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Čilić To Host Fundraiser In Los Angeles

February 27, 2017





2014 U.S. Open champion and Croatia #1 Marin Čilić will be in Los Angeles this Sunday to promote his foundation before he heads to Indian Wells for the BNP Patinas Open. All are welcome at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church for food, kolo, raffle and a chance to meet Čilić.



Complete information can be found in the above flyer or email with any additional questions.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 11 comments

  1. Lazio says:

    Should be a good test playing Mexico in Mexico. They always beat us in World Cups, but this being a friendly gives us some chance.

  2. Idemo says:

    Doubt A team travels hope they don’t…..but anyways I’m coming
    Someone let me crash on the couch
    Who’s the dude that married a Mexican here???

  3. idemo says:

    first half should have been 5-2 for real, unlucky? how many actual goals did Morata have disallowed…..celebrate your point

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