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November 11, 2017

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Croatia Starting XI: Subašić – Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Strinić – Rakitić, Brozović – Mandžukić, Modrić, Perišić – Kalinić



Mission accomplished!



Albeit a boring match, Croatia got out of Greece with no injuries, no cards and the result they needed to reach the World Cup in Russia next summer.



The match ended 0-0 in Greece with Croatia’s 4-1 first leg win holding true over both games. The scoresheet will show that Croatia did not have one shot on goal, but Ivan Perišić’s rocket of the right post in the second half was the best chance of the game. Greece saw one of their attempts in the back of the net but the play was called offside as the goal scorer was the first to touch the ball coming back from an illegal position.


Perisic rocket rings off the woodwork!



Croatia made it look easy and controlled the tempo of the match even with 60% ball possession going to Greece.






When: Friday, December 1st




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 372 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    Denmark and Ireland played out a boring 0-0 draw, not nearly as boring to watch as Honduras 0 – 0 Australia though, that was a bloody terrible game on a minefield of a bad pitch

  2. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Hey Kvartuč whats with that picture you put up promoting the game? You have a clear picture of a smiling Greek player but no identifiable Croatian player on there.

    Let the anti-Hrvatska conspiracies begin!

  3. canuckcro says:

    Our team hasn’t lost in a blowout score by any team in the whole qualifying group and it won’t happen tommorrow..We will prevail .

  4. lićan iz Toronto says:

    @ iggy

    Dude I can’t stand you with your fucked up comments, especially the I think we’re gonna lose 2-1!! Get the phuck outta here!!

  5. canuckcro says:

    Hope no cetnik fans pro girk sympathizers who like to pusi the girks kurac show up at the game like thug ivan bogdanov..just shittin..I’m hoping theirs no distractions just a good game,close score.When our team goes up 2 nil ..we bunker..shake greeks hands count the fingers,book flights to russia,end of story .

  6. Maminjo says:

    I want another blowout win.

    But we’d be stupid to risk giving Perišić another yellow, as these carry over into the World Cup.

    I expect some of our key players to sit, or be subbed out at halftime.

  7. Maminjo says:

    Perišić, Vrsaljko, Kalinić, Brozović, Vida, Rog, and Pivarić still have yellow cards.

    It would be tough to lose Perišić, Vida or Vrsaljko for the first World Cup match (and to a lesser extent Brozović and Kalinić too).

    The thing is, we need to start Perišić, Vida and Vrsaljko in this game.

  8. Iggy Iggy says:

    It’s always been a gobshite rule that, totally sucks. Really should be a clean slate for the WC, surely they want the best players playing.

  9. Iggy Iggy says:

    i think any red always bans you from the next game minimum so it’s not really a viable option, plus that greek dude tried to get a yellow on purpose and look what happened to him!

  10. Iggy Iggy says:

    links will be posted just before game time m8

    they don’t even open on reddit till 90 mins before kick-off so can’t supply them now

  11. Dalic Lama says:

    New to the site, but already getting an understanding of how f’d up things can get around here//

    We apparently have an Australian, socialist, jew that supported Bernie? Wtf, iggy, are you American, Australian, or Venezuelan?

    Lazio calls out Crnkovic, and I agreed. All of a sudden crazy Crnkovic posts 20 times trying to tell us Modric did not play the role of a 10!?! Think it was @Zee who obliterated Crnkovic by asking, “then who was our 10?” Still no answer.

    @Crnkovic lying about Modric not playing the 10, in the last 2 games, isn’t very Catholic of you. Be the good Croatian & admit your wrong.

  12. Hercegovac from Sweden says:

    2-1 to Croatia. The games against Ukraine and the first greek game showed how good croatia is. 2 win a game against croatia you need 2 get the ball first. The greeks played bad because croatia made them play bad. Today i will open follow the game with croatian passion and hopefully see the world cup live in june.

  13. Iggy Iggy says:

    I am many things but not a jewburger

    the rest is correct tho

    but if you are anything but a raging capitalist (ala a Trumpkin) some members of this site immediately call you a “communist”

  14. Dalic Lama says:

    @Maminjo -my understanding is that a would-be suspension from 2 yellows (from 2 different games) does not carry over to the finals. A red, is a different story.

  15. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    With yellow cards in mind, we could play:

    Subasic; Strinic, Lovren, Mitrovic, Vrsaljko (Jedvaj’s injury leaves us with fewer options); Rakitic, Roger, Modric; Rebic, Kalinic, Kramaric.

    We can win with that team. It would be better if Lovren didn’t play, but then again he needs the experience. Also, Vrsaljko and Vida are our options at right back right now, yet both have yellow cards.

    Hopefully Jedvaj and Pjaca will be back for the world cup finals.

  16. crnkovic says:

    @dalic lama. modric was listed on the teamsheet pregame in the 10 role, rakitic did indeed play as a deep lying playmaker picking the ball up from our central defenders. modric usually does a lot of that for both real madrid and the NT, so he was spared that duty and thus given way more freedpm to attack. which was great and he played very well. and he had the number 10 on his back. but he still didnt play as a 10. do you understand what i mean by a 10? its the position the italians call trequartista or sometimes secondapunta. bergkamp, baggio, maradona pele, totti, cruyff…often in modern football, to make it more difficult for these players to be marked out of games they are deployed as inverse wingers with a license to float off the wing and cause mayhem. messi neymar, hazard, ozil….etc these are number 10 players. usually they are lazy and contribute nothing defensively but preserve all their energy for crucial moments when they open up the opposition and score or assist. is that modric?

  17. crnkovic says:

    greatanonymousdoom…yeah good idea, i’d like to see Rog get a start. would be great for his confidence at this stage. i would keep exactly the same lineup but put rog in for luka. i would expect strinic and vrsaljko to up their game. rakitic to prove he can hold the middle under pressure without luka to carry him. kramaric to score again. kalinic to prove he is our best striker with slick movement and hold up play again. and perisic to finally end his dreadful shooting run and keep his head to end thebcontest. oh and brozovic to prove he is a genius number 10 by scoring one of the goals of the decade…that would be fine. a clean sheet too

  18. crnkovic says:

    sorry anonymous. i’m assuming that you’re a young guy or girl who loves football and your croatian heritage. thats great. one word of advice, these articles are the opinion of whoever wrote them, just because someone is published doesn’t mean what they say is true. in fact the opposite is almost always true of journalists. Holiga anybody? i read these two articles and it is clear to me that whoever wrote them has a journalistic rather than in depth football knowledge. both articles seem to have been written by american teenagers

  19. Anonymous says:

    I read one of the articles. Of the top 20 how many are number 10’s in your opinion. Modric is not a considered a no.10 in that article which agrees with what you’ve been saying. But you did say the writer has no in depth knowledge of football.

  20. crnkovic says:

    so. yes modric is not considered a 10, that is a very rudimentary observation. however the list is a nonsense. in my opinion only half of those listed are number 10’s. the list includes Kroos, ander herrara, hamsik. some are indeed true 10’s christian erikson, james Rodriguez, coutinho. but given the year of publication and the wide ranging open definition of a number 10 the writer uses. then why isnt yaya toure listed at all? at that time he was the best midfielder in the world, and indeed playing as a 10 for man city…in other words. thats the difference between a analytical/critical thinking and the other type of thinkin people use which involves filtering everybody elses opinions to try and judge the truth based on who you respect and want to be close to. this second type of thinking is what causes mass stupidity. for example. back to yaya toure. i remember he scored (one of so so many) exquisite technical goals, against chelsea in the league. his subtle touch, gentle sway of the hips, perfect balance and technique he waltzed through and stroked the ball home with absolute nonchalance and elan. the commentator said “what a goal by yaya toure, he bulldozed his way through powerfully” he is big, he is black. therefore he is a physical beast who uses brute force to accomplish what others do with skill. i heard this bias everytime i watched him play despite the evidence being to the contrary. in other words, people talk absolute shit. espevially people with a public platform. dont listen to them. try to learn the fundamentals and watch carefully and you will see the truth

  21. crnkovic says:

    anyway. enough of my opinions i’m getting sick of the sound of my own voice. lots of love to all my croatian brothers and sisters. goid luck to our reprezentacija tonight u boj

  22. Dejan says:

    Good Luck in today’s game and we will see you in Russia maybe who know we Serbs and Croats can party together!!!

  23. hercegovac says:

    Dobro vecer svima

    jel znate gdje bih mogao gledati utakmicu preko interneta?

    ako bih mogli preporuciti jednu dobro web stranicu gdje mogu streamat tekmu.

    hvala unaprijed.

    Hey Guys

    anyone know of a good website to stream and watch the greece croatia game?

    I am writing from spain.

    thanks in advance

  24. idemo says:

    We have the most qualifications from playoffs in the world , it’s fact we have to rely on this shit…..real teams direct qualify

  25. Iggy Iggy says:

    idemo can you please post the “perfect” onesin here?

    i don’t have time to go check each of the 30 streams to see which one actually works so we need to share the good ones here please

  26. Slavonac from Canada says:

    If you ask me this is a shitty game plan. Playing so slow isn’t our strength and doesn’t suit us. We can easily lose intensity and then start wondering why we aren’t doing so well!

  27. idemo says:

    There is only one stream that says Croatian languages
    And only one that says deportes

    I’m on my phone MacBook in plugged into tv

    And the sky net is up now as well

  28. Iggy Iggy says:

    the one i posted recentrly seems okay, no buffering now so it’s good

    from what i’ve seen we’re playing like gobshite but maybe just need to whether the early storm

  29. Iggy Iggy says:

    nah it’s getting better now, like i said we just we’re holding out for the first 20 mins

    we’ll play better now, that would’ve been part of the plan like in ukraine, defend first half, attack second

    so don’t get too down just yet

  30. idemo says:

    Urgency ? For what? We need to play smart. Take our chances and make sure Wer solid behind it . We are not chasing a result
    We play patient let them open up and play our best football when our opponent goes forward

    Bait them to come at us

  31. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Idemo…play smart yes but this style can fucking hurt us like it has a million times in the past!

  32. idemo says:


    I don’t think Wer parking it per se which bites us in the ass when we go up

    0-0 at half i want….they will have to full blown attack us in the 2nd and we will outplay them

  33. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I never said we were parking it but at this pace we have bystanders that aren’t playing our game. We aren’t a disciplined enough team to play a dead game and not get penalized for falling asleep!

  34. idemo says:

    I never said you said we were parking it, but when you mention us getting bite in the ass, it’s from parking it after going up 1-0

    This is just slow paced game idk what possession is but they don’t have it in our 3rd at all

  35. Slavonac from Canada says:

    My fear is we let them score from a set play…and then they get some momentum and storm us…if we keep this up I can see a few guys falling asleep, I am!

  36. Dannyj says:

    Well main thing is they didn’t get a goal late in half
    It’s all good boys
    U knew they would bunker
    The defending was pretty good obviously

    We all knew Greeks going to come out hard and throw what they can
    Positives was lovren made some smart plays

    Everyone doing their job
    Announcer said how perisic shows a good soccer intelligence when he was back playing calm in Defense

    Manolas is legit good

  37. Brkic says:

    I would like to see Kramaric come on to inject some more speed up front.

    Hopefully Dalic reminds those carrying yellows to play smart. Don’t want to get a cheap yellow for time wasting etc that would result in a suspension in Russia.

  38. Iggy Iggy says:

    just needed that scorching shot from perisic to go in and we’re laughing all the way to the WC

    but yeah 0-0 at half itme is terrific tbh

  39. Mr. Black says:

    No worries.

    I don’t understand why some of you complain about our first half. Greece plays this game with such a drive and energy, that is almost impossible to play well against them.

    You’ll see, the Greeks will get tired in the course of the second half and we will benefit from this.

    By the way, we were even closer to a goal them them (Perisic who hit the post).

  40. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I understand this result is good for us but I’d like to see more from our guys, this game looks like shit!

  41. Dannyj says:

    Ya they pundits on Sportsnet saying it was basically boring but saying cro shut em down very well
    Let’s go boys
    Right now we just have to finish this. A win is a win sometimes it’s not beautiful but really who cares right now

    Agreed those slavonac can’t fall asleep

  42. Iggy Iggy says:

    yeah every stream is garbage, buffering evey 10 seconds

    like i said before


  43. Dannyj says:

    Agreed slavonac
    I really thought Greek have more

    That’s why I bought the 17 dollar damn sports net world in Canada
    Hate streaming with some Arab commentators lol

  44. Anon says:

    Manzo starts and game is nil. No fukn surprise there. He should never start.
    How many goals has he scored last 5 years?

  45. Mishko says:

    This was today’s plan. It’s smart. BTW those assholes whistling during our anthem was a disgrace. As long as no one gets hurt and it stays at 0 – 0 I’m happy.

  46. Slavonac from Canada says:

    …I don’t care if Kalinic scores meaningless goals…I wanna know who sold him to Milan, he’s useless! Zero athleticism, zero at holding the ball up, slower than Corluka, can’t latch onto a through ball…just terrible to watch him!

  47. Iggy Iggy says:

    I cannot understand the whining from you fucking ingrates

    we came here to not concede 3 goals

    this is an excellent performance from us, we aren’t here to score 5 goals, that’s why is aid mandzu is a good choice for this game, we actually need an extra defender this match

    this has been a perfect job by our guys

    fucking bunch of whiney ingrates

  48. idemo says:

    Slavonac who’s been useful today?

    Who’s your forward then? Please don’t say Mario, that only leaves Kramaric.

    Following if krama is your forward who’s your right side?

  49. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Iggy, if we actually just played, we smash these guys and probably build on our confidence. This game is a result, I agree, but nothing to learn from this and zero to build on.

  50. Zoki says:

    No one can argue that’s it’s a good game, but c’mon guys have some perspective. This game is beautiful. Exactly what we set out to do. Have a game plan. Stick to it. Go to Russia. E Z. Lako noc cigani grcki.
    Dalic is looking like a phenom. Like a young Mourinho before he got so full of himself that he makes me sick.

  51. Dannyj says:

    I’m happy iggy
    Last month we didn’t even know if we would get last 2nd place team
    Ya Northern Ireland played their balls off

    Swiss barely makes it Italy on the verge of maybe not
    Be happy boys
    I would have loved to smash em by 5 but job done nicely

    For a team that needed 3 goals and we hold them to maybe zero. Job done indeed

    Agree mishko screw those dirty Greeks and their Serb flags

  52. Slavonac from Canada says:

    …all I’m saying is that we could have had the same attacking game plan and we have killed these guys…they have nothing.

  53. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Everything the same except for Kalinic. He can’t chase a ball dude? He’s always late for every play. He can’t hold the ball ip for 1/2 a second without falling.

  54. Dannyj says:

    I think we succeeded
    Cause usually we play for draws or bunkering blows up on us. We executed
    Basically Portugal and Greeks won euros that style
    Obviously that’s not our game but nice to see we can execute it

    Dalic looking not too shabby at all

    Subasic with a strong game I thought

  55. idemo says:

    So your keeping Mario wide? Are you serious…..
    This isn’t Mario of old
    i hope Rebić has a year and gets sold

  56. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    We have a lot more goal-scoring potential with Kramaric in place of Mandzukic. And Kramaric plays the whole field defensively too.

  57. Slavonac from Canada says:

    He’s probably Juve’s Most valuable player and he plays out wide. In a game like this where we need someone to press, cross, fight and hold the ball he’s definitely got what it takes.

  58. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Kalinic and his fly-by’s are hard to watch. He can’t catch up to a through ball, he never wins any losse or 50/50 balls….basically he’s in “in the box” attacker cause he brings nothing else!

    We are doomed if he’s our top 2. Mandzukic is past his prime but he brings more than Kalinic does on an all around perspective.

    We currently have nobody as a true goal-scorer, Kramaric is the closest to that so we better pray that Perisic wakes up!

  59. Mate says:

    The Serb flags are funny they can hang them up with the Greek flags around the tvs because Croatia is at the World Cup.

  60. Zee says:

    Lets just enjoy. We home. Sure we would all like a thumping like 4 nil. But it wasn’t going to happen. Perfect game plan. Job done! U boj!

  61. Iggy Iggy says:

    cool bananas, great job everyone! we DID it !

    5 out of 5 in playoffs for major tourneys, yet to lose one!

    So happy we made it! :D

    Now just hoping for Sweden to knock off Italy tmw

  62. zordak says:


  63. Mr. Black says:

    Can you imagine how it would be if we had lost this game with 3-0 and be eliminated?

    I didn’t happen so let’s get drunk!!!!

  64. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Brozovic did well today…he played in the right position, ran miles and worked his ass off!

  65. Dejan says:

    Ignore the dumb comment from zordak Congratulations Croatia should be a fun summer!!! greetings from Belgrade.

  66. Dannyj says:

    We have months to talk tactics and that
    So many positives. Won’t be depressed waiting for World Cup to start
    We at the party. We have some very good tools.
    Like the pundits said on sportsnet. Croatia team dangerous when they are happy

    Let’s hope dalic can keep em motivated and all we need is a super hot streak and can do some nice damage in Russia

    Kramaric showed he is dangerous and will have to produce for us going forward.

  67. Iggy Iggy says:

    it’s peru

    peru and nz are 0-0 with return leg to come in peru

    but best chance is prolly italy to lose tmw, which i think is an outside chance

    cos you know what’ll happen, it’ll be 0-0 until the 90th minute and then some bullshit penalty will be given to italy and they’ll win 1-0 and then win on penalties or something horseshitty

  68. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    Sweden will get a draw in Italy, it’s possible!

    Dalic himself said it was a boring game to watch for the fans, but his players sticked to the game plan.

    See you all in Russia next summer! (except Ziva, Alex Holiga and all other commie serb udba fuckers).

    Would be such a sweet icing on the cake to draw Half-turkey and beat them 5-1 in the first group game. Za dom!

  69. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    It would be nice to get into pot 2 but if we don’t …NO country would want Croatia to be one of the 2 “weak” teams in their group.

  70. Razbijač says:

    This was a STRONG AND DISCIPLINED performance by Croatia. We showed character and shut down the Greeks.

  71. Maminjo says:

    I dunno about this game guys. We shouldn’t be too happy because…

    IF Greece scored on their only shot on net…and
    IF Greece scored of every corner kick they won..and
    IF offsides don’t count for Greece…and
    IF Perisic’s shot that hit the post went in and counted as a goal for Greece…and
    IF Croatia had worse players than Greece…THEN

    this playoff matchup would have been a lot closer.

  72. Maminjo says:

    I’m glad to see all those Serbian flags out there and all those Serbian fans coming out to support us in our game against Greece.

    But on a serious note, I was watching the post game interviews and I really wished one of these players would call this out and crack a joke about it.

    Also, it would have been awesome if we at least tried to score this game, and run to the Serbian fan section and cheer ‘with’ them in celebration, lol.

    I need to be coach of this team. We may not have any gameplans, but goal celebrations, interviews and Russell Brand sportswear would put us on the map.

  73. Albanian Kosovar says:

    Congratulations to Croatia for going to the World Cup Albanians are with you nice to see the Greeks and Serbs humiliated. Croats and Albanians best football players in Southern Europe. Go Croatia Go Albania.

  74. Maminjo says:

    Yes, I watched Kosovo beat out Northern Ireland earlier today for a World Cup spot.

    Not sure why they are wearing Red Cross kits though.

  75. Albanian Kosovar says:

    If all Albanians played on one team Albania we would be one amazing team and a contender to win a World Cup or Euro Cup.

  76. zordak says:

    Albanian Kosovar you garbage stalet nation call Kosovo is apice of shit will be back to Serbia and this time will kill you all of this Kosovar terrorist piece of shit

  77. Maminjo says:

    @Albanian Kosovar

    Yes, if FIFA didn’t screw over Kosovo and block Shaqiri, Xhaka, Dzemaili, Januzaj, and all those others who played for Switzerland…Kosovo would be in the World Cup. FIFA was protecting their favorite team, Switzerland.


    Come on now. If you want to pick fights with Albanians, can you not do it on a Croatian Sports site?

    I’m sure there are plenty of Serbian websites that are designed specifically for this purpose.

  78. canuckcro says:

    Poor loser cetnik fans in the stands..clearly their lost souls..Greek fans just howling at them like fodder..sramota serbs just go home and pray you wake up to be a better person..quit being godless devil po…shit.get a life some of you garbage serbs.

  79. Traditional Croat says:

    I honestly appreciate the honesty of @Zordak, showing his true face and keeping it real! Because for the simple and liberal Croatian people it is always easier to be cautious when the enemy is manifest and you are prepared for him.
    It’s Serbs like @Dejan that are to be feared and to be guarded against, when he creeps on the simple and liberal Croat secretly. These Serbs like @Dejan deceive by the appearance of peace, it is always their way, and worse still, the simple and liberal Croats fall for it all the time, they fall for it because they don’t stand for anything and have no standard to live by other than their stupid imaginations.

    Kosovo is Albania.

  80. Mile says:

    So Croatia is a #3 seed, unless Italy or Peru are ousted. Even though Italy is down 0-1, I still don’t see them not qualifying somehow. And Peru should handle New Zealand. It’s best if Italy are the ones to lose while Peru wins, as Croatia would be a #2 seed and Serbia would be #4. If Italy wins and Peru loses, Croatia is a #2 but Serbia moves up to a #3.

  81. Iggy Iggy says:

    LOL, a couple of excellent comments up there Maminjo, i especially like the shopping list of what IFs.

    And yeah it would be hilarious if one of our guys made that comment about the serb flags after the game!

  82. Traditional Croat says:

    Even if somehow Serbia got #3 they’re not a #3 they’re a #4.

    Italy win, Peru loss, we get Serbia in our group, that means two #4’s in our group.

  83. Iggy Iggy says:

    yeah im lost, what diff does it make what seed serbia is? 3 or 4 who cares, as long as we can draw them and fuck them up, im good

  84. Brkic says:

    From Sky Sports: only 5 nations have a better rate of qualification for World Cups:

    Brazil 100%
    Germany 100%
    Argentina 94%
    Italy 90%
    Mexico 84%
    Croatia 83%
    England 83%
    Spain 79%

    @Zordak… not sure how far down the list 50% puts you…

  85. Milan says:

    @Iggy but you might lose to Serbia too, you have a good team but you are not unbeatable. Dont think 2013 has anything to do with any future match, Serbia is a much better team then in 2014 I would really love to draw Croatia.

  86. Mile says:

    I’m just giving scenarios. It would be nice if Croatia was a #2, but based on how they play better against good teams, I wouldn’t mind two good teams in their group. I just wouldn’t want Russia because the fix would be in (a la Brazil 2014). I would actually like Portugal and Mexico. Just beat one of them (or both) and beat up on the #4 team and they’re good.

  87. Iggy Iggy says:

    Wouldn’t it be better for Serbs to be seed#3 anyway?

    I mean don’t get me wrong i want to smash them but they are definitely better than a pot 4 team going on recent results, i mean they are better than panama and saudi arabia, lol

    the problem with playing serbs in russia is they are obv gonna havbe the support and it’ll be like an away game

  88. Slaven says:

    The passing today was 71% accurate and there were countless turnovers. No shots on goal. Any other team would have lost.

  89. Mile says:

    Odds are we won’t get the Serbs if we’re a #3, as that would mean we draw two non European teams in pot 1 (Argentina or Brazil) and pot 2 (Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay). Possible, but unlikely.

  90. Mile says:

    They played exactly how they should have today. Stop analyzing this game like it was 0-0 to start. It was 4-1. No need to risk anything. Greece had two or three half chances to score at best. I have absolutely no issues with today. Same as six years ago – they beat Turkey 3-0 and came home and played the same way, and that was 0-0. Why would you play attacking football with a 4-1 lead and give Greece any hope of a counter attack?

    They won the tie, they are in the World Cup. Be content.

  91. Mate says:

    I need abit of a break now and im going to watch the Italy-Sweden and Ireland-Denmark games with enjoyment and with no stress.

  92. Ante Kvartuch says:

    We couldn’t beat Greece in Greece today.. We do deserve the World Cup. But…i guess we can protest Mamic and Suker now on the big stage.. Walk off the field in Russia!!!

  93. Mate says:

    I really really don’t see Sweden winning tommorow the fact that they have somekinda lead from the first game might be to much to handle in their heads it will only take one goal from Italy to swing that momentum. The 90 minutes for Sweden to the World Cup must feel like an eternity at this moment.

  94. Zee says:

    Great result today. Just like a friendly. At least we know we can go defense when we need to. 7 months a lot can change. Pjaca corluka kovacic all back. Who knows maybe a ypung dude like benkovic can make the squad. All is good in hrv land. Can’t wait till Dec 1 for the draw now. U boj!

  95. Lovro says:

    A lot of comments about how we will be stronger because Kovacic, Pjaca and Corluka will be back.

    … but how do you know who will be unavailable because of injuries in the days/months right before the World Cup?

  96. Brkic says:

    @Lika Joey – fully agreed

    The ref had a great game today. He could have been influenced by the home crown into handing out a few senseless cautions. The Greeks were looking for his help and even hoping he would gift them a pen, but he wasn’t buying it.

  97. idemo says:

    A lot of you are pressed about our players and Serbia and the war and etc etc you get my point

    I went on a few of their instagrams, lot of our boys getting congrats from world players ( Lovren got a bunch of heart eyes from Fonte and Leiva…..weird)

    But Perisic and Rebić…….buddy buddy with Serbs there’s like 3 of them at Frankfurt and Perisic was even getting in on the fun with them in the comments

    Click on gacinovic profile bunch of pictures of him throwing up 3 fingers

    So before you try to live out the narrative through these players and think they should call out the flag in Greece just remember

  98. Soul Champ says:

    Bog i Hrvati

    It has taken over a decade to realize who Luka Modrić is and where he needs to be deployed on the pitch for Croatia.

    I love Croatia and pray svi Hrvati prosper in this world.

    But there is something about our collective psyche that just ignores what is right in front of us.

    Luka Modrić has been misused for 90% of his time with the repka.

    Last three matches he plays farther up pitch and in must perform pressure situations we come away 6-1 on goal difference !

    The pool of players needs to be evaluated over the next 6 months and chosen solely on who supports Modrić in playing his best.

  99. Slavonac from Canada says:

    We played at 50% yesterday, did enough for the result and I guess that’s really all we should care for. Modric is the best defensive midfield in the world, that’s where he plays at Real and this newer position for him might work but I think we need more time to see how he does vs stronger teams…I’m optimistic but also hopeful all the other pieces of the puzzle fall in well.

  100. Maminjo says:

    The only other pieces of the puzzle I care about are Pjaca and Ćorluka.

    If those two are healthy, then we will be even better.

    Ćorluka would eliminate our weak link in Lovren (who would head to the bench), and Pjaca is a game changer… similar to Perišić. If he’s back to 100% then it will be like having a Perišić on each wing.

    Kovačić would be a nice little bonus off the bench. It would be amazing if Dalić could figure out how to use him as well. He seemed to do it for Modrić, Rakitić and Brozović as well.

  101. Soul Champ says:

    Best CREATIVE midfielder in the world who can also track back and gets stuck in when needed.

    For us we have plenty of guys to fill that role.

    Even Real Madrid need to cut Kroos as he stresses Modrić with his lack of pace.

    Modrić is a magician in the midfield.

    Calling him a “defensive” midfield is disrespectful of his genius.

    And the exact thinking that has held him back for Croatia.

    He may be the best “8” in the world but he is our best “10.”

    Until I see different then that’s where he needs to be.

  102. Poglavnik says:

    Kroos is one of my favourite players to watch and he’s as good as Modric.
    So classy on the ball. Sees the game so far ahead and makes it look so easy.
    Probably a better passer than Luka too.
    No disrespect to Luka but that’s how I see it.

  103. The truth says:

    Sorry I’ve been on vacation. I know the site has anxiously been awaiting to hear what i think

    This game showed Croatia continues to have serious scoring issues against any type of disciplined defense

    Did Croatia play defensive? Of course. Only 40 percent position vs 60 percent in the first game. But a good team still puts more than one about on target against a bad Greece team going against their nature and opening up to try to score 3 goals

    Croatia will continue to struggle to score as long as mandzukic is up front. I’m glad to hear dalic apologize to kramaric in the press conference for not starting. Mandzukic can still serve a purpose in defensive games like this one or maybe a big team like a Germany. But playing him pretty much means your playing for the tie

    My model shows Italy with a 40 percent chance to qualify

    I have no model right now that covers the Oceania vs south America showdown. But that game in peru will be at altitude giving new Zealand no chance to win

  104. Mile says:

    Again, CROATIA WAS UP 4-1 GOING INTO YESTERDAY’S GAME SO THEY DID NOT NEED TO SCORE!! For someone who professes bs about models, you sure don’t have a clue about math. If you are up three goals, you don’t need to score. Just make sure the other team doesn’t. Did Greece score? I don’t give a shit that Greece had 60% possession. I don’t care if they had 80%. Was Croatia ever, EVER in danger yesterday? Did anyone on this board feel the three goal lead slipping away? No! If you did, you need medication.

  105. OneLastChance says:

    So Holiga finally breaks the silence by tweeting about twerking.

    Not one comment about the play-off’s.

    Ante, I better not see you tweeting or talking to this disgusting f*****g disgrace of an ‘Independent football writer’ again.

  106. The truth says:

    @ mile
    I know math is not your specialty but now i see reading is not either. That’s ok, I’ll take this as a teaching moment and bear the kriz

    I didn’t cite Croatia s poor possession stats as a sign of them not playing well but evidence instead that they were truly playing a defensive game. I will say though, even while playing defensive they should’ve been able to create at least one chance in this game. There only shot on target was a bomb from perisic. And that should worry Croatia fans about the quality of this team

    In addition, i find it laughable for those applauding these defensive tactics. These were the same tactics that were blasted against Finland and got cacic fired

    Many here are too result driven and not process orientated. Slavonac was able to see that defensive game or not, Croatia s performance was nothing to write home about

  107. Soul Champ says:

    Kroos has a Golden right foot …

    Modrić more agile and creative in the final third.

    Together they are too slow for Real Madrid.

    One has to go.

    Zidane knows who has the goods.

    Jebi ga … Modrić has another chapter to write if Real Madrid try to big time him.

    @ Svima

    Does Modrić retire from the vatreni after Russia ?

    Or does he give us one more major tournament ?

    If he leads on a deep run in Russia then he will be the greatest nogometaš ever !

  108. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Soul Champ, sometimes you say things that just make no sense at all. You’re a positive guy and want the best but damn can you make some weird comments.

  109. Anonymous says:

    4th grader truth troll went on a little vacation with Striko Kevin Spacey.
    Nobody wants your opinion douche.

  110. Dannyj says:

    Haven’t watched the Sweden game but saw a twitter video huge handball by Italy should have been a penalty
    Though I don’t have a twitter account and yet to full embrace it

  111. Mile says:

    Truth dick, I’m the guy that gives actual stats and projections on this site, unlike you, who basically tells people there’s a chance the sun will come up tomorrow. And as an accountant, I can sure as hell run circles around your “‘math”. Good luck in life with your miserable outlook. You should really hook up with a Greek or Serb site.

  112. Anonymous says:

    A swedish player just did a muay thai knee on an Italian player! Should be a penalty for Italy but not given.

  113. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    Arrivederci, Azzuriiiii…..! Croatia is in pot #2. Bog i Hrvati.

    On a side note, Sweden will be dangerous in this World cup.

  114. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    So fuck me, we could end up with this group of death: Brazil, Croatia, Sweden, Half-turkey….? Bring it onnnnnnn!

  115. Dannyj says:

    Yay pot 2
    It’s what we prob deserve seeing the teams at the cup
    Sucks to be Italy but I ain’t crying;)

  116. Mr. Black says:

    It’s official; we’re in pot 2.

    This means we will NOT draw one of this following teams (who will also be in Pot 2):
    and most probably Peru

    I’m pretty happy to avoid these teams. In fact, I think Pot 1 (Russia, Poland) has even easier teams than Pot 2.

  117. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    Uhm, yeah. Unless you think that Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France are easy teams to beat. Well I know we have those Krauts by the balls, but man we always have a hard time beating those South american motherfuckers…. Would gladly avoid those.

  118. Dude says:

    I wouldn’t mind drawing Russia even tho they are the hosts. We’ll most likely be favorites if in a group with Russia so the refs wont be too much on their side…plus Russia suck..bad.

  119. Zlatko Dalic says:

    All settled. March we Play the Netherlands. In May we play Chile and San Marino (sorry Davor wanted that game).

    Also Davor set up a January tournament in India

  120. Football fan from Iceland says:

    @Football fan from Saudi Arabia
    My Croatian friend told me the King is calling the Serbs half Turkey.

  121. Lovro says:

    Avoiding three South American teams, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru, as well as Mexico is huge Throw in England and Spain as well – incredible.

    Other than drawing Germany, Brazil, and Belgium, Croatia could now arguably favored to win their group.

  122. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    This comment is to the mentally sick person who goes under many names on this site, and clearly needs to see a psychiatrist asap and take some prescribed drugs, much like many of his compatriots from servia:

    Dear truth aka Ziva aka Iceland lad aka Saudi prince aka aka aka. Why don’t you just fucking take a hint and just fuck the fuck off, you pathetic little fucker…? What sick little retard gets anything out of posting nonsensical drivel day in day out on a site where everyone obviously hates his stupid comments and wants to strangle the little fucker? Beats me, but then again I’m not a half-turk, I mean opanci, I mean mental retard, I mean chetnik, I mean fascist, I mean peace-loving gun toting ethnic cleanser, I mean bearded grandmother. And I do mean all over. Za dom!

  123. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    @Dude, yup totally with you there. Actually Chile, Peru, just about any South american wop team would do the job. We could invite some bearded Chetnik grandmothers to the game, for the first time in their lives they can watch some proper football, not that pathetic drivel they do on the pitch in Chetnik-grad. @Truth, call your grandmother asap. Bring your mama too, she always likes to feed me some delicious milk and cookies after we do the nasty. But for the love of God, tell her to shave. And I don’t mean the legs!

  124. The truth says:

    @ mile

    You know what!? You’re actually partly right! Your math is pretty good. I remember now you posting some good stat based posts. Bravo!

    Although, i still say your reading needs work! As you misunderstood my statement before

    As for who is better at math…. I’m not sure being an accountant wins you the battle. I know plenty guys who are accountants who aren’t all that smart

    My own math is questionable. Unfortunately i was not able to attend university because of soccer but in retired life I’ve had the opportunity to take a few courses.

    But in terms of my predictions/models, these mostly come from the analysts/interns at my firm. I like soccer and it’s a way to test out their computer/stat skills

  125. BZ says:

    So much fun watching Italy sink to our slight benefit.

    @All foreign coach jocksniffers- Italy’s coach is about to become available. Should we scoop him up? What say you jocksniffers?

  126. Football fan from Iceland says:

    Foreign coach jocksniffers, I love it!

    Our coach is from Iceland, and our population is 330,000 people. You guys don’t need a foreign coach, all you needed was a coach to do what Dalic has done with Modric.

  127. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    Can someone please tell me how the fuck did Poland sit at #6 in the fifa rankings? And mentally confused trolling half-turk operating under many names, I’m not asking for your opinion. You would spend your time better in your mom’s basement, crunching away on your beefed up xbox eating your mama’s home made cookies which she just loves to bring her little boy on a plate after she’s done upstairs with the day’s work. Did you ever wonder why she always reeks of cheap perfume and her lipstick is smudged all over her ugly bearded half-turk face?

  128. Football fan from Poland says:

    @Kralj Zvonimir
    Poland are #6 you got a problem with that? Better Euros than you guys, topped our group in qualifying! You think Croatia should be #6? Are you a fan boy? Or just trolling?

  129. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    Ziva, I’d love to take a shit down your throat. Do I have to ask your mum first? Nah, she’s prob say go ahead, she wanted to do it herself. Don’t you know, she gets so fed up with your mentally confused schizophrenic shenanigans. Just like most people on this message board.

  130. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    Ziva, only thing I’m worried about is how many goals Half-turkey will concede in total this World cup during the group stage. 10? 12? 15? Tell me when to stop. You like to take it from behind, just like all your Balkan cousins the gayreeks and turks.

  131. Truth says:

    @Kralj Zvonimir
    “Did you ever wonder why she always reeks of cheap perfume and her lipstick is smudged all over her ugly bearded half-turk face?”

    And you dream of doing the nasty with her! Sick man you are.

  132. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    Gracias. I don’t envy you, Ziva. Must be really tough being such a pathetic little shit. I’ve got a tear in eye now. No, really….!

  133. The truth says:

    @ kralj
    You don’t seem like a level headed guy. When i talk with my brother and some of the other veterans of the war, you are the kind of Croatian they always worried about the most during the war. Could never really be counted on to defend the homeland. Was more likely to open for on civilians than stay in formation

  134. The truth says:

    @ kralj
    You don’t seem like a level headed guy. When i talk with my brother and some of the other veterans of the war, you are the kind of Croatian they always worried about the most during the war. Could never really be counted on to defend the homeland. Was more likely to open fire on civilians than stay in formation

  135. Anonymous says:

    @ bz
    Weren’t you a Marko Rog jocksniffer? Looks like we did it without him, i guess Rog should start at Russia now to.

  136. Kralj Zvonimir says:

    @Ziva, I would never fire a single bullet on any civilian. But you? I’d do you for free. Just give me your name and address and I’ll rid this planet of you, sick little mentally retarded bug.

  137. David Tarabocchia says:

    Glad to see Hrvatska make it to Russia 2018. I was worried late summer 2017 when it got a bit nervy with certain teams, and the result that was left. The playoff vs Greece was good quality football, especially in the first game. Now, is the time to stay focused with no injuries down the line.

  138. Ustasa says:

    @The truth
    I see you more as Pontius Pilate, you wouldn’t know the truth if it was staring you in the face. You’re also a heretic.

  139. Traditional Croat says:

    I don’t get why people are relying on Corluka, he’s slow and runs funny.
    I’m hoping Mitrovic can get more game time, and Caleta-Car can play some friendlies for us in the lead up to Russia. Jedvaj can play RB and CB, so with Lovren, Mitrovic, Caleta-Car and Jedvaj, that’s 4 CB’s. Corluka not needed in my opinion.

  140. Croatianperson85 says:

    @Traditional Croat – Corluka has impeccable timing and nerves of steel. I agree, he’s slow as molasses but he brings the calmness at the back that Lovren can’t. Vida and Lovren do similar tasks but I think Vida (albeit slightly slower and shorter) is more reliable. He also played every game for us during qualifying between 2 coaches which shows you how much they count on him. Close to every game I think. He was also fortunate to be healthy. Lovren plays for Liverpool (bigger club than Dynamo Kiev) and we still don’t feel safe with him there. At least I don’t.

    Hey CS fans – who are our best CB’s?

    Who is our best CB pairing?

  141. Traditional Croat says:

    Forgot about Vida, definitely no need for Corluka.

    I believe we’ve been throwing Mandzukic a bone for a while now, I for one don’t want to many charity cases on the team.

  142. BZ says:

    @Idemo-reread my Rog comments. I’ve been harsh on him, & yes we did it without that off balance yellow card machine named Rog.

  143. Iggy Iggy says:

    Vida is becoming one of my fav players on the team

    after the 2016 loss to portugal some of you cunts were bashing him for missing chances and i was defending him saying hey hey’s a CB and he’s actually one of the few trying to do something

    guy’s a fucking champ, crucial goal v kosovo too

  144. Iggy Iggy says:

    Now all that’s left is Aussies to beat Honduras tomorrow night and hopefully Croatia draws Australia in the group stage and we can get revenge for 2006

  145. BZ says:

    @CP85 – obviously the answer used to be a no-brainer … Corluka & Vida

    But Corluka post injury is an enigma. He us relatively old, & suffered a severe achilles injury. Some never come back 75% from such an injury, he has a few months to show us if he can get back in form. I’d play Mitrovic/Vida in every friendly b4 June if Corluka is not available.

  146. Canuckcro says:

    Truths serbs had a ridiculously easy group to qualify.Throw Italy spain or Germany in their group and they would be done like yesterday’s laundry.Poor truth is just another lost soul ..lost in his facts.

  147. Dejan says:

    @canuckcro Croatia had an easier group and still didn’t go direct but who cares, We don’t pick the groups we have to go with what is given. We qualified prior WC direct with France in our group prior to that Spain and we beat Germany at the WC.

  148. Traditional Croat says:

    Modric has given Dalic his backing, that’s good enough for me.
    If we must get a foreign coach, I’d go Heynkes!

    @The truth
    Are you a Pharisee?

  149. Croatianperson85 says:

    @BZ – good point. Forgot he ruptured an Achilles at 32 years old. We’ll see how he looks when he comes back. Hard injury to bounce back to normal from especially at his age.

  150. Dejan says:

    If any team had easier groups and playoffs in the past it was Croatia. Always got lucky with the lotteries and draws.

  151. Football fan from Iceland says:

    You’re getting treated better than I did on this site!

    Must be a lot of Yugos here.
    I did say once that Croats are more Yugoslav than you Serbs, would you agree with me on that?

  152. Dejan says:

    @iceland I would disagree. Im not even sure what a Yugo is anymore. To be a proud Croatian doesn’t mean you have to hate all you neighbors same goes with being a proud Serb. I love my country but i do respect my neighbors and othor cultures an nationalities. Yugo was a failed project and should never be repeated but Serbia and Croatia should work on having good relations.

  153. Dejan says:

    It is getting better i see many cars with HR plates with no problems driving in Serbia and i myself have traveled through Croatia from the border to Zagreb and traveled from Ljubljana Slovenia to Dubrovnik with SRB Belgrade plates with no problems. There might be the odd incident but most people are civilzed.

  154. The truth says:

    I am neither Pontius pilot nor a pharisee

    I am a disciple sent to testify and spread truth

    Moving on….

    Vida deserves a hat tip after this cycle. He’s come a long way from popping beers in the back of the team bus. At the end of the day, he’s never going to be a great player. And he is terrible with the ball. And good for a bone head play a la czech republic. But overall he’s been a consistent contributor and reliable against anyone not super good. And without his spinning-i-dont-know-where-i-am lucky header against Kosovo, Croatia wouldn’t be going to the world cup

  155. Football fan from Iceland says:

    As student of theology I can tell you that any relations between Croatia and Serbia would be built on a lie.

    If you changed the name from “Serbian orthodox to church” to Serbian unorthodox church, maybe that could be a step in the right direction?

  156. Traditional Croat says:

    @The truth
    Remember when you said you didn’t go to a liberal university because you wouldn’t have made it out unscathed?

  157. Slaven says:

    I think Corluka is fantastic. I remember when Spain AVOIDED attacking his side of the box for the entire match. He doesn’t make mistakes either. Smart footballer who sees the whole field. He can run the ball up and make key passes/plays.

    I am shocked Italy is out. Russia played well against Argentina. Greece played well against Belgium recently with a draw when I expected Belgium to dominate. This world cup is very unpredictable.

  158. Maminjo says:

    I would love Portugal or Belgium as our Pot A team.
    Get some revenge on them.

    Brazil would be good too, but I wish we could get 2014 Brazil and not this revitalized 2017 Brazil.

  159. Dannyj says:

    Wow that would be a tough group but I feel we would take Iceland if given the chance again
    Corluka is a trooper i hope he can be effective still but like u all said tough injury at that age
    If he doesn’t get back to being corluka of old
    I guess we will expect vida lovren

    What’s the story with benkovic? Prob wont see him till next qualify campaign?

  160. Maminjo says:

    Then I would take Belgium.

    We don’t actually need revenge against Iceland or Serbia. We have the upper hand on both of them in terms of victories.

    Belgium is severely overrated ever since they topped our WC2014 qualifying group.

    People forget, that Belgium has actually never beaten anybody notable in a competitive match since they beat us in Zagreb (after we were in shambles with Niko Kovac).

    Belgium in the 2014 World Cup, ended up playing Algeria, Korea, Russia, USA and Argentina.

    They were gifted the easiest group of all time and somehow still only barely squeezed by Algeria, Korea and Russia with late goal wins in each game. In the Round of 16, they got by USA in extra time…then lost to Argentina in the quarters.

    Same goes for the Euro 2016.
    They meet Italy and lose 2-0. They beat Ireland good, then barely squeak by Sweden with a late goal.
    They somehow get the easiest possible path by getting Hungary and Wales, but end up losing to Wales.

    In the past two qualification (Euro and World Cup), they end up (yet again) in easy groups containing teams like Wales and BiH…then Greece and BiH again…not beating any of these teams convincingly.

    It’s remarkable how highly ranked Belgium is from simply beating us back in Zagreb and essentially losing to Argentina, Italy, and Wales (while scraping by some mediocre teams).

  161. idemo says:

    What modern era country isn’t built on lies? You think the native Americans accepted the pilgrims with open arms ya ok

  162. idemo says:

    Please keep the there will be issued between Serbia and Croatia in same group to a non existent level. Players aren’t idiots fans are.

  163. idemo says:

    The word Yugo is thrown around here so much, diaspora thinks that’s a big insult. Much of diaspora doesn’t know what a Yugo, balija, or cetnik are

    #BeGreatful worry about Croatia football

  164. Lovro says:

    You can already begin shaping the odds of what Croatia’s group can look like.

    Some countries are already at a lesser chance of being drawn into our group.


    We already know we will not play Spain, Peru, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay.

    6 out of the 8 teams in pot 1 are European. Odds are we will draw one of them.

    That would also eliminate Croatia from playing Denmark, Iceland, Serbia, and Sweden.

    In pot 3, what would remain is Costa Rica, Iran and three African teams. Chances are we draw one of the African teams.

    This would then eliminate Nigeria and Morocco as possible opponents.

    So, in pots 3 and 4, you are looking at Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Australia, Japan, Panama, South Korea and Saudi Arabia as our most probable opponents.

    Most educated/probable/easiest group Croatia can get right now:

    Russia, Croatia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

  165. Lovro says:

    Moving to pot 2 was absolutely huge. We eliminated the possiblity of being in a group with a top European and top South American side.

  166. Football fan from Iceland says:

    “Yugoslavia was built on lies people were being brainwashed to be something artificial.”

    “Therefore those who love for the sake of utility love for the sake of what is good for themselves, and those who love for the sake of pleasure do so for the sake of what is pleasant to themselves, and not in so far as the other is the person loved but in so far as he is useful or pleasant. And thus these friendships are only incidental; for it is not as being the man he is that the loved person is loved, but as providing some good or pleasure. Such friendships, then, are easily dissolved, if the parties do not remain like themselves; for if the one party is no longer pleasant or useful the other ceases to love him.”
    – Aristotle

    So are you saying that the Serbs could have good relations with the Croats for their usefulness to Serbia, surely not because of the people they are? Aristotle says that these type of relations are only incidental.
    Why do you Serbs need Croatia, because I believe the Croatians don’t need the Serbs for anything?

    Other than impressing the EU and America I really don’t know why the Croats even bother with you guys, no offence.

    Now, as a student of theology I can tell you that the Serbs being schismatic can never have good relations with Croats for what they are, and that’s Christian Catholics. It could only happen by Croats being brainwashed into becoming something artificial again, which, it is sad to say, is happening, this site proves that because as an Icelander I was made to feel very unwelcome, but they seem to love you!
    I would think it would be best for you Serbs and Croats to have nothing to do with each other, but, that’s just my opinion.

  167. Anonymous says:

    @Fan from Iceland – Speaking for my self – It’s not that you are not welcome it’s that I don’t buy it. I think your name claims to be someone you are not.

    There seems to be a reoccuring theme with posts from Turkey or Fan from X country. People from all countries are welcome to post. It’s the shit disturbing trolls. Look at the comments we post in response to diaspora Croats with divisive posts. We deride them and they are Croatian. Then you have people like Dejan who are Serbian and post and they are not divisive or looking to disrupt good chats. Everyone is fine with that but yourself, Turkey and Fan from Saudi Arabia know way too much about Croatia when I read your posts and so it doesn’t seem legit.

    Most diaspora Croats are still reading up on Cro. I just find it hard to believe someone from Iceland or Saudi Arabia gives a shit about Crosports let alone knows as much as you do about our history/culture/politics/sports etc.

    I am not a xenophobe I just think you’re a troll from some other country or even a Croatian troll. I could be wrong and ignorant and maybe you are well read but it’s hard to believe.

  168. Dalic Lama says:

    @Crnkovic // you talk so much BS, just to cover up for the fact that you have no clue what a 10 is.

    We know it is not the number on the shirt.

    There is no question who the most attacking midfielder/playmaker was.
    There is no question that Modric was deployed behind the forwards.

    That is a 10, our 10. If your argument is // “we don’t play a 10″ then that is weak.

    Ps-Save your rants about ambiguously racist comments from british announcers for people who care.

    Something tells me you are black or muslim or both. Nothing wrong with that, but it just seems like you have a chip on your shoulder. Not Catholic – like.

  169. Iggy Iggy says:

    It seems like some of you missed the initial post but Traditional Croat owned up to being Iceland fan, Saudi fan etc amongst a bunch of other names in a previous thread. I believe he is actually having convos with himself in some threads under multiple usernames, LEL

  170. Football fan from Iceland says:

    Xenophobe, what the fuck are you on about?
    I’m a realist.

    Some foreigners are Catholic, I love all my Catholic brothers, from Africa, South America, Mexico where ever they may be, I love them all.

    I was a big Petrovic fan, wasn’t he half a Serb?

    You don’t believe I live in Iceland?

  171. Dejan says:

    @iceland It’s not a question if Croatia needs Serbia or Serbia needs Croatia it’s a fact that there needs to be a normal relation between two sovereign countries and i believe there is and i believe it’s getting better. The reason why I’m anti Yugoslavia is that Yugoslavia has not brought all of us good. Had there been smarter leaders in SFRJ at the time they could have disolved it peaceful into independent states with open borders it would have saved lives and today we all could have been economically stronger.

  172. Ustasa says:


    For me, God and Nation.

    Where do you get your order of race and nation from, the confines of your own mind?

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