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Miocic Greatest UFC Heavyweight In History!!!

January 21, 2018


Dana White does not look happy in the background



Our favorite blue collar Croatian-American from Cleveland did it again Saturday night in Boston, defeating 255-pound Francis Ngannou by unanimous decision to defend his UFC heavyweight belt for a record third straight time.



Miocic stuck with his game plan and got out of the first round where Ngannou, dubbed the strongest punch in the UFC, is most dangerous. Miocic took down Ngannou multiple times and used his ‘ground and pound’ to control the fight, failing to get the Cameroonian in a locked submission hold. Miocic clearly won the first three rounds and only needed to hold on and avoid a dangerous knockout punch to retain the belt. Ngannou was obviously out of gas halfway through the fight but still managed to stay in the game after multiple hits to the face and knees to the torso from Miocic.



Miocic literally defied the odds at UFC 220 in Boston as he was a +140 underdog in Vegas. But the story will be his relationship with the UFC, and even more so, promoter Dana White. It’s no secret Miocic has lacked a bit of personality in the UFC and Dana White has wanted a replacement in the heavyweight division. In the above picture, you can see White a bit stressed as he knew Miocic would take the fight. And when White came into the ring after the fight with the heavyweight belt, Miocic clearly showed disrespect not acknowledging White’s presence.



Miocic is 35 years old with a baby on the way. He’s already a UFC legend with little else to prove. Will he go for one more defense or ride off into the sunset as the greatest UFC heavyweight on history?



The only heavyweight he has not faced is Cain Velasquez, who is also 35 years old. Velasquez held the belt from December 2012 to June 2015, where he lost to Fabricio Werdum. Velasquez last fought in July of 2016 and is currently ranked #4 in the heavyweight class.



What is the champion to do?






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 150 comments

  1. Iggy Iggy says:

    If Stipe does lose, he’s had a great run anyway and been a great ambassador for us. If he can pull this one out, he’ll go down as one of the greats tho, so fingers crossed.

    I’ll be on the vodskies and watching this one for sure (even taking the Monday off work!) :)

  2. Poglavnik says:

    Love what Stipe had to say about his opponent this Saturday.

    “I thought, ‘Here’s a tough guy, just like everyone else I’ve fought,’” Miocic (17-2 MMA, 11-2 UFC) told MMAjunkie. “That’s it. He goes out there and finishes guys, but I finished those same guys like two years ago. I’m not worried about it.”

    That’s what you call mentally tough.
    HNS, take notice.

  3. Branko says:

    This is going to be a tough one for Stipe. Ngannou is also 6ft4 (1,93m) but like most sub-Saharan African, he has a ridiculously disproportioned reach of 83″ which is 6ft11 (2,10m!). That is a HUGE physical advantage to both boxing and wrestling, and Stipe will need to knock him out quickly or those punches and take downs will take their tolls if the fight keeps on lasting.

    That said, I will gladly eat crow if Stipe finds a way in the last round!

  4. Croatianperson85 says:

    Hmm may have to politely disagree with you B-rank.

    Miocic has heavy hands. Ngannou has heavier hands if not the heaviest apparently (maybe Mark Hunt is there, walk away knock out examples) which may contradict my argument considering Miocic went a few rounds with Hunt before beating him via ref stoppage. Also, the whole strongest punch in the world thing, not sure how accurate that is considering not every Ufc heavyweight has punched that machine. The Ufc loves to hype people up for money. Apparently the game plan is to get past the first round and he will tire hopefully because he hasn’t fought past the first round in Ufc. Kind of how if Overeem can’t finish in the first he gasses out (mind you he has a glass chin and was juiced up all these years as good as he was in Pride). Ngannou is mainly a striker. He has not fought the calibre of fighters Miocic has, not even close so there are a lot of unknowns with Ngannou. They both beat Arlovski and Overeem. Miocic beat Werdum, Nelson, Dos Santos, Mark Hunt. That’s pretty good. All of them can throw. Both Arlovski and Reem have glass chins. We don’t know how strong Ngannou’s chin is. He is 31 and started fighting at 26 apparently! So he’s either a freak athlete, or hasn’t fought top level guys but I think its both. Miocic is an NCAA D 1 wrestler, great cardio and was a golden gloves boxer. I don’t think Ngannou has been tested.

    The only thing that worries me is Ngannou’s punching power and Stipe’s tendency to leave his hands down to invite a punch or two so he can counter because he knows he has a stronger chin than most guys (KO’s Werdum with a jab while walking back! Who has that power? Ngannou does I think so, Stipe has to be careful). If he stands and tries to bang it’s risky but again maybe Ngannou has a soft chin. Also, Ngannou is very fast. He’s not as refined as Stipe with his technical skills.

    My prediction, Stipe watches his head and defends well first round, try a few take downs to wear him out or dirty box up against the fence like Couture so he can’t get a haymaker in and slowly start to throw punches as the fight moves on when Ngannou should begin to tire.

    I just worry about him letting the odds makers and general public get to him with not giving him enough respect (almost how I am right now) and tries to prove he can bang with this guy. I don’t know exactly how strong Nganous hands are or if he just fought duds and we don’t know what his chin is like. All I know is that it will be the most entertaining heavy weight fight in a long time.

  5. Iggy Iggy says:

    Well he already said in an interview he felt like the UFC wants Ngannou to win and that he isnt getting respect as champ so it’s clearly in his head

    that could be good OR bad tho, tbh, not sure.

    TBH with u all, im not really expecting Stipe to win this, i think it could go very badly for us, but obviously there is still a solid chance for Stipe to win too, and as CP85 said, a lot of unknowns. For sure it’s an exciting fight tho, prolly the most exciting one heavyweights have had in ages. REally would be sweet if Stipe can KO this dude

  6. Maminjo says:

    If Stipe loses, it will only be via KO from letting his guard down (as he always does) to invite a punch so he can counter.

    He can’t do this with Ngannou.

    If Stipe protects his head, Ngannou will lose.

  7. Canuckcro says:

    Read on a forum this asphalt ape will run out of gas in about 3 to 4 minutes. Then we will see stipe hog tie this wild ex homeless long as stipe doesn’t get hit by a Haymaker..jungle king conger..will go down like a ton of shit..cardio will allow stipe to dance around this big mouth fool.

  8. BZ says:

    Regarding all the “ape” calling. I am not racist, but sometimes, in life, people resemble an animal. So I’ll bite.

    Modric resembles a rat. As many Africans have pointed out.

    Snoop dog resembles a doberman pincher

    Suarez a beaver.

    Dicky Durbin a turtle

    Ngannou an ape

    Not racist, just a fact.

    Miocic looks like an animal too. He looks like the baddest human walking the face of the earth.

    ps White talk show host Larry King looks like an ape too. or grandpa Simpson.

  9. BZ says:

    Ufc clearly wants a Tyson-like figure to be their Champion. Good guys like Miocic do not pay.

    My only concern is that this roided up Ngannou gets a free PED testing pass thru the entire process (like when Lesnar got his free pass, until after beating Hunt.)

    Kick his ass Stipe. Take him down and bury your elbow into his temple.

  10. crnkovic says:

    wow. seen this guy ngannou some of his highlights. thats ridiculous, by far the most physically powerful fighter i have ever seen. he generating huge power off outstretched limb. crazy power and speed. I’m sure he has weaknesses to him and stipe will know what they are. Good luck. love stipe’s attitude. he’s an insipration.

    in terms of ape comments. gareth bale looks like a chimpanzee. ngannou much less so. dont see how he resembles an ape at all to be honest. he’s just huge, powerful and black, not ape like though. despite your commendable efforts to difuse a race row before it starts BZ, sadly i believe that the comments are clearly racist.

    i think vlasic should stay at everton. its too early in his career for him to make an impact at this world cup. ahead of him in the pecking order are walcott, lennon, rooney, sigurdeson, bolasie, i think that if vlasic is the player many of us believe him to be he will earn his place on merit sooner rather than later. its good for him

  11. Maminjo says:

    The colour race thing is an unfounded classification.

    Anyone who considers themselves white, black, yellow or brown are idiots.

    You can only classify yourself by country, or by genetic halpogroup (if you are that hardcore), or if you go by that caucasoid, negroid, Mongoloid classification.

    There’s no such thing as racism and racists. Just a fake labeling system created by power hungry folk, and a population of idiots who eat it all up.

  12. Jarac says:

    Miocic first round KO like usual. Technique and skill trump power 9/10 ngannou pinchers chance and it’s slik to none…

  13. Elvis says:

    There are real differences between the races.
    Sub Saharan Africans have among the lowest IQ’s
    In the world. They are good athletes but lack
    The ability to create much.

  14. crnkovic says:

    elvis, i’m a sub saharan african and a croat due to dual heritage. what you are saying is rubbish. lets have a logical discussion about it here and we will let people vote on who has the higher IQ.

    (1) IQ test are a nonsense. they judge for predominant cultural abstract concepts such as rotating linear shapes, they even have language tests such as select best word according to context or whatever which clearly relate directly to education and cultural familiarity far more than to any fundamental “natural” intelligence. This is why children whose parents are doctors, or university professors, do better at school than children whose parents are drug addicts or janitors. it has nothing to do with race, OR IQ. It’s about upbringing, expectations, opportunities, what you like what you don’t like, how people respond to you etc. anybody who has observed kids switching off at the back of the class because the teacher clearly doesn’t believe in them can testify to this. I’ve worked in schools as a classroom assistant. It’s so obvious. Women also have lower IQ scores than men. are they more stupid? no of course not, they have different expectations as kids. thats why 90% of women i know have very little spatial awareness, they cant read a map for example. is that genetic? no its not, as the 10 % i know who were raised by parents who wanted their daughters to be capable of surviving in the great outdoors can read maps better than 99% of men. all this stuff is so freaking obvious that it really baffles me how some people can’t see it. The truth is that some people have got so much invested in their own ignorance that they dont WANT to see the truth, they dont WANT to understand how things work. they WANT to keep believing that someone is beneath them because it makes themselves feel bigger. makes them feel better about the shit that has been dumped on them since childhood. liberate yourself from mental slavery. the truth is love. all are welcome. there is no catch. no price to pay. to good to be true huh? thats because of the global system we live under, makes us doubt ourselves so much. be brave. choose love

  15. crnkovic says:

    when a woman loves you. she loves you. she doesnt love you because you are the richest guy in town. she doesnt love you because you are the richest guy she can get according to her looks.Well, half the world are playing that game, its them who are dragging us all down. life is not really a competition its far more about cooperation than competition. consumerism. do you get it? i can get this, you gotta have a bigger car etc. its all bullshit. anybody who has been in love, or picked up a baby or kept a loyal pet dog, or felt the joy of scoring a goal knows what life is about. you can’t buy it. come on. about IQ lmfao

  16. The truth says:

    I usually don’t dabble in analyzing after school fight clubs, but I’ll bite
    I call this match 50/50

    In terms of race, manimjo had some points that it is not a very accurate descriptor. Humans have been in Africa by far longer than anywhere else on earth which has lead to an incredible amount of diversification

    There is more genetic diversity within Africa, than the rest of the world combined. So to simply label someone as black or white and believe it can tell you much about them is likely a fools errand

  17. Iggy Iggy says:

    Good wins for Cilic and Petra Martic, Karlovic lost 9-7 in the fifth, but he did Marin a favour by dragging his match out (Cilic was due to play after him) so that Marin avoided the horrendous heat, which should help him going forward.

  18. BZ says:

    Crnkovic makes some good points.

    He thinks IQ tests are worthless. He might be right. That said, the smartest people I know scored very high on IQ tests.

    I suppose somebody going to come on here and say, “African cultures are incredibly low tech, with little to no innovation.”
    To that I say, ever hear of a thing called peanut butter. Now sit down you damn racists!

  19. The truth says:

    Also i feel oblidged to comment on ante chode-itch s move to roma. As usual, an overhyped youth moving to a big club. As usual, just like Marko rog, marko pee ass-a, josip radosuckic, etc etc…. Ante chode itch will find himself buried on the bench for years… He was barely good enough to start for dinamo

  20. Frajer says:

    If your plays on names are meant to amuse the commentariat here, you’re falling woefully short of your goal. You may as well tell us knock knock jokes. If on the other hand your loins sizzle at the thought that your “creativity” will be preserved in the archives of this site for posterity, carry on. My Monte Carlo simulator places 70% odds on you being pretty lonely, with 20% odds of you being a non-Croat, and 10% odds that you simply have a really, really bad sense of humour. If it is indeed loneliness, I humbly advise you to just be yourself. I actually think you do offer some articulate counterpoints to some posters’ overexuberance. Unfortunately for you, they’re clouded by the puerile humour.

  21. Frajer says:

    @Fox News
    Looking forwards to reading your article on the Belarus game. Until then, your righteous indignation need not be directed at a guy who has a day job.

  22. Jarac says:

    just remember technique and skill trump power…this isn’t the first time a roid freak has been in heavy weight class…roid freaks typically don’t last….stipe ubi ovaj kreten!!! ZDS

  23. crnkovic says:

    as for coric. its a good move. time he left dinamo, yes its true he couldn’t hold a spot in the team for long but sometimes a player as gifted as that is literally too good for the team. because he doesnt have pace, but he is a genius, he cannot get a game and control it, like modric. modern football is so difficult, he is not athletic or aggresive enough to be the dominant force for dinamo. he is an icing on the cake player, the special ingredient to make a top team even better. he needs teammates with better appreciation and movement. he needs a new challenge. he needs to step up. he cant do that at his uncles house in zagreb

    fantastic talent, when he drops the shoulder not just his marker but half the stadium sway out his way. a unique talent

  24. The truth says:

    It is laughable to compare antr chode-itch to modric and say he was too gifted to play on dinamo. Let’s hope he gets loaned out to some lower level team where he can actually play. The logic of these guys leaving dinamo so early is becoming very questionable

    Josip bustalos loan with stuggart was not picked up and he’ll be back to riding the bench with wolfsburg soon enough

  25. The truth says:

    @ frajer
    In terms of being lonely, things have been a bit quieter around the house since my son went to college. But i still have my handful with my daughter. You know how teenage girls can be. My business and old business is also keeping pretty busy lately which has taken my amount of posting down but that’s ok cause things have been kind of quiet

  26. Bobby V says:

    At the fight in Boston, quite a few jerseys and two guys just walked in with a huge Hajduk Split flag – haha

  27. Bobby V says:

    No, very small community unlike Chicago, my hometown. Two guys in front of us with Cleveland Browns jerseys with “Miocic” on the back.

  28. BZ says:

    Just cashed in my winning ticket. EZ money AGAIN!

    Nigannou was outclassed.

    Stipe embarassed Nigannou, Dana White and all the dopey hype believers. I ask you Croatian sports nation: which is faker news, CNN or the UFC hype machine?

    Stipe took a shot early and shrugged of the “strongest punch ever in the UFC” He has a World Class chin.

    To those who think Stipe should have tried harder for the ko or submission, I say, “are you stupid?” Why risk giving this bum a chance?

    All time greatest MMA champ, no questions now.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe that he was not knocked out!. Unreal Stipe must have punched him fifty times in the head, and he wasn’t even bleeding!?. Unreal. What a great performance Stipe. So much for that mental midget bullshit that is referred to so often on here.

  30. Maminjo says:

    That first minute was scary, like watching Stipe fight a Minotaur.

    When Ngannou connected on a few of those punches and saw Stipe bleeding under his eye, I was worried. But (as usual) Stipe somehow surprises everyone and brushed off the “strongest punch in the history of the World” and connected on a few of his own.

    I was shocked when I saw Stipe take down this 270 pound monster to the groud. When the rounded ended and I saw Ngannou gasping for air (and was lumbering to his corner while resting his arms on his hips) I knew it was over.

  31. Croatianperson85 says:

    Stipe is the best HWC ever. If he beats Cain that would literally mean he’s beaten all the top 10 heavyweights in the division more or less putting him on another level.

    Ngannou can only get better. He needs cardio, jujitsu and to not only be a counter puncher. He does have heavy hands and can punish you from nothing but he lunges forward and people slept on Miocic who is that good. Aside from a few punches, his game plan was near perfect. We also learned Ngannou has a chin even though I don’t think either man landed real a haymaker. Miocic’s chin withstood as well and Ngannou never fought anyone with the right mix of heart, smarts, punching power, chin, cardio and all around mix of mma skills.

    Miocic is the champ. It’s not his job to KO or risk losing if you think there is a safer path. He gassed him out without getting KO’d.

  32. BZ says:

    @CP85-By default, he is the greatest MmA champion ever. All other weight classes are meaningless.

    Can you imagine the NBA having a league for men under 6 foot?

    A Soccer league for men who can’t run fast?

    How boxing and Mma have tricked the masses into caring about champions at every 5/10 pound interval is beyond me. Amazing branding, but pure snake oil. I know ppl will say each weight class brings a different or exciting fighting style, but the same would be true regarding a basketball league of only men under 6 foot etc etc …still doesn’t mean I would watch that shit.

    There is only one, baddest man alive, and it is Stipe. The George St. Pierre’s, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, andJose Aldos of the world are nothing but a money grab.

  33. BZ says:

    @The truth- Does it make you happy or sad that Stipe’s skill has landed on heads 3 times in a row as Heavyweight Champion. Perhaps there is a little more than luck involved when you have athleticism, skill, & chin like Stipe.

  34. Maminjo says:


    Ngannou may get better, but I don’t think he will get that much better to achieve what Stipe has done.

    The whole “strongest punch in the world” thing was a lie.
    Also, the storyline of him being homeless 5 years ago, is also a lie. It’s all just stories to sell a fight.

    I don’t think he was ever homeless, and with a jacked body like that, he has at least been bodybuilding and training for 10 years or more.

    He’s already turning 32 and has zero ground game. He also get tremendously gasses after 5 minutes.

    His punches are strong, but I’m sure they’re only marginally stronger than Stipe’s or other HW fighters like Dos Santos and Mark Hunt…and none of that makes any difference if you’re not punching a stationary object with both feet planted and your body fully leaning into a punch. In a fight, nobody does that (especially against fighters with takedown ability).

    He has a good chin and a strong punch, no ground game, no cardio, and is already turning 32.
    He’s been figured out and exposed, and he doesn’t have the trajectory that Dana White is trying to sell.

    The reason why Stipe’s trajectory was so great was because of his fundamentals in boxing and wrestling that were there in the first place. His conditioning was bad at first, but not as bad as Ngannou’s was. Stipe was a complete fighter from the beginning, he just needed the training and experience.

    Ngannou will get better, but not enough to consistently beat guys with great ground games like Stipe, Werdum, Cain (if he comes back) epecially if they can handle an occasional hard punch like Stipe can.

  35. T Bone says:

    What a fight. If you ever watched the ‘Predator’ movies Ngannou lived up to his nickname, looking like the Predator was stalking Miocic. Mother$#-&we had a crazy reach advantage. Stipes got a big head though and can take more than a few shots but I think the shots that didn’t land were more important. Stipe dodged more than a few particularly in the third round where Predator connected with a right and missed the follow up left which had it landed might of been the KO punch. Great victory. History made. Stipe as a ground and pound striker for Hrvatska?

  36. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @everyone. Who has the heaviest hands/KO power in the HW division? Are Ngannou’s hands over rated? Does he have heavier hands than Hunt? Or did he KO 2 former champs (Arlovski, Overeem) notorious for also having glass chins like Miocic did? I think Ngannou would have to KO some bigger names but I still think he has very heavy hands.

  37. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Sorry Maminjo, I had my browser open for a while, while typing and didn’t see your post until after. Great points. I am thinking the same thing as you can see in the questions. Ngannou Hunt Miocic Dos Santos all have heavy hands marginally speaking. They all have good chins as well. Who’s hands do you think are the heaviest?

  38. Maminjo says:

    First of all, they need to measure ALL fighters with this punching machine (not just some of them) and they actually need someone from the Guinness Book of World Records present (which there wasn’t) before they start declaring that some World Record was broken.

    I don’t think Stipe, Dos Santos, Roy Nelson, Mark Hunt or many other current heavyweights ever punched this machine.

    Also, they need to measure different kinds of punches too from variable distances.

    Stipe is arguably the best heavyweight at knocking out guys with short range punches. He crushed Arlovski with one, and somehow knocked out Werdum with one (while running backwards). That’s probably a more important punch to have in your arsenal than a haymaker uppercut.

    There is almost no windup, and it’s like Stipe’s knocking people out with a jab. They need to compare the power of the different punches, from different standing positions, and measure every single fighter.

    Ngannou may have the strongest “slow windup, foot planted forward, hitting a stationary target” punch….but that means nothing when you maybe get one of those every several fights.

  39. Maminjo says:


    I dunno.

    Aside from Ngannou, I’d say Mark Hunt has got to be up there. Dan Henderson when he was a heavyweight and on roids had a crazy haymaker punch.

    Junior Dos Santos is up there too, but so is Stipe. Dos Santos says that Stipe’s punches are the hardest he’s ever felt.

    I think Stipe’s punches are heavy, but they are felt to be even heavier due to the fact that his short punch is insanely strong (and he always connects of several of those per fight).

  40. Maminjo says:

    On another note, I think we won’t be seeing another Stipe fight for a while.

    If this fight was close, then you could sell a Stipe vs Ngannou rematch…but this was a one-sided unanimous decision with Stipe winning all rounds (from all three judges).

    If Cain is still not available, they will probably schedule a Werdum vs Ngannou fight to become the number one contender. Ngannou would have to convincingly win, and improve on that cardio and ground game in order to sell a Heavyweight title rematch with Stipe. It would probably be better if Werdum just won, since that fight with Stipe could be sold as Stipe stealing Werdum’s title with a ‘lucky’ punch.

    Werdum is getting old though, hasn’t been beating people too convincingly lately, and I don’t think Dana White likes him much. Dana screwed him out of that decision with Overeem. I think they’d just rather he be just another heavyweight fighter, but not actually the champ (even though, IMO, he’s the best fighter out there behind Stipe).

    UFC will probably press hard for a Cain vs Stipe fight if it’s at all a possibility, but Cain might have to face someone first.

    Either this or maybe they do one of those fights where Jon Jones or Daniel Cormier moves up to Heavyweight to take on Stipe. Very few options really. Either way I think Stipe will get almost a year off.

  41. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @Maminjo – ya I know what you mean. I haven’t seen Cain in so long I can’t remember how heavy his hands are. Nelson has decent hands and a chin as well.

    Part of me feels that Miocic gets more out of his jab then his straight or cross. That short jab has been the punch to stun an openent and then rain with other punches or even KO as you mentioned Arlovski and Werdum. Rarely do you see Miocic stun or drop a guy with a straight or cross. It’s either the jab that opens the floodgates or the hook follow (JDS 2nd fight) and then a flurry of punches until they drop.

  42. CroatianPerson85 says:

    I think Stipe would take Cormier. Cormier would give up too much height and weight. He’s a great wrestler but I can’t see him lying on Miocic and having heavy hands chin ratio like Miocic. Same for Jones. Jones vs Miocic would be interesting. Jones has KO power and a good chin but not like Miocic. He would have to gain weight and lose speed but he would gain strength. Jones does have better JuJitsu that’s for sure.

  43. Branko says:

    Tonight, the world witnessed the true difference between a consummate professional soldier versus a glorified street fighter.

    Too much BS has been sold to the public about the supposed physical superiority of blacks since the civil rights movement through the artificial rules of boxing and hyped up (((American sports))), but this MMA fight exposed them once again as one trick ponies and why they are not, and never will be seen in special forces like the Navy Seals and Green Berets.


  44. crnkovic says:

    well done stipe. just watched the fight now with my kids. couldn’t go to a bar to watch the game because home with kids. very proud of stipe miocic. excellent fighter. good fight. kids loved it. at one point they were laughing saying dad they’re hugging each other, i explained what was going on but i did also say that when you’re a fighter the respect and empathy you experience with the guy opposite is close to love. because no one else in the world knows how you feel in that moment like the guy you’re trying to knock out. Yeah Ngannou was hyped, but it makes for great entertainment.

  45. The truth says:

    @ bz
    Winning a coin toss three times is not that unlucky an event. So it’s still difficult to tell if these wins are not luck. Stipe was arguably in trouble in his previous two matches in the first and could have easily been knocked out in the first of this one…. Possibly with 50/50 odds. Agreed once he made it past the first round and conditioning became a factor, the odds swing heavily in his favor from 50/50 to probably 80/20 and skill and conditioning factored in…. But because both of these guys finished their previous 10 fights in the first round…. You would have to think odds of going past round 1 was under 10 percent…. Which means even if stipe waa favored heavily after that it would only barely nudge the overall fight odds past 50/50

    I general, this was a really boring fight. My came into the entrainment room, and wondered why i paid money to watch one man lay on top of another man

  46. Maminjo says:

    This wasn’t a boring fight

    Also,I’m not sure why everyone thought this was going to be a first round fight. Both guys have iron chins. Even though Stipe has been stunned with punches in the past, he is the best at recovering from them. Guy remains stunned for a few short seconds (at most) then comes at you like nothing ever happened.

    He was clocked in the head a few times by Ngannou, but it didnt seem to phase him much and he actually took down Ngannou a couple of times immediately after eating a few punches.

  47. Iggy Iggy says:

    Stipe is an absolute legend. This guy takes the best aspects of Americanism (hard working, confident) and combines it with our native Hrvatski talent to be a complete product. Truly, an absolute legend. Hard to see who’s gonna beat him now, where’s he go from here?? I can’t even think of who he fights next, he’s already beat everyone..

  48. Iggy Iggy says:


    I agree with your comments that (1) Werdum is prolly the next best fighter, and he definitely got fucked over in that Overeem fight. I watched that and was shocked he lost, total bs.

    Also agree on the “most powerful punch” thing, hard to go by Mark Hunt for that, that dude is legendary with his KO walk away punches lol.. he’s prolly the “toughest” HW tbh, took Mirko’s head kicks back in the day and survived, lmao

  49. Iggy Iggy says:

    Haha, well, im confused cos Mirko looked so good in that Rizin fight! He said they did stem cell operation on his knee? (i didnt know this was happening these days) and it worked out really well for him so who knows lmao

    Mirko is like 40 but he is moving like he’s 20 these days, should come back to UFC. I actually – i know you are joking Zee – but i actually was thinking, watching Ngannou, i was thinking, Mirko can beat this guy.. so u never know ;) hehehe

  50. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Cain Velasquez if he progresses up the ladder again. Guys remember fighting in a cage is different than fighting in a ring. It’s like playing indoor with boards vs an indoor field. In the octogon you have less room and there is more close range fighting. I don’t think Mirko is suited to the Octogan personally and neither is Overeem. A stronger chin carries more weight in a cage than a ring.

  51. Zee says:

    Ya iggy that vid was cool. #croperson85. Ya i know its a ehole different game for mirko. Ee just fooling around. The right foot hospital left foot cemetary works in grand prix not ufc.

  52. Razbijač says:

    Thanks for the Video Iggy, it was awesome.

    Yeah Stipe is the best Heavyweight EVER in UFC. He’s got all the attributes: skill, stamina, punching power, intelligence, chin, courage, and ground game!

    He took Ngannou to the cleaners. It was so awesome seeing Stipe take down and corral that Dinosaur!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Ngannou underestimated Miocic, he wont be making that mistake next time.
    Remember that JDS beat Cain the first time also, a lot of dumb cunts seem to forget that. So stop pretending that Miocic has cleared out the division just cos he’s beat some guys once. Just once.
    Werdum was stupid in his loss against Miocic.
    JDS had a shit game plan.
    Overeem felt a tap.
    Ngannou underestimated Miocic based off of his lucky win against Overeem who underestimated Ngannou.

    Lot of questions to still be answered.

    Miocic vs Werdum should be next in my opinion.
    No way I would give Cain the next shot (my favourite HW), he’d more than likely come back to beat Miocic and then get injured again.
    Cain vs Ngannou, the winner fights Werdum or Miocic!

  54. Lika Joey says:

    Anonymous Stipe will take Care of any heavy weight on earth at the present time. Before the fight last night Francis was bragging about being a complete fighter etc. Stipe has been a top wrestler and boxer for most of his life. Cain will be a tough fight for Stipe but will lose to him. Stipe is a naturally stronger more technical and durable man. Francis just got his heart ripped out by a naturally tougher man Period! Stipe took shots that would of destroyed any other heavyweight.

  55. Lika Joey says:

    Stipe will knockout Verdun…Verdum can only pray for a submission. How many heavyweight fighters can knock out a man going backwards? If you have never boxed etc you can’t understand the difficulty. Ngannou has to plant his feet and swing like a mad man for power. Stipe can ko with an 15 inch motion. Francis showed a solid chin last night also. Stipe is the greatest Croatian athlete since I can remember.

  56. Lika Joey says:

    Stipe will beat Cain like an unwanted step child! Cain is durable and has cardio for days… Stipe is a fucking killer! BEAST MODE!!! Stipe is the smartest fighter the ufc heavyweight division has ever seen.

  57. Anonymous says:

    “Stipe took shots that would of destroyed any other heavyweight.”

    At the post fight presser Ngannou said Miocic has no KO power!
    Ngannou KO’ed Overeem who has no chin, but he could not KO Miocic, so we really don’t know if Ngannou has KO power himself.

  58. Maminjo says:


    You can’t be serious.

    JDS had “a shit game plan” against Miocic?

    What game plan do you suggest he have if he couldn’t even handle a Miocic jab?

    That entire fight it seemed as though JDS couldn’t handle any of Stipe’s punches. You can’t go an entire fight without being hit. So what game plan is there?

    If a roided-up JDS whose career is based on his heavy hitting couldn’t do anything to Stipe (despite Stipe leaving himself open to trade punches) then there is nothing else he can do. He sure as hell shouldn’t get close to Stipe, who makes a career knocking out guys from close range and/or grappling with them.

    There was simply nothing JDS could do to win that match. Now, there is even a less chance of him to ever do it again without the roids.

    …”Werdum was stupid in his loss against Miocic”

    Can you explain how he was stupid?

    Putting the pressure on Stipe (who at that point was winning matches by stalking his opponent) was an excellent game plan. Werdum is good at this.

    However, when you fight a guy who literally has anvils for fists, you will always run the risk of being knocked out.

    Stipe knocked Werdum out BADLY (it took Werdum several minutes to snap out of it) and he did this with a jab while backpedaling.

    There is nothing stupid about getting hit with a jab in an MMA fight. It happens constantly. But for some reason, Miocic has this insane ability to completely KO guys with low effort punches. His opponents can’t plan for things like this.

    The game plan was good. The only way Werdum can beat Stipe is via submission, and he needed to get close to Stipe to get him down. It would have been awesome to see the two of them on the ground, but the problem is that Stipe is lethal at close range. Werdum would have to absorb some shots while taking him to the ground, unless he caught Stipe by surprise early. It was a smart move, but unfortunately for Werdum, he doesn’t have the jaw to handle a Stipe punch (like many others).

    …”Ngannou underestimated Miocic”

    Again, can you explain how he ‘underestimated’ Miocic?

    What did he underestimate exactly?
    Did he underestimate Stipe’s ability to handle a Ngannou punch?

    Okay, now that we know Stipe can take a Ngannou punch…what now?

    What is going to change next time?

    Ngannou did exactly as Ngannou does. He used his sheer size and speed to overwhelm his opponents in the first round and hopes to win via KO.

    If that doesn’t work, then he has nothing else because he can’t wrestle and can’t keep this up for more than a round.

    There is not going to be a rematch of this fight because there is nothing Ngannou can do to win other than hope for a lucky punch to connect and (maybe) knock him out.

    His conditioning is so bad that it’s very unlikely that he will ever get to Stipe’s level to go a full five rounds, and his ground game is nonexistent (so there’s no way to close the gap on that either, especially at the tender age of 32).

    Last night’s match was the worst possible outcome for Ngannou because it exposed him. They would love to sell it as an underestimation…but nobody’s buying that, and Dana White is already talking about Cormier moving up to fight Miocic (so that pretty much confirms that a Ngannou vs Miocic rematch is an afterthought).

    …”Overeem felt a tap”

    LOL. This confirms that you’re either a biased hater, or just an idiot.

    The entire MMA community had a laugh at Overeem’s expense because of this comment (they even pulled up video at the post-fight conference and Overeem had to watch it embarassingly with everyone there), and here you are actually using it to defend that fight?

    Everything went exactly to Overeem’s plan. It couldn’t have worked out better, and he connected well with his signature strike. Problem is, what normally knocks out other heavyweights, doesn’t knock out Stipe. Stipe has been rocked several times like this, and somehow bounces back in seconds. Overeem rocked him, then pounced on Stipe, but it was too late. The window was closed. Then Stipe rocked him shortly after and that was it.

    This was the best case scenario for Overeem, and he still ended up unconscious himself. These two could fight 10 times, and Overeem would not win once.

    Out of all the guys you mentioned…only Werdum stands a chance to beat Stipe..but Werdum is turning 41 and has not been beating people lately as well as he used to.

    He has less chances of beating Stipe now, than he did back in 2016 in Brazil. I would love to see a Stipe vs Werdum rematch…but I don’t think Werdum can win this now.

    Cain Velasquez is intriguing, but only because it’s such an unknown. Werdum beat him pretty good back in 2015 so I don’t know if he’d come back any better than what Werdum is now. I’d put those two at the same level at best.

    JDS, Ngannou, and Overeem will never beat Stipe, nor will they will ever get a rematch again. Maybe Ngannou can get one if he wins his next two matches and improves significantly on the ground and his cardio, but if they put him up against Werdum or Cain, it probably won’t happen. Cain and Werdum will do to him exactly what Stipe did.

    Cormier might be Stipes next opponent. Cormier is smart and skilled, but this would be a completely one sided fight in Stipe’s favor as Stipe tops him in skill and physicality. I don’t believe Cormier would move up to heavyweight. He’s already said he’d never want to fight Stipe. We’ll see.

  59. Croatianperson85 says:

    @ Anonymous – Sorry brother you’re either misinformed or looking to sprinkle some pepper and see what happens. Anyone and everyone that follows MMA knows Overeem was ridiculed for the tap claim and as Maminjo already pointed out Joe Rogan had them pull up the vide after the fight and it emebarassing because no one saw a tap. It was very obvious. I won’t even bother with posting videos because everyone already knows this. YouTube Overeem Miocic tap if you want a good laugh.

  60. Zee says:

    Stipe has the golden gloves boxing background among other arsenals. He tough to beat. Hands are quicker than feet or anything. Somebody at some point will beat him but not in the near future. Can’t see it.

  61. Lika Joey says:

    Anonymous Stipe has no knockout power?? Just ended his last 5 fights in the first round with one shot. Stipe could of submitted or ko’d Francis…but why risk it…feels good to beat the fool like a dog lol.

  62. Anonymous says:

    @Lika Joey
    He has no KO power is what Francis said, and I believe Francis is correct.

    Maminjo says JDS can’t handle a Miocic jab, so JDS has “no chin,” Arlovski and Overeem have “no chin,” Miocic couldn’t KO Ngannou cos Ngannou has a chin and at the same time Ngannou couldn’t KO Miocic cos he has a chin.
    There is no KO power in the HW division, there’s just chins and no chins.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Remember when Cameroon bet on Croatia to win at the WC.

    There is some that say the Miocic Ngannou fight resulted in a lot of happy Cameroonians. Fix was in!

    What were the odds for that fight to go the distance?

  64. BZ says:

    @Lika Joey- exactly, why risk it? So u can make the UFC & Dana look good, after disrespecting you for the last few months? If Nigannou had anything left in the tank, he would have been knocked out by Stipe. Instead Stipe resorted to using his World Class wrestling. Nigannou has some nerve after getting beat up like my best friend getting beat by his older brother (always ended up with a fart in the face.)

  65. Maminjo says:


    You got nothing. You can’t even respond lol.

    Go back to sleep (like Stipe’s opponents).

  66. Jarac says:

    Anonymous is a troll…aka cetnik. Anyone who thought ngannou had anything other the a punchers chance doesn’t know two shits about mma and is a sheep that was fooled by Dana’s promotion. I said it once i’ll say it again…a technical fighter will outclass a gorilla steroid freak 99% of the time ngannou will never hold the belt for an extended period of time. Stipe is a generational talent had the power the size the athleticism and a class boxer and wrestler….no one is beating this guy anytime soon../.

  67. Jarac says:

    Also….love how stipe took the belt from that little bitch Dana and had his coach crown him…stipe legendo…bog I hrvati

  68. Anonymous says:

    Miocic hasn’t beaten anyone good, bunch of guys with no chins, and a guy that underestimated him by taking the last two weeks of training off.

    You got to be a punch drunk fool to call Miocic a “generational talent.”

    A “generational talent” that can’t finish a one trick pony with no cardio is what I’m getting from the fool @Jarac. HW division is as shit as your comment @Jarac.
    Miocic is a lucky that he can be a poor man’s Cain while the real Cain hasn’t been around, and that’s the truth.

  69. CroatianPerson85 says:

    can anyone think of any HW MMA fighter that is as well rounded as Miocic EVER or am I getting ahead of myself? I’m not talking Fedor/Pride, UFC only.

    I can’t think of a guy in HW division that is. He defended the belt 3 times, D1 wrestler, Golden Gloves boxer, has a chin, KO power, cardio. I think he picked up Muay Thai after. Not sure about his JJ/submissions.

    Rememeber this sport is still pretty new. Most fighters grew up training in a base and then working on other skills after. Usually your base is Wrestling or Striking (Boxing, MT, Karate etc) or Jui Jitsu/BJJ.

    Only now are we seeing full on MMA gyms where the next generation of fighters train and learn all skills as opposed to one and branching off. Example (whether you like him or not or think he’s good or not) is Rory McDonald current Bellator welterweight champ. From Vancouver has been in an MMA gym since he was 14. The next generation of fighters will only make the sport better.

  70. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @ Anonymous

    Werdum – former champ
    Arlovski – former champ (agreed sucks and no chin)
    Overeem – former champ (agreed no chin but was great in Pride)
    JDS – former champ, the loss was close
    Hunt – walk away knockout, arguably the heaviest hands if Ngannou is hyped
    Nelson – heavy hands

    Statistically Miocic is the best UFC HW ever, he defended 3 times. Facts don’t care about your thoughts or feelings. I agree with the HW not being great but facts are facts. Fedor is on another planet (although he’s lost a few times the past few years).

    He’s 18 and 2 (JDS decision and he lost to Stefan Struve early in his UFC career when he came out looking to bang like Ngannou and had shit cardio. He’s much smarter now. He also destroyed Struve and should have won but it was a TKO when the ref jumped in. Stipe was still on his feet fighting. All in all it was a deserved loss but it was because he gassed out. He’s learned from that.)

    Of his 18 wins, 13 were KO’s and of those 13, 9 were in the first round. Excluding Beltran, his decisions were to guys with chins or heavy hands – Nelson, Gonzaga Ngannou.

    If he defends his belt 2 more times, he ties the record for most HW belt wins in all MMA in any organization. Couture is 1st with 6, Sylvia 5, Cain, Fedor, Miocic have 4.

  71. Canuckcro says:

    Jealous cetnik anonymous is ..for sure.Hes mad cuz Serb mihailovic ..took a brutal thrashing from ngannou..looked like an absolute p.o. shit.Poor weak fat Serb..trying to be tougher than tough hrvats.

  72. Canuckcro says:

    All cros on this site..lookup the ngannou vs mihailovic ufc fight on YouTube.. you will howl how the rat like Serb got pumelled by monster ngannou.

  73. Kralj Tomislav says:

    @the truth aka I’m a dumb serb aka my testicles are filled with turkish sperm: I would love for you to go one fucking round against Stipe and see if you can toss that bloody coin in your favour or not…I bet you’d be on your weak pussy serbian knees after 20 seconds begging for Stipe to please spare your life.

    @Canuckcro, thanks for the tip, that was the best sports entertainment so far in 2018, it will stick for a long time. Fuck me, what a pussy serb. Fat lard ass. Bet truth aka pussy serb is already crunching the numbers on his xbox to see how many seconds mihailovic would hold against Stipe before getting pummeled like the serbian pussy that he is.

  74. Nizic says:

    Stipe dismantled this guy, and was smart enough to keep away from those powerful swings with those meat hooks lol, beautifully done, I also loved the way he wanted his belt from dick head Dana giving him no Respect loved every second .

  75. Canuckcro says:

    If the urban legend of blackbelts registering with law authorities was true..then stipe would have to register his fists and fighting skills to every five 0 shop around the world.Hes a true cro national treasure.

  76. Jarac says:

    crazy part is stipes boxing was class compared to ngannou, if stipe wanted to he would absolutely have knocked out ngannou standing up. Ngannou is an amateur vs stipe not even close to the same league…

  77. Anonymous says:

    “if stipe wanted to he would absolutely have knocked out ngannou standing up”

    Would there of been risk involved if wanted to knock him out?

    BZ and Lika Joey believe it would’ve been risky.

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