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Ronaldo Hat Trick Puts Real Madrid In CL Semis

April 18, 2017


Luka Modrić & Mateo Kovačić first to celebrate with Ronaldo after his extra-time go-ahead goal



It was a wild one in Madrid Tuesday night. A 78th minute Sergio Ramos own goal leveled the aggregate score at 3-3 and forced extra time in the Champions League quarterfinal second leg clash between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. However, Ronaldo would complete his hat trick with two goals in extra time, giving Real Madrid a 6-3 aggregate win over Bayern Munich to reach the Champions League semifinals. Luka Modrić got the start and played all 120 minutes dictating his usual play in the midfield. Modrić played a more conservative role against Bayern in the second leg as he did not push up at all during the match. Over two legs against Bayern Munich, Ronaldo scored five of Real Madrid’s six goals. They will join city rivals Atletico Madrid in the semifinals, who defeated Leceister City 2-1 on aggregate.


Wednesday night will see the other two semifinalists, as Barcelona host Juventus and Monaco host Borussia Dortmund.






Will Luka Modrić lift the Champions League Cup for a third time in four years?



The midfield maestro has orchestrated some great games for Real Madrid in his five years at the club; but a second straight Champions League title to go along with a La Liga title (which they are in prime position to win) is nothing to downplay. After a disastrous first season with Los Blancos, the trophies have been piling in.



Tuesday night in Madrid, Real will defend their 2-1 first leg victory in Germany as they are now 90 minutes away from the Champions League semifinals. The game kicks off at 2:45PM (ET) with Atletico Madrid facing Leicester City at the same time. Barcelona looks all but out after a 3-0 first leg loss to Juventus and Monaco shelled in three away goals against Borussia Dortmund.



The current favorites to be in the CL semifinals are Real Madrid, Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Monaco. And you have to put Real Madrid and Juventus ahead of the competition as long as they don’t get paired before the final.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 134 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:


    Zidane in a private moment says thank God for Luka Modric, he is the only player that brings a little of my playing magic to the pitch (Isco as well).

    Man Modric shines in the big matches against world class talent.

    @ Kvartuc

    After Luka navigated a toxic “disastrous” locker room he has led the Madristas to silver ware.

    If he wins the double this year ?

    Greatest NOGOMETAS ever.

    And yes he is from Zadar, and yes he was cut by Hajduk, who also cut Josip Skoblar (Privlaka) another pint size BEAST!

    @ Self Hating Hrvati

    Must be tough to deal with all of our studs all over the Business end of the Champions League.

    All good.

    Everyone jump into the Adriatic Sea band wagon.

    Croatian footballers are WORLD CLASS!

    U boj …

    Za Narod Svoj !!!!


  2. The truth says:

    Ahhh idemo, you must be from the diaspora. Let me explain, a nogometas is Croatian for soccer player derived from the word nogomet which means soccer. But in using it in this sense, soul champ is simply referring to modric as the best Croatian soccer player of all time. Also, a hrvat is a Croatian. Add an i to make it plural. Your very name which maybe your parents or Google translate helped you with means we go. As in idemo nauciti hrvatski, which would be a good idea for you and many of the diaspora

  3. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Good pointers there Ziva Isti……….errrrr I mean “Truth”.

    Riddle me this, Truth. What if someones mother is a Serb born in Croatia and their father is a Bosnian musliman born in Croatia and their child is born in Croatia, speaks, reads, writes etc just so happens to convert to Catholicism and kisses the flag and loves Croatia.

    Are they more Croatian then someone from the US whose NOT born in Cro, their parents are born in Cro, they don’t read or write Croatian BUT they love Croatia, kiss the flag visit etc?

  4. CroatianPerson85 says:

    If an Albanian ice cream salesman from Kosovo and an Albanian jewler from Sandzak get into a blindfolded mud wrestling match who wins?

  5. Milosevic's Mother says:

    Bye Bayern! The little Polish striker is a bust in real competitions. Mario brought them a treble.

  6. Soul Champ says:

    Real Modrić once again in the CL semi-finals!

    5 days to recover for Barca at the Bernabaeu.

    Bayern treated the Croatians like rented mules and have not sniffed the CL silverware since.

    Rule #1 respect the Nogometas.

    When does Sime “World-Class” Vrsaljko return ?

    Pulisic the soon to be greatest American soccer player ever with Croatian flavor all over his game, going against Subasic.

    Mandžukić ready to beast at Camp Nou.

    Hrvati all over the place.

  7. Lazio says:

    @The truth
    Soul Champ is a self proclaimed homer, so when he says that Modric has LED Madrid to silverware, he means that Modric is the leader of the team. If he believes that Modric is a part of a larger leadership group, then that’s something he has to articulate?

    Will Madrid win a third CL title? If they do, my understanding is that Soul Champ will then believe that Modric (the team leader) would have LED them to back to back CL triumphs (something that hasn’t been done since this format’s inception), and then becomes the greatest player to have ever played the game!

  8. Soul Champ says:

    @ BZ

    Hvala Brate.

    I know I lean toward optimism.

    But if Modric wins 3 CL titles is he not the most successful Croatian footballer of all time?

    He has been voted best midfielder in La Liga twice.

    World XI

    Real Modrić wins La Liga for the first time in years ?

    If he leads Croatia to a deep run in Russia then its a non debate.

    He looked quick today.

    I’d like to see a golasso but maybe he is saving that for the semi’s?

    Casemero and Kroos are lauded for the roles they play but Luka provides an extra quality that creates the flow.

    Bayern were dominate in possession but without Luka it could of been Bundesliga dominant.

    He looks to have a good 3 more years at this level ?

    And then he could still play a role with support around him like Pirlo had.

    Even Kovačić got a cameo today.

    Morata who is the goods doesn’t even get a minute !

    James does get a sniff ?

    We have our best player and our best young player together at Real Modrić!

    Hvaljen Isus.

  9. Lazio says:

    “Real Modrić wins La Liga for the first time in years ?”

    Fact, Madrid have not won a league title since Modric arrived! In that time Ronaldo has been doing what Ronaldo does, and Modric has been “world class,” but no league title?

  10. LAknat says:

    Shit happen, as i though vidal was totally junk. Even I zurpass Ancheloti by a good premonation though my tactic skill has equal to him. Why coaching always look for the statistic more than a little hunch. If i said that vidal junk would mess it then there it was happened. Sure i would subs him earlier before he got a red card. Another shit happen in 2008 when Bilic should make subs for goalie in pen shoot out. That’s how premonation should be works!)

  11. Idemo says:

    Pulusic doesn’t recognize you or your fathers heritage bro get over it, saying he’s good solely because of grandpas blood is taking away from the mans hard work, your blood is 100 percent Croat shouldn’t you be killin?

    @bz brate, iskreno reci, boli li kad ga jasis?

  12. Idemo says:

    The ref was trash Robben PK a la Mexico, Casemiro should have been off, Vidal 2nd card not a foul, off side? Maybe PK for Casemiro as well

    Him and the Jap prob friends

  13. Lazio says:

    @Soul Champ
    Toni Kroos was also in the World XI! Your thoughts on Toni Kroos?

    Modric 2× La liga midfielder of the year!
    I put that down to that he plays for Real Madrid.

    I don’t believe he will ever lead Croatia to a deep run in any tournament.

    Bale, Ronaldo and Modric, which of these players do you believe has the better supporting cast to work with at the international level?

  14. LAknat says:

    When they use tech to utilitize refering in football when we know that Ronaldo won’t score more goals and many divers will lose his job at main roster. I am waiting for tech or robot in every football games.

  15. Safet Isovic says:

    The ref have so many possession calls to Bayern which should have been RM corners. The PK was a BS call.

    For Bayern to cling onto the game due to this plus an own goal..pathetic.

    The losers need to look at themselves. Lewandowski is a puss for sitting out the first leg due to a sore shoulder. Do you think Mandzukic would do the same if he was still at Bayern.

    Guardiola said Lahm is the smartest player he’s coached. Mandzukic made Lahm look like a rookie at Bayern.

    Pep and Bayern can both wallow in their cry towels.

  16. Poglavnik says:

    I’d say the biggest difference between us Portugal and Wales is that they both have a player that can create a goal from nothing at any moment. Hardest thing to do in the game is to put the ball in the net.
    Modric is world class but he’s not gonna win you a game from nothing too often. He did it against Turkey but u can’t expect that too often. He normally only scores a couple of goals a year.

  17. LAknat says:

    We won’t! ), like my statement beforehand. We need a goal scorer. Thanks for Allegri to find more reasonable to utilize mandzukic, expecting Suker quality nowdays really hard to find.

  18. BZ says:

    @Pog- agree. I used to say the same thing about the USA when we were lucky enough to have Suker.

    Perisic is our best bet to make something out of nothing in a big tournament game. See Cameroon, Spain. Lately he has been making nothing out of something for Inter, and I am a huge fan of his.

    The good news is we don’t always have to rely on one guy to slalom like Kostelić thru the defense. We have world class link up play.

  19. Lazio says:

    Mandzukic used to play LW at Wolfsburg, and with Higuain’s arrival he’s found himself back there at Juventus.

    I’m very interested to see what Cacic does with Mandzukic against Iceland with Perisic back.

  20. LAknat says:

    He will come to right side. But if i am going to make a formation, sure I will make it simple 4-4-2 Kalinic Mandzukic upfront but without Rakitic, playing perisic modric badelj kramaric there.

  21. Soul Champ says:

    @ Luke warm Modric ljudi

    Is it a simple lack of appreciation for what he brings to the central midfield ?

    Or is it the good ole fashion stereotype threat of a Balkan inferiority complex ?

    It has been documented over the Real Modrić years that they need Luka in the middle to achieve big results.

    At Spurs he LED them to CL quarter final and TWO top 4 EPL finishes. This got him his Real Madrid transfer.

    I love when folks compare him to other positions.

    Always what he doesn’t do …

    Mandžukić gets this treatment all the time.

    Instead of celebrating who they are we critique who they are not.

    It is my opinion that Kroos benefits from Modric in the flow of play. He is a bit like David Beckham, sweet right foot deliveries but stiff first touch and can’t really create in traffic.

    I believe in Real Modrić. Some choose to believe that we are Second class peasants and the royal Real Madrid turned Luka into a World Class footballer … po pisda.

    @ Lazio

    Can we agree who has trhe better COACH and Savez?

    So now Modrić has to be Maradona ?

    If captains a deep run in Russia will you be front and center to celebrate the Majesty of Luka Modrić ?

    Just asking because I have seen many a poster over the 9 years fade out when the power of positive results was too much to integrate into cynical psyches.

    @ Pulisic haters

    Denying his Croatian roots is as cynical as you can get.

    You would all choose Mamic and Šuker with your world class son?

  22. The truth says:

    Modric can’t be the best Croatian soccer player if he doesn’t achieve anything for the nt. So far he has not

  23. BZ says:

    So happy I will get a chance to watch the replay of Juve Barca at some point today. Here is to hoping Rakitic & Mandzukic shine.

    Can I nominate this for for quote of the year?:
    I have seen many a poster over the 9 years fade out when the power of positive results was too much to integrate into cynical psyches.

  24. Poglavnik says:

    He scored that girlfriend of his!
    Is there a hotter soccer girlfriend/wag out there?
    I doubt it…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wanda Icardi?!
    I dunno, bit of a butterface.. She’s all teeth!
    I like Messi’s girl and Neymars ex too.

  26. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’m usually not a spiteful person, but I have to admit that I am not only happy about the Real victory…I’m also happy about Bayern’s shitty luck!

    I was a fan of Bayern Munich, until they fired Jupp Heynckes and hired that homo Pep Guardiola. Not only did they fire Jupp Heynckes, but one year later Pep made life miserable for Mandzukic…who was tearing up the Bundesliga, he managed to adapt to a completely system and yet he eventually caused Mandzukic to leave. Lets not forget, Mandzukic was so close to winning the scoring title in Germany…he was ahead of Lewandowski who was at Borussia. Mandzukic was benched…for bullshit reasons that Pep even admitted to last year, stating he wished he was better as a coach to Mandzukic. Lewandowski was playing every minute of every game…taking every penalty shot and eventually beat Mandzukic by 2 goals….and I am forever going to be pissed off at all that supported Pep Guardiola for all the bullshit he caused…and for ripping off a valuable player that deserved better.

    Jupp Heynckes had just won the triple crown with Bayern…Pep came in, fucked up the teams form, implemented an entire new system….got knocked out of Champions League and then blamed everyone from the team DOCTOR (true story), to the players….BUT NEVER HIMSELF!

    I love Ancelotti, but I hate what the leadership of Bayern did to the team and I despise Pep Guardiola so much that I’d probably tell him he’s an arrogant twat if I ever met him in person.

    Bayern is still in the penalty box as far as I’m concerned and any team that chooses Pep as their coach can also suck his left nut…he is a good coach…but who wouldn’t be if they had the players he’s worked with at Barca, Bayern and now Man City!


  27. Poglavnik says:

    Come on, is Lewandowski NOT a hell of a lot better than Mandzukic?!
    If you had the resources to upgrade your strike force would you not?..

  28. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Poglavnik…how do we measure “a helluva lot better”?

    Both have played on winning teams these past few years, Lewandowski is the better technical player and better goal scorer BUT what has Bayern done in Europe? Great players help their team achieve great results…Is Messi better than what Maradona was? I’d say no…to be honest, I think Maradona was a far better player if we compare overall their achievements.

    “If you had the resources to upgrade your strike force would you not?”

    it depends. If you’re upgrading while you’ve won everything and are doing very well then why? there’s more than one variable tied to adding or removing a player…what are you losing when you lose Mandzukic that you won’t have with Lewandowski?

    you adjust when things aren’t working…at least thats how I feel. adjust when you identify a weakness…why change the entire chemistry of a team when they are winning?

    My theory seems to be right Poglavnik…Lewandowski and Bayern are bridesmaids

  29. LAknat says:

    Only Vidal shitty Bayern this year competition. And would be wise Ancelloti to buy another player from us. maybe breaking record 150M for 32 yo Modric, buy Rakitic is another good choice, Badelj so well, The God of Halilovic? ?

  30. Poglavnik says:

    Well Tranfermarkt.com has Lewandowski at 80 million and Mandzukic at 18 million..
    I just think you’ve got to continually improve your team. They got 2 great years out of Mandzkuic and then they had a chance to get a younger better striker from their biggest rivals so of course they would pursue that. It’s also about sabotaging your biggest rivals which Bayern have a history of doing domestically. Also they’d been courting Lewandowski for a few transfer windows so Mandzukic and his moping weren’t gonna fly when everyone knew Lewandowski was on his way in.
    Even though they haven’t won anything big yet it still makes perfect sense to me.

  31. Dannyj says:

    We can all agree lewandowski is better in most ways technically but he ain’t a lion which Mario is

    In hockey the best performers come out during the playoffs. Not the regular season stars….countless examples

    Mario leaves it out there… he gets the job done

    A player no one wants to play against but u love him on your team

    Poglavnik u make great arguments on upgrading but like soul champ said if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  32. Tomo says:

    Technically, all four final teams have Croatian’s associated with the teams…

    Atletico Madrid – Šime Vrsaljko
    Real Madrid Luka Modrić, Mateo Kovačić
    Monaco – Danijel Subašić
    Juventus – Mario Mandžukić, Marko Pjaca

    I think even if injured, they technically are considered part of the team, can anyone confirm that?

  33. Soul Champ says:

    @ Slavonac


    Thank you for breaking down the Peder Pep syndrome.

    Messi was the winning force behind Pep’s “genius.”

    Mandžukić is unique :

    Stamina like a horse

    Jumps like a kangaroo

    Hungry like a wolf

    Competes like a BEAST!

    @ Tomo

    Of course they all contributed to the campaign.

    Man would have loved to see Pjaca bum rush Barca on a counter today. Thanks HNS for the at Estonia “friendly!”

    When does Vrsaljko return?

    Subasic gaining meaningful big match experience.

    @ Poglavnik

    Drinks on me for the link that shares the respect that Zidane has for Luka.

    @ Svima

    Big draw this Friday!

    Two legs with Juve or Athletico is a gauntlet.

    Hope Bale gets back into is groove.

    Luka has through ball or two for the Welsh Dragon to explode onto.

    @ Croatia loving people

    Sit back and enjoy the ride …


  34. Lazio says:

    @Soul Champ
    “If captains a deep run in Russia will you be front and center to celebrate the Majesty of Luka Modrić ?”
    Of course I will, but I don’t believe that will happen.

    “With his low centre of gravity and that deceptive acceleration, he breezed past a crowd of red shirts before clipping a perfect pass over the top with the outside of his boot. Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t apply the finish it deserved.”

    I remember that pass, I actually felt he should have passed that with the inside of his foot, not the outside. If anyone has the replay check it out, I’ve only seen the game once.

  35. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Transfermarket puts a market value on players, it doesn’t do much more than that. How many times have we seen players like Fernando Torres, Reyes, Robbie Keane, Kaka…all not perform or make “the difference” they should have. I mentioned that Bayern brought in Pep, who changed the entire Bayern system…sure, they may have scored more goals but they shot blanks when it mattered.

    Weren’t you the guy that spoke highly about Russell Teibert? I told you immediately he was shit but you insisted he was the second coming of Christ!

    I never thought it was a smart idea to bring in Pep and for Pep to push out Mandzukic…especially since Mandzukic was performing extremely well…how could you possibly argue that after we see the results? Change the look of an entire team after they just won all major cups the prior year? You think it’s right for a coach to take away a players chance to win the scoring title…just cause he doesn’t like him? Pep did the same thing to Ibrahimovic…you don’t see that as odd? Bring in someone else that’s better, just because you don’t like him? What has Pep done since he lost the respect of his players at Barca?

    There’s more to the entire scenario than what Transfermarket can tell us! Each team has a different look, each team have strengths and weaknesses. When a striker scores 18 goals for you and plays a vital role defensively, they deserve respect. Now sure why you think anyone wouldn’t be pissed off if they were in Mandzukic’s place…his own coach fucked him over!

  36. Faux Cro says:

    @Soul Champ

    Modric ran his socks off and provided defensive cover time and time again. I would love to see how many km he covered during that match

    KRoos does not bring that.

  37. Lazio says:

    @Slavonac from Canada
    What about what Pep said last season after Bayern knocked out Juventus in the CL, how it was easier for Bayern when Morata got subbed out and Mandzukic came in, because Morata is a better all round player and Mandzukic was a threat in the box only?
    Taking that into account, you can’t discount the role of Robben and Ribery that season when Mandzukic played so well. Lewandowski is the better player.

    “Coach is boss, end of story!”

  38. Soul Champ says:

    @ Faux Cro

    He looked vintage Modric.

    Actually love to see him forward more and have less defensive responsibilities for club and country.

    Real Modrić




  39. BZ says:

    I remember having the same argument about Lewandowski & Mandzukic when the transfer took place.

    Here was my take:
    Mandzukic better at taking Robben & Ribery service to score Olic (and Mandzukic) style goals.

    Mandzukic possibly best player in air at the time.

    Lewandowski better at creating by himself, BUT then ball not at Robben or Ribery’s feet. Kinda like when Durant on court; means more times Steph defers to KD. Warriors had 15 game winning streak (lingest in nba this season) w/o Durant.

    Mandzukic way better at the high press Bayern played at the time; which is what destroyed the great tiki taka spanish clubs at the time Bayern won the CL.

    Now with the ability to look back at empirical data; it is clear Mandzukic was the better player for Bayern’s scheme.

    @Pog-If the price is 80 mill for Lewandowski to 18 mill for Mandzukic, the choice is even more obvious…Mandzo!!!

  40. LAknat says:

    Pep wants Rakitic to play on Man City and He looks potentialy maestro to shinning in EPL. Pep really had something back then when Mandzukic was not in his project. I only think about he was a waste player with a skill like heading and deffensive but he daily caught on arguing with other players also playing a lame trick like diving and even he slow down his team.

  41. BZ says:

    True Laknat, Mandzukic has matured over time. At least now, he doesn’t yell at teammates after every run (although he still yells more than I would like him to yell.)

  42. ZDS Lifestyle says:

    Rakatič played like govno today.

    Hopefully Mandžu’s form can carry over to the national team.

  43. Lazio says:

    “Actually love to see him forward more and have less defensive responsibilities for club and country.”

    That’s exactly what I want to see from him, for the country at least. Has he got a good shot? Yes, but he doesn’t score many goals.
    Is he a good passer? Yes, but he doesn’t provide a lot of assists. Now I don’t watch a lot of Real Madrid but those things suggest to me that he plays with a defensive mindset, what a waste. Good player, not world class in my humble opinion.

  44. Faux Cro says:

    I watch a lot of Real Madrid.

    Sergio Ramos and Luka Modric are critical to that team’s success.

    They do all they dirty unselfish work that needs to be done in addition to being incredibly intelligent and great passers of the ball.

  45. ZDS Lifestyle says:

    The reason Modrič doesn’t get a lot of assists or goals is because he does not get as many touches playing for RM. Too many good players all wanting the ball. The touches he does get usually turn into magic.

  46. Safet Isovic says:

    Jupp was fired at Bayern?! I thought he retired.

    That organization is fucked from top to bottom.

  47. Slavonac from Canada says:


    If Pep said ” it was easier when Morata got subbed out” then I think there are a few things to be said about that:

    1) how distasteful of a comment coming from a professional
    2) what has Pep done since his world class team at Barca…even though he’s had 2 more world class teams since then?
    3) Morata is a real good player and will soon be world class, just as Lewandowski is world class…but the fact that Allegri relies so heavily on Mandzukic should say something about him also. Making room for Mandzukic out of his regular position, just to put him in the field alongside Dybala and Higuan says a lot about him. Ask Juve fans what they think about Mandzukic…they think he’s irreplaceable…out of his position and without scoring regularly!!!

    Do you watch Juventus play? Do you actually think Mandzukic is only effective “in the box”?

    Robbed and Ribery are both incredible talents…but not everybody can score, otherwise we can put you as striker and have Robben and Ribery serve you…are you seriously suggesting Mandzukic scored by fluke…as if he didn’t have to work to get into scoring positions?

    Damn, some comments are really surprising to me!

  48. Slavonac from Canada says:


    Jupp was fired after winning the triple crown…Bayern is definitely fucked for doing that and I think karma is biting them in the ass now!

  49. Zee says:

    Only thing on vrsaljko is it’s not as serious as thought. 1 month. Which is tomorrow. Maybe that’s why simeone not worried about Juan fran injury. Don’t know.

  50. Lazio says:

    Slavonac from Canada
    “how distasteful of a comment coming from a professional.”
    Agree, he didn’t need to say that, but it does explain why he wanted a Lewandowski.

    “what has Pep done since his world class team at Barca…even though he’s had 2 more world class teams since then?”
    Won 3 Budesliga titles.

    “Do you actually think Mandzukic is only effective “in the box”?”
    I believe as a striker, that that’s his forte. You are right though he does have a few strings to his bow and he has been playing well for Juventus at LW, in saying that, I’d be surprised if he was at Juventus next season because I hear that Mandzukic prefers to play as a pure striker, and that wont be happening at Juventus.

  51. Poglavnik says:


    Would love to see that post where I said Teibert was the second coming of Christ.
    Pretty sure all I ever hinted at was that he was a serviceable holding midfielder in MLS and I was pulling for him cuz he’s a National Team player.

  52. Poglavnik says:

    Why discredit Transfermarkt.com?
    Show me a more creditable source for valuing a player other than your own opinion.
    You asked me “how do you measure a helluva lot better” and Id say a players transfer value is as good as any.

  53. Safet Isovic says:

    Lazio, this isn’t quiz time. Who gives a rats ass that Pep won 3 bundesliga titles? Read between the lines.

  54. Lazio says:

    @Safet Isovic
    I just answered a question from Slavonac from Canada!

    In the time that Guardiola won 3 Bundesliga titles, Real Madrid has won 2 CL titles, Barcelona has won 3 La liga titles and a CL title!
    So if I’m reading between the lines correctly, you’re suggesting only CL titles count towards doing something? And if you’re Bayern you have to win the double to have done something?

  55. Faux Cro says:

    Bundesliga titles are not super impressive.

    Bayern is expected to win those year after year.

    Anything else would be considered a huge failure.

  56. Slavonac from Canada says:


    I was exaggerating when I said you felt Teibert was the second coming….but you were selling him to me….and I saw his potential, which is very shitty at best. He has zero intuition…the guy is a robot that has no understanding or vision of the game. His fitness level and work rate are incredibly high but he’s a total waste of space on the field for several reasons. a guy like Teibert doesn’t even know how to use his physicality to his advantage which is why I think we don’t see him on the field. regardless, I’m pretty sure you can now see I was right about him.

    with regards to transfermarket…what exactly did I say that “discredit’s” the website? I simply said “Transfermarket puts a market value on players, it doesn’t do much more than that.”…how is that discrediting? my comment is accurate…the site collects stats and offers the market value for players…whats wrong with what I said?

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It takes some experience and knowledge to be able to accurately and fairly critique/assess players. There’s more to it than just seeing if they can dribble and score and there’s a lot more about us personally that we should accept. what is our personal understanding of the technical play, positional play, physical play…what is our level mental comprehension…how well can we identify a players character based on his play, how can we asses what a player can offer?

    I think you drank the Russel Teibert kool-aid and you weren’t able to identify for yourself that he is useless. you read and listened to what was said about him, I knew nothing about him and saw his many many limitations. I based my opinions of Teibert off of my soccer experience, not based off of a shitty and flawed Canadian system…a system where several of my old teammates have infiltrated, some were benchwarmers in an amateur league…and are somehow now in charge of Canada’s future. No thanks, I’d rather support watching a cat show on TSN instead of watching an absolute shit show of a so-called soccer team we apparently have in the country!

  57. Poglavnik says:

    I’ve never liked discussing soccer with you because you come off as a real know-it-all, to put it kindly.
    You claim to not follow Canadian soccer or the Whitecaps yet you always have a strong opinion about them both and it seems they stem from personal experiences of what, 30 years ago?
    You must harbor some serious resentment about not being developed into the superstar you think you should have been.
    I tend to agree with Paul Robinson in regards to Teibert. He’s mentioned on numerous occasions his very high soccer IQ (yet you mention his “zero” intuition) and the fact that he’s worn the captians arm band a few times show he is respected in the locker room.
    I’m not some huge fan of his and I don’t believe there ever was some Teibert Kool-Aid to be drunk, I’ve only identified him for what he is which is a serviceable Canadian MLS player.
    Not sure why you’re so against him or the Canadian program but you come across as super jaded..
    Enjoy your cat shows and lay off our players if you don’t follow us.

  58. Poglavnik says:

    A players transfer value particularly when they play the same position is as good as anything to determine which player is better than the other.
    Not some jaded opinion based on your hate of Pep Guardiola.
    You claim to not be a spiteful person but your posts sure don’t support that.

  59. Idemo says:

    the argument that Mario is better is than Lewa is not up for debate, even though Mario deff beats him out in work rate and other things that don’t get on the stat sheet but lets get real here, Mario is a forward doing a job at left wing, without his work rate he is benched,Lewa has 39 in all comps

  60. Maminjo says:

    You guys are debating Transfermarkt, but does anyone know how they even calculate the market value of each player?

    I sure as hell don’t. All I know is that whenever a sale is made, Transfermarkt is almost always wrong.

  61. Idemo says:


    how they calculate value beats me but value is different from whats paid, man u paid 105 doesn’t mean pog is worth 105

  62. Slavonac from Canada says:


    “I’ve never liked discussing soccer with you because you come off as a real know-it-all, to put it kindly”

    I don’t think I need to argue with you just because I know more about a particular topic…also…why the fuck would it bother you that I have far more experience and knowledge than you do? for fuck sakes…anyone…and I mean anyone that won’t accept someone may know something more than they do should self reflect.

    and for you to talk about the CSA as if its even a fucking relevant organization makes you seriously flawed! God help you dude, you are talking about an absolutely shit organization that produces shitty players and is so damn shitty, they will lose to every damn 3rd world country on earth!

    and your comment about 30 years ago? do you think people learn less over time? or that the years and years of learning just disappears? i don’t judge you for your lack of knowledge, why do you judge me for my knowledge and understanding of the game?

    someone on here once said…”I’ve been around the sport”…for however long that may be, being around or even just playing doesn’t mean your knowledgeable. I would love to see you talk to anyone in Europe about some of the things you say here…you’d be immediately dismissed and banned from any further discussions on soccer

    also Poglavnik…can you please be factual for once? this is what you said i said:

    “Not some jaded opinion based on your hate of Pep Guardiola.
    You claim to not be a spiteful person but your posts sure don’t support that.”

    this is what I actually said:

    “I’m usually not a spiteful person, but I have to admit that I am not only happy about the Real victory…I’m also happy about Bayern’s shitty luck!”

    I openly admitted I was spiteful about Pep, but its unusual for me to be…keep the facts straight please.

    you said: “You claim to not follow Canadian soccer or the Whitecaps yet you always have a strong opinion about them both and it seems they stem from personal experiences of what, 30 years ago?”

    30 years ago…are you on fucking drugs? who the fuck is the president…tell me….who is he? do you know who he is? He played for Vancouver Columbus…an amateur club, he was always 30 lbs overweight when he played. now, who is the assistant coach of the Canadian mens team? who? excuse me? exactly, the fat pigs best man…did you know that? did you know Mike Findlay handed out pinnies to the guys at Columbus FC…while he rode the pine? tell me in what sport we would see an amateur that was the absolute shits as a player and knew fuck all about the game, now coach professionals. please don’t bring up Mourinho or some other fucked up story…we are talking about an amateur level, shitty player that never was exposed to anything outside of amateurs.

    How did that Mike Findlay become president of BC soccer? how did Frank Ciaccia become a scout for the Whitecaps…a retired cop from New West….how did his brother get involved in the whitecaps program….how did Frank Iuele become TD of a N Burnaby organization…whats the common denominator? Colunbus FC…and….Vic Montagliani, the president of CSA.

    youre just uninformed and know so little about the quality of soccer,you waste your time cheering for Canada…while they are an embarassment to the game!

  63. Poglavnik says:

    No idea how Transfermarkt.com compiles a players value but the transfer market in general is as good an indicator as any. How is this even arguable?..
    Whether his value increases or decreases after the purchase is inconsequential.

  64. Lika Joey says:

    Slavonac from canada, bang on brother about Mandzukic,bayern etc….Pep is a goof! I hate that gypsy ever since that all went down.

  65. Poglavnik says:

    It’s all good Slavonac.
    Your soccer “experiences” are so significant that you clearly know more about the game than most others on this site.
    From your hyperbole to your anti Pep rants, to your hatred of Canadian soccer and lack of any respect for a classy professional like Teibert, you clearly are NOT a spiteful person.
    Just a jaded one that thinks his shit don’t stink.

  66. Maminjo says:

    According to Transfermarkt,
    Ivan Rakitić is worth DOUBLE what Ivan Perišić is worth, and is EQUAL to Luka Modrić.

    I don’t think you should cite this as a source to dismiss anyone’s arguments for someone’s value.
    This site is probably run by a collection of dudes (not unlike CroatianSports.com) as an information DB with a lot of subjective information.

  67. Poglavnik says:

    Maybe Lewandowski is not 4 x the player Mandzukic is (80 mil v 18 mil) but Mandzukic is nowhere near the same level of player as Lewandowski. Those season’s he had at Bayern he was basically just tapping in and heading crosses from two of the best wingers in the world.
    Rakitic being equal to Modric is not that far off. They’re both at the 2 best clubs in the world and Rakitic has produced a lot for Barca.

  68. BZ says:

    @Idemo- the conversation was about which player was better for Bayern at the time. If you go by the most coveted hardware, you need to go Mandzukic.

    Lewandowski’s skills overlap Robben & Ribery, whereas Mandzukic’s:
    -high press
    -world class headers
    – and 50/50 ball wins
    -endless work rate
    are all things nobody else brought to the table.

    Mandzukic is like Draymond Green, nobody argues that Durant is better than Draymond. But if you ask who is more important to the Warriors, you might get a different answer.

    Now when you add € into the picture, for Bayern, Mandzukic was the better bang for your buck.

  69. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I just don’t think some of your comments are valid…not all but some!

    like the constant references to Teibert. he is not even relevant in any soccer discussion and yet, you tend to make him relevant!

    I’m spiteful when it comes to people that have little regard for anyone but themselves. Pep Guardiola hated Ibrahimovic before he even met him, based on his reputation of his character…he did the same to Eto’o…basically treated him like shit because he didn’t like his character…and yet, Eto’o still scored approximately 30 goals for him.

    as I write these things and explain these basic principles of life and soccer to you I’ve come realize that you think I’m wrong because you actually didn’t know these facts. if we were arguing about the facts, that would be a different story altogether…the issue here is I am constantly informing you of things because you don’t know about them…then you get offended cause you think I’m a know-it-all. maybe you’re just not informed.

    If I could see two years ago that Teibert was not even an average player, while you were desperately trying to convince me that he was….in hindsight, who was right…you or me? Can you honestly say he’s even a decent player? passable?

  70. LAknat says:

    Bayern is actually good without vidal playing right there, and become shitt when they are mix together.
    Madrid is actually shitt and being good as modric give them service!,
    Canada would never come to world cup unless FiFa open some slots in concacaf, and that means US will be 100% guaranteed for world cup.

    see… how good i am in soccer knowledge

  71. Poglavnik says:

    Yes I can say he’s decent and passable.
    But I won’t say, nor have I ever that he’s “the second coming of Christ” or “someone with zero intuition”
    And yes I can say that I knew those facts about Pep and his relationship with Eto’o and Ibra. Are you aware that Eto’o and Ibra have reputations as players that can be difficult to work with? Can you really blame someone for trying to get everyone to check their attitudes at the door, including the world class strikers filling the nets?
    The only thing I get offended by is the size of your ego.
    But it’s also one of the greatest sources of comedy on this site.
    That cup of coffee you had in Hrvatska 30 years ago and your knowledge of CSA members clearly validate all of your points about the game.

  72. Poglavnik says:

    Bayern need to upgrade their team, recoup their “losses” and get rid of Lewandowski.
    Maybe replace him with Mandzukic since Pep isn’t there.
    I mean what a shitty season they had with the way that tiny club from Madrid destroyed them. Just look at that aggregate score (and those offside goals and questionable cards)!

  73. Slavonac from Canada says:


    “Can you really blame someone for trying to get everyone to check their attitudes at the door, including the world class strikers filling the nets?”

    no, I can’t…but the issue I have with your theory is that Ibra was on his way out before Pep even knew him and in Mandzukic’s case, Mandzukic actually changed his style of play for Pep…without issue. it was only later on that Pep was almost insulting Mandzukic that he then turned and couldn’t offer him the respect at all times. you see, I am exactly like you when it comes to respect…a coach must demand it…but he also has to command it as well, meaning he should not over abuse his powers as a coach, which he did…cause his shit didn’t stink.

    Messi told Pep to fuck right off. Pep denied anyone on the team to drink carbonated beverage 24 hours prior to a game…this is normal, its been around since I drank my coffee in Europe. Messi got up at the team lunch before a game and took a Pepsi in front of all his teammates…and drank it in front of Pep….wouldn’t we call this insubordination? If Pep was consistent and had an ounce of credibility, how could he let that go and yet tell Ibrahimovic to find a new team? ….and you said this was about Ibra’s reputation? How come Mourinho can manage Ibra, how could Ancelotti, Laurent Blanc, Mancini….

    unfortunately I know people in the CSA I shouldn’t, cause they don’t belong there.

  74. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Poglavnik, now you’re just displaying how much of an idiot you are.

    …and according to someone’s question yesterday about how do we measure success at the club level? for teams like Bayern, Barca, Juve, Real, PSG…a league title is ok…bragging rights….but when you buy some of the best players in the world, its only Champions League that matters!

  75. Poglavnik says:

    Stars get away with shit.
    That being said Ibra was a lot more replaceable than Messi and understandably so.
    I guess Pep is not above double standards. I’ve never been a fan of his either. Would love to seem him transform a loser into a winner for a change.

  76. Poglavnik says:

    Ok I’m an idiot.
    So because they didn’t win the Champions League they should blow up the team? They’re obviously not good enough to hang with the elite teams right? Despite being 3-3 into extra time against the reigning champs and getting screwed over by the refs.
    Point proven by Slavonac again!

  77. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Poglavnik…can we just agree to not throw insults, it kinda bugs me that we can’t just be adults.

    …and to answer your question: “So because they didn’t win the Champions League they should blow up the team?”

    do you see what I’m talking about here dude? now you’re complaining about something but when I said it, you had nothing but the opposite type of answer.

    look back at 2012-2013 season please. Bayern won the league, they won DFB Pokol, they won the supercup, the won CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, Mandzukic was top scorer in the league…what happened next?


    but now you say shit like this: I asked

    “If you had the resources to upgrade your strike force would you not?..”

    are you fucking bi-polar? lets hire Pep and Lewandowski after we win everything….but when we dont win, we should keep the team as is?!?!

    you make perfect sense ;)

  78. Idemo says:

    @bz level with me here, that was prime Robben and Ribery don’t you think Mario was interchangeable there, whoever was 9 was bound to EAT. I bet the number of low cut back cross goals is huge,

    I think the whole world recognizes Mario is a horse, especially with the LW (a la what Bilic did with Moses)

  79. Poglavnik says:

    Your last post explains you in a nutshell.
    One second it’s let’s not insult each other, the next it’s “YOU FUCKING TROLL!!!”

    “Like the constant references to Teibert. he is not even relevant in any soccer discussion and yet, you tend to make him relevant!”
    We had one discussion nearly 2 years ago about him and since then you’re the only one to ever bring him him up.

    Your “facts” are full of hyperbole and come from biased positions and when u get called out on it you revert to that tired bullshit of thinking your opinion is more valid than others due to your “knowledge” and the way you “see” the game.

    You must be a fucking blast at parties.

  80. Poglavnik says:

    Difference with that Heynckes team and the situition now is as good as they were, change was on the way regardless of how they finished.
    Guardiola and Lewandowski’s arrivals were years in the making. Hard to have known they’d be coming off a treble.

  81. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Poglavnik: So because they didn’t win the Champions League they should blow up the team?

    comment made after Bayern lost to Real Madrid!

    Poglavnik: “If you had the resources to upgrade your strike force would you not?

    comment made after Bayern wins the triple crown and Mandzukic wins the scoring title and was top scorer for Bayern in the league play, two years in a row

    that should sum things up folks!

  82. Poglavnik says:

    ^ ^
    Can you read punctuation?..
    That first line is a question, not a statement.

    And how do you upgrade a strike force that currently has arguable the best #9 in football? Are you in the camp that thinks Mandza should replace Lewandowski and everything will be Hunky Dory?

    Hindsight is not always 20/20, smart guy.

  83. Slavonac from Canada says:

    “Difference with that Heynckes team and the situition now is as good as they were, change was on the way regardless of how they finished.”

    what does this mean? who changes an entire strategy when they win every cup available?

    every team makes some changes, sometimes they address a position or add to their already successful strategy. but to completely change the entire formation and strategy and then for you to say I’m bitter over nothing…really isn’t credible. you just don’t understand enough about this and all you do is argue something you should never attempt to argue.

    “Guardiola and Lewandowski’s arrivals were years in the making. Hard to have known they’d be coming off a treble.”

    Pep came after the treble, Lewandowski came one year after that…after Mandzukic won the scoring title and was the top Bayern scorer two years in a row. if you remember, Mandzukic played so well, Mario Gomez couldn’t get back into the lineup cause Mandzo was killing it.

    I’m teaching you as we go…and yet, you keep arguing!

    “Guardiola and Lewandowski’s arrivals were years in the making….”

    ” Hard to have known they’d be coming off a treble.”…Lewandowski came later, but details really don’t matter, do they?!

  84. Poglavnik says:

    Changing that treble teams striker and coach were not my idea but it didn’t surprise me. Unfortunately for them they haven’t won a CL since. I don’t fault their ambition even if you and your osmosis do.

  85. Idemo says:

    pep was in the plans before the treble, it was decided. Just a disgrace towards Jupp that they won the treble, Pep wanted a forward who could play with his feet, even more pulled in than traditional 9, something Mario can’t do, what did you expect Pep to be making transfers before he was even announced, tbat whole year it was known Mario would be cut even if he scored 90 goals, that’s Peps bullshit philosophy

  86. Slavonac from Canada says:

    you like to put words in my mouth:

    “And how do you upgrade a strike force that currently has arguable the best #9 in football? Are you in the camp that thinks Mandza should replace Lewandowski and everything will be Hunky Dory?”

    I’m in the camp that says don’t destroy and entire infrastructure of a team for one person that has an ego bigger than the world. Pep got everything he wanted and coached 3 of the 4 most expensive teams on earth…I used your source for this.

    Real Madrid
    Man City

    so according to your theory, using transfermarket.com Man City should be in the top 4 for Champions League….Pep must be a real shitty coach! Juventus should be 10th…fuck…someone is screwing up your stats. How can Juve with Mandzo be ahead or Bayern with Lewandowski or Man City with your genius Pep?

  87. Poglavnik says:

    Fuck your comprehension is terrible.
    That’s the only thing you’ve taught me.
    You think a signing like Guardiola or Lewandowski happens over night? Those transfers WERE years in the making.
    Why are you arguing with someone whose soccer knowledge is so vastly inferior to yours anyway? Why don’t you apply your hot-headed attitude to a position in the game that suits your “knowledge.”

  88. Slavonac from Canada says:

    oh damn…I just realized that Man City is in 4th place in the EPL…your theory is really not working. all top paid players are better than those below them…just isn’t working out that way for you though

  89. Poglavnik says:

    “My genius?”
    Seriously?! I just finished telling you I’ve never been a fan of his..
    And Man City IS currently in the top 4 by the way.
    What do you expect with City’s back line of Arsenal rejects and overrated centre backs?
    Whereas Juventus have arguable the best goalkeeper/backline combination in club football.

  90. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Juve have a great defense, but they also play a very structured and disciplined system when wingers double their defenders.


    so many awesome coaches that learn to utilize what they inherited for the most part…Pep will never do that. he expects the owners to break the bank for him…cause of course, if they aren’t the highest paid, they aren’t worth it…like we continue to see with him.

  91. Poglavnik says:

    My theory for all players?!
    I used transfer value as an indicator that Lewandowski is a superior striker to Mandzukic. It’s not my general rule of thumb. I really don’t need the market to tell me that. My vast knowledge of the game and the way im able to see the game is so much superior to others.
    You know I once had a tryout with a pro team?!!

  92. Idemo says:

    Sup par? To who? la liga is the only one that can/is above EPL……don’t get it twisted, it’s not a marketing brand for no reason

    @slavonac and he ruins players by breaking the bank, to be honest I had written Mario off when I saw Torres was getting time over him in Atleti

  93. Lika Joey says:

    Idemo, sub par to la Liga..serie A…Bundesliga…there is how many world class players in the epl ? One Hazard…the epl in champions league is a joke…wait schedule…the players are tired…lol

  94. Lika Joey says:

    Ryan Giggs this week said there are only two world class players in the epl…Zlatan and Eden…the epl is a marketing brand…because it’s in England and the commentary is in English…the league is a shell of its old self!!

  95. Lazio says:

    @Faux Cro
    Did you know that Jupp Heynckes was once fired from Real Madrid after winning the CL title? Champions league win is a failure?

    Slavonac from Canada
    “only Champions league that matters?”

    What do you guys reckon is more important, CL win, or winning your league title?
    I was having this discussion with a friend of mine the other day, I was saying the league is better, he was saying a CL win?

  96. Lazio says:

    @Lika Joey
    But even Liverpool has a CL title, and haven’t come close to winning an EPL title, how do explain that?

  97. BZ says:

    Champions league title trumps domestic league title all day every day.

    Beyond being the best team in all of europe in a relatively good tournament structure, if you follow the money you will come to the same conclusion.

    @Idemo- maybe Mandzo wasn’t interchangeable if you were looking for a CL title. He fit their pre-Pep scheme perfectly.
    It is my opinion that Pep should have adjusted to Bayern’s skillset, instead of trying to make them Barcelona 2.0. At the end of the day, it worked out for me. Mandzo has been humbled at Atleti & Juve, which was the best thing for him & our national team (ie less complaining to teammates)

  98. Faux Cro says:


    I am aware of Jupp’s dismissal from multiple clubs.

    Real Madrid gets rid of manager all the time.

  99. Faux Cro says:


    Take it easy on the weed my man.

    Canadian soccer is two steps shittier than shitty American soccer and MLS is of low quality.

    No need to fight about either.

  100. Vice Vukov says:

    A gorilla could have managed Barca in their prime and the gorilla would have achieved the same as Pep. He’s as useless as a coach as he was as a player.

    Jupp is class all around.

  101. Idemo says:

    alexis sanchez? On form pogba? Who’s better than hazard in bundesliga? Robben way out Ribery way out Costa yeah fluttering……who’s better than hazard in Serie A? Dybala maybe different positions

  102. Idemo says:

    Every year you know who will win Liga and Bundes the difference between 1 and 3 in Germany is 15 points of course Bayern can focus on CL the league is wrapped up in January

    And yes no winter break is HUGE. Considering holiday season is the most hectic in the prem 3 matches in 5 days

    And if champions league is ur only
    Barometer of quality then you are not correct

    @bz defensively in the opposition 3rd gold can’t be changed, offensively easily interchangeable, advantage in the air should be expected from his frame but his goals are tap in at Bayern, not that matters a goal is a goal but still, and yes he did fit the system with that service you don’t need a creative 9 u need a poacher a finisher, but pep has a *philosphy* on how football should be played and that’s why he failed at Bayern; no Messi.

  103. LAknat says:

    Club world cup is merely a junk concept by inviting a host (local champ) to participate and standing with the champs of all over continent. THAT’S DISGUSTING!!
    champions league still far prestigious and i would dare to deploy B team for competing the like Club World Cup or Super Europa

  104. Idemo says:

    For NT sake which do you prefer Mario at Juve with limited goals but draymond green importance (with in form Kalinic) or Mario leading goal getter at Bayern

  105. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Real vs Atletico is gonna be a very tough challenge. I think this is a tale of two very different teams and each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Simeone used to be able to get a bit more magic from his players, I’m not sure they are as united as they were a short time ago…we’ll see. Real Madrid have several weapons in the attack…and they also have an incredibly fast counter-attack that can get from their own box to their opponents goal is a few short seconds. If Simeone can get his players to hold a no score result for a longer period of time, I think they can pull it off and will eventually win. if they lose concentration and try to play an open game…it’ll be game over for them real fast.

    I think Juve will hurt Monaco but it won’t be a cake walk. never underestimate the teams that aren’t as popular…they have more to play for and less to lose, thats a recipe for an upset. the difference about this game, in my opinion…is that Italian coaches and players fully understand how to play a disciplined game and get a result, even if its done ugly. for this reason, I think Juve will go thorugh

  106. BZ says:

    @Idemo- hard to say, but all my favorite lineups include Kalinic & Mandzukic starting in one way or another. So the answer is Mandzukic in Draymond form.

    Imo, we have a conundrum in our NT: how can we start
    Perisic, Mandzukic, Kalinic, and Kramaric at the same time. I think we need to try the following in competitive friendlies or against weak opponents:
    1) 3-5-2, omit our LB duds altogether
    2) 442, with Mandzukic LW, Perisic RW, Kramaric and Kalinic up top.
    3) Get Perisic to play LB, Marcelo style. I.e. perisic plays more of a LW role, while Mandzukic drops back when Perisic overlaps (similar to his Juve LW role.)

    Imo, we need to put up more goals to do anything meaningful at a big tournament. We usually win the possession/shots/corners stats, but we are not scoring enough.

    What say you? Mandzukic sits? Wouldn’t be the end of the world, either.

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