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Dalić To Stay On For World Cup

November 14, 2017

zlatko dalić



Croatian Football Federation president Davor Šuker confirmed Sunday after the Greece draw in Piraeus that interim manager Zlatko Dalić will stay on as manager for the World Cup in Russia next summer.



Dalić came on after the 1-1 draw with Finland in October and rallied Croatian troops to a must-win 2-0 result on the final day of qualifying versus Ukraine and a 4-1 first leg playoff victory over Greece.



The team seems to have picked up confidence and swag under Dalić in the three matches he has managed.



One month ago, it was rumored that Italian Carlo Ancelotti was a possible option for Croatian manager at the 2018 World Cup.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 47 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:

    His holiness the Dalić Lama …

    First manager since Bilić to actually earn the right to coach Croatia.

    Now he has to fill out he squad with young talent who are producing at top clubs.

    He has a history of working with the youth set up.


  2. Brkic says:

    Pot 2 is a very big deal. Thank you Sweden! Somewhere @Turkey is crying into his spaghetti.

    Instead of having one of these teams in our group (Spain, Swiss, England, Columbia, Mexico, Uruguay) we will have one of these (Iceland, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Iran + TBD). Certainly some good sides, but we should be odds on favorites to advance.

  3. BZ says:

    3 certain things:
    Unless we win 2018, Dalić will be fired before the end of the next qualifying campaign ala Stimac, Kovac, & Cacic. It is the Croatian way for players to give up on their coach & get them fired.

  4. Brkic says:

    @BZ – I think it’s the way of the world in the modern game not just Croatia… But, very hard to argue in hindsight that they should have stuck with Cacic given the results in Ukraine and against the Greeks.

    This morning I heard some Italian pundits arguing that Italy should have done what we did and brought on a new manager before the games against Sweden.

    We have been consistently underperforming (reference team transfer value discussion) based on the quality of our players, so until we perform at or above our ability it makes sense that we have gone through so many inexperienced managers.

  5. Dannyj says:

    I do like dalic Just the way he carries himself speaks a lot
    I do however want to see him in a losing game or after a hard loss how he picks the boys up and himself

    Of course I don’t want to lose but u get the drift

    Would ancelloti be that much better? We could only guess by speaking the language and knowing the culture helps tremendously

    So far really has he given us any real reason to doubt his skills? The first game I remember some were bitching at his subs. I had no problem with em he is trying to incorporate youth. I don’t envy a coach. U have little exhibition time to try to gel the new with the old and then u always probably want your veterans to keep playing together for the rhythm

    We are here we made it the hard way but like I forget who said it it’s sweat equity. It’s pressure and experience along with our hard loss at euro

    Basically the 4 games we played before dalic were prob as bad as we could play. We. were still competitive Our limit is higher then what we showed the last 3 games
    Onward and upward my friends!

  6. Zee says:

    You got it danny j. Every team goes through slumps. Looks like we out of it. I don’t mind dalic. My only concern is a tough game with pressure to make proper subs at the right time. Maybe he can. We all certainly hope so. Can’t wait for Dec 1 then we can disect our group.

  7. idemo says:

    Dalić and ancelotti are not in the same category. Multiple categories separate them. Please stop the Carlo dissent. Go do your googles.

  8. Adame says:

    We’ve gone through so many coaches. They have zero effect in my opinion. We take national bred coaches with shit experience to tell super star soccer players how to ball. Fuck who cares what coach we have. Unless they are a respectable, established, well known name, our players are gunna play however they want

  9. BZ says:

    @Brkic- I agree. Dalic said it himself, the only thing he needs to do is put the players in the right positions, & select the right players.

    Cacic was looking good at first ONLY because he had a better team than Dalic has now. With Srna, Corluka, Kovacic, & Pjaca on top of the guys we have now, I am not sure how we lost to Portugal (cough bad reffing).

    I can see the nation turning on Dalic, as he hasn’t been perfect.
    That said, he has my full support.

  10. Iggy Iggy says:

    I mean, it’s early days and who knows how he’ll pan out but i like his body language and the way he gets up close with the players so here’s hoping he can do well

    Dnevnik’s bulletin yesterday was mostly a 15 minute interview with him, hehe

  11. Maminjo says:

    Ultimate test for how good your Croatia NT coach is…

    Wait for June 2019.

    See if he can get these guys to play after a full season with their clubs, and half the team already relaxing on the Jadransko more.

    June to September is “pauza” for every Croat.
    Footballers included.

  12. Football fan from Iceland says:

    Now you have a team to follow at the WC you old Yugo bastard, congratulations.
    I see you admitted to being a Jew on another post, you surely would’ve preferred Israel in over Denmark?

  13. Rocky says:

    No more Pot 2.

    Denmark will move to pot 2 after an emphatic 1-5 away win. Currently only 13 points behind Croatia in the rankings.

    Rankings should see them overtake us on 23rd November

  14. Iggy Iggy says:

    Denmark arent moving to pot 2, we are in pot 2 and that is final

    people keep assuming playoff points count but they don’t, it’s the ranking as of a few weeks ago

  15. Traditional Croat says:

    I think you’re a bit confused, with Jewburgers like yourself it’s the mother’s side that takes prcedence. Israel, Denmark then Croatia if you like.

    I like to help people.

  16. Shempia says:

    I’s a shame that players can decide who they will or wont play for, but, that’s the power today’s athletes have.

    Which makes suggestions like Ancelotti or other successful foreign coaches meaningless. They certainly wouldn’t play for a foreigner no matter how tactically smart he is.

    Read some of the Italian’s fan’s quotes on other websites .


    Makes us look like nuns.

  17. Ante Kvartuch says:

    What bigger stage for our boys to protest on than at the world cup. i reall hope we draw russia and open the world cup so we can walk straight off the field!! take that mamic!!

  18. dfghj says:

    …and simultaneously the african and middle eastern migrants 3rd world junk asylum seekers pour into croatia and zagreb especially, and the soccer ball gets kicked.

  19. Maminjo says:

    So Čačić made roughly 1 million USD per year?

    Geez. I thought we were still paying our coaches 250k. They upped the salary after the Euros.

    If we have $1 million in our budget, then we can get a very solid coach for our National team.

    Dalić deserves a chance, though, so maybe after he chokes we will go with a big name.

  20. Zee says:

    I agree idemo. Irish are the best! Good people. Catholic brothers. Only time i felt somewhat bad when we beat them 3-1 at euros. Felt sorry for them. They not good enough. But they tough hombres!

  21. crnkovic says:

    we need some friendly matches against england/brasil/argentina/germany/nigeria/france/portugal/spain….not san marino and hungary please

  22. crnkovic says:

    @zee, polish, spanish, Portuguese, argentine, colombian, mexican, italian are also catholic. we like the irish because of their personality, culture and history. nothing to do with religion

  23. Zee says:

    Crnkovic don’t insult my intelligence as to who is Catholic and who isn’t. I was referring to today with the Irish brothers thats all. I know very well who is Catholic and who isn’t!

  24. Iggy says:

    But don’t get me wrong, i bleed red and white checkers! but if denmark is also playing i’ll go for them, actually i support denmark more than australia depite being an aussie

    but i definitely want aussies to beat honduras tonight, get in and get drawn in the same group as HRV so that way we can get revenge for 2006!

  25. Slaven says:

    If the team plays like the first Greece leg every game in the cup…they will simply win the cup. It was an epic display of aggression.

  26. Traditional Croat says:

    Iggy you stupid Jewburger, I didn’t watch the whole video but I know from your previous videos that they rely heavily on the footage, your music selections have always been pathetic.
    Here’s some advice, remember that you’re trying to attract subscribers, you want your video and music to stir the emotions, not simply show people what your taste in music is by using footage of the Croatian football team! In no way does your video stir the emotions!

    No subscription from me. Keep begging for subscriptions though, it gives me a good laugh.
    The right way to go about it is, make better videos and they will subscribe!
    People not subscribing, means people don’t like your videos.

  27. Iggy says:

    aCTUALLY that vid is doing really well so far

    not up to the 2014 one that has 100,000+ views yet but it’s not a day old so see how we go

    also u like the music, it’s good for you : )

    There is 1 dislike tho

    1 serb = 1 dislike


  28. Iggy says:

    Im not sure, not at home so can’t view youtube (work restrictions)

    the only dislikes and negative commenters were literal Serbs who for some reason seek out youtube vids of croatia to go troll, that’s how obsessed they are

    1 serb = 1 dislike, like i said !

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