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The Blame Game

September 7, 2017


HNS President Davor Šuker with manager Ante Čačić


Every qualifying campaign, Croatia has their hiccup performance. It’s like clockwork.



Croatia is not Germany. Or Spain. Or England: perennial teams that cruise through qualifying without the blink of an eye.



For Euro 2016 qualifying, Croatia drew Azerbaijan and lost to Norway in the same weekend. In World Cup 2014 qualifying, Croatia lost to Scotland twice. The list goes on and on.



And so we thought the Icelandic blunder before summer break would be Croatia’s one and only mistake in this campaign. A draw would have been completely acceptable looking back on it. And now Croatia find themselves in the same situation (a second time) after their 1-0 loss to Turkey this past weekend.



But who is to blame?



Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.19.02 AM



In CroatianSports.com’s latest poll, everyone is to blame.



Manager Ante Čačić is to blame. The players are to blame. Team chemistry is to blame. Even Turkey is to blame for playing a good game in an absolutely hostile environment for opposing players.



Maybe it was a little bit of everything. Playing two games in three days doesn’t help either.



Čačić has world class players at his disposal. Half of Croatia’s roster played in the Champions League quarterfinals last season. All he has to do is keep his players happy, throw out an obvious starting XI and make a couple substitutions before the 75th minute. Čačić has been better with subs as of late but Pivarić does not need to be starting for Croatia right now. Grade vs. Turkey: C



As stated above, Croatia do have world class players. We know the list and who they play for. And this isn’t their first rodeo in big games. It always seems one or two backbone players miss in Croatia games. Modrić played his usual self and looked hungry dribbling the ball. Perišić makes amazing plays in Serie A every weekend; scoring goals off the wing from tight angles regularly. He needed to put one of those balls in the back of the net like he did against Spain in the Turkey match. Both Kalinić/Mandžukić looked lost out there and lazy. Subašić had the obvious gaffe which he should know better. Either catch the ball or punch it into the fifth row. Players grade vs. Turkey (as a whole): C-.



Team chemistry is simply off. You can put a bunch of random, talented guys together on a Sunday morning team and they will figure it out pretty quickly against a lesser talented team. The build up to goal was once again slow and when players would over-shoot the goal, you could see others on the team verbally express themselves or throw their hands up in the air in disgust. The chemistry is off. How do they fix that? Team chemistry grade: D.



But then again, Turkey is no push over. They more often than not have made tournaments in the past decade and have a few players which play on elite European squads. On top of that, the stadium in Eskisehir was on fire that day. Fans were loud the entire match and did not stop chanting. It was a violent atmosphere no away team ever wants to play in. But Croatia did. And they lost. Turkey fans grade: A



So who is to blame in this mea culpa of Croatian football? A little bit of everyone. It’s a team game and you win and lose as a team.



Luckily for this Croatian team, they are still in first place in the group (tied with Iceland) and control their own destiny for Russia. Win at home vs. Finland and on the road in Ukraine to end the qualifying campaign; and Russia is set.



In the next month, we will see which Croatia side shows up. But it can’t be worse than what showed up this weekend.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 132 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    Maybe we were a bit unlucky too, with firstly the rain and then apparent lack of info about when the Kosovo game would be replayed, as well as that non-handball call against Turkey.

    Just seems like a bunch of little things added up to conspire against us tbh.

    But, we’re still first, and assuming Iceland fails to win in Turkey and that we beat the Finns, we’ll go into the final game only needing a draw – which itself is a very dangerous position to be in (how do we play? for a draw or try and score goals??) but at least, as you said, it’s in our hands so we have prolly an even chance at this stage to go through.

  2. JB says:

    Of all the injuries, Pjaca hurts the most. Only guy we have that can take on players 1 v 1. Don’t see this team winning in Ukraine, maybe missing a WC will be a blessing.

  3. Crotown says:

    If we have to stay with Croatian decent coach forever-which is likely- we must make Siminic the coach. As a kid , nobody played with the Croatian passion like that guy. His documentary showed his love of country and sport. These young guys who think their better than the country and sport would quickly tow the line with Siminic. He’d tear a whole in the guys who were dogging it like the Turkey game-

    We have the talent -we just lost the heart of the vaterni

    Let’s go with some Croatian old school vs the coddling with today’s coaches and psychologist nonesense that were getting right now.

    Siminic for coach.

  4. LAknat says:

    Players can make an opportunity with their skill (effective), but Coach should ease them with a better strategy (efficient).

  5. Slavonac from Canada says:

    maybe if people would stop playing their political cards, we could do much better.

    I see more people blaming Mamic and the fact that Vlasic wasn’t included or the fact that Cacic miscalculated…but in the end, Perisic didn’t mark his man vs Iceland and allowed him to score, Subasic gave Turkey a juicy rebound while on the flip side, we haven’t seen Perisic take on players down the wing like he used to, Vrsaljko (whom everyone was begging to see on the field) can’t make a decent cross…but of course every Hajduk fan has his eyes on Pivaric. go to any website and read the comment section about Modric and you’ll see them mock him…”ne sicam se”…and yet, Modric has been the best player we have, hands down!

    very little self reflection and a lot of finger pointing! Cacic isn’t a quality coach but he didn’t lose that game, that loss was on our own players!

    I’ll repeat this again, in case anyone of the Hajduk fanboys hasn’t seen it. Nikola Kalinic is average at best. the next time someone suggests he plays instead of any other striker (maybe except for Cop), go bang yourself! he looks like he’s having an aneurysm every time he’s on the field…can’t create and doesn’t offer enough of a threat.

    I hope to see an attitude change from many of our players, in particular those that we consider our better players. the last two games we need character…leave it all on the field!

  6. The truth says:

    This all proves the silliness of people thought process. There is no one really to blame outside of Croatia s talent level. They are a slightly above average squad by European standards and when you put them in a group with this level of opponents, this result is about what you should expect

    As you point out yourself, Croatia never runs the table against weak opposition so no reason to expect it this go around

  7. Poglavnik says:

    Love how people keep mentioning Srna.
    Last year people couldn’t kick him out fast enough and now he’d be our savior?
    I’ve never seen a sports fan base as fickle as our football supporters on this site.

  8. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Poglavnik…its the Hajduk crew here that think one of their’s gets screwed any time a Hajduk player is in question. recently I’ve seen people saying Vlasic should have played while we had Pasalic and Rog both sitting on the bench…imagine that…the second a Hajduk player gets an ounce of attention we are willing to sacrifice everyone just to get him on that lineup…fucking Mamic!

    we are going to be each others enemy soon enough! I don’t like the bullshit people are doing to Modric, all the blame is going everywhere except where it belongs …its becoming sickening…you fuckers remind me of Italians! Dalmacija vs the rest of Croatia…whiners!

  9. Slavonac from Canada says:

    fuck you…its obvious that the only interest from those Hajduk fans that watch the NT play…only comment on Mamic, Cacic, Pivaric, Srna (in the past), Corluka, Vida, Lovren…

    when do you see blame on their own?

  10. Fabian says:

    Yes time for you to shut your mouth slav from Canada. I had enough of your non sense. If i was up in Toronto or Montreal or whatever elk farming city your living in I’d shut it for you

  11. Sude Mi says:

    This to me is one of the most un-inspiring of all the versions I have watched from the inaugural group in 1996 in England.

    As an example, see this article….


    There was a time when these players would literally DIE for the shirt; this is what most of us mostly still expect.

    Sadly, big money football, crazy club and international schedules, lack of identity for many of the current players of a Croatia that is not democratic and therefore shoudl be first priority, decline in HNS domestic league, corruption in the Savez have all contributed.

    Finally, I had to laugh when Suker was whining last week about no new National Stadium….really, Gospodin Predsednjice zasto si ti u toj funkciji ako ti ne vodis taj posal!?!?!? Gluposti do kraja….

  12. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Vancouver…feel free to visit me any time!

    this site started out as debates on lineups, strategies, players, coaches…

    …its now all about Mamic, all about what Hajduk player doesn’t play on the team, all about how Hajduk affiliates get screwed…and even hatred towards Modric…Cacic wear Mamic’s underwear…Cacic lost it for us vs Iceland/Turkey/Portugal…

    I’ve been here several years…this site has lost many members recently and yet, I’ve never seen or heard of fabian…so go fuck yourself you little shit!

  13. BC says:

    I come to this site every so often and every time you post you seem to be the only one with some sense on this site. Good post and keep it up.

    I still have to laugh at the article posted here on Mamic and the shooting. Ridiculous!

  14. Slavonac from Canada says:

    thanks BC and Lika Joey!

    …about Mamic shooting himself. Ante Kvartuc did say it was only his opinion and I accept that, but it just fuels more bs…fakenews kinda stuff…which then propels the negativity spewed against Modric. of all the players to pick on, I just can’t see why people go after him…he’s a good guy who did what he has to do, full-well knowing that Croatia is lawless/corrupt and Mamic will get a pass regardless of what he says!

    going forward, I still think Croatia can beat Ukraine away. we have a very very strong midfield and some decent goal-scorers…but the tempo of the play has to be far more upbeat! I can’t see Ukraine dominating us in possession…not even on their best day, so we will have to work hard to create gaps and attack in waves to break them down!

    Mandzukic needs one head ball and we score…if that happens early enough in the game we can score 3…they will open up and we can expose them!

  15. crnkovic says:

    vrsaljko = headless chicken

    too many number 8’s !!!! not enough players who enjoy creating chances in the final third! no real number 10!! the other day spain beat Italy 3-0 fielded 4 number 10’s isco, silva, Iniesta, ascencio.

    however. cacic deserves top marks. he picked the best team available and in the opening 20 minutes it really showed that the team had tactically prepared extremely well. the movement and interchange in midfield made it almost impossible for turkey to close us down and on 3 or 4 occasion vrsaljko was released down the right had side only to pick the wrong option each time. as the game went on it became more even but we still had the chances to win. perisic and brozovic both should have scored and ofcourse we had two penalty calls not given. cacic made the substitutes bravely and at the right time. so….if anything guys what I saw out there was a lack of belief by our players and a lack of balls. cohones. it’s still that small town mentality. it shows when the chances arrive to score “oh shit now is my chance” it should be “ok here comes the chance like I always knew it would and now I am going to score because I am the best and we are the best”…lack of cutting edge. my solutions: cacic, we can control games against almost any team, we have the possession game down to a tee. we don’t need any more training sessions on how to control the game against tricky opponents. half an hour chat before each game and our cerebral genius number 8’s will have control of any game. instead spend every available minute working on combination play in the final third of the pitch TO SCORE. also come up with some clever freekick and corner routines TO SCORE…that way players can feel the goal coming because they not just waiting for a hopeful cross and see what happens. trust me this is the solution. and give more chances to kramaric from the start of game. organise friendly match against top team and put experimental team on pitch with kramaric as false 9. also thank god we have some talented kids coming through who actually enjoy being creative and aggressive in the final third, pjaca, coric, vlasic, halilovic and brekalo. guys who dribble and give killer ball and shoot….

    otherthan that we did well and should have won the game still. lacking cutting edge. psychologically and tactically

  16. Slavonac from Canada says:

    very good comments crnkovic, there’s a lot in what you wrote that we can dissect but the most obvious, in my opinion, is the lack of scoring mentality. its almost as if we are afraid to score…players aren’t fully confident…but we should be able to break that soon as the season in many leagues will be going full speed and some should improve their scoring form!

  17. Idemo says:


    What are you talking about?

    1. In your comment is the first place I have heard about “Hajduk fans saying vlasic should have played” what in the world pure madness and lie. Wha the hell would he have done. No one in their right mind has called for this.

    2.modric was a stud Aganist turkey. Sadly our fastest player on the pitch was running at people and played with tenacity going forward

    3. We talking kiks? Perisic open back post. Vrsaljko skied EVERY ball. Pivaric was better than him. And pivaric was ASS.

    4. You talk about this site being anti mamic well what are you with your anti Cacic talks, but you talk about fickle. You beg for earlier substations you get them we lose, so you still want to blame him.

    5. Nikola Kalinic is Average at best and Mario Mandzukic hasn’t played point in over a year what do you want??????

    A lot of you here better tactics…..I’m opening the floor to you generals let’s here them. This doesn’t mean suggest your 3-52 line up with Mario and perisic as LBS or ur 3 man mid combo
    Let’s here the tactics generals, pressing schemes let’s go. I

  18. Slavonac from Canada says:


    1) here’s my quote: “I see more people blaming Mamic and the fact that Vlasic wasn’t included or the fact that Cacic miscalculated”…and this “recently I’ve seen people saying Vlasic should have played while we had Pasalic and Rog both sitting on the bench”…this is what you said I said:“Hajduk fans saying vlasic should have played”…can you please refer to where I said this? – not sure what you’re talking about!

    4) ” You talk about this site being anti mamic well what are you with your anti Cacic talks, but you talk about fickle. You beg for earlier substations you get them we lose, so you still want to blame him.” – me? ffrom the beginning of Cacic’s time, anyone here will tell you I supported him even though I agree he is no soccer mind…but he really didn’t do many things wrong except for late subs…what are you talking about?

    5) Nikola Kalinic is Average at best and Mario Mandzukic hasn’t played point in over a year what do you want?????? – Mandzukic is 10000 times more useful, even if its just to create space…Kalinic is the guy replacing Mandzukic’s minutes…he’s not nearly as much of a physical presence, he’s doesn’t setup chances and he hardly scores…especially when we need him to, thats what I mean about him!

    I’d love to see a difference maker and I expect that Kalinic is a newer addition, he’d perform better…but he’s very replaceable!

  19. Idemo says:

    Mario looked like a 15 year old girl pissed she didn’t get a pony for her birthday pouting he was being subbed in
    Dude was practically on the touch line and we played without a number 9

    Created space that no one filled

  20. Idemo says:

    And I read a comment here a few days ago that said we came out flat footed and slow etc


    The first 10-15 minutes we were on fire pressing high playing so good, the game was completely open and we were asking questions high pace

  21. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I said this?

    “And I read a comment here a few days ago that said we came out flat footed and slow etc”


    you sure I said that?

  22. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Idemo…are you mixing me up with someone?

    first you say I said this: ““Hajduk fans saying vlasic should have played”…yet I showed you I did not!

    now you say “And I read a comment here a few days ago that said we came out flat footed and slow etc”…but I was moving my house that day and only saw parts of the game!

  23. jure says:

    LOL re idemo

    this typical idemo for you, misquotes people, gets angry, tells people to f,.off,
    this is not the first time this child has acted this way and it will not be the last

    @idemo carry on with your bs

  24. Brkic says:

    Cacic is like Maksimir stadium. Not good, but maybe the best we can afford.

    Turkey, Ukraine and Iceland combined probably have 3-4 players that could crack our first 11. Blaming a single player is ridiculous. Yes, Subasic should have pushed that ball aside, Perisic should have finished those opportunities and Vrsaljko should have hit a few more crosses by his defender, but in the end it’s a team loss. I don’t understand why more don’t blame Cacic. If the manager doesn’t matter why do teams with good managers outperform? That’s one position where Turkey has an edge.

    It’s possible we could find a manager now who is out of the job with something to prove. Someone who would benefit by taking a talented team that’s been underperforming and turn them into a cohesive squad… maybe make a deep run in the WC. If we stick with Cacic we probably sneak in, but get knocked out in the group stage.

  25. Usatsa says:

    I didn’t watch any of the game, it wasn’t on any of the channels I have in my sports package.

    I had to settle for some South American qualifying action.

    Simunic for coach, I love it! I do believe this will happen one day, probably once most of the players he played with have finished up.

    Pasalic future Croatian captain as well in my humble opinion, should already be playing in this team.

    @Slavonac from Canada
    You did say we have zero leadership, care to elaborate?

  26. NK Susak says:

    If we came our flat-footed and played like complete shit, id be worried. I thought it was one of our better efforts this whole qualifying campaign. Yes, the finishing was terrible as were the crosses, but I thought we were the ones dictating play for most of the game. Much unlike the Iceland game where we were walking around for 90 minutes. We still control our own destiny and if you would’ve said we still had a chance to directly qualify after 2 losses and a draw, I would’ve said you’re crazy. That’s the only good thing about being drawn in a tough group. Teams are gonna drop important points to each other. So no need for finger pointing or panic just yet. That being said, would be nice to for once qualify with 2 or 3 games left to play, but this team has been known to torture us.

  27. Croatianperson85 says:


    I know it was meant for Slavonac from Canada but we don’t have anyone that will kick a cop, play dirty, get gritty, yell and get everyone into it. Srna was usually pumped and brought that to the team. Asanovic would break anyone’s head that got in his way, Bilic and Stimac were pretty assertive. Boban kicked s cop! Bilic made a good point during this last Euro as a pundit when he said that this Cro team may be better on paper but 98 had a lot of leaders and character in the dressing room. Now we have perfectly manicured eyebrows, instagram/Snapchat whores and players more concerned with their hair and tattoos than how they play. The 98 team had something personal to prove to the world. They just came out of a war. People were saying Croatia who? I know Modric could be considered a silent leader but every team needs a few guys who will break some shit or yell when it’s needed. That’s how Turkey and Greece have qualified for the last few tournaments. We lack grit aside from Mandza, Vida and Badelj but even he is pretty quiet and fair when he plays. Lovren plays hard but he can always do something dumb. Portugal was stepping on us left right and centre during the last Euro. Ok mind you a better ref would have given out some yellows or even a red but we lack the skills of the dark arts which you need a little bit of. We’re too naive and predictable.

  28. Idemo says:

    @jure don’t think I told anyone to fuck off here but maybe you’re the one misquoting…..and I deff don’t misquote that often

    You rear your head out to talk shit, so fuck off, happy?

  29. Slavonac from Canada says:


    The lack of leadership comment comes from us having maybe one player show up in tough games where have have to squeeze a result.

    In my opinion, Modric has done a great job and it pisses me off to see people attack him about the court case for a criminal. In tough times, you need guys to change the game whether it’s from creating or by tough defending. Role players that sacrittheir body or someone that has an extra gear. Perisic definitely has the talent, speed and skill to change a game but recently he’s done little…that’s why I ask for Rog to come into the midfield and hopefully create some energy with a tough tackle or quick transitional plays.

    Emotions through actions lift your players. It definitely encourages people to step it up a few notches…we lack that extra killer instinct recently. Badelj won’t give that to us, Brozovic won’t, Rakitic won’t…get someone hungry to change the environment.

  30. joe says:

    This is a team who should not only be beating Turkey and Iceland, but be able to reach the quarter finals of the World Cup at least. I think a change of coach would be best.

  31. Slavonac from Canada says:



    Does anyone here remember the game vs Mexico in 2014? There was a play when one of our guys went for a head ball and in came Rafa Marquez…he smashed our guy in the back of the head with his own head…that play right there changed everything! It was 0-0 at that point and his actions lifter his team!

    We need that type of player or at least for our better players to create more and cause havoc! When a team is creating and pushing…everyone is lifted!

  32. Lovro says:

    Do people on this site actually write “I’m a Hajduk fan and I think Vlasic should be on the team”?

    …or do you just assume that any Croatian fan who wants Vlasic on the team is a Hajduk fan?

  33. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I am on another site at times and it’s been mentioned there and on the regular Croatian news sites in the comment section.

  34. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I like Vlasic, don’t get me wrong but I don’t think we can argue him over who played against Turkey…we now have 20/20 vision. I still don’t think I’d have played Brozovic out wide but I don’t really know the ground level situation.

    Lika, forget Fabian…he’s a worm!

  35. Iggy Iggy says:

    Basically our qualy campaign stands like this: we have to play away games against Iceland, Turkey and Ukraine, and all we need is 1 point from ANY of these 3 games and we will qualify.

    If you had told me that before qualy started i would’ve said awesome, we can do that no worries, surely

    as it stands, we’ve got 0 points from 2 of the 3 games!

  36. Idemo says:

    Lika I would have died of laughter if you said “fook” and becareful jure will get you for “cursing” and “getting angry”

    Jure did i quote that right????

  37. Poglavnik says:

    Anyone else surprised we haven’t heard from that old douche Turkey?
    Or maybe he’s one of The Truths alter egos.

  38. Crotown says:

    I remember the team efforts from 1994 to 1998- it wasn’t soccer. It was a national pride that was bursting out of the fans and the team alike. It was all positive and it was all about independence. The more the team won the more the nation felt that the war was all worth it. Soccer was such a critical part of our path to freedom. Where has it all gone?

    The team is no representation of the post war grb and what it represents. It’s almost like 2nd and 3rd generation Croatians in North America. Might be smarter but soft as
    melted butter. where has the “kick ass” Croatian culture gone. Not an easy question to answer but i see a large socio-economic shift the further we are removed from the war- It looks like soccer is just part of it.

  39. Josip216 says:

    Svako Ovde je lud!! People its called the beautiful game for a reason, The ball is round and the best team doesn’t always win. Turkey and Ukraine and Iceland are very very respectable opponents in Europe. Iceland knocks out England in the last euro but we still think they are shit. We as Croatians tend to think were inferior and the best at everything when in reality we need to be happy with the talent we have for the size of the country we have along with its current population.

    Missing the WC would be a failure but constantly changing coaches, putting the blame on this person and that person is not going to solve anything. The players are not at fault and never will be bc they are the ones who represent us and allow us to tell other people were croatian and we have the likes of modric, rakitic, mandzo, etc. You better believe each and every one of you brags about them to your non cro friends. This is all savez related and once the savez changes cro soccer will change for the better. Under Bilic, Markovic was in charge and Bilic was the best and he was givin respect from the savez and the media loved him. It all starts with the savez

  40. Slavonac from Canada says:

    “malo nas je al nas ima”

    we can get that National pride back into our stadiums and in the public, even with Suker and Mamic there…the team is for the country, not for them!

    I remember not too long ago when we were playing Italy, in Milan. we were the far better team and even though Mamic/Suker and Kovac were all distractions, we controlled our own destiny…until the hooligans decided to show up!

    I’m a soccer fan, the game means everything to me. I’ve scheduled work around games when I could and I schedule my family events around certain game schedules. It bothers me a lot to see so many distractions…ie…the constant reference to Mamic being blamed for a bad result, a certain player being selected or not selected, blaming Suker and Mamic for the overall playing style.

    I remember watching Cico Kranjcar holding his son on a pedestal and getting dysmal results in the 2006 world cup, I remember Ciro Blazevic selecting Petar Krpan and Anthony Seric…I saw Bilic’s teams lose games we should have never lost…we didn’t qualify under him in 2010, Mirko Jozic losing to Ecuador and Mexico in 2002…

    in 2016 we lost to the eventual winners of the European Cup…that was a very strategic game in which we should have won but we eventually lost. the mistake was made by Strinic and yet, soo many here blamed Cacic. I blame him for his lack of subs but not for the goal scored on a counter attack where a defender should know better than to try and settle a ball when two players are closing him down while he’s in the last third of the attacking portion of the field…thats just asking for trouble!

    coaches and players have their responsibilities. Yes, a coach should try to inspire BUT, if a player can’t comprehend the importance of a game and is de-sensitized to the point where he lacks enough motivation to sacrifice for his country/fans…no coach will change that!

    as of this last game, I want Cacic out…but our own history tells me that the next guy will have his own flaws and particular interests, regardless of if Mamic, Suker or the next guy is in charge…thats the nature of this…and that why I try to see things from a soccer perspective! many here only care about the politics of all this…my view vs your view…Hajduk vs Dinamo…and this is where I get frustrated because I see the unique traits from each player from each region and I see them as Croatian…I highly doubt the National Team would decide to not take a player cause he’s from Hajduk Split!

  41. Fabian says:

    @ lika Joey

    Don’t tell me your from Canada too?!

    It’s like you go from the podonk redneck Land in lika to elk farming.

  42. Idemo says:

    How is the national team for us and not Mamic when it’s evident Mamic has hand picked players in the past before to up their transfer? Please tell me you think Sammir deserved to be there.

    Regarding 2016 and it being a tactical game actually you could 100 percent blame tbat on Cacic, marko pjaca has came out and said he told him to tell the players to push for a goal to play high. Probably didn’t trust us on PKS.

    Your view from a soccer perspective is very dillusional and idealistic due to the fact the political side you are blocking out is hindering the soccer side from going forward.

  43. Slavonac from Canada says:


    I hated the fact that Sammir played for us but I have a question for you? what player, that was available, should we have taken in place of him?

    also, who was nominated the best HNL player that year?

    again, I despise Sammir…but facts are facts! you can say I might be a little racist regarding Sammir although I always loved Dudu.

    “Your view from a soccer perspective is very dillusional”

    listen Idemo, my experience far outweighs anything you know by 10000000%…you’re a cheerleader!

  44. Poglavnik says:

    I think you should state your experience since you always brag about it and put down other people as cheerleaders.

  45. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I played for the BC selects at age 15 and 16…represented Canada at U16, was invited to Dinamo and made the 2nd team coached by Josip Kuze but eventually moved and signed with Velez, Mostar (professional contract) for 1.5 years (had a 4 year contract…left for personal reasons)…trained with the first team twice per day but played 2nd div for games…played several exhibition games with 1st team.

    Played in 1 Pacific Rim tournament for Canada in Mexico City (Futsal)
    Played in 1988 Futsal World Cup
    Played in 1991 Futsal World Cup
    Won Canadian Futsal Championship and was MVP

    the experience part was mostly from Mostar. I had 4 coaches, 1 professor for physical fitness/calisthenics/plyometrics and several good friends that helped me learn.

    Marko Colic, a man from Metkovic was one of the assistant coaches at Velez, he took a lot of time to teach me many parts of the game that we usually overlook!

    I can go on but I think its enough…

  46. Adame says:

    Forget about the Turkey game. We all seem to forget that they had more to lose and were in a must win situation. They played their hearts out. Im willing to accept this loss because I know our players want to make it to Russia. I know Croatia will qualify. Ajmo!

  47. Rafael says:

    HOLY cRAP- THIS FORUM can be SAD at times.

    we are a small nation yet we are expected to be a top 10 euro footballing nation all the time? Come on..

    Who is to blame for the Turkey game?

    1) the ref- no one mentions the brutal handball that was missed. An unbelievable non call.
    2) Perisic for shitting on an easy chance
    3) Subasic for one bonehead technical mistake
    4) Kovacic for missing an easy early chance

    Those are the simply reasons we lost.

    So we lost a game vs Turkey after we played on a sunday and had to travel to Turkey. Wow. Big f’n deal. Mamic isn’t screwing our chances. Suker is screwing our chances. Cacic isn’t screwing our chance. We aren’t losing because Srna retired.

    the 98 team barely qualified for that World Cup. Yet they went onto a world class run in the turnir. We had to go through a playoff vs Ukraine for those with short memories. So chill out. If we fail vs Finland and Ukraine then blast everyone and anyone but until then there is no major blame or crisis.

    Portugal won a damn euro without winning a game in 90. Lets just get into the World Cup the only way we know. THE HARD WAY. And from there anything is possible.

  48. idemo says:

    lol I don’t need to list my qualifications nor do I care what you think about them.

    your view thinking you can just focus on one side is in fact DELUSIONAL , and I am happy I opened your eyes. it hurt you so much so the point where you started spewing your resume. to think our team will advance without cleaning house is D E L U S I O N A L

  49. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’ve been on this site for several years, never once did I “spew my resume”…Poglavnik has issues with me and told me to finally post my “experience”…so I did. if its too much for you, simply fuck off!

  50. Poglavnik says:

    Nice, respect.
    At the same time the game has changed a lot since then and some so-called “cheerleaders” can be just as observant to some of the nuances of the game as you.
    I know a few local Hrvati that you might now as well who had similar experiences in Europe and to say they know more about analyzing a game than some of us would be off. Some of these guys are pretty clueless.
    I was watching a Merseyside Derby the other day from about 15 years ago and my god has the Prem changed a lot in that time.
    Looks like Div 2 compared to what we see now.

  51. idemo says:


    since you volunteer your resume

    1. there was no futsal world world cup in 1988 but rather 1989. but no biggie typo ‘eh? (get it ur Canadian ha ha)

    2. not a single Croatian or nearly sounding Croatian name on any of the rosters for for Canada in 89. there was no world cup for futsal in 91 rather it was 92 and Canada didn’t even qualify……….
    3. Croatians at velez even pre- 1990 is a stretch.

    dont lie on the internet. looks sad.

  52. Slavonac from Canada says:

    watch…I added links so its being moderated. as soon as Kvartuc or one of the guys sees it, you’ll be eating your words!

  53. idemo says:

    good for you…..youre still butthurt who even asked you either way

    the conversation is x you start bragging about y…..who asked ya

  54. Slavonac from Canada says:


    you started this here:

    “Your view from a soccer perspective is very dillusional”

    so I responded to that comment. I used to see your comments and was usually polite, now, I might decide to carve you when I see the foolishness…depends on my mood!

  55. Slavonac from Canada says:


    it just dawned on me…as usual, you tend to go after me for anything I say that may not sit well with you so I ask you…when someone insults you personally…addresses you personally, as Idemo did without provocation, is it fair to return the insults?

    just a fair question!

  56. Poglavnik says:

    Absolutely it is!
    I wasn’t trying to be a dick just wanted to get a sense of why you put your own opinions so highly above others.
    Growing up in Vancouver I knew you couldn’t have made it that far because I would’ve known if a Hrvat from here had.

  57. Idemo says:

    Very very delusional and idealistic.

    You want to focus on the soccer the ball the game the pretty side. You want our game to advance. You want to block out the political side. It’s there buddy you can’t block it out and it has a direct impact on the team.

    Now you not being able to handle this criticism and taking it as a insult in also your issue. No one was calling you ugly. You’re reply of you’re resume said it all. You were hurt and it’s ok. The purpose of my post wasn’t to hurt you buddy I don’t come online to do that. I tried to open your eyes and you got very angry and decided to put dick on the table and yell look how big it is hahahaha

    You need not provoke me for me to speak my mind.
    You are on a public forum if you can’t handle crotisicm I suggest not post.

  58. Slavonac from Canada says:


    with regards to guys here making it there, I know a few that tried but didn’t get anywhere…Sulentic and Dasovic. Das ended up being loaned out and kept getting further and further away from Dinamo. Sulentic was a failure cause of his attitude, same thing happened to him at St Pauli (4th div back then) in Germany…he was eventually fined and benched…then pushed out. Dasovic is the far better person and eventually worked hard and made it in Scotland. my other friend and life long team-mate that made it was Dom Mobilio but he chose not to take a contract in Europe cause he felt the salary was too low, he then went to Baltimore and made good money in USD.

    not sure who else made a career in this sport from our community although I can tell you that a few Vancouver Croatians could have…Miljanovic, Stipancic…if they went back there, they could have easily played in the top league…Branko Segota was there the same time I went…but he left very quickly after not starting.


    I am a Croat, like you. in real life, I love the differences of our regions and I embrace every detail we share and differ…as a Slavonac, I love kulen, kubasice, pivcek’s…in dalmacija i enjoy how they talk and the food…same in Lika…same in Zagorje…same everywhere else…

    my love for our people sours when I see we start with the selective comments…as in, Hajduk got screwed…while people hardly see wrong in Hajduk’s operations. it gets worse when we start counting how many Hajduk players are on the U16, U17, U18 …teams…when in fact, Dinamo has had the far better program and it shows in the players they’ve sold….but people here tend to think its Mamic that spite’s Hajduk! the proof is in the pudding…if a Hajduk player belongs in Europe, he’ll be noticed…and if he isn’t noticed, his agent has done a really shitty job, end of story!

    Mamic is a product of Croatian corruption, he didn’t invent corruption. He is successful at being this way because our government has allowed it, along with many many many others. do I like it…NO, can I change it…NO, can you…NO…so this goes further than him and I am not about to start making up conspiracy theories to guess what else he’s done…cause behind him there are thousands.

    I won’t attach the link cause the last two I attached are stuck being moderated…


    “Perceived corruption in Croatia and Hungary is so high that both have dropped in global rankings when compared to last year, according to Transparency International (TI).
    Carl Dolan, who heads the anti-corruption NGO’s office in Brussels, described the two on Wednesday (25 January) “as the new face of corruption in Europe”.

    His comments, posted on a blog on TI’s website, followed the publication of the NGO’s annual corruption perception index.
    Out Wednesday, the survey noted Croatia and Hungary have now joined the ranks of the worst performers in the EU alongside Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, and Romania.

    The survey ranks some 176 countries and scores them on a 0 to 100 scale, with 0 being perceived as highly corrupt and 100 as being very clean.

    Bulgaria scored the worst among EU states with 41, followed by Greece (44), Italy (47), Romania (48), Hungary (48), and Croatia (49).

    Dolan faulted the crackdown on civil society and other independent institutions in Croatia and Hungary for their worsening performance.

    Both governments were also embroiled in scandals last year”

    I know Suker and Mamic are losers, but they are allowed to be by people far higher up than them!

  59. Poglavnik says:

    Ah the Mobilio’s…
    Got in a fist fight with his bro Tony at a beach soccer tournament about 15 years ago. Shut him up pretty quick..

  60. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Tony? he’s really a decent kid but can get a bit wound up…some of his friends can be real Guido’s though!

    jesi ga razbio?

  61. Poglavnik says:

    Yeah from what i recall I thought their team was pretty douchey.
    It was a team brawl that was sparked by someone else. Fists were flying and some guys are squaring off so he grabs me and says something to piss me off so i popped him once cleanly and he just hung on and we just wrestled to the ground. He must’ve thought I wouldn’t do anything.

  62. Slavonac from Canada says:

    he’s not the fighting type and yes, they (wops) can’t fight one on one…
    I bet if you saw him today and he recognized you, he’d apologize…Tony is a really good guy, very humble and kind!

  63. Poglavnik says:

    Yeah I actually kind of felt bad about it. SInce that day I’d see him in the public eye supporting his bro’s foundation and in the media here and there and he does seem nice. I wasn’t trying to fuck him up or anything but in a the middle of something like that you can’t just put your hands on someone, insult them and expect no consequence.

  64. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I know, its a spur of the moment thing!

    in all honesty, I know that community very well, I grew up with Croatians and Italians…we always got along well!

  65. Lika Joey says:

    Fabian, your from Alabama! Kkk member? Listen goof…time to take the confederate flag down. Its not ok to sleep with your cousin or sister.

  66. Iggy Iggy says:

    a lot of talk about how the 94-98 team had heart and this one doesnt etc etc

    Let me remind you we SCRAPED into france 98, we got smashed away to denmark, struggled against teams like greece and BARELY got into the tourney proper

    in 96 Portugal smashed us 3-0

    People seem to think nothing bad ever happened back then, in reality even our best team scraped into tourneys and had poor qualy campaigns; in that regard, this team is no better or worse than that one. If they qualify, job done. We aren’t going to look back and care and be like, oh but we only just got in so we don’t deserve to be there. Fuck out of here, no on gives a shit, i dont give a fuck if we get in with 4 games left or scrape in on goal diff – i just want us to make it.

    Once you’re in, anything can happen, as we saw in 98

  67. Traditional Croat says:

    We rested half our team against Portugal in ’96, we had no regard for Denmark needing us to win, that was the only time that the golden generation pissed me off.
    I think it was Denmark beating (maybe drawing, I can’t remember) the Greeks that allowed us to qualify for ’98, I’ll always have a soft spot for Denmark, they easily coulda f**ked us over.

  68. Poglavnik says:

    And let’s not forget Aquilani scoring for Italy in injury time to draw Denmark 2-2. If not for that goal we don’t qualify for Brazil 2014.
    Funny how short our memories are in regards to qualifying struggles.
    For all the times we cry about being “screwed” we’ve had just as many horseshoes up our asses

  69. Iggy Iggy says:

    yes we needed some help from the danes in the final game and they did help us

    i have a soft spot for them too but my mum was a dane so i support them anyway! haha

  70. Iggy Iggy says:

    Anderson made the US Open final?

    Fuck my juicy tits what a missed opportunity for Cilic.. he really had a chance to win this tourney

  71. Lika Joey says:

    Soul champ, this is our last chance at glory with Modric,Mandzukic,Corluka,Rakitic etc…boys are getting older.

  72. Fabian says:

    If lika could’ve held onto their territory there would’ve been no need for a war of independence

    @ Zee
    You could be the worst poster on the site.

    I’m from a place called America . Maybe you heard of it. And of you ever came down here, I’d probably kick your hockey, elk farming ass cause Americans are about 10 times tougher than Canadians

  73. Lika Joey says:

    Fabian, are you fucking stupid? I can’t comment on all of America…but your home statue of Alabama is different. All you rodents in those areas are the same. Your comment on Lika is comical…i have reach in the USA…where are you at?

  74. Lika Joey says:

    I absolutely have no ill will towards Americans…i traveled to the US alot but unfortunately for me i was incarcerated 10 years ago and the US border is a no no. Not everyone on thid site is a keyboard assassin bitch.

  75. Lika Joey says:

    I will never ever disrespect any Croatian region…or place where my people reside…you don’t have to like me…but you will fucking respect me and my home!

  76. Poglavnik says:

    ^ ^
    In a country with 330 million you’re definitely gonna find some idiots.
    Must be insecure living with a Wop name.

  77. Lika Joey says:

    Poglavnik, i have a post secondary education and would never pass judgement on a country because of a Fabian or his home statue. Fabian needs to watch a Drake video lol..no elk farms in Toronto.

  78. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Look Idemo…see for yourself!

    I’ll accept your apology!

    Also, you said no Croats at Velez pre 90’s?

    Goran Juric (he was on the World Cup squad in 98), Zdenko Jedvaj ( Tin’s dad), Predrag Juric, Josko Popovic, Drazen Prskalo…

    I don’t lie!

  79. Poglavnik says:

    Passing judgment is not above me.
    Maybe it’s my adult-ed high school level of schooling.
    Anyone who doesn’t think Toronto is a world class city or doesn’t think Montreal is beautiful is a moron.

  80. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Only dummies make stupid comments about Canada…this is a great country…just need to get rid of Trudeau!

  81. Lika Joey says:

    Poglavnik i pass judgement bro! Lol…i guess I’m not as stupid as Fabian is what i was getting at. I’m definitely not a PHD level education…but I’m not a gr 7 level IQ mentality like Fabian. Poglavnik I’m not trying to come across as Dr Lika. Lol

  82. Poglavnik says:

    Admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of Toronto. It’s a bit too big for my liking but it’s definitely world class. And Montreal probably cracks my top 10 if not my top 5 cities I’ve ever visited.

  83. Lika Joey says:

    Vancouver is without a doubt the most beautiful city in Canada…if not the world! Gangster town as well…dont let the mountains and high priced real estate fool you. Fabian should bring his confederate flag and 20 year old pick up there and run his mouth.

  84. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    We all know Croatia is never consistent with their play.

    but HOPEFULLY the only positive thing is …with their shitty play as of late …maybe they got these ‘hiccups’ out of the way and can get back to winning.

    If we had a coach like Germany’s Joachim Löw, I bet HE could turn the few world class players we have .. into a world class team.

    With the talent on the team, we totally should have beat Turkey and we should be able to walk over Kosovo 6-0 every time.

    I just don’t get the lack of consistentcy to this extent.

  85. Fabian says:

    Look it is known that the people in lika were not able to handle their business in the independence. They are known as the French of Croatia. They got their territory taken over and fled. The rest of Croatia was like America, bailing them out

  86. Iggy Iggy says:

    well, soul champ, i’ll point out the obvious on your luka modric link

    10 best games ever by luka
    nbr of HRV games: 0, lol

    also, guys, like fabian et al, please refrain from comments such as “if u were here i would smash u” etc, you literally sound like a 5 year old and it’s pathetic. The pissing contests on this site have actually gotten worse lately for some reason

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