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Zubac Game Time Decision For Easter Mass, Laughs At MVP Chants

March 31, 2018

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Los Angeles Lakers center Ivica Zubac had a monster 14-point fourth quarter Friday night; helping Laker nation erase a 17-point Bucks lead to force overtime. The Lakers would eventually fall to Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Bucks in overtime, but not before the entire Staples Center erupted in M-V-P! chants for the 21 year-old Zubac.



Zubac, although appreciative of the MVP chants, says he knows they are a joke. Zubac also said he will join the Los Angeles Croatian community for church this Easter Sunday if the Lakers do not schedule a morning shoot-around. Lakers play the Kings Sunday night.





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 7 comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    Like most of the diaspora, he is a CEO. Christmas and Easter Only (when it comes to going to Mass).

  2. The Beast says:

    Congrats to Dino Radja for making the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Former Split and Boston Celtic. He deserves his own story.

  3. The truth says:

    I still like zubac potential and he’s been a bit short changed most of the year in terms of playing time

    But the Lakers are playing to win and Lopez has been performing well. Combo with Walton wanting to go super small and it’s been tough

    Dino radja should not be in the basketball hall of fame. He’s in there simply because of a systematic error in their process that way over represents international players. Fine player… But definitely not a hall of fame player

  4. Maminjo says:

    Prime Rada was a 20ppg 10rpg and 1.5bpg player who was 50% from the field, and could hit his free throws (which was a big problem for big men back in the 90s).

    He came to the NBA very late at age 26, was excellent from the get-go, got injured, and retired at like 28-29 years old. He had incredible potential, and it showed. He would have been a perennial All-Star if he came in earlier and didn’t have those injuries…but that’s life.

    Dario Saric will probably be putting up stats like Dino’s in a couple years from now (along with his incredible 3-pt shot). He’s already a 16 and 8 guy with amazing intangibles and shooting percentages.

    It’s funny. Dario Saric is like a combination of Dino Rada and Toni Kukoc.

    He’s kind of in a Toni Kukoc situation too, playing on the 76ers, where he’ll be the third wheel on a team that will be a perennial NBA finalist.

  5. The truth says:

    I actually think radjas stat lines were ok…i don’t quite think he would’ve been an all star

    But at the end of the day, he didn’t stay healthy and only played three nba seasons . Ultimately a limited resume against the top competition in the world should not cut it for hof. Because of the international bias though he’ll slide in

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