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Last Call For Fantasy!

August 8, 2017




Fantasy Premiership begins this Friday, August 11th!



Fantasy Premiership returns for yet another season. CroatianSports has hosted it’s own fantasy league for over six seasons and we’re at it again. Pick your best XI English Premier League players for the weekend and let the bragging begin.



This year, former Croatia manager Slaven Bilić will return to the West Ham sidelines, signing Mexican superstar Chicharito to the London club. Dejan Lovren also stays at Liverpool in their backline but will Inter Milan winger Ivan Perišić eventually make it to Manchester United? The transfer window closes on August 30th but the season begins on Friday, August 11th when Arsenal host Leicester City.

To register, go to the official Fantasy Premiership website, create a username & password, pick a team and then join the CroatianSports private league with the code below. Simple as that!



Code: 574208-255966



Fantasy Code



We have been lazy in past seasons to give our champion their much deserved 1st place prize. In the comments below, discuss what would be an appropriate prize for winning the entire league. Whether it be a shout out from a future interview or a signed Ziva Istina poster.



Ante Kvartuč
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fantasy soccer… is that what truth troll is talking about when he “runs simulations”?
    His fantasy son goes to a fantasy ivy league school too! Hahaha! Truth Troll has quite an imagination for a 3rd grader. Run along now truth troll. Go troll elsewhere

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