap and once it hits $5k, close it down. Can one of you guys contact Joe or what? I’m down to write, plan, coordinate, etc. A lot of people had an issue with the Gotovina and Markac funds and that is what I don’t want to run into. Transparent and legal all the way.

    Vatrena cast, odi u kurac! Tek sam shvatio ko si jeboteeee. Kako si? Prica se po kvartu da igras nogomet u nekoj vukojebini. I hope you’re doing well. Sve najbolje. Make us proud and I promise I won’t threaten to kick your ass ever again.

  172. Ziva Istina says:

    @vatrena cast……..good idea. Here is what you need to know. College GameDay has security to review every sign as you walk into the section for the fans behind the TV set. So, if it is in a foreign language they may not let you use it. They will error on the safe side. My suggestion is to write Okie State Rules or something on one side and the leave the back side blank. Then when you get in write “Za Dom, Spremni” on the back. You can even write Ziva Isitna. 😉

    If you got a Cro flag, bring it and fly it high.

  173. Iggy says:

    Nah not having a go at u for watching Thursday fc, lol.. plenty of hrvati still working on sbs I know…

    After our win the other day I turned on sbs and watched the remainder of france v Ukraine and who should be the two panel commentators after the game bu zeljko kalac and Ned zelic !

  174. Radnik says:


    Pojmu nemas!

    Tito did save hrvatska, but it’s just hard for you far right fascists to admit it.

    If it wasn’t for Tito hrvatska would be srbija now.

    Hrvatska je bila raj ispod tite.


    I suppose you have a problem with D.lovren too?


    Svaka ti cast.

  175. Iggy says:

    Wait, does that mean Thursday fc ppl read the site?? Guess I shouldn’t be harsh on the show, lol! This also raises other questions such as is zivas true identity David zdrilic ??


  176. Ziva Istina says:

    @Radnik………sure, sure……whatever you say.

  177. za e-U spremni says:

    @ ziva
    it’s about time someone said. you keep your head down. don’t look at us. any of us. bashing the team left and right. making completely unnecessary malicious nicknames for every player. looking for the worst in each croatian. basking in your blood money that you win from croatia losing. and then you have the nerve to show back up on this site after the iceland win claiming this is the outcome you predicted and hoped for all along. no space on the bandwagon. keep your head down. don’t speak. and when you get some love for country, crawl back.

    you think you’re a realist. realists wouldn’t have formed an independent croatia against all odds

  178. vatrena cast says:

    Pa da jebote to sam ja. Dobro sam uzivam u oklahomi jebiga. haha i deserved all the threats, i was talking tons of shit. young a stupid, it was fun competing at concerts though! Yeah man i came out to oklahoma to play on a full ride after getting all american but then started having heart issues. slowly getting back into it, hopefully get something going again. Oh i hope i make you guys proud. On one sign i should write “for Joe”

  179. vatrena cast says:

    thanks for the heads up! shit if our fans can sneak flares in im sure i can find a way to get a sign in. unless i get a flare in too! Ill make it work though. Im debating wether or not to bring my hajduk flag. imagina jadan i mali hajduk on ESPN hahahaha. Ill definitely bring my Croatian flag in though! if anyone has a tivo please record it for me and post it on youtube.

  180. Doktor Prle says:


    Ti si jedan obicni, smrdljivi jugo-bolesnik. Samo bolesnici mogu velicati diktatore i masovne zlocince ko sto je bio tvoj voljeni Tito.

    Cak ako samo dolazis provocirati, to je najveci dokaz da si psihicki tesko bolestan. Ja ti se vise ne obracam, jer, iako sam Doktor – ne lijecim nikoga iz dobrote. Ubuduce ces lijecenje platiti.

    Majku ti jebem krvavu, jugoslavensku.

  181. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    @Iggy-No I have met David zdrilic at a bucks night many years ago,he is a good dude.He is definitely not Ziva Istina,but Zdrilic did say he uses the CSR site,Hmm??
    He has a good gig going at SBS along with heaps of other Hrvati,its just that this Thursday night FC comedy style thing wont last.Lots of other good stuff by them though,Ned Zelics sister, Lucy now also has a gig!Ha,talk about keeping it in the family! When Zdrilic gave a plug to CSR last night,I like how he also said that he just cant get enough of Zivas dad also 😉 (ok,he didn’t say that,but he was thinking it)

  182. Ziva Istina says:

    @za e-U spremni……..come again????? what nonsense are you babbling. What I wanted to happen, actually took place. So, not sure what you mean. Either way, carry on.

  183. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says: reporting that Croatia has been banned from the world cup and replaced by Iceland:

    Fact or fiction?

  184. majstore says:

    Obvious trolls are obvious.

    Never trust a balija.

  185. vatrena cast says:

    I just read up on the rules and it said No politics, profanity, and religion.

  186. Karadžić je Heroj says:

    The Croats deserve to be disqualified from the world cup, and the people saying they shouldn’t are disregarding the lives of the 2,500,000 serbs slaughtered by the Ustase fascists. You ustasi say that it was used before WW2, but I don’t think so. Give me a historical citation, not some propaganda devised by some Croat in his basement.

  187. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    we have someone from Sorry, its still in the works.

  188. vatrena cast says:

    well i guess there goes ziva credibility he said not some croatian in a basement. lol!

  189. vatrena cast says:

    @karadzicu je ispo sapun u hagu

    Daj ne seri, znaci vi ko srbi mozete dignuti 3 prsta na svakoj tekmi a mi nemozemo reci za dom spemni. Daj odjebi i nemoj srat. uzivajte brazil na tv-u ako imate struje u srbiji.

  190. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    You better not be referring to me “as the Croat in the basement”because that is now my Snooker room,Ziva just has use of the closet space down there currently.Lucky for you I have no interest in adopting you.Dont think there is much prospect for improvement.
    If you want historical citation,try Mr Google,he is very informative.

  191. NY says:

    Radnick = Black Zodiac. Same shit.

    Jebes ti i tvoj Tito. Budala.


    Run along to jugo We don’t need your shit here.

  192. Doktor Prle says:

    2,500,000 Serbs. Eye-popping. Can we get a source? LMFAO

  193. NY says:

    @doktor prle

    Tomorrow that number will increase by another million.

  194. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Hahahahaha…2.5 mil….that’s pretty funny and wishful thinking! When and where were 2.5 mil Serbs killed? What planet did this happen on?

  195. Kangaroo Joe says:

    I can’t see why we should be banished from the WC.

    The comment wasn’t permitted nor sanctioned by the HNS. It was made well after the conclusion of play. Simunic was one of the last on the field. It was at the instigation of Simunic. He was a lone wolf.

    If there’s any punishment it has to fall on him.

  196. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Dr- why you appeasing an idiot?

  197. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    From Slobo to his people:

    QUOTE: “I beg of you, 6,000 Croats defended Vukovar for half a year; the entire 1st Army attacked, the air force, a miracle, all the force that the JNA had, and they [Serbs] didn’t defend Knin, which can only be approached from three directions; they couldn’t defend it even 12 hours?
    They did not defend it, because according to all reports that we have received from the police, citiizens and the rest, as soon as the artillery preparations ended at seven in the evening, they ordered – a fleeing! According to this, there was no resistence nor even an armed encounter with Croatian forces. (…) – There came the order that all leave Krajina the same day, even without a single engagement with the Croatian Army on most of the front. If we that same day made the idiotic decision to help them, who would have made it to Knin by the evening to help them?”

    I laughed when I first read this….it reads better when you read it in croatian with the Serb accent. He basically says Serbs are chicken shit!

  198. Kangaroo Joe says:

    Although I would not be surprised if UEFA/FIFA sought to make an example of us. To ensure that not a peep or a squeak is ever heard out of fans or players ever again.

    How an ambiguous chant of disputed origin is the equivalent of Russian fans racially abusing Yaya Toure is beyond me. Yet they get to host a WC and get away with it.

  199. Doktor Prle says:

    That link wasn’t for the idiot, Slavonac. That’s for us. For those of us that are interested to learn how to battle Serb propaganda.

  200. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Ok, got it! Those clowns always come up with delusional shit and I was just saying you can’t even reason or rationalize with them…I’ve seen it a million times!

  201. majstore says:

    Good read for those who haven’t read it

  202. Doktor Prle says:

    They are beyond delusional. Logic is their number one enemy.

  203. Doktor Prle says:

    Read: Heavenly Serbia – From Myth to Genocide
    Branimir Anzulovic

    Also available on Amazon.

  204. Poglavnik says:

    For a minute there I was like “Mandzukic suspension?! For what!”
    Then I remembered a little thing called the game.
    The only discipline or incident that’s on anyone’s mind right now is Joe’s.
    Hopefully Mario’s fate won’t be tied to Joe’s in any way.

  205. Banda U. says:

    Whats with this serb crap man jebem vam mater srpsku cigansku. Ajte gledati tenis i navijati za dokovic jebi te se s materom. When you celebrate a handball game with serb army hats thats OK. Burn croatia flag thats ok chant ubi ustasu i bice mesa thats ok pa di smo ki ko narod da nas srbi jebu u mozak. Milanovic jovanovic triba diaspora i nasi domaci koji nisu prodani dignuti se protiv bande. I svako srpsko auto neka leti umore kad se vidi. Cigani jebn vam hristosa

  206. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    @Za Poglavnik-Dont get too worried about Mandzukic.I think he will be ok.I think its pretty defendable,he may have to appeal to get a reduction,but in the end,I dont see more than a game in it.
    -A red card,sure,thats fine.There wasn’t really malice in it.I think he was a little careless and slightly goofy with what he did,not even badly disciplined.Plus the guy came crashing into him a little.Like I said,I think its one game,maybe after appeal.
    -Nothing to do with Simunic,even that whole saga will get “handled”.I don’t believe it will be easy for Fifa to over react,even if they want to.Simunic himself may well be gonski,but it will be hard to do much more about it.Thats my 2 cents worth.Think(and hope) I am right.

  207. Karadžić je Heroj says:

    2,500,000 serbs is a conservative estimate. Most historians agree that there were between 1.5-3 million Serbs dead at the hands of the Ustase. And I’m not even counting the hundreds of thousands killed by the SS Handschar, the Croatian muslims… Denying that number needs to become a crime in Croatia, and the phrase Za dom spremni banned. Lijepa nasa should also be changed, the fascists created that.

  208. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    @Karadzic je Gedo-Yes fine learned Sir,you are quite correct.You appear to we a very worldly and well informed individual who states a very strong case.You have won me over my friend.I think we should ban Cevapi also,as they were eaten by the fascist pigs.Good luck to you in your endeavours fine Sir.I hope that you are not just wasting your time on this message board.

  209. Roger Maras says:

    @Karadžić je Govno – Do you know Art Garfunkel?

  210. Bobby V says:

    @Karadzic – glad to hear that number is so high – good news, thanks!

  211. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    @Karadzic je Govno
    Ubi se, and then you can change the number to 2,500,001

  212. Karadžić je Heroj says:

    Looks like I’ve scared you Ustasi, better go call the turks for help laugh out loud. Cool your jets, ustasi you’re just catholised serbs

  213. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    Man,thats really tellen em!!Good to see the Serbs have sent there most diabolical and fiendishly clever operative to rile up those pesky Ustasas.
    Hey,I know what will piss em off,Tell em another 100,000 were knocked off last week,thats on top of the 2.85 million that were slaughtered during Oluja.
    Don’t worry buddy,you can count on me for back up.

  214. dannyj says:

    hey whoever is good with computers could make an app for smart phones that counts how many serbs we kill per day, week, month, year, decade, and of course all of the centuries…
    all this shit is almost as ridiculous as this… where is HAET, he would love this

  215. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he can tell everyone that King Tomislav was a Orthodox priest and that Zagreb is a suburb of Belgrade.Funny guy.

  216. Iggy says:

    Wait, did some1 just type “laugh out loud” in full?? What da lolliskates

  217. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    easy on the serb, might be new to the internet, omg, lol, wtf, fuck i feel like a teenage girl after typing this shit.

  218. dannyj says:

    i sure hope fifa removes the official shakira video from world cup 2010 as the only cro to make it on the video was big joe at the 50 second mark… oh my god, roll on the floor laughing my ass off!!

  219. dannyj says:

    and top it off… he is spitting on fifa in the video!!!

  220. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    That’s my favourite part of the video!

  221. dannyj says:

    i sure hope all the “ex cro nazi’s” as someone i know affectionaly put it will be in brazil from south america lololol

  222. dannyj says:

    wouldn’t it be ironic if SMM gets more games for a careless tackle then big joe gets for coming in like a mac truck withouts its brakes in serbia? and we go to brazil in part to it…. the irony is just awesome

  223. dannyj says:

    i over heard HAET saying i’d like to waka waka shakira sometime and make some mixed raced babies laugh my ass off

  224. Karadžić je Heroj says:

    If it was not for serbian Nikola Tesla you ustasi wouldnt even have computers to defend Ustasa Nazi Fascist Muslim colaborator I bet half of you are shiptars

  225. Iggy Iggy says:

    Guys i am setting up my XBOX ONE now ..

    i got it SPECIFICALLY to impress Ziva – i hope it works !!

    P.S. if any cunt is on xbox add me as a friend – Iggsy81

  226. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    If it wasn’t for the Greeks you wouldn’t know how to take it up the ass, so relax and take that komad with a smile, laugh out loud!

  227. dannyj says:

    ok what is the poll who is karadzic? ziva’s alter ego? ziva’s dad is getting the siba out now to take care of business

    by the way, got a couple shiptar friends, they are probably the most trustworthy people i have met in my life. i sure would rather be related to them then some take it in the ass greek
    boom goes the dynamite!! oh my orthodox god, laughing out loud not really but you go to your site now bre, oh it doesn’t


  228. dannyj says:

    OPS, supposed to say Cico says DON’T DROP THE SOAP!! PEACE OUT
    Cico i don’t use your way of posts to mock you but to mock this douche and your posts are always entertaining

  229. rob i says:

    Iggy, do you play fifa? If yes, I will add you tomorrow – xbox name – tataGovno

  230. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    A friend and i have a Cro team set up on ultimate team, i’ll try and add you next time i’m online.

  231. Iggy Iggy says:

    I love it when serbs come on the site.. right after we made the world cup too !!!

    They must have come here to congratulate us and wish us well, do you think ???

    Why thank you MR Serb… We Also wish you the best of luck in the world cup !! Oh… oh… sorry.. i forgot… YOU ARENT FUCKING GOING LOLLERSKATES !!!

  232. Iggy Iggy says:

    Add me anyway ! I haven’t played the new FIFAS because there is NO HRVATSKA so i dont buy them ! I’ll buy it again when we are once again in the game !

  233. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    You can still make a team with Croatian players that are in certain leagues, tough to make a killer team but you can make a good team, although with the players you have to choose from you actually feel like you are Stimac.

  234. Iggy Iggy says:

    yeah but every fifa game i have owned i have made a HRVATSKA national team tribute video on youtube – it’s half the reason i buy the fifas ! So im disappointed when we aren’t in there – it really reduces my enjoyment level. I mean if we can’t beat Belgium in real life i AT LEAST need to be able to give to them a smashing in fifa !

  235. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    You can beat aybody online unless it’s some 15 year old little shit that plays it all day long, some of those little cunts are good.

  236. Iggy Iggy says:

    i reckon

    aint nobody got time for dat shit !

    I’m just bloody hoping Cro willl be in fifa 15 or what have u.. actually…

    now that i think about it.. there will be a world cup 2014 game but that will prolly be DLC to fifa 14 wont it ???? If that happens i will definitely buy them both, whatever has Cro in it i will buy !

    No Cro makes Iggy sad : (

    Yes Cro makes Iggy happy : )

  237. Dalmo Ante says:

    Iggy just play on pc and get the Cro mod, you get the league and national team, some geek out there did a really nice job of making the Max TV Prva HNL, stadiums and all. Well except commentary cos its on the platform of the danish league

  238. Radnik says:


    Mras chetnikski govno!

  239. Davor says:

    @karadzic je …..
    Your version of history assumes all Croatians are fascists- incorrect. It seems one cannot be a proud Croat without someone bringing up fascism- does anyone say italians, germans,japanese or spanish people are fascists?No-because they dont have active lobby against them. Let me enlighten you- please do your own research too.
    1. “Za dom, spremni” originates in 1566 with Ban Nikola Subic Zrinski who initiated the cry “Za dom sad u boj!” in wars with the Turks. In the 1800’s the cry “Za dom, spremni umrijeti” was used with Ban Jelacic. The ustasha adopted it is as “Za dom spremni”. So using the term today should depend on context. If a person loves Croatia and says it proudly no problem. If someone uses it to incite hatred and intimidation then one can censure them. Big Jozo was not inciting hatred.Cetniks are also against the red/white “checkerboard” because “it is an ustasha symbol”- it has actually been used for centuries by Croatia.
    2. Lijepa nasa was not “created by fascists”. It was composed by Antun Mihanovic in 1835. Please read the lyrics and see if there is anything offensive
    3. “most historians say 1.5 to 3 mil Serbs killed by Ustasha”- not true. Most historians (pro serbian) put it at approx. 300 000 to 600 000 ( and even right wing Serbian sites).
    4. “Croatians are catholised Serbs” – incorrect. Please read a non-Cetnik history book. The earliest evidence of the term Croat was in 852 .We had dukes from the 600’s and a recognised Croatian king in 910.

  240. @ Karadzic

    Tesla was born and raised in Hrvatska, where we educated him and allowed his innovative genius to come to fruition. Once again world-class being cultivated in Croatia for the benefit of all.

    @ Svima

    Za dom spremni is at the core of what it is to be Hrvat. I love big Joe but he lost center in that moment, but I do not judge him for it as he feels the depressed emotional state of our people.

    HDZ for 20 years took that core and pimped it out for there own benefit.

    We need to get back to the essence of Za Dom Spremni and uplift the soul of Croatia.

    Niko Kovac embodies this movement as going forward it will be difficult to score on us because we will be Za Dom Spremni.

    We have to get back to who we are as Hrvati at CORE. We have to bring our unique expression through our community out into the world.

    Count on $100 from me to our people in Vukovar!

  241. Iggy Iggy says:

    I was aware Tesla has been claimed by both Hrvatska and also some cunts.. but i thought he was Hrvat really??? Isn’t there a place u can go visit his home (or more like hut) even today i thought ???

    I could be wrong..

    Actually that brings up Marco Polo (or Polic as ive heard)

    Can someone inform me about that ???? I once heard he was hrvat too but idk ????

    Forza’s good : )

  242. Iggy Iggy says:

    But i mean seriously why are we even talking to a cunt with the name of karadzic anyway.. fuck..

    i guess we should be flattered serbs come here.. ??

    Actually we should all pitch in some money and make a and just make it full of gay porn or something.. that’d fit those cunts better than anything they would come up with anyway

  243. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    I am no historian but what i understand is that Ustanak means uprising and Ustasa is someone that takes part in the uprising.

  244. Iggy Iggy says:

    I’m no historian either but my cursory evaluation of etymology has shown me that in many, many languages and countries the word “cunt” has been replaced with the word “serb” since they unnecessarily describe the same thing.

  245. Tk says:

    Not just Hdz as they were not in power for 20 years.
    Current government is not hdz and is absolutely awful for the economy and Croatian people.

  246. Ziva Istina says:

    Well, Puppet Suker spoke a short time ago. He and the savez confirmed FIFA is investigating Simunic’s actions.

    Also, Puppet Suker thinks Mandza gets a one game suspension. It will be one or two, no more than that.

    I don’t know who or where Dinamo is playing this weekend. But, when Simunic is introduced he should get a standing ovation. Yes, he was selfish for his action in a team win, but I love how this has woken up some hrvati and made them aware it is OK to be proud of being a croat.

  247. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    If it was’t the Germans and Italians it would have been the English and Russians, small country in the balkans really has no choice, balkans means a group of hostile countries placed together last time i checked.

  248. Iggy Iggy says:

    I dont think he was selfish at all, Ziva.

    My opinion on it is that, given all the pressure that’s been on the team (and i think that’s obvious), especially for this home game where – let’s be honest the fans were abandoning the repka in droves – given all of those circumstances and everything that happened, i think you guys are giving thoughtful planning too much credit here.

    I dont think he was being selfish or anything else, i think he just reacted instinctively in a way he wanted to, and that was to express his love for the country.. i dont think he – i mean i’ve heard idiots on this site say he planned it cos he wants a political career,etc.. that’s just nonsense.. he was reacting.. oh.. wait… WITH HEART.. lolol

    So no i dont think he was selfish.. i wouldnt deny an old warrior an expression of patriotism in the circumstances that presented themselves there.. no way..

    i say good on him.. in fact, i say, where do i buy all of these pro-simunic shirts ???? might buy one for my dad actually lol..

    we both had a laugh the other day about the overreaction of the media to this whole thing..

  249. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    Bordering each other, not placed together otherwise Croatia would be in between Hawai and Australia!

  250. Iggy Iggy says:

    Are u an aussie Sgt. Krastavac??? You must be

    Have i mentioned i hope hrvatska draws australia on dec 6 ?? cos i meant to ..

  251. majstore says:

    Suker on future friendlies …

    Prijateljske utakmice…

    ”Vidjeli ste da smo dogovorili utakmice s Japanom, Meksikom, Kanadom. Razgovarao sam s Nikom, imamo opcije s Nizozemskom i Švicarskom tako da nećemo imati problema s utakmicama. Niko bi volio da igramo u Europi, a mi ćemo sve napraviti da što bolje organiziramo pripreme za SP.”

    Plz god come to Toronto for the game with Canada, plz plz plz

    ; p

    I know there was a rumor floating around of a match with Mexico in NYC or Miami as well.

  252. Kangaroo Joe says:

    There’s a lot of posturing.

    People want to make sure their sentiments are aligned with the bien-pensant.

    The moment anyone defends Simunic they’ll be thrown in the deep-end with him and have their name and the word ‘Nazi’ all that is ever known of them. That fate awaits Simunic. If he retires because of this it will be a sure thing.

    @Ziva: Is there a way for Simunic to defend himself? A way out of this? What’s a best/worst case scenario?

  253. Doktor Prle says:

    FARE’s representative in Croatia is Zoran Stevanovic.

    According to Vrbanovic, FARE tipped off FIFA about the “ZAPAMTITE VUKOVAR” banner that was, consequently, removed. And FARE also reported Simunic to FIFA.

    This is not the first time the Serb Zoran Stevanovic has caused trouble for the HNS and Croatian football as a whole.

    Just more evidence that the Croatian state has been subverted.

  254. mkez00 says:

    I still don’t get how they can justify Mandzo getting anything more than 1 game. If you look at the replay (as embarrassing as his flop is after bagging the Iceland player) he isn’t even looking at the player. Anything more than 1 game is bullshit.

  255. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    i fuken hope cro v aus, i loved it when australia beat uruguay to make the world cup, i didn’t know how to feel till i heard the draw and craig foster said that aus should take care of Cro, my blood boiled and since then it’s Cro first, we didn’t play like Vatreni against them and drew wich is fair but fuck i want to beat them soceroo cunts, i want lucas niel to lick ball sweat!

  256. Marko says:

    I’ve just been reading this stream at my work desk in an open plan office and I had to move outside because I was laughing so much at the comments from our new friend @Karadzic. Side splittingly hilarious if it wasn’t so delusional and sad – what colour is the sky in your strange and fictional alternate reality world my friend?

    @Iggy – Marko Polo is claimed by Korcula as having his family hailing originally from Korcula before they moved to Venice. Apparently he’s really Marko Polic, which makes for a nice bit of increased tourist revenue these days when the tourists visit Korcula. Probably not true and almost as lacking in historical fact as the claims of 100,250,000,000 Serbs (or maybe it’s actually more than that?) murdered by Croatian Catholic priests and nuns according to our friend east of the Drina from earlier.

    Tesla said he was a Croatian of Orthodox faith. How does that make him a Serb?

    If you thought that the Marko Polo/ Polic story was bad, I was told by a Serb many years ago that Adam and Eve were actually Serbian – apparently his Orthodox priest told him so it must be true…

  257. majstore says:

    Suker saying they are finally building a camp next year. Also saying he wants a national stadium to be built but needs help from the gov to make it happen (good luck with that).

    But I agree with him, would be nice to have a stadium that is “civiliziran” LOL

  258. Full investment in training facilities to keep producing world class footballers.

    Maksimir is an embarrassment.

    I do not cozy amenities like Ziva but a proper German style football only stadion is needed like 10 years ago.

  259. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    @Matesic Method
    I’ve seen your site and can’t figure out if your a nut bag or super human, i like you though!

  260. Kangaroo Joe says:

    Paying homage to hate speech………

  261. Davor says:


    German style stadium definitely the way to go. Fans close to the pitch with steep stands – preferably one huge single tier stand behind one goal ala Dortmund. The noise at the game on Tuesday and against Serbia was impressive- imagine in a tight stadium with a roof!


    Tesla was an ethnic Serb born in Croatia -in those days still under Austro-hungary. His father and father in law were orthodox priests. He was a genius who spent most of life in the States. In a telegram he stated:
    “To Dr. Vlatko Macek, Zagreb Croatia
    Thank you very much on your congratulations and kindness.
    I am equally proud of my Serbian origin and my Croatian homeland.”

    The Marco Polo story is probably legend but if you go to Korcula you will find a house that is claimed to be his. In my opinion he was a Venetian born in Korcula but who knows.

  262. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    I just read a story of a woman in BiH…she’s an employee at the public relations in the office of the Minister…her name is Mija Martine Barbaric…I suggest you guys read this, I found it on Vecernji. she’s not only defending Big Joe, she’s rubbing “Za Dom” in Jovanovic’s face and has drawn attention to herself….will most likely also be penalized!

    I never realized this may have a positive affect on the public, at first I thought Croatia doesnt need the drama but now I’m starting to see this may unite people, remind them of we have a right to being who we are and we shouldnt apologize to the world for a phrase that doesnt have malicious intentions!

  263. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    ….and as I scrolled down on Vecernji, the very next article i start to read is about two guys in the middle of the Trg Ban Jelacic…the guys are holding a banner that says No Neo Ustasa…here’s the fucking kicker…in Latin and cirilica….I’m fucking shocked!

  264. Doktor Prle says:

    Croatia is an Orwellian nightmare. A polygon for all things subversive and anti-Croat. A true paradox (but not in the sense that Milanovic described the nation). He’s part of the paradox. The fact that he and his ilk can rule the country, is beyond paradoxical and an absurdity par excellence.

  265. Ziva Istina says:

    @Kangaroo Joe……………..Simunic can fight the charge and the fine. But, i don’t think he will. Last thing he wants to do is hurt his chances of being on the WC roster because of the possible suspension. FIFA might be looking at this and waiting for him to show some “remorse”. Joe will probably come out in either an interview or statement expressing regret that his words caused any trouble. He wont specifically apologize for what he said. Instead, he will apologize to anyone who was offended and then try to explain what he meant. That is it.

    Best case scenerio: he pays the fine and moves on.
    Worst case: he gets suspended for a game or more by FIFA.

    @mkez00……does anyone recal the red card nani received last year during the Manchester United-Real madrid tie in the Champions League. It was the second leg when Nani got a red card for a very similar foul. Here is the foul:……….it was the right call. Nani was given a 3-game suspension, but that was eventually trimmed down to one game. Mandza’s case will be reviewed by the disciplinary commission and if they view it as violent conduct he will get two or three games.

  266. Ziva Istina says:

    Puppet Suker has been talking about a stadium since he was hired…….and gusss what…….NISTA

    I want a new stadium more than anyone. I prefer watching games with a roof over my head so I don’t get hit by the rain, I prefer watching a game with a sliding door/window in my suite and a TV in the suite to watch other games, I prefer an HD video board, I prefer a functioning wi-fi signal so I can make bets, I prefer functioning toliets, I prefer edible meals, I prefer cold beer.

    But, we don’t need a national stadium funded by public dollars. Because we all know what will happen. Firms controlled and influenced by Puppet Suker, King Mamic and other fuckers like them will the have contracts/concession to build various portions of the stadium and overcharge for products needed and these guys will all profit. Anyone remember the fiasco from a few years ago when new seats were installed in Maksimir and how the city of ZG was charged 2 or 3 times more per seat than what they should have been. That firm was connected to the leadersip at Dinamo.

  267. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    I want a new stadium more than anyone, sounds a bit pretensious, put your manners back in!

  268. Ziva Istina says:


  269. Sgt.Krastavac says:

    4.5 million and you want a stadium more than anyone, just fuken around ziva it’s late in oz, is your basement like the one in Pulp Fiction, if so please don’t let mama istina see the gimp!

  270. vatrena cast says:

    Suker also wants to be the first nation to play against Kosovo. What good could that do for our team? how about we play some good opponents get us ready for the world cup.

    Also i heard that we have a game against mexico coming up. any news of where its going to be? if its in the states whos going? i know ill be there!

  271. majstore says:

    You don’t consider japan, Mexico, holland and the Swiss good opponents?

  272. Ziva Istina says:

    Actually, Kosovo wouldn’t be a bad opponent.

    If they were to schedule Mexico – and that is a big if – it would have to be in a city with a llarge Mexcian community.

  273. Mishko says:

    If we play Mexico hopefully they don’t throw bagged piss and crap like they did to the U.S. a few years back.


  274. majstore says:

    Re: Kosovo

    I’d love it if their first game was against us, it would piss them off so much.

    But yeah, Kosovo / Albania would be STACKED if all of their guys played on the same team. Half the Swiss team are practically Albanians.

  275. majstore says:


    Piss off the Serbs so much

  276. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Good for Suker!

  277. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    something is brewing…this is a serious act and I’m curious to know what’ll happen next? will Jovanovic say anything about it?

  278. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Slavonac – He will not open his mouth. I don’t ever side with Mamic but when he called out Jovanovic i was happy!

  279. Ziva Istina says:

    Come on, that video is nothing. It looks like 2 or 3 guys holding a banner. I’m guessing the police officer is there to make sure nothing happens because those 2 or 3 clowns probably filed a permit in order to have some type of demonstration.

    I’m betting those 2 or 3 clowns are doing that to get a reaction from some crazy idiot who would attack them, there by giving them even more credibility. This is nothing.

  280. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    It’s nothing? hahaha Ziva you you never seem to surprise me.

  281. Ziva Istina says:

    you honestly think this is something……….2, maybe 3 guys with a banner.

    Lets say it is a couple of serb idiots provoking people…… what????

    I see idiots all the time outside of Manhattan’s finacial district yelling and trying to provoke the financial guys. Big shit. This is the same thing. You look at them, you smirk and walk away.

  282. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    It’s not about how many guys are standing there with the sign. It’s the point of it. With all the crap happening in Vukovar right now, the whole Joe incident, the removal of the Vukovar banner in Maksimir, the non removal of the Vukovar banners in Marakana, do i need to go on????? They are loving this right now and pushing it in our faces more and you think its no big deal lol. Stvarno si Ziva Sprdacina!

  283. vatrena cast says:

    we should go to beograd with a sign that says “sve do drine”

  284. Ziva Istina says:

    And you are looking into something that doesn’t exist. I would agree with you if there was an organized turnout. After reading that headline, I was like, “oh, what is this. this is must see” And then I see the video and its absolutely nothing. 3 punks holding a banner than 99.9% of the ZG population will never see..yeah, that’s somethign alright.

    Why do you seem shocked by any of this. This has been the direction Croatia is moving to for the last few years. Everyone is outraged about the cyrillic script in Vukovar. Well, the same people expressing outrage are the same lazy asses who either voted for this current govt. or stayed on their asses and did nothing. And, now they are all up in arms shouting and asking “kako to”. Well, when you (the croatian public) are asleep things tend to happen.

    Let me ask you this, why should have the Vukovar banner in Marakana been removed?????? Nobody objected to it. Not even out own savez. if our savez had no issue with it, then who are we to complain about it.

    Hell, the Vukovar banner in maksimir was removed because one of these self-hating hrvati who are now in a power position decided they did not want it. Well, who elected and allowed these fuckers to grab positions of power???? the croatian people did.

    We deserve our own fate because our people are at times idiots.

  285. Luka says:

    I loved when Mamic called out Jovanovic on the air. Curious to see what will happen next and defintely will be watching when Big Joe playes tomorrow in Istria. Hopefully that crowd will get behind him. Will see.

  286. Ziva Istina says:

    You can go with a sign like that to Srbija and BG (although if you went to BG, that means you overshot your mark), but you go at your own risk.

    Forget about the serbs in Srbija, we need to find a way to deal with the scum serbs who occupy Croatia.

  287. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    So because of those same idiots, you and I are not supposed to be angered by whats going on and be like the rest of the idiots that voted for these pricks? come on man….

  288. vatrena cast says:

    i know that but my point is, imagine how much bullshit we would hear.

  289. vatrena cast says:

    Just a general question? how many of you pay croatian taxes?

  290. Ziva Istina says:

    Be angry??? sure. But, not because of a few kids trying to do something that nobody will pay attention to.

    Be angry because the people of Cro elected these people in charge of the country. Look at the macro side of it on that the micro side.

    I don’t care what a few punks do. I’ve been to ZG enough to know the trg is a gathering point for all sorts of idiots (left wing, right wing etc..). I don’t get pissed off when I see a few punks doing something I don’t agree with. I just laugh at them knowing I am on my way to Tkalciceva to enjoy myself.

    I get more pissed off at some of the fake outrage by people who are shocked over recent events. People (especially the diapsora facebook crowd because their over-the-top comments are a good read) are shocked Simunic could get in trouble for what he did, people are shocked with the serb alaphabet on Vukovar signs, well, where the hell have they been for the last few years. None of this is a shock. We (the croatian people) allowed it to happen. Factor that in, plus the HDZ folks were busy stealling from the country and you have present day Croatia – one giant fucken mess. Nothing shocks me anymore with the idiocy in that country.

  291. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    HELLOOOO that is what I (WE) are angry about! I can careless about those 3 guys, I’m angry at the situation…

  292. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    I just said they were provoking and they were…

  293. Ziva Istina says:

    @vatrena cast…..taxes?????? To be determined. Only taxes I pay now are the sales tax when I am in the country or the carina I have to pay when shipping something over. Now, that could all change down the road if they start imposing a property tax. They came close to doing that earlier this year, but shelved those plans. But, I think it will be implemented in the next 12 months – or they will try. General consensus is they will impose 1.5% property tax. Bigger question is at what value the property will be assessed.

  294. Ziva Istina says:

    Agreed……..angry as well. Just syaing those little punks have nothing to do with it. They are probably attention seakers, nothing more

  295. Mishko says:

    Serious question, would this be a good time to move back?


  296. vatrena cast says:

    anyone read the comments on the espn sites? does anyone know a way to reach espn and share some knowledge?

  297. Ziva Istina says:

    @vatrena cast…….its not worth it. There are thousands and thousands of comments to ESPN article/columns on a daily basis. You are not the first person to think something that has been written is wrong.

    @Mishko…….depends on your finacial situation. If you are close to retirement, living your golden years in Cro with an American pension is not a bad move. The job market in Cro is not great. It pays to know someone over there rather than knowing something when it comes to loooking for a gig.

  298. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’d only move there with money…I’ve had 3 properties for sale over there for 7 years…not a single offer. jobs are low paying or for the longest time…many many people didnt get paid! these are the types of topics that make me happy to be living here in Canada…I love vacationing there but there are far too many things that would drive me insane. try getting the government to help you at the local opcina…there are people that have bought land legally and through lawyers only to find out they dont own it, watch as a Hungarian sells his fruit and vegetables for a lot cheaper than you and take away your clients….

    …..and then you get diaspora fighting over stupid topics while the majority that vote do so for a government that includes Serbian apologists, self hating Croats, the return of cirilica…while we argue over who’s the bigger Croatian!

  299. Doktor Prle says:

    Ziva’s most recent posts are spot-on for the most part. However, I take objection to the constant railing against HDZ as if HDZ alone pillaged the country.

    Fact of the matter is, and it is concealed everywhere, that SDP has stolen more, and continues to steal more, than HDZ ever did.

    Slavko Linic makes Ivo Sanader look like Mickey Mouse in comparison.

    Case in point, what Ivica Racan did in Rijeka (Viktor Lenac) along with Linic is one of the greatest cases of robbery in Croatia’s history. Nobody talks about it.

    Nobody talks about SDP’s property. Nobody talks about Ivo Josipovic’s numerous properties in Zagreb. How did he accumulate that? Oh, his father was in the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

    Same goes for Milanovic. The list goes on and on. Yet they’d have you believe only HDZ steals. Riiiiight.

    Here’s what HDZ has under its belt, beside corruption – the FOUNDATION of the Republic of Croatia.

    Here’s what SDP has under its belt, beside corruption, OPPOSITION to the foundation of Croatia.

    Signed: Not a HDZ-ovac.

  300. Ziva Istina says:


  301. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    glad to see everyone getting along and uniting.

    This must have upset Karadžić je Heroj and he took off to Thanks for the hits buddy.

  302. Iggy says:

    Yah.. who gives a fuck about kosovo.. let the serb cunts and albanians deal with that..

    as for mexico..yeah that’d be a good warm up.. im happy for us to play teams like that.. didnt mexico win their playoff 9-3 or something against NZ.. lol

  303. Mishko says:

    Since this has become a political conversation. I HIGHLY recommend people watch this, ESPECIALLY American Hrvati. It’s important to understand definitions, and why our parents and grand parents moved here. Everything has changed in Merica.

    But at least know what Merica was built on and I’d love to see Hrvatska become a REPUBLIC

  304. HAET says:

    Joe and Croatia better not apologize to the high priests of political correctness. As much as I want to see Croatia in the WC (I actually believe they’ll do well considering practically every position is manned by a player who starts for a top world club), I’d rather see Simunic & Croatia stand up to these anti-white anti-free speech tyrants. Now you see what I go thru on this site and elsewhere.

    LOL, virulent anti-Serb speech is A-Okay, it’s “love” of one’s own nation; but pro-white speech is “HATE”.

    @CroatianSports, it is a BIG TIME nono to edit a man’s writing without his permission. So you choose to suppress MY free speech, erase my entire comment.

  305. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    nije – this was written by a fan club…no significant names, so far I’ve seen few celebrities, political figures and players from the HNL say anything to stand up for the phrase Za Dom or for the banner.

  306. HAET says:

    I met a real estate broker for my work who had what looked to me to be a Croatian surname. So I asked him what his Nationality was; instead of answering this simple question, he got all indignant, refused to answer, righteously proclaimed that “Nationality doesn’t matter”, then INSISTED that “Nationality shouldn’t matter” to me.

    When I asked him: ‘Who in the hell do YOU think YOU are telling ME what should matter or not matter to ME?’


    ‘If Nationality doesn’t matter to you, then why does it matter so much to you that it not matter to anybody else?’

    His reply was “oh, I already address that, I already answered it, get over it”.

    Now I’m against violence per say, of course I prefer dialog. But how does one deal with a such a bullshitting moron who’s incapable of dialog?

  307. Ziva Istina says:

    @Slavonac…….dont hold your breath waiting for any. The usual celebrity suspects will come out (machne gun Thompson, Mate Bulic) and that is about it. Some probably would like to, but are afraid of any backlash. While, other croatian ‘celebrities’ are left-leaning devils.

    And I use the term croatian ‘celebrity’ very loosely since everyone in Cro thinks they are a celeb. I have a female cousin who had some small modeling assignments years ago and she thought of herself as a ‘celebrity’. After watching her watch me pick up a few cafe bills, I told her to pay since she is a celeb. If you don’t have money in your purse, you are not a celeb.

  308. Chupe says:

    E moj druze Srbijanski, go to a o wait dont have one.

    @ Ziva thats true everyone thiks there celebs over there even if they play for small time cro clubs or model haa.

  309. HAET says:

    @Slavonac, gee I wonder why? Is it b/c NOBODY believes in what Simunic said? Or is it b/c they are afraid of financial and reputational ruination, if not out right incarceration in many White countries for the Thought Crime of “HATE speech”? Anti-hate speech is a code word for anti-free speech.

  310. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    hahaha…Ziva…I think your cousin isnt the only one, image is a big thing over there…I used to laugh my ass off at the guys in Zadar (my favorite Dalmation place to go…many friends there) trying to act cool. one day a guy was sitting the next table over from me and some of my friends, he was drinking coffee and talking on his cell (or so it looked like) about money, huge amounts he was supposed to receive…and then low and behold, his cell, while in his hand plced on his ear…RANG….we were pissing our pants laughing, he was trying to impress someone!

    I have a question for you Ziva – it appears as though your more in touch with Croatians playing abroad…Germany, Italy, England…I know of many and keep tabs on some as well but I want to know why some guys arent standard subs with the NT.

    Vrsaljko, Rebic (I know he’s recently been here), Radosevic, Livaja…I know some may not be ready but there seems to be a lot of talk about some of these kids…any standouts in your opinion…isnt Vrsaljko a good enough player to be on the bench…I’m sure theres more…

  311. Chupe says:

    @ Slavonac-Vrsaljko is best buy in Seria A this season according to italy papers.
    Livaja is a hot head and HNS have forgave him for some things.
    Radosevic is 50-50 he is not a napoli player will go on loan in January.
    Rebic-Great talent needs to play more i think when older will be good player.
    Jevaj-Bench Roma but plays for Roma under 20 team.

    In germany not too many young players but Hrgota is one look him up

    Alot of talent for small country just needs what niko kovac said work husstle dedication.

  312. Poglavnik says:

    That guys answers were very Serbian sounding to me…

  313. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Maybe Suker gets the boot after that link i posted… Who are your votes to be the next president of our savez? Simic??

  314. BlackZodiac says:

    @Slavonac from Canada

    “I beg of you, 6,000 Croats defended Vukovar”

    The number was actually less then that, somewhere under 3000. Something like 1900 Croats defended Vukovar, most of them were farmers with hunting rifles.

    “these are the types of topics that make me happy to be living here in Canada.”

    It’s too bad the government has a acceptance rate of 200K annually for immigrants, no jobs. Live on assisted living.

    @Karadžić je Heroj

    “2,500,000 serbs is a conservative estimate. Most historians agree that there were between 1.5-3 million”

    You’re mistaking your numbers.

  315. Ziva Istina says:

    All young guys…..

    Vrsaljko……his play with Dinamo never blew me away. Some guys end up doing much better when they get away from home (no friends and family to worry about) and can only focus on training and being a professional. He has played very well in Italy from what I have watched and read. Still, I’m not sure if he is good enough to be a significant contributor on the national team level. But, he has improved being in italy.

    Rebic……..very freakish athletic ability. just needs to play consistent minutes so we can find out if he is someone that can be counted on long term.

    Radosevic………has the potential to be a more skilled. technical version of Vukojevic. His endurance and work rate have been applauded. Just needs to play minutes.

    Livaja…….headcase, headcase, headcase. Me-first player. His tats on his arms speak volunes to me.

  316. majstore says:

    Totally forgot about this track.

    It was on heavy rotation while driving through Austria during the 08 Euros.

  317. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    BlackZodiac – I know what the real numbers are, my comment was a direct quote from Milosevic to Serbs…and I thought it was funny that even he acknowledged they left the region and basically called them all pussies.

  318. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Ziva – is there any other younger player that deserves attention. I’ve read about Radosevic and also know he doesnt get minutes, he plays with one of my all time favorite teams…Maradona was a legend, him and Careca were amazing to watch.

    I know I’m missing some names, I never ever watch HNL.

  319. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Chupe – I agree Croatia has talent and I also think they have a relatively good system from 5-17 years old…like I said earlier, I just dont follow Croatian league other than what i read on the websites here and there.

  320. Ziva Istina says:

    there are some others kids also in italy (Bubnjic). if you want to go even younger you have halilovic at Dinamo and Josip Basic at Hajduk.

    Hajduk is using a lot of kids now. Only time will tell if any develop into anything the repka can rely on.

  321. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Ziva – at the beginning I was excited to think Halilovic was a great prospect for Croatia, now I’m on the fence. He seems to play the media as if, I might, I could, I haven’t yet decided….then he got the call…his comments appear as cocky and nonchalant…I’ve read about his comments and admirations for BiH…I’m lost on this one, you kinda changed my mind about him!

  322. BlackZodiac says:

    @Slavonac from Canada

    “I know what the real numbers are, my comment was a direct quote from Milosevic to Serbs”

    No doubts, just conversation.

    “I thought it was funny that even he acknowledged they left the region and basically called them all pussies.”

    What’s worse is the recollection of the remaining JNA Arsenal through out Croatia (and BIH). Once obliged the Serbs attacked Croatia while unarmed and failed. I’ve always wondered why it’s never been put in any top military defeats..

  323. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    I lost a cousin who was soooo eager to go and fight for Croatia, he lived in a selo just outside of Slavonski Brod…I was in Croatia in June of ’91 just as the tensions went crazy, my cousin was so eager and happy…I never saw him like that before! He was talking about how FINALLY, Croatians are done with the suppression…I left to Zagreb, my friends and I watched the tanks from JNA go towards Sloveniawhile people were throwing shit at the tanks , after a few days we left for Germany for a few weeks. By October, my cousin was killed…Yes, my sister told us how outarmed everybody was…

  324. Black Zodiac says:

    You do realize if Tito and his party did not exist the league of nations would have appointed the Chetnik party as the successors of the Yugoslav region.

    I applaud this man for protecting Croats from Chetniks, Italians who would have divided up our country and Germans who saw us as the slightly acceptable puppet slave.

    Yugoslavia protected all the Balkans after the war from being over run by foreign powers. The downfall was the civil war 11 years after Tito’s death.

    He was a hero of his time, just like Ante Gotovina was a hero during our civil war. Two individuals I highly respect.

  325. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Tito a hero?

    hahaha…did you make a mistake in saying that?

  326. BlackZodiac says:

    @Slavonac from Canada

    Condolences. I was still young to understand at that time what exactly was going on. Many of my family resided from Karlovac. Grandfather went back with money sometime in the beginning of the 90s. Ricochet clipped him in the side of the face. Volunteered in Medak. As far as I know no one died.

  327. BlackZodiac says:

    @ Slavonac from Canada

    NY, posted the comment under my sig. Been saying that for quite some time.

  328. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    about Tito…on here?

  329. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Black Zodiac – Tito was for himself dude…not for Croatians, he didnt do much for Croatia…only his interest.

  330. BlackZodiac says:

    Yeah. you’ll see those comments appear every few topics. Or BlackZodiac = HAET.

  331. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Black Zodiac – How many Croatian lives were lost after WW11 at his request?

  332. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    ahhh…ok, so its not you saying that?

  333. BlackZodiac says:

    Off by hand, don’t know.

  334. BlackZodiac says:

    No I didn’t just post that. Is there accounts we can create on here?

  335. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    login and use your own avatar…then nobody can immitate you.

  336. Karadžić je Heroj says:

    How do I register anyways? I love and idiots like Iggy

  337. IvicA says:


    Re: Hajduk’s young players…

    In addition to Basic as our Srna successor, Mario Pasalic is looking like a very offensively ept midfielder.

    Mind you this kid is only one year older than Halilovic and Basic, and he’s already a top scorer in the HNL which is impressive considering he’s not a striker and missed a few games this year.

  338. capitals55 NK Susak says:

    I want the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford as the next president of the savez!

  339. Poglavnik says:

    @Karadzic je Heroj
    Maybe you should give that Jerry Garcia looking motherfucker a conjugal visit!

  340. Vatrena cast says:

    So currently it is 27 degrees Fahrenheit I’m camping out over night so that the world can see my sign on espn. Freezingy muda off. Trying to sneak in a za dom Spremni sign

  341. Ante B. says:

    Stari for that you even deserve a Hajduk flag.

  342. Matthew Lebo Matthew Lebo says:


    I think it’s a great idea. Obviously Joe does not need the money, but I guarantee he takes it and donates to a good fund out there. I’m in.

  343. Ny says:

    @slavonac from canada
    Actually black zodiac did say it and now he wants to back track and say he does not recall! If he likes I could locate the date and time if that would refresh his memory.

  344. Chupe says:

    Early 20s players that past coaches didnt try that get good reviews by european teams.cb renato kelic. Ivan santini cf.gregory sertic.mid. gorupec lb rb.

  345. dannyj says:

    it really does suck to see guys like rebic, radosevic, jedvaj go to the big names… i know it looks good but damn they better off going to lower grade german team or something and get playing time and then move…
    obviously this has been echoed in the past but for sure you can see how they can stunted this way… sure the coaching must be good at these top teams and they get experience but i would think at this point in their careers baby steps is the way to get a better final finished product
    i guess trying to think in the mind of an 18-20 year their move makes sense to them

  346. Kangaroo Joe says:

    Is the Simunic story evolving at all in Croatia? Anyone defending him? Any talk of likely penalties? Is he making any further comment beyond what he said initially? etc.

    Can anyone give a media round-up?

    What (fake?) BlackZodiac said is simply a re-hashing of Tudjman’s ‘national reconciliation’ doctrine (We won in ’41 with NDH and ’45 with SR Croatia). People seemed willing to go with it in ’91. Tudjman had to build a extensive coalition to achieve Croatian independence hence the nod to both sides of that chasm.

  347. Was in the South Bronx talking to a father from Liberia. We were shooting the shit about Weah, who I saw play in 1996 and his partnership with Boban at Milan. I told how happy I am that we qualified. And he is like “oh yeah and Simunic did the the pro nazi salute.”

    I quickly explained what he said was “for our homeland, ready” and this phrase has been in our country for centuries.

    The reality is that the world is a global village and nogomet is the most popular sport on the planet and the World Cup is the most watched event.

    We simply cannot afford to have our national pride be misconstrued has fascism.

    If a Liberian man in the south Bronx is referencing Simunic then we have to be more mindful.

  348. dannyj says:

    according to this, santini should be playing in world cup

  349. Anonymous says:

    Amen brate matesicmethod!

  350. Kangaroo Joe says:

    Is ‘Za Dom Spremni’ receiving saturation coverage?

    What way, numbers wise is the commentary for/against Simunic?

    Have any public polls been taken indicating what’s the public sentiment?

  351. Bobby V says:

    @Ziva – Livaja will be fine. Check out the tats on Corluka – holy fuck!

  352. Kangaroo Joe says:

    @Ziva: If Livaja, by some sort of luck were to become mature what would be his prospects?

  353. IvicA says:


    we definitely should be trying out Santini in the next few friendlies before the World Cup. He’s red hot this season, scoring at pretty much a goal per game.

    If Mandzo is suspended for more than one game, we might need Santini.

  354. dannyj says:

    just read some of the comments of these articles written… they have freaking articles pasted on all the online papers… most of them have one written by some douche named darko… still haven’t met a croat named darko so i think its safe to say what he is

  355. Vatrena cast says:

    It is now 20 degrees and sleeting! College game day bitches. I wish I could show you guys pictures

  356. dannyj says:

    i know it depends who we get in that suspended game but if the strikers stay the same as is who plays the first game. Olic eduardo tandem… don’t say kalinic… i would take a half dead klasnic before kalinic

  357. dannyj says:

    vatrena, i might have missed this? but you are trying to get on some tv program with a sign?
    anyways good luck with it and stay warm brother

  358. Vatrena cast says:

    Espn with a za dom spremni sign

  359. Bobby V says:

    @Vatrena – My brother works at Northwestern University and helped with the College Game Day TV setup when they played Ohio State last month. He said they were cool people – hopefully you can get that sign up, if not, go with the flag.

  360. Vatrena cast says:

    If no za dom Spremni I’ll try a vukovar sign. Worst case scenario from Croatia to OSU sign. But I’ll figure something out

  361. Radnik says:


    If not for tito, you wouldn’t have your little opinions and critisism of him you have today.

    Tito was the savior of hrvatska.

    suppression? What of the suppression nowadays from the west?

    Over 60 billion in debt, 20% unemployment.

    Do you think Croatia is in a better state now?

    You don’t know how good we had it under Tito.


    What are talking about there are hrvati named darko

  362. Jarac says:


    you were the original with the pay for Simunic’s bill. I was gonna comment on that and ask if you got the ideal from Ray Lewis offering to pay half of the fine for brook’s hit on drew brees.

    Secondly, there are still good hrvati out there and within croatia. Look at cirilica, the battle with that, and that battle was won.

    Now with Za dom spremni, and all the uproar, I say bring it. I’ll say that shit more and so will everyone else. How do u get a bunch of people to stfu about the issue. Keep using za dom spremni like its nothing.

  363. Jarac says:


    what did u get a full rid scholarship in

  364. Vatrena cast says:

    @jarac it was for soccer but then I got diagnosed with a heart murmur so I transferred to okstate.

  365. BlackZodiac says:


    “@slavonac from canada
    Actually black zodiac did say it and now he wants to back track and say he does not recall! If he likes I could locate the date and time if that would refresh his memory.”

    It was said well over a year ago, once. Yet you fail to post the other comments I made prior and after that comment.

    It was worded a little improper although as I stated before it was either Tito or Mihailovic. I certainly wouldn’t want Croatia under any Chetnik rule.

    You seem to have quite the hard on for me. Every time I post you’ll appear to follow me in my shadow and post that comment under my alias. Quite the cowardly thing to do.

    By the way that topic offends some members on this board. Do you enjoy getting people riled up and upset over that issue?

    I have respect for the others on here who may have a different political path and view on certain things.

    In the end our paths do meet up. A desire for a free Croatia, for Croats. Za Dom

  366. dannyj says:

    shit someone has to get vatrena cast on tv and put it on youtube… keep on with the good fight

    jarac… barely no ray lewis… not a football guy, for sure its not an original idea and who cares who thought about or did anything… if we are going to do this its as a community of brothers and sisters without commies, just like if we are going to do anything at the world cup… we don’t have ronaldo, but if niko can make a team of warriors with “heart” then we’ll be just fine:)

  367. dannyj says:

    and radnik, i apologize, i have only met darko’s that were serbian so again i apolgize, just that article seemed so biased and i just put two and two together

  368. Ante B. says:

    I got ESPN College Gameday on record. Starts 6am California time and runs to 9am.

  369. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Radnik – I can’t even begin to try and argue with you… I’ll just say you have a communist view, I don’t! I won’t waste more time with this topic, you should be on a Yugo site and not here!

  370. NY says:

    @Black zodiac
    System will not allow me to paste the entire thread but I copied the entire post you put up. Now tell me you coward, why you deny what you said, you play both sides and it makes me sick. No worries as I no longer will call you out on the bs you play. You remind me of the games the government plays back home. Had enough of your crap.


    taken from
    HNL Report Week 15
    November 11, 2012

    BlackZodiac says:

    “Are you really this stupid to ask that kind of question?”

    Every so often when I visit and there’s always hate towards people who have “communist” views. First of all Yugoslavia was not communist rather Titoism state. His ideas mixed with communism.

    Two questions for you. To see what you actually know.

    Is Canada a Socialist state?
    Is the European Union a Socialist union? Why would Croatia opt for a union (majority) when those who fought against it? It’s laughable, like the United States becoming a colony of Great Britain once more.

    @Colin O’Haravić

    Thanks for the RNK lesson, appreciate it.

    For what? hunting down Chetniks and killing Draza Mihailovich?

    You do realize if Tito and his party did not exist the league of nations would have appointed the Chetnik party as the successors of the Yugoslav region.

    I applaud this man for protecting Croats from Chetniks, Italians who would have divided up our country and Germans who saw us as the slightly acceptable puppet slave.

    Yugoslavia protected all the Balkans after the war from being over run by foreign powers. The downfall was the civil war 11 years after Tito’s death.

    He was a hero of his time, just like Ante Gotovina was a hero during our civil war. Two individuals I highly respect.

    November 14, 2012 at 3:28 pm

  371. Radnik says:

    I love Croatia aswell, just because you have a fascists view don’t hate me. I was just saying is Croatia was a better place to live under Tito than it is now.

    Zodiac is right when he says if Tito didn’t exist the allies would have thrown their support to mihajlovic and his chetniks.
    Ponder the landscape if that had happened.

    It’s easy to be against something/someone but not fully understanding or giving an alternative answer or understanding what the repercussions would be like if that someone hadn’t existed.

  372. Colin O'Haravić Colin O'Haravić says:

    @Ziva – Woah, wait a minute. You have a female cousin who did modeling in Croatia? Dude, help me out. I’m single and have a spare room if she ever wanted to come spend time in Florida 😀

  373. Doktor Prle says:

    The cetniks never defeated the ustase in any battle during the course of WWII. It was the rise of the communist partisan forces that destroyed the Croatian state.

    Most partisans in Croatian lands were of ethnic Serbian stock, save for the very high percentage of Croats in Dalmacija (due to Italian occupation). The Yugoslav partisan victory can be chalked up to the Russians and the British.

    Therefore, the myth that “if it weren’t for Tito, the Serbian cetniks would have slaughtered and defeated Croats and Croatia” is just that – a myth.

    Again, Serbian cetniks did not notch won victory over the ustase, but these communist Yugoslav motherfuckers would have us believe that Tito and the partisans saved the Croats from annihilation at the hands od cetniks. hahahahah.

    You need more proof? In 1991, there were no Yugoslav partisans (actually there were – they attacked Vukovar and Croatia), and Vukovar was defended by less than 2,000 Croat troops. And what did the cetniks, backed by TITO’S!!! JNA, accomplish??

    They made complete fools of themselves, while the Croats, again, will go down in history as the world’s greatest warriors.

    So how is it that Croats can withstand a three month onslaught of Tito’s JNA and Serbian cetnik bands in 1991, yet these psychopaths would have us believe that the cetniks could defeat the ustase and domobrani?? The army of the NDH that never lost a battle to them??

    Had it not been for Tito and the Croats that joined him, the Croatian state woud have continued to exist – and the ustase and domobrani would have wiped out the cetniks for good.

    As much as you hate hearing it, Croatian soldiers that fought for Croatia during the Homeland war were, effecitively, “ustase” that defeated both the JNA and cetnik military.

  374. Doktor Prle says:


    Ti si jugoslavenski kurvin sin koji stalno laze da su Drazini cetnici mogli poraziti Hrvate. A pokazalo se je, I u onome ratu I uovome prije 15ak godina, da to jednostavno nije moguce.

    Prestani lagati, kurvin sine… Srbi nisu nikada mogli, niti mogu, poraziti Hrvate.

  375. Karadžić je Heroj says:

    The only reason why Croats were better under Yugoslavia is because Serbs were in charge and in command you idiots think beloved druze Tito was a croat ha ha ha idiots are just catholised serbs self hating

  376. Doktor Prle says:

    Znam te Srbine kad si Turcin bio….

  377. Anonymous says:

    Right on Brate Radnik. All people who know us know that we are intellectual & warriors. I don’t doubt any of the warriors here but on the intellectual side I have to wonder? We all love Ljepa Nasa – we wouldn’t be here. But to dismiss other points of views as simply yugo talk is pretty shallow.

  378. MelbCro says:

    anyone who praises Tito deserves a bullet to the head. yugo scum

  379. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Why do Serbs they think they have a right to argue, debate etc.. With Croats? Did they ever ask themselves why they have/had such a huge minority in Croatia??? Croats and Serbs weren’t always enemies, we were neighbors and as good neighbors Croats let Serbs retreat and live in Croatia as the Serbs were dominated by Ottomans! Naturally Ottomans coming from the east the Serbs fled West to CRO! We let them in as the good Catholics that we are against Turks! Through time these Serbs never left and made CRO their home for years, hence (srpska krajina) and how it came about. Now my question to all you Serb lovers is, why would you turn your backs on people that did nothing but help you and gave you a place to stay in times of despair??? You guys are a bunch of nobody’s and never won anything in terms of war/battle! If it wasn’t for us, Europe would have probably been conquered by Ottomans! Their invasion stopped in CRO! Their is a famous saying by a Serb “kasno Marko na Kosovo stize) look it up and learn about it! Again, a time in the past Serbs waiting for Croats to come and help (when we weren’t on bad terms) and bail them out from getting wiped out… Then you guys turn around and say croatia is yours lol go fuck yourselves fuck’n pussies! Like Prle said, you never ever beat us in any battle/war!!! Patite majku vam….

  380. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    If I misspelled anything sorry I’m faded!

  381. Ante B. says:

    Brate, because a snake is a snake no matter how many times it sheds its skin. You can try to help a snake but in the end, it will always bite you when you try to pick it up.

  382. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    Ante, I’m glad you understood me even after all the rakija you know I consumed!

  383. nije bitno nije bitno says:

    That bottle is gone!

  384. dannyj says:

    Ante B. unless of course you are this guy lololol

  385. Radnik says:


    You foolish fool, ustase were a nazi puppet state, and you believe after hitler was defeated by the red army that the allies were just going to leave them be?

    They would have thrown support to the chetnicks until the ustase were defeated or become part of russia.

    The victor go the spoils, and for information the fascists lost.

    The winners would have been the chetnicks in a world without Tito, when all was said and done and the dust settled.

    No way a nazi puppet state would survive under the noses of the allies. Think about it glupak

  386. Vatrena cast says:

    Look for me on sports center too. Front row!

  387. Ziva Istina says:

    guys, don’t let some troll get to you…….no need to reply to her nonsense.

  388. Ziva Istina says:

    I saw the “From Croatia to OSU” sign………but it doesn’t show up well on TV.

  389. nyc says:

    Not sure why CSR is not posting my comment but will try again. Hopefully you guys will post this as I would love to clear up any misunderstanding with our Mr. Jugo Black Zodiac

    @Black Zodiac
    here you go you coward, this is what you had to say regarding your love for jugo and your hero Tito, maybe this refreshes your memory as you seem to suffer memory loss and can’t recall what you said when Slavonac from canada asked you point blank. I posted it word for word and as you can see I did not change anything.


    BlackZodiac says:

    “Are you really this stupid to ask that kind of question?”

    Every so often when I visit and there’s always hate towards people who have “communist” views. First of all Yugoslavia was not communist rather Titoism state. His ideas mixed with communism.

    Two questions for you. To see what you actually know.

    Is Canada a Socialist state?
    Is the European Union a Socialist union? Why would Croatia opt for a union (majority) when those who fought against it? It’s laughable, like the United States becoming a colony of Great Britain once more.

    @Colin O’Haravić

    Thanks for the RNK lesson, appreciate it.

    For what? hunting down Chetniks and killing Draza Mihailovich?

    You do realize if Tito and his party did not exist the league of nations would have appointed the Chetnik party as the successors of the Yugoslav region.

    I applaud this man for protecting Croats from Chetniks, Italians who would have divided up our country and Germans who saw us as the slightly acceptable puppet slave.

    Yugoslavia protected all the Balkans after the war from being over run by foreign powers. The downfall was the civil war 11 years after Tito’s death.

    He was a hero of his time, just like Ante Gotovina was a hero during our civil war. Two individuals I highly respect.

    November 14, 2012 at 3:28 pm

  390. Doktor Prle says:

    Once again, logic is the greatest enemy of the Serbs and Yugoslavs.

    What could have the cetniks done to the Croats that Tito hadn’t already? Tito decimated the Croatian nation; he committed genocide against the Croatian people.

    You, much like that cigan Mesic, continue to claim (and you have no proof or evidence for it) that the cetniks could defeat the Croatians. It’s simply not possible and would never have transpired. Domovinski rat, 45 years later, iis your proof.

    What defeated the Croats in WW2 was DIVISION. Thanks to Tito and his partisans who divided the Croatian people and, as a result, destroyed the Croatian state.

  391. nyc says:

    thank you CSR, the above post came through, very happy

    The comment was posted by Black Zodiac originally on November 14, 2012 at 3:28 pm.

    I have no more to say on this topic. Bog I Hrvati. Za Dom Spremni.

    Have a good weekend everyone else except all these jugos causing trouble for us and Big Joe.

  392. nyc says:

    ok, last comment

    Hvala Doktor Prle for saying it so well. Svaka ti cast.

  393. Poglavnik says:

    This isn’t!
    Go away Serbs!
    Talk about your shit country and football elsewhere!

  394. Mishko says:

    Anybody watching Southampton? Apparently Lovren is sick and Boruc gave away a horrible goal. Fricken idiot.

    Check this out.


  395. Poglavnik says:

    ^ ^
    Thanks for the update!
    Was following online and wondering how Lovren didn’t crack the line-up.
    Go Gooners!

  396. Radnik says:

    Why do you continue to view just one side of the spectrum?

    I love Croatia, and nobody can tell me otherwise. I wear my croatia checkers shirts with pride, I go to Croatian zabave and sing Croatian songs, I donated large sums of money during the war, I provided aid to my countrymen when ever I could.

    You say that division was a problem, but you divide now because I have a different view.

    In my view if not for Marshall Tito we wouldnt be having this discussion today. Because we probably wouldn’t be alive.

    The foreigners would have carved up the Balkans like cheesecake and left the remains to the chetnicks.

    No matter how many battles the ustase won, they can’t take on the world and eventually would have crumbled.

    Tito atleast brought stability to the Balkans and in doing so saved the Croatians.

  397. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    Radnik- did you ever hear of Bleiburg? What did Tito do for those people?

  398. BlackZodiac says:

    @Doktor Prle

    “It was the rise of the communist partisan forces that destroyed the Croatian state. ”

    It was the Ustase ethnic cleansing that was fueling the resistance movements in Partisan and Chetnik movements. Pavelic did kill Croats also who opposed of his policies.

    “Most partisans in Croatian lands were of ethnic Serbian stock”

    By the end of the war yes, during the height of the war Croat numbers were at 78,000 where as Serbs were at 12-13,000.

    “The Yugoslav partisan victory can be chalked up to the Russians and the British.”

    The Partisans had backing from the west in the end of September 1943 two years after the partisan resistance started. The Partisans were the only country during World War 2 that liberated itself with little military assistance from the Allies.

    “Therefore, the myth that “if it weren’t for Tito, the Serbian cetniks would have slaughtered and defeated Croats and Croatia” is just that – a myth. ”

    A myth? Have you not looked into the M16 spy records as to why Churchill dropped support for Mihailovic. Or read about James Klugman.

    “but these communist Yugoslav motherfuckers would have us believe that Tito and the partisans saved the Croats from annihilation at the hands od cetniks.”

    Really? You see during wars the winners decide who’s in charge once they have won or while war is still being waged they have their political adversary set in place.

    “You need more proof? In 1991, there were no Yugoslav partisans (actually there were – they attacked Vukovar and Croatia), and Vukovar was defended by less than 2,000 Croat troops”

    Proof is in the pudding, most of those people who fought in Vukovar were just farmers. Who did an outrageous amount of defending. They were not trained soldiers as you’re misled to believe.

    JNA units, not Partisans. Partisans is a term used for a military force opposed to military occupation from a foreign power.

    “So how is it that Croats can withstand a three month onslaught of Tito’s JNA and Serbian cetnik bands in 1991, yet these psychopaths would have us believe that the cetniks could defeat the ustase and domobrani?”

    Tito never attacked Croatia, Milosevic was in power.

    “Had it not been for Tito and the Croats that joined him, the Croatian state woud have continued to exist”

    Really, you are getting more and more pathetic by the minute. Your claims of history is quite amazing for how little you actually know.

    You see all the Axis powers were defeated by the west. Hypothetically speaking if Titos resistance never existed and only the Chetniks were around, the Allies would have appointed the Chetniks to power of that region.

    “They made complete fools of themselves, while the Croats, again, will go down in history as the world’s greatest warriors.”

    The Serbs did, and Croatia won that war with little next to nothing.


    Why keep posting it under my alias since. I mentioned above in my post. Some people have different political views from one another. I wont appose neither.

    Only time I will oppose when you’re ill informed like Doktor above. Inform the ill informed.

    So again, don’t post under my alias and offend others on this site. It’s a cowardly thing to do. I tend to think highly of Croatians and am proud of having Croatian blood. A strong and powerful race, yet we have cowards like yourself hiding under other peoples alias.

    You’re a fucking coward, like a military deserter. No matter what political wing you are under, Partisan, communist, Socialist. You would be put to death for your cowardly actions.

  399. Radnik says:

    @black zodiac


    Tell them like it is.

  400. nyc says:

    @black Zodiac
    you are the biggest fuckin coward and idiot on this site, govno jedno

    I called you out because you played both sides and I am so happy for calling your shit. Instead of being a man you coward and would not answer the questions asked of you. YOu know what you said but you played both sides. In a way you are like the UDBA.

    You and your reasoning is why so many Hrvati perished. Your Tito did a great job for all the Croatians in Bleiburg. I can picture you in Bleiburg saying it had to be done. You would put all those Hrvati to death and be able to justify it with your jugo trash belief. Well done you coward Black Zodiac.

    I won’t bother with you anymore, you disgust me.

    Bog I Hrvati

  401. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the mind of a fascist/commie. Same bullshit. These minds are kissing cousins. Not much desperate the two as dogma overrides logic/evidence or any different points of views. Kinda like a US Tea Party thinker.
    Ustashi = Partizani

  402. BlackZodiac says:


    “you are the biggest fuckin coward and idiot on this site,”

    I post under my alias and speak my mind. When it offends people I will retract in RESPECT of their feelings.

    “I called you out because you played both sides and I am so happy for calling your shit.”

    You called me out by posting under my alias for over a year with that post. Trying to upset everyone on the board believing it was me who kept on posting?

    You called nothing, you came out of the woodwork when it was too late. I already summoned your cowardly self out.

    ” Instead of being a man you coward and would not answer the questions asked of you. YOu know what you said but you played both sides. In a way you are like the UDBA.”

    What did you ask, ask again and I will answer. Just make sure to post under your own alias this time.

    “Your Tito did a great job for all the Croatians in Bleiburg.”

    You do know Tito in his reign of 40 some odd years killed 500K political opponents where as Pavelic’s is somewhere around a million in a matter of 4-5 years.

    I don’t agree with what Tito (and the British) did at Bleiburg, nor do I agree with Pavelics actions with concentration camps and killing off of Croats with different political views.

    Agree with some of Pavelics views but not his actions.

    I want an independent Croatia, for Croats.

  403. Doktor Prle says:

    Had Tito not persuaded Croats to join his forces (and forcefuly mobilized them by threat of murder), the NDH would have remained in tact and the Allied powers would have been forced to reckon with the Croatian people, just as they were forced to reckon with the Croatian people in 1991 and 1992. Croatia did not disappear in the early ’90s because the world had a force to reckon with.

    The Republic of Croatia is a revisionist state that reversed Yalta, just as NDH was a state that reversed Versaille. The only difference is that RH survived, because there were no Titoist forces around to divide and destroy the Croatian people.

    You see, folks, it’s always the illogical Yugoslavs that claim patriots like myself do not know history. When, in fact, the truth is the exact opposite.

    This “radnik” claims that the Allies would have appointed the cetniks and Draza Mihailovic. What a fucking idiot.

    The Allies initially supported the cetniks and Draza Mihailovic. But because that band of rapists and murderers were so inept and ineffective, they through their support behind Tito and his Bolsheviks. Gosh, you really are a dumb motherfucker.

    Your idiotic claims about Vukovar’s defenders are just that – idiotic. You state that they were farmers. Yes, you dumb son of a bitch. But those same farmers were practically all soldiers of the JNA – during which they attained basic military training. Or did you forget that Yugoslavia had compulsory recruitment?

    The fact that they were farmers and ordinary folks, makes their heroic defense of Vukovar even greater. Read Milosevic’s words. All correct, you dumb son of a bitch. Save for the part where he multiplied the number of Vukovar’s defenders threefold.

    As for Pavelic, yes, Pavelic killed Croats. Croats of the Yugoslav and Bolshevik persuasion, much like yourself. He killed them during war-time, not during peace-time – they way your beloved one-legged bravar did to Croats and others. You cowardly piece of shite.

    You’re history, you cocksucking Tito-lover. By the way, Tito was a pedophile. There’s your hero for you.

  404. Doktor Prle says:

    Pavelic killed a million? LOL Pavelic did not make one list of the greatest butchers of the 20th century. Tito is in the top 10.

    Gosh, you really are an inoculated son of a cunt.

  405. new guy says:

    ZA DOM SPREMNI… a courageous, respectful expression of national identity and love for ones family, freinds, and community…

  406. Doktor Prle says:

    Tito’s JNA and cetnik paramilitary forces attacked Croatia in 1991. Who is going to deny that the JNA is the descendant of the JA (Jugoslavenska Armija) and before that the war-time Yugoslav Partisans?

    Yes, folks, Tito’s JNA attacked and occupied Croatia in 1991. Just as Tito’s Partisans attacked and occupied NDH in World War II.

  407. Doktor Prle says:

    It is for the precise above reason that the neo-communists in contemporary Croatia are hell-bent in revising the Domovinski rat and equate Croatia’s defenders with that of the Yugoslav Partisans!!! If ever there was a greater absurdity, lie, myth and paradox in history!!!

    Croatian defenders defended RH against Tito’s army and paramilitary cetnik forces. Remember, both Tito’s forces and the cetniks were both officially YUGOSLAV armies!!!

    The only CROATIAN armies in existence in the last century are the Croatian Domobrani of the Austrian empire, the Domobrani and Ustase of NDH, and Hrvatski branitelji of the Republic of Croatia!

    As simple as that.

  408. Doktor Prle says:

    You don’t believe that the Hrvatska Vojska that won the Domovinski rat was in fact the descendant of NDH’s army? Check out HV’s military uniforms. Check out official rank titles. Satnik, Bojnik, Pukovnik, General….

    Check out the coat of arms they fought under.

    LISTEN to the songs they sing while defending and liberating Croatia. They didn’t sing Yugoslav Partisan and songs that celebrate Tito.

    They sang JURE & BOBAN. They exclaimed ZA DOM SPREMNI!

    If you need more proof, you are fucking lunatic!

  409. Doktor Prle says:

    9. Bojna HOS-a. Rafael Vitez BOBAN. Official battalion of HRVATSKA VOJSKA

    Find me a battalion, find me a unit, that bore Tito’s name, or the name of any partisan “hero.”

    Yes, the proof is definitely in the pudding.

  410. nyc says:

    @black zodiac
    Just to be clear. I called you out many times last year and earlier this year but everytime you go on a rambling. So annoying. You are such a fuckin coward. Now you are on this site going crazy and want to donate for big Joe. LMFAO

    Donate to your Tito fund. Find yourself a jugosite. Maybe you have not noticed but you are the minority here with your bs love for jugo and Tito.

    Damn, I said I would not reply again to your bullshit and I won’t. No longer will open this thread as you really do disgust me.

    LMFAO at your numbers. Your parents failed you.

    Good that everyone on this site knows what a coward and piece of crap you are.


    ps. again Doktor thank you for the facts, I hate when I see this Black Zodiac on this site as I know the garbage he stands for SRAMOTA

  411. Doktor Prle says:

    Ma on je polusprsko, jugoslavensko govno. No more feeding the cetnik trolls.

  412. BlackZodiac says:

    “Pavelic killed a million? LOL Pavelic did not make one list of the greatest butchers of the 20th century. Tito is in the top 10.”

    In terms of the proportion of the state population killed by its own government, the pavelic’s regime was the most murderous in Europe after Hitlers Germany.

    Source #1:
    Source #2:

    Argue facts, not myths and misconceptions. You can’t even argue without being upset. Your facts a propaganda/misconceptions clouded by your emotions.

    I’m not going to argue Tito wasn’t a dictator. He was, along with your glorified Pavelic.

    Both were bad, Tito was the better option due to the backing of Western powers.

  413. Doktor Prle says:

    And just to make myself perfectly clear, NYC, when I say there were no Titoist forces around to destroy the Croatian people, what I mean is that the Croatian people didn’t side with TITO’s JNA and the other Yugoslav forces – the cetniks. And that’s why CROATIA won the war.

    Obviously, Tito’s armija was still around to occupy, torch Croatia and kill Croats for a second time.

  414. Anonymous says:

    What fascist scum you are dr and nyc. You are no better or worse than a Chetnik or Commie scum.

  415. BlackZodiac says:

    @ NYC

    “”I have no more to say on this topic. Bog I Hrvati. Za Dom Spremni. ”
    November 23, 2013 at 7:29 am

    “ok, last comment Hvala Doktor Prle for saying it so well. Svaka ti cast.”
    November 23, 2013 at 7:31 am

    “I won’t bother with you anymore, you disgust me.”
    November 23, 2013 at 9:07 am”

    Quite the man of your words aren’t you?

    “Now you are on this site going crazy and want to donate for big Joe.”

    I support Croatia. Simunic did nothing wrong. Even headlines were claiming “Nazi salute” he wasn’t doing no such thing.

    He was hyping up the crowd and I support his actions and would like to donate to pay for Simunics fine in a stand against FIFA and their nonsense.

  416. Doktor Prle says:

    Being fascist scum isn’t as bad as being communist scum.

    The communists, internationally, killed more people than all the fascists, Nazis, Francoistas etc…. combined.

    POPUSI MI USTASKI KURAC! I tvoja keva, takodjer!

  417. BlackZodiac says:

    @ NYC & Doktor

    Do you really think your comments are going to hold merit if this site gets some recognition on Simunics situation?

    I can see the headlines being twisted now: FACIST CROATIAN SPORTS SUPPORTS SIMUNICS GENOCIDAL SALUTE

  418. Doktor Prle says:

    Listen you, dumb fuck. Doktor Prle DOES NOT EQUAL

    The website isn’t responsible for comments of individual posters.

    FUCK OFF, stoko!

  419. Doktor Prle says:

    …and genocidal only to your heart, soul and mind.

    For the last time, FUCK OFF!

  420. BlackZodiac says:

    @Doktor Prle

    Of course it doesn’t. If you realize how the media twisted Simunics chants (which were fine) imagine if they catch wind of the few morons (Yourself & NYC included) what could be made against Simunics situation.

  421. Poglavnik says:

    Hvala Doktore!
    You are the voice of reason!
    Tito loving cunts, go fuck yourselves!

  422. Anonymous says:

    Moral equivalence for scum?? Figured you would oh there good doktor. jebem ti mater fashita svinja.

  423. Doktor Prle says:

    Ja imam majku, koja je svetica, a tebe je kurvetina okotila.

    Wikipedia is not a credible nor reputable source.

  424. Doktor Prle says:

    ….and neither is “”.

    A website with articles that credit and cite typical debunked and devoured greater-Serb website and projects such as pavelicpapers.

    Another LOL.

  425. Doktor Prle says:

    Travanjska revolucija –
    Postanak NDH –
    Državnost NDH –
    Kultura u NDH –
    Partizani i hrvatski narod –
    NDH i Rimski ugovori –
    Istina o Jasenovcu –
    Titov logor Jasenovac –
    Stepinac i NDH –
    Utjecaj komunističke svijesti –
    Genocid nad Hrvatima –

  426. moj Hajduk says:

    OMG, where did this moron Black Zodiac appear from. Please block this sranje if you can from posting again on this site. He is only dividing this community with his rhetoric. On another side note congratulations Mr. Joe Simunic.

  427. Radnik says:

    @moj hajduk


    Zodiac is not the one that’s spewing forth hate filled propaganda, with some vendetta against anyone that has an oppoising view or don’t think like himself.


    Smri se malo!

  428. BlackZodiac says:

    @Doktor Prle

    When it comes to info on Pavelic the info is scarce. You have Pro Serb views and Pro Cro views. Pick the middle man and that’s the number you get.

    @moj Hajduk


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