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Mandza vs. Modrić: Champions League Final Set!

May 10, 2017





Real Madrid received a small scare Wednesday night, conceding two quick goals to Atletico in the second leg of their semifinal, but they would endure a 2-1 loss to take the two-legged draw 4-2 on aggregate. Real Madrid will now face Juventus in the Champions League Final from Cardiff on June 3rd.



We already knew that a Croatian would be lifting the Cup once again this year, we just didn’t know which pair would be in Wales for the game.



It’ll be Croatian vets Mario Mandžukić for Juventus vs. Real Madrid’s Luka Modrić. And remember, Mateo Kovačić could always come off the bench for Madrid while Juventus’ Marko Pjaca has been ruled out for the season with a ligament tear in his knee.



Modrić has won the Champions League with Madrid two of the past three seasons while Mandza got the glory in 2013 with Bayern Munich.



Who do you want to see take it all in 2017?




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 39 comments

  1. BZ says:

    I’ll pull for MANventus unless Kova & Modric both play.

    No lose scenario unless Juve loses and Madzu misses a few sitters.

  2. The truth says:

    I don’t really care too much which guy lifts the trophy. Club is meaningless to me, i only care about the repka. And of course properly betting the lines

  3. Soul Champ says:

    @ BZ

    I have to say MANventus scenario is growing on me.

    Peder Pep/Bayern (Ancelotti is my guy) did not respect the beast that is MANdzukic.

    @ Svima

    Man when this site started all we had was Srna/Shaktar making some noise in the knock out rounds.

    Now we Hrvati lifting the CL Cup every year!

    Spinning our way boys.

    2018 is our year.

    Subasic is solid and looks more confident with all these big match experiences.

    @ Zidane

    Time to put in Kovačić for Kroos.

    Juve are going to lock his ass up and make life even harder for Modrić.

    Kroos is as predictable as a Self Hating Hrvat!

  4. Maminjo says:

    Would be nice to see Juve win, but it would be best if one of our Croats got man of the match or if they scored a game winner.

  5. The truth says:

    On a side note, if modric wants to cement his legacy as a player, he needs to win as he’ll get a lot of credit as he does in that ridiculous article. If jyve wins, no one really cares what mahir does

  6. Razbijač says:

    The answer is quite simple…..

    It’s better to see TWO Hrvati lift the Cup rather than ONE. So I go with Real Madrid. (Pjaca is outta commission and won’t be available for selection).

    I would like to see Kova get on the pitch as a sub. Then we would have THREE Hrvati on the field in a Champions League Final…that’s never happened before!

    Hopefully Kova pans out in the future, as he’s learning from Modric AND Zidane. Which is kinda like being trained by Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi at the same time.

  7. Razbijač says:

    And yes, I want to see Modric win it because it would further immortalize his status….and build The Legend of Modric!

  8. BZ says:

    Kroos has been one of Real’s worst performers. I wouldn’t hesitate to pull him for Kova, but no coach would EVER pull such a bold move for the final.

    @SoulChamp- Let’s Modric plays drift more central, as I’d hate to see Mandzu shut him down like he did Rakitic.

    Call me crazy, but I think Mandzu is more important to Juve’s form than Modric to Real’s form.

  9. Dannyj says:

    Mandza will killer game and pop one in and real wins.
    This is would be great

    I don’t think mandza more important to his team but I think super close. I bet he puts in a beast performance. I think he knows he doesn’t get the credit as big stars so he always plays like there is something to prove and hungry

  10. Zee says:

    I think I agree about starting kovacic over kroos. Might be a wise decision. Speed kills and juves defense is getting slow but still very good and disciplined. Truth were you picked on as a child? I think yes.

  11. Idemo says:

    Extremely unwise just based off of sheer experience. Don’t make me delve deeper.
    Reals worst performer? Ill take it! team full of stars and world class talent it’s tough to be the best. Kroos does a simple job. Appreciate it.

  12. Soul Champ says:

    Kroos has his qualities:

    Sweet right foot, tough tackler, understands tactics…

    But his movements are mechanical, stiff, slow and predictable.

    My point is that his effectiveness is based on Modrić movement.

    Juve takes away movement and space.

    Start him for continuity sake but be ready to bring on Kovačić.

    Don’t pull a Čačić verse Portugal.

    Kovačić will shift the rhythm.

    Plus he can recover with speed when Juve hit you on the counter.

    I am always seeing what is best for Modrić for club and country.

    I don’t like to see him work extra hard because of weak links around him.

    @ BZ

    MANventus is on a mission.

    I can see him dominating the LW and scoring as well.

    You could be right as his BEAST mode may put Juve over the top.

    That Bayern BS would be righted and he would have taken a notch up in his career.

    Obviously MANdzukic does not possess explosive speed but his Super Mario legs run all over the place and he wins every aerial duel.

    Both him and Modrić have unique athleticism that takes time to truly appreciate.

    Special thanks to:

    Jupp Henkeys

    Puši KURAC:


  13. Iggy Iggy says:

    Did some cunt just insult Eurovision???? You must be kidding.. it’s a national pasttime here down under and we’re not even european. I won’t have you shitgurglers dissing Eurovision ! It’s great!

    But once, just once in my lifetime, i would like to see us enter something OTHER than a power ballad, just for once in my fucking life please

  14. The truth says:

    I don’t watch this nonsense, but while reading the Croatian paper (maybe that’s why the second gen diaspora missed it), i saw this linked attached . Maybe him singing in English is a good thing for the second gen diaspora, … You no longer have to speak Croatian to be a real hrvat

  15. Poglavnik says:

    Shits gay dude. You must be tickled pink they’re bringing back American Idol too huh?

  16. Brkic says:


    I enjoyed this article and some of the comments from what I presume to be English fans primarily.

    Some say Modric is “underrated”, but that’s not really an accurate description. I think “under appreciated” is more on point. Even on this site many have said “Perisic is better” or downplayed Modric’s ability. He’s never going to lead in goals or even assists, instead his contributions are much more nuanced and it really takes a trained eye to fully appreciate his world class quality.

  17. Lazio says:

    Perisic is better than Modric for the NT (I’d much rather be without Modric than Perisic), can’t speak about club form because I don’t watch Real Madrid that much. I know Perisic can be a bit inconsistent for Inter Milano, but when people say that Perisic is better than Modric, they’re obviously talking for the NT!

    I don’t believe you need a trained eye to fully apreciate Modric, all you need to know is how to read articles, hell, some of the stuff I just read in that article I’ve heard most of the guys on this site say word for word!

    “Trained eye,” those words could’ve helped in the “world class” debate, for example, you don’t need a trained eye to realise that Messi and many others are world class.
    BZ believes that Vrsaljko is world class, maybe he has a trained eye, and everyone else is wrong?!

  18. Brkic says:

    I don’t believe any neutrals would put Perisic in a category of best at his position in the world yet. He’s been a stud for us in many games but he’s also been anonymous in others. I’m a huge fan of his, but he’s not at the same level. Our trained eyes will have to disagree on that.

  19. Zee says:

    I hear you. Because he scores. But who orchestrated the goal which we never think about. Way back. Modric. He does that for Madrid. We need them both going.

  20. BZ says:

    Lazio makes a strong argument, in the sense that the next guy up for Modric is Kova, while next guy up for Perisic is one-legged Pjaca.

    I don’t like this topic as it pits Cro vs Cro. My goal is to unite, not to divide.

  21. Ziva Istina says:

    “My goal is to unite, not to divide.” What a nice guy you sound like!

    But, how do you plan on achieving that goal of yours, by getting everyone to agree that Vrsaljko is world class even when they don’t believe him to be so, and if they don’t believe Vrsaljko to be world class you call them self hating?

    I really think you should find another way of achieving your goal!
    Not calling people self hating Croats because of differing opinions on sportspeople would be a good start on your way to achieving your goal.

    Anyway, good luck with achieving your goal! Onward and Upward!

  22. BZ says:

    Note to all, self hating ir not: I will not respond directly to somebody pretending to be a deceased man.

  23. Ziva Istina says:

    Now you’re being silly.

    First of all, do you know that the other guy that used to call himself Ziva Istina is dead?

    Second of all, I informed everyone about my name change yesterday, so it’s clear that I’m not pretending to be anyone.
    Same person I was before, just have a new username.

    Someone took my old username, and I have a feeling that no one will want the name Ziva Istina, so I decided to take it.
    If the first Ziva Istina decides to come back, I will gladly find another name and will inform everyone of my new name if or when that happens, till then, I really don’t see the problem.

    “Self hating or not,” very nice, now everyone can unite in the stance you, BZ, are taking!
    I guess we’ll have to wait to see if everyone will follow your lead and unite behind you!

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