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August 1, 2011



TEAM CSR, headed by Southern California natives Denis Svirčić and Ante Kvartuč, are headed north of the border to beautful Toronto, CANADA for the Croatian qualifiers vs. Malta and Israel the first week of September. We had a blast year hanging out with the Croatian contingent from New York at Cafe Bar Scorpio in Astoria, Long Island and want to do it all over again this year…in Toronto.


How did TEAM CSR make this decision? We put up a poll shortly after returning from the New York trip and asked where the next destination should be. Toronto won in a landslide vote. Simple as that.


We are recruiting Prva Generacija members and Croatian soccer fans alike for this trip. Denis and Ante will be booking the trip within the next two weeks and anyone interested in going to Toronto can email us at for more information or questions about the scheduling.





To our Toronto Hrvati who will already be in the area:


1. Where is the best place to watch the game?


2. Are there any events (Croatian or non) going on the first week of September in Toronto?






The inaugural CSR trip to New York was so successful that we would like to make this a staple of our reporting arsenal. Meeting guys from the website in person and discussing Croatian soccer over a beer was priceless. Everyone in Astoria took TEAM CSR in with open arms and it was great to know that our motto of “UNITING CROATIAN FANS AROUND THE WORLD” is working and holds substance. So who’s ready to do it this year on Toronto?






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 35 comments

  1. jure f. says:

    open cork dundas and dixie. voted the gta's best calamari.

  2. Michael says:

    The 48th HNNS Tournament is going on in Hamilton from Sept.2 to Sept.4th in Hamilton (About 40 minutes south of Toronto)

    There are many Croatian bars around these parts, and most will be showing both qualifiers..

    That banner was done during the TFC Academy vs Hamilton Croatia match in CSL last year. A few guys from RPB designed it.

  3. Maryann says:

    I agree with above comment that with the most Croatians living in Hamilton/Stoney Creek, it is a great place to get together with fellow Croatians–tons of places/bars, also how about Monaghan's in Oakville on Trafalgar Road, v. close to Toronto as well.

  4. Markus says:

    Monaghan's in Oakville is definitely the place to watch the game.

  5. Anonymous says:

    To Ante,

    bad choice my friend, every time I have met up with Hrvati in canada, all they can talk about is america and there usually talking shit. Should've stayed here in beautiful
    so cal!

  6. Allen19 says:

    Also hopefully expect a visit to NY!!

  7. Denis Svirčić says:

    thanks for the suggestions guys. We dont have an itinerary yet, but we are looking at Montreal and New York City. 5-10 day trip. So far its Ante and I and 3 maybes. We would like a group of 5-10 people. I cant go 10 days just Ante and I 🙂

  8. TheGoldenChild says:

    Hamilton is one of the best.

  9. TheNatrix says:

    I'm jealous, can't get the work time off. Too bad Vancouver lost I could have made that drive!

  10. Tom in WPG says:


    You're gonna have a hard time pleasing everyone. So, just a suggestion: Oakville might be the most appropriate place as it's right between Hamilton and Toronto…

  11. Denis Svirčić says:


    thanks for the tip.


    next time.

    @everyone else,

    who is ready to hop on the CSR bus?

  12. Colin says:

    damn, I'd love to but my semester starts upright before that. If you can do it before Aug 21, I'd go.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would go to the tourney because there are a lot of Croatians and good soccer to watch and its a real good time. Otherwise I would never tell anyone to go see Hamilton or the bars in the area, its a shit hole.

    Monaghans in Oakville is a good bet, good wings, tends to be lots of people, and there are lots of Croatians in the area. The Oakville Church is two minutes away lol.

    You have to stay downtown Toronto for at least one night, one of the best cities in the world if you know where to go. Some amazing clubs, bars, and places to see.

  14. Michael says:

    Lots of great places to visit in Toronto. Oakville is a great meeting place, as it's right in the middle.

    A quick drive on the QEW and you're in either, about 20-25 minutes away.

    If you guys can make it on Aug.27th, The Exhibition is going on and TFC takes on SJ Earthquakes. Usually one of the better TFC games.

  15. DinamoDennis says:

    Or just come to my house adn we can watch it there….alone….in teh basement…

  16. Rob says:

    As others have mentioned, Monoghan's is probably a good idea, as it is located in Oakville and easily accessible for most people.

    Looking forward to CSR's arrival north of the border!

  17. Mark says:

    You HAVE to make the annual HNNS tournament in Hamilton. It's a no brainer.

    Idemo Vitezovi!

  18. TheNatrix says:

    @ Mark- That looks like a great time and the perfect event to complement the Euro Qualifier. Kicking myself since I can't go.

  19. ziva istina says:

    The HNNS tournament is a good time, but it used to be a great time when croatian teams actually played in it.

    Now, all the top contenders hardly have any hrvati on them. I think some teams have more muslims on their roster than croatians.

  20. jure f. says:

    ziva, ur wrong about that buddy.a lot of the teams based in the gta are mostly hrvati.
    monohans is good, but i havent been since we lost to makedonija. i

  21. ziva isitna says:

    Correct, many teams from the GTA have hrvati on the roster, which is why they have no chance at winning the tournament. Those teams that have mostly croatian rosters do it the right way, but the top teams don't.

    I don't go regulary as I used to, but from what I have seen over the years and have heard from friends that still attend, the teams that do well bring in non-hrvati (some bring in muslims) just for the tournament and don't resemble anything close to what they look like when they play league games. So, I'm sure this year will be more of the same. The top teams will have more crnci, Samirs and Adnans than Antes and Ivans.

  22. Mark says:

    @ziva – for God sakes get off f'n high horse and move to Croatia already if you think there's not enough Hrvati on those teams. Every once in a while I take the time out of my busy day and decide to write something about an interesting topic, and sure enough there's ziva's smart ass mouthing off. I swear if I ever meet you I might knock you out, then buy you a beer.

  23. Ziva istina says:

    I am on no high horse. No need to resort to violence ( it wouldn't work on me anyway). If I said anything that is factually wrong then let me know, but everything I wrote is accurate. If you like mujos and other stranci playing at an event that is for hrvati, then more power to you

  24. Mark says:

    Actually, not a big fan of the mujos. But I know some that have fought for Hrvatska, which is more than you've done. And trust me, it would work. But hey talk is cheap, which explains why you do so much of it.

  25. Denis Svirčić says:

    Any Croatian girls out in Toronto down to host Ante and I in September? 🙂

    @Mark and Ziva,

    you guys crack me up.

    We are all on the same team here. we are starting to look like the U-20 Croatia team after Saudi scored the second goal.

  26. Mark says:

    @ Denis – You're right… In my opinion Canadian girls are far more beautiful than any I've seen in any of the major cities/areas in the states, and they'll all be in Hamilton that weekend.

  27. Mark says:

    Canadian Hrvatice that is.

  28. Denis Svirčić says:

    Sounds great Mark! You should hop on the CSR bus. All we ask is that you bring a couple "Canadian Hrvatice".

  29. jono says:

    cro girls from the hammer are gross. ive been to events at their dom for years and never anything remotely decent.

  30. Anonymous says:

    lmao at jono. What do you expect they are from the Hammer.

    Also to ziva istina. The teams that you might be thinking of are the teams that come from the States. Usually the only thing Croatian about those teams are the teams name. I remember going to the tournaments and the American teams were always full of blacks and Spanish players. The Canadian teams tend to be majority Croatian.

    I know Toronto Croatia is a bit of a mix because they play in a high level league and its hard to fill a roster of 18 Croatians based on the fact our developmental teams are full of corrupt fucks who care more about cash than developing Croatian players. I have seen it first hand and what can you do. My dad nearly bashed the coaches face in lol but its all politics and cash when it comes to soccer.

  31. ziva istina says:

    well said….

    @Mark…..why the hostility??? Is it because everything I have typed is 100% accurate. This may be a shock to you, but I like my croatian events to feature croatians. Imagine that. Yes there were mujos who fought in the HVO and other components, but there were way more mujos who fought against us. So, spare me the " were with us", most of them were not. If you think brininging "mercenaries", "mujos" and "stranci" to a croatian event is OK, then there is not much more I can say or write. Its quite funny to see these teams bring in players who have never met before or played on that particular team before. But hey, there is a reason why there is a lack of fan support from the US teams. I prefer to honor an event that was created to promote and unify hrvati with actually hrvati, not rent-a-players.

    to the earlier comment about the women…….the Cro Canadian girls are much better than the heavy Cro American girls. But, you aren't going to get laid at this event, which is a good thing. Last thing I want to see are whore-ish croatian girls, we can see that when we visit the croatian coast.

  32. Mark says:

    @ Denis – Yeah we've definitely gotta meet up if you make it there. My only debate at this point is whether I should drive or fly. The road trip isn't bad but I've been stopped at the border the last two times I've gone and that really blows. I think I'm red flagged for something. Those border cops are real dicks and have nothing else better to do…. About those zene, we've got decent contacts…. Remember though, what happens in Canada stays in Canada.

  33. Anonymous says:

    If you're going to the Toronto area, don't waste your time in any part other than Toronto itself.

    DON'T go to Oakville, Mississauga, and sure as hell DON'T go to Hamilton.

    Most Croats from the suburbs of Oak/Miss (and blue-collar city of Hamilton) are just white trash Croats who's parents are from poor villages in BiH. They only hang out amongst themselves and have no idea where to go in the very city they live in.

    Sure, you could spend some time watching the games at a crappy suburb venue with a bunch of pseudo-Croats who have never been to Croatia (nor speak it), but after the game you should just high-tail it to Downtown Toronto and enjoy yourself.

    If you can find some Croats from the city of Toronto itself, you had better contact them because they are probably the only ones who are actual Croats and are open-minded enough to show you all the good places in Toronto (both Croatian and non-Croatian).

  34. Nizic Nizic says:

    Be My guest Momci and come to Toronto again I didnt know know-one would treat you like a visiting brother Croatian -U- za dom spremni…

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