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July 8, 2011




Croatia began their 2011 Copa NYC campaign on June 18th, drawing Sweden on ‘One-Shot Saturday’. Win and you advance. Lose and you go home. Croatia knocked out Sweden in a ten-goal thriller that saw the lead change hand three times. Croatia notched the first goal early in the match before Sweden pulled two back to take the lead. Croatia then grabbed two goals of their own to make it 3-2 at halftime in favor of the Croatians. The teams traded goals in the second half and the match finished 6-4. Both teams played very well together, exhibiting great passing play and chemistry, but in the end Croatia executed their game better.


Sunday Group Qualifying had Croatia playing against Ivory Coast and St. Vincent & Grenadines. Despite playing back-to-back matches, the Ivory Coast was able to compete with Croatia and played out another scoreless game. Fifteen minutes into the match, the Ivory Coast received its second red card of the day and had to collect itself. In the end, both sides couldn’t break the deadlock and penalties were the deciding factor once more. The Ivory Coast kept its perfect record on penalties, and Croatia’s single penalty that hit off the post was the difference on the day.


In the first do-or-die match of Cosmos Copa’s Playoff Sunday, Croatia scored a late goal to put the European side through at the expense of the plucky Caribbean side. Both teams had previously lost to Ivory Coast, so the winner of this match would join the Ivory Coast squad in the next stage. The two teams traded goals in the first half, and they continued their even play in the second. The “Vinci Wave” was dominant in possession, while Croatia used its quick passing and movement to try and score on the counter attack. Croatia nicked the winner late in the match to send the Croatians into rapture and St. Vincent and Grenadines home.





The Cosmos Copa resumes on Saturday, July 9th as Croatia has drawn Mexico, Ivory Coast and last years winners Poland in their group. First game begins at 2:00pm against Ivory Coast at Flushing Meadow Park Fields 8 & 9. Come out and support your club!


NYC Croatia should also be well prepared to face NYC Ivory Coast, as the two teams squared off in qualification. NYC Croatia proved to be a well-oiled machine throughout qualification, defeating Sweden and St. Vincent & the Grenadines and narrowly losing to NYC Ivory Coast on penalties. NYC Croatia are led by brothers Tommy and Kristopher Bistre who control the midfield and create quality chances. The biggest question mark for NYC Croatia will be how they respond to facing the proven talent of NYC Poland and NYC Mexico, and how they prepare for NYC Ivory Coast, having already faced them.


Ante Kvartuč
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  1. Andrej L says:

    This is awesome. I really love seeing the american people embracing their Croatian heritage, just like guys like David Diehl. Good luck boys!!

  2. Ante Kvartuč says:

    Croatia won one game and lost two in the group stage. News out of NYC will come into CSR sometime in the next 48 hours regarding video and reports.

  3. Ante Kvartuc says:


    You have to remember, anyone that contributes to CSR is doing it on their own time and under their own schedule. By the time They get to the computer Sunday night to upload, we receive it, and start cutting the footage, it's 48 hours later before we can publish. I can't give someone a hard deadline when I'm not paying them. Doesn't work that way. I would think you could understandthat.

  4. Denis Svirčić says:


    you make a good point. However, we dont have a guy in NY that can give us news ASAP. Also, the Cosmo Copa is a nice little off-season tournament, not a latest rumor or champions league game that has to be reported on ASAP. I'm a sucker for news on the fly. With modern technology, newspapers are obsolete. Now a days, we know where Lebron James is going, hours before "the decision."

  5. Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ Golden Child,

    Yeh I'm sure no one would have a problem with me busting out my laptop at the bank.

    We're ultimately trying to get more followers around the world to film their own original content and send it in to us. In this case, Rob Uvanovic did a fantastic job of covering the Copa NYC. We learned that microphone is key! But Rob immediately threw all the files he shot into DropBox so we could edit. A+ job…video is uploading to Youtube as I type.

    But I need some zzzzz's….

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