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Donna Vekić interview from Indian Wells, BNP Paribas Open

March 17, 2014

17-year-old, Donna Vekić, hopes to be on top of the tennis world one day

17-year-old, Donna Vekić, hopes to be on top of the tennis world one day


Photo: Alen Večanin


The “future Wimbledon champion”, Donna Vekić, sits down with Croatian Sports and talks about her many proposals on twitter, her goal to be #1 in the world and her love for Dinamo Zagreb. The Osijek born tennis player was gifted a wild card from BNP Paribas and lost in the second round to (#12) Dominika Cibulková in straight sets 6-3, 6-2. Donna will try and regroup when she opens up against Alla Kudryavtseva in the first round of qualifying for the Sony Open in Miami, Florida on Monday morning.



17-year-old, Donna Vekić




Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 38 comments

  1. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Donna and her father at the BNP Paribas Open. The potential is there, now its all up to Donna on how hard she wants to work for it. Hopefully, I didn’t scare Donna off and go over board with all those “crazy fans” questions. I would have gave her a CroatianSports T-shirt, but she supports Dinamo. :)

  2. Ziva Istina says:

    Why does she have two “n”s in the first name.

    Also, it appears she has fully engaged twitter.

  3. IvicA says:

    Funny how the video abruptly cuts out the part when Denis gives Donna a creepy hug and hair smell after thanking her for the interview.

  4. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    damn, who gave you the raw footage? I almost cut that last question, I let Ante edit the video. I was going to ask her if she heard the term “jock sniffer” but I thought that would be taking it a little too far.

  5. Mr. Black says:

    I really hope she’ll be Number 1 in the world one day. It would be great watching finals in major tournaments again. Smash them, girl.

  6. Julio Cesar says:

    Hey Denis, what a interview! Very funny, I’m a big fan from Brazil and I met her last month, was so fantastic… just one of the best day in my life!!

    Can you post this interview write.?! Please, thank you so much man, and your work is the best, success to you ;)

  7. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    “Can you post this interview write”

    What do you mean? Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    Denis”So what do you think should be the age cut-off for asking for an autigraph?”
    Donna-“Huh,age cut off,what the…?”
    ROFL-Classic questioning!

  9. Iggy says:

    hopefully when she does finish school she can concentrate on her tennis and start to smash dem

    be so good to see her lift the wimbledon trophy like u said denis.. hehe

  10. Iggy says:

    hey ziva

    is that as opposed to you who “are fully yet to embrace twitter”” as u post every single time u post anything ?

  11. IvicA says:

    Everybody loves her until one day media reports leak photos of her engagement to Novak Djoković. Lol.. Nered!

  12. Julio Cesar says:

    Sorry, I was typing on my cell phone. I mean, can you put this interview on a page, like a comment for example..
    thanks a lot!

  13. jm says:

    while on non soccer cro news, mario hezonja, 19 yr playing for barcelona, finally got some decent playing time and scored 26 points in 21 minutes. a pretty incredible number. hezonja was often rated a better prospect than saric as he has elite athleticism. his draft stock has consistently slipped for this year from being a potential top 10 pick to now somewhere in the 20s. the main reason being, he’s hasn’t gotten much time on the senior barcelona team so he remains a relative mystery. i would think if he declares for the draft, this performance starts his accession up the draft board

  14. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    I see all those middle-aged men running around these little girls, taking pictures, asking for autographs. For me its sickening. I remember back in the day in LA, Martina Hingis denying someone a picture. She was a tough cookie.

    I mean you see dudes taking pictures of girls stretching.

  15. Ziva Istina says:

    question for the autogrpah and photo hounds…….what does someone do with a photo of a person they don’t know? Do they go around and showing there friends, do they frame it, use it as a screensaver or avatar? I’m just curious why somebody would take a photo of someone they don’t know and what they actually do with it.

  16. Ziva Istina says:

    answer…… being a jock sniffer/apologist or not living a “za dom….spremni” lifestyle.

  17. Tiha Vala says:


    They usually post the pictures on some social media outlet and get supportive comments or “likes” from other jock sniffers.

  18. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    @Svircic-I agree with you totally and kudos to you for posing the question to her.Its been a topic of the site for ages and it cracked me up when you asked her.Its a tough question to phrase to someone and likely to get a pc answer from a lovely young lady.I am personally at the far end of the scale for not doing that type of thing.Its just not me.Years ago at a conference a coleauge and I were sitting next to a high profile retired cricketer(Dennis Lillee) at a hotel bar.He was deep in conversation with someone when my colleague asked for a autograph and pic for his mum.I almost died of shame,but thats me.I dont have a issue with the normal mid range fan but certainly agree many go way past normal.Good question-good interview.Well done son!
    @Ziva-You must still be on a high after my lovely compliment to you yesterday.Dont let it go to your head as you are young and impressionable.Your above jock sniffer comments are all fine.Its the edgy Ziva that we need to see.Just Stay classy moj mali ranko.Know your limits and dont get too dosadan with it.Good luck ,tata is with you.

  19. Faux Cro says:

    I don’t see the similarities with wearing a Boban jersey and hounding someone for a photograph while at an airport.,l

    Two different things.

    On a side note, I got Ivica Olic to give me some belly button lint at the Octoberfest three years ago. I have it listed on EBAY if anyone wants it.

  20. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    @Ante(Zivas step dad),

    Thanks for the comment. I have mixed feelings on signing autographs and pictures. When I was a kid I used to get signatures all the time. Now those items bring back memories of my youth.

    Today, I like to take pictures with certain athletes because a picture tells a 1000 words. At the same time, I wouldnt just walk up to someone with the first thing coming out of my mouth asking for a picture. I took a picture with Dwight Howard at a bowling alley the summer after the lakers beat them in the finals. I was probably 25 or so at the time. I had a five minute chat with Howard and told him that he would be a laker. I took a picture with him to remind me just how short he is in person. Dude is at max an inch taller than Lebron. Dude wouldn’t stand a chance against Ewing, Robinson, Shaq, Mourning, Mutombo, Olajuwon of the 90s.

    I did the exact same thing with Karlovic a few years back. We talked for a minute and every time I see that picture I realize that Ivo is like a giraffe.

    Well, if that makes me a jock sniffer, then I’m a jock sniffer. At the end of the day, I dont get star struck nor do I think that some of them are superhuman.

    It bothers me that some of these older men are hounding these young girls. They show up to only watch womens tennis.

  21. jm says:

    nice interview. seems like a nice girl. good work as always denis. the adult athlete adoration thing is always an interesting question. i walked into my gym the other day and right in front of me was andrew bogut (the golden state warriors were visiting ny and they had a shoot around at my gym). i was tempted to give him a what sup, thank him for his support of cs etc, in the end, he had some head phones on so i decided not to be one of those guys.

  22. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    @Svircic-Doc Ante has evaluated you and you are perfectly normal.Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.You are in a normal range on the scale and are not a jock sniffer.Like I said,I am a extreme where I simply would be highly unlikely to approach any personality.Thats just me.Another story,I saw Mel gibson once charge out in front of me and the person with me asked why dont I chase him?My response was “Why doesnt he chase me?”Again,thats are fine sinko.

  23. Faux Cro says:


    You are a journalist, you should never feel uncomfortable/embarrassed for approaching someone when appropriate.

    If you were bashful I would have never gotten to see my favorite Beckham interview.

    Keep this up and ESPN will be knocking on your door.

    I agree, exclusively filming young girls is creepy.

  24. Ante(Zivas step dad) says:

    Though I did get close enough to Tudjman once shortly before Oluja to gently slap him on the shoulder and say “Dobar si!”This was during a Sydney visit when he was mobbed by wellwishers.That was my little sniff.I am ok with myself thank you very much.

  25. IvicA says:

    I’ve only gotten one autograph in my life and it was from Alan Gregov back in 1994.

    I only got it because I felt sorry for him since everyone was hounding Kukoc, Radja, Komazec, and anyone else not named Alan Gregov for an autograph when they were here in 1994 for the World Championships.

    He was more excited giving it out to the few people who asked him, than the people who were asking him for it.
    I remember one retard got his Toni Kukoc upper deck basketball card signed by Gregov (probably thinking he was Kukoc), lol.

    I don’t even know what happened to that autograph. I think I just lost it that day. Probably should’ve kept it now that I think back as it would remind me of the day I helped prevent Alan Gregov from killing himself.

  26. Soul Champ says:

    @ jm

    I remember talking with Rudy T at MSG back in the day.
    I told him I was Croatian and he said “what’s up Brother!”
    No jock sniffing, just two Croats hanging shooting the shit.
    We are rare bunch, us Croatians, and we enjoy connecting with
    each other around the world. That is why this site is so relevant.

    Bogut seems to be a down to earth Aussie-Croat who would have said what’s up to you and got back to his pregame. It is not like he has to score 20 for GSW to win.

    I have met many of our best athletes over the years. Never felt disconnected from them at all. Half them were more goat like then I wish to acknowledge. But full respect all the same.

    Too few of us to play that pretense game.

  27. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:


    thanks for the kind words. Personally, I want to see a change in the media world. People are tired of all these cookie cutter questions and political answers.

    I talked to Cilic before and after the interview and asked him why are Croatian players against media. His response is that in Croatia the media looks to make a story out of nothing, asks the same questions and they focus on the negative too much. Croatian media has been asking Cilic when he will get a new coach(pre-Goran), and to get a new coach now. Cilic has been hearing this day in day out. Cilic shared a few more things that I will keep to myself. Class act dude.

    I don’t think Vekic has been interviewed by a reporter like myself. She deleted my video off of her facebook. I’m sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Donna :)

    Thats another thing. Some of you out there trying to add me on facebook. If I dont know you, shoot me a message, at least introduce yourself. You might be one of my wife’s crazy relatives for all I know.

    @Faux Cro,

    No thanks to ESPN. isnt a stepping stone to a career in journalism. is a website to unite croatians around the world. Most of the people in media are depressed. The players give them the cold shoulder, they are underpaid, and I’m sure they get bitched at all the time by their boss. Luckily for me, I am the boss. Ante and I get into it sometime, but in the end, we are on the same page here at

  28. Faux Cro says:


    I get your point, but I assume you could do both, but maybe I am naive.

    I would imagine ESPN would pay a lot more than CSR.

  29. majstore says:

    Why would she take the interview down? I didn’t see anything wrong with it. She must have some really uptight handlers.

  30. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    @Faux Cro,

    minimum wage would pay more than CSR haha.

    ESPN would be great, but I’m not interested in a career in journalism.

  31. mamic the albanian turk serb says:

    why is the guy interviewing wearing a tshirt of some zombie cannibal movie character, it looks stupid

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