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Pjaca To Join Schalke On 6-Month Loan

January 3, 2018




Marko Pjaca, the 22 year-old Croatia and Juventus winger, will be loaned out to Bundesliga club Schalke for the rest of the season, reports. Although Pjaca has played in 14 matches for the Italian champions since coming over from Dinamo Zagreb in the summer of 2016, he has not cracked the squad after returning from an ACL tear he suffered against Estonia in a friendly in March of 2017.



Pjaca will be a great player once he receives ample time to return to the starting XI; no matter which team that may be. And Juventus has proved Pjaca’s worth by only letting Schalke borrow him for the rest of the season with no option of buying him. Schalke are currently second place in Germany; 11 points behind Bayern Munich but only two points ahed of the sixth place team: Borussia Monchengladbach.



Pjaca goal vs. Porto in Champions League last season




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 19 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    He has potential.

    He’s had a positive impact on all three teams he coached (Zvezda, Kayserispor, and Azerbaijan) and there are those who said that Bilic’s early success with us was due to Prosinecki being his right hand man.

    Now that he actually has some good players to work with (Pjanic, Dzeko) we will know if he’s legit or not.

  2. Maminjo says:

    Whoa, I didn’t even realize that Igor Tudor was canned from the Galatasaray post two weeks ago.

    He had such a good start and he’s gone already?

    He seems to get too emotional and can’t handle criticism from media and fans. Sounds like he left abruptly after calls for his resignation. I think he did the same thing at Hajduk.

  3. Maminjo says:

    Doesn’t Bešiktaš have Pepe and a lot of veteran defenders who they pay alot of money to?

    Not sure if this was a good idea for Vida. Hopefully he starts over there.

  4. Maminjo says:

    Yea, just checked. They have Pepe, Adriano and Medel. These guys were all playing for Real, Barcelona, and Inter.

    No doubt they are being paid well. It will be tough for Vida to push for a starting spot if finances get involved.

  5. idemo says:


    Guess who else is there and behind all those guys Mitrovic……some think he should start world cup 2018 but I’m crazy that Pjaca should go on loan

  6. Maminjo says:

    If it’s a choice between Mitrovic or Lovren, sorry man, I take Mitrovic.

    This World Cup, when Lovren causes a penalty or just falls asleep on a corner kick or cross (where his man jumps over him behind his back for a header like how it happened against Greece in 2011, against Greece again this past November, Mexico at WC2014, etc etc) then you’ll wish Mitrovic aka Gordon Schifo was starting instead.

  7. Maminjo says:

    Mitrovic is Schifo
    Same career path
    Same lack of playing time at club level
    Same dependability when playing for the National Team

    If Lovren starts, there will be a kiks at the World Cup simply because he can’t handle big games. It happens in the EPL too whenever they play a high stakes rival.

    I’m hoping something happens where he gets kicked off the team or just can’t play. Lovren missing Euro 2012 and Euro 2016 was a blessing for us. When he played at WC2014, he fucked up in two of three games for us (Brazil and Mexico).

    I hope I’m wrong, but there’s just too much data supporting the kiks.

  8. Dannyj says:

    Is schifo still in Zagreb?
    He was always solid for us. All we need is defence to be defence
    If we can’t make it happen with the tools up front then forget it

    Forgive my ignorance. U Guys have been saying kiks igrac for years but what is it exactly Looks to me like a showey type player no substance

  9. Maminjo says:

    It’s difficult to justify starting a long-injured Russian league player, a 21-year old Austrian league player, or a Bešiktaš bench warmer over a starting CB for Liverpool.

    This is Lovren’s spot to lose.

    Only way he loses his starting spot is if he gets pushed to the bench by Liverpool’s new signing, and if Ćorluka comes back at 100% and plays incredibly well (with Vida also securing a first team spot at Bešiktaš).

  10. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Dannyj, are you asking what a “kiks” player is…or what “kiks” means?

    kiks is a gaffe or blunder

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