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#3 The One That Got Away

June 12, 2018




In anticipation of Croatia’s 5th World Cup, we are counting down the top 5 goals Croatia has ever scored at the tournament.


#3 The One That Got Away


In 1998, Croatia made it all the way to the semifinals versus hosts France. After a scoreless 1st Half, eventual Golden Boot winner Davor Šuker put the Vatreni 45 minutes away from the World Cup Final! But it wasn’t meant to be as Lilian Thuram would score twice in the second half to put France through.






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 17 comments

  1. BZ says:

    This is my #1

    Biggest goal on our biggest stage.

    Great pass and classic Suker impeccable first touch to set up a classic Suker tucked ball. He did it all the time, made it look easy. Krama show glimpses of this…fingers crossed.

  2. Poglavnik says:

    Starting to think my favourite/least heralded goal isn’t going to make the list.
    June 20th 1998.
    A sweltering day in Nantes. Temperatures in the high 30’s. Even hotter at field level I’m guessing. Suker later claimed to have lost 5 kilos on the pitch that afternoon. Late in the game with players running on fumes, Suker puts us into the next round with a game to spare. Somewhere we haven’t been to at a WC in 20 years.

  3. Poglavnik says:

    Fuck that Boban turnover still makes me sick!
    I didn’t need to see Thuram’s goals.
    That video should have been cut after 20 seconds.

  4. Dannyj says:

    Soon as I saw the clip keeping going I closed that faster then I down my mamas palacinke!!

    Krama is due
    He is due on the big stage

    Krama and Mario should work much better then Mario and Kalinic
    At least that’s what I’m going with

    Kramas chance to make that next massive step in career

    Krama gets the impossible ones
    Mario gets the sitters
    3-1 against Nigeria for the good guys;)

  5. Bobby V says:

    Patrick Kluivert (former Netherlands striker) said on Spanish TV today that his favorites are Spain and Belgium and then added to watch for Croatia. Mentioned the midfield with Rakitic and Modric playing with the two big clubs in Spain.

    Will we ever see three Croatian midfielders playing in an El Classico match ever again?

  6. Soul Champ says:

    @ Bobby V

    We have had a great run with El Croatico.

    Modrić should move on as the new Spanish coach is going to want to turn the page with young Spanish players.

    Kovačić needs to start with a club.

    Rakitić runs way too much with Barca … but he loves Spain.

    Dalić needs to enhance our El Classico triumphant and not burden it like Kovač did in Brazil.

    We will find out soon enough …

    T-4 days

  7. Iggy says:

    I can’t think of too many great world cup goals not in 98 by us.

    Srna’s free kick vs Aus in 2006 was pretty sweet, though.

  8. Bobby V says:

    @Poglavnik – haha, I stop every video I see right after Suker’s goal. Sometimes I’m not fast enough.

    …and that Turkish goal in Euro 2008 is the second worse, followed by the last Euros highlight of Perisic hitting the post right before Portugal scored and prevented us from playing Wales in the semi-finals.

  9. Bobby V says:

    @ Soul Champ – I agree about Kovacic. He will be the one Croatian player that most importantly needs to find a proper club to play for.

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