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April 15, 2018


Mandza opens the scoring for Juventus on Sunday



After scoring two first half goals against Real Madrid on Wednesday, Mario Mandžukić added another to his weekly tally on Sunday; volleying a cross past the Sampdoria keeper sends before the halftime whistle. Mandza is strong in front of the net with proper service and has regained his scoring touch. But can the Croatian national side get him that service in Russia?



With the 3-0 win over Sampdoria and a Napoli draw on the weekend, Juventus now have a six point lead in Serie A with as many games remaining in the season.



Mandžukić goal vs. Sampdoria




Lovren subbed off due to injury



After an incredible week where Dejan Lovren helped Liverpool get to the Champions League semifinals and post a clean sheet against Bournemouth on Saturday, he was subbed off in the 83rd due to injury in a 3-0 win. BBC has stated that it doesn’t look like a serious injury and that Lovren should be available vs. Roma at the end of the month. Liverpool take over third spot in England with the win.



Luka Modrić was shut down this weekend to rest for Champions League at the end of the month. Ivan Rakitić is out this week as he recovers from hand surgery from a broken finger. Croatia goalie Danijel Subašić got scored on seven times as PSG were crowned Ligue 1 champions this weekend.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 88 comments

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  2. Maminjo says:

    Modrić not playing due to injury.

    Can’t really find much on it. This is why I wanted Real eliminated from the CL. They’re going to push him to play, despite not being 100 percent.

  3. Zee says:

    Never been a huge fan of lovren but he looked ok yet again today. Just watched it. If he keeps this up no doubt he in starting XI.

  4. Soul Champ says:

    @ Maminjo

    Zidane will rest Modrić the rest of La Liga to ensure he is fit for CL.

    He sustained a knock from Matuidi in the first half of Juve match.

    Kovačić has an opportunity to gain some valuable minutes.

    He needs to be more aggressive and forward thinking.

    He is playing it safe and conservative, which I understand, but it is now time to unleash his talent.

    Real have 4th place locked up.

    He also will be needed at some point over 180 minutes with Bayern.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Gibberish! Lol I was thinking exactly that when I was reading peoples comments the other day.

    Anyway, I made a list of people that should be considered for the Croatian national team coaching position after Dalic gets fired.
    In no particular order,

    1. Crnkovic
    2. Slavonac from Canada
    3. BZ, has the ability to see talent which Kovac has not.
    4. Soul Champ
    5. Poglavnik
    6. Maminjo

    Let’s take this to the polls and have some fun!

    My pick is Soul Champ, I think his homer/fan boy approach would be well received by our players.

    Let me know what you guys think, have I missed anyone?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Idemo could be considered, but I just feel that he might want to build the team around Badelj, and that might be a problem.

  7. Andrej L says:

    I’m not too worried about Modric. He took a knock against Juve and supposedly was just lifting weights instead of outdoor training. All reports indicate that he’ll be ready for Bayern.

  8. Zee says:

    @gbv. Ya Mario scores. Oh boy. Is he firing up in the right time? On another note ” vratija se sime” apparently he played well albeit did not watch it.

  9. Maminjo says:

    Rijeka loses to Rudeš.

    Looks like Matjaž Kek might be shown the door. I hope not. He’s an excellent coach.

  10. Maminjo says:

    Good for Mandžo. But if Kramarić doesn’t start for us, we’re not going to be scoring any goals this summer.

    Here’s hoping Dalić sees this, and isn’t too much of a pussy to bench Mandžo. I see a lot of Bilić in Dalić, so I fully expect big club guys like Mandžo and Lovren to have automatic starting positions on the team.

  11. Slavonac from Canada says:

    We need Krama to be in top form otherwise we are fucked! I hope Mandzukic has the form he currently does in the World Cup, we can use him as a sub or if needed, as a striker as long as he gets service into the box.

    You guys know how I feel about Kalinic, I just don’t see him as a player that can be effective and I have always thought he was nothing but a hot streak here and there. I’m not impressed but the once in a while back heel or flick type of goal, most professional players can do that once in a while.

    It’s not looking good for Pjaca and the only other surprise for us might be Rebic, but to be honest I’d rather see a very in form and hungry Perisic. He’s a game changer if he can get his game going, I’m not sure if Rebic can be effective down the right side but if he can then I’d love to see him down the right and an in form and hungry Perisic down the left…with Krama or Mandzukic up front!

    Krama is often selfish but I believe players like him have to be, it keeps them involved and continuously trying to score.

  12. The truth says:

    As i mentioned the other day, there have been disastrous events occurring for our striker situation

    Mario scores two fluke cl goals and more scores another one?! After not scoring for months?!

    Unfortunately has the potential to deceive dalic that Mario can still lead a strike force (he can’t).

    Meanwhile kramaric needed to stay hot and he’s going cold

    Not promising

    Let us repeat again that Croatia had their worst goal scoring effort in 15 years of qualifying

  13. CiganJeCigan says:

    @the truth

    i agree, mandzukic beating midget carvajal to an aerial duel means little. nice finish today though, but we already know mandzukic is a decent finisher in the box if he gets service. problem is he is most effective when he gets crosses from the sides, and for that to happen we need two good fullbacks and fast wingers all of which can give good crosses. we only have 2 of 4 serviceable players. we’re gonna have a tough time scoring with mandzukic as forward as we have seen in the past years.

  14. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Cigan, you’re right! All I’m saying is look at what we have for options….Kramaric, Kalinic and Mandzukic. If Kramaric isn’t in top form who else do we put in that position? Also, we need someone down the right side that can attack, I don’t feel Pjaca can offer much for 90 minutes, he seems to get lost in games and can only be relevant in spurts while we need a threat all game long. I never wanna see Mandzukic playing on the wing with our National team, we have good options down the left but struggle down the right. Usually filling a hole rather than having a good and dangerous player creating problems.

  15. Horvat says:

    Kramaric has been playing on the wing again for he last few weeks, which explains why he hasn’t been scoring again.

    I see Mandukic STRICTLY as his backup in the center forward position alone.

  16. LAknat says:

    I actually want to create a website which contains the following contents:
    1) worship my prediction
    2) worship my strategy

    Need somebody that can worship it!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mandzukic doesn’t score goals for Croatia and he’s our back up Lol!
    Remember what Crnkovic said, “club form doesn’t matter,” and Mandzukic’s poor goalscoring form has been for Croatia. You guys will have him as our back up for the centre forward position Lol.

    When was his last goal for Croatia?
    How many goals did he get in the last qualifying campaign?
    How many goals did he get at the Euros?

    “I’m not impressed but the once in a while back heel or flick type of goal, most professional players can do that once in a while.”

    When is the last time Mandzukic did something like that for Croatia?

    Slavonac are you a Mandzukic fan boy?

  18. Soul Champ says:

    It’s clear that MANdzukic is strictly a center forward for us.

    I actually would start him and give 45 minutes.

    Then sub him off depending on his effectiveness.

    He is a handful in the box.

    He is too slow and predictable to bring on off the bench to make a difference.

    Better he start and give the CB’s something to think about.

  19. Anonymous says:

    @Soul Champ

    You would start old “MANdzukic” ahead of Kramaric!

    Do you believe that Kramaric will be ready to claim the starting spot for the NT when he’s 29yrs old at the next Euros? Or maybe we should wait till he reaches his 30’s at the next WC, he’ll be 31yrs old, the same age Mandzukic is right now?

    Are you trolling with your comment?

  20. BZ says:

    Mandzukic can easily start at striker with Kramaric playing the 10 or as LW (with Perisic on right wing). It is not an “either or” situation.

    What we can’t have is Kalinic as striker ahead of Kramaric or Mandzukic.

    While the Peru game sucked, Mandzukic had 3 of the best 5 passes that game. He wasn’t productive on the wing with the ball, but neither was Pjaca. Not saying he should play wing, but he wasn’t as bad as others that game…and certainly not as bad as everybody who scapegoated hm said.

  21. idemo says:

    build around Badelj of course not, but I’m just a realist here, there’s two people in our team who can play that important position one is luka modric one is badelj
    Lika is a waste there

  22. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous…I’m pretty smart and know this game.

    If we are looking at our players current form, then I am 100% for Mandzukic over Kalinic. There’s absolutely no reason to compare the two…only an idiot thinks Kalinic is on the same level as Mandzukic. With that said I’d prefer Kramaric to start and bring in a hungry Mandzukic off the bench, maybe with his temperament and attitude, he’d have something to prove and probably score.

    Kalinic is a 2nd or 3rd rate player. I really don’t care what crnkovic thinks either…he’s absolutely out in left field, picking daisies if he thinks Kalinic is good…he’s shit and has proven to be shit except for his time at Fiorentina.

    Asking me if I’m a Mandzukic fanboy is a fucked up question. He’s had a really good career, he scored timely goals and he’s respected…most defenders would rather defend against Kalinic cause he’s so weak!

  23. The truth says:

    @ slavonac

    I gotta run the stats, but i think goal rate would probably tell you a different story

  24. Andrej L says:

    If the WC was starting now, Dalic is probably starting a combination of Perisic, Mandzukic and Kramaric. I think he’s learned his lesson with Kalinic.

    Krama played RW on the weekend and was key in the goals scored and play making.

    Rebic is injured. Muscle tear, expected back at the end of April.

    Halilovic played 90 mins and looks less selfish and more mature every game.

    Pjaca come on in the last 15 mins while Schalke was already up 1-0 against Dortmund. Seems to be used as a sub a lot.

    Kalinic was subbed out in the 70th min and has scored 5 goals in 25 matches this year. According to SofaScore, he also has 8 big chances missed.

  25. crnkovic says:

    Kalinic starts up top. our best striker. kalinic to bag 4 goals this WC. he wont score against nigeria, but he’ll get 2 against argentina, 1 against Iceland (the winner in a 1-0 victory) and 1 against whoever we play in the quarter finals. modric will net 1, rakitic will net 1, kramaric will net 1, perisic will net 1, vida will net 1 and EPIC brozo will net 2. taking us to the semi-final. we will win the group avoiding france. argentina will flop. they will struggle against iceland, lose to us and draw 3-3 with nigeria in the last game for them. nigeria will get through with us. france will decimate nigeria we will beat peru in the last 16. oh. mandzukic will score a hat trick of far post headers in the 3rd place play off for us. against…….Morocco

  26. crnkovic says:

    another 3rd place finish for us. i’ll take that. and your money slavonac if you want to bet, kalinic will be our top scorer this WC and we will get AT LEAST quarters. our toughest game in a tough group will be nigeria in the first game, we will beat them though. 1-0, with a goal from raketa…we’ll beat argentina 3-1 and as i said we’ll beat iceland 1-0

  27. crnkovic says:

    …..or….kalinic will be permanent bench. kramaric will play the whole tournament as our main guy up top, scoring 6 goals on his way to the golden boot as dalic reinvents our style of play successfully blowing away the opposition with fast dynamic skillful football. which is the more likely scenario? Slavonac, let me ask you this, when was the last time we created 10 clear cut chances in a game and scored 4?? what was the lineup? who was the coach? what has changed?

  28. Slavonac from Canada says:

    crnkovic, I think you’re not analyzing things very well. The last time we ever dominated and created was when Perisic was in form and taking guys on…and that hasn’t happened in ages!

    when we have had success down our wings, we were usually more successful at scoring. when our wings stopped producing chances, players like Mandzukic suffer, cause thats his game.

    Kalinic barely draws defenders to himself, which makes things harder for others in attack, Mandzukic always has one or at times 2 covering him….

    Its not easy to discuss something so obvious. you crnkovic, are probably the only person that thinks Kalinic is quality…and that exposes you as a person who lacks knowledge to identify details and characteristics of players…and apply them to real game situations. I base my decisions off of what I see but then I read what Italian media says about Kalinic vs what they say about Mandzukic and you are wayyyyy off!

    see what you want to see, I really don’t care. at the end of the day I hope we do well and win. arguing with you about Kalinic is pointless…cause only you and a few Hajduk fans believe he is worthy of being on our NT and starting.

  29. Maminjo says:


    Re: your comment…”If Kramaric isn’t in top form who else do we put in that position?”

    Then I play an out-of-form Kramaric over Mandzo and Kalinic any day of the week.

    Kramaric has ALWAYS done well for us. Most of the caps we have given him were when he was out-of-form or simply not playing at his club, and he buried a wide-array of goals for us (free kicks, close range tap-ins, long range bombs, headers, etc).

    Mandzo and Kalinic, even when in form, will mysteriously not score for us when they play. Mandzo’s goals will only ever be a close-range tap-in or header (assuming we even get him the ball). Kalinic’s goals will always be cheeky close range goals (assuming we constantly feed him the ball the entire game as our focal point).

    Kramaric is simply too dynamic of a striker for us NOT to play the full 90 minutes.

    His technical ability, creativity and ability to adapt is waaay too vital for a team that generally doesn’t know how to feed its very niche strikers.

  30. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, I think I’d probably do the same.

    My point with crnkovic is that if we compare Kalinic vs Mandzukic…there’s no question that Mandzo is the better option. If we start getting better down our wings, Mandzukic could be dangerous.

    This is why I mention Perisic a lot. Modric is a very key player but I truly feel Perisic can change the outcome of a game better than anyone else on our team. He can create and score…and almost at will when he is on! when Perisic is better, players like mandzukic have more tools to score than Kalinic does.

    Regardless, I do agree with you Maminjo, Kramaric is a much better option that Mandzo or Kalinic….but Mandzo is my first guy off the bench if we decide to take out Krama for whatever reason!

  31. Maminjo says:

    Kalinic is good, when the circumstances are there for him.

    He’s like Gonzalo Higuain, who needs to be made the focal point on offense. Otherwise, there’s no point in even starting him.

    Kalinic is very good at positioning himself in the box, and he’s especially good when receiving the ball when his back is facing the goal.

    The problem is, we have better players than him on this team…so why bother making him the focus?

    I’d much rather have Perisic taking the ball down the flank and dribble out the opposing defender for a narrow shot on net (which he’s scored for us in many big games) or sending it across the box.

    I’d also much rather have some of our central midfielders throw the ball on net from distance, or use their technical ability to launch counter attacks (which we’ll have to do against Argentina and probably Nigeria too). Both scenarios won’t involve Kalinic much, if at all.

    I even see Vrsaljko having a good tournament, and sending us some nice balls from the right side. Mandzo would benefit from this much more than Kalinic.

    I just don’t see any scenario where playing Kalinic is beneficial over playing Kramaric or Mandzukic in that #9 špica role.

    I don’t like Mandzo on the wing, nor do I like Kramaric there too much (as he’s most effective as a #9 or false 9)…
    But it’s pretty much guaranteed that Dalic will start Perisic, Mandzo, and Kramaric as our three-pronged attack (in part because of Pjaca being out of form and not doing much in the Mexico game).

    It’s not a bad trio. Better than going with two strikers, and most importantly, we need to start Kramaric the full 90 minutes (even if he must play the wing to appease Mandzo).

    Kramaric as our #9 with an in-form Pjaca on the right side (with Halilovic off the bench) would be better. I’m still holding onto hope that Pjaca gets in form over the next few weeks, and Dalic sees this as the best option.

  32. crnkovic says:

    @maminjo, i also think kramaric is our best forward. no doubt about it.

    @Slavonac, we beat greece 4-1. kalinic started and scored and won a penalty. he also played a big part in creating the goal he scored. the goal he score for milan the other day reminded me of his goal in our 1-0 win over norway. was it norway? half a chance. sharp turn and bang. he is good. i know that is neither strong, nor dynamic, nor quick, nor skillful. yet he is still our best striker. not our best forward. our best forwards are perisic and kramaric. mandzukic also has a broader set of attributes than kalinic. for example mandzukic is also a good finisher, and also massively underated as a passer/creative player. but he is too slow to spearhead an attack and too slow to be a winger. karmaric has loads of ability he should definately play from the start from now on. BUt i think kramaric is more effective if kalinic makes channel runs and in doing so stretches the defence, creating pockets of space for kramaric, and others with flair, to use.

    BTW i don’t care what the italian media says. they are journalists. their job is to talk rubbish. i am an ex player and qualified football coach

    at the end of the day I don’t care who plays for us. mandzukic, kramaric, kalinic. as long as the coaching team have the team ready to compete and to win i couldn’t care less who plays. as long as we do ourselves justice.
    I’m just pointing out that kneejerk finger pointing at individuals, scapegoating of individual players for poor team performances is at best pointless and at worst counter productive. i prefer to find creative solutions to problems through teamwork and finding balance. rather than say “oh this guy plays for such and such a team, he has scored this many goals for his club, the media say he’s good” dont mean shit when the whistle blows and iwobi is running towards corluka. hehe

    all good brate

  33. Slavonac from Canada says:

    look crnkovic, I’m not even going to read your comment. all I saw was your first line and that said enough for me…you’re really irritating! Greece? they were absolute shit and possibly the easiest team we played…seriously dude, you are grasping!

    Kalinic misses sitters almost every game! you are lost!

  34. Slavonac from Canada says:

    crnkovic…you see things that aren’t there….Kalinic is a 2nd or 3rd rate player….he’s done nothing in his career except have a good period with Fiorentina!

  35. crnkovic says:

    against greece. the front players basically had a free role to drop in, go wide. kramaric was popping up all over the place…so too perisic, so to kalinic. it was a good balance. they just played. modric enjoyed it. it worked. i’d be happy with the same starting 11. greece are better than a lot of people think. so too ukraine. give credit where it’s due. we are a good team. we need belief, thats all. hunger and desire and faith

  36. Slavonac from Canada says:

    a jebiga, covjece ti si totalno lud!

    stop talking about Greece, my local Vancouver Croatia could give Greece a game!

  37. crnkovic says:

    LOL slavonac. it doesn’t matter what a guy has “done in his career” the world cup isn’t a CV/resume convention. nobody’s going to say “oh Mr mandzukic you have played for bayern munich and juventus and atletico madrid, here go ahead and score a goal against us. Oh mr modric you are madrid’s best player we only have players in the english championship therefore we let you win”

    tournament football is full of stories, teams that have gelled through the tournament and found a system that works ONLY for that tournament. Denmark 92, Greece 2004, Italy 2006, Zambia 2012. Tournament football has got literally nothing to do with club form, world reputation, salary, twitter followers and all that other clap trap which characterises modern elite football. its all out the window if your team believes in itself. look at Roger Milla!!!!!!!!! the guy was retired!!!!! chilling out on the beach. only called up because the president of cameroon insisted. he was among the top 5 players at the tournament. not in terms of novelty or surprise factor, but in terms of pure technical and tactical quality and leadership. at that time the cameroonian slavonac was writing for a yaounde based newspaper saying milla should never play he is an old retired man on the beach, let ekeke start as a striker after all he plays for a french 3rd divison team. which is a much higher standard than eating barbecued fish on a beach in Reunion….

  38. crnkovic says:

    you are doing what a lot of people do. recycling and collating opinion of others as if it points to the truth. it doesn’t. reputation means nothing. you’re only as good as your next game..

  39. Slavonac from Canada says:

    hahaha…he just scored two goals against Real Madrid, he scored the best goal in Champions League last year with his goal in the finals….he scores timely goals and important goals for Juventus…but he needs service!

    you ramble on about insignificant things…Roger Milla was a great player even in his older years…but what point are you making?!

    Yes, its a tournament and we need hot players. from what you’re saying I guess Mandzukic can’t heat up and be a goal scorer but somehow Kalinic can?

    some people here are impressed with some of your comments, I’m really not. anyone that had any sort of experience living in Croatia knows what you know….its basic soccer 101 over there. the difference comes with the experience of being a player at the higher levels and being able to relate. you defend Kalinic and promote him, while he misses more easy chances than he scores. he has achieved nothing, at all, anywhere…and yet you attack a player thats achieved a lot, from being average to winning championships and goal scoring titles in BIG leagues.

    you really talk a lot of nonsense, I hope people see you have basic soccer knowledge that almost every Croatian teen has…nothing more!

  40. crnkovic says:

    i didn’t say mandzukic is not a good player. i said don’t write off kalinic. that’s all. don’t write people off. we still need kalinic, i have faith in the guy. does anyone have stats for kalinic in terms of goals/assists per minutes ratio for the NT. i’d like to see them

  41. crnkovic says:

    there you go. you said Milla was a good player even when he was older. but he never played in a BIG league, or even for a BIG team. you only know he’s a top player because of his world cup performance in 1990. by your reasoning he wouldn’t have had the chance. calm down. lol. you pissed at me for having a different opinion to yours?

  42. Andrej L says:

    Kalinic is not good with his back to the net. He could barely receive and hold of defenders in the Peru game. Also at the Peru game, there were about two chances where he couldn’t bring the ball down for a good scoring opportunity. He has some nice touches here and there but gets muscled off the ball by stronger defenders. He always seems off balance and is falling down. The guy just never excelled at a high level. I really hope Dalic changes his tactics to not include Kalinic in the starting 11.

  43. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Milla and Kalinic are nothing alike…you keep revealing your lack of technical understanding when you use Milla as a comparison.

    Kalinic is an average soccer player that can excel in lower quality leagues, he’s not very good in higher leagues and proves that week after week.

    Andrej L also schooled you with regards to Kalinic holding up the ball. Quite honestly crnkovic, you lose credibility every day when you say things that just aren’t true. Kalinic barely stays on his feet, he always gets to the ball second and he constantly looks frustrated at losing every battle. You really should stop saying ridiculous things…you imagine shit and people here are catching on to you. You have been right on very few things and with that said, even a broken clock is right twice per day!

  44. BZ says:

    . it doesn’t matter what a guy has “done in his career” the world cup isn’t a CV/resume convention. nobody’s going to say “oh Mr mandzukic you have played for bayern munich and juventus and atletico madrid, here go ahead and score a goal against us.

    “…but they might say, Mr Mandzukic you scored 3 goals vs Real Madrid in your last two games you started vs them. Perhaps we should mark you with our best defender or even 2. And when your team played Real Madrid without you starting they lost 3-0 at home, perhaps you are better than what the yugo haters say.”

  45. crnkovic says:

    yugo haters? i’m the biggest believer in our players around. i respect them and support them all. i’ve defended every single one of them. pjaca. brozovic. kramaric. modric. corluka. lovren. i’ve even defended strinic prior to last euro’s. i even praised mandzukic saying he was underated as a creative player just a couple of posts ago. do you not understand my words? i’m saying that kalinic is a good player with some very useful attributes that can be a big help to our team. how does that make me a hater? are you stupid? I want to see a successful Croatia at the world cup. i don’t give a damn about juventus and real madrid. i want to see Croatia win matches. i’m not happy with “oh we’ve got a guy at juve/madrid/barca etc. don’t mean shit to me. croatia beat mexico last year with a bunch on HNL players. do you understand? its about team spirit, desire and a good tactical balance. thats what i’m talking about. i’m a true supporter of the NT not a fan boy glory hunter. yugo hater my ass. seriously. what next? build a wall?

    yes mandzukic is a good player. but we need greater penetration and pace and dynamism in our team to be a threat at the world cup. in my opinion kalinic should be first choice striker but only by the finest of margins. i also believe mandzukic has one last big tournament in him. i hope dalic makes the right choices. i think he will.

    LMFAO. if that makes me a hater i would suggest taking an IQ test

  46. crnkovic says:

    if anything mandzukic should be given a free role, play almost as a 10. encourage him to really just play, forget about scoring, just run around tackle, make some nice touches and passes. arrive late it the box to get on the end of crosses. there you go. kalinic 9. mandzukic 10. perisic left. kramaric right. modric and rakitic pulling the strings. why not? grow some balls. i’m a football coach i see whats going on in the game. i dont juggle opinions. i create solutions

  47. crnkovic says:

    like andy caroll at west ham. to be effective you want him in the box but too slow to lead the line, so these type of players have to drop a liitle bit. so they need to play with another striker who can lead the line. a player who has intelligent movement and times runs off the shoulder of the defender. like…..kalinic

  48. Slavonac from Canada says:

    This is where you fail miserably:

    “yes mandzukic is a good player. but we need greater penetration and pace and dynamism in our team to be a threat at the world cup. in my opinion kalinic should be first choice striker but only by the finest of margins”

    You are one really blind guy! Calling Kalinic Dynamic is like saying Messi is terrible…you see things and you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about!

    Rah rah rah gets our team nowhere. Backing certain players gets us nowhere unless we are backing them for the right reasons.

    You are losing credibility by the post crnkovic, calling Kalinic dynamic and saying he gives us better penetration and pace truly exposes how dumb you really are! Kalinic and pace don’t belong in the same sentence….Kalinic and penetration might only be when he’s shagging his wife cause this season he has a total of 4 goals…jebote you really talk stupid shit bro…stop please!

  49. crnkovic says:

    kalinic is quicker than mandzukic with sharper movement behind the defence. that is more dynamic. we dont have kylian mbappe. we have mandza, krama, and kalinic. we need them all.

  50. LAknat says:

    I prefer kalinic to mandzukic
    Even in this last game, kalinic had a couple dangerous moments in front of goal even with little service – He is a catch&strike typical player thus would be fit to my tactic!

    ..……D Vida….…Lovren…….Corluka………
    …………….……….L Kalinic…..…………………

    At the end of the successful voyages, as a world cup contender, Dalic would bring back 3 Great Calamities:
    match 1 vs Nigeria, you got upset by their cheating
    match 2 vs Argentine, you like our team performance
    match 3 vs Islandia, they repeat their bad habit (showing a low-level performance)

    P.S. if Brazil spanked us in friendly match by 3 deficit goals, and Dalic still keep his stupidity! then 3 calamities wil return

  51. Goku says:

    yeh, portugal game away is before our spain game away, and the jordan game home is after our home england game

  52. crnkovic says:

    @iggy, won the african nations cup. beat senegal, ghana and then cote d’ivoire in the final. 80% of the zambia squad were based in the domestic Zambian league which i once played in myself. it’s not even a full time professional league. compare that to teams like ivory coast, packed with top class players playing for the big teams. Drogba, Toure, Gervinho etc. What makes the story even more remarkable and touching is that the tournament took place in Gabon where the Zambian team died in a plane crash in 1993 on their to play a world cup qualifier. so the team said we are here to win this for those guys and did just that. they just found a way to win. against senegal they were briliant. against ghana they rode their luck and won it with one brilliant piece of skill. against cote divoire they wore them down over 120 minutes and won after an epic penalty shoot out. some people say black magic/juju/muti/mankhwala was involved……similarily immedietly after the tragic 1993 plane crash, zambia put together a team of guys who wouldn’t normally get into the team. some young players and some older guys who were no longer considered good enough… that team got to the final of the 1994 african nations cup just 1 year!! after the crash. eventually losing to the great nigeria team 2-1.

    its all about passion, desire, belief. and a good team structure and tactical set up that allows cohesion on the pitch. the team must grow during the tournament. and we have to feel we deserve it. that’s crucial…

  53. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Inter win 4-0. Perisic goal, Brozovic goal and assist to Perisic (actually a nice set piece).

    Guys let’s all put this to rest, anyone here in their right mind knows Davor Vugrinec and Igor Pamic we’re our best strikers.

  54. LAknat says:

    Igor Budan was underrated at that time. .
    I know every player’s potential. My strategy based on it!

  55. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @LAknat – I thought he was going to pan out for us for a time being. He was scoring in Parma for a bit but just never turned it up and I think he got inured at the end of his career.

  56. Iggy says:

    Cheers Crnkovic, can’t watch teh vid atm as at work but will check it out later

    I think we all know Bosko Balaban was our best striker (wasn’t there talk that was Ziva at some point??) ;)

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