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Championship Weekend

May 17, 2017


Subašić wins Ligue 1 and Best Goalie Award



More silverware coming to the Croatians this weekend!



Danijel Subašić and Monaco locked up the French Ligue 1 title Wednesday night with a 2-0 win over Saint Etienne. It was another clean sheet for the Croatian #1 who was awarded ‘Best Goalkeeper in France’ this past weekend. Suba made some incredible saves against Juventus in their Champions League semifinal round which defends his award in the much less competitive French Ligue (compared to the top clubs in Europe). Suba’s stock rose tremendously this season but with Monaco returning to the  Champions League, would he dare take a transfer to a stronger club in Europe?



Luka Modrić and Real Madrid took care of business Wednesday night as well. With their 4-1 ‘game in hand’ victory over Celta Vigo, Los Blancos now only need one point against Malaga on Sunday to win the La Liga title. The only way Real Madrid can lose the title to Barcelona is if Barca defeats Eibar and Real loses to Malaga; since Barcelona hold the tiebreaker. Even with that, Barcelona made an amazing comeback, making the La Liga title race close after a miracle last second goal by Messi in El Clasico.



Mario Mandžukić and Juventus will wrap up the Serie A title at home on Saturday with a win over Crotone. It’s been an experimental year for Mandza who was moved to the wing behind Higuain where goals went down but overall productivity went up. Mandza played the full match Wednesday as Juventus defeated Lazio 2-0 to win the Coppa Italia. With a win Saturday, Juve will take the Italian double and have a shot at the European treble if they can take down mighty Real Madrid in the Champions League Final.



Dejan Lovren and Liverpool will clinch a Champions League berth for next season with a win over Middlesbrough Sunday. They have Arsenal on their tail (one point behind) so any slip up can cost Anfield the bright lights of Champions League next year.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 45 comments

  1. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    I really hope Subašić continues to do well and improve.

    Although hes the best we have for the Repka..ive just never been all that impressed by him. He seems like an ‘average’ goalie to me….yet here he is winning ‘best goalkeeper in France’

    Lets hope he just keeps getting better from here.

  2. BZ says:

    @Toronto -I concur. Subasic serves as an upgrade to Pleti, and his performance vs Juve was strong considering his D was nowhere to be found. I hope their deep run in the CL helped him gain the leadership skills all great goalies need.

    At the end of the day, our NT’s D has been so good vs our weak competition, that Subasic will continue to be an enigma. This is a good thing, I suppose.

  3. Maminjo says:

    Subašić has done more in this past Euro 2016 than any of our other keepers have done in previous tournaments (except maybe Ladić in France 98).

  4. Ziva Istina says:

    Subasic is slow and not very agile in my opinion, he is the best keeper in France for no other reason than Monaco won the league. I usually only see him when he plays for Croatia though.

    Josip Posavec is more talented than Subasic in my opinion and I’ve seen him play a bit this season, plays against good strikers week in week out and has made some very good saves (saved some hard ones too!), I’d have him in the NT right now!
    1. Subasic, 12. Posavec, 23. Kalinic should be our NT keepers, if Subasic doesn’t want to wear the No1 shirt and wants to stick with the No23 shirt I would drop him to the bench and put Posavec into the starting line-up.

  5. Idemo says:

    Suba is good, if you say otherwise plz name an alternative. Through the year I’ve seen him not save a few that were deffintely save-able but then again he also pulls some out of the cobwebs and distribution has been nice, for me was deff best in Ligue 1

  6. Soul Champ says:

    The difference I see in his game this year is his confidence.

    He seems to have a more commanding presence.

    He is a denfinite upgrade over an over hill emotionally drained Pletikosa.

    God bless Pleti and his service to the repka but Brazil World Cup was painful to watch, his distraught body cemented into the ground letting in goal after goal.

    Our back 4 or 3 if we ever venture to 3-5-2, needs to be athletic.

    This will mitigate Subasic lack of sweeper keeper range.

    Jebi ga

    He may not be Manuel Neuer but he has been excellent for club/country over this past year.

    Neuer and Buffon have sourced World Cup trophies for Germany and Italy.

    Subasic will be called upon to have big game for us in Russia 2018.

    At least now he has the belief he can rise to big match occasions.

    We are cultivating a critical mass of big time performers.

    Forgive the Croatia loving optimism…but ’96 we have respectable showing … crew of ballers in ’98 … two goal anomaly from Thuram and host France denies our destiny (plus Prosinečki omittance).

    Fast forward to Russia 2018:

    Host nation is pedestrian.


    Uvijek vjerni

  7. BZ says:

    Waiting for the roster for Mexico to be announced, before I even think about watching the game with the puto illegals in LA.
    Anyone know when it will be announced?

    Thinking it will be as weak as we all predicted.
    I usually don’t mind Suker, but scheduling this game smells of something rotten. Our brand is going to take a huge hit if we lose big, which is likely, due to key player absences.

  8. BZ says:

    @Soul Champ- hope you are right about Suba. Please don’t float the 3-5-2, it is my dream for our talent pool.

  9. The truth says:

    Sub ass itch is just ok. Probably an upgrade over pletikosa. Good at stopping the easy ones and cheating on penalty kicks.

    Don’t get too excited by this award. These coaches likely have no idea what truly makes a good goalie. It is in an incredibly complex formula that has to isolate the quality of your team and the opponent from the result. And there is no way these cavemen voters are capable of that

  10. The truth says:

    Don’t worry about Croatia s brand. Outside of people on this site, no one really cares. If Croatia wants to up their brand, they can do so with actually having tournament success. Not a meaningless may friendly against a team they choked against in the world cup

  11. BZ says:

    This meaningless game is going to be watched by more people than all our qualifiers combined.

    Our brand/ranking is important because:
    -Getting quality friendlies is hard.
    -Staying in high fifa pools means avoiding groups of death.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think getting top quality friendlies is hard, I think we just choose not to take them, our friendlies don’t even reperesent the style of our future opppnents

  13. Anonymous says:

    2nd grader truth troll trolling yet again.
    You are not welcome or wanted here troll.

  14. The truth says:

    Once again I’m persecuted for telling truth. Let’s recap the truth

    1) no one not connected to Croatia cares about the Croatia brand
    2) the Mexico friendly will not change that
    3) if Croatia wants to up their brand, then win games in big tournament’s like in the world cup against Mexico
    4) the friendly is meaningless

    I guess I’ll have to keep carry the kriz

  15. Croatianperson85 says:

    Convinced “truth” is Serbian/Yugo or just hates Croatia with his constant underhanded and subversive posts. I agree there needs to be a balance with blindly supporting and making critical points where it’s due. The fan base can be naive at times which some us understand.

    Ziva/Fake Ziva already plays devil’s advocate better than you and better articulates himself as well. We don’t need 2 of you. 1 is enough. Unless you’re the same person posting under multiple names. In that case I wish I had the free time you have.

    What I would give to be 17 again.

  16. Zee says:

    Name mocking as I said weeks ago is grade 3. You need to go see a psychologist. Not normal get some help and come back when you better. Good luck.

  17. Soul Champ says:

    @ BZ

    Dare to dream !

    It does seem that our individual talent pool is not being maximized to dominate and compete at the elite level.

    I’ll settle for timely subs to maximize our depth.

    Man I wish we had a world class coach to lead us to a World Cup title.

    Italian manager would bring out the best:


    These guys bring out the best out of their squads.

    I am no tactical expert but 3-5-2 with our crew could be a winner.

  18. The truth says:

    Look, there is no bigger hrvat out there than me. I root for Croatias long term interest everywhere and always. But i like to keep things in perspective. Still no one can disagree with the things i say, they just don’t like to hear them. But it’s ok, I’ll carry the kriz

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please. Shut the F up troll. Focus on your 3rd grade schoolwork and leave this website alone.

  20. crnkovic says:

    lol truth. still winding everybody up huh? I agree with you about the Mexico friendly I’m sure it’s to do with lining pockets not global branding. anyway croatia should be playing friendlies against Germany Argentina england France algeria Nigeria Spain Brazil Colombia Korea and yes also USA and Mexico but only if we can make it a meaningful game. our top players have experience winning at their clubs but everything is different when you pull on the different jersey. croatia lacks belief REAL belief. it’s takes balls to go and beat the biggest teams, the players have to get used to it. get used to reading croatia 3 France 1 shorelines, that’s the only way they will ever become European or world cup finalists they have to believe they are better than the rest. too much of that small town mentality we still have. see how scared they were of Portugal?

  21. The truth says:

    It’s funny, Croatia used to play above their talent level. Now they play right in line with it

  22. BZ says:

    @Soul Champ- Oh how fun it would be to let the horses run in a 3-5-2…but I still cannot agree with the Italian/foreign coach portion. Too many smart (albeit sometimes lazy) Croatian men that could run the NT show, just takes someone with some autonomy and balls. I say we hire Belicheck, jk kinda.

  23. Zee says:

    @ anonymous
    Too funny about troll. I personally think he needs help like i said. Go away troll. Get some fucking help chump or you’re done. Signs are there.!

  24. The truth says:

    Mahir scores a goal today. Inside the box style of course. I think it’s becoming more and more likely that the line up we see going forward will be mahir on the wing with kalinic starting. With marcelo Chelsea bozo-vic not being able to play and marko pee ass a being injured again, it makes the most sense. The biggest drawback though is pushing perisic to the right wing where he is lest effective. Especially because having perisic on the left was making it costlier for teams to push the repka to the left and put the ball at the feet of our weak left backs. Now you’ll see even heavier shading by teams to our left.

  25. Dannyj says:

    I don’t know I think Mario will make em pay on the left and defensively he will help a ton. I like this new look. We can even kramaric some much deserved playing time

  26. Anonymous says:

    The troll continuing with his childish negative nicknames that he’s repeated 1,000 times. Grow up and stop trolling idiot

  27. BZ says:

    @Truth-Dannyj speaks the actual truth. Nobody in their right mind is going to go anywhere near Mandzukic. Perisic can beat people on the left or right, might even be better considering most team’s do not have as good a LB as a RB.

    We are likely to do a 4-4-2 which will actually be a 4-2-2-2
    Some Guy-Vida-Some other Guy-yet another guy assuming Vrsaljko is not back.

    As you can see, we need to go 3-5-2 with our talent. Sitting Kova etc for some avg player is not maximizing our skillset.

  28. LAknat says:

    I think Perisic should learn himself at the bench.
    he is totally wasted with a countless weak shoot.
    He believes himself as a goalscorer yet his attempt
    never make any impact to opponent, plus he is selfies/

  29. The truth says:

    @bz i don’t think me first kramaric sees the starting line up if mahir and kalinic are healthy.

    Also, cacic won’t go with that line up. He continues to value pairing modric with someone to watch his back. Which i think has actually been a decent strategy. Better than kum kovac plan to put his two most talented offensive players (modric and rakitic) both on defense

    I read an article the other day where mamic talks about his biggest mess up being when he had lined up a 25 pound transfer of haliloshit and tin jedva igra but haliloshits dad squashed it at the last moment. Wonder if things would’ve ended up better there for haliloshit. Couldn’t have ended worse.

  30. Ziva Istina says:

    @The truth
    You said, “It’s funny, Croatia used to play above their talent level. Now they play right in line with it.”

    What about the Portugal game, did they play above or in line with their talent level?

    You also said this, “against a team they choked against in the world cup.”

    So what happened against Mexico at the WC, saying they choked suggests they didn’t get the result you expected, neither above nor in line with their talent level? Are you another homer that made a stupid bet that Croatia would beat Mexico?

  31. Ziva Istina says:

    “they have to believe they are better than the rest.”

    Well they did believe they were better than the Croatian teams of ’96 and ’98.

    This current team really has to put aside thier jealousy of the ’98 team, I mean why the f**k would the stupid players be saying nonsense like, “this generation is better than the ’98 generation” in the lead up to the Euros? Are they competing against the ’98 team?
    Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words (the ’98 team knew this), and unfortunately for the fans, this current teams words spoke louder than their actions, that’s a trend that I feel will continue with this current team. Even when they lost to Portugal the players said, “the better team lost,” once again, words speaking loudly, but their actions couldn’t get the desired result.
    Does the result decide who is better?

    Also Pasalic has to be brought into the squad, this guy’s made of the right stuff, future NT captain in my opinion.

  32. The truth says:

    In line with their talent level was to make the Mexico game competitive, maybe even get lucky and win. To choke means to not play up to one’s ability on a big stage. They could not even make it competitive. Therefore, they choked. Sometimes i feel like on top of teaching Croatian and math, im forced to teach English as well. Maybe i should look into starting an elementary school for some on the site

  33. Ziva Istina says:

    @The truth
    “In sports, a choke is the failure of an athlete or an athletic team to win a game or tournament when the player or team had been strongly favored to win.”
    Suti gubo!

    Did you make a stupid dickhead homer bet against Mexico?

    “Also, cacic won’t go with that line up. He continues to value pairing modric with someone to watch his back. Which i think has actually been a decent strategy. Better than kum kovac plan to put his two most talented offensive players (modric and rakitic) both on defense.”

    Who watched Modric’s back against Portugal, because I felt he watched his own back in that game? Modric showed in that game the fear that Crnkovic speaks of!

  34. Brkic says:

    @Ziva – The original Ziva used to loathe men who wore another man’s name on the back of their jersey. What do you think he would say about your using his name for your comments?

    Happy for Lovren, Kovacic and Modric today. Lots of hardware this year.

    It will be interesting to see who gets transferred before next season. I’m hoping Perisic, Brozovic, Strinic and Halilovic all find greener pastures. I’m losing hope on the last two, but maybe they can still come around given the right club situation.

  35. Ziva Istina says:

    “The original Ziva used to loathe men who wore another man’s name on the back of their jersey. What do you think he would say about your using his name for your comments?”

    He also made a stupid homer bet that Mexico would beat Croatia at the last WC, the guy that never stopped saying the Savez was f**ked, the coach was shit, but the homer still believed we’d beat Mexico, then in a real turn-up he started calling other people homers, but, to answer your question, he wouldn’t say anything.
    Like I’ve already said, it’s a name I like, somebody took my old username, and I don’t think anyone will take this name. I also informed the public of my username change which I feel is a classy move on my part, and that’s it. If the first Ziva ever comes back, of course I would pick another name for myself.

  36. Anonymous says:

    @Ziva Istina

    “I’m back bitches!!
    Now get your own now fucking name, loser!”

    For confirmation, could you answer this question one?
    Did you make a stupid dickhead homer bet that Croatia would beat Mexico at the WC?

  37. Traditional Croat says:

    @Ziva Istina
    “I’m back bitches!!
    Now get your own now fucking name, loser!”

    Do you have a regular username that you were scared to use to write that comment, making you a loser?!
    If you do have a regular username some might say that “you dress like a man…but they know down stairs your a lady,” that’s what Lika Joey would say! My guess is that you’re mentally limited, and should never enter the field of play under your own regular username, you’re not good enough, and it looks like you understand that, that’s a good thing!
    However, if in the future you do decide to direct more comments my way, do so under the username Anonymous, because I don’t waste my time with keyboard cowards.

    By not answering my question it will confirm that “downstairs your a lady,” Lol. “You dress like a man…but I know down stairs your a lady.” Lol

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