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Miocic Knocks Out dos Santos In 1st Round To Retain UFC Heavyweight Belt!

May 12, 2017

Stipe Miocic vs Junior Dos Santos



In May of 2016, Croatian-American UFC fighter Stipe Miocic became the Heavyweight champion when he knocked out Fabricio Werdum in Brazil in the first round. Miocic then defended his belt in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, knocking out Alistair Overeem in the first round this past September.



On Saturday, Miocic will face Junior dos Santos in Dallas, Texas at UFC 211. Miocic has a 16-2 MMA record with his last defeat coming to Junior dos Santos in December of 2014. The fight went the distance with dos Santos getting the unanimous decision.



Miocic will now look to avenge his last loss and successfully defend his heavyweight title for a second straight time. Since losing to the Brazilian, Miocic has caught fire knocking out his past four opponents.



Will Miocic retain his belt? Vegas has him at a slight -130 favorite.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 97 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    That loss actually boosted his stocks tbh, one of the rare times a loss shoots someone up in the title estimation. He was kinda still an up and comer.. i think he will win this time since he’s more solid and JDS is a bit older and hopefully a bit slower now.

  2. The truth says:

    Interesting there is no interest in this topic

    I bet you a lot of hrvati like to say hrvati are the toughest

    And here is a guy where the sec gen diaspora could say a Croat can beat up anyone on the planet…. But no one here cares

    Oh wait, that’s because this is an after school backyard fight club

  3. Crobo Cop says:

    Reading “the truth” try to imitate Ziva is like watching two retarded fat chicks try to fuck.

    At least Ziva knew how to construct a sentence and a decent argument.

  4. Maminjo says:

    In the UFC Heavyweight division, the champion rarely defends their title.

    Miočić already won and defended his title once. That alone is amazing. It would be incredible if he gets a streak going.

    Would love to see him beat dos Santos and then fight Cain Velasquez. There would be noone else after that and he would undeniably be the best champ in this decade.

    Even prime Velasquez couldn’t defend his title for more than two fights. It took Werdum and dos Santos one fight to lose theirs.

  5. rob i says:

    Stipe has done an amazing job to get to were he is. But from my limited knowledge, Valazquez at his peak is a total beast.
    I love watching Stipe show of his hertiage when he gets the chance…. Legend…. He is till no Stip Dews

  6. Croatianperson85 says:

    @ Maminjo

    Good point. The record for defending your title in the heavyweight division is twice. If Miocic wins he ties the record.

  7. Maminjo says:

    Velasquez at his peak is a total beast, yes, and he still couldn’t defend his title for longer than two fights.

    He’s the same age as Stipe, so it’s no excuse there (if they’re ever matched up against each other). Dos Santos is younger than both of them.

    Stipe has fought some MMA legends in Werdum, dos Santos, Overeem, Arlovski, Nelson and Hunt.

    Fighting Velasquez would complete an amazing fight resume, win or lose. Incredible feat, considering how late he entered MMA and it was such a short time ago that we were even wondering if this guy is even good enough to be in the UFC at all, lol.

  8. Idemo says:

    Wouldn’t look into some of those “legend” fights too deep, some of those names were on their way way out, overeem was running away didn’t want to fight

  9. Iggy Iggy says:

    Not sure why The Truth said no one here cares? This board has been very active both during Rizin when Mirko won and also during Stipe’s fights so i think you are mistaken ya kinky little furball.

    Now, as for Idemo: _Wouldn’t look into some of those “legend” fights too deep, some of those names were on their way way out, overeem was running away didn’t want to fight_

    Did you see Overeem’s last fight? He was abso savage in his KO of Hunt, that dude is still scary as fuck, even as Overeem and not Ubereem these days.

    As i said above when he went 5 close rounds with JDS last time it really shot him up the standings even tho he lost cos he proved himself as elite level in that fight so it’s fitting he now defends his title against the guy. Won’t be easy but i think he can win.

    I do want to say though even if he loses Stipe has achieved a lot and i’ll be really happy with his record thus far.

    Cain might be out a while, he really fucked up talking about his back issues and the UFC basically prevented him fighting last time out due to liability etc so he has himself to blame. Not sure where he is at with his issues or if he’ll be back or when but it would be nice if he can come back one day for sure

  10. Jarac says:

    Stipe ubi cigano!!!! I called this long ago stipe being a champ…..and he is going for a three-peat which has never been done before in heavyweight category. Stipe will knock his ass out…ko strikes round 1.

    Za dom brate!!!

  11. Iggy Iggy says:

    So often along his path to the title i thought Stipe would lose (and i think others did too) and he continuously proved us all wrong, he’s just such an impressive athlete.. Cmon Stipe ! U can do it bud !

    Btw do u guys follow him on Facebook? I love the firefighting stuff etc he is posting, it’s also cool to see a UFC champ actually contribute to his community and use his strength in a positive way.. he talks about bringing some woman back to life in one vid

    It reminds me a bit of Goran Reljic – only the hardcore MMA fans will remember him, he was good for a moment – then an injury ended his career, but apparently he was back in Zagreb and a couple had an accident and drove their car into a river, and he promptly swam in, punched the windscreen out and dragged em both to safety. I like seeing HRV MMA ppl doing things like this :D

  12. BZ says:

    All I have to say is Stipe is like Sime, World Class!!! Some may detract by saying his competition was on the way down, but Iggy will enlighten them.

  13. Jarac says:

    Only reason Stipe not getting the attention he deserves, is because he is not a loud mouth shit talking arrogant prick. He is a stand up humble fighter who clocks in and handles business. He is easily the best athlete in the division, has an iron jaw, and is multi-dimensional, dude has a chance to make one of the longest runs at heavyweight champ….

  14. Idemo says:

    Man shut up your lame ass hell you make snide remarks on the internet but probably wear adult braces and work a desk job
    No one said stipe wasn’t real deal, mark hunt is shit and overeem was scared

    You and your butt buddy polish each other’s butt holes off after sucking off Sime Vrsaljko?

  15. Idemo says:

    you’ve been voted off the the island not a single person agreed with you and your lover that Sime is world class

  16. The truth says:

    At the end of the day, i think stipe is a classy ohion. This is probably holding him back from making the big dough as he’s just not an interesting enough draw as some other champs. He’s the tim Duncan of mma….zzzzz…. Over course without the same success level

  17. The truth says:

    Tell me which of my statements was false?

    He is a classy ohion: true
    He is not as interesting a personality as other champs: true
    This holds him back from making the big bucks: true
    He could be likened to a tim Duncan: true
    But he hasn’t been as successful as duncan: true

    That’s five truths. I guess there is a reason I’m called the truth

  18. Anonymous says:

    Truth troll said “there is no interest in this topic”.
    Yet here he is making post after post with his trolling drivel.

  19. Lika Joey says:

    Truth, aka goof…Stipe is exciting as hell to watch fight…that goes beyond a big mouth and loud personality.

  20. Idemo says:

    for heavyweight he’s great, but it’s a no brainier that these 150 pound fighters are where the excitement is, big guys get tired lethargic compared to the smaller guys flying around for 5 rounds

  21. Zee says:

    Truth troll is an idiot with grade 3 mentality. Making fun of people’s names is grade 3. Go away truth troll. Chump assed goof!

  22. Lika Joey says:

    Idemo, the heavy weight division is king! 150 pounders hit with mosquito power. The heavy weight division is the royal division.

  23. Lika Joey says:

    If Stipe gets it done tonight….Stipe vs Cain is the best and biggest match up in the world of mma. Stipe vs Jr 1 was an incredible fight. ..but the human body is never the same again from a fight like that. Jr has much more miles on him then stipe.

  24. The truth says:

    As pointed out, i didn’t mock anyone. I just made true statements. The truth can be hard to accept though. Stayed tuned for this weekend edition of overhyped Croatian soccer youth

  25. Iggy says:

    @ Soul Champ

    i remember that flykick well, lol, what a legeld

    anyway, i think the Stipe fight is like, 2pm or 3pm aussie time

    good thing i dont drink on sundays !


  26. Zee says:

    @the truth
    What are you gonna go make fun of vlasic, sosa etc. Nobody cares what you say troll. It doesn’t matter. Wasting your time.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Stipe defending his title twice is incredibly impressive
    (Especially as first round knockouts).

    I can’t believe Dos Santos got beat so easily by him. Stipe, as usual, left himself a bit open to eat a few punches, and it did nothing to him. The second Dos Santos ate a punch, you could see him stagger and reel back. That’s when you knew this was going to end quickly.

    Stipe, simply put, has an iron jaw.
    He will allow his opponent to hit him, so long as it gives him an opportunity to trade head punches with them.

    These guys can’t handle a heavyweight punch to the head, the same way Stipe can. Dos Santos is a big strong dude who is currently in peak form, and when they traded head punches, you could see Dos Santos stagger and reel backwards to recover, with Stipe being completely unfazed.

    Same thing happened in the Overeem fight, where Overeem was jogging away after realizing he can’t handle any of Stipe’s head punches. Overeem managed to catch Stipe with a knockout blow to the chin, Stipe fell back and recovered almost instantly to prevent the submission. Anyone else would’ve been knocked out after that, no question.

    The only way Stipe loses this title is with a Werdum submission. Velasquez will lose to Stipe for sure (if they ever fight).

    Dana White will probably push for a Velasquez/Miocic fight before the eventual Werdum/Miocic rematch (to make maximum cash)…but the only real title fight right now should be Werdum vs Stipe.

  28. Jarac says:

    Werdum is a bum…like I said stipe 1st round knockout it’s his division and no one is close. only threat I see is the crnac roid freak with a punchers chance

  29. The truth says:

    I was happy i made some money on yesterday’s fight but it just reemphasized to me what a sport of luck the heavy weight division is. It’s just a game of which lumbering dinosaur gets lucky landing a punch. Which is why no heavyweight is able to hold the title for that long. The title is a random walk. Great for miocic but this streak is probably more about a coin landing on heads three times in a row than us witnessing the greatest heavyweight

  30. Croatianperson85 says:


    Funny how you posted that Eurovision comment knocking the song and diaspora singer hoping we’d bite but no one cares enough to react. Then you suddenly backtracked. A pattern?

  31. The truth says:

    Math is your purest form of truth. Statically speaking, it is difficult to draw the conclusion that ability is a greater factor in being heavy weight champ than luck. If it were so, you’d see champs hold the title for longer like they do in boxing. So I’m happy stipe it’s getting this paycheck. He has top five mma ability maybe. But winning three title fights is more luck than skill.

  32. Lazio says:

    In my opinion the groundwork for Miocic’s win was laid in his first fight with Dos Santos, where he tenderised his face and prepared the meat for eating in this 2nd fight! Let me explain. After his win against Miocic in the 1st fight Cigano went on to lose to Overeem, he wasn’t his usual agressive self in that fight and tried to be a bit more patient, and it cost him because that played right into Overeem’s hands.

    Against Rothwell Cigano fought the same way he did against Overeem, but, Rothwell is not the striker that Overeem is and Cigano was able to win a decision, again, Cigano fought very patiently and safe, without his usual agression, he never looked like finishing the fight against Rothwell.

    Coming into this second fight against Miocic, with the so called experts saying how great Cigano looked against Rothwell, he thought if he fought the same way he did against Rothwell that that would get him the win, but as we saw, Miocic was walking him down the whole fight and never let him get comfortable, even with an injured leg Miocic kept walking him down to the eventual eating of the meat, which was tenderised and prepared in their first fight.

    Dos Santos said he was looking for an early finish, did he look like a guy that was looking for an early finish? To me he looked like a guy that had a game plan, and his game plan went to shit as soon as Miocic started walking him down, not letting Cigano settle into the rhythm he wanted, and that’s the reason Cigano looked like a deer in the headlights.
    Back to the drawing board for Dos Santos to hopefully find his old self, onward and upward for Stipe Miocic.

  33. Lika Joey says:

    No Lazio your a fucking retard….jds was working the leg hoping to get an early knock out… apparently Stipe had other plans.

  34. Lika Joey says:

    Stipe has incredible feet for a big man…lands bombs from angles…knocked out Verdum going backwards…jds wanted his legs gone…then a ko…apparently you never been in a fight gym….keyboard training!

  35. Lika Joey says:

    Lazio what was jds going to do early chase stipe like Verdum? Jds is damaged goods after Cain and the first Stipe fight.

  36. Lazio says:

    @Lika Joey
    Working the leg hoping for an early KO, that’s what JDS said at his press conference you monkey! You’re dumb as dog shit you dopey bastard, keep reading those articles and listening to press confrences to get your opinions you muppet.

  37. Lazio says:

    I never wrote the above comment.
    Did you write that comment @The truth?

    Lika Joey sucks that’s true, but I wouldn’t say Gospic sucks.

  38. Zee says:

    Truth is a troll fellas. Don’t reply no more to his idiocy. He might be a hacker because nothing better to do. Go away truth troll!

  39. Jarac says:

    @ truth trying to equate winning titles to luck and not skill hah what a pathetic fucking joke, dude has never played sports and has no respect for martial arts….guaranteed u would get ur head knocked off in the ring….and it ain’t due to luck

  40. BZ says:

    It is true, math is your friend…a pro career record of 17-2…90% ein ratio vs world’s best…you’d have to be an idiot to think it is a coin toss.

  41. The truth says:

    Can someone explain to me how staying champ is not luck? If it wasn’t, why does no one hold the title for longer? It’s just math guys. Don’t tell me i have to start giving stat lessons in addition to Croatian lessons. The kriz May be too much to bear

    As for my athletic ability, i don’t want to brag but i used to be quite the athlete in my day

  42. Lika Joey says:

    Someone else posting above as me…Lazio easy bitch…working the legs was jds strategy you retard! Your parents cousins?

  43. Idemo says:

    This sport a donkey can beat a bear with one lucky hit which u have no chance to come back from.

  44. The truth says:

    Idemo must be picking up the truth. Exactly my point. You might as well put these guys in the octogon, blind fold them, and give them bats to swing and the results would look very similar to how they do now. largely random

  45. Anonymous says:

    Why are you posting here truth troll? You stated nobody cares about this, you bring nothing positive, you have nothing constructive to say; you’re just here trolling. Beat it troll. Nobody likes you

  46. Anonymous says:

    Which part of level headedness and statistics is claiming nobody cares about a topic, then posting over and over about it? What about the part where you constantly use the same lame 2nd grader deragarory nicknames for players? Which part does you not being welcome here, yet still refusing to stop posting fall under? Beat it truth troll. Go find another hobby besides trolling

  47. Ziva Istina says:

    “Your parents cousins?”

    No moron.

    My first post under my new username, because this other idiot wants to use my name!

  48. Lika Joey says:

    Lazio, it’s ok if your parents are first cousins…you can move to southern italy… You will fit in no problem. Lol!

  49. Ziva Istina says:

    “The kriz May be too much to bear.”

    It’s because you don’t have the love for the Croatian people that I have that you feel that way.
    You’ve actually just shown yourself to be a modern Croat, meaning, you and your family were Yugos but became Croats when Croatia won their dependence. You are definitely not a traditional Croat.

  50. Zee says:

    Well said and well put. I said that last week. Grade 3 mentality. Go away truth troll!

  51. Ziva Istina says:

    “Lazio, it’s ok if your parents are first cousins…you can move to southern italy… You will fit in no problem. Lol!”

    Why would you say that? It’s so stupid, if you have a problem with me, let me know what it is you little piss ant and we can work it out.

    Also, get it through your thick head, I’m Ziva Istina now you idiot, I changed my name because that other idiot used my name, forcing me to start fresh. The Ziva Istina name is available and I’ve decided to take it and make it my own, you gotta a problem with that? The name Ziva Istina is a name that really suits me also, which you will all find out eventually!

  52. Ziva Istina says:

    @Lika Joey
    Lazio was just my username for this site you donkey, it’s not my real name ya muppet, and I haven’t forgot my name, I changed my username.
    You’ve just shown yourself to be the product of inbreeding because you really are slow, which is the sign of inbreeding according to you you sack of shit!

  53. Ziva Istina says:

    The fact that I have informed people of my name change, I believe is a classy move on my part.

    The dickhead that thought Lazio was my real name, hahahahahaha, what a mutten head lol. Definitely not a traditional Croat, who I have always found to be the more intelligent Croats.

  54. Lika Joey says:

    Lol….you must be inbred to use Ziva istina as your posting name…goof I know your real name isn’t Lazio..

  55. Lika Joey says:

    Lazio, it’s ok if your frustrated being born a women to inbreeding…but inside you feel like your a man…you would of made a great cell mate!

  56. Lika Joey says:

    Lazio, you dress like a man…but I know down stairs your a lady…im done with you…for now!!

  57. Ziva Istina says:

    “I know your real name isn’t Lazio..”

    Because I told you you monkey, clearly you didn’t know in your earlier post, go read it back you muppet.

    “Lazio, you dress like a man…but I know down stairs your a lady…im done with you…for now!”

    This is pathetic you little mentally defective twerp, how old are you you muppet?

  58. Ziva Istina says:

    @Lika Joey
    “im done with you…for now!!”
    I understand this to mean that you’ve shit your pants! Clean yourself up and answer my questions below when you’re ready!

    “but I know down stairs your a lady”
    We are said to not know anything though, until we know that it cannot be otherwise.
    How do you know that it cannot be otherwise, what in my comments has led you to come to the conclusion that I’m a lady downstairs?

  59. Ziva Istina says:

    I just read an article where this question was asked,
    “Is Junior on a decline? Or is Stipe Miocic simply that good?”

    Lika Joey said,
    “Jds is damaged goods after Cain and the first Stipe fight.”

    We know that before JDS was “damaged goods” he did beat Miocic, but “damaged goods” JDS did beat Rothwell!

    Could it be that Stipe is simply lucky that the HW division is so poor at the moment and he is just fighting at a good time to string together some of these wins?

    What do some of you other guys think?

    Me, I believe that Stipe is simply that good!

  60. Jarac says:

    or he can be so good since he is 15-2 and last 5 fights by KO lol…..dude come on stop trolling with the click bait trash articles…

    Now, honest opinion and I have watched the UFC for a very very long time….stipe is the most talented athletic heavyweight the UFC has ever seen and will end up being the best the division has ever seen…..he is peaking at the right age and has very little mileage….sky is the limit…

  61. Ziva Istina says:

    So you believe that Werdum is a bum in comparison to Stipe Miocic?
    Do you believe the mistake Werdum made vs Miocic in their title fight is something that easily be corrected if they were to ever fight again?
    Also, do you disagree that JDS is damaged goods?

  62. Maminjo says:

    What mistake did Werdum make against Miočić?

    He was aggressive against Miočić (who generally likes to be the one on the offensive) and it was a good strategy.

    Unfortunately for Werdum, Stipe has concrete blocks for fists and somehow knocked Werdum out with a jab.

  63. Maminjo says:

    Honestly, Stipe is just an athletic and technically gifted version of George Čuvalo.

    Simply can’t get knocked out and is literally swinging concrete fists out there.

  64. Ziva Istina says:

    Good strategy? The result would suggest otherwise.

    There’s no way he will go chasing after him so stupidly next time, he basically ran into a KO.

    Anyway, thanks for talking to me Maminjo, I appreciate it!

  65. Ziva Istina says:

    Looks like no one else is gonna ask this question, so I’ll go ahead and ask it.
    What happened to Michael Rozic, I thought he was our MMA correspondent, did he leave with Denis?

  66. Jarac says:

    werdum cannot stand with stipe….or he will get ktfo again….only chance to win is via submission….and good luck getting a great wrestler to the ground……werdum does not have what it takes…

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