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Lovren Too…

May 2, 2018




Dejan Lovren will be joining compatriots Luka Modric and Mateo Kovacic in the Champions League Final May 26th in Kiev.



It will be an All-Croatia Final meaning that a Croatian international will lift the Champions League trophy for a 6th straight year. Lovren made one small blunder on the day when he cattempted to clear the ball but hit it off of James Milner’s head for an own goal instead. Liverpool moved past Roma to the CL Final 7-6 (on aggregate) and will now face reigning champions Real Madrid in Ukraine in three weeks.



Lovren kicks the ball off of Milner’s head for an own goal




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 47 comments

  1. The truth says:

    This is setting up for the lovrens icing on the cake of his repka career

    Breaks modric leg in the final with a dirty tackle

  2. The truth is i banging your mama says:

    The truth is I broke your mama’s leg as I banged her in the ass. She couldn’t scream because I had an Ustasa flag jammed in her mouth.

  3. CiganJeCigan says:

    looks like we’re gonna have a healthy squad going into this tournament. Rebic is expected to return from injury any day now, but corluka got reinjured a few days ago, how severe idk

  4. Poglavnik says:

    Lovren looks like shit. Still can’t read a header. Almost handled it yet somehow got the call for him. This guys never gonna prove me wrong. He’s a mistake waiting to happen.

  5. Iggy says:

    Terrific goal by Lovren! Bouncing it off that dude’s head like a snooker shot, bloody brillo! I told you guys he was an awesome goalscorer ;)

  6. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Lol Lovren’s ability to make mistakes is almost comical at this point.

    I dont think Liverpool stands a chance against Real Madrid ..unless Real really shits the bed.

    Regardless of the Champions League result I predict that Andrej Kramarić can be Croatia’s break through striker. (If he gets the chance to play)

    He has a true hunger for goals.

  7. Poglavnik says:

    He could’ve stepped into it earlier and hit on the volley rather than waiting and hitting it on the half volley.

  8. Poglavnik says:

    I think Liverpool have a real shot at it.
    Both teams have sloppy defenses.
    Madrid were lucky to play a Munich team without possibly their 3 most influential players (Neuer, Boateng, Vidal).
    I think I’m putting a bit of money on Liverpool to win but I always roll with Luka so I’ll be pulling for Madrid.

  9. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Poglavnik to strategize all Modric has to do is tell Ronaldo and all Madrid strikers to go 1 v 1 with Lovren and eventually they’ll score at least one. (Ok maybe that was a little harsh, I dont dislike Lovren that much but his play speaks for itself at times)

  10. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Guys, we’re being harsh on Lovren. It was a fluke goal he cleared it and it bounced off Milner. I think he sometimes gets punished for past errors so its an easy out to just blame Lovren. That type of stuff can happen to anyone in soccer. However, it does always seem to be happening to him or he’s involved some how in one way or another.

    When he’s on he’s good, I’ll say it again but it’s the split second error lapse in thinking/decision making that can cost us in the 90th minute.

    We need Corluka’s brain in Lovren’s body.

  11. NK Ludbreg says:

    Lovern is amazing- he can play great for 75 min and then make a huge mistake – Its Crazy
    However, he has turned into a different player next to VVD…
    He needs to play well for us this summer at the WC for us make a run.

  12. CroatianPerson85 says:

    Agreed @ NK Ludberg.

    If Lovren had a CB partner that can be the good cop while he’s the bad cop it would work. I still think 3-5-2 would maximize our strengths. Lovren needs a cool head next to him. I can’t understand how we can’t play with Vida LB, Corluka CB and Lovren at RB with Vrsaljko and Perisic as our flanks. Then you your choice of Modric, Rakitic and Badelj/Kovacic with Mandza up top and Kramaric just behind.

    Or you can have Perisic behind Mandza and Kramaric out wide.

    As much as Mandza annoys me he’s only as good as his service. He will score with the right service.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree, Croatians are hungry, and they’re not themselves when they’re hungry. They’re Yugoslavs in Croatian clothing.

  14. Maminjo says:

    Lovren is embarrassing.

    It doesn’t help that he doesn’t really have any self-awareness and would probably cause a locker room issue if he started on the bench for our NT. So, he will always start (Mandzo too). This will be our downfall.

    He will mess up for us for sure. That’s a fact. I’m just hoping that it is a low impact error where we may already have a goal buffer.

    It’s a shame we have to account for crap like this.

  15. Kruno says:

    I wouldn’t blame Lovren on this one. He had to clear that out fast. What was Milner doing? It looked like he was just strolling in the box. Pay the fuck attention!

    Anyway, Kramaric has been Hoffenheim’s best striker the last couple years. I don’t know why that idiot coach put him on the wing before they sold that other guy to Bayern. We need someone to come alive and score for us in The World Cup. I think he’s our best option.

  16. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I couldn’t watch the Liverpool vs Roma game but I saw some highlites. In my opinion, the gaffe where Lovren tried to clear it and ball ended up hitting Milner, wasn’t necessarily a Lovren mistake…shit like that happens often. He got to the ball first and cleared it away from danger, its not really his fault it ended up hitting his own player, that was a reactional type of play and although I think he should have tried to send the ball out towards the sideline, its kinda hard to judge the situation from the comfort of my sofa!

  17. Bobby V says:


    Iggy, check this out! FIFA19 is holding a contest as to which club sides will be added to this years release. Hajduk is currently third in the voting behind Partizan and Crvena Zvezda.

    Dinamo and Rijeka are in the top 10, Even Zrinjski Mostar is on the list.

    Davor Suker says he’s even going to vote! – eh, just kidding.

  18. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, I think your comments about Lovren are pretty accurate when you mention your opinion of him if he ends up on the bench…I can see that happening since we’ve already seen him scrap it out with our NT coaches in the recent past. I’m not so sure Mandzukic would do the same though, I don’t get the impression from him that he’s selfish minded…I just think he’s like most people and he probably feels unjustly benched in favour of shitty players like Kalinic. To me, there’s no shittier player we’ve seen on our squad in the last 10 years than Kalinic and it makes me mad every day I see him in our lineup!

    I’ve seen the comments here in defense of Kalinic, talking about his cheeky flick on goals and occasional tap in, I just don’t see his value on the bigger picture. Crnkovic tried to say he is a smooth type of player that has finesse and can play in many situations, I honestly have tried my best to stay objective about him and I just can’t see his strengths. When Kalinic plays, he’s often flopping and looks like he just can’t compete without ending up on the ground…he doesn’t have that anger towards the defensive player and it seems like their dirty play against him go unchallenged while most other forwards find their way to make their presence known, one way or another. I watch him race to the ball on a through pass and he usually gets there second. I’ve seen Kalinic miss far more GOOD chances than he’s scored and I don’t feel like defenders get troubled with him…which means their job is easier and less reason to double up on him in most situations.

    A forward has to have his attributes and qualities to make him dangerous, worth providing coverage against him and he should be somewhat lethal in particular situations…we should all know what his certain trait is and play to him through that strength…ie…Olic often created his own chances through pressuring defenders and using his speed and he positioned himself well in front of the net, Prso could score in several different ways …he had skill, vision and could take guys on from a dead ball play, Dudu was lethal inside the 18 and positioned himself well, Suker could score from distance and inside the box through a lob or a tap in, Mandzukic is lethal in the air and always draws defenders towards him…what exactly can we say is Kalinic’s goal scoring traits?

    Any professional soccer player can control the ball, make a pass, shoot, cross…if we’ve all played this game then we have to know what type of opponent has given us problems to defend against and what types are easier to manage. In what situations can we say Kalinic is lethal and we need to get him in that position? tap-ins? Does Kalinic cause any havoc on any part of the field outside of the 6 yard line?

    This worries me for a BIG reason and I bring it up because I feel like we are heading down a path that may end up hurting us. Team harmony is a very big thing and even more-so in a tournament setting. In order for us to be successful, we will need goals, we can’t rely on our defense as much as we should on our attack. We will need threatening options down our flanks and in my opinion, we will be successful if Perisic is feeling good and wants to play…we will go as he goes. We will also need some good option down the right side and this is where things start to look bleak.

    Kramaric can score but just like any other forward, he will need service, he will need to have his opportunities with one on ones, he will need some open space…and for that to happen, Perisic has to draw attention and so does our right sided player….and at this point we really don’t have a solid option.

    Why do I say this??? I say it because people compare Kalinic with Mandzukic. They aren’t even on the same level. When Perisic stopped performing well for us and we lost our decent right sided option, we lost a ton of service into the box. Who then gets affected the most? the strikers! We were toothless and barely had any decent flow in our attack…we couldn’t provide a dangerous flow during games and all our chances were half chances…with maybe a couple easy ones that Kalinic ended up missing! ;)

    Kramaric is going to need Perisic firing on all cylinders as well as whoever Dalic decide’s to play down the right side. I honestly don’t feel we have anyone in form and available to be a good option and I think thats gonna hurt us. If by some flukey chance Pjaca gets inspired and catches fire…it won’t matter if Kramaric, Mandzukic or any decent forward plays, we will score goals and the threats will be coming from more than just our flanks, our midfield options are very good, players like Rakitic, Modric, Kovacic, Brozo and even Badelj have the ability to setup or score the odd goal but the threat will be having our wings creating that extra danger and pulling apart the defense because the option to cross, dribble or pass will create havoc for the opposing defenders. at that point, even Duje Cop will do for us but it would be far better if we have someone that creates attention and draws defenders towards himself.

  19. Bobby V says:

    When you have below average forwards who can’t create much on their own, you need more offensive support -even from defenders.

    This is where Croatia really misses Dario Srna at his best. He was our Marcelo, a threat from the back that we don’t have any longer. His free kicks were excellent too.

  20. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I agree Bobby, Vrsaljko is hot and cold…we definitely need him to be energetic and provide good service. If he is shaky as he has been on and off, we will have few options and it doesn’t matter how strong our midfield is, we will eventually become deflated from the lack of quality chances we create.

  21. crnkovic says:

    fair enough slavonac. by the way i think lovren was unlucky with that clearance. difficult to blame him there. having said that some people just attract bad luck if its hard to see how. lovren was aware of the position of the striker and cleared first time, though maybe he should’ve cleared it wider as someone here said already. in fact that was you lol

  22. Adame says:

    All Croatia final – LOL! The reporting here is funny.

    For all you lovren haters, he currently leads the champions league in interceptions made (93). Sergio Ramos (83). Let’s give the guy a break already.

  23. LAknat says:

    Not for duje caleta car you dumbass.
    as usual uefa likes to ruin a beautiful game!

  24. BZ says:

    I watched a bit of Car today.

    -1 Got super lucky with a no call on a clear handball.
    +1 Got super unlucky with a great save by Marseille goalkeeper.
    -2 Missed another clear chance header off a corner, and tried to blame a teammate.
    +1 Made some great long passes
    +2 the guy already gets to crosses defensively better than Lovren ever will. Lovren sucks at set pieces (at least for the NT.)
    +1 made some solid tactical decisions, including a great foul for which he received a yellow. This shows he might have solid situational awareness at his young age.

    Car is our future and should start over Lovren.

    Not worried about Vrsaljko, although he is no Srna. I AM worried about that LB position, would take two Vrsaljkos in a heartbeat.

  25. Chopper says:

    Vida at LB over Strinic and Lovren partnering Caleta-Car with Sime on the right. That should be our back 4

  26. Iggy Iggy says:

    Hehe yeah Ante posted the FIFA voting thing on Facebook and i saw it there, Hajduk is winning now btw ;)

    Also the FIFA world cup mode will be added for free to fifa 18 at the end of this month so can finally play as Hrvatska in a fifa game for the first time in 5 years or whatever

  27. @Iggy says:

    Sir Iggy, Croatia was last in a fifa game in the last edition of the great world cup which was 4 years ago my dear comrade

  28. Anonymous says:

    “For all you lovren haters, he currently leads the champions league in interceptions made (93). Sergio Ramos (88). Let’s give the guy a break already.”

    “Numbers don’t lie.”

    It’s funny that some of these Lovren watchers/haters that pretend to analyse the games to the nth degree haven’t been as forthcoming as @Adame has with this interesting stat.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Who said Lovren is better than Ramos?

    Ramos is the best defender in the world in my opinion.
    For Lovren to have more interceptions than Ramos is impressive.

  30. Anonymous says:


    Lovren 93 interceptions, Ramos 88.

    You must believe the numbers lie in that case, because if they didn’t, that would make Lovren better than Ramos? Lol, that’s why you made your stupid comment.

  31. Anonymous says:


    Let’s recap,

    “Lovren 93 interceptions, Ramos 88.”

    You thought by giving that stat someone is suggesting Lovren is better than Ramos.

    Because then you said,

    “Yeah. Lovren is better than Ramos.
    You’re really on to something.”

    Now you say,

    “Don’t hurt your little head trying to read into a comment.”

    Lol, you thought you’d show your football knowledge by trying to start a Ramos is better than Lovren argument, even though no one said he was! You donkey.

  32. The truth says:

    While interceptions have some value, they also come with a potential cost

    Sometimes one extends themself to make an interception. Sop what if lovren made 93 interceptions, on 100 tries but his seven misses lead to goals?. And ramos was 88 of 89?

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