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Croatia Draw Argentina, Iceland And Nigeria

November 30, 2017




What is the initial reaction from Croatian fans after drawing Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria?






Some are loving this draw while others are devastated. But let me reassure you; this is a fantastic draw than can see Croatia top the group.



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Croatia will begin their 2018 World Cup game against Nigeria on June 16th in Kalingrad. Kalingrad is basically north Poland and is detached from the rest of Russia. Nigeria qualified for the World Cup by finishing top of their group alongside Zambia, Cameroon and Algeria. They won four and drew twice in six matches. Most importantly, Nigeria will be the youngest team in Russia at 24.9 years old. Expect nerves from this side against a hungry Croatia team in the opening match.



Croatia then face Argentina on June 21st in Nizhny Novgorod in a 1998 World Cup group stage rematch. While many fans are panicking about drawing Argentina, 2014 World Cup finalists, this is not your father’s Argentina side. They are a one-trick pony with Lionel Messi and let it be known that Barcelona teammate Ivan Rakitić will know how to stop him. Argentina needed a win (and a hat trick from Messi) on the final qualifying day against Ecuador to make the tournament. They only won seven games out of 18 in qualifying while drawing another seven. Stop Messi and you will stop Argentina.



On the final match day, Croatia will see Iceland…again. The game will take place on June 26th in Rostov. Croatia missed out on an automatic berth to the World Cup to Iceland this qualifying campaign after conceding a last second header in injury time in Reykjavik back in June. That goal turned the entire qualifying campaign around. Croatia’s top players looked uninterested in the game after a long club season and seemed like they were playing for the draw. Croatia has played Iceland four times in the past four years. In a World Cup 2014 playoff fixture, Croatia won 2-0 in Zagreb while playing out a scoreless draw on a frozen Reykjavik pitch in November. Croatia once again defeated Iceland 2-0 in this latest campaign while the 90th minute goal in Reykjavik is the only score they have conceded to Iceland. Expect a win from Croatia on neutral ground.


Argentina and Croatia are favorites to make it out of group where France, Denmark, Peru or Australia would be waiting for them out of Group C in the Round of 16.



Croatia will make it out of group stage at the World Cup for the first time since 1998. Where they had Argentina in the group stage. And made it all the way to the semifinal game to ultimately finish third.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 226 comments

  1. cro1 says:

    Good analysis. There’s actually a 40% chance of getting either Brazil or Argentina though (not 25%). The 3 south American teams from pot 2 must go with European teams from pot 1. That knocks out 3 European teams for Croatia to possibly be paired up with from pot 1. Cro can then go to any of the 5 remaining teams from pot 1. So there is a 2/5 (40%) chance that we end up with either Brazil or Argentina in our group.

  2. Bobby V says:

    If Croatia is drawn BEFORE one of the South American teams in pot 2, the chances are indeed at 25%. If they are drawn after one them, the chances increase.

  3. Bobby V says:

    …and actually the longer it takes to get Croatia to be drawn out of pit 2, the chances also increase that we will be with Brazil or Argentina.

  4. Lovro says:

    Yes, for example, if Croatia is the first team drawn out of pot 2, we can go into anybody’s group, making the chances at that point 25%

  5. Mile says:

    Blind guess that we get Belgium. We have played all of the other teams in pot 1 in major tournament group play except Russia and Belgium. I don’t want Russia simply because the fix would be in, just like Brazil in 2014. Especially if Croatia draws Russia in the tournament opener. My guess: Belgium, Egypt, South Korea.

  6. Zee says:

    Dalic says according to rueters he wants to avoid Serbia in group play. Screw that bring em on. We would crush em.

  7. T Bone says:

    Nobody mentioning we should avoid Portugal. I say bring on Brazil or Argentina. Don’t forget Brazil only beat us in 2014 because of a bullshit home pk call from the Japanese ref on a phantom Lovren foul on Fred. We could beat Brazil today. Argentina would be a great match, great entertainment. We have a losing record against Portugal and who the £¥(× wants to see Ronaaaaaldo play. Not I.

    My prediction: Argentina, Iceland, Saudi Arabia.

  8. Zee says:

    Big ed i hope you from Croatia proper or Europe or South America or Australia or new Zealand or South Africa? If you from America please you got nothing to say about leaders. My gut feeling is you from US.

  9. Iggy says:

    Didn’t realise the draw is 1am in my part of th eworld so doubt i’ll see it, guess i’ll just wake up tomorrow to a pleasant surprise of us being in a group with poland, panama and egypt or what have u ;)

  10. crnkovic says:

    dont get your hopes up guys. its going to be a tough group guaranteed. its the world cup

    on other things. the biggest problem the world faces is ignorance. it hides behind many masks. dont be a part of the problem, be part of the solution.

  11. Iggy says:

    Yes it is always tough and as someone above said we saw Uruguay and Costa Rica knock out England and Italy adn that is becoming more and more the norm. There aren’t really “shit” teams in the WC these days like 20 years ago, most teams are quite professional and compete, i agree there’s not really many, if any, easybeats so it won’t be easy.

  12. Dalic Lama says:

    This site has turned to shit. Thx Zee, Iggy, Crnakovic, and Poglavnic for feeding the trolls with your leftist BS. Hope you are happy. You deserve the beat downs Big Ed, Elvis, & Anon are putting on you. Preach!

  13. crnkovic says:

    you walk down the street. you see two men fighting, they’re swinging their arms and legs, kids are getting hurt. what do you do

    A) get out your phone and film them so you can put it on snapchat ir facebook

    B) start screaming and shouting for the guy who has a cubs/bears/arsenal cap on because thats your team

    C) ignore them and cross the road

    D) join the small group of people trying to descalate the situation by speaking calmly, trying to get the guys to see sense

    E) go home, get your gun, and kill everybody


    apparently if you answer D it makes you a leftist. hahaha

  14. Soul Champ says:

    May the draw focus the commentary on how we will progress out of group stage into the knock out rounds.

    Sam Alerdyce will see Vlašić has a dynamic hard running asset and give him some light on the pitch.

  15. ELVIS says:

    Listen America leads and Canada and Aussie follow. That’s the way it is. We should always defend Croatia and her people. The real people not fake Miss Universe or some muslim refugees or Da Silva. Our people!

  16. ELVIS says:

    Q: Did you hear about the war between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia? A: The Newfies were lobbing hand grenades; the Nova Scotians were pulling the pins and throwing them back.

  17. LAknat says:

    listen up.
    LAknat almost right at least 80% chance Croatia will get ->
    Argentine, Iceland, Panama
    Argentine, Tunisia, Serbia

  18. IZZY says:

    I just woke up and need to get out of my PJ’s. Glad mom made my Soy shake for me this morning. You know I admire my mom she is like the dad I never had. I went to a kebab place last night and the guy couldn’t pronounce my name. That made me sad. I’m socialist you know. My mom did get a little made at me today because she found some cookie crumbs in my bed. I told her it wouldn’t happen again. Anglos used to chase me home form school that made me sad to.

  19. Chopper says:

    It’s not that bad. At least we finish 2nd and then crossover with group C where France are the only danger really

  20. BZ says:

    Dancng in the streets of Uruguay (and Russia)

    @Chopper – at least we not in Grp e or f.

    We are do much better than Iceland, more worried abt Nigeria. Remember our loss to Icrland was w many injuries & tired CL champions/runner ups.

  21. jv says:

    What does everyone expect, a free ride to the next round. We should be good enough no matter what teams we drew!!! It doesn’t bother me this group.

  22. Modrinho says:

    You guys sound like a bunch of pussies. We got screwed! Etc. are you the same people that think we are an elite team and you’re afraid of Nigeria and Fucking Iceland who is about as much of a fraud as you can be in World football. I mean for fucks sake we could have hung 6 or 7 on the in Zagreb in the playoffs for the 2014 World Cup with 10 players on the field! Suck I‎t up.

  23. Zee says:

    More i digest it Argentina doesn’t come together in big tournaments. Copa America prooves that. I don’t know. We should get through group play though. No more Iceland Cinderella like euros i think.

  24. Razbijač says:

    We’re better than Iceland and Nigeria–by far. And we can hold are own against Argentina.

    We should get at least 2nd place in this group.

  25. Dannyj says:

    Lol these losers talking on TSN like morocco going to be so hard for spain and Portugal
    Sure they may be hard but come on guys

  26. jv says:

    Fuck no!!! We have every chance of winning this group. The players made a statement in Rijeka to get rid of Cacic and they sure as hell did against Greece!!! Have absolute faith they’ll do it in Russia as well!!!!

  27. BZ says:

    @Zee- yeah Argentina doesn’t come together in big tournaments! They only got 2nd place in 2014, what a disgrace!

  28. Mile says:

    Best scenario is Croatia takes advantage of a subpar Argentina and wins the group. Then they would likely play second in group C (probably Denmark or Peru). Then the quarters would be against likely Spain or Portugal (whoever wins that group). I would love those matchups.

  29. JimmyCro says:

    HRV no worries bring on anyone, we have some of the best talent on the planet! IDE! ZERO doubts we go thru! ZERO

  30. The truth says:

    This is definitely not an easy group although i wouldn’t characterize it as a group of death. I think people only call it that because we’re in the bracket and there is a homer slant about how good we are

    I haven’t run things through the model yet, so not positive what our odds of advancing are…. I’m guessing close to fifty percent

    Don’t be fooled by Nigeria being the youngest team in the torment. African ages are usually not accurate. We all saw that when our u17 played mali in the world cup a couple years ago. I can guarantee you mali will not be runner up in ten years at a senior tournament

  31. Lebovic says:

    This is a good draw for us. We always show up against better squads. When we get easier teams to play against, we usually come in slow and end in a panic.

    We have the offense down. I think the next step is try to get that defense in order to look a lot less like swiss cheese

  32. Iggy Iggy says:

    Our group is for sure group of death

    that being said, im really glad we got Iceland, obv i mentioned this before but i hate those cunts and i am super-looking forward to smashing them so all good imo : )

  33. idemo says:

    @pog you’d want Argentina first ….you don’t want to have to hunt a result against Argentina

    I want to win the group

    Our runner up plays France

  34. idemo says:

    Iggy @

    I don’t think there is a a group of death

    Spain Portugal is one team away

    Iceland is not a team they don’t know football…..they are on a narrative and a story and emotions which is gonna burn out this cup

    Nigeria one of the best African teams….but they’re an average side at best in the grand scheme

  35. Slavonac from Canada says:

    well, I think the group is good for us. I can’t imagine we get a cake walk group and then play with no urgency…then lose!this group is what we need….if we play to our potential, it’ll help us gel at the right time!

    I really don’t fear these types of teams although I will say we don’t have a great record vs Latin American teams. all in all, we should look at ourselves and ensure we are prepared, then we shouldn’t fear anyone.

  36. canuckcro says:

    I just hope refs don’t fuck us like the past 2 worldcups.,bonus is were play in a Slavic country and hoping putin tells fifa top brass to layoff on croatia monkey business ..let them play.

  37. Maminjo says:

    It’s not a good nor bad group. I think we’re ranked as the fourth hardest group when you consider country coefficient.

    The bad news is that we cross over with France in the Round of 16.

    I actually don’t think we will lose to Argentina. It will be a draw.

    It’ll be a matter of how well we do against Nigeria and Iceland.

    If we top this group, it’s automatic quarterfinals for us.
    But if we finish second, we’ll probably be out in the Round of 16.
    Too bad we didn’t get to cross over against the Russia or Poland groups.
    They really need to fix the seeding.

  38. Dannyj says:

    lol don’t think putey gonna give us any favors

    I think we be ok.
    But looking at it really is crappy to
    See Tunisia and Saudi Arabia among others over Italy Netherlands….

  39. idemo says:

    Slavic country lol……

    So Wer Slavic but not Balkan?

    Also this Slavic country is orthodox and you are presumably catholic and these orthodox are brothers with Serbia so you do that math

  40. canuckcro says:

    Tru i demo but how about when cro beat england to win a spot for russia ..their fans remember that.Russias about 40%orthodox loaded with muslims other cultures +some catholics.Correct me if I’m wrong.russia fighting with ukraine..isn’t ukraine majority orthodox?see what I’m saying !

  41. Poglavnik says:

    That’s one way to look at it.
    I would love to have 3 points out the gate that’s why I said that.
    Also looking at our history, game 2 has always been our best.
    Hopefully we can neutralize Messi and get at least a draw in game 2.

  42. canuckcro says:

    Georgia and ukraine have significant orthodox population and russia payed them a visit with their army the past several years.I was just saying we got screwed by refing in the last couple cups.ref called a penalty kick for italy in the 9 3rd minute in germany.,italy wins the cup..our cros got screwed with an offside goal counted for australia. Recall the Japanese ref.i can’t make this shitup..just a couple examples.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Um UKR are big fans of Cro. I would let 50,000 emigrate to Croatia in a second. Hot women and very close to use ethnic wise.

  44. Dannyj says:

    for those that may know. Could we carry more possession against Argentina in the midfield. I would think they need the ball with their style of play
    The pundits really talking up their new coach

    I really fear Iceland pulling out a point against them then they will really come out hard
    Look they barely qualified just like us. Messi is great but we know kovacic shut him down well before
    It’s not like rakitic sits there and doesn’t see ways to shut him down

    I think we be ok

    We are capable of winning all 3 games we know this.. it’s which team shows up. Cro vs Ukraine back against the wall or pool party Brazil cro is the question

  45. Dannyj says:

    I’ve always sort of saw Ukraine as we are to the Serbs. The bigger one trying to bully but Russia is at least tough and win wars

  46. Dannyj says:

    Alls I know is that Nike better make a ton of those dark jerseys cause they gonna sell like a Flat screen on Black Friday

  47. CroatianPerson85 says:

    We could have had an easier group. I would have preferred to play a lesser known Asian country. Playing Iceland is good for us I think because we still have something to prove because we lost to them and even though they are getting results we should beat them realistically 9 times out of 10. Iceland plays on heart and hard work. They outwork you. Even the game we lost was not reflective of who controlled the game. The game we won 2-0 Iceland barely passed half. When we think a team is too easy we drop our level so I think playing Iceland is a good reminder that anything can happen which will force Cro to not take them lightly and come out playing. So we literally have 3 games where we won’t be taking it easy I think and that’s when we play best.

    With Nigeria being the youngest team in the tournament I think it’s good we open with them considering they may be more nervous. My only worry is them being fast playing with nothing to lose and us being late to a ball resulting in a card or PK a la Lovren. Other than that we should progress if we play to our standard. We need a good result the first game.

  48. Crotown says:

    We’ll move the ball on Nigeria . African countries hate playing us- we move the ball and get a lead and frustrate them – they ‘ll take stupid fowls and get red-carded- I see that game already

    Iceland -they won’t be a surprise to us- we’ll be ready for them-they do it all thru hustle but they haven’t seen a stage like this-they’ll be peeing ice pellets

    Argentia -totally overrated- Messi and the nobodies- we got lucky – I like this group- thank god it’s not Mexico or Australia -we can’t beat those guys for some reason.

  49. Maminjo says:

    Nigeria is the youngest team in the tournament as per their fabricated birth certificates, lol.

    Those guys are all probably 30.

  50. Fact check says:

    Slavic languages belong to the Indo-European family. Customarily, Slavs are subdivided into East Slavs (chiefly Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians), West Slavs (chiefly Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, and Wends, or Sorbs), and South Slavs (chiefly Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Slovenes, Macedonians, and Montenegrins).

  51. Fact check says:

    The Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula, is a geographic area in Eastern, Southeastern Europe and Central Europe with various and disputed borders.

  52. canuckcro says:

    Russians hools have a big time beef with the English hools so worry for us,.I like ukraines have about 4 ukraine neighbors.My other theory as to why they do not want smaller countries to go to far in the all commercial ,tv,advertisingshirts,bars selling drinks etc..Brazil ,nigeria population combined 300+million.So frig our backs against the wall every game Imo thinking the refs always against us because of the dollar value the bigger countries bring in.

  53. Elvis says:


    Why even bother then? Maybe we need a goon to enforce things on the pitch if we get skrewed again. Break a leg.

    The Russian Ultras were trained and prepared to kick some ass.They beat the living shit out of the English. The English had no idea what hit them. This was ordered by Putin.

    Then when English reinforcements from their firms tried to cross the channel then ran into the police.

  54. Elvis says:

    Any Hrvati that go to Russia need to be aware and travel in packs. This is no joke. We will be right in their front yard.

  55. canuckcro says:

    Putin doesn’t mind his ruski hools if you read his comments when the tore apart french cafes.
    Listen to this …messi related his brother showed up at marina with his boat covered in blood and handgun..authorities in Argentina looking for him.if it’s what might have happened could throw Lionel off his game..Any more info..or is it fake news.

  56. vuki says:

    Does anyone know how to find out where the games will be played? I might try to get tickets since I am visiting Croatia this summer, but my family would like to know which city the games will be played in

  57. Anonymous says:

    How about the libtard that with 1 ball left in the pot he was still shuffling it, and Maradona was laughing at him!

  58. Dannyj says:

    We still better in theory with this draw then in Brazil
    Opening up against Brazil at home worst draw ever

    Much rather play Iceland then Mexico

    Nigeria Cameroon u guys are the experts
    Nigeria I guess on paper better but all Africans can run end of story

    So overall if we were showed these two possible scenarios
    I would say mostly all of us take this one

  59. canuckcro says:

    Hand of God goal by Maradona who has some cro ancestry.
    Just saying media circus can really carve up an athlete like let’s say tiger woods..most international athletes avoid reading media comments which could throw them off their game..once tiger woods infedelity was made public and he was wrung through the wash by the media .,his quality golf fell like a lump a shit..a pile of manure.Not saying messi will fall..just opinion.

  60. idemo says:



    Absolutely pedestrian in his play did not got a fuck, u comparing a Messi from a friendly in England against scrubs to Messi at his last World Cup hungry for international glory

  61. idemo says:


    Absolute laughs screen shot ur comment and sent it to a past Nigerian teammate……we also bagged on him for being. 40

  62. Dannyj says:

    Is it really confirmed he Croat? It was like his grandma or something right?
    Prob ustasa blood escaping ww2
    Don’t get offended right and left wingers alike;)

    But ya we should totally where the black vs Argentina

    Can anyone confirm to orange socks??
    They should have had the black uni with similar checkered socks as now That would look sharp

  63. Dannyj says:

    I talked to this African guy saying Nigeria dark horse and better then they show….I told him we are the same

  64. canuckcro says:

    He is personally quoted from his own mouth saying he has croatian ancestry..if I recall reading.Theres quite a few of us in south america chile,uruguay,’s interesting ,isnt Andrew bogut nba originally from chile.

  65. Maminjo says:


    Grandfather is from Korčula, last name Kariolić.

    Maradona is a regular in Cro.

    Named his daughter Dalma.

  66. Zee says:

    Maradona grandmother is hrv. He there all the time. And yes canuck cro tons of us there. I born in Uruguay to Croatian parents moved to Canada at young age. Hold 3 passports. Lol

  67. Slavonac from Canada says:

    we were at our absolute worst when we lost to Iceland…and even then, they weren’t better than us, we just played boring and shitty. this first round will be another situation where everything is in our hands…and we should not fear any of these teams.

    my concern is with getting a strategy wrong of if we have a kiks…red card, penalty, some dumb play to cause us harm.

    I think we need to work on all set plays. we have the players so with that said, we need to use them and control the tempo but as well not play at a dead pace…we play like crap when we do that.

    I’m nervous of playing any Latin American team…their #1 tool is their emotions and the energy they build from it while we don’t seem to use emotions in our favor. sometimes you need a rough tackle or a dirt play to inspire your teammates…Latin countries do that well….

    I say we get to round of 16 but don’t know after that…I need to use of of those tournament maps and come to my conclusion.

  68. Poglavnik says:

    If we avoid France in the round of 16, qtr finals would be likely. In the Qtrs we could get Spain or Portugal who I think are beatable. Another top 3 finish?!..

  69. Lika Joey says:

    80% of Argentina is Italian…they don’t give a shit! Maradona doesn’t care about being 20% croat.

  70. Lika Joey says:

    Spain is the best team in the world technically. They always have that bullshit Catalonia vs Spain nightmare. In my view they are the biggest underachieving team. Even with there accomplishments.

  71. Lika Joey says:

    France has individuals with athleticism and talent but there are not a technically gifted football team. France is a bunch of individuals with way less football IQ than Spain

  72. idemo says:

    @ Lika
    how are they underachieveing with back to back to back titles ?

    It’s a great team top3 for sure, but I think your right about France to a point, at the beginning when they were breakouts sure. But these guys are just too good, I wonder what your thought on the warriors is then

  73. Lika Joey says:

    Spain could of been the all time leader with world cup wins…they are always stacked. They have there own issues.

  74. Poglavnik says:

    Spain and France could be susceptible to goals.
    France I feel have too many attacking options.
    Classic case of too many chiefs, and not enough indians.
    Busquets and Kante will be key for them.
    Best 2 teams in the tourney for me are Germany and Brazil.

  75. Lika Joey says:

    Aleksander Holiga….what a goof! Talking about the repka having limited support at home. Politics corruption etc.

  76. idemo says:

    @ pog

    we talking a unit? give me Germany

    I don’t think we’r giant killers as people think we are, but we are much better against a team as Spain.

    france is to fast for our defense

  77. Zee says:

    Lika joey. Lotsa of croats in Argentina. More than you think. Chile has the most. Maradona is in Croatia all the time. I’ve talked to our sviraci that go to buenes Aires and said it’s just unreal. They know how to party there man.

  78. Soul Champ says:

    Z group D – Spremni !!!!

    Nigeria will be a nice run out as they will try to chase the game and we will be moving 7 steps ahead of the ball.

    Argentina is a showcase for us.

    Iceland will bring our focus.

    Dalić needs to bring all the young studs to lower our avg age.

    Don’t go into the Iceland match with tired legs.

  79. Razbijač says:

    This Argentina team definitely has some weaknesses, as it struggled to qualify. It’s teams like Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, and Belgium that are STACKED and JUICED in every position. Thank god we didn’t draw one of those teams.

    That’s why with Argentina, I feel we have a shot at taking the group.

  80. T Bone says:

    Man this talk of group of death makes me laugh. ARGENTINA no where near the Argie teams of old, Iceland is a known quantity and Croatia will not give them a BS win like in Reykjavik, and a lot of people were saying Cameroon were good until they threw the game and lost 4-0, so a similar thing can happen with Nigeria, who by the way beat Cameroon on route to qualification. Not the easiest group, not the toughest, but no Rooooonaldo so I’ll take it any day of the week.

  81. Razbijač says:

    Who knows…maybe Iceland goes into VIKING MODE against Argentina. Then Croatia goes into BEAST MODE against them. And Argentina falls out in the Group stage, lol :)

    Wouldn’t be the first time ya know…it happened in WC 2002.

  82. idemo says:

    and this Argentina team has Lionel Messi Paulo dybala Sergio aguero angel di Maria and higauin.

    but then again I think we are far superior than them in the middle

    but when you have the best player in the world any attack can be the one. he is liable to pick it up in the middle of the park and CHOP us.

  83. Zee says:

    Funny you say that razbijac. Just went on the Argentina soccer website thet not happy with this group. They fear they won’t survive group stage. Barely qualified very susceptible on dee. They worried. They fear us!

  84. Lika Joey says:

    Orsanic the davis cup coach for Argentina is of Croatian decent. Orsanic made it very clear he was Argentinian.

  85. Razbijač says:

    @ Idemo

    You see that’s the problem with Argentina, all their talent is concentrated in the Forward position. It’s not spread out like Ajvar on bread…

    And with our midfield, if we control the ball in the middle. This would prevent their forwards from getting supplied the ball.

    Kill the body and the head dies along with it….so says an old Boxing adage.

  86. Lika Joey says:

    Argentina plays poorly then comes alive in big tournaments. Messi is a game changer…no other player on earth has the ability to win a game like Messi. Nigeria scares the shit out of me. They are fast and very talented. Iceland, fuck them…we can get out of this group…but the Nigeria game is key!

  87. Zee says:

    Oh i know lika joey. I got distant cousins there too. But their website in Spanish fears our midfield. If luka can break down Juventus vaunted defense he will figure this out. Argentina defense is not Juve. Just my opinion. Anyway let’s do this boys. They fear us as much much as we fear them. Rakitic might be the x factor. He will follow messi around like crazy. He knows.

  88. Lika Joey says:

    We did beat a super tough Nigerian team at the u17 world cup. They do manipulate there age in Jr tournaments. I feel our overall quality should be enough to stop them.

  89. Razbijač says:

    I just don’t see him picking up the ball in midfield and THEN beating 4-5 of our guys to score a goal.

    It ain’t gonna happen against us! I tell ya that much.

  90. Poglavnik says:

    No manager of Argentina has figured out how to utilize Messi.
    The players force him the ball and stand around waiting for him to make something amazing happen. They’re SO talented in the up front but the rest of the team isn’t that great.
    Kinda weird that the 2 “favourites” of the group struggled to qualify while Nigeria went undefeated and Iceland topped their group.

  91. Zee says:

    @idemo. Absolutely. You are correct. It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as we there. Geez ya it was tough as long as our ship is righted we good. I hope.

  92. Lika Joey says:

    Zee, I think we have the goods to win this group. I just don’t want us to underestimate Argentina. This game will be won in midfield Luka needs to control the pace of the game. We just need to have the boys healthy come June.

  93. Lika Joey says:

    Poglavnik, have the reports I read had Nigeria favorites to get out of the group. Holiga and his influence has something to do with that.

  94. The truth says:

    Maradonna a Croat?!. Pulisic a Croat?!

    I get a kick out of how people are so eager to claim some guy who s great grandfather was from Croatia as a Croat but miss universe who is actually half Croat, speaks Croatian and has lived in Croatia is disavowed by so many

    Back to soccer

    I saw an interesting start about Nigeria. They had by far the fewest percent of goals scored after making ten passes out of any team in the tournament

    Not sure if this means they are simply a counter attacking team, strong on set pieces, or just not good at soccer but faster than everyone else

  95. Ante Montanic says:

    How fishy is it that Argentina is in the same group as Nigeria for the third time in a row. They had them in 2010,2014 and now 2018. The irony of Kalinic to play in his home town Kaliningrad.We might get second or we could even lose to Iceland and get third.It would have been better to be in Germanys group Sweden,Mexico easy group.Also the Spain,Portugal group is fairly easy.

  96. Dannyj says:

    Let mandzukic get under Messi’s skin
    Wsnt there that game juve and Barcelona where mandzo was all over him

  97. Anonymous says:

    Man if we look good on paper, where do u put Argentina? Not saying we cant win the group, but this is the wc. After senegal in 2002 with kamara, diouf, diop im a big fan of African teams. Onazi in the midfield for Nigeria, very nice player.

  98. Soul Champ says:

    Nigeria is good but it favors us to play them in the first match.

    Dalić needs to scout every match that our pool of young players are in domestic and in Europe.

    Tired legs will get punished in June.

    Nigeria are young and will have hungry players who want to get big money transfers to elite clubs.

    Iceland “is who we thought they we’re, are and will be.” Vilkings on a mission.

    Argentina is not be disrespected with Messi but they set up nicely for us to employ our counter attack game plan.

    We play our speed ballers on the flanks then we are good to go to compete with group D.

    I’d love to see Modrić lead us on a deep run but after decades of pool play ineptitude, I’ll take one play off match against a major team and be happy.

    We need to progress out of pool to give the next generation inspiration.

    U boj ..

  99. crnkovic says:

    its a great group. all 4 teams are strong but have very different styles of play. this usually makes for good football interesting open games. as some of you know i’m an african and a croat so i always want the african teams to do as well as possible. i will be supporting nigeria. apart from in their first game of course!!!! dont underestimate nigeria they can beat anyone on their day. but i believe in our boys. this team represents the peak of a football golden generation. i believe we are the best team in the group and we should win the group. france have an incredible team. i’ve again seen many comments that reveal racist stereotyping of players. seen someone saying they dont have football iq. thats nonsense. they have everything. france are the favourites for this world cup without doubt. mbappe/dembele/griezman ?? good luck. but we win our group and avoid them…meet them again in the semi or final. of course Spain are still an incredible team, as are brazil and germany…belgium…lots of good teams…even the smaller teams are dangerous. but we are among the best and have no excuse to behave like anything other than potentual champs

  100. crnkovic says:

    i’m an african because i’m born and raised in africa. im a croat because of my croat blood. i know you’re not the sharpest tool in the box elvis, but i’m sure you can work it out

  101. Elvis says:

    Nationality and race are two different things.
    Didn’t they teach you that in red camp?
    An African is one of the Negroid race and it’s
    Sub types.

  102. Anonymous says:

    Elvis: “Miss Universe Croatia doesn’t even look Croatian.”

    That’s because she’s not, she’s black. Who are the fucking TRAITOR anti-white faggots who voted for this UGLY mulatto over their own kind??

    When will there be enough “diversity” in Croatia? Until everybody looks like her?? None of you anti-white TRAITOR two faced faggots can answer this question honestly. I can: she’s one too many.

  103. Anonymous says:

    “Ziva Istina”: “miss universe who is actually half Croat, speaks Croatian and has lived in Croatia is disavowed by so many”.

    She’s not “half Croat” 1st of all, she’s the daughter of a mudshark race traitor who wouldn’t be caught dead living in a country that’s the product of people who look like her daughter; and her father want’s nothing to do with women who look like his mulatto daughter. When you mix shit with sugar, you don’t help the shit and you ruin the sugar.

    When I asked you Ziva anti-white traitor two faced faggot why is it okay to be loyal to your own “nationality” but not to your own race you said “nobody cares” but now you’re telling us we should “embrace” an “inevitable brown future” you dishonest two faced piece of shit.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Just answer these two simple questions Serb, don’t weasel out of it by calling me childish names/changing the subject:

    1) When will there be enough non-whites in Croatia?

    2) Why is loyalty to one’s “nationality” A-okay, but not loyalty to one’s own RACE?

  105. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the people on this site who act like they’re all loyal to fellow Croatians while at the same time saying ANYBODY can become Croatian. That’s oxymoronic/two faced like EVERY single thing that
    comes out of an anti-white’s mind.

    Do you know how many Africans are willing to leave the countries that are the product of their own people to come to Europe if all they have to do is “learn Croatian”?? Enough to bash in the fucking skulls of every single TRAITOR who let them in!

    There actually were people in the 60’s who warned what integration would lead to: White children are now a minority in the U.S. when just a few decades ago they were the OVERWHELMING majority. There actually were people who warned what black rule in South Africa(a country founded by Whites) would lead to.

    You fucking leftist morons think that somehow the American Civil War and WW2 somehow guarantees history to you. Anyone who has ever believed that has ALWAYS been wrong. What you fail to realize is the obvious: those were wars fought in White societies, Whites weren’t in any danger of being minorities, there was nobody pointing out White GENOCIDE. This is totally different.

    I’m curious, when you salute “the military” for killing our German cousins but disparage them for as “”the boss”” Bruce Spingstien says “killing the yellow man”, who’s side do you think the OVERWHELMING majority of White men with their White wives and White children are on? Do you think they are with you MORON TRAITORS who’re against White free speech and against law abiding armed Whites???

  106. The Beast says:

    Croatia can’t underestimate Nigeria. I believe they have a German coach, Premier League players and they beat Argentina last month 4-2. Nigeria has confidence and speed.

  107. guy who likes to frig says:

    Hopefully Lovren can pickup his game by the end of the season, just in time for the tournament. I wouldn’t be against experimenting with Corluka at left back like he used to play in the early days. Hopefully that can add some rigidity to the defensive cock of the team.

  108. Serb says:

    The zionists rule the world. Culture will be destroyed. There is nothing we can do except jack off and finger our asses as we watch

  109. Ante Montanic says:

    Messi Argentina will win the World Cup he is Fifas Golden player him and Ronaldo. Ronaldo/Portugal won Euro 2016 now Messi/Argentina will win World Cup 2018 easy group for them.

  110. Skovovich says:

    i really don’t think we can beat nigeria i watched their qualifying campaign and i was really impressed

  111. Anonymous says:

    Every team in group “D” has a fairly equal chance of qualifying to the next round. It all boils down to good preparation. There are hardly minors in football nowadays.

  112. Anonymous says:

    you this foolish Croatians, what have your stupid team achieve. overrated brat. i just can’t wait for Nigeria to run riot with your team.

  113. Brkic says:

    We had some good fortune with Italy going out which moved us into pot 2. We could have received a much worse draw if we were in pot 3, however we ended up with a tough group.

    Still, we’re favored to advance and 28/1 to win the whole thing at the moment.

    Here are my thoughts for the group stage. We need to beat Nigeria with organization and tactics. I haven’t watched them, but their players are athletic and fast. Vida and Lovren/Corluka/etc can’t be in a position where we have to match them for speed. Against Argentina we can’t show them too much respect. This is a game that could go either way, but if we play afraid of the name we won’t get a result. Iceland may be the most straightforward. We have plenty of quality to beat them, but need to show heart.

  114. FOREIGN GUY says:

    Croatia hasnt even made it out of the group stages in 3 attempts and u think u are favorites ??

    Ur players are grand pa’s

    U can’t stand our flare and speed we already dealt. With ur brothers in the last edition Bosnia and hezergovinia

  115. Ante Montanic says:

    Nigeria is no good Foreign Guy our team is not grand pa’s. So what if Nigeria beat Argentina in a friendly means nothing.Who cares about how Nigeria did well in qualifying most African teams are below average. Europeans and South Americans are the best footballers.

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