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Dinamo: Return of the Champions; Relegation Goes to Wire; Gorica Promoted

May 14, 2018





For the 19th time in Prva Liga history, Dinamo Zagreb have been crowned kings of Croatian football.



After a one-year absence, Dinamo regained their title, leaving the former champs, Rijeka, in second place, three points behind.



Dinamo’s winning season was not as prolific as in previous years; no, the Modri found themselves seven losses (They lost to Rudes today in their final match of the season) and seven draws over the season. Dinamo only registered four losses last season, and came in second place. They won the league two years ago with only three losses and won the year prior to that undefeated. Though it was a successful season, Dinamo certainly has the likes of Rijeka and Hajduk to thank for dropping crucial points during prime opportunity to take first place for themselves.



El Arbi Hillel ended the season with 16 goals. He tied Rijeka’s Heber as the league’s top goal scorers. Heber has missed the previous three matches due to injury.



NK Istra 1961 and HNK Cibalia will finish in ninth and tenth place, and enter their last match with identical records of six wins, eight draws, and 21 losses. THe relegaton battle will be finalized on Saturday. Niether team can afford to lose if they don’t want to be relegated to the Druga Liga. The loser will be replaced with HNK Gorica of Velika Gorica while the other can expect to participate in the relegation playoff between Druga Liga runners up, NK Varazdin in the promotion/relegation playoff matches.


Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 18 comments

  1. Slavonac from Canada says:

    so can someone explain to me why I keep reading about hooligans, beating and abusing players, demanding to speak to the coach, entering the field with weapons….and all this in Croatian soccer!

    what exactly has transpired over the course of these past few years that would warrant any such behavior? I’m really confused!

    how come I don’t read about how hooligans in Rome or London, Madrid ( they had an absolute shit season except for Champions League), Russia, Belgium, Germany….. beat their players and deflate their tires on their cars….demand they talk to the coach….wtf is going on in Croatia?

  2. Poglavnik says:

    Not sure if u saw the scenes in Hamburg after getting relegated for the first time. They nearly burnt down the one end of the stadium and pitch.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Slavonac from Canada

    Did you get the answers to your questions that you were looking for?

    Did you get to read NK Susak’s deleted comment?

  4. Slavonac from Canada says:

    No I didn’t anonymous.

    Poglavnik, thanks for showing me we aren’t the only nation that’s nuts!

  5. Anonymous says:

    why do you see this in Croatia soccer? Surely some of you can’t be this stupid, can you?

    Look at who is running the league and teams? There is your answer. Idiotic leadership brings idiotic behavior.

  6. Anonymous says:


    You didn’t read NK Susak’s deleted comment, where he said,

    “Blaming the economy and corruption is not a reason to act like an asshole.”

    So you believe that the cause of the idiotic behaviour is idiotic leadership! Would you say that corruption is a good reason for idiotic behaviour? Lol, that would be stupid!

  7. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anonymous, I think blaming corruption or bad behaviour on the economy or because one guy is controlling is a bad reason.

    How can me shitkicking a player be justified just because I think he sucks?

    I see these retards vandalize and attack players and coaches and I wonder what happened to respect?

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