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Zagreb catches Ice Fever: Medveščak qualify for Playoffs

January 26, 2014





‘Ice Fever’ has struck Zagreb, and the KHL’s newest club, Medveščak, are on their way to their first playoff appearance.



Medveščak’s debut season in the KHL has been a successful one. The club is getting ready to finish off the regular season, and is gearing up for the playoffs.



The Bears officially achieved their post-season aspirations on Saturday when they beat Lokomotiva Yaroslav with a score of 1-0 in front of a sell-out crowd of 15,200 at Arena Zagreb.



Forward, Mike Glumac, was the lone scorer in the game. Glumac put in the game-winner in the second period for his third goal of the season.



The sell out crowd at the arena was a special one on this occasion. It was their goal to break the world record for loudest sports arena.



Fans gathered green paper megaphones during the second period, and made as much noise as possible, creating a sound that was measured at 130.02 decibels.



”I was on the bench at that moment, and when they started cheering I got goose bumps from how loud it was. Congratulations to all of the fans for that incredible atmosphere and for another record that we’ve broken. It was an incredible feeling’,” said defenseman Saša Martinović.






The breaking of this record came on the heels of fans breaking another record. During the match on Thursday against Atlant, fans broke the record for most Medveščak scarves at a single game, totaling 2,832.



The fan celebrations will continue, as they will try to break a third record on Monday, which will be the final home game of the regular season.



Fans are all asked to wear Medveščak gear, and try to break the record for most Medveščak logos present at a single game.




The league will enter the Olympic break after Monday’s game, but will resume on February 26th with a trip to Riga. The final game of the regular season will take place on March 4th.




Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 22 comments

  1. IvicA says:


  2. Ante B. says:


  3. Ziva Istina says:

    Awesome to hear about a good first season. But, that record for noise is complete BS. They used artificial noisemakers.

  4. dannyj says:

    fucking awesome… this is great… i played with alot of talented croats growing up playing hockey… just like everything else if we had the funding and the system you would see croats regularly excel at the game

    ziva i always like most of your comments but like everyone else been saying these days, you got to find a negative with everything

    jesus… we get some of that passion for the soccer clubs for the hockey and you’ll see what happens

  5. Ziva Istina says:

    saying the noise came due to artificial noisemakers is not being negative. its being factual.

    The fan support for Medvescak is great. All props to them.

  6. Zach Gilfix Zach Gilfix says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Current NHL players with Croatian ancestory
    1.Marc-Eduard Vlasic (Sharks) (Canadian Olympic Team)
    2.Mark Fistric (Ducks)
    3.Willie Mitchell (Kings) (Mom was born in Croatia)
    4.Travis Hamonic (Islanders)
    5.Luke Gazdic (Oilers)

  8. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    @ Annonymous – I am quite sure that Corey Sarich of the Colorado Avalanche is of Croatian ancestry as well.

    I grew up a die hard Nordiques fan and have followed them ever since they moved to Colorado.

    Does anyone know where to get a Croatian Hockey Jersey? I have tried the IIHF website and no luck.

  9. Ante B. says:

    Remember the Gadzic Lucic fight? That was awesome

  10. Poglavnik says:

    Ziva, I agree.
    Much like Seattle and their stadium designed to echo the acoustics as well as pumping in sound through the speakers.
    Kansas City’s noise record is the only legitimate one to me.
    They did it in a bowl type stadium that was built 50 years ago.

  11. SeattleNate says:

    @Poglavnik – Nonsense. NFL and Guiness have already confirmed that “Pumped in crowd noise” doesn’t exist at CenturyLink. Plus, the CLink is far quieter than the King Dome ever was. Bottom line, Seattle fans are loud as hell.

  12. dannyj says:

    ya i think sarich is cro

    thats crazy about mitchell…he was solid for vancouver, i was upset when he left… willy was born up north in British Columbia

    If we took all the croats around and could make a few citizens like cheechoo we could make a half decent national team

    just need a joe sakic and we could be legit;)

  13. dannyj says:

    our defence would be solid for sure with vlasic, sarich, and mitchell

  14. dannyj says:

    just realized hamonic and fistric also d-men… well for sure we have a legit defense

    we’d have to hire paid scorers much like a “sammir” lolol

  15. dannyj says:

    and we could poach ed jovanovski for another D man, he is macedonian and apparently he claims to consider himself part croat

  16. Poglavnik says:

    You guys are crazy loud there for any sport.
    And I think the “Clink” was the first stadium credited with being built to trap noise.
    The Eagles are adding a few thousand seats to the “Linc” and apparently are trying to fill the gaps to trap the sound better. Everyone has been trying to maximize that aspect of home field advantage now.

  17. IvicA says:


    Every Makedonac claims to be part Croat.

    They absolutely love us.

  18. Starcevic says:

    Isn’t Travis Zajac of the devils Croatian. They murder the pronunciation but I have a feeling he’s at least part Cro. Can anyone confirm this?

  19. Colin O'Haravic says:

    I’ve heard that he’s 100% Polish, 100% Ukrainian, and 100% Croatian, with grandparents living somewhere in Cro. Someone told me a while ago that he confirmed his Ukraininan-ness via an interview, but who knows.

  20. Zla Zlatko Brkin says:

    Gazdic is a Beast!!!!

  21. Zla Zlatko Brkin says:

    If anyone misunderstands…….. He’s awesome …Only oiler that has guts to play and fight!!!

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