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Croatia Lose 1st Game At EuroBasket To Spain

September 4, 2017


Croatia lost their first game of the EuroBasket group stage Tuesday in a 79-73 defeat to Spain. Philadelphia 76ers forward Dario Šarić led the team with a double-double (18 points, 13 rebounds) but it wasn’t enough as Croatia now look to finish second in the group before the knockout round begins this weekend.



It was a close game at the end and both players and coaches are happy with the performance Croatia put forth on the day against arguably the best basketball team in Europe.



Croatia defeated Montenegro 76-72 Monday behind another solid performance by Bojan Bogdanović (23 points) to remain perfect at EuroBasket 2017 with a 3-0 record. However, Tuesday is the big game as Croatia will face Spain for first place in the group. Both teams are undefeated but Spain have the superior point differential. The winner of the match will likely top the group heading into heading into the knockout round this weekend.


Croatia-Montenegro Game Highlights



In their opening match, Croatia needed a big fourth quarter to get by Hungary 67-58 behind a 23-point, 7-rebound performance from Indiana Pacer Bojan Bogdanović. On Saturday, Croatia came out sluggish in the first quarter against co-hosts Romania, but eventually won big for a 74-58 final. Bogdanović was once again the leading scorer and is averaging 22 points through the first two games.



Croatia will look for more of the same against Montenegro before they face their biggest competition in group stage: Spain on Tuesday, September 5th. Croatia last played Spain in the group stage decider  at the 2016 Rio Olympics and won by two after Dario Šarić blocked Pau Gasol’s shot at the buzzer.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 14 comments

  1. Andrej L says:

    What happened to Hezonja and Zubac?

  2. Zach Gilfix Zach Gilfix says:

    Both are focusing on getting ready for the NBA season, which I think is probably a good decision. Hopefully they can establish themselves in the NBA and play for the national team in future summers

  3. Idemo says:

    Toooooo sisi!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    76-72 final for the croatssss…niiiice!!!

  5. Idemo says:

    Bit of a scare at the end

  6. Idemo says:

    88 is on a quiet and big rise in Germany

  7. MatesicMethod Soul Champ says:

    I call BS on getting ready for the NBA season and skipping out on HKS.

    Both Zubac and Hezonja get little burn as it is.

    Get ready ALL May-June-July.

    Hezonja needs to be around Saric and Bogdanović and learn on how to BALL.

    Hezonja is a talented PUNK.

    Zubac would have gotten some good experience as well.

    Šarić is a point guard and Bogdanović is BUCKETS!

    Bender is getting an education.

    HKS has been the main vehicle of these boys becoming pro’s and now it’s a good idea to skip?

    RIP Dražen Petrović played in Poland on a sprained knee the day before he died.

    NBA is full of shit when they make you believe that it is better to “train” then play in the EuroBasket.

    It’s not the Mediterranean games ?

    Saric as Yo-Yo handle from left to right.

    Hope he has a triple double against Spain and Bogdanović drops 40!

  8. Stojko Vrankovic hook shot says:

    Congrats decki

  9. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ Soul,

    Straight from the horse’s mouth. Zubac would have played if they called him up. They didn’t.

    Hezonja has attitude problems. That could be a reason.

  10. BZ says:

    @Soul- Keeping it real. Love it. Correct me if I am wrong, wasn’t Drazen also in monster contract talk (extension or overseas contract) at the time?

    Bum knee, in line for monster contract, but still laying it on the line for his country! Loved him. I’ll never forget the memorial service at the Croatian Church in Nyc (damn near cried singing the anthem in his honor.)

  11. Idemo says:

    Saric is in no way a point guard, that is an insult to the point 4 position

    Can you guys point me to some hezonja attitude/punk issues maybe? Because he said Messi should come watch him?

    The guy is on the brink of crashing out of the NBA, whos payin ya? The NT or the magic. No club career = no NT career. gotta stop holding our sportsmen to higher nationalistic standards

    Would you go do your day job for the country if it meant putting your day job at home at big risk?

    Big difference in being in talks for a monster contract and fighting for your career. BIG.

  12. Idemo says:

    So I guess bender gets a pass for putting his financial livelihood infront of the NT since he’s here getting a education now? Let’s not be fickle here.

  13. Zach G says:

    With Montenegro beating the Czech Republic this morning, we’ll finish 2nd in the group (barring a huge upset).

    That’ll give us 3rd place in Group D, which unfortunately is probably the deepest group. With one game to play, Russia, Serbia, and Latvia will all be tied for 1st. Who do we want? If I had to guess I think all 3 of those teams win their last game and Russia finishes 3rd with the lowest point difference (which is the best case scenario for us imo).

  14. Idemo says:

    Down 5 in the 3rd let’s go boys

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