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Barcelona: Tenim Un Problema

February 14, 2017




Oh boy.



In one of the most unexpected and frankly lopsided results in Champions League history, mighty Barcelona was shut out and humiliated 4-0 by PSG Tuesday night in Paris. It was the start of the Round of 16 knockout matches, and boy did we get a shocker. For the past decade, Barcelona have been a juggernaut in the footballing world. They have not only been one of the best two teams in Spain over that span; but the world.



With Real Madrid’s tight hold atop the La Liga table this season and Barcelona on the brink of an early Champions League exit, what will happen in two weeks amongst Barca’s egos if they cannot pull a Tom Brady-like comeback for the ages?



Lionel Messi look uninspired against PSG playing alongside striking battery mates Luis Suarez and Neymar. You would assume this trio could get at least one or two in the back of the net against a PSG club who doesn’t even have the talents of Zlatan anymore (he left for Manchester United in the summer.)



All eyes will be on Camp Nou in two weeks with a golden generation on the edge of collapse. Croatia’s Ivan Rakitić came off the bench when the damage was already done, subbing in for Andres Iniesta in the 72nd minute. Sergio Busquets and Andre Gomes filled out the flailing midfield in the loss with regulars Pique and Jordi Alba on the backline.



This Barcelona side isn’t getting any younger. Is it time to panic in Catalonia?



All 4 PSG Goals




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 15 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:

    @ Luis “Lucho” Enrique

    Que fue?

    You don’t play the Hrvat and you go DOWN!

    Unai Emery used to play Rakitic as he captained Sevilla for him.

    Classic take a crap on the Croat.

    At least Rakitic will be fresh for Ukraine.

    I hope he moves this summer to a new club where he does not have to do all the running and can play more to his offensive strengths with his range passing and playmaking.

    Real CROdrid.

  2. Croatianperson85 says:

    @Soul Champ and everyone else

    Should he leave (don’t think it’s happening IMO but we all know contracts in soccer are worthless these days) what do you think are the highest calibre clubs Rakitic could move to where he would actually contribute more on the offensive end? Man U? too slow? Juve? Too much competition? I mean he is at Barca but in Sevilla he was more involved offensively.

    How about I position the question this way – What is the biggest team Rakitic could possibly start for or compete for a starting spot where he would contribute more and not play as defensive as he does in Barca and run for MSN?

    Do you guys think Rakitic playing the position he played in Sevilla was better for our national team or the position where he is today?

  3. Faux Cro says:


    I think Juve/Bayern will be the right level of play and pay.

    Inter and Fiorentina can’t afford him and RM don’t need him.

  4. BZ says:

    @Fauxcro-I actually think Inter can afford him, but either way those were just my selfish wish list teams for some treble Croatian action.

  5. Soul Champ says:

    @ CP85

    Great questions around Raketa.

    To be clear, Luka Modrić is the slamka that stirs the drink with this current iteration of our beloved Vatreni. His role needs to compliment Luka.

    Rakitic is strong, technical and has range passing and shooting capabilities.

    I agree with Faux CRO that the next chapter in his career for both club and Croatia is playing that Xabi Alonso role.

    He often played that role with Sevilla as well. It is like that Franz Beckenbauer role. Deep lying CDM that dictates proceedings.

    Plus we can now play with anyone and his goals from second wave attacks will be pivotal.

    Barca problem is that Busquets plays this role now and iniesta has lost a step. Plus they really miss Dani Alves at RB, his athletic toughness and width on the right was always an extra dimension.

    So scape goat the Croat.

    Jebi ga … if his Barca time is up then move onto a place where you can play and enjoy your football.

  6. Lazio says:

    Marco Fabian being out doesn’t help Eintracht Frankfurt though.
    I remember when Payet was missing for about six games last season for West Ham and they didn’t win any of those games. Hopefully Eintracht can hang in there till Fabian comes back and not drop to far down the ladder. I just checked and Fabian should be back in about 2-3 weeks.

    I had some good times being an Eintracht fan, but now and then you become a bit stale and you need a change, I wish Eintracht and Niko all the best! But I’m Hoffenheim fan now and I look forward to watching them and to enjoy being a fan again.

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