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Croatians Around Europe *III*

September 10, 2017


Peričić scores another beauty



After an awful game against Turkey, Inter Milan winger Ivan Perišić showed us all what he is capable of. In the 87th minute, Perišić could be seen waving to teammate Danilo d’Ambrosio in the box asking for a pass in the air. Perišić would receive his request, wind up and blast a left-footed volley into the top-left corner of the net from 17 yards out. The match would end 2-0 for Inter who are now a perfect 3-0 to start the season, tied with Juventus and Napoli atop the Serie A table.



We know Perišić is well capable of scoring Euro goals, however, when you miss these spectacular chances, it looks ugly across the board. His stock is only rising. Can he score more than 15 goals this season in Italy?



Perišić Goal



Kramarić assist off a throw in



Andrej Kramarić was in the “throw in” zone Saturday when his Hoffenheim side hosted Bayern Munich. In the 27th minute, Kramarić was in a run down with a Bayern defender on the touch line. With the ball already out of bounds, the Bayern player killed the ball away to give him some time to retreat on defense. However, in one quick motion, Kramarić asked the ball boy for some help, got the ball in hand immediately and threw it in to a racing Mark Uth. Bayern were caught on a counter from a throw in as Uth would beat the goalie near post. He would later score one more in the second half to give Hoffenheim a 2-0 win over mighty Bayern Munich.



It was a quick, heads up play from Kramarić who received an assist with his hands. That has to be a first!



Other than Perišić and Kramarić, it was another slow weekend for Croatians. Luka Modrić was left off the Real Madrid squad in preparation for Champions League this week and it showed. In his absence, Real Madrid dropped points once again, drawing Levante 1-1 at home.



Ivan Rakitić returned from an injury he picked up over the international break to assist twice in Barcelona’s 5-0 victory over Espanyol. On the first goal, Messi was clearly offside but it was not called by the linesman.



Rakitić assist to Messi




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 154 comments

  1. Ernest says:

    Rakitic starting for Barca last than a week after he had an “injury” and couldn’t play in the Turkey game but was taking pictures on a family vacation. If I was the national team coach, he would never again receive a call up. I’m sick of seeing him run at half speed like he’s carrying a refrigerator on his back instead of the national team shirt anyways.

  2. Poglavnik says:

    Pretty sad for you then.

    Budi Ponosan!

    @Finbarr Colvin
    Wasn’t she his hair dresser?
    Not that I give a shit..

  3. Ante Ustasa says:

    @Idemo….Raquel Mauri…she’s not bad looking, it’s too bad she has all those nasty ass tattoos!

  4. The truth says:

    Surprise surprise. Rakitic is too injured to play for Croatia but suits up for Barcelona and sets up two goals. Think i predicted this too

  5. Finbarr Colvin says:

    He met her in Sevilla working at a cafe near to hotel where he was staying when he arrived to sign his first contract with Sevilla. Guy speaks 4 languages yet he allows uneducated, unqualified trash to dictate his life. How’s those points we left behind in Turkey feel to you?

  6. Iggy Iggy says:

    the woman-bashing on this site is unreal

    so it’s now Ivan’s wife’s fault he didnt play for HRV? Where is your evidence? On what basis are these claims made, other than blame the foreign wife?

    Fucking disgusting chauvinistic pigs on this site at times, honestly. Get the fuck out of here.

  7. Soul Champ says:

    @ Iggy

    Hate to say it but there could be a point here with Rakitic?

    Barca is a cult that brainwashes you into thinking you are Spanish and the waitress at home offers little resistance.

    Jebi ga

    Put in Marko Rog and let’s BEAT SPAIN again!

    Rakitic is skilled and strong but a heavy footed player that is aging in dog years.

    Modrić may have one more October with the repka.

    Put in all the hard working runners around him and let’s get 6 points.

    Rakitic – Modrić middle has not clicked.


    But that’s that.

    Take care of Finland early and rest Modrić for Ukraine.

    Call up some young hungry kids who want to play in the World Cup.

    Spain was no fluke.

    Mexico was no fluke.

    Dynamic running players are needed to compete for 90+.

    I am convinced we have to play Modrić right behind the strikers.

    Let two other young guys bring the ball up.

    ONLY Modrić can create some magic and I want that magic nearer to the goal.

    @ Vrsaljko haters

    Dude is coming serious knee ligament injury.

    Timing will come back.

    Glad to see he can run well.

    Halilovic can’t offer something in 20 minutes to impact attacking third ?

    All hands on deck.

  8. Idemo says:

    @soul champ

    I dont agree about vrsaljko, if he’s not ready then he should not play. I believe he is ready but under performing

    And the case for Marko Rog is as the case was for Kovacic last year. Why; based on what Napoli minutes?

  9. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Minutes matter but I can’t recall when Rog hasn’t performed when he’s been called upon!?

  10. The truth says:

    I don’t recall rog performing in Estonia when called upon. Tog, palasic, kovacic are all ok players and will keep the Croatian midfield at slightly above average for years to come. But i don’t any of these guys will ever hit the level of modric or even rakitic in his last year in sevilla

  11. Idemo says:

    While wer calling for Rog we might as well call for Pasalic; At least he’s played at his loan spells and played fairly ok

  12. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I haven’t seen enough of Pasalic or Rog but from what I have seen, Rog is a player…very energetic, tough, skilled…high tempo player that I think will bring something our team needs!

  13. BZ says:

    Becoming clear that the NT is not Rakitic’s favorite. He doesn’t want to play, but cannot say it (can you imagine the hate he would receive on top of family vaca rock bombardments.)

    Bummer cause he is still really good, despite what many are saying.

    Not sure if Rog is the answer, but I know Pasalic is not the answer. Pasalic is a throwback to the early 2000’s mediocre years…years I am not particularly fond of.

  14. Soul Champ says:

    @ Slavonac

    That’s they way I see it!

    @ Idemo

    There are times when the repka needs a certain skill set and needs to play a player who may not be thriving at club but can lift the national team.

    Poldoloski and Klose had some real struggles in club career and were still banging in goals for Germany.

    I also feel Halilovic could have used some real guidance from a healthy HNS, but between Mamić and company it is all soul sucking exploitation.

    Is there anyone besides Halilovic that can actually speed dribble at defense and shoot for goal ?

    Barca screwed that kid up and Hezonja as well.

    Rakitic for that matter.

    Mes que en club?

    Young talent killing club.

    @ Svima

    What can we do to come away with 6 pts in October?

    Finland 3 at home.

    Then once again our destiny is in Kiev.

    It’s clear that we are predictable in the final third.

    Every team are in shape and can thwart slow methodical build up.

    I like Rog and Kovačić in the middle and Modrić in true #10 role. He is not explosive but still quick and even quicker in mind, he also due for a goal or killer assist that hopefully someone can tap in without fluffing his lines.

    Lovren and Vida are athletic and seem to be growing in confidence.

    Vrsaljko will be in better form as he regains his timing.

    LB ?

    Just start the hottest in form striker and sub him off early in the second half.

    Perišić should be more settled with contract behind him and a good run in Serie A.

    Hopefully Brozovic gets his shooting boots going.

    Is there a spot for a young player who displays club form in the next 3 weeks?

  15. Idemo says:


    I don’t believe anyone said pasalic was the answer

    But if Rog is being thrown around (based off nothing imo) then Pasalic is in the convo.

    I don’t watch Napoli train but some of you might so you might know more but when I watch them
    Play…..I don’t see much of him so it’s hard for me to gauge how energetic tough and skilled he is. I believe he had a stand out performance Aganist Spain, played up and down

    But if rhythm is a problem for vrsaljko I wonder what kind of rhythm problems Rog has?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cut rakatic. That’s a great idea. He sucks.
    Cut modric too.
    Cut perisic while we’re at it.
    Or maybe you should cut back on stupid suggestions

  17. Idemo says:

    You guys do know a majority of footballers value their club over country right? Some even retire from country when they have a BS excuse to take advantage of to prolong their club careers

  18. Lika Joey says:

    Rakitic performs at 50% of his barca form…he is the reason we lost to turkey at euro! The only game ge played well for us is the chez rep game in the last euro…his heart isn’t in it…cut him! No real loss for the reka…he doesn’t do much for us.

  19. Slavonac from Canada says:

    My comment about Rog are based on what I’ve seen about him Idemo. I said why…he’s quick, skilled, tough, transitions from defence to offence bery quickly…

    “But if Rog is being thrown around (based off nothing imo) then Pasalic is in the convo.”- based on nothing? I’ve said it several times…you see Idemo, this is why I think you’re just plain and simply dumb and can’t recognize certain talent. You are a follower and will repeat what everyone else tells you.

    “Based off nothing”?!?!

    He’s a very good player, watch him!

  20. Slavonac from Canada says:

    We’ve all seen him play Spain and a few games with Napoli…we’ve been talking about bringing in players that can make a difference…my comments are based on what I’ve seen so far, the next thing we need to see is if he’s consistent!

  21. Slavonac from Canada says:

    So can anyone explain what happened at the Osijek vs Hajduk game yesterday? Apparently Torcida fans ended up fighting people, including hitting women?


  22. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t almost common sense that players will play better with their club teams than their national team, for obvious reasons i.e amount of practice, building consistency, chemistry? Couldn’t you get mad at Perisic for scoring such a nice goal for his club, but did not do that for us against Turkey?

  23. Soul Champ says:


    Please bring this to repka in October.

    @ Idemo

    Rog BEASTED against Spain at Euro 2016.

    Has shown flashes at Napoli.

    We are SLOW and TIRED at present.

    Is Badelj your cousin?

    I’ll say this, our boys get ZERO guidance on where to transfer.

    So many young studs turn into duds because of lack of PT from 18-24 yrs of age.

    Healthy and functional HNS would offer support to young talented players.

    But we have an infrastructure level like a ćevapi stand!

    As good as we are we could be ELITE!

    @ Svima

    May have to call my guy at HNS to tell Čačić he needs to start Rog and Kramaric in October … LOL!

  24. Idemo says:

    What are you talking about? beasted against Spain and yet has warned the bench since then yaaaaa

    Relax and don’t worry about my cousin Badelj while your cousin played a total of 373 minutes a hair over 4 complete games…..
    Maybe you should call your guy at Napoli first because there goes Rog on the bench tonight again

  25. Idemo says:

    TIRED???? You do know it’s 3 weeks into the season off a summer without international competition?

    You’re too much of a sensationalist.

  26. idemo says:


    I think rog is a good/ok player honestly. my point is BASED on what does he deserve to play for the national team? one game against Spain? pasalic has had multiple performances for Monaco and Milan. (note this is purely for argument sake I don’t think pasalic is ready either)

    there is no difference in situations with Kovacic last year and Rog right now. Mind you Kovacic is better and has yet to fully break through into the repka as a nailed on starter.

  27. Finbarr Colvin says:

    BZ, Rakitic’s summer rock bombardment was a complete fabrication. He had to say something to protect his wife when she refused to stay at anything other than a 5 star resort with complete personal service. I’d cut him from the repka for this latest “injury” recusal.

  28. Slavonac from Canada says:

    There definitely an element to players getting minutes at their clubs so in that case, Pasalic wins in this argument. My opinion is that Rog is more impactful…I could be wrong but it’s what I see, not what I read…my personal opinion.

    Rakitic was injured, the team doctor for the savez said it today…he said it’s not a coincidence with the type of injury Rakitic had to recover in 4 days…he didn’t want to risk him…I believe the injury was a strain.

    Pasalic does nothing for me…but maybe if I watch him more I will change my mind. Rog seems to be a more impactful player!

  29. Slavonac from Canada says:


    I added the link about the World Cup Futsal on the other thread. Back then the game was called salao and it was governed under FIFUSA…it’s now under FIFA.

    I never lie!

    Also, I added the Croats from Velez…feel free to accept you were wrong at any time, I’m waiting!

  30. idemo says:

    I don’t think you are reading what I am asking


    please answer that.

    did you see that tonight against Bologna?
    what can you possibly see in 371 minutes over a full season to rate someone for the NT? do you watch Napoli play?

  31. idemo says:

    (fyi he didn’t see the pitch tonight against Bologna, watched the match along side basketball to try to see what your talking about)

  32. idemo says:

    and regarding your links on the other post, you are misquoting me and confusing me for other people now eh’

    I said Croatians at velez was a stretch as it was, it was jedvaj and another one neither of which is you.

    you have also said some other names. none of which is you.

    your link about Canada?
    once again nothing. mostly team stats about Venezuela.

    official rosters for Canada futsal Sala whatever u wanna call it on Fifa.com have no Croatian or Croatian sounding names on it from that dates you said you “played”

    so your resume ( which no one asked for or no one cares about) still means nothing to me so there is no apology.
    and when you do and if you do prove you have this amazing experience from. playing futsal (night and day different from actual footy) you will still get no apology from because I frankly could give a fuck.
    so please its ok I believe no more random links and name dropping

    go volunteer your resume else well, no one cares it doesn’t make your opinion worth anything more.

  33. Lika Joey says:

    Anonymous, your not making sense…Perisic,Modric,Corluka,Mandzukic etc all have contributed huge to the repka…everyone has a bad spell…Rakitic seems not that passionate about the checkers…this last injury claim is disgusting.

  34. Lika Joey says:

    Rakitic had a a few good games italy qualifier…chez rep at euro…other than that he is a useless plug for the repka…it has nothing to do with practices and team chemistry…the prick has no heart and desire to play…last week was the last straw for me.

  35. Slavonac from Canada says:


    There were 4 Croatians on those Futsal teams…anyways…you’re a dumb kid that has zero knowledge of soccer…period!

    In 371 minutes is easy to see what attributes a player has …IF you are experienced enough to identify it. Years ago I used to argue with people about Olic, most here called him useless…I said he was very effective for the most part.

    Identifying a players positives and negatives takes experience, not like you playing hours soccer and commenting as if you know a thing or two…you’re a dumb fuck!

    I’m bypassing anything you say going forward! Most people here know I know the game, most people here think you’re a tool!

    Go fuck your mother you wannabe! It’s people like you that create enemies within our community!

  36. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Motherfucker….first you said I lied and that there was no Futsal world cups in the years I noted, then when you’re proven wrong…you put your tail between your legs and change your story! Same thing with the Croats at Velez you motherfucker…I’d love to know your real name so I can catch up with you….fucking little twat!

  37. Idemo says:

    HAHAHAHAH you fucking old dirt your days are gone bro you’re in your 50s and 60s relax don’t need you getting a coronary

    You want my name but constantly posting some teams and rosters without yours

    This is the 21st century gramps

    First you start a my dick is big contest posting ur resume…..which no asked for

    Now you’re a keyboard warrior making threatens online

    Yessssss your expierence yessssss you have it do you jack off to it

    I bet you’re a youth Scout for barca as well you must be the Canadian that identified Messi in Argentina
    U know that’s 371 minutes over a season gramps? He didn’t play 4 games in a row I know you wish he did

  38. Anonymous says:

    Marko Rog has had one strong game in his career. I have a cousin in HNL 2 who has had a comparable performance. lets get him that call up

  39. idemo says:

    @zee I call it as it is man no fantasy delusions, no senile, fantasy or cialis unlike gramps

    marko rog is a fantasy

    slavnoac sign in when you tell the “troll” to piss off

  40. Anonymous says:

    I posted the piss off troll comment to anonymous not Slavonac.
    The dumb ass anonymous is using my username, I’m anonymous.

  41. Zee says:

    I hear you bro. Doesn’t matter where you born. Uruguay, Paraguay Chile canada america or Croatia proper. Lets fight together. We gonna win. You know i like you a lot. No need for infighting. We gonna be ok. Trust me bro.

  42. Zee says:

    Thx. Idemo. We all come together that’s my point. As i said you cool dude. I’m born i Uruguay but no affiliation. Only things that matter is the rebubulika. Lets get job done. We will gonna make it. No more infight pleaze

  43. Ante 1 says:


    Why deal with this stupid ass idemo. I can picture the weasel, skinny, ugly, can’t get laid.

    he made the following comment.
    “and regarding your links on the other post, you are misquoting me and confusing me for other people now eh’”

    I was shocked, I constantly read these posts and if anything idemo is constantly misquoting people and telling them where to go. Some type of troll who can’t take it when he is mistaken,

    You are one of the best contributers to this site. My advice don’t reply to that idiot idemo, it just gives him a platform.

    As for the Torcida thing that happened, fuckin disgrace, hitting women, incredible how low some people will go in life.

    Bog I Hrvati

  44. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Thanks Ante 1,

    I won’t comment to the troll anymore…so-called Croats that diminish another Croats successes are lowlifes!

  45. idemo says:

    the scary part is you don’t even get serie a and Marko rog doesn’t touch the field for nt so idk how the hell you make these statements

  46. LAknat says:

    everyone loves me because of my true deduction until its turn out 100 real facts. you guys just bow your face down before my mighty prediction. you guys should join the force for overturning Stupid Cacic reign. and raise me up for the new manager.

  47. BZ says:

    @Idemo-regarding Pasalic, I know you weren’t saying he is the answer, just wanted to post my opinion of Pasalic given the discussion.

    @Slavonac-Didn’t know you had it in you, but I guess all Croats do when pushed.

    @Soul- i see you called me, I’ll talk to Suker asap.

  48. Idemo says:

    What did he do? Volunteer his resume? Don’t think I pushed him. Simply challenged him and he couldn’t take it.
    I’ve noticed some people on this board can’t stand to be disagreed with, some take it as personal attacks when someone is opposite of them and asks for some Back up, they start splurging some fake qualifications

    Old man you can’t see me. In no sense. Soccer wise you have no leg to stand on in this argument.

    Let’s say he was 18 when he “played” in the World Cup in 88
    That would make him 47 at least geeesh, while ante says I’m ugly and what not slavonac must has no kids to spend this much time at that age threatening people

  49. Iggy says:

    lol, i scrolled up and read the tagline for this site

    “Uniting Croatians around the World”

    this thread is terrific evidence of that lmfao

  50. Soul Champ says:

    @ Idemo

    I have not always agreed but have always found value in your experience as a footballer on what ever level.

    I thought it was cool to post playing days.

    I too have played some B-ball and I have found scrubs who have never competed on any level disparage when you haven’t played at the highest.

    @ Svima

    Can we all agree that our build up play is easily thwarted by organized defenders and that we are asking TOO much of our best player in Modric.

    Marko Rog should have been given minutes throughout this qualifying campaign based on what he did against Spain.

    He should have played against Portugal and laid out Renato Sanchez who did a number on us.

    The kid would shift the energy and compliment our best player.

    I don’t give a rats ass about Napoli and his minutes.

    He is not good enough to play against Kosovo ?

    Pa da … sve znaju …

  51. Idemo says:

    That’s why you’re not paid to coach Napoli or Croatia. And you seem to know better than the people who are?

    Marko Rog can’t break into Napoli mid why should he break into ours? Is the Spain match the only time you’ve watched him? These are big homer statements.

    Hoping west ham can get it done for bilic on his birthday

  52. CiganJeCigan says:

    Halilovic intercepts a pass then sprints down the line 40 yards and delivers a great pass to his teammate who then scores.

    Perisic LB, Halilovic LW, and Kramaric at RW??

    Also Brekalo got an assist yesterday.

  53. Idemo says:

    Hey @Soul why do you think kovacic needs a move/ first team football to truly realize his potential but you don’t care about Rogs minutes at Napoli?

  54. Split says:


    you are the reason why people avoid this site, I cant stand jugos like you that do the best they can to divide this community, you truly are an idiot

  55. Idemo says:

    Hahahaha how am I dividing?
    I simply ask the tough questions to people who live in fantasy and say shit with No factual basis

    Far from a jugo pal

    Like a legend once here said….someone has to carry it

  56. Idemo says:

    I bet you think your so cool throwing around the jugo insult hehehehhee so original, you know what’s funny, I doubt you know what a jugo is, I think your parents had you in outside of Croatia and you think that’s a a good go to insult, in cro no one uses that as an insult….total diaspora thing to call someone jugo

  57. Crobo Cop says:

    Damn, this site tuned into a fucking veliki kurac contest this weekend.

    How do yall feel about your CroatianSports fantasy teams?

    I, for one, am very pleased as I have been steadily climbing the ranks and reside comfortably in the top 20 – I plan to stay striking range of the top spot until early April, when I will make some key roster moves based on intel I got from my guy in the EPL (Ziva Istina). Something about a Monte Carlo – something something – machine that can outsmart all the Vegas bookies.
    …I hear he lives in a basement with his Baka and eats nothing but pura – seems legit.

    This week was particularly nice as I enjoyed the shit week all the Sadio Mane owners had when that majmun brute tried to curb-stomp Ederson’s face in mid air.

    Sadio Mane is exactly why I don’t have any crnci on my fantasy team – you never know when they are going to snap, do something stupid, and cost you points!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Marko Rog is actually a great player in my mind.. The fact he hasnt played a lot is not too shocking to me Napolis head coach wants you to know his system and playing style to perfection before he fully believes in you. On top of that Napoli has a great squad this season and will be competing for the Serie A title lighten up on the kid. Regardless of the playing time when he does play he is good and I do believe he might be able to help the repka but its a might, we have other problems as well. I come to this sight often to read the posts and comments never post something myself this will be a first but I’ve never seen the hate really get this bad.. Momci there will always be people who disagree with you and not share the same thoughts and throw some shit out there, you move on ignore it.. Going down to their level is exactly what they’re hoping you do, we look like a bunch of idiots with some of the stuff I’m reading

  59. idemo says:

    could you explain to me where you have seen that he is a great player? maybe our definitions of great are different? what has he done apart from one match to earn this? great players do not play 4 matches over the span of 38 weeks.

    agreed, napoli mid is stacked, but I do not believe they are better than Croatian mid. if he can not break into Napoli mid why should he be able to break into Croatia mid?

    I ask a lot of questions here about this subject and others the past week and none get answered. because there is no answer. I ask about tactics everyone hushes up everyone just wants to put out a line up and think they are a selector

    why does kovacic need minutes at club level to prove himself but rogs lack of time of Napoli doesn’t matter.

    I ask where do you watch rog, no one can answer, because the answer is no where he does not play.

    people here are choosy about what they want to debate. some of you, rather kiss and hug each other and agree with one another about some fantasies and the second someone challenges you you submit your resume and call someone a yugo and threaten to catch someone.

  60. Slavonac from Canada says:

    For the record, this was the beginning of my comments about Rog, it seems others here share my opinion:

    “In my opinion, Modric has done a great job and it pisses me off to see people attack him about the court case for a criminal. In tough times, you need guys to change the game whether it’s from creating or by tough defending. Role players that sacrittheir body or someone that has an extra gear. Perisic definitely has the talent, speed and skill to change a game but recently he’s done little…that’s why I ask for Rog to come into the midfield and hopefully create some energy with a tough tackle or quick transitional plays.”

    I said this on another thread, the other day!

    Some people like to lie and forget their own lies, they make up stories and forgot how they started out…all I was saying here is that Marko Rog’s style of play, from the little I’ve seen, seems to be energetic…he’s tough, he transitions the play extremely well…nobody suggested Rog replace anyone…just let the kid have his time cause he’s a spark plug that we can use!

  61. idemo says:

    7 lines of text before you just said “I ask for rog to come into the midfield” what else does that mean other than to replace someone how do you come into an 11 without taking 1 out.

  62. Anonymous says:

    He implied it!

    Slavonac: “I ask for Rog to come into the midfield”

    Slavonac: “nobody suggested Rog replace anyone”

    Which led you to ask,

    Idemo: “how do you come into an 11 without taking 1 out”

    Anonymous: “You can bring him on as a sub”

  63. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Based on the last two days, I agree with what was said yesterday. Idemo has never been laid and must be uglier than my dogs balls…no other excuse for that type of anger and ridiculous behaviour!!

    Invest in a rubber doll…buy patches…wear a condom!

  64. Zee says:

    Relax fellas! We gonna be ok. Stop infighting. We all Croatian. We all frustrated i am as well but we will make it. We good.

  65. ŽDS Lifestyle says:

    Whatever I remember most about Rog during the Spain game was him fouling all the time.

    Players that are not playing regularly should never get a call up to the A team, you have to earn your call up.

    Kovačević is total bust for the national team. He has never been the same since Lakaku bitch slapped him in the qualifier vs Belgium.

    I like Modrič but could care less about the other players who are mostly average or below average players.

  66. BZ says:

    @To all- right on cue! Just when we called players out for giving their all for their club teams, but little to their national team….Mandzukic, who was injured vs Kosovo, but gritted it out vs Turkey; is missing the champions league game vs Barcelona. NT>Club for Mandzukic.

    @Idemo- nobody is referencing your questions about Rog when they say you are dividing the community. They are referencing your past belligerent talk.

  67. idemo says:

    shut up you old dirt your easily in your 50s, gramps online arguing we know who’s never been laid. go have some kids heal yourself, you probably go to work bragging how you showed that idemo online, wheres a roster with your name on it fraudoooooo #FakeNews #ResumeGate

    @bz I don’t think I’m dividng anything? belligerent talk, shit happens not my fault peoples panties get in a bunch here when they are challenged and tough questions get asked, people here literally have a melt down when someone doesn’t agree with them and asks for some back up/support….never have I cursed at someone unprovoked for no reason.

  68. idemo says:

    @bz its not only rog comments its a lot pal, everyone here thinks they know better then professional coaches, the fuck are you doing at your 9 to 5 then?????

    “we need new tactics better strategy” are go to comments here and WHAT TACTICS WHAT STRATEGY

    and soul champ still waiting. need to know why kovacic needs minutes at club and rog doesn’t, can’t be hypocrites now.

  69. Slavonac from Canada says:

    …its official, he’s lost his marbles folks!

    …stay tuned for looney tunes, volume 2~

    the retarded child is grasping at anything to stay relevant!

  70. Soul Champ says:

    @ Idemo

    Apologies for the delayed response …

    Raising 3 kids under 10 yrs of age and own business in NYC.

    But response you deserve non the less.

    First ground rules:

    Acknowledging the kaleidoscope of contextual shifts you maneuvered to make your point.

    Indeed for Kovačić to fulfill his potential as Super Star he needs to continue the ground laid by Benitez at Inter and start and be a club leader.

    Rog brings an energetic skill set to CDM that as we can all agree is the support we need for our best player Luka Modric to thrive.

    We can disagree but not sure what is unclear?

    All good.

    @ Svima

    Let’s align on getting 6 points in October and we can debate coach – squad – tacts and line ups leading up to World Cup.

    U boj …

  71. The truth says:

    Seems the site might be getting excited about alen haliloshit and josip bustalo again

    If you really want to get excited, you can watch highlights of them thump moldova the other day in u21

    But once again, before you diaspora get too excited, remember the failings of the media hype machine

    It’s actually funny cause by my models I’m developing to project Young players forward, haliloshit and more bustalo rate pretty favorably mainly by metrics of take ons and shot attempts

    But remember there is a huge distribution around these outcomes before one starts projecting the next messi neymar pairing

    And their projections aren’t even as good as modrics was as a youth

    Furthermore haliloshit has fallen substantially off course but based on his age, there is still room for correction

  72. Idemo says:

    In the calidiscope of unclarity I don’t understand where you have seen this skill set? Did you watch him at dinamo? Could you cite a game other than Spain so I can make myself a believer?


  73. Idemo says:

    Shut the fuck up slavonac you won’t do shit…..#ResumeGate #FakeResumes where’s ya name gramps……wanna “catch up with me ” sheesh 1950s talk buy a plane ticket got my name and address waiting for you

  74. Idemo says:

    You told ya wife about me yet? Broke anything in the house and blamed it on me yet? Need a refill for Viagra pills or xanax????

    Dedoooooo majmuneeeeeee

  75. Slavonac from Canada says:

    …someone help this kid…I’ve seen this type of behaviour before…”One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”!

    must be sad when people all come down on you…but its a case of …”you get what you ask for”! being a dummy probably isn’t easy…being ugly and dumb must be lonely!?

    Playing house league soccer and then trying to pretend to be relevant really exposes you, impossible to see eye to eye with someone that can’t identify a players weaknesses and strengths…and then the ranting and insults…

  76. Kanada says:


    Idemo the jugo. Too funny. Dude lift some weights and find yourself a girl. Are you for real? You will never survive in the business world. How do you deal with people face to face. Throw a tantrum? Cry? Run to your mommy? Sad!

  77. idemo says:

    I swear some of you Canadians (sans Poglavnik) shouldn’t be allowed to call yourselves Croatian (majority of you can’t even speak Croatian anyways) most of you would get SWALLOWED up in Croatia that libertarian system up there has pussified you EH

    @kanada wanna see my resume? ill never survive in th e business world “Lmfao.”

    yes I love house league I love pick up……but I’m not the one who says I played at X Y Z and theres no mention of you at X Y Z

    show a roster with your name on it, ill never post here again….for 3 days now you’ve ignored this velez Canada met #ResumeGate

  78. idemo says:

    bunch of 7th generation cunts, not even diaspora level left wing trash learn how to order a drink in Croatia then “catch up to me”

  79. Kruno J. says:


    you sound like a major CUNT. you are accusing @idemo of everything you are doing as well. I have read all of this drop a roster and end it? He challenged your views on Mamic and his involvement in the federation and ever since then you’ve been crying did anyone ask you where you played? house league manager.

  80. Idemo says:

    Yes the futsal God identified marko Rog in 371 minutes over 38 weeks

    Something Cacic and Sarri still can’t do yet they get paid for it and you don’t

  81. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Oneflewoverthecucko’snest gate!

    Regardless of anything I post, nothing would satisfy you!

    You started this with your insults, I responded accordingly!

    You first said I lied about the Futsal world cups and then when I proved you wrong, you switched gears and changed the story. You said there were no Croats on Velez prior to ’90, I told you a few of my teammates and you changed the story there also!

    The bottom line is that you know little and now this is about you vs me. Nothing I prove will change your thoughts or allow your brain to realize you are wrong…there will be another excuse… saying I’m too old, I don’t know strategy or tactics…blah blah blah…

    On the flip side, you clearly can’t talk this sport with relevance and examples. You haven’t once discussed qualities, strengths/weaknesses of players, traits or anything else…cause you don’t see the game, you don’t have the capacity to understand players, formations, strategies from any level…probably as much as I know about American football or basketball. Hey, I watch the odd game but I don’t pretend I know what I’m watching.

    I see your posts, they reveal a lot of how little you know!

  82. Zee says:

    Idemo calm down. What’s gotten into you. We gonna be fine. Stop infighting please. It’s not us. We fight together! We all Croatian no matter where you from. We will survive.

  83. Lika Joey says:

    Croatians in Canada are more organized than in the US. Idemo you are wrong about us not speaking the language.

  84. Zee says:

    @lika joey. Sure we are more organized. But we gotta give idemo a break. Something happening there. Like i said we are one and one are all. No matter where on God’s green earth you born only one love the rebublic.

  85. Slavonac from Canada says:


    That’s his deal…he said he asks the hard questions andnyet, all he does is insult! He asked about Rog and most of us gave him our response…as well as why we feel Rog deserves a change to get in a game and yet he reverts back to name calling…he’s illogical and unreasonable…now insults Canadian/Croats…unreal!

    For me to now argue about how well I can speak Croatian would really lower myself to his standard. English was a second language…lard spread on bread was our lunch for school…reading insults and then realizing just how ignorant this kid is just tops shit off…back home he’d be ridiculed for his stupidness but for some reason he thinks he’s relevant!

    His parents failed him…zero respect for people…he hasn’t been integrated with people socially so he tries to validate himself by trying to belittle others.


  86. idemo says:

    I said your date was wrong about the World Cup.

    100% is
    fifa.com and wikipedia are lying but your random text link is right yaaaaa. show the roster dedo wheres ya name? Fifa.com roster has no Croatian on nay futsal world cup team but your still hung up on dates…. come on dedo your right about the dates lets get names.

    I said Croatians at velez prior to 1990 is a STRETCH

    100% is, do you know what a stretch is? never said none.
    there were 2 ; jedvaj and another …..not you.

    back home you’d be the town pussy not being able to handle cussing, slusaj dedo svaka 4ta vamo je jebem ti ovo ono, budi tvrd imaj malo hrabrosti. FIRE UP GOOGLE TRANSLATE!

    did being called a sensationalist irk yo so much you wanted to show everyone your dick. guess thats what happens when you get old, stop getting laid gotta brag about it I guess. do you carry paper resumes too? seriously asking.

    dedo I hear a lot of excuses coming from you this doesn’t look good. no one insulted you pal I just keep asking over and over where do you see these things from Marko Rog still waiting dedo on that and the roster. where did I insult you dedo I said your statements are fantasy about keeping politics out of the NT. you said you wanna catch up with me done typing here for 3 days come on buy a flight chop chop.

    @lika from playing vs Toronto cro I think much of them only spoke English

  87. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Look at the ’96-’97 roster and tell me there are 2 Croats dummy! This is the thing with you…you’re 100% wrong and too stupid to acknowledge it!

    3 Croats at the 88 Futsal World Cup, 4 in the 91 World Cup…vancouver Croatia won the Futsal championship with Nick Dasovic in London, On…can’t find it on the internet but tell me I’m lying!

    You’re jealous kid, you have issues accepting someone is better than you.

    I’m not gonna try to prove Velez to you…I honestly don’t care but if you’ve ever noticed…most people here see I understand the sport while most question you and your ignorant comments!

    Makes me laugh how jealous you are!

  88. Slavonac from Canada says:

    ….vic montagliani was the president of Canadian soccer, he’s now the head of concacaf…he played on the Futsal team in 91…am I lying? Is it listed in his resume? Not sure but he was there!

  89. idemo says:


    what does any of this have to do with understanding the game
    how can anyone see you understand it better you don’t even watch Napoli play yet you comment on Rog







  90. Slavonac from Canada says:

    For arguments sake, let’s say that’s true…but it isn’t…is it difficult to see qualities in a player from 1 game? Maybe this is where we differ…I see his talent and potential, you obviously don’t. Of course I’d like to see him consistently perform the way he did but for your argument, I’ll say yes, based on one game.

    lets say I only saw him once (and that I don’t have regular cable at home or satellite….Bein sports or any of that).

    Based on that game vs Spain, Rog was a rock defensively and he was very good on the counter getting forward. He gave little respect to Spain’s stacked midfield, he transitioned the play quickly, he had good vision and decision making….I’ll give him a vote of confidence and support the decision to play as a sub or even start…however you like!

    He has a lot of pace and energy, the kid works hard and wins balls and his presence is known!

    We lack aggression, we lack emotions, quick counters, someone that can defend and go forward.

    If you disagree, that’s your opinion!

  91. Idemo says:

    Ok i agree he had a splendid match. Your report is spot on, great 8 performance. (Seriously)

    How does one performance come close to constituting even 20 minutes for the NT? radosevic has had a few performances for Hajduk, pasalic at Milan and Monaco, Badelj was a constant piece at Fior, anonymous cousin supposedly had two good matches in HNL2 ? It’s a fantasy man. Especially from someone since that performances who hasn’t done a thing.

    Btw if you actually watched rog and Napoli, you would have busted me long ago, he actually scored last week. But you don’t. No offense seriously. Not that great of a league to follow but on the rise again

  92. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I remember watching Asensio for the first time, last year. I immediately said the kid was a player…from seeing him play half a game and I still think so. Prior to that game I never saw him play.

    If you know something about the game it’s really not that hard to see!

  93. Idemo says:

    Can’t compare those two at all. A blind man saw Asensio glitter, but have you noticed not once did I say Rog wasn’t good?

  94. Slavonac from Canada says:


    You started all this with me. I know he scored and I saw the goal…but that wouldn’t justify anything. Look at the goal Kalinic scored vs Spain and I really don’t like him much as a player.

    If you were around in 2012 and before that, I was hard on Perisic…he was so inconsistent, it drove me nuts!

    Halilovic is also inconsistent …and up until now he’s been a real shithead with his attitude. Rebic too!

    I see more soccer than you think! I have 5 kids and I schedule my day to watch early games or PVR and watch later!

    Napoli used to be my favourite team in Italy, I’ve been watching them since the 80’s.

    Pasalic seems to be a decent player and maybe he will be great, but for now I just don’t see his qualities as impactful!

  95. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I wasn’t comparing Asensio with Rog, I was trying to say I saw Asensio as a great potential from only seeing him play 1/2 a game!

    I’ve seen Rog play quite a few times and every time he plays, he’s so tough to get off the ball! Watch him get possession and fight to keep it in tough spots…he’s resilient!

  96. Idemo says:

    Hes all of that but i also think he can be a motor in the midfield, not the one pulling strings but the one pushing pace

    you don’t think he’d shit the bed on nt? Or at least take a few matches to get used to it?
    I think vs Spain he punched above his weight class…by a lot ..he maybe wasn’t even 21………pure fluke ? I don’t think but it was more along the lines of there wasn’t much expectations with tbat line up I sensed we were happy to get 2nd place

    Inserting him right now I just don’t know how it would go
    Wer in a position where we need points. And don’t have time for risks now
    For me our subs are as is
    Kramaric when we need goal
    Kovacic ….might go back to the bench taking a pint with this class didn’t see much this last break and I think we go to badlej Luka raki
    And whichever one of Kalinic/ manzda doesn’t start

    And if Pjaca forces brozo out I would still sub brozo befor Rog, what u think?

  97. Slavonac from Canada says:

    He could very well shit the bed. I think his situation at Napoli is tough, they have a very good midfield that’s experienced…tough to play him…Italians are extremely tactical and the media is equally as critical. I wish I knew more about what the coach thinks.

    A while back I mentioned there are certain young players that are oblivious to their surroundings…those guys are a special breed cause nerves don’t get to them like they might to many other younger players…I feel like Rog is one of them! When he subs innwith Napoli, especially the last two games he play in last season, he acts like he belongs…and he’s always going full speed!

    I don’t know if I’m right but wouldn’t you agree we need a higher pace, quicker tempo, someone feisty?!

    Mental part of the game is harder than the physical part, anything can negatively affect you and how you play, your decisions as well!

    In my opinion, Kramaric knows how to score…he finds the pockets and the right positioning and produces results…he does his job!

    Brozovic is a motor. I feel like he wastes more good opportunities than he creates but he can cover more field than most players and in today’s game, that’s huge! I hope he never plays down the wing again, he has little creativity or vision! That’s just my opinion!

    Kovacic….hmmmm…he’s not quite there yet! The guy has so much talent…with both feet…he can turn quickly sndrburn players at top speed orna dead play, but I just don’t see him as being at his full potential yet! Too many gaffe’s…slalom runs that end up nowhere and yet, he can carry the ball 70 yards likenits nobody’s business! In a phrase…he’s not yet complete…but he’s better than he was two years ago!

    Perisic is the real deal…when his head is into it! He’s physically strong and fast, he can shoot with both feet, he can take you on with speed or from a dead play…not the best dribbler but he plays out wide so he has real estate…when he’s in, he dares people to try and stop him…he can be that good! Covjek moze rijesit utakmicu sam!

    My opinions…nothing more!

  98. Idemo says:

    Man go back to the posts from the last game. 12 times I said Luka Modric was our fastest player against turkey. That should NEVER be a thing. Thinking fast running fast and playing fast.

  99. ŽDS Lifestyle says:

    To many of these young Hrvati are getting call ups to the A team and then they disappear into oblivion. The whole f’n system is flawed. Mamič really f’d things up……it will take years to fix this mess. Can you imagine if this team didn’t have Modrič……

  100. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Modric has been playing like he’s possessed, maybe having the experience from playing at Real Madrid and owning the armband has made him step up…I like his game lately!

    So, this is why I would try Rog…even for 30 minutes. We will never get his qualities from what we have right now. Keep in mind, I could be wrong…I’ve been wrong before but he really does give me the impression he could make a difference.

    Rakitic brings a totally different element…more offensive and less grit…few emotions! Badelj is the type of guy that will pick you up when he knocks you down…I see Rog as the guy that’ll stomp you as he runs past you…meanness can be good sometimes!

    We kill the play a lot, we aren’t a speedy team (except for Perisic and Kovacic), it would be good to bring in that element!

    Earlier today I saw a comment about us fouling Spain. That’s a strategy…I’m not bullshitting! Sometimes coaches ask their players to cause breakages and stoppages, sonthe other team can’t create a momentum. It becomes frustrating for the opponents, especially if they are a possession type of team!

  101. Traditional Croat says:

    “Damn you showed that idemo what a moron he is. Bravo.”

    I disagree, nothing more than two guys that lost control of their emotions. I scored the round 10-10, a draw.

    I think Kruno J would’ve scored it a 10-10 round as well, so the decision is, a majority draw. With the way the exchange ended, I believe the two combatants would agree with this decision.


    Hrvatska TC Kruno J
    10-9 10-10 10-10
    Slavonac draw draw

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