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Bogdanović: Šarić For ROY, Zubac For EuroBasket

March 29, 2017

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Washington Wizards’ Bojan Bogdanović



Bojan Bogdanović spoke to CroatianSports after the Wizards 119-108 win over the Lakers in Los Angeles Tuesday night. Bogdanović discussed his trade from the Nets to Wizards last month and what it will be like playing for a team dreaming of a deep playoff run. Bojan also touched on his expectations for Croatia in the European basketball championships this summer, Dario Šarić for Rookie of the Year and Ivica Zubac filling a national team spot.






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 14 comments

  1. The truth says:

    At ante
    Allow me to correct some of the failures of your parents. It’s not “biti na ekipu” but instead “biti na ekip-i”

    It is the locative case. A common mistake made by diaspora hrvati who’s parents have failed them

    And for you diaspora hrvati, a hrvat is a Croatian. You add an i to make it plural. Next time, we’ll go over ordering drinks on the coast in the summer

  2. mixed grill says:

    Don’t tell me the idiot is back? Leave, go find some friends, we are just fine without you.

  3. mixed grill says:

    On the topic of a real sport, basketball, not the cry baby game of football, which many north Americans on this site watch so they can pretend they are European, we should be very proud of Saric and Zubac. They serious players. Saric is a tough grinder with great stability. He has the toughness that the wimpy Kukoc, who should have played football, sorely lacked. Zubac has great hands for his size. I look forward to watching them develop.
    By the way, watch Saric play. He takes more physical contact in five minutes than the tattoo infested, mohawk clad, hipster, infantile, diving football players do in an entire game. He doesn’t cry, whine or fall on the ground either. A real sport for real men.

  4. Dannyj says:

    Seriously guys soccer basketball aside nothing harder then the NHL for how hard the schedule is, the contact … look how long they play till if your in the cup final

  5. Poglavnik says:

    Hockey may be physical but skating is much easier than running and jumping.There are no Hasek’s Jagr’s Chelios’s or Gordie Howe’s in soccer playing into there mid forties. Also I’d say soccers schedule can be much harder. If you’re a South American International playing on a top 4 Premier League it doesn’t get much tougher. Thrown in a major tourney at the end of the season and you’re looking at 70+ games.
    Don’t even get me going on basketball! Is there an easier game for a referee to throw than basketball? The interpretation of the rules and the way fouls are called or not called is the worst of any sport. Hands down.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kindly do the website and the world a favor and go back to being dead troll Ziva, er.. “the truth”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey the truth

    how about some good recommendations for learning Croatian grammar? We don’t want to listen to you correct us.

  8. The truth says:

    Sadly, learning the grammar is tough if your parents jabbed failed you. It’s largely too late, but I’ll do my best to try to help. I supposed I’ll have to carry the kriz

  9. The truth says:

    Yes the autocorrect on the phone sometimes messes up the words i intend. It’s part of the reason i haven’t fully embraced Twitter yet as it’s mostly a phone based platform

  10. Andrej L says:

    @The truth – so you haven’t embraced Twitter because of some fear of autocorrect; I’m guessing you don’t want to be ridiculed yet that’s exactly what your doing here.

    The truth is that YOUR parents failed you and Kvartuc is a stand up guy who probably speaks better Croatian than someone like me who left at a young age. I hate saying this type of stuff online but it was too obvious.

    Good Bojan playing on a good team.

    PS: I like it when they respond in simple Croatian…good practice for some of us

  11. Green says:

    Ante Kvartuc’s whole life is about gaining respectability, never to utter a politically incorrect word in his life, whatever happens to be the fashionable thing to say at the moment he’ll say. It’s the very definition of a nobody, but he does what he does b/c he think’s it’ll make him a somebody.

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