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Mandza Brace Not Enough For Juventus In Emotional CL Ending

April 11, 2018

mandžukić slavlje

Mandžukić scores twice but it’s not enough


It’s the Mario Mandžukić show in Madrid! The Juventus striker headed home twice inside 40 minutes (2′, 37′) to cut the Real Madrid aggregate score from 3-0 to 3-2 at halftime. Juventus scored one more in the second half to bring the aggregate score to 3-3; and with the game nearly headed to extra time, a penalty was given to Real Madrid, Italian goalkeeping legend Gianluigi Buffon was sent off (in possibly his last career CL game and Ronaldo netted from the spot to send Los Blancos to the semifinals.



What did we learn today?



No lead is safe.



Mandžukić can still score in the air with proper service.



Modrić can become obsolete if the team does not run through him. Juventus shut him down.



Real Madrid will now join Bayern Munich, Roma and Liverpool in the semifinal draw on Friday.



Mandžukić heads home twice in the first half




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 23 comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for juventus would love to see 2 italian teams knock out the 2 spanish giants….i love modric but hes won 2 in a row lets see dejan or mandzukic lift the trophy this year

  2. Maminjo says:

    Oh God.

    Now Dalić will be pretty much forced into starting Mandžo.

    If Kramarić sits during this World Cup, we’re done.

  3. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Good for Mandza, old news, he can score with his head with good crossing.

    IF – Lovren wasn’t capable of the game changing blunder (I know, I know he’s playing well at the moment. Let’s hope it stays that way)

    and IF we had consistent quality crossing for Mandza (like him or not, Srna was for the most part consistent with his crosses/service)

    we could play 3-5-2 and I think Cro would be dangerous.

    Subasic goalie, Vida at LB and Corluka/Lovren at CB or RB (pending a fully functioning brain with rational decision making at all times)

    Midfielders are Modric, Rakitic and either Kova if you want to go offensive or Badelj if you want more defensive support for the Mid.

    Perisic, Vrsaljko outside wings. (Pjaca off the bench, not sure where Brozovic fits in, feel like he’s jack of all trades (minus speed and hairstyle) master of none.

    Forwards are Mandza (as your post up big man aerial threat) Kramaric playing just behind him linking midfield and Mandza.

    IF Lovren could mthrf$&kn keep it together for a tournament, I think that would be a strong lineup IMO. Pains me to not see us play 3-5-2 when we have the potential and multiple weapons.

    I still think we give some of these players a hard time criticism wise, we’re too uppity at times, when they score one week we love, them they don’t next we immediately panic. Myself included. It’s like we have some never ending neurosis like Zidovi.

    All in all, it’s one tournament and some guys get lucky or find the way to step it up in big moments or in general when with their national teams. Lets hope we can do the same in Russia.

  4. gbvh says:

    Marca on Real …..

    Kovacic: Some muscle in midfield for the last quarter hour. Did what he had to do given such a short space of time.

    Modric: Zidane subbed him off in the 75th minute. Was one of Madrid’s better players without actually penetrating in the dangerous areas.

  5. Hollywood Hrvat says:

    I guess the fix is in another fishy entertaining result Real win 0:3 away then Juve win 0:3 away what a coincidence.Then Real win with a penalty they have to make it entertaining for TV ratings.

  6. BZ says:

    On the bright side, a well rested Mandzukic.

    In all seriousness, with Pjaca not 100% and Rebic’s injury, I think Dalic might go with Mandzukic at striker with Kramaric on the left and Perisin on the right. It worked well vs Ukraine if I recall.

  7. The truth says:

    Well this game was a real disaster for the Croatia world cup. Modric unfortunately keeps playing a wearing both his body and desire down

    And worst of all, mario scores two goals!. The perfect flukey occurrence to stop the momentum of moving mandzukic to the bench

    The guy has not scored in months.

    He spearheaded the lowest scoring Croatian offense in 15 years!

    And now he’s probably back to being the defacto lead striker again after two fluke goals!


  8. Maminjo says:


    It only worked well because Kramaric started and played the full 90 minutes.

    You could replace Mandzo with anyone and we still win the game 2:0 thanks to Krama.

  9. crnkovic says:

    on the halilovic vid vs levante. seems that his attitude is now spot on. he has learnt the value of keeping the ball, so he has become reliable. however, as a result he has lost all his skill. lmao. now he needs to rediscover his ability to run at the defence and score goals like he did at gijon. to integrate his flair into a tactically aware mentality. lets see if he can do that. then he will be a good player

  10. KING BRONK says:

    Questionable calls always go to the team with the star or the big market team which in soccer is normal one and the same.
    The fix is in-whats new? I think it was a penalty but having said that if that were Croatia playing against England we would never get that call.
    Madrid for the three-peat.
    Hala Madrid

  11. Rafael says:

    @Chopper-its basically a done deal.

    Niko Kovac has done a phenomenal job at Eintracht Frankfurt.

    Look at the last 3 coaches at Bayern, Juup, Pep and Ancelloti. Bayern only picks the best. And congrats to Kovac if this comes to fruition.

    He wasn’t the best fit for our national team. But quite frankly he is a detail oriented manager who is best suited in club nogomet.

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