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Croatia Lose 11-7 To Serbia In Gold Medal Game

August 19, 2016


marko bijač

Will Croatia quiet the Serbs?




If you were upset the other night when Croatia lost to Serbia in the basketball quarterfinal. Don’t worry. Retribution may be around the corner. And on a much larger stage.



Saturday afternoon in Rio, Croatia will face hated rivals Serbia in the much anticipated men’s gold medal water polo match. The Croatian Barracudas looked comfortable in both knockout round wins against hosts Brazil and Montenegro. But Serbia is peaking at the right moment as well; dismantling a very good Italian side 10-8 in the semifinal round.



The match can be seen on NBC in the United States.



Croatia are eyeing a repeat as they will be defending their 2012 London 1st place finish and looking to cement a dynasty.



One thing is certain. Croatia is getting a medal in water polo. We just don’t know which anthem will be playing when the flags go up.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 201 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    Time to smash some serb cunts !! Nothing better than that, and the added bonus they get to listen to our anthem on the dais.. we all know how much they love our anthem and flag so im sure they’ll be happy about that 😀

  2. Lika Joey says:

    I pray we don’t get our mental midget syndrome attack.

  3. Nenad says:

    Just like you smashed us in Basketball lol
    ma imate da slušate Bože Pravde bre !!!!!!!!

  4. Dannyj says:

    Turkey is that you?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fuck…….they have our number in water polo. One of the Montenegro players said serbs would win easy today.

  6. Iggy Iggy says:

    close game with the serbcunts atm

  7. Iggy Iggy says:

    nah we’ll win dont worry

    also, women’s high jump final is on in 2 and a half hours so perhaps a medal chance for Blanka in that but not really sure

  8. Iggy Iggy says:

    really dont like the way the cro coaching staff are whining with the officials 95% of the time.. someone needs to tell them to settle down.. they’re basically imploding already even this early in the match

    that’s what mental midgetry looks like i guess, if u could see it?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can you please , please, please. Stop saying mental midget syndrome. Goddamnit its so fucking annoying. ! You wanted to play these fucking cunts , which I have no idea why you would want them to win a semifinal, thus improving their chances for a better medal? Don’t you see how much they fucking hate us? When they play us they play 5 times better than when they play someone else, I just don’t know why we never seem to have that same hate for them. Especially since they’re the ones who did shit to us. It’s not over yet , but now we may have to watch these jerkoffs get gold and raise their fucking flag higher than ours. Big mouth iggy , why the fuck would you want this shit game. I don’t want to see Serbs anywhere , let them fucking lose and go home.

  10. Iggy Iggy says:

    why are u blaming me? lol

    that reminds me of a thread in here where i said we’d smash some team in soccer and we lost and some cunts literally blamed me personally, lmao

    not my fault.. but i agree with your comments, they always play at 200% vs us as opposed to someone else.. and idk why but we dont do the same, i guess their hatred is greater idk.. i honestly dont know why it is that way but i totally agree

    the coaches are total clowns, they are jumping around, whining, almost manhandling the officials between the times they arent laughing maniacally.. it’s like seven states of mania for the cro coaching staff.. they know the players can see them, right? Do they know what sort of example it sets? The coach needs to be calm and respond to the situaiton, not spending the hwole time whining and crying to officlas ffs.. terrible stuff from them

  11. Poglavnik says:

    “When they play us they play 5 times better than when they play someone else, I just don’t know why we never seem to have that same hate for them.”

    Mental midgetry in a nutshell.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have never bought into the medial midget discussion, but maybe there is something to that with our guys when it comes to playing serbs.

    We saw them fall apart in hoops and then fought back to get it close. And then they self destructed again in the final 3 minutes.

    I just want to win. In water polo, a title doesn’t mean shit unless you beat the Serbs in it. They are the best at it in the world and losing this match would suck. They would have gold in water polo, finals in hoops and medals in team sports on the female side.

    And fuck Ziva and his entire mental midget sranje.

  13. Anonymous says:

    and why do the serbs have 5 times more fans than we do. Is there a serb colony in Brazil.

  14. Anonymous says:

    ohhhh fuck this……..we are fucking mental midgets…….i just watched a dude do a backhanded shot from 7-8 metters and then laugh at our team.

  15. Jarac says:

    you guys need to get a fucking grip, we punish the serbs too, serbs were favored in basketball and favored in waterpolo….real mental midgets are right here…..still games not over yet

  16. Iggy Iggy says:

    yeah they are definitely better, no doubt.. but if you look at the play, they are happy to shoot from miles out, our guys are tentative as fuck and no one wants to shoot from even right in front

    no one wants to take the responsibility of taking the shot

    there’s is a massive different in their approach to ours

    sound familiar? same tentativeness v portugal in euro..

    if we’re winning easily, things are fine, but when things don’t go our way, we crumble.. that’s where the mental midgetry sets in, it’s how you respond to challenges, and we often dont..

  17. Mixed Grill says:

    Was there a punch to the face that was controversial at the start? I’m watching in Italy and the announcers kept going on about it.
    They are better. We are cooked. Nothing to do.

  18. Jarac says:

    now why does nbc only show serbs in the stands that a whole different story must be some cetnik behind tthe camera or working for nbc….

  19. Anonymous says:

    correct me if i am wrong, but our water polo team lost to France to avoid playing the serbs in the quarterfinals, right?

    Isn’t that a form of being a mental midget? We were scared to play them. I guess it only makes sense that we would be scared of them judging the play through 3 periods.

  20. Iggy Iggy says:

    but u have to give them some credit, their shooting is incredibly good, even from a long way out, it looks like they definitely are the best, unless this is just them playing possessed like they always do against us and they’ll go back to being average in their next match against a non-Hrvat opponent

  21. Iggy Iggy says:

    can we vacate the dais for the medals? i personally would if i was a player and i could choose

  22. Anonymous says:

    Not NBC. This is the international feed NBC is using, not their cameras or production. Because we are having a birthday party at the house right now and one TV has the NBC feed and the other TV has HRT on. One is slightly ahead of the other, but its the same feed.

    I know most of our athletes have all left Brazil and returned home. The serbs have all there team sports still alive or just played, so that is probably the reason why they outnumber us in the stands.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Serbs beat us in the two biggest sports for us in the Olympics……

    You can have our sailing medals and medals the two dikes picked up in track and field. I would gladly replace them for wins over the cetniks in basketball and water polo.

  24. Nenad says:

    This is awsome Serbia will be Olympic gold champions are you ready for Bože Pravde!!!!!

  25. Nenad says:

    Keep sailing lol

  26. Allen Strk Allen Strk says:

    Iggy says if we’re winning easily, things are fine, but when things don’t go our way, we crumble.. that’s where the mental midgetry sets in, it’s how you respond to challenges, and we often dont..

    So how do you explain Croatia-Spain game?

  27. Jarac says:

    look at the medal count cigan

  28. Anonymous says:

    Guys, serbia is the most punished nation on earth. Kosovo…watching croatia become a global brand. They have nothing but these minimal moments. Cro is on another level in sports..We have like 30 medals in the summer olympic games…over 10 gold. We have Kostelic in the winter biggest person in sports from the balkans..Ufc..Cro cop..kickboxing..North america Bilicheck..sakic..Roger Maris. if i wasnt drunk i have more. serbia had like two medals in there history before this. They have Novak..Our soccer is on another planet.

  29. Mixed Grill says:

    Sure Nenad, and we will keep Knin. Enjoy your poor, mafia state.

  30. Anonymous says:

    wasn’t Cro-Spain group phase… different mentality when ti comes to knockout phase.

    I’m happy we have more medals than the serbs, but all of them are in sports and by athletes none of us will hear from ever again or would even pay money to go watch.

  31. Iggy Iggy says:

    @Allen we win despite our mental strength, not because of it

    the aussie commentator said a good line at the end of that match, he said serbia won due to their skill and their will

    they imposed their will on us

    someone should teach our guys Nietzschian philosophy or something cos they all need to go read Will to Power and learn how to do the same.. when it comes to willpower, we are at the absolute lowest rung of people

  32. Mixed Grill says:

    Iggy, they just played better. I dont think there are meta physical issues to discuss. They are ranked top in the world. We were not blown away and they got lucky with that Serb who scored 4 from same spot. The Italians said there was a punch to the face at the start for which Serbs should have been down a man for 4 minutes.
    Maybe they do rise up to play us because they lost to us where it counts, in the war. Ill take that over a swimming pool game.

  33. Iggy Iggy says:

    I agree we wouldve lost to serbs today regardless, we didnt lose cos of our mental failings, they are just clearly better. That being said, we didnt help the situation either .. look at our coach, he was jumping around like a jackass and at the end he was whining to his own players. How the fuck does someone like that ever get to be coach of a national team? what the fuckkkk??? that was EMBARRASSING to look at.. that guy, for example, perfect example actually of a total mental midget

  34. Ganga says:

    It’s just water polo. Who really cares other than the Serbs. Boring sport.

  35. Mixed Grill says:

    Well the Italians were sympathetic to our coach, but it seems no one saw the punch! I didnt either.

  36. Ganga says:

    This will make you all feel better….

  37. Nenad says:

    Tešite se pičke ustaške. SRBIJA JE ŠAMPION !!!!

  38. lika joey says:

    Kosovo! Nenad at the end of the day serbia is a looser. I will rent your grand fathers house out to you. We won it first…serbs just follow us like a dog for a bone. lol

  39. Mixed Grill says:

    Congrats. You should all be proud of your great recent history. Genocide, international pariah, water polo champs.

  40. lika joey says:

    Sorry i also have you aunts place.

  41. Nenad says:

    Ajde da svi zajedno pevamo Bože Pravde !!!!!!!

  42. Aleksandar says:

    Can’t wait to watch those Ustase stand at attention to Boze Pravde with our flag higher then theirs as it should be. You have always been our bitches. Most of you are Serb anyway. Look at you basketball Coach, Aleksandar Petrovic and your best player Bojan BOGDANOVIC…Serbia is loaded with Petrovic’s and Bogdanovic’s .

  43. Anonymous says:

    The announcers said there’ was a punch to the face. I have seen coaches in water polo and handball behaving like this. The Italian water polo coach slapped one of his players in the head in rio, during a game. Once again, if we were mental midgets we would not be in the gold medal game, what the fuck is wrong with you people. I’m as pissed as anyone, but they were the better team, goddamnit already. It’s you guys that are the mental midgets. And how the fuck do you know we lost on purpose to avoid the Serbs????? You spoke to the coach??? Supposedly many teams lose on purpose to avoid a favorite in the final, so if we did to avoid Serbs, we did because they’re the favorite, not because we’re chicken shit!!!, asshole if it was the same situation , they would’ve tanked to avoid any country, it just happens Serbs were the favorite this time.ASSHOLES

  44. Aleksandar says:

    Hahah, Al you Croats making shit up now. I am soooooo glad you have your country now and can’t blame Serbia and the rest of Yugoslavia for your problems. You have no one to blame now but yourselves

  45. lika joey says:

    Aleksandar other way around..Novak is a Croat..why dont you all do what you really want and patch over to the checkers no more problem lol. No shit every serb wants to be a croat.

  46. Mile says:

    To those of you who wanted Serbia to win the semi against Italy so Croatia would have a chance to beat them I ask – are you happy now? And now Croatia has to stand for their anthem. Disgusting.

  47. Aleksandar says:

    This is not the first time Serbia has beaten Croatia in a water polo final. In 2015 Serbia pounded Croatia 11-4 for the world title.In Croatia the TV’s cut the news feed when the medals were awarded and Boze Pravde was played. I suspect the same.

  48. Mixed Grill says:

    Aleksander, go to bed and get some rest. On Monday morning your back in the line up in Dusseldorf looking for employment.

  49. lika joey says:

    Our problems are a fucking luxury compared to yours..we still finish ahead of you..wait you have one more gold then kosovo. good job. Islamic country in the heart of yours lol. We will build a croatian embassy.

  50. Iggy Iggy says:

    Well, to be fair, they SHOULD cut the news feed at that point. Listening to that audio diarrhea is just noise pollution.

  51. Aleksandar says:

    Ika, typical of Croats, always stealing and claiming some Serb to be a Croat like Nikola Tesla ( and before you start, Tesla’s father was a Serbian Orthodox priest). Heck even your Prime Minister ZORAN MILANOVIC is a Serb. Bro Do you know how many Milanovic;s there are in Sumadija ??The facts are half of you are Serbs and your hatred of Serbia borders on pyschosis. It’s a source of greater humor in Serbia and why we love beating you so much because we know how much you hate us

  52. Lika Joey says:

    Mother fucker you have no clue how much I fucking hate you!

  53. Mixed Grill says:

    Aleksander, go to bed already. Your visa will run out, then what will you do?

  54. Aleksandar says:

    Lika Joey, I know i know, Croatian hatred is psychotic. You have your country get over it

  55. Aleksandar says:

    Lika you want more of are reason to hate us rather yourself?According to your own Croatian FA Institute in Zagreb, Croats are descendants of the Serbs and the genetic match of both peoples is nearly identical, with the difference that Serbs are the older of the two peoples and therefore, practically created the Croatian nation

    “Croats are descendants of Serbs who sometime during the tenth century moved to areas populated by smaller Slavic tribes who had become part of the group and during the tenth century took the name Croat (Latin Skorbatus)”, says Dr. Milorad Pavic of the Institute FA.

  56. Iggy Iggy says:

    I dont think you’d get much argument saying there are Serbs in Croatian parliament, lol… if you’ve been to this site before you’d know that haha

    but actually i think the problem is we dont hate serbcunts enough.. not that it’s bordering on psychosis, seems the other way round to me.. keep in mind, you are a serb cunt posting in, as per usual.. it’s always serbs seeking out croats just like on YouTube and everywhere, it’s never the other way round.

    Is there a None of us give a shit, we dont care about you. I guess we should be flattered you serbs are so obsessed with us you need to come to our websites.. lol..

    that’s why i think you guys play better against us, pure hatred.. idk why our guys dont do the same, i guess we arent as hate-filled..

  57. Mixed Grill says:

    Well indeed Iggy, Serbs thought they owned everyone in ex yugoslavia, so like an abusive husband with a restraining order, they hang around the perimeter, craving our attention. No one cares about them or their LAND LOCKED country!!!!

  58. Mixed Grill says:

    Oh and if people hate you its because you committed genocide, murdered, pillaged and besieged your neighbors like shameless savages – which you all supported. You only starting objecting to violence when NATO intervened against you to stop another genocide your were planning. What a bunch of SHITS.

  59. Iggy Iggy says:

    Hahah it is like that, i think i said that in a previous thread! We’re like the partner that’s moved on with their life and is happy and the Serbcuntry is this alcoholic, abusive ex-partner who can’t let go and keeps hanging round hahahah

  60. Aleksandar says:

    Got to boy bros. Popping some Jelen Pivo and celebration the big win. Keep sailing guys

  61. Poglavnik says:

    Serbs are a fucking parasite. There’s a reason no one wanted to be a part of your Yugoslavia. The world rightfully hates you all.
    You must be so proud…

  62. Poglavnik says:

    We will keep sailing.
    In OUR waters!

  63. Anonymous says:

    How pathetic do you have to be to comment on foreign websites, I wouldn’t in a million years think of going on a Chetnik website to comment. You losers obviously are enamored with us , obsessed to be exact.

  64. Diaspora Krajina Serb says:

    After seeing the Ustasha national soccer team get eliminated from the recent EURO tournament, it seemed to me that we’d have to wait at least another two years to, once again, get a chance to legitimately bash you and remind you Croats of your place. Fortunately, we just needed to wait two months and not two years.

    Today’s water polo match and the very recent Serbia-Croatia basketball game are testaments to the reality that Croats are, always were, and always will be below Serbs. The Croat nation will never produce a Novak Djokovic, will never achieve what Red Star Belgrade achieved in 1991, will never produce a Nikola Tesla or Michael Pupin, and will always be inferior relative to the Serb nation. Phuck, you guys don’t even have your own language!!!!! Some of the most primitive tribes in Africa have their own distinctive language but you guys don’t. Know your place!!! Phuck, even the music of your national anthem “Lijepa nasa” was composed by a Serb (Josif Rujanin)!!! Look it up yourself; I swear I’m not lieing!!! LMFAO!!!!!!! You people are PATHETIC!!!

    What’s interesting about the recent basketball game and today’s water polo match is that the vast majority of the Serbs who played were Serbs from Serbia – i.e. Serbs who don’t passionately or rabidly hate Croats like Krajina, Bosnian, and Hercegovinian Serbs do. If most of the members of Serbia’s water polo team were of Krajina, Bosnian, or Hercegovinian Serb origin, the water would have been red with Ustasha blood today. We beat you without our shock troops (i.e. with one hand tied behind our back).

  65. Lika Joey says:

    Next, can vlasic deliver another medal. Serbs won 3 medals in 20 years and get excited.Congratulations you are one up on kosovo lol.

  66. lika joey says:

    Idiot..Novak is great but not a Janica Kostelic…he never will be the greatest. Croats are good at everything not three sports. I cant keep up. Ufc and soccer is starting soon. El clasico is coming. Wait has a serb ever hit that level. Congradulations you are ahead of kosovo in the medal count. LOL

  67. Iggy Iggy says:

    i can’t help but smile at the energy you guys expend coming to a Cro site and carrying on after finally winning something.. water polo too, not like it’s nogomet or anything..

  68. Diaspora Krajina Serb says:

    @ lika joey

    Joey, tell me who was the most famous Lican of all? Phucking Ustasha!!! Accept it. We are the chosen people of the Balkans. I bet you shudder every time you drive by a Tesla. LMFAO!!!

    @ Aleksandar

    You (Aleksandar) said “You [Croats] have your country get over it”. You’re actually, in a significant sense, wrong. The boundaries of present-day Croatia – boundaries that were established in 1945 by that red Ustasha Josip Tito – encompass much more than historical Croatia. Istria, Slavonia, and Dalmatia and definitely not Croatian. Also, those parts of Lika, Kordun, and Banovina that were incorporated into the mainly-Serbian old Austrian military frontier are not Croatian but, arguably, Serbian. Eventually, we will recover these lands just as the Jews eventually recovered Israel. We will not forget…

  69. Lika Joey says:

    Serbia will be a Muslim state in 100 years. Capital will be kosovo.

  70. Iggy Iggy says:

    Cmon Blanka !

  71. Lika Joey says:

    Serbs lost three wars…They can’t afford another one.

  72. Lika Joey says:

    We still beat you at everything. Your just happy because your only victory is against us. We are good at EVERYTHING!

  73. Nenad says:

    The bottom line is we are champions we know how to play you and beat you every time. We have been doing it all the time and we will continue just start getting used to it as im sure you already are. Its part of being Croatian where your arch rival fucks you all the time.

  74. Nenad says:

    Lets not discuss wars every Croatian war involved getting international help or sideing with a Nazi occupier to get at Serbs. your country is built on blood and genocide. It was never one on one and you know that very well.

  75. lika joey says:

    Champions? 3 events in 20 years. How is your soccer team? your happy to have won against a real euro country a brand like Croatia. Enjoy your victory! because you have to celebrate in your shit hole country lol. We will have to settle with just 5 gold medals this time.

  76. Iggy Iggy says:

    Soccer is obviously head and shoulders the most important thing; i dont think even a serbcunt can debate that

  77. Jarac says:

    Lol looks like the Turkish cigani have shown up… Serbs will always be jelous of Croats and Croats will continue to give 2 shits about Serbs. There country is plane and simple a shit hole and will continue to be a shot hole and will never see any tourism… Croatia will continue to rise and prosper and headline…..

    Srbe na vrbe

  78. Lika Joey says:

    Jarac, I love serbian chicks…incredible in bed. I know now why so many of our men converted them. Serbs wed fucking Severina after we finished with her lol.

  79. Lika Joey says:

    Iggy, ufc,k1 kickboxing..NFL…nba..Nlb…boxing…fucking Roger Maris is croatian. New England football is built by a croatian. Napa Valley wine tour…Gruic hills. I can go on for a year.

  80. Crnkovic says:

    Can’t believe you guys let nenad wind you up so badly. Hello nenad, so you are a Serb? That’s nice. That stojkovic was really a great player wasn’t he? Shame about his injuries, could’ve been an all time great probably. You guys are good at water polo now, and chess, I wish you football team would get a bit better though. It would make it more interesting to play the game. Our footballers are really something great now, the young guys are going to be huge, I can see us getting to the semi final or final of a World Cup or euros soon. We just need to stop spending most of our energy hating Serbs then we will get there. Let’s hope we can play Serbia at the World Cup quarter final. Congrats on your win. Bunch of babies. Lol

  81. Iggy Iggy says:

    Blanka fucked her achilles by the looks of it but she might still medal if the other girls keep failing

  82. Crnkovic says:

    No!!!!! Come on blanka!

  83. Diaspora Krajina Serb says:

    @ lika joey

    Actually, Serbia’s current economic (and, one can argue, domestic political) situation is better than that of Croatia – despite all of the international forces that are CONTINUALLY trying to undermine Serbdom. Furthermore, the international consensus is that Belgrade is far greater and more iconic than Zagreb.

    Also, you’re forgetting all of those times when Djokovic crushed Cilic and the other Ustasha tennis players (Cilic has NEVER beaten Djokovic).

    Regarding our soccer team, Serbia won the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Within a few years, our soccer team will be significantly better. Also, did a Croatian soccer club ever come close to achieving what Red Star Belgrade achieved in 1991?

  84. Maminjo says:

    @Aleksandar, Nenad, Diaspora Krajina Serb…

    Congrats on the two wins. You guys deserved it.

    We made you stand for our anthem in the 2012 Olympics in waterpolo, and now you returned the favor. I’m sure this back and forth will continue in waterpolo for a long time.

    In basketball, Croatia’s time is not now, yet we still made the quarters in a strong tournament.
    Our star players are all kids who are 22 years old or younger. Actually, we weren’t even supposed to qualify…but we still did so by taking the scalp of the Italians and your Orthodox Greek brothers to get there. Beating Spain, Brazil and Lithuania was a great run for us, and you have to admit, you were shitting your pants when we came back in our game with you (and you barely squeaked by us when it became a free throw contest in the end). Your time is now, our time is later. The roles will be reversed in the 2020 Olympics when our kids (Saric, Hezonja, Bender, Zubac) are actually NOT teenagers anymore.

    Despite having HALF the population of Serbia, we Croats still have 10 medals (five of them gold, six if Blanka takes this high jump contest right now). That’s more than double your record. But I will be the first to admit, I would easily exchange one of our many golds for that silver in basketball.

    Also, on a non-sporting note, you guys gotta take it easy man. This is just sport. No need to start with the Vojislav Seselj ramblings on our websites. I have a Google News app that gives me Croatian news based on ‘Croatia’ being a key word, and I get TONS of news articles from Serb sites like B92, InSerbia, Balkaninsight, etc…constantly bashing Croatia with the comments section filled with enraged dijaspora Serbs.

    There are no Croatian sites like this that constantly obsess about Serbia will people hellbent on trying to tarnish Serbia all over the internet. It’s sad and unhealthy, and you guys showing up on this site is just proving this sadness even further.

    Take it easy. Enjoy your little sports rivalry, and when summertime comes again, don’t forget to visit the place that the entire world is talking about…Croatia, the Mediterranean as it once was. You know you want to.


  85. Iggy Iggy says:

    Blanka is really injured but she’s in the bronze position atm even if she keeps failing as long as the yank behind her does too

  86. Iggy Iggy says:

    bronze for Blanka, well done under the circumstances.. she should come back in 4 years i reckon cos the spainish woman won gold and she is older – oldest woman in the field

  87. Iggy Iggy says:

    so we finish with 5 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze

    pretty good, the women in athletics really helped out so kudos to them

  88. Maminjo says:

    Blanka is actually ranked as the 2nd best all time in high jump history.

    Problem with her is that she’s always injured for the Olympics. So all those gold medals she’s won have been in the other tourneys. Yet her best at an Olympics was silver.

  89. Lika Joey says:

    Excited for the tfc honouring the metros Croatia from the 70s this Saturday. They have an official jersey to honor us. Only ethnic top level club in north America to win a championship.

  90. Lika Joey says:

    Iggy Toronto fc soccer club

  91. Ante Kvartuc says:

    Oh how I love when the Serbs stop by for a chat.

    Still no, ay guys?

  92. Jarac says:

    man the obsession they have with us is border line homosexual. Pathetic

  93. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ jarac

    I concur.

  94. Lika Joey says:

    I was proud when the serb said our hate is psychotic. I want to thank him for making my day.

  95. MartinHrvat says:

    I usually stay away from all the hatred posted by Serbs on our sites…the back and forth hatred between their provocation and our retaliation is honestly stupid…the war is over…let’s move on…however the one thing that I will comment on that does make me laugh is comments made about Djokovic…yes he is the best male tennis player in the world…perhaps he will one day become the greatest of all time…but reality check…yes he was only born in Serbia, but if people are bringing up ethnicity, his father is Montenegrin and mother is a Hrvatica…so the truth of the matter is that he is more Croat than Serb!

  96. Lika Joey says:

    Redstar in 1991 had a croatian running the show. His mother was serbian just like Novaks is croatian.

  97. Jarac says:


    I gotta disagree with you, he Identifies as a serb…he’s a serb

  98. Lika Joey says:

    As for your unerring 20 world cup. Your future is as bright as the Nigerians. We as passed those mickey mouse tournaments. Our kids are playing at real madrid at 20. Beating spain at 20 straight out of the dinamo zagreb academy. Straight to Euro finals.

  99. Lika Joey says:


  100. Lika Joey says:

    Our basketball future is much much brighter than yours. Jordan emblem looks great on our jersey. How many serbs drafted in the top 10? How come serbs can’t fight? Boxing,mma, kick boxing… you really can grab cock under water.

  101. Maminjo says:


    Actually he’s a Yugo. He considers it all the same. He’s no right wing Cedo. Guy’s got more Croat friends than Serb ones.

  102. Lika Joey says:

    I remember in my wild days being locked up…white boys are a minority in the toronto jails. Every serb wanted to be buddies. But there was never any love for the other side. Fucking pussy scum. I’m loving the brother hood being formed with the Albanians. We will crush you fucks

  103. Iggy Iggy says:

    Also worth mentioning Croatia 17th on the medal tally, cuntserbs down in 32, which – even that is too high for them tbh

  104. Lika Joey says:

    Belgrade more iconic??? Your not even in Europe…land locked! The Luksic family alone is worth more than your banks lol. We are naturally better business people. Globally richer and more successful. Ask a random person what serbia is they won’t know. Idiot!

  105. Lika Joey says:

    Serbia is an economic powerhouse like Moldova. I’m so happy Kosovo is in world cup qualifying with us. Actually on paper they are better than you.

  106. zman says:

    Well said maminjo. You serb fucks look at the medal standings. Hard to swallow huh? well soccer we will destroy you like we always do. All that matters huh. Yup thought so. With your aging bball team team is good just wait 4 years from now. Remember bender will be 4 years older. Way better than than chetnik divac. Write it down. You will remember.

  107. Nenad says:

    @Iggy you are a sore loser scum. I told you we would beat you in basket and this morning i told you we would beat you in waterpolo stop crying just live with it. We dominated in team sports which is what is considered more important in olympics besided Waterpolo all your medals are individual or couple and congratulations on that. You do have a good medal count and also congratulations on that aswell. To Serbs and Serbia as much as you like to put us down this Olympics is a success.
    We got medals in 4 team sports. Not many countries can say that. Total 8. Even though i don’t believe we will get gold tommorow in basket That Silver is huge and had Croatia been there instead you would say the same. Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome there will be a huge welcome party in Belgrade when our champions arrive.

  108. Diaspora Krajina Serb says:

    @ Lika Joey

    You’re a retard. Djokovic’s mother is a Krajina Serb from Vinkovci – Vinkovci being the same place that Josif Rujanin (the Serb who composed the music of the Croatian national anthem) was from. Many Croats still think that Nikola Tesla – despite his parents’ very strong ties to the Serbian Orthodox Church – was Croatian. It’s only to be expected that the Croats (who steal Serbian music, Serbian land [i.e. the Krajina], the Serbian language, and who try to steal Serbian intellectual fame) would try to steal Serbian athletic fame.

    This is my last comment. I don’t have time for this anymore… I’ll let you peasants dig your own graves… Hang yourselves…

  109. Lika Joey says:

    Nenad we already won a silver in basketball at the Olympics. You guys are always playing catch up. We are good every olimpics. We are a mini sports power. 1992 silver medal against the best team to ever play basketball.

  110. Lika Joey says:

    Idiot his mother is 100% Croatian.

  111. Lika Joey says:

    Djokovic loves his mother’s family. We didn’t steal your land…we took ours back. Just took your property that you left behind while running for the hills lmao. If the serb did the music for our anthem…he did a great job. Should of did yours it would of been played on national television like ours.

  112. Nenad says:

    @Zman No i would rather have less big team sport medals then more stupid olympic sports medals. You surely can’t compare a Croat gold medal in shooting a duck or throwing a rock ball and sailing with Basketball medal and Waterpolo gold. In soccer we played 4 games head to head 3 were ties and you have one win. 2013 we had our worst team and that loss did not affect me at all since our qaulify was pretty much done even before that game. September is a new start and we will see.

  113. Maminjo says:

    You know what’s funny?

    All of Serbia’s best and brightest are never actually from Serbia proper (i.e. Tesla, Mandaric, Stojakovic, Dokic, Mihajlovic, Bregovic, Serbedzija, Pavle). They always seem to be born and raised outside of Serbia, or they are ethnically half-Croat (Djokovic) or something else entirely (Monica Seles).

    You could say the same for a few key Croats (i.e. Drazen Petrovic, Dado Prso) but it’s a small list and they’re all at least born and raised in Croatia.

    You guys owe us for providing such a big helping hand in your achievements throughout history. 😉

  114. Nenad says:

    Joey this is our second gold medal basketball match at Olympics. We are not catching up we have blown by Croatia in Basketball a long time ago. Since winning 1995 bronze medal Croatia has not gone to the podium. You are cursed for walking of that day like cowards

  115. Lika Joey says:

    Maminjo = the man! We just won another war lol. I’m disappointed I couldn’t put the nail in the coffin as easy as you did.

  116. Maminjo says:

    I dunno about that Nenad.

    Being a back-to-back gold medalist nation in shooting is a very handy skill. Winning that medal in superheavyweight boxing and having a strong presence in pretty much every form of fighting (MMA, Kickboxing, etc) is pretty awesome too.

    These skills kind of helped us out back in the 90s. Wouldn’t you agree?


  117. Lika Joey says:

    Nenad idiot! We are at every world cup etc…Olympics. your playing catch up. We even have a davis cup…which we won first. Dude we are good at EVERYTHING! Ufc second croatian champ! Cro cop…Branko Cvikatic first ever k1 champ.

  118. Nenad says:

    Croats are decents of Serbs that is why most have Serbian names and speak the Serbian language . You shifted toward the roman empire and became catholic while we remained orthodox but lets not get into history.

  119. Lika Joey says:

    Let’s not talk about boxing please!!!! Croatian fighters are another level. Our soccer is world class..Serbia simply does have the talent in soccer. Montenegro had some incredible players. Hrgovic will be a star.

  120. Lika Joey says:

    What about Coric? Next djokovic or better…aren’t they cousins on Novaks moms side lol.

  121. Nenad says:

    Croatia will never achieve what Serbs have in tennis . So mentioning Coric is useless now.

  122. Lika Joey says:

    Croatia produced it’s first home grown hockey player. Renato Rendulic..nhl drafted. We won in skiing…kickboxing…soccer…basketball…tennis…Everything!

  123. zman says:

    Nenad. Catholics always win wars. Pope will see to it .money talks orthodox bullshit walks.

  124. Maminjo says:

    Nenad, I’ll give you basketball…but you guys actually care about the sport. In Croatia, nobody gives a crap about it. No money. Barely any fans. It’s almost impossible to find a basketball court anywhere in the cities.
    …yet, we have three lottery picks in the NBA for three years in a row now (and more coming) and that’s without even trying.

    With HALF the population of Serbia, you have to admit that is impressive.

    You also have to admit, that you were shitting your pants a bit when we cut that lead of yours to 1 point in the quarterfinals. 😉

    So, yes, I’ll give you basketball, but that could very well end for you guys for a long while. Your vets like Teodosic & Raduljica won’t last forever, and your 2nd round picks aren’t going to stand up toe to toe with guys like Saric, Hezonja and Bender in four years from now.

  125. Maminjo says:


    I won’t give you tennis.

    Croatia has always been the more successful tennis nation from the former Yugo. Djokovic is an outlier.

    Also, Hhalf-Croat Djokovic was nothing before Nikola Pilic turned him into what he is today.

    Just another example of us giving you a huge help in your achievements.

    You’re welcome. 😉

  126. Lika Joey says:

    Nenad, we are a brand! You guys are second class. We just won Wimbledon, Davis cup, American open. We won it all first. Once you catch up to one…we win another. You guys beat us in basketball we win two gold medals the next day. Novak is all you guys have.

  127. Maminjo says:

    Also, Nenad, don’t quote any history if you don’t actually study it. Any scholar would laugh at what you just said about Croat descending from Serbs.

    Also, if it wasn’t for us, you guys would have been ethnically cleansed by the Bulgarians (twice), but we stepped in and saved your asses (twice).

    Google the “Croatian vs Bulgarian” wars if you’re actually really interested in history (instead of repeating mythology from your angry Serb Uncle from the selo).

  128. Lika Joey says:

    Maminjo, serbs are keyboard gangsters…I have never seen one serb have success in any combat sports. Just chirping on line. Wow I’m loving this today. Nenad let’s fucking meet up have a brawl. I would punch your fucking mother you fucking goof! Stab her if I could get away with it. Doing time isn’t easy.

  129. Lika Joey says:

    Maminjo, congratulations you won us another gold tonight in this debate.

  130. Nenad says:

    Maminjo won your kurac tonight.

  131. Maminjo says:

    Adje Nenad, don’t be upset.

    You guys won this weekend. You should enjoy it.

    Anyway, enough internet, I’m gonna go take a dip in the more. Ciao!


  132. Ustasa says:

    You are in fact, truth be told, a schismatic Serb Greek “orthodox.”
    Remember your ancestors jocksniffed the Greek Michael Cerularius, that was the moment that Serbs became antichrists, but lets get into history!

    Outside the Catholic Church there can be everything except salvation. He can hold office, he can have sacraments, he can sing “alleluia,” he can respond “amen,” he can hold to the gospel, he can have faith and preach in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. But never except in the Catholic Church can he find salvation.
    – Saint Augustine
    Sermo ad Caesariensis Ecclesiae Plebem

  133. Maminjo says:

    Uh oh, Nenad, now you’ve done it. The Ujos are here!

    Time to bail. Btw, don’t forget to comment on every Yahoo travel article about Croatia being an evil nazi country.

    ok ok, Im leaving now. I’m spending too much time on this thing.

  134. Anonymous says:

    haha maminjos posts are great. all so true too.

  135. Ustasa says:

    Djokovic is also full of shit when he says we’re all the same, when in fact Croatians and Serbs are more unalike my friends then we are alike, we are more unalike then we are alike.

  136. Jarac says:

    man the fact that these ass clowns come on to our site to cheer about an olympic defeat while there country is slowly rotting is fucking pathetic and is part of why there country is decaying….hey serbos let me give you a hint focus on improving yourself and your country quit jocking homies….;)

  137. dannyj says:

    let em chirp guys… let em chirp… they did win

    we be back… we did just barely get knocked out by the euro champs this year but they couldn’t get past mighty albania in qualifying… watered down tourney and all

  138. Iggy Iggy says:

    @Maminjo, i love this comment:

    Being a back-to-back gold medalist nation in shooting is a very handy skill. Winning that medal in superheavyweight boxing and having a strong presence in pretty much every form of fighting (MMA, Kickboxing, etc) is pretty awesome too.

    These skills kind of helped us out back in the 90s. Wouldn’t you agree?

    hahahaha nice one 😀

  139. MatesicMethod Soul Champ says:

    @ Svi Hrvati

    Mix with đubre and you will smell.

    All of our boys competed well.

    In the realm of growth mindset, we simply need to invest in our talented young athletes.

    God bless handball but we need to shift that popularity to basketball. I saw the national team up close and they are a big athletic crew. I am sure there could of been a point guard or two in that group.

    Financially as individuals and a collective the more basketball players we can produce the more money can be generated. I pray that 50% of the tall young talented boys in handball programs can switch to basketball.

    I also can see all of our talented basketball teenagers wanting to step up into a spot on the senior basketball squad.

    Our Summer run has been an inspiration to thousands of young ballers.

    We are primed for an influx of NBA talent to come into the fold for Eurobasket 2017.

    2019 FIBA World Cup will have a FIFA World Cup qualifying format going forward. This structure will favor our young kids to get maximum experience.

    2020 Olympics we will go for GOLD!

    In the next 3-4 years we will re-establish HKS as the premier Baksetball program in Europe.

    Uvijek Vjerni.


    Forgot to mention that we are also winning the 2018 FIFA World Cup!

  140. Iggy Iggy says:

    Cilic also made the final of cincinatti masters 1000 (first time he has ever achieved a masters 1000 final) today by beating dimitrov and will play murray in the final

  141. Mile says:

    Iggy, and even if Cilic loses today, he will move up to #10 in the rankings tomorrow. And because Federer is out injured, and Berdych is out of the US Open, Cilic will be the #8 seed at the US Open, which is a much better seeding than #9-16.

  142. Mario says:

    Ok this thread is pathetic. We are back and forth Serbs vs Croats. Fact is both Serbia and Croatia have excellent sports representation in many sports. For small countries we are both big in sports. Look at Portugal for instance. Besides their soccer they really dont have anything else. Its childish to keep arguing who is better bla bla. Its OK to have a rivalry but it should be a healthy one not chant war slogans and ubi Hrvata or ubi Srbina. I think the waterpolo final did show that we can all be civilized these players play each other many time and im sure they get along outside of the pool.

  143. Lika Joey says:

    Mario, point is we are another level! Go fuck yourself you politically correct pussy.

  144. Maminjo says:


    Take it easy. There is no back and forth.

    We’re just responding to a bunch of serbs who decided to come on this Croatia Sports site and troll us for losing.

    You don’t see any Croats jumping on any Serbian sports sites every single time they get eliminated from the Euros and World Cup in football.

    It’s kinda like real life. They attack Croatia, and we’re just defending ourselves. There is no attack back onto Serbian soil. They’ll paint it as a back and forth, but it’s really just them constantly on the attack and dimwits like you who don’t get it. The attacks still continue to this day on their news portals and through their many right-wing political parties that are constantly in power.

    I don’t blame them though. If my next door neighbor had the best pool in the world, I would do everything in my power to steal it as well.


  145. Nenad says:

    Yes Joey you are at a different level Serbia is playing a Basketball final today for gold and Croatia is long gone thrown out by Serbs.

  146. Lika Joey says:

    Idiot! We already have an olimpic mini empire…this should is your first moment in your history. We are always in the mix in all sports! Three croatian soccer players are worth more than your entire sports nation.

  147. Mixed Grill says:

    Nenad, you are only known for your war criminals. Your mafia state has no economy and is in shambles. As a country, hard to see a future until you reckon with yourselves and how messed up you are. Leave us alone. Leave all your neighbors alone, we want nothing to do with you. Sorry.

  148. Lika Joey says:

    Nenad today a Croatian is in a tennis final…next month we are defending the ufc heavyweight championship…it never ends dude. Keep trying to catch up!

  149. Nenad says:

    Tennis lol keep catching up i think Croatia is at 3 while Serbs have 13 Grandslams. You need to do your research before you make yourself look like an idiot.

  150. Lika Joey says:

    My point is we are competitive in all sports idiot! You are competitive at 3. We have won titles across the board idiot! Can a serb ski? Fight…dude I don’t have all day. Soccer I could go on for a week! Keep trying to catch up!

  151. Mate says:

    Krama hat trick today to start of the season

  152. Franjo Tudjman says:

    Serbia is totally out of their game and getting killed right now.

    I’m waiting to see what stupid shit Carmelo Anthony and others are waiting to pull during the medal ceremony since he promised to do something to symbolize police shootings (maybe a dopey Black Lives Matters poster?).

  153. Lika Joey says:

    Serbia is realizing it isn’t easy to win Gold medals…lol

  154. Lika Joey says:

    That would be an achievement for a 3rd world nation to get 3 golds. We will run them over next Olympics in ball.

  155. Anonymous says:

    They beat Venezuela, China, Croatia and Australia…and they get a silver medal.

    Talk about lucky, lol

  156. Nenad says:

    What medal did Croatia win in basketball again yeh thats right nothing. You guys are losers and always will be lol.

  157. Franjo Tudjman says:

    I love when Chetniks come on the board since they don’t have their own!

  158. Lika Joey says:

    We won one in 1992!

  159. Lika Joey says:

    Nenad 5 Gold!

  160. Nenad says:

    I was talking about now not olympics prior to this. This is our second Silver we had one in 1996 aswell. Main thing is we gave it to you guys in 2 sports in this olympics and i know it hurts. This is my final post since the games are over.

  161. MatesicMethod Soul Champ says:

    @ Maminjo

    We should pay you for your clear and full of common sense posts.

    Svaka čast brate!

    Kovacic played the full 90′ today.

    He had a screamer to the right post saved.

    I pray he can keep playing and grow into his game.

    I like forward up the pitch.

    He needs to keep learning from Zidane on how to become a true #10.

    Bog i Hrvati

  162. Lika Joey says:

    Maminjo incredible posting brother! Copyright with a goal for sporting today.

  163. Lika Joey says:

    Cop…..stupid phone

  164. Mile says:

    Cilic beats Murray 6-4, 7-5 in the Masters Cincinnati, his first Masters Series title. He played fantastic. And he is again in the top 10 tomorrow. I think he will be #9, but will be the #7 seed for the US Open, since Federer and Berdych have withdrawn. Caps a great couple of weeks for Croatian sports following the 10 Olympic medals.

  165. Poglavnik says:

    Bye Nenad!
    Drop by for some abuse anytime.

  166. Lika Joey says:

    What is this masters title? I know the fight game and soccer…that’s it! Lol

  167. Maminjo says:

    Olympics are officially over.

    Croatia finishes #17 in the world.

    Incredible for a country of 4.3 million people.

  168. DeusVult says:

    “”Ustasa says:
    You are in fact, truth be told, a schismatic Serb Greek “orthodox.”
    Remember your ancestors jocksniffed the Greek Michael Cerularius, that was the moment that Serbs became antichrists, but lets get into history!
    Outside the Catholic Church there can be everything except salvation. He can hold office, he can have sacraments, he can sing “alleluia,” he can respond “amen,” he can hold to the gospel, he can have faith and preach in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. But never except in the Catholic Church can he find salvation.
    – Saint Augustine
    Sermo ad Caesariensis Ecclesiae Plebem””

    comment of the year goes to ustasa, but we often forget that we should evangelize our serb Christian brothers with kindness and patience in order for them to reject their schism and return to Christ’s Church. Caritas Christi urget nos!

  169. Lika Joey says:

    Nenad is gone after the Olympics…because unless Novak is winning nothing to be happy about.

  170. Lika Joey says:

    Lika Joey we lost in waterpolo yesterday…won in tennis today! Lost to serbia in b ball won two gold medals the next day.

  171. Mile_Budi_Dobar says:

    but lets not get into history

  172. Horvat says:

    I can care less about the Serbs beating us in any sport other than soccer.

    The Serbs would love to trade places with us any day to have a soccer team that rocks like ours.

  173. Lika Joey says:

    Dam phone

  174. The Beast says:

    Hey Serbs, look at the medal count. Who has more?
    Croatia has 5 golds, Serbia has 2. Croatia is ranked 17th in the world medal count and Serbia is ranked 32nd. Shut your mouth about being superior you cunts.

  175. Iggy Iggy says:

    Wow Cilic won !! I didnt htink he could beat Murray so that’s a great surprise, well done ! Maybe he can add to his grand slam title after all? Terrific stuff ! 😀

    And yeah i agree, Serbcunts would definitely swap with us any day of the millennium, no question.. i mean, can you imagine being a Serbcunt and having to look on every world cup and euro cos your team is too shitty to even qualify, let alone have a chance of doing anything? LOL.. must suck.. but we wouldnt know

  176. Iggy Iggy says:

    Dodig won the doubles too with some brazilian so that’s nice.. i mean, i dont give a fuck about doubles but it’s nice to see singles and doubles both won by Hrvati

  177. Iggy Iggy says:

    Murray was on a 22 match winning streak before Cilic CRUSHED HIM EASILY today too

    nice .. obv murray won the gold at rio too, it was lovely to see novak crying after he lost in round 1 at rio.. poor little serbcunt

    nah just kidding, fuck him, he’s a wanker

  178. Mario says:

    Iggy does your life consist of just hating Serbs. I wonder how many times you actually have been to Croatia. To me it seems like your a 15 year old cyber Ustaša from Australia who has been to Croatia once as a child. You a very lame.

  179. Lika Joey says:

    Iggy is the man…Heart of a Hrvat!!

  180. Mario says:

    You guys are a bunch of childish kids.

  181. Lika Joey says:

    Mario, is your mom serbian?

  182. Mario says:

    %100 Croatian from Nuštar close to Vinkovci.

  183. Mixed Grill says:

    Nuštar is a village and municipality in eastern Croatia, located northeast of Vinkovci and west of Vukovar, on the route D55. The population of Nuštar is 3,639, with a total of 5,772 people in the municipality, of which 95% are Serbian, 3% Montenegrin and 1% Hungarian. The most popular dish is Serbian Bean Soup (census 2011). Each year the inhabitants celebrate the Battle of Kosovo with fireworks[1] and drunken singing.

  184. Bobby V says:

    @ Maminjo – great job brother. Always enjoy your posts.

    I think Nenad should stick around and write reports on all of Serbia’s upcoming World Cup qualifying games.

    Wit their expected poor form about to continue, it would be a good read.

    Serbs are like those little fuckers in the neighborhood who used to come around the big boys standing on the corner and start pulling on our shirts and kicking our shins trying to get attention – until one good backhand swipes them away like a fucking komarac.

  185. Stefan says:

    Must still hurt getting eliminated from Basketball by Serbs and then getting crushed again by the Serbs in the pool. Constantly getting humilated. Tommorow is the welcoming party in Belgrade for our Champions. Tune in to RTS. I Was wondering if you will have a welcoming party for your 2 gay sailers and duck shooter and the disc throwers LOL

  186. Poglavnik says:

    ^ ^
    HA! Yeah a gold and a silver are worthy of a welcoming party..
    I guess when u live in a shit hole like Serbia there’s not much to celebrate.

  187. Lovro says:

    Hurt?…not as much as having a bunch of stubby little Albanians who don’t know how to tie their shoes take away your heartland.

    If real Serbs found out some of you were coming onto a Croatian website to chat, they would kick your fucking asses. Tell them you were wondering how Croatians planned to welcome their athletes back.

    Stefan – that was the name of that gay nightlife reporter played by Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live.

  188. Maminjo says:

    Croatia just won five gold medals in these 2016 Olympics.
    Since the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Serbs have won five TOTAL medals in all of the Olympics combined.

    All their gold medals in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 combined amount to only five gold medals (even when you count the years they had Crna Gora with them). When it comes to Olympic sports, the Serbs don’t even compare to Croatia.

    I’ll be the first to admit that the Serbs have our number in basketball, tennis and waterpolo in these past 5-10 years when we have played each other…but that’s really just good for local bragging rights.

    However, on an global scale, Serbia doesn’t compare to Croatia. Our sports athletes throughout our history are more recognizable and had a greater impact in other countries as well (ones that are far and away from the Balkans).

    For example, ask anyone in Japan about Croatia and they will easily name you several Croats (ie. Mirko CroCop, Branko Cikatic, Davor Suker, etc). Ask them the same question about Serbia and most won’t even know what Serbia is.

    Same goes for in the US, a country whose citizens are geographically inept when it comes to recognizing small countries, but will immediately know the Toni Kukoc’s, the Stipe Miocic’s…heck, I even met a guy who kinda followed handball and he knew who Ivano Balic was because he was both an awesome player and had the cool rockstar long hair (but literally knew no other handballer in the world). I still get boxing fans talking to me about Mavrovic and how he took Lennox to 12 rounds. Heck, even Zoran Primorac got a mention in the TV show ‘The Office’ when that Dwight Schrute character became obsessed with table tennis and was listing his heroes, lol.

    Compare that to Serbian athletes in these past 25 years and they simple never become a household name. For example, I think waterpolo is an awesome sport, and Serbia has been the best in the world these past three years, but despite this…nobody outside of the Balkans can name you one single Serbian waterpolo player. Good athletes, but none of them either great enough or charismatic enough to break that barrier.

    We also have a lot of excellent (but relatively unknown) athletes like a Damir Martin here or an Ivan Ljubicic there…but we just have SO MANY more athletes who are successful that many of them break that regional barrier, and into the global scene and become a popular worldwide athlete.

    A lot of them do it because they are simply great (ie. Janica & Ivica Kostelic) or they do it because of a combination of being kinda good but also VERY charismatic (ie. Goran Ivanisevic, Blanka Vlasic, CroCop).

    None of the many Serbian athletes are ever that great or are ever that charismatic to become a global brand (other than half-Hrvat Novak Djokovic). Actually, the only Serbian players that are internationally known are half-Hrvat Novak Djokovic, Croat-born Peja Stojakovic and Vlade Divac (maybe).

    There’s nobody in football that you can really say broke out onto a global scale other than maybe Nemanja Vidic & Brane Ivanovic (kind of). Most people I ask don’t know who they are, unless they specifically followed EPL. But if you ask even the most fairweather football fan who Davor Suker, Zvone Boban or Luka Modric is…they’ve definitely heard of them.

    Even in basketball, we probably have more historically popular players in Petrovic, Radja and Kukoc and the Serbs have been better than us in these past 15 years yet couldn’t really develop one globally (or US) known player since Stojakovic’s days on the team. Serbs just won a silver medal this past weekend, and nobody on that team is known to anyone on a global scale. Teodosic is known in some Euro countries who follow Euroleague, but that’s pretty much it. There were actually more Internet articles that followed friggin’ Dario Saric on Croatia than anyone on Serbia’s national team. Guys like Saric, Hezonja and Bender alone will garner a ton more global (mainly North American) media attention in the next Olympics than the total of all Serb players who have played for Serbia in the past 15 years. THAT’s very telling.

    So, really, it doesn’t matter that the Serbs have beaten us in waterpolo twice, basketball thrice, and tennis (Novak over Cilic) several times in these past 5-10 years. Aside from the odd dijaspora Croat (all of whom who pretty much post on this site) Croats don’t really get up for Serbia the way Serbia does when they play Croatia. All these Croat athletes care about is being recognized internationally, and they’re doing a good job at it. Good for them. Leave this regional Balkan bullshit in the past where it belongs (and where Serbs still remain to this day).

  189. ZDS Lifestyle says:

    All you dispora Croat’s need to spend less time on useless threads like this one and learn to speak the language, so that when you go to Croatia on your vacation trying to pick up the locals you don’t get laughed at. You are not living the ZDS lifestyle. So much needless hate for the Serbs but you can’t even speak, read or write in Croatian.

  190. Anonymous says:

    I’d rather read comments from Serbs than the oldest, most boring, useless, “who is the greater Croat” argument assholes like you keep bringing up.

    Many of us can read/.write both, so get off your high horse, it just took a shit.

    Fucking Ziva’s twin brother

  191. Mixed Grill says:

    ZDS Lifestyle says:
    All you dispora Croat’s need to spend less time on useless threads like this one and learn to speak the language, so that when you go to Croatia on your vacation trying to pick up the locals you don’t get laughed at. You are not living the ZDS lifestyle. So much needless hate for the Serbs but you can’t even speak, read or write in Croatian.

    Really, the same language the Serbs speak? Language was the basis of the formation of Yugoslavia. Great idea.

  192. Elvis says:

    I could careless about basketball and water polo. Just keep the Serbian Hillbillies out of Croatia.

  193. Mario says:

    It is very pointless to have these meaningless arguments. We can enjoy our success and let them enjoy theirs.
    Maybe you Croats from the diaspora have not been to Croatia in years or ever and feel like its 1991 but its actually 2016 war was over a long time ago. Things are pretty much normal when you travel to HR or SRB. There is alot of Cars in HR with SRB plates and vise versa. As much as you brain washed Ustaše would like to impose a fashist states people in the Balkans are interested in democracy peace and freedom.

  194. Plates says:

    Where I’m from a lot of people have personalised plates!

    Some people just have the normal plates. I think people should have whatever they like on their plates. Peace, freedom and democracy is what most people want and this story you told us about the plates shows that Croatia is on the right track.
    I think you’re a good person but maybe next time you can share with all of us some of the better plates you have seen

  195. Mixed Grill says:

    Mario, I know the communist system told you we are all Ustaše, but we are not. It was you guys who were brainwashed. We are all for democracy and freedom but if you look at the states of the former Yugoslavia, you have all failed to move adequately in that direction. Corrupt, economically inept, provincial etc. Maybe we are not fond of Serbs, but deep down we also have deep doubts about the Croats who emerged out of pile of dung that was communist Yugoslavia and what they have done to the country since independence.

  196. Mario says:

    Its not the communist system that is responsible for the crimes the Ustaše did during WW2. Ustaše have made us Croatians look bad in our history. People were systematically killed its not fabrication this is the truth.Today when i see that idiot Thompson getting all these people together and praising the Ustaša ideology makes me sick as a Croat.We dont have to be Ustaše to be Croatians.

  197. Jarac says:


    You are an idiot.Tito was one of the biggest murders in history…yet everyone wants to focus on Ustase….I wonder why that is….

  198. Mario says:

    Tito did not any good to Serbia or Croatia but we are going from one extreme to the next.

  199. Ustasa says:

    Furthermore, just as a physician looks to health as the end in his work, and health consists in the orderly concord of humors, so, too, the ruler of a state intends peace in his work, and peace consists in “the ordered concord of citizens.” Now, the physician quite properly and beneficially cuts off a diseased organ if the corruption of the body is threatened because of it. Therefore, the ruler of a state executes pestiferous men justly and sinlessly in order that the peace of the state may not be disrupted.
    – Saint Thomas Aquinas
    Contra Gentiles Book III Volume 2 Chapter 146:5

    Besides, the good has no need of evil, but, rather, the converse.

    So the Judean Pharisees and schismatic Serb Greek “orthodox” who hate Catholicism are in your opinion the good guys, and the Catholic Ustase who fought for freedom and peace the bad guys?

    And all you idiots that talk about “genocide,” history itself proves that there was no genocide in the NDH.
    Remember the people that converted to the Catholic faith were not killed.

  200. Operacija Oluja says:

    To the Serbian trolls:

    Newsflash ! This website is called “” get it ? This means that it was indeed created in English for diaspora Croats to discuss, you know “CROATIAN SPORTS.”

    Nobody is forcing you to come here and read our conversations, quite the contrary. If you don’t like it, you have the right to leave, not to take it over like the former Serboslavia.

    You lost the war over 20 years ago, so please get a life already and move on, you pathetic demented COWARDS.

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