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2018 Croatia Away Kits CONFIRMED

December 4, 2017




Alright guys. I’m here to settle it once and for all. This IS the away jersey Croatia will be wearing at the World Cup in Russia. And it’s not black at all. It’s actually two different shades of navy blue.



Our friends at CroatiaWeek have been busy snooping around the HNS asking plenty of questions; but it’s not the HNS’ call to make.



I was shown the above jersey via iPhone (for 5 seconds) from a HNS representative in May when Croatia played Mexico in Los Angeles. Last month, I posted an article saying that the away kits will in fact be dark; bordering on black- but they were not exactly what was shown in the TodoSobre leak below. I definitively remember seeing distinct checkers in the dark jersey, which you cannot see in the Todo picture.




2018 Croatia World Cup early leak photos



The HNS has to deny anything and everything about future jersey reveals per Nike. Nike is in charge of revealing World Cup jerseys as they will be dressing 10 teams in Russia and it’s their call to make.



Taking a closer, more focused look at the jersey…can we even call these black?



I don’t think we can.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 54 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    If it’s close enough to black to look black that’s good enough for me. I still would prefer some checkered trim on it (like all the away jerseys before the current one) but i guess the HNS logo on the chest will have to do

  2. jv says:

    I like both home and away strips!!! I would have preferred an all black check strip. Speaking of strips. Has anyone seen the new Melbourne Knights(Croatia) home and away strips for 2018.?Sensational!!!

  3. Maminjo says:

    This is probably their best away kit I’ve seen.

    Euro96 with the checkers on the shoulder was nice, and the most recent Euro2016 blue checkered ones are good too.

    All the other blue ones were good…but the more checkers, the better.

    This away kit, along with the current away kit we wore at Euro2016, satisfies that ‘full checkered shirt’ goal. Having it in a different colour combo is a good idea.

  4. idemo says:

    And some of you still think Mamic is doing nothing…..just kept Simic out and kept his puppet Suker in

  5. anonymous says:

    The reporting on this site is remedial. You find news on the web and post articles that are basically your opinion of what you have read – a lot of the time just speculation re: ancelotti, crochester United, etc…

  6. crnkovic says:

    what do you expect? in depth investigative journalism? whis going to pay the guys for that, go ahead post a better article. i’m sure croatiansports will publish it here

  7. CiganJeCigan says:

    vrsaljko only started 13 games his whole time at athletico, he probably gonna go back to serie A in january

  8. jv says:

    Iggy, yes. I love the away strip. The stripes are fantastic.

    Not sure if you guys know that Asanovic is the Knights coach for 2018!!!

  9. Iggy Iggy says:


    Oh i didnt know that! I remember MANY years ago Asanovic played a few guest games in the old NSL – i thought that was with Syd United? But yes so im aware he has some links here in Aus and that’s good news, let’s hope he becomes a great coach :D

    Was an awesome and tbh underappreciated player in that 98 team

  10. jv says:

    I think you’re right with SU. He was brilliant in the 98 team and later when he went to play in the UK. Still can’t believe that we have someone like him coaching in the NPL!!
    2018 shaping up to be a great year for football for us here in OZ!!!

  11. BZ says:

    Regarding Vrsaljko-It is clear Atletico want to turn a profit on him. He won’t get much time as there is solid interest for him, & Atletico do not want to risk him re-injuring his knee before they sell. Without Vrsaljko, they are already out of CL. A wirld class failure.

  12. Crotown says:

    What about the shorts? Checkers or plain? Should do more checkers on the shorts but smaller checkers in the dark-blue/light blue- Louis Vuitton would totally approve -man- we’re going to look cool- order now- don’t delay – Croatia gear always hard to find-unfortunately- idemo decki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. BZ says:

    Looking forward to Kovacic getting more playing time.

    I know a few ppl are going bonkers over Santini’s goal, but it is NOTHING to get excited about. I am actually more impressed that Livaja scored in 4 straight games; although still not going bonkers about it.

  14. Maminjo says:

    What happened to Jozo Šimunović?

    I thought he was some superstar defender that the HNS missed out on. He had a nice own goal the other day. I don’t think Bosna even wants him anymore. Celtic sure doesn’t.

  15. Soul Champ says:

    SPL is trash I saw it firsthand this past summer.

    The kid has some physical tools but poor life choice with the BiH move.

    Kovačić is the only player we have that can shadow Messi.

    I pray he gets back on his upward trajectory.

  16. BZ says:

    Maminjo-cmon man, don’t you know? All u have to do on this site is show 1 highlight, and the masses go nuts. I remember someone posted a highlight of him making 1 tackle, and all of a sudden he was our beast savior!

  17. the truth says:

    i remember when people were hooting and hollering about vrsaljko….begging for srna to be replaced

    we’ve seen that vrsaljko is a much more limited player than srna. against quality defense, he appears simply unable to get off an effective cross lacking srna’s speed and shiftiness.

    like srna, the ball has pretty much never touched his left foot. but srna still knew how to get the cross off even when everyone knew where he was going

    i don’t want to hear about vrsaljko in the greece game. that greece team was a disaster

  18. BZ says:

    @The Truth- our best games with Cacic were when we used Vrsaljko as an inverse wingback (LB) , & Srna on the right side.

    Vrsaljko as an inverse wingback also worked well vs the Ukraine. Too bad Srna got busted for doping, as it would still be dope to get rid of dopes like always injured (& injured again) Strinic & Pivaric.

  19. Dalic Lama says:

    Elvis// get used to it. Liberal diaspora Croats gonna get u Balls all up yo face. All the vets are angry as hell abt this mass migration.

  20. idemo says:

    Doping dope dopes… did you ever think of that one

    Dalic Lama is correct

    I’ve always wondered how you’d make that work? Who’s your LW then? Mario M probably and they ur forward lowkey has to be Kalinic who your also a critic of,

    Could we get ur ideal line up with Perisic at lb and no Pjaca since he doesn’t exist yet

  21. Rocky says:

    Considering we are playing Iceland and Argentina, you both wear blue / darker colours, you’d presume this dark kit will only be work against Nigeria possibly.

  22. Maminjo says:

    We’re definitely wearing our red and white kits against Argentina.

    Nigeria is green, so our kits can be one or the other.
    We’ve worn both against Iceland.

    My guess is that we wear red and white in our first two games, and the dark blues against Iceland (with them wearing white).

  23. idemo says:

    Iceland have a white kit? And Nigeria have a green which could be bad against this dark

    Checkers Against arg for sure

  24. canuckcro says:

    2 hours ago stipe miocic fight confirmed for ufc 220..gona be big hype like cro cop days.Stipe will win and I’m not just saying that because I’m cro..stipe heads harder than a sirnac francis glava..maybe even harder than a cro bosanac glava.Go stipe go.

  25. Iggy Iggy says:

    that Ngannou dude is scary

    Even if Stipe loses, he’s done a terrific job, but of course i hope (and believe) he can win. That dude works so hard, such a salt of the earth and likeable dude, totes wish him all the best.

  26. BZ says:

    @Idemo- I didn’t want to get into the Perisic at LB conversation. I just was saying we played great ball with Vrsaljko at LB. But since u asked (assuming Pjaca not healthy) then:


    Rebic there because Idemo says I can’t pick Pjaca yet. Also left out Corluka until he is back at full strength. If Pjaca healthy, I throw Kramaric LW, and Pjaca at RW.

    I’d be happy to throw Kramaric at LW and play Brekalo at RW

    Just kidding about Semper

  27. Soul Champ says:

    @ His holiness … the Dalić Lama.

    Kovačić is the only player with the accelerator mojo in his legs and now the intelligence to watch Messi.

    “Shadow” in this context doesn’t mean “stop.” No one can stop Messi but being compact in the back with Kovačić man marking him at least offers some resistance.

    Then we get them on the counter as all there best players want to attack and the defense is suspect. There is a reason Messi had to score a hat trick to get them qualified.

    Not ever again putting Modrić on defense as we have taken a decade to realize that is a waste of a natural resource.

    The rest of our midfield crew are either too slow or too clumsy.

    I believe Real Madrid’s struggles have come down to Kovačić being out as he is key to the midfield rotation. Zidane wants him up to speed before El Classico, to “shadow” Messi.

    @ Vrsaljko cynics

    Before he strained his knee he was starting and playing great.

    Came back and played great for us in the playoff.

    So when Hrvati struggle, in this case with a serious knee injury, we take a crap on them?

    A healthy in form Vrsaljko at RB is of great import for our World Cup ambitions.

    Athletico Madrid is a strange place and Simeone is becoming a characture of himself.

    Props to Šime for wanting to be playing and ready for World Cup.

  28. The truth says:

    I’m just saying i don’t think he’ll be as good as srna… And even old age srna might’ve been better…. Although i think vrsaljko might be a better defender

  29. BZ says:

    For those of you not paying attention, Mitrovic gaining great experience at Besiktas. They won their group, and Mitrovic will continue to start vs very talented teams.

    Mitrovic’s steady play is a big reason they have gone so deep.

  30. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Vlašić goal and assist today in 3-0 win. Rijeka beats AC Milan 2-0 but both Everton and Rijeka are already out. Still, good for them.

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