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Tuesday Night Funnies: Croatian Snacks

January 6, 2016



What is your favorite Croatian snack? In the latest edition of Tuesday Night Funnies, Americans sign up with “Treats” a monthly service that sends out boxes of snacks from a country of your choice. Here is what they had to say about Croatian treats.





Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 23 comments

  1. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    Bronhi is the real deal hollyfield.

    The bottom video received twice as more hits than our most popular video. Interesting how youtube works.

    Its been a slow week. How about watching Americans review snacks from a country they never heard of?

    A similar video had “Serbo-Croatian treats” in their title.

  2. Elvis says:

    I remember them from the 80’s the Ki Ki’s and those awful vanilla wafer cookies.

  3. ARMADA87 ARMADA87 says:

    I love me a Ledo king bar in the summer. Basic, but definitely better tasting the ice cream here in NA.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bronhi and Jadro napolitanke, and Ledo na stapicu.

  5. Ravni Kotari says:

    Anybody bringing back the San Pedro small goals tournament this year?

  6. Denis Svirčić Denis Svirčić says:

    @Ravni Kotari,

    Good luck with that. Cro community in San Pedro dying down.

    The boys in LA are doing a great job. Hercegovci stick together I guess. Us Dalmatinci keep looking around who is willing to work for free.

  7. Bijeli Bulger says:

    Whos the female trying the Croatian snack looks like a Mexican.

  8. Sude Mi says:

    Yes, if that San Pedro tournament were to be re-ignited I’d love to try and put a team together from the GTA to travel down and partake! We’ve talked about it, so let us know.

  9. Ravni Kotari says:

    Wish all the prva generacija got together and hosted a tournament in the name of Croatian Sports. Ziva can be head referee for the finals because he knows everything.

  10. Ante B. says:

    My two cents about LA and Pedro. Two large communities that won’t drive to eachothers events though I will give credit to LA Hrvati going down. How much SP Hrvati do you know who are willing to actually drive out of Pedro? Not many. I still love both though.

    In terms of Croatian snacks, all of them.

  11. Maminjo says:

    I always liked Napolitanke, but the ones entirely coated in chocolate. Can’t really get sick of these.

    Also, the best summer snack is the Ledo kornet ice cream…sour cherry (višnja) flavor.

  12. Maminjo says:

    Stipe Perica with another goal this week.

    Hopefully he continues to start for Udinese. We could have ourselves a solid and young fourth striker to take with us to the Euros this summer.

  13. Iggy Iggy says:

    There is something bothering me about those vids.. i think it’s being “grouped” with serbs. I fucking hate it. Don’t put us with them, don’t say we are similar to them, don’t put us in the same vid as them as tho it’s the same thing, Pisses me off. It’s like saying the language spoken in Croatia is Serbo-Croat.

    Remember that – Serbo-Croat? That’s still a thing i see from time to time in terms of languages. fucking pisses my piss into lava form of fury.. fucking lava piss.. FUCK OFF

  14. Iggy Iggy says:

    Fucking how DARE u say serbia and croatia are tantamount in any single way.. get FUCKED.. FUCK OFF..

    fucking GRRRR

    *turns into incredible hulk*

    *hops over to beograd and starts smashing buildings*

  15. Marko says:

    Hazelnut Napolitanke >>>

    …i hate the chocolate bananas.

  16. Meta Body says:

    Lješnjak Napolitanke i lješnjak sladoled isto .

    Have me tickets already booked for the summer, non-stop to Venice, hop in my car and will be swimming in the Adriatic !

  17. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:

    this kid is starting to get to me. lets not get confused, I agree he’s a brilliant player and has incredible potential but he’s also a muppet, constantly utilizing his social media to talk about his career…drama queen.

    today he says this: “Svjestan sam da u Realu i Chelseaju ne bih igrao, nego bih morao na posudbu u neki manji klub. Dinamo je moj klub, budim se pored klupskog grba”

    lets see what he says next week…these were the headlines today: “Ćorić potpuno okrenuo ploču: Ako se vrate navijači, ostat ću u Dinamu do kraja karijere”

    I wonder how Mamic feels about comments like this?

  18. Maminjo says:

    The last name is Croatian.

    Any last name that begins with a “Jure” is Croatian. The Serbian equivalent is Đjorđe.

  19. Ziva Istina Ziva Istina says:

    @Slavonac…….its all about being the boss of your own brand. And we are seeing that with young athletes in Cro now.

  20. Mr. Black says:


    He’s Croatian. He was born in Croatia and now lives for a while (I think about twenty years or more) in Germany.

  21. Slavonac from Canada Slavonac from Canada says:


    Are there others that do this? I haven’t seen this type of erratic behavior by Croatian kids…at least not by any good up and comers!

  22. ELVIS says:

    Leave it up to one one of our brothers to take matters into his own hands. Za Dom Spremni!!!!!!!!!!

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