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Modrić Shines As Real Madrid Come Back To Defeat PSG 3-1

February 12, 2018


Modrić in action vs. PSG



Luka Modrić and Real Madrid dodged a huge bullet Wednesday in Champions League after conceding the first goal of the game to PSG at home in the 33rd minute. However, the troops would rally for three unanswered goals in a dominating comeback where Ronaldo scored twice. With Champions League all for Real Madrid to play for, this result should give the club the proper momentum going to Paris two weeks from now. Modrić played welled and supported his attackers while showing off some finesse. Mateo Kovačić rode the bench for this match.


Modrić vs. PSG Highlights



Dejan Lovren played the full 90 minutes for Liverpool in a 5-0 shellacking of Porto Wednesday. The result has all but put Liverpool in the Champions League quarterfinals.


Mario Mandžukić got the start for Juventus Tuesday night in Torino in a match that looked all but over in the first 10 minutes. The reigning Italian champions went up 2-0 before the seats were warm through two Gonzalo Higuain goals; one being a penalty. Spurs’ Harry Kane would pull one back, beating the trap in the 35th minute but Higuain, looking to score a first half hat trick, would shank his second penalty off the cross bar just moments before halftime. Christian Eriksen found Juventus goalie Gigi Buffon leaning the wrong way and beat him with a low free kick to earn an impressive 2-2 draw.



Super Mario was given a ‘7’ grade as he was “The sort of striker who knows the value of link-up play, underrated.” Mandžukić was taken off in the 76th minute with Juventus now needing all but a victory at Wembley in two weeks time.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 24 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    who cares.

    Bender is starting to really put it together. So is Hezonja.

    Two months ago, it looked like only Saric would pan out from these three…but Hezonja’s been solid these past 25 games (and incredibly good these past 8 games). Orlando’s ownership already stated they made a big mistake not picking up his option, and fans are hoping he won’t leave (but probably will as he’s easily worth more than the $5 million rookie option was worth. I have a feeling Vlade Divac will try to snag Hezonja this summer.

    Bender just woke up like 5-6 games ago, but he’s looking like the ideal new age NBA center with great passing, shooting, and defense. Just needs to add strength to that frame (which should happen naturally). Hopefully he continues to be aggressive.

  2. Dannyj says:

    So we may real legit repka again?? Super cool. I don’t follow much basketball just through the site but always good to see our guys coming up
    Wasn’t ziva calling them all busts a couple months ago

  3. Maminjo says:

    Yea looks like it.

    Saric is already fantastic at both NBA and International Level for us.

    Bogdanovic is a solid NBA player and very good at International Level too (and will still be part of our international core as the older veteran, even though he’s still only 28).

    It’s too early for Hezonja, Bender and Zubac to show anything for us internationally, but I expect them to contribute within a couple of years.

    But I expect all three to become NBA rotation players at least (with Hezonja intriguing me lately with his Klay Thompson-like play).

    We also have a solid prospect from Barcelona (Luka Samanic) who is expected to be a first rounder in a couple drafts from now.

    Ante Zizic, however, looks to be too robotic for NBA basketball. He’ll probably be back in Europe when his contract is done (or just be some energy guy at the end of the rotation for rebounding and blocked shots).

    All this, and not a single bit of cash towards our Basketball programs, lol.

  4. idemo says:

    Bobby v

    Do you know what Bosnia means? Or “bosna” or “bosanac”

    Not the literal but do you know the implied definitions

  5. Bobby V says:

    Ok, I’ll play along. Jesus. Yes, I understand that Capljina is 75 percent or more Croat and is on Croatia’s border. I also understand that he is Croatian, not a Bosnian (Muslim). Just wanted to point out that those announcer, who don’t know shit about our region, were technically correct.

    This might have been the lowest level “argument” I’ve been drawn into since posting on this site. Haha.

  6. Bobby V says:

    Oh, and I forgot to throw in a “I’m a greater Croat” quote: Idemo and anonymous, what were you doing in 1963, when, as a small child, I was walking the streets of Zadar?

  7. idemo says:

    I wouldn’t call it an argument but thats ur stance, I genuinely felt like u didn’t understand so I was gonna try to tell u some things

    We don’t live in/on technicalities in Hercegovina we don’t claim Bosna, they don’t help us they don’t don’t shit for us. We are not them. We are not from BiH; we don’t have their papers.
    The commentator is technically wrong

    He said bender is from Bosnia, “bosnia” refers to one part of Bosnia and Hercegovina

  8. Bobby V says:

    All the announcer did was look at his bio which reads: born: Capljina, Bosnia. To expect him to understand what all of us know is a bit ridiculous.

    I’m half Hercegovac myself. Mom is from Stolac and Dad from an island off Zadar called Osljak.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @”zee”, “you live in your momma’s basement”, “you be ignant”, “calm down”, “sober up”, “you’re lying”, “richard spencer”, “brietbart”, “the south will rise again”, etc, etc,

    IS NOT AN ARGUMENT, it’s an admission that you can’t dispute anything I say. But you are “on the right side of history” right moron? Just like the Soviets who kept pretending they had a “Workers Paradise” while people started asking ‘Then why do you have to shoot escapees?’

    White self hatred is sick.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I put on ‘Inside the NBA’ for a few minutes and see 4 black guys say “race is a social construct b/c mommy professor said so”.

    Then why the fuck do you and your “LOYAL-TRAITOR” White anti-white dipstick allies shoving “BLACK history” down everyone’s throats all the time???

    My God these two faced retards. Someone once said to me “you must be real angry that black history month is coming up.” Oh no, quite the contrary, “black history month” is the most hilarious thing going.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Somebody tell Isiah Thomas & TRAITOR criminal Gregg Popovich that the GENOCIDE LAW disagrees one hundred fucking percent that “race is a social construct”. You find yourself in a Tribunal for the crime of actively promoting genocide and your defense is “race is a social construct” you’ll soon be swinging from the gallows.

    “Oh no, that can never happen to Popovich b/c 5000 years of human history has been leading to today’s truth, Popovich’s “truth” and now nothing can ever change that”. And of course he kisses enough “men in uniforms” asses that they’ll put his brown nose in front of the survival of their race.

  12. Anonymous says:

    @Bobby V, it’s “ridiculous” for an NBA announcer to do a little homework especially considering there’s enough quality players from the former Yugoslavia to have their own NBA team?

  13. Bobby V says:

    Maybe he should have mentioned that Bender plays Croatia, but, other than that, I don’t think his employers would want him discussing the history and politics of the former Yugoslavia during an NBA telecast.

  14. Anonymous says:

    @Bobby V, yea, all I’m saying is that he should have let the audience know that Bender (with his Germanic last name) is Croatian & not misled them by saying “he’s from Bosnia”.

    If an announcer says “Dennis Schroder is from Germany”, anyone who’s not a delusional dipstick Wordist can SEE he’s not German.

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