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Croatians Around Europe XXXIV

May 13, 2018

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim - Borussia Dortmund

Andrej Kramarić does it again!



Andrej Kramarić has been on fire for Hoffenheim in 2018 and he didn’t let his club down in the last game of the season. Needing all three points against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday in order to book a Champions League berth for September, Kramarić opened the scoring in the 26th minute when he intercepted a bad pass from the Dortmund keeper and fired just inside the left post from 18 yards away to put Hoffenheim on the board. Dortmund would equalize midway through the second half but Kramarić would find Adam Szalai open in the box in the 63rd with a perfect pass to give Hoffenheim the lead on their way to a 3-1 victory. Three German clubs would end the season on 55 points, but with Hoffenheim having the best goal differential, they will finish third; ahead of Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen.



With the World Cup opening match exactly one month away and Kramarić in top-notch form, there is  no way he is not in Dalić’s Starting XI for Croatia in Russia.


Kramarić goal and assist




Luka Modrić & Gareth Bale after the two connect on Real Madrid’s 1st goal



Luka Modrić played the full 90 minutes for Real Madrid on Saturday in a 6-0 win over Celta Vigo. Modrić assisted on the game’s first goal, sending Gareth Bale a perfect ball from midfield to put the Welshman on a break away. Real Madrid will finish top-three in La Liga with only one more match left in the season before their Champions League Final against Liverpool on May 26th.


Modrić assist to Bale




Lovren heads the ball into the back of the net



Dejan Lovren has been Jekyl and Hyde for the past year. But in the last match of the season for Liverpool on Saturday, the Croatian defender headed home a perfect cross in the 40th minute to put his side up 2-0 in a 4-0 victory over Brighton. With the win, Liverpool finish fourth in England which guarantees them Champions League ball next season no matter what happens in the final against Real Madrid. Lovren has one more game to impress Dalić and company, but will he need it in order to start in Russia?



Lovren heads home for Liverpool




Josip Brekalo (left) celebrates with Wolfsburg teammates


19 year-old Josip Brekalo had a fantastic end to the normal Bundesliga season on Saturday as he assisted and scored an injury time goal in Wolfsburg’s 4-1 win over Koln. Wolfsburg needed a win in order not to be relegated to the German 2nd division next season. The former Dinamo Zagreb striker assisted off a set piece in the 71st minute and slotted home a shot from a tight angle seconds from the final whistle to help earn Wolfsburg a relegation playoff. Wolfsburg will now play Holstein Kiel in a two-legged affair; with the winner playing in the Bundesliga next season.



Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 11.34.42 PM

Mandza taking the Coppa Italia trophy



Mario Mandžukić and Juventus notched the Italian double this week, winning the Coppa Italia title on Wednesday with a 4-0 win over AC Milan and securing the Serie A championship Sunday with a scoreless draw against Roma on Sunday. It’s Juventus’ seventh straight Serie A title and their season should be considered a huge success even with their Champions League exit against Real Madrid in the quarterfinals.



Ivan Rakitić and Barcelona were two matches away from an undefeated La Liga season. Barca wrapped up the La Liga title two weeks ago without losing one game this season. But on Sunday, without Lionel Messi, Barcelona lost 5-4 to Levante ending their hopes of the undefeated season. Rakitić played the full 90 minutes in this game without getting on the score sheet.



Ivan Perišić and Inter Milan lost 2-1 to Sassuolo on Saturday meaning they will need a 3-0 victory against Lazio on the last game of the season in order to finish fourth in Italy and earn the last Champions League berth. If they don’t make it, it has been rumored that Perišić could move to England; possibly Manchester United.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 80 comments

  1. Slavonac from Canada says:

    If Dalic decides not to bring Rebic and/or Pjaca, I’d be real curious to know who he does plan to bring. Rebic can play, especially if he’s focused and motivated…the guy is a serious threat. Pjaca hasn’t shown us anything since his injury and when he did play, I felt he was in and out of the play, he’s just an unknown at this point. Do we trust some of his good spurts in the past or do we go with what we’ve recently seen?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Subasic, L. Kalinic, ?

    Lovren, Vida, Caleta-Car and Mitrovic, Jedvaj, Vrsaljko, Strinic and Pivaric.

    Modric, Kovacic, Rakitic, Perisic, Brozovic, Badelj, Rog and Bradaric.

    Kramaric, Mandzukic, N. Kalinic, Pjaca.

    Would any of these players miss the squad?

    May 5, 2018 at 4:19 PM

    That I thought there would be no surprises in our WC squad was what I was alluding to when I wrote my comment.

    I can’t believe that Caleta-Car would be considered a surprise inclusion when we consider Corluka’s injury concerns!

  3. Maminjo says:

    I really hope Dalic isn’t excluding Pjaca.

    He is a game changer. Even though he didn’t show much in the 19 minutes he played against Paraguay and the 60 minutes he played against Mexico, we need to try him in a couple of games where we actually have a real lineup of starters in there.

    Hopefully he starts in the upcoming friendlies against Brazil & Senegal.

  4. Horvat says:

    Rebic needs to start, period! He’s almost like another Perisic. I would play him or Perisic on the right wing.

  5. Maminjo says:

    The problem with Rebic is that he does not have the technical ability to gel with the rest of our wingers and midfield.

    You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and this is why I like seeing guys like Kramaric, Pjaca, and possibly even Halilovic on the field with guys like Modric, Rakitic, Kovacic, and Perisic.

    It pains me to watch guys like Modric and Rakitic hold possession, build up the play…only for someone like Kalinic or Mandzukic to make a terrible touch, poor pass…mess things up and start over.

    Kramaric gels beautifully with our midfielders. Pjaca also has some great technical ability. Although I like Rebic, he’s more of an Ivica Olic type player who works hard, runs hard, and has a great shot…but doesn’t have that technical ability and touch like the rest of the guys above. He makes for a solid backup winger who can change things up when we need a workhorse to come in.

  6. Andrej L says:

    I think it’s a real shame that he wouldn’t even take a guy like Caleta-Car. Essentially what he’s saying is that he’d take Milic or Nizic over Caleta-Car (if Corluka is injured). That’s a real shame not to give a young talent like that WC experience.

    If Rebic is injured, I’m guessing that Bradaric is in and he’ll push Rog up to the wing position. Just going with the Dalic no surprises theme. Personally, like others have said, I’d prefer a Halilovic who can at dribble at defenders from the wing position. It would be great as a sub role to go at tired defenders. He better not bring in more CFs like Cop and Santini.

  7. Jovan Saulic says:

    Goodluck to Croatia in the WC, really like your squad. Hopefully us Balkan brothers do well. Respect. (Serbian)

  8. Anonymous says:


    I would rather if our bothers from Slovenia made the WC than you Serbs.
    I couldn’t care less for the Serbian team, can’t even say I know what your squad would look like. No respect. (Me)
    Anyway we kicked your Greek brothers out lol!

  9. LAknat says:

    Simunovic is really a big talisman guy who can create a fortune!
    Halilovic can grant our victory every time He is on the field!

    just pick 2 God levels into the squad for the sake of repeating our 98’s glory!

  10. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Maminjo, although you’re right about Rebic’s technical ability or lack thereof, I think you’re missing something. Rebic is an attacker and can be effective when the ball is played in front of him to move forward. When he is on his game, defenders either try to commit to him (and can get burned) or they back off and in most cases, thats easier for him.His style is to run at defenders…outside of Perisic and Pjaca (who barely sees the field), who else can we say does that…and…don’t you see that as an effective style of play? Marking a technical player that won’t take you on is far easier than marking someone that has the ability to burn you with his speed.

    Also, Rebic isn’t a beginner, he has enough skills to play a pass and move into open space.

    My only issue is that I don’t want to see Perisic have to change wings for Rebic and I’m really not sure Rebic is effective on the right…which leads us to a problem considering Pjaca has been riding the pine lately!

  11. Vlad says:

    @ Slavonac from Canada

    To me solution would be try all the young guys in the next two friendlies on the right wing. Try pjaca try brekalo try halilovic and try rebic and pick the best two you believe to take to the World Cup between training sessions and what he sees in the games and make a decision I do strongly believe in order for us to be effective we need some youth and speed on the wings, if we play mandzukic or kramaric or some other mid on the right side I don’t think will have any success like we haven’t so far

  12. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Good point Vlad.

    Although it make’s sense to find options for the right sided position, I think we should already have some idea who can play there. I’m not convinced its a smart idea to use a band aid remedy by “trying” out a few options and I think Dalic has his mind made up about who is going to Russia so I doubt he will use a two game span to experiment. Its not like one guy will get himself on the team because of 1 or 2 games…at least thats my opinion.

    My bet is that Halilovic is nowhere near Dalic’s plans and he’s probably considering on playing a system where he gets his service from Vrsaljko down the right or the plan of attack down that side will be modified…its just a guess! I have no clue about Brekalo…I have not seen enough to know if he is a good option or not, Pjaca floats in and out of the game and I really wouldn’t mine seeing Rebic there…but that would mean he would have to drastically change his attacking style as he usually cuts to the inside to use his right foot.

  13. Jovan Saulic says:

    @anon then you’re probably a shit football fan if you dont know any serbian players

  14. Maminjo says:

    Sorry Jovo.

    Nobody here follows the Belgian league, nor the relegation teams of other leagues, so you’ll have to forgive us that we don’t know much about Serbian players.

    But making the World Cup is a great accomplishment for you guys. If you work hard, maybe one day you guys can be as good as BiH.


  15. Maminjo says:

    Just messing with the guy.

    Serbia has a favorable group though. Costa Rica and Switzerland are very beatable.

    But Serbia has been bad in tournaments on their own (since the Crnogorci left them).

    Euro2000 was the last decent tourney for them. Since then, they’ve missed SIX tournaments and made TWO (finishing last in the group both times).

    This is their chance to break that futility streak and finish SECOND LAST in their group!

    Srbija do Tokija! ;)

  16. Andrej L says:

    If Rebic is healthy; him AND Pjaca should be in. Dalic has played Rebic in almost every game and started with Pjaca against Mexico. Cop and Nizic got garbage minutes against Mexico but those were the only minutes they’ve ever gotten under Dalic. So I don’t see any surprises past Rebic and Pjaca. Santini has never played under Dalic either. Although, Vlasic did get 10 min against Greece for the 4-1 win…

  17. BZ says:

    Let’s hope we get to see Pjaca vs Rebic tomorrow morning. I feel like Pjaca’s lingering injury is keeping him off the field, and Schalke has no need to play him, as he is not part of their future.

    Frankfurt has gone to shit ever since Rebic has been injured. Big game for european soccer for Frankfurt.

  18. Razbijač says:

    Is there any doubt at the moment, that Kramaric MUST be our starting CF????

    Wonderfully taken goal, nice assist, plus excellent free-kick in the build up to the third goal…yeah Krama is walking on water at the moment!!

    We just have to find a solution to the RW position, and I think it will ultimately come down to Pjaca or Rebic, there’s a small chance that Vrsajko plays there. But Dalic can’t play Mandzu outta position there–it would be insane.

    Rebic has power, pace, and a willingness to track back and defend. Plus I’d say his technique is good. I guess Dalic will have to assess in training camp who is ready for the position (Pjaca or Rebic).

  19. Maminjo says:

    My fear is Dalic playing Kramaric out of position at RW, just to accommodate Mandzo at CF.

    That would be a fireable offence.

  20. Razbijač says:

    Dalic playing Krama outta position to accommodate Mandzo, is one of the things that keeps me up at night too!

    Scoring has been an issue for Vatreni lately, and Kramaric is the right “Spark Plug” to fire up the goal scoring engine.

    Don’t get me wrong, Mandzukic is a good player and a valuable commodity off the bench. He’d be a good sub in situations, where we have the lead and we need to bring in a defensive forward to protect it. Or perhaps when were losing…late in the game, where we need to punt balls into the box to score.

  21. Horvat says:

    Razbijac and Maminjo, Igree with both your comments!

    I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling Dalic will play Kramaric on the right wing, where he is not effective, and overated Mandukic up top.

  22. Horvat says:

    What a shame, fans have to worry that our coach will not see the obvious and fail to play players in the right position.

    For example, Kramaric is possible the best centre forward we have had since Suker, while Mandzukic, Kramaric, Brozovic, Rakitic, etc.. are useless on the wings.

  23. Soul Champ says:

    @ Dalić

    Please give Halilovic a run out on the RW in an upcoming friendly.

    Matter of fact give a run out to all the young players who have been involved with the big leagues this past season.

    If you don’t bring young legs on the flanks then you ask too much of Modrić.

    @ Vlad

    Never been sure why our managers think we can pass the ball around the middle of the pitch and expect to be effective in the final third?

  24. The truth says:

    Some of the soundest football chatter on this site in some time. Wonder what’s gotten into the water

  25. Anonymous says:

    ^^ Croatiansports.com loveeee the haters :))) keep them coming @The truth ;) we all really love you

  26. BZ says:

    The only thing that keeps me awake is the thought that Dalic sat Kramaric for Kalinic!?

    @Raz-Zero chance we see Vrsaljko as RW.

  27. BZ says:

    Brekalo had a great game, despite getting a sitter blocked. Albeit he played against lowly Koln.

    Rebic’s sub appearance included a beastly run and shot that was superbly saved by an impressive young goalie.

    Kramaric really put a stamp on his season. When he was in the doghouse for being “selfish” Hoffenheim dropped out of euro contention. As soon as Hoffenheim’s coach put him back in, Hoffenheim flew into CL position. When you can score like Kramaric, the most selfless thing to do is be selfish for your team’s benefit.

  28. crnkovic says:

    no anonymous is right. the white “race” is under serious threat. we should all be careful. i went out shopping yesterday and only saw about 1000 white people out of like 1103. then i came home and turned on the TV and saw the news and there was a meeting of some really powerful people and one of them wasnt white!! then i watched some youtube video of my favourite bands playing and a couple of them had black backing singers!! i bet 400 years of slavery was actually a plot by the muslims to swamp the previously pure white first nation of usa with blacks who planned to subjugate the white people by making them enourmously rich through their unpaid labour. i mean there is genocide, it’s happened before, but this is a whole new level of brutality and injustice. i mean korean grocery stores?? black police?? muslim teachers and doctors??? it’s a disgrace, something has to be done. then i watched some videos of orca killer whales swimming in the sea chasing seals and they were all black and white mixed skin creatures, it made me sick. i bet once upon a time killer whales were all white, even these majestic apex predators are not safe from the threat of mixed skin colour since the obama administration. it’s a disgrace, something has to be done. so i put on a video of beyonce and jacked off

  29. Andrej L says:

    On that selfish notes. Kramaric took down a ball at the top of the box and could’ve shot himself but he chested it down and quickly made a slow rolling pass to his winger to easily shot but he took a touch instead. Turned out to be his LB but easily could’ve had another assist yesterday.

    I watched Brekalo yesterday as well. Easily man of the match and possibly saved them from relegation. I really hope that Dalic invites guys like Halilovic, Brekalo, and even Vlasic to these exhibition games to put some pressure on Rebic and Pjaca. I think we all know that Perisic, Mandza, Krama, and Kalinic will be in the squad.

  30. The truth says:

    Yea agreed. Bustalo put on an impressive performance

    Essentially assisted on first goal by penetrating down the wing

    Nearly scored one early

    Assisted on the third from a free kick

    And then a lovely goal to close it

    He remains on my young players to watch list

  31. Vlad says:

    Well dalic named his 30 and no brekalo no halilovic
    But at least he called santini and other bums diissapoonting

  32. Razbijač says:

    @ Croop

    I think Brekalo right now better than Pjaca. But Dalic seems set on bringing Pjaca into the squad and having him compete for the RW position.

    At any rate, Brekalo’s performance was impressive on the final match day, his team was in a must win position to avoid automatic relegation hell. But his team is not outta the woods yet, as they still gotta play off next week to decide whether they remain in top flight.

    Brekalo’s form has improved in the spring, as he won a spot in the starting 11. And it would be a cryin’ shame if he didn’t make the WC squad. Especially if either Rog or Pasalic got the nod ahead of him–with their seasons’ being nothing to write home about!

  33. BZ says:

    Perisic and Inter got bailed out by Lazio. Next week’s game will be for a CL spot. If Inter wins, they are in.

    Last post for me, don’t need to be physically threatened on the regular.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Truth Troll can’t stop himself from his 4th grade name calling trolling. Grow up child

  35. Poglavnik says:

    Pretty sure I’m down to enjoying only 5 other posters comment’s on this site.
    All you other vaginas, have a nice mothers day.

  36. Anonymous says:

    “Uniting”Croatian fans around the world

  37. The truth says:

    No surprises on the call up list

    Haliloshit or bustalo still not to be considered even though it’s be tough to argue some of these call ups are more deserving

    But i think dalic realizes these guys aren’t going to play if they’re called. Let them keep focused on u21 team and revisit in l of n

    Mandzukic will start. No coach has the guts to bench him.

    Kramaric will start at this point too

    Which means your probably looking at top 3 of perisic, kramaric, mandzukbitch

    Marcelo bozo vic has picked up form which will bring him into the convo of either replacing milan Bad! Elj. Or mateo krotch-does-itch.

    They could try the usual disaster of playing bozovic on the wing in place of kramaric…. Like they did in euro 2016….. Where Croatia actually played pretty well…. But it’s probably unlikely

    Bozovic is generally a disaster but especially playing in the front 3 where he has limited crossing ability and no ability to finish inside the box

  38. Anonymous says:

    Go away Truth Troll. Nobody wants you here. I know you’d go play with the other 10 year olds if you could, but they don’t like you either.. so go get on your xbox or fly your little kite some more

  39. crnkovic says:

    agree that brekalo should be in the squad. i’m a massive fan of Rog but he hasn’t played at all. brekalo or halilovic for that wild card spark chance. pasalic is nowhere, bradaric is decent but whats the point in having so many decent CM’s we have enough….

  40. CiganJeCigan says:


    its h2h in serie A. about 5 of lazios starters are injured including immobile, their best player.

  41. Goku says:

    Club Brugge wins Belgian league with coach Ivan Leko and players Matej Mitrovic and ivan tomecak

  42. Ante Kvartuč Ante Kvartuč says:

    @ CroatianSports.com posters,

    I try my best to get to shit comments right away. But I (or the rest of the team) cannot monitor comments around the clock.

    And by shit comments, I mean those comments that have nothing to do with the subject material.

    Best thing to do do with trolls is not acknowledge them. The staff will try our best to delete dumb racist comments.

    Thank you all and we look forward to chatting it up during the World Cup!

  43. crnkovic says:

    good luck ante. personally i am believer in free speech. giving people like anonymous a platform to express his views is the best possible advert for tolerance. it’s important to realise that people like anon are good people who have become twisted somehow. thats something as a society we need to heal rather than ignore. but it is a sports site i guess. maybe i will set up croatiandiasporaracistnutters.com so that there is somewhere else to go for guys like anon??

  44. crnkovic says:

    i’m waiting to get paid tuesday so i can buy tickets for me and my boy to see hrvatska – brasil at anfield…..

  45. Anonymous says:

    @pro white guy

    Stop fucken sooking about your comments being deleted, dumbass Ante K has deleted my comments many times.
    He also deleted a comment NK Susak made in response to Slavonac from Canada, he didn’t delete Slavonac’s comment though.

  46. Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous, am I supposed to be insulted by you calling me a name that point’s out I’m not a traitor? LOL! Anyway, I’m well aware that most of what the anti-white establishment says about the Ustase, the Nazis,Fascists is bullshit. I’m just telling you not to be stupid, to be practical, do what works TODAY.

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  47. CroatianPerso85 says:


    Just a comment and recommendation.

    First off, I can’t thank you enough for helping create a website we can chat, post and exchange ideas with fellow diaspora. Most of us appreciate the hard work and think you’re doing a fantastic job.

    Just a friendly suggestion from an observant poster.

    I say you take a vote of who wants a strike rule with some of these crazy comments. Not necessarily off topic comments or differences of opinions but the ones that will stop this site from growing bigger and divide people. I think they are pretty obvious to most of us which comments they are. This site has turned into an anonymous post fest of crazy shit.

    Or just block people entirely from posting if you can like other chat rooms/websites do. You can determine based on what criteria. Shit is ridiculous on here sometimes. There are other chat rooms for those people. If you’re dropping n bombs in every post or talking about race wars gtfo. 3 deletes and you’re blocked. That way all of your normal posters have nothing to worry about and you’ll clean up the content and possibly be taken more seriously. It’s seems to only be anonymous posters and ignoring them doesn’t solve the problem. There’s been a downtick with most of the regulars posting and an uptick with anonymous lunatics.

    It’s your site, ultimately you’ll do what you want at day’s end but I think only the lunatics making a mess on purpose here would be opposed to it and the rest of us who love this site would welcome it. At the moment a few bad apples are ruining this for most of us and I think they should be dealt with accordingly. Don’t believe me? Just read the crazy response that anonymous posters will have to this post.

    Just a thought. Either way keep up the good work.

  48. Anonymous says:


    “That way all of your normal posters have nothing to worry about and you’ll clean up the content and possibly be taken more seriously.”

    So create a safe space for the effeminate Croatian male? This is a great idea and exactly what this site needs!

    I always felt that Croatia joined the EU for those reasons! And Serb Vucic knows this, that’s why he said, “Croatia is a NATO member” and “Serbia can’t be compared with NATO, which is big and powerful.” But Serb Vucic consoled himself with the fact that Serbia is small and that they love their freedom more than anything, and that they prefer to run their own country and be their own masters.

    So the NDH we’re told was a puppet state, and this new Croatian state is also a puppet state according to Serb Vucic. Croatians can never lead themselves Lol, the eternal puppets.

    @pro white guy

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    Do you believe that the white Croatian male being effeminate is the reason why the Croatian woman might look for alpha males to copulate with among the Arab and African races, hence making your “white genocide” theory a real possibilty?

    You gotta remember that the EU tells the Croatian puppets how to run their country. Lol!

    But Croatians are 88% Catholic, and Catholics are taught to only marry Catholics, so non-whites in Croatia (if they’re Muslim) shouldn’t find any success with this “white genocide” you speak of.

  49. Croatianperson85 says:

    So there’s the first post Kvartuc. Let’s see how many more we get. No idea how NDH, Vucic or effeminate males have to do with anything I said. They’re here to divide.

  50. Anonymous says:


    You don’t think that sounds effeminate, asking for a safe space where you have nothing to worry about? Lol!

    Lol at you thinking you’re normal! Yugos in Croatian clothing are not normal.

  51. Croatianperson85 says:

    @Anonymous – What the fuck do any of your posts have to do with “Croatians around Europe,” ?

  52. Tone says:

    Maybe eliminate anonymous comments and use some sort of verification … as we’ve seen many times ..it’s difficult but not impossible to get rid of the Russian dick sucking element that seems to love this site

  53. Anonymous says:

    The worst offenders on here historically haven’t been “anonymous” posters, but repeat Troll offenders eho mostly just post to make disrespectful, offensive, or generally inflamatory comments.
    I for one have refused to post under a name, and will only post as anonymous until this site both begins moderating some sense of order and propriety, as well requiring posters to log on with verified accounts (tp control the crazies and trolls)

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