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Croatians Around Europe XXXIII

May 7, 2018




The Croatians were out and about Sunday night as Barcelona hosted Real Madrid in El Classico. Although Barcelona already wrapped up the La Liga title, pride was on the line for both Spanish giants as Barcelona carried an undefeated record going into this match. Both Ivan Rakitić and Luka Modrić played the full 90 minutes for their respective clubs with Mateo Kovačić coming in for the last 10 minutes for Real Madrid. The match would end 2-2 with Barcelona keeping their undefeated recored intact. Rakitić was given a ‘7’ grade as “this game suited Rakitić, who kicked and scrapped with the best of them. The Croatian could not be faulted for work-rate or desire.” Modrić on the other hand received a ‘6’ grade as “he was not at his influential best but was still reliable on the ball and worked hard.” Modrić showed his toughness; standing up to Jordi Alba after the Spaniard grabbed his neck.


Modrić stays strong vs. Jordi Alba



Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 6.05.34 AM

Ćorluka kissing the Russian championship trophy


32 year-old defender Vedran Ćorluka returned from a long injury this year to recover in time to help Lokomotiva Moscow lift the Russian Premier League trophy Saturday night. Ćorluka got the start but was taken off in the 48th minute of the 1-0 win over Zenit. After a tedious year where rehab was his priority, Ćorluka should be considered a veteran on the bench for Croatia this World Cup and not part of the starting XI discussion.



Inter Milan’s Marcelo Brozović assisted twice on Saturday as his club defeated Udinese 4-0. With the win, Inter remain two points behind the final Champions League berth in Italy with only two matches remaining in the season.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 39 comments

  1. Andrej L says:

    Brekalo was just involved in some nice link up play and then took on 3 to let off a shot with his left. Definitely worth watch right now. Plus you get to see the future of German football, Timo Werner.

  2. Razbijač says:

    Lokomotiva won the Russian title, but Corluka was taken off in the 45min because of another injury.

    I’m not sure at this point, whether he will be fit enough to last the full 90min at the WC. I’d hate to see us use one of our subs up early in the game because of Corluka.

    I think Caleta-Car should partner Lovren instead. He’s been outstanding during Salzburg’s run in the Europa league and is worth a look.

    And Pjaca, wasn’t even on the pitch today! This is a terrible loan move for guy, he’s gotta fire his career coach. I still think his chances are good to make the WC squad though, but you never know…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Subasic, L. Kalinic, ?

    Lovren, Vida, Caleta-Car and Mitrovic, Jedvaj, Vrsaljko, Strinic and Pivaric.

    Modric, Kovacic, Rakitic, Perisic, Brozovic, Badelj, Rog and Bradaric.

    Kramaric, Mandzukic, N. Kalinic, Pjaca.

    Would any of these players miss the squad?

  4. Croop says:

    @Anon I’d take Brekalo over Rog. Played alot more this season and adds another dynamic attacking option, the type of player we are lacking.

  5. The truth says:

    Agree bustalo is forming a stronger argument over rog

    But rog might still have some more positional relevance than bustalo

    Pee-ass-a will be on the world cup team regardless if he plays another minute for club. Agreed, terrible terrible loan move. I actually think he has some potential but the clock is ticking on his youth. One year offf the field rising bench, one year for injury, another year on the bench… Not good

  6. Anonymous says:

    F off with your childish nicknames that you’ve repeated thousands of times truth troll. Grow up and go troll elsewhere you child

  7. croop says:

    I’d also take Krovinovic over Rog or Bardaric too, if he’s back from his injury by the time the world cup comes around

  8. crnkovic says:

    what the comments show. on this website blog. is that extreme ignorance, hatred and stupidity are very close to the croat diaspora. i urge all of you to take responsibility. i won’t allow it in my own family. if it means having a 3 hour discussion reminding people of right and wrong i’m always ready for that. sometimes the most difficult thing is finding a trusted source of information but it’s all out there. come on guys grow up. read a book. not mein kampf or ayn rand. something not by a psychopath. always remember that the political left and right is a false dichotomy established by the elite intellectuals to divide us. it’s called divide and rule. racism is the same thing. they put those weapons in the hands of the ignorant and they watch us go at it, while they count the money. please wake up

  9. Andrej L says:

    Watched Vlasic play yesterday too. Barely got on the ball and when he did, it was poor. Let’s see what Halilovic does today. I think right now it’s between Halilovic and Brekalo to take Rebic’s WC spot. Does anyone have an injury update on Rebic? I just don’t want to see Cop of Santini there.

  10. The truth says:

    Rebic should be back for wc

    Someone needs to get modric out of the el clasico. Injury potential too high.

  11. Anonymous says:

    If only croatiansports could have a seperate website for all the Truth Trolls and assorted racist and other crazies. Or… if they would actually moderate the crap posted on here

  12. crnkovic says:

    @anon, so i’m assuming you respect the africans as long as they stay in their own country? cos thats only fair right? so where do you stay? fucking bitch

  13. Anonymous says:

    Croatian Strikers League Goals and games played

    Andrej Kramaric. Goals: 12 Games: 33
    Duje Cop. Goals: 3 Games: 16
    Nikola Kalinic Goals: 5 Games: 29
    Ante Budimir Goals: 6 Games: 22
    Mario Mandzukic Goals: 5 Games: 30
    Stipe Perica Goals: 1 Games: 20
    Marko Livaja Goals: 8 Games: 27
    Adrian Grbic Goals: 6 Games: 23
    Marin Jakolis Goals: 5. Games: 25

  14. Razbijač says:

    Santini has done enough to make the WC squad, and really should get the nod ahead of Kalinic and Cop.

    It was a really nice goal he scored over the weekend. It’s his 11th in 30 matches. And it’s the second season in a row he’s reached double digits in goals scored in league play (16/17: 15 gls in 30games).

    And Brozovic has been in Beast Mode for Inter in his newfound role as regista. I’d say he’s ahead of Kovacic in the pecking order.

    But the million kuna question is can we play Brozovic in place of Badelj?? A midfield trio featuring Brozovic, Rakitic, and Modric would possess such creativity and dynamism, and strike fear into the hearts of opposing midfields.

    Perhaps, that trio can play against sides like Iceland and Nigeria, while a more difficult opponent such as Argentina might require some more defensive armor in the likes of Badelj.

    Good to see our boys perform in the El Classico!

  15. Kruno says:

    The stats need to be weighed keeping in mind the league in which the goals were scored in. Obviously, Kramaric needs to start ahead of everyone! If you can’t score, you can’t win.

  16. CiganJeCigan says:


    i agree with everything u said except santini being ahead of kalinic. i really like santini and it would be cool if there was enough space for him in the wc squad but you have to keep in mind that 5 of his goals are from pens.

  17. Poglavnik says:

    People underestimate the difficulty of being a good penalty taker. I bet there are easier goals scored with less effort within the buildup by everyone of those guys than what it takes to slot home a penalty.
    Plain and simple our strikers suck.
    Kramaric will be our most important player at the WC. We need him in the form of his life if we want to dream of a little run this June.

  18. Vlad says:

    Rebic is going to the World Cup, should be back to playing soon seems like he’s healthy and expect to be back in squad next week. I think brekalo and halilovic should go infront of pjaca don’t know how a guy who was injured came back and hasent played first team soccer can be in the squad. I also don’t think corluka should be guaranteed a starting spot seems like too many games he’s been getting subbed out in early 2nd half with minor problems not a good sign for a guy who’s supposed to play 90 mins a game the whole tournament might have to play vids or Valeta-car next to lovern. Karma to me is a must start if we play with the lone striker

  19. Chopper says:

    A full game at right wing for Vrsajlko yesterday for Atletico. They lost 2 nil but at least they persisted with him for the whole 90 mins.

  20. Andrej L says:

    Dalic just dropped a bomb on some of the young guys WC hopes;

    Looks like no Benkovic, Caleta-Car, Vlasic, or Rebic. He didn’t mention Brekalo or Halilovic but they haven’t been regulars for the senior squad. I’m guess he doesn’t mind Rog playing on the wing and Bradaric as a CM reserve. Personally, I’d rather have Brekalo or Halilovic (if Rebic is injured) there instead of Bradaric simply because of their willingness and ability to take guys on which could prove vital in a sub role against tired defenders. Please no Cop or Santini (not a winger).

    The real worry for me is that he seems to have Nizic higher up the pecking order than Caleta-Car and Benkovic. Seems like a wasted reserve to me. I haven’t seen these guys play recently but I think there skill level is similar. I think it might be better to get some good experience for two guys who seem to be the future Croatian CBs. Even if Lovern and Vida are unable to play during the WC, I bet he’d play Mitrovic with Jedvaj as CB over Nizic. Hopefully Corluka is healthy and we don’t have to deal with Mr. Nizic.


  21. BZ says:

    Mr Dalic,
    If you bring the likes of Santini instead of Rebic, you will not be coaching this team come next fall.

  22. Horvat says:

    What’s wrong with Rebic?

    He’s a far better winger than Mandzukic, Kramaric, Pjaca, Brozovic or Rakitic right now!

  23. Vlad says:

    23 man squad
    Subasic, kalinic, and whoever

    Defence : corluka, lovern, Vida, Jedvaj, strinic, piviric

    Mid: modric, rakitic,badelj,kovacic,brozovic,brekalo,rebic,
    Perisic, ,halilovic,pasalic

    Forwards: mandzukic, kramaric, Kalinin.

    This would be my 23 man squad .

  24. BZ says:

    Rebic got injured after the Mex match but was only supposed to be out a month. he should be fne, but Dalic included him in a group of young guns that will get their shot in the fall (ie after world cup)…I think Dalic just misspoke regarding arebic

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