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Croatians Around Europe *XIII*

December 3, 2017


Perišić bagged a hat trick Sunday in Milan



It was the Ivan Perišić show Sunday in Milan as Inter demolished Chievo Verona 5-0 behind three goals from their Croatian winger. Perišić opened up the scoring in the 23rd minute when he banged in a rebound which the Chievo goalie couldn’t do anything about. Marcelo Brozović would get on the stat sheet with an assist to Icardi 15 minutes later with Perišić putting the game out of reach in the 57th minute with a solid run down the left flank and an even better finish just inside the far post. He would add his final goal of the match in injury time for the hat trick.



Both Perišić and Brozović have been playing out of their minds for Inter Milan this season, who find themselves in first place; one point ahead of Napoli and two in front of Juventus. Inter Milan are on pace to make the Champions League next season and have to be happy that they didn’t sell Perišić to Manchester United in the summer.


Perišić hat trick vs. Chievo Verona



The goal fest continued in Italy as Croatian striker Nikola Kalinić appeared to have scored the game winner for AC Milan in the 57th minute of play with a header on an open net. But the Italian giants were stunned in injury time when Benevento goalie Alberto Brignoli joined his team on attack for a set piece and headed home the equalizing goal to force a 2-2 draw.



Kalinić goal vs. Benevento



Caen striker Ivan Santini joined in on the fun Sunday as well with a beautiful goal making the goalie guess the other way after completely embarrassing the defense in the box. The goal came a bit late; being scored in injury time with Lyon already up 2-0 but at least it prevented Caen from getting skunk. Santini should be an option off the bench come summertime.



Santini tears the Lyon defense apart




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 83 comments

  1. BZ says:

    Kramaric never off track. It’s the HassleHoffenheim coach that screwed the pooch by benching him for literally bring the best player on the tesm. Ever since Hoffenheim has been off-track.

  2. Maminjo says:

    You know the HNS probably received complaints about the black kit and now they are buckling.

    I don’t think that the Todo Sobre Camisetas website has ever been wrong when leaking these kits ahead of a World Cup.

  3. Rocky says:

    Because it in no way does black represent our repka… And even the shade of blue is wrong.

    Our blue kits have been fantastic for 20 years now, why should we change it? I wasn’t a fan of our previous blue kits either as we should always implement the red and white checkers like previous blue kits.

    This is our identity, respect it.

  4. Kruno says:

    We have had some awesome blue kits in the past and I own a few of them. You have to switch things up from time to time. Otherwise, I’d only be wearing my ’98 Šuker jersey. The black and blue looks cool. I would definitely get one.

  5. Razbijač says:

    Every Chetnik and his mother is prolly complaining about our black kits, but who the hell cares! It looks awesome.

    It would be great if they were donned for the first time against Argentina, as we go into BEAST MODE!!

    @ Rocky I understand that you don’t like the Black color because you prefer our traditional blue, I respect that.

    WC Preparations..
    Hopefully we could arrange to play Brazil and Sweden in our friendlies, in order to “tune up” the Engine so to speak….to get our squad ready for Argentina and Iceland.

    Now speaking of Weekend Soccer Talk…Anyone keeping tabs on that kid Krovinovic at Benfica?? Turns out that he broke into their starting 11, and is playing there consistently.

    Yesterday, he played the full 90 in a major derby against Porto. He’s a classic # 10 type player and oozes with class. Certainly one to watch. In case your wondering why he doesn’t play for them in the CL, it’s because Benfica didn’t register him in the beginning of the season. They didn’t expect him to become this good so soon.

    Anyway Kramaric on the bench for Hoffenhiem…kinda sucks if ya ask me! What the hell is going on at the club is beyond me.

    But fear not, Brekalo is starting for Stuggart, maybe he makes something happen!

  6. NK Susak says:


    I agree, a friendly with Brazil would make sense for both teams as they have the Serbs in their group. If not, maybe Columbia as they have Poland in their group which have somewhat of a similar style to us. I’ll even take a game with Chile even though they didnt qualify. If Suker stays in charge, which unfortunately looks like will happen, just hope its no San Marino/Lietchenstein friendlies. Most likely will be a mid tier european team like Austria/Romania, some random African team, and a qualified team a few days before the tournament starts played in Russia.

  7. Dalic Lama says:

    Rocky knows the black kits are for beta white males who want zu look tough. It ist common knowledge black kits {in all sports} were created to appeal to Africans, but then designers noted how many white whigger cunts were buying them.

    Isis wears black, buy one of their jerseys. Croatia is Red checkers, with Blue away, and always should be.


  8. Lika Joey says:

    I find it hilarious that Serbia is being compared to Croatia. Brazil has nothing to gain playing us…we play much better football then Serbia. Our transition in attack is on another level. Serbia is very predictable.

  9. Lika Joey says:

    Iceland we know what to expect….Argentina also…Nigeria is young fast talented and hungry. We need a couple of friendly games with African sides.

  10. idemo says:

    putting a h in cetnik means you don’t know what a cetnik is, and that’s ok, your life is far better that way.

    Idk how I feel I don’t think anyone has complained I think it’s our own guys pulling the plug

  11. NK Susak says:

    @ Lika Joey;

    First off, I didnt compare us to Serbia. Are we better than Serbia? Absolutely. Did they qualify directly and we had to drag out a playoff? Absolutely. Im one of the biggest homers on here, but lets not crown ourselves winners just yet. This team needs a lot of work if we are gonna get out of this group. Your statement makes it sound like we are world beaters, but we mananged to drop 10 of 18 points against the like of Turkey/Iceland/Finland just months ago. Think a little.

    My point being is that teams tend to lineup friendlies against opponents that are from the same region as a group opponent. If Brazil playing us in a friendly is so hysterical, than why did Brazil choose to play an unqualified Serbia on June 6th, 2014, which was 6 days before opening the world cup against us on home soil? Just think a little. Thats all i ask, because people tend to blurt shit out on this site and cant tell the difference between their dick and their elbow.

  12. Razbijač says:

    Whoah hold on there a minute idemo!

    I used the English language spelling for the para-military group which is Chetnik.

    And it’s spelled Četnik in Croatian, not how you spelled it Cetnik! :)

    Yep, sure is a shame some people can’t appreciate the all black…

  13. NK Susak says:

    Modric just walked away after being down from what could of been an ankle shattering tackle against Bilbao.

  14. Dannyj says:

    Omg is he ok??? Let’s hope madrid gets ousted from champions league this year earlier then later and he is fresh
    Nothing more for him to prove… we need him at his best
    Let’s hope modric proves he is the best player on the planet this summer

  15. Dannyj says:

    That krovinovic looks sharp. I know they are high light videos but looks sharp on the ball and quick
    Let’s hope he progresses

  16. Lika Joey says:

    Susak, I’m not saying we are world beaters…im just saying we are a better team than Serbia. We have a more creative game. That tackle on Luka got my blood pressure up. Omg!

  17. The truth says:

    What’s going on at most precious blood?. I thought that’s the partisan church…. Why you not going by mass by port authority?

  18. idemo says:

    MPB website says Welcome! Bienvenido! “Dobrodoli” lol someone tell ur church secretary to fix the typo

  19. Dalic Lama says:

    None of these commie pussies is would ever show up.

    Look at the puss things dey write.

    We got “Soccer Mom” DannyJ screaming “OMG is he ok?” I swear I heard da same shit at every soccer game in Toronto suburbs this past year.

    Poglavbitch thinks mpb stands for Male Pattern Baldness, which he doesn’t have cause he/she is half female.


  20. Dannyj says:

    Man U going to smash the piggy bank in January for sure wonder what the Italians gonna want for him now

    Maybe Ivan won’t want to leave and try his luck in CL with inter next season

  21. Maminjo says:

    Inter won’t sell him.

    They are in first place now, and no longer a laughing stock team. Their coach (Spaletti) blocked the sale of Perišić in the summer. He’ll do it again.

  22. Soul Champ says:

    Perišić is at the height of his powers.

    He wants to be a super star and the World Cup is his platform.

    1- Modrić
    2- Perisic

    The rest of the team needs to line up with supporting these two.

    Brozovic looked lively today.

    I hope Inter go on the win the suddetto and these two will be on a high.

    Spalletti has instilled the Serie A spine into our boys.

  23. Maminjo says:

    I like Ngannou.

    Calling out Libyan arabs for cashing in on black African migrants and treating them like slaves.

    God forbid anyone calls these criminals out, yet Southern and Eastern Europeans (who are not in any great financial position themselves) are somehow monsters for not accommodating millions upon millions of migrants with flawless ease.

  24. Maminjo says:

    Stipe would be smart to try and wrestle Ngannou.

    They are both power punchers and if they both strike, it’s pretty much a coin toss as to who knocks out who.

    Unlike glass-chin Overeem, Stipe can take a punch or two if he screws up and leaves himself open. Not sure how strong Ngannou’s chin is.

    But I don’t think Ngannou is someone who wants to wrestle with a very capable wrestler like Stipe.

  25. Elvis says:

    LOL, did you know the gene for MPB is inherited from your mom. Thanks mom. I was at MPD yesterday and while I was dodgeing the mexicians upstairs I never felt once that this was a Yugo church.

  26. crnkovic says:

    yeah that santini goal was world class. looks like the boys have been given a lift by the world cup group. they fancy it you can tell. good

  27. Dannyj says:

    I’m sure there is some friendly banter going on between icardi and our boys at inter. The Argentina match up has the ability to be one of the better matches in group play entertainment wise

    It seems like the biggest question is how does dalic lineup are forwards from game to game. Lot mkre choices then years past

  28. crnkovic says:

    wow. just watched youtube video every touch of brizovic and perisic in the last game. they were both absolutely amazing. if they can reproduce that form in the world cup omg the sky is limit. the two of them both put absolutelt wirld ckass performances. like I said before brozovic is an advanced playmaker close to being a 10. the guy is phenomenal. i hope they keep it up. their link up play between them was almost telepathic as well. therefore they must play in the same position fir NT.

    line up for me is: suba; vrsaljko, corluka, vida, jedvaj; modric, rakitic; pjaca, brozovic, perisic; kalinic

    some tiugh calls there too. kramaric, badelj, kovacic, strinic, mandzukic, lovren, mitrovic, rog all champing at the bit on the side line waiting for their chance

    in terms of friendly matches. all the african sides have distinct different styles of play and attributes. for example cameroon and nigeria are neighbpurs but have completely contrasting styles. if i had to recomend a team to play in a friendly i’d go for ghana. there are sone similarities with nigeria

  29. Anonymous says:

    “Maminjo” said “yet Southern and Eastern Europeans (who are not in any great financial position themselves) are somehow monsters for not accommodating millions upon millions of migrants with flawless ease.”

    You make it seem as though if Southern & Eastern Europe were wealthy they’d be obligated to take in 3rd world immigrants. WHY?

    The Netherlands & Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody is demanding Japan or Taiwan take in ANY 3rd world immigrants. Is this a “conspiracy” or is this anti-white genocidal scam as blatantly out in the open as it can possibly be??

  30. Anonymous says:

    @”Maminjo”, your statement makes it seem as though you think Southern & Eastern Europe are obligated to take in 3rd world immigrants, your only problem is anti-white criticism of Southern & Eastern Europe & the number of 3rd worlders anti-whites are demanding they take in?

    Get this thru your thick fucking head: the number of people from foreign races White countries are obligated to take in is: ZERO (0). Get it thru your thick fucking head.

  31. The truth says:

    You ever wake up and wonder if you’re in the bizarro world?

    I take a look at this site and read ridiculous comments about Marcelo bozo bic playing out of his mind and being phenomenal!


  32. canuckcro says:

    Immigrants won’t stay in the east they are after the modern welfare states of uk france germany netherlands and Nordic countries…where a compromised person can eat sleep shit get paid for not meds,etc.These are the destination countries for a permanent vacation..we all know the old school immigrants from Europe to the new world worked very hard in manual labor jobs.

  33. Maminjo says:

    Who is this Canadian guy who keeps preaching his racial talk on this site under multiple names?

    Dude’s not even Croatian. Can’t speak a word of it, and does this same thing on other sports and news sites I’ve visited. The writing style is exactly the same.

    I feel sorry for people who have no strong cultural background. Some Canadians and Americans have this problem, so they fall into the skin colour identity thing. It really sucks for them. This dude Elvis, Anonymous, Wallace, etc) is a classic case.

    You think Croats give a shit about the migrant crisis or black people coming to take over? LOL

    That’s an Anglo country fear. Not ours. Stay scared bro.

  34. idemo says:

    Ghana would be great for a non WC side

    Any west African nation really…..Nigeria is a bit faster outside than their neighbors tho

  35. idemo says:

    Any of you in Cleveland (preferably the non racial commenting lot ) I’ll be up there for about 10 days

  36. the truth says:

    i watched the bozo vic highlights to see if i was missing something after hearing how he played out of his mind and how he’s been phenomenal

    i saw the same player as usual. weak ball control. lacks creativity. weak on the ball. off balance half the time

    his only asset is one out of 10 times he can hit a hard shot at goal

    he took like 7 big swings at the ball for shots in this game and hit one solid one though as usual

  37. Elvis says:

    The person you are talking about is the old hate guy.
    I am Elvis punk. You can take your black Croatians
    And shove them up your ass.

  38. Elvis says:


    And yet these blacks keep popping up in
    Croatia. You assholes will sell out your own
    Folk for these foreigners. Then you say no we aren’t
    Yugos but you fucken are.

  39. CroatianPerson85 says:

    I know I do it often but why doesn’t anyone ask people in Croatia what they think and want? Funny how diaspora Croats, myself included, are debating on what’s good for people in a country we don’t live in but go for vacation a few months here and there if even that. I think you’d be surprised if you asked people in Cro what they think and what they want. They will vote for whoever will promise them more money, the usual story I hear when talking to people who live there.

  40. crnkovic says:

    @the truth. you wouldn’t know a footballer if he bit you in the ass. that pass that released the guy down the right towards the end was sublime. off balance? that turn where he sold the defender 5 yards of space before smashing an instant shot just wide of the far top corner? i give you a tip, watch how the other inter players give him the ball even though they are basically on the same position. jao mario, highly rated portuguese international midfield playmaker just gives brozovic the ball with 3 yard pass. it means “you’re the boss” they train with him everyday they know. some of his goals and his play remind me of kaka more than anyone else. dont be fooled by his goofy appearance and awkward movements. he has balance, coordination and creativity in abundance. look at messi, the guy moves like a one legged poodle. doesnt stop him being the best player in the world cristiano ronaldo moves like a plastic mannequin. all straight limbs. davor suker moved like a drag queen. prosinecki looked like frankensteins ugly brother the way he moved, feet splayed, uneven strides. look at mohamed salah moves like a toy robot, no spring no sway. but they do it their own way. if anything the awkward movement can through off the defenders who find it difficult to read. brozovic is super talented, he just needs to be more confident and more consistent. compare him to aaron ramsey. thats the moden player he is most similar to. imo. ramsey can look dreadful, akways falling over, no pace etc but when he is on form he is a genius brozovic is like ramsey. aaron ramsey is a classy attacking midfielder who helped wales get to euro semifinal. would you put ramsey at number 10 if he was croatian? of course you’d at least give him his chance. so why not brozovic? we beat iceland 2-0 at home. brozovic scored both goals with stinging shots from outside the area. you talk about him like he’s rubbish. definately some kind of weird chip on a shoulder i’d say. sorry he’s not zidane or ronaldinho. i love him

  41. Dick Flu says:

    Homeland Croats are lazy and want socialism.
    Diaspora Croats have worked hard. That’s the big difference between the two.

  42. The other white guy says:


    If in Cleveland see Slavic Village. There you will see
    What African Americans do. They ruined this neighborhood.

  43. idemo says:

    Is that st.clair? Really good mesar up there Jedinko Zagreb meats I think

    I’ve been up there plenty been to the dom for concerts

  44. The truth says:

    @ crnkovic
    I got a kick out of your player movement descriptions

    In terms of brozovic i don’t see it

    That pass he made for the “assist” didn’t impress me. A lot of guys could make it

    I’ve seen bozovic disgrace himself over and over again playing the wing for us. And then even when moved to the middle, not move the needle. Croatian xavi??. I think not

  45. Dalic Lama says:

    Sad days when the Truth makes more sense than avid race biter in chief, Crnkovic. Brozovic as wing or attacking midfield is a proven loser. When I took over for Cacic, I put Brozovic in his rightful place.

    Crnkovic// self proclaimed scout, my azz

  46. CroatianPerson85 says:

    What’s Brozovic’s best position? And don’t say on the bench. I feel like he’s a jack of all trades master of none. Plays hard but not hard enough and isn’t durable to be a true CDM. His touch isn’t bad, he can play but he’s not an out and out attacking midfielder. He has no speed, he’s not a preferred wide man. I feel he should come off the bench as a sub if we have a healthy team. I will give him credit though, he does a have shot. Even though we’ve seen Modric, Rakitic and Perisic with good shots from distance I feel that Brozović takes them more often. Not sure what his success rate is but more often than not for the NT he’s shooting from distance and they’re pretty good, on target/goals. Iceland example.

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