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August 24, 2011

Photo: Denis Svirčić


Former University of San Francisco shooting guard, Marko Petrović



Two years, too much for Marko Petrović as the 20 year old Croatian basketball player has decided to call it quits at USF and return to Croatia to pursue a European basketball career. Marko started his American basketball career in 2009 for Findlay College Prep in Las Vegas. After a successful senior season, Marko received a scholarship to play for the University of San Francisco. Last season, after averaging only 17 minutes per game last season, the 6’2″ shooting guard decided to “take his talents to” Europe.


“Marko quit the University of San Francisco and will pursue a basketball career in Europe. Even though Marko did well his first year in San Francisco, he decided to return to Europe, which even surprised me. Maybe Marko was homesick after two years in the states.”



~Marko’s father, Aco Petrović, for Večernji List



Marko is currently training with Cedevita and is lined up for a trial with Turkish champion Fenerbahçe. Petrović is the nephew of late Croatian basketball legend, Dražen Petrović, who tragically passed away in 1993 to a freak car accident. Last January, CSR had the pleasure of sitting down with Marko for an interview in Los Angeles.





Interview with Marko Petrović

Denis Svirčić
Posted By: Denis Svirčić 8 comments

  1. Denis Svirčić says:

    I had a pleasure interviewing this kid and checking him out in person against Pepperdine and Layola Marymount. Marko also shared some stories about his father(Aco) and uncle(Drazen) from their playing days. Marko, I wish you the best of luck in Europe!

  2. Anonymous says:

    are you guys ever gonna make that new csr site as you promised? this one is good for small time type of stuff but csr is bigtime now. its time to upgrade

  3. Ante B says:

    Najiskrenije cestitke i svu srecu nasem voljenom dinamovcu! All the best buddy

  4. Dukić says:

    the gays scared him away.

  5. Dinamoblogger says:

    I'm not into basketball but this guy seems decent. Good luck to him

  6. Anonymous says:


    Haha, imaju pederi svudi sada, pederi su bili u splitu, na parada. Boze sacuvaj.

  7. Franjo Tudjman says:

    Denis, nice follow-up story. I would not have known that his team was on TV this winter had it not been for this site.

    Sorry that things did not work out for him at USF. From the game I saw, it seemed like he'd be open for a jumper and ignored by his teammates or the ball would be kicked-out too late as the defender already recovered.

    I'd love to hear any stories of interest regarding either Aleksandar or Drazen he may have shared. If the stories he shared with you were off-the-record, no worries.

    I wonder if you asked him about the Drazen/Divac ESPN documentary. From following Drazen's career and knowing how stubborn he is (in a good way), I can't see that he would have eventually buried the hatchet with Vlade. The only person who makes any sense is Stojko Vrankovic, and they didn't even interview him in that documentary (I guess it didn't fit their "angle" on the story).

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