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SoCro: “Eurotrash Meets Southern Class”

February 13, 2014


Who is SoCro?



The vast Croatian dijaspora stretches all over the world: from nearly every country in Europe, across the Americas and even down under to Australia and New Zealand. But even Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the heart of the (American) South, has its fair share of Croatians. But there’s only one that’s currently trying to make it big in the music industry- and his name is SoCro



29 year-old Eric Lisica has begun a $6,000 KICKSTARTER campaign in order to launch his first studio recorded album: “Eurotrash Meets Southern Class,” which is also used as the rapper’s tagline moniker.



A few Croatian outlets have already done stories on SoCro, which stands for Southern Croat, including CNYLA and Jutarnji List, but that’s not good enough for the boys at 



Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.02.19 PM



I spoke to SoCro earlier today and the man is a stand up guy with a good head on his shoulders. He’s definitely someone all of us at CroatianSports would enjoy sitting down with while having a round of beers or two, talking about life, sports and music. He will be giving us an exclusive interview in the next week, but if you like what he’s doing, please contribute to his Kickstarter fund. SoCro is only $1,800 away from reaching his goal; and the followers at have the power to get him there. 



To Prva Generacija: when SoCro makes it big, expect a private party in Croatia. More on the up and coming rapper throughout the week.






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 88 comments

  1. Allen Steven-Outraged says:

    I would love to hear the exclusive interview before contributing to anything. It may sound harsh, but so many people are doing kick starters these days. The trend is annoying and makes me believe that they don’t really need it other than wanting more money.

  2. Soul Champ says:


    More power to my man.

    Can we direct some of his funds to get in shape?

    He is representing our athletic culture.

    That half Cro-eng track would kill it.

    Need to get him up here to NYC to transcend that dirty south.

    Beard gets a 10 from me.

    Where is his family from in Hrvatska?

  3. TheGoldenChild says:

    This guy has been doing his thing for the past few years. I got in touch with him after he went on in front of Big Boi, and Ante has it spot on. It’s always nice to see prva generacija members trying to make it.

  4. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    In my lifetime, whenever I needed money, 99.9 percent of the time I usually just kept my current job or got a better job to earn the money. Call me old skool, but that is my outlook.

    Or, learn from Master P and Ludacris and sell your music from the trunk of your car.

  5. Faux Cro says:

    Good luck to him.

    I am going to have a Ziva moment here.

    It strikes me as a little odd that a 29 year old man is having a hard time saving $6000.

  6. IvicA says:

    I’m always weary of people who won’t conduct a business venture unless it’s with other people’s money.

    Good for him that he has an interest in something, but he can work some labour jobs on the side and make that $6k for himself. Once he’s saved that money, and if he still wants to go through with it, then it will prove to himself (and others) that he’s serious about this venture.

  7. majstore says:

    I was going to say, there is a picture of him with a donkey lol

    Seems obvious.

    Re: SoCro, not into that music but good luck to him anyways.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh great, a Cro-Wigger. Hey, I’m starting a real estate career, can you send me donations? What the hell does this have to do w/ sports? You don’t even report on diaspora Croatian sportsmen.

  9. dannyj says:

    lol cro wigger… this has got to be ziva in disguise

    like you guys said 6k? wtf kind of number is that? but then im thinking, 6k is a reasonable enough donation to ask for and then get that from multiple sources… parlay that on an apartment on the coast, get his ass out of butt fuck no where and live the dalmation dream(living off and trashing tourists at the same time)

    a lot of jokes, i wish the guy good luck, but dammnit pull your pants up, don’t you know only the homo’s ride their pants low in prison

  10. Vatrena cast says:

    Perfect post to have a ziva come back! Id love to hear his take on this.
    Here’s mine, no disrespect or anything I’m sure he’s a stand up guy and all that good stuff but it’s croatian sports and what does he have to do with sports?!
    In other sports news we got our first medal.

  11. Vatrena cast says:

    @ante he’s probably one of those purgeri/dalmatinci that doesn’t understand there’s no such thing as burek od jabuke, or burek od sira. Allegiance wise not I really hope he’s not a torcidas.

  12. Ziva Istina says:

    I am a big defender of this website. It gets me through many of days in the fortified basement, but this is a new low for the website. This dude should be ashamed of himself begging for money. It goes without saying I am not a fan of his music, but look at the way he dresses. My god, who would want to be associated with someone who values so little of his appearance. I could understand if he was 17 and naive looking for money, but he is a grown ass man looking for money. It’s clear he is a lazy dalmatinac, only lazy dalmatinci ask for money at the age of 29. Dalmatinci and democrats.

    Actually, I have an idea…..if this guy is actually legit I will consider giving him the 6K that he needs, but in return I want 60% of all future earnings for the next 30 months. A contract can be signed. If he is interested, have him contact me via twitter @ziva_istina. I have yet to fully embrace twitter, but I will keep an eye out for any messages.

  13. Ziva Istina says:

    Actually, I take back what I said about this being a new low for the website. We need more of this stuff. I advocated for this to at times be more of a Croatian TMZ type of site.

  14. Allen Steven-Outraged says:

    LOL one of the few times I couldn’t agree more with Ziva when it comes to non-soccer related topics. Please don’t turn into a TMZ site though.

    I didn’t want to be too critical because I didn’t want people on the site being outraged by me not supporting the guy saying I have no Croatian pride. Nice to see some people actually agree that him wanting 6k is pretty BS. Nice guy doesn’t mean I’m going to give him money, when I’m a college student. Not for some studio time. Let him watch 8 Mile, it takes hard work to get studio time.

  15. Vatrena cast says:

    @allen why do you care if others think you have pride or not? Have some pride in yourself and stop giving a fuck what others think. No need to prove how Croatian you are

  16. Ziva Istina says:

    I don’t know what was funnier……..the beard or how low his shorts were in the video. Come on man, get a belt that works. Or get a kickstarter campiagn going to buy a belt. That was just bad.

  17. Vatrena cast says:

    I’m always a fan of people wearing beanie indoors, or even better beanies without a shirt on. Not trying to be a “hater” but if you’re gonna ask for money be presentable or have some decency and don’t ask for money.

  18. Vatrena cast says:

    I’m a full time student and I work full time and I never ask anyone for money so this guy is a joke. Okay in done now

  19. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    “Or, learn from Master P and Ludacris and sell your music from the trunk of your car.”

    hahahahaha. Nice touch Radman

    I wish the guy well. I wouldn’t start a kick start campaign myself but who am I to judge? I never had the pleasure of meeting this guy or even having a conversation with him.

    We are not turning into TMZ. Every once in a while, we will do a TMZ type story to switch it up and get some laughs like “Beckham to Hajduk”, “Beckham wearing the Croatian jersey” etc etc.

    we appreciate the comments, even the negative ones. Tell us whats on your mind. We are still 90% soccer/football/nogomet. The other 10% makes up other sports and promoting Croatians, especially Croatian in the diaspora like this fellow.

  20. Ivan the Red says:

    CSR said.
    “But there’s only one that’s currently trying to make it big in the music industry- and his name is SoCro”

    Thats not true at all! There are many croatian diaspora out there trying to make it in the game.
    Why theres a close friend of mine that got me reading this site in the first place and he is one of CSR’s original posters. Goes by the name of MC Raptore.
    Raptore frequented this here site and never advertised himself or flaunted that he raps, even though the guy can spit venom when he rhymes.
    He didnt ask for any handouts.

    Why does SoCro get special treatment? at least Raptore is an original poster of CSR/CS basically from day one.

    There also are other diaspora croatian rappers whom are trying to make it like Mars from west chicago.
    And there are some that can be considered as already made a name like CroNight from germany whom has rapped beside some big names like snoop doggy dogg.

    Raptore knows what its like to start from scratch and knows its all on him if he makes it.
    6 grand wouldve been nice for the studio but the guy came here swapping insight and opionins and having debates about croatian sports.
    not asking for a free ride.

    Here is an example of raptores raps.

  21. Ziva Istina says:

    I don’t know where to even begin with this…………I’ll just leave it at that.

    Hey guys, I was thinking about some upgrades to the fortified basement. Any of you guys willing to chip in if I start a kickstarter campaign?

  22. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    I agree. socro shouldnt get special treatment. We are open to promoting croatian music talent around the world.

    I had a chance to speak to Raptore a while back. Dude has a nice jersey collection as well.

    For me, the main objective of this article is to promote the artist. If you want to donate, thats up to the readers. We don’t get a cut.

  23. DinamoDennis says:

    Thought it would never happen but it has. I agree with stupid Ziva.

    The fact that this is even posted to this web site is ridiculous.

    Can you clowns give me money ? I want to make a porno with Ziva..stictly gay…in cro…with english subtitles.

  24. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    @ Denis – Thank you ! It dawned on me last night, I have the perfect verse for SoCro.

    One of my favorite MCs of all time is Raekwon. One of the most underrated rap tracks of all time, “Incarcerated Scarfaces”

    SoCro, heed the words of Raekwon;

    “I move rhymes like retail, make sure shit sell
    From where we at to my man’s cell
    From staircase to stage, minimun wage
    But soon to get a article in RapPage”

    Do what you got to do to earn that 6 grand. I always advocate working for your own money. As I said earlier, Master p and Ludacris would drive from neighborhood to neighborhood selling their tapes and CDs out of the trunk of their car.

    The modern thing to do would follow the likes of ASAP Rockey and Joey Badass and release your first album or mixtape for free online or through Youtube for free just to build some hype.

  25. Ziva Istina says:

    See what happens when I go away on a sabatical leave.

    In an effort to find content, stories like this guy get posted.

  26. Ziva Istina says:

    what the hell ever happend to diaspora hrvati listening to Oliver, Miso, Machine gun Thompson, Bulic, etc…….

  27. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    @ Ziva – On an average day I listen to anything and everything. It could start off with 80s to mid 90s rap (Far too many to mention), Jim Croce, Paul Oakenfold, Zeppelin, James Taylor, The Ramones, Oasis, U2, The Chilli Peppers to Oliver, Tomislav Bralic I Klapa Intrade to Vinko Coce.

    I like “Music”, it sounds like you just like “Croatian Music”. There is a big difference between the two.

  28. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    Pasalic is on a scoring binge since signing with Chelsea. He has now scored the last 3 Hajduk goals. Two last game, 1 today and there is still time on the clock for another.

  29. majstore says:

    Ziva those guys are cool if you are 40-50 years old I guess. If you are a young guy or girl, that stuff is totally irrelevant today.

    Best music from a diaspora Croat IMO is def Solomun (ie. Mladen Solomun, Croat from B I H). Owns one of the most influential record labels in electronic music (Diynamic), had 2 weekly residencies in Ibiza last year. Hugely popular producer and DJ on a global scale.

    If any of you are into house / techno (i’m guessing not many of you lol), you should peep his sounds.

  30. IvicA says:

    Not many diaspora Croats go on to become musicians (mainly due to their parents not wanting their kids to take stupid risks in life).

    The most popular ones today would probably be Lorde and Michael Buble (but unlike Lorde, Buble tends to distance himself from being Cro).

    No chance I ever let my kid go into becoming an “artist”. Go to University, get a job, and do the artistry on the side until you actually get some interest on that front.

  31. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    @ IvicA – I have never heard Buble ever admit to being Croatian. When he broke on to the music scene I assumed he was. Anytime I have seen an interview with him he has always claimed Italian heritage. Probably because he is trying to build this image of being the new Sinatra. Regardless, his music totally lacks soul and it reminds me of sitting in a Dentists chair.

  32. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    Now its Milic from Pasalic. Milic is another Hajduk youngsters with monstrous potential. 3 Goals and an assist in the last 2 games for Pasalic.

  33. Poglavnik says:

    Buble is not Croatian!
    Where is this coming from?

    And Lorde in half Croatian (her mother) and half Irish.
    I bet that girl can DRINK!

  34. Ziva Istina says:

    Does Lorde even speak Cro?

    Or are we that pathetic that right away we start claiming someone is croatian even if they couldn’t pinpoint lijepa nasa on a map. Come on…….What do we know about this “lorde” chick. Can she read, write croatian. Can she speak the language. Does she live a “za dom…..spremni” lifestyle or is she typical of people in her industry and has no regard for family values and morality.

    I don’t know what the musical equivalent of a jock sniffer is, but lets hold of on it.

  35. Mladen says:

    Glad you are back Ziva. This site lacks something everyttime you leave. Some of these posts make me cringe.

    As for Croatian music I love it and I’ m almost 30. Yet some on this site think something is wrong with that or you have to fall in the 40 to 50 category. Stupidity.

  36. majstore says:

    That music can be ok, for at home listening or if you are at a wedding or something, but if you are 20 years old do you go out looking to hear Miso Kovac at the club? Come on man lol.

    Also, if that is all you listen to i’d suggest that you broaden your tastes in music unless you want to come off like a total FOB 24/7.

  37. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    8 year old Croatian, David Radman, heading to the Barca Academy. Barca held a training camp in Eastern Croatia and apparently they are moving him and his entire family to Barcelona.

  38. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    @ Majstore – “Broaden your tastes in music” I was thinking the exact same thing.

    There is nothing wrong with appreciating Croatian music at any age, but, this is a pretty big planet and there are tons of great musicians and artists spanning the past 300 years.

  39. Ziva Istina says:

    I’ll be the first to admit I have no clue about the music scene. When I partake in social acticities outside the confines of the fortified basement I do enjoy visiting an establishment that has good music in the background. As I wrote, I have no clue about music. But, I do know what is good and bad music. And what is in the above video is not good.

    The reaosn I avoid being a jock sniffer to the music industry is because they live a lifestyle that is foreign to me. Excessive drug use, pandering to satan (I heard about the Grammy awards), homosexual activity, adult men wearing skin tight pants are all things I fail to understand or am willing to understand.

  40. Petar Radman-Livaja says:

    @ Ziva – Art may be the most subjective thing on the planet. I applaud you for admitting that you do not get it. better than faking it. Someone like Kesha or Pitbull are complete crap to me, yet, they sell millions of copies. I listen to what sounds good to me. I have a broad taste in all art though.

    To you and I, a painting of a red box is just a painting of a red box. To someone in the fine art community it may be perceived as a break through minimalistic work and they would gladly pay 4 million dollars for it.

    I would have to listen to more of SoCro before I form an opinion. I am just not a fan of asking people for money, especially when it is 6 grand. If you are looking for Venture Capitalists to invest in some great idea you have, that is one thing. 6 grand for music? I would suggest you work for your money.

  41. Mladen says:

    Read your original post again jackass. You say that music is irrelevant to the young. I say it is not and of course at any club in Croatia or Europe that music is not being played. Why would it be? My music taste is varied so don’t worry.

  42. IvicA says:

    @ Poglavnik said “Buble is not Croatian! Where is this coming from?”

    Where this is coming from is that he is a half Croat who comes from the very populous Vancouver dijaspora.  In case you didn’t know, “Buble” is a very Croatian last name even though Michael Buble likes to add that accent on the letter ‘e’ at the end to make it look more Latin.  Lots of Vancouver Croats know his family well and swear that he’s Croatian.

    Buble has done a good job avoiding mentioning that he’s half Croatian (by trying to only focus on the Italian side, since his goal probably is to mold a career out that successful American-Italian image).

    I didn’t really pay much attention to it (I don’t care for Buble and his elevator music), but there was a 60 minutes interview with him (where, as usual, he babbles on about his love for music and Italian heritage) then the camera shows pictures of him in his youth with him being very close to his musically-talented grandfather…then there is a photo of them on his granfather’s boat, where they used to always go fishing together…THEN something in the photo hits you right in the face…


    Right there on the center back of the boat.  The friggin name of his grandfather’s boat in Vancouver is DALMACIJA.  LOL.  

    You can’t un-Croatian that, no matter how hard you try, lol.  

  43. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    Boys, boys, boys…settle down.

    We don’t even know this guy;’ story yet but he said he would deliver for CroatianSports. The ball’s in his court now. So be happy that we can reach out to these certain individuals in the Croatian community and have them get back to us right away.

    As for prefferential treatment. There is none. I would plug everyone if I can. Trust me. This came across my desk and I wanted to share it with you guys as he has already met 70% of his kickstarter goal. Remember, if he doesn’t hit 100% by deadline, he gets nothing.

    Croatiansports is a sports website, yes, but it’s also a Croatian community/dijaspora site. And once in awhile we post things like this.

    Everyone hold on to your panties. We’ll hear from SoCro soon enough. And if you want to help the guy launch his first album, by all means, go for it. If not, nista…it’s your money and you can do whatever the hell you want with it.

    I’m curious to see what you guys would be writing about him if he made it big one day. If your view of him would change then. Just playing Devil’s Advocate here….but let’s see what the man has to say.

    Maybe he’s had a rough life. Who knows? Stay tuned.

  44. IvicA says:

    @ Ziva

    Lorde isn’t her name.  It’s Ella Marija Yelich-O’Connor.

    Funny that her mother butchered their family name by changing it from Jelic to Yelich…yet they give her a very Croat middle name in Marija with that ‘j’ in there.

    To your point, however, I was just pointing out who was ethnic Croat in the industry (not really trying to debate how Croatian they’ve been raised).  Sure, they may not listen to Thompson or speak Croatian well, but they’re still part ethnic Croat and the topic of discussion was about musicians who were of Croat descent.  

    But nevertheless, Vancouver and New Zealand have HUGE Croat diasporas and these two can’t run away from it.  Lorde says she’s a half Croat.  Buble may not be as vocal, but his Dalmatinac mornar of a grandfather says it all with that Dalmo boat, lol. 

  45. Poglavnik says:

    I’m born and raised in Vancouver and thats news to me.
    Tons of Croatian, and Italian fishermen here.
    Maybe they’re Istrians or something…

    “Lots of Vancouver Croats know his family well and swear that he’s Croatian.”
    The Croats I know here are fucking terrible for claiming people to be Croatian!

  46. IvicA says:

    No. Buble is a Dalmo last name.

    I’m bored today, so I’ll try and find that 60 minutes interview that someone showed me. I’ll post the link here.

  47. Poglavnik says:

    I don’t doubt the interview or the video footage, it’s the Vancouver Croatians who claim to know his family well and swear he’s Croatian that i doubt…
    I’d be surprised if there was anything Croatian in his household, other than a picture of his grandpa.
    If he doesn’t claim it then we shouldn’t either.

  48. Ante B. says:

    Also for the BBB, Dinamovci and Hrvati on this beautiful day 14 years, Dinamo was brought back to the city of Zagreb. While it’s supporters are fighting yet another battle with the establishment, let’s pause and remember one of their biggest victories.




  49. Grabo says:

    SoCro is great dude with big heart. I had opportunity to listen him once, and to talk with him, and yes, he is Croatian kid, and he is very proud of that. I know he will make one day because he has a drive. This is just message for suspicious asshole who said that he can could be from Bosnia. So what even he is?
    To SoCro:” Mali, samo naprijed. Šupke bez Kune u dzepu odjebi, jer oni ništa drugo nemaju osim staraca koji im plaćaju 3MB mjesečno. Pozdrav.

  50. Ziva Istina says:

    @Grabo…….that’s fine. So, tell your boy to go work for that money. $6,000 is not a lot of money to raise. Or he can take me up on my offer that I listed above.

  51. prdurabo says:

    Fucking cunts on this site. Yeah I’m not a fan of the music either but its not like hes asking for money. If you like his shit you give money and he gives you a CD. Thats called business.

    “He doesn’t dress like us. He doesnt talk like us.” Stick to the hive mind, you’ll benefit from it. Thanks for fucking up Croatia.

  52. Poglavnik says:

    ^ ^
    “Yeah I’m not a fan of the music either but its not like hes asking for money.”

    Ummmm, is he not asking for $6,000 to produce his album?

  53. Poglavnik says:

    Only skimmed through it…
    Just going by these reactions.

    Why do you care if some people don’t support this?
    You really expect everyone to jump on board and help this 30 year old rapper raise $6,000?!

  54. prdurabo says:

    I’m not saying whether you should or shouldn’t. I don’t see why age has a factor in this at all.

    I’ve donated to kickstarters before because it makes the final product that much better, or makes an innovation come about that would otherwise be impossible.

    1) you like the music and want to see it get made – donate and get said music

    2) you don’t dig the music – don’t donate

    3) Turn it into a croatian thing (see if he fits the hive) and decide accordingly

  55. kreso says:

    @prdurabo well said

    ludacris was a radio dj in ATL to afford selling cds out of the trunk of his car

    Master P sold crack to afford selling cds out the trunk of his car

  56. Anonymous says:

    ahahaa “hrvat” glumi niggera, ahahaaa a I ovo ERIC, pravo ‘rvacko ime, od stoljeca sedmog, ahahaaaaaaa

    dobri ste samo kad treba nesto ukrasti I prevariti u hrvatskoj.

  57. Anonymous says:

    IvicA says:

    I’m always weary of people who won’t conduct a business venture unless it’s with other people’s money.

    ahahaaa pa to je vasa skola, to vi radite po hrvatskoj zato se I vracate.

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