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Croatia Do It Again! Will Face England In World Cup Semifinals!

July 6, 2018




Croatia vs. Russia Penalty Kick Shootout



Projected Croatia Starting XI: Subašić; Strinić, Vida, Lovren, Vrsaljko, Rakitić, Modrić, Kramarić, Perišić, Rebić, Mandžukić



hrvatska vjerojatni sastav protiv nigerije



Bunker breaker time!



Croatia are expected to start the same may they did against Nigeria: in full attacking force! No real CDM will be used and Hoffenheim striker Andrej Kramarić will start behind Mandžukić.



Croatia have already gotten the “penalty kick” monkey off their backs, but can they finally beat a host country at the World Cup?



The Vatreni lost 2-1 to France in 1998 in the semifinals and 3-1 to Brazil in 2014 during the tournament’s opening match. Now they will face a defensive-minded Russia side at home who are booming with confidence.



Croatia are excepted to go with a more offensive lineup against the Russians, who are more of a Russian Premier League All-Star team than anything else. Of their current squad, only Denis Cheryshev plays outside of Russia; for Villareal in Spain.



Croatia veteran defender, Vedran Ćorluka, who has played in Russia since 2012, will have a good idea how to stop his “league mates” who mostly play for Zenit St. Petersburg, CSKA Moscow and Spartak Moscow.


If Croatia can play with speed and urgency, they will win this game.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 196 comments

  1. Soul Champ says:

    “Speed and urgency”

    This needs to be another statement match like Argentina and Germany in ‘98.

    Penalty shoot out victory over Denmark was more significant for Modrić and crew then we could possibly understand.

    Vatreni will feel the challenge of Russia and respond accordingly for the occasion.

    Multiple players will step up just like that July 4th, 1998 match when we put refining Euro champs Germany to the sword.

    U boj ..

  2. Yachiba says:

    Russia has no business in the quarterfinals. Everyone knows that. this game will be over in the first half. blowout.


    lovren, rakitic, perisic, mandzu goal

  3. totol says:

    russia wins last 2 years
    new zealand sth korea suadi arabia egypt.
    spain on penalties.

    q/F in world cup. What a laugh!!!

  4. Iggy Iggy says:

    I actually dreamt last night that Rakitic scored a long range goal in this game lol; hope that dream comes true!

  5. Mixed grill says:

    I hope we play to our strengths with kovacic and Kramaric starting. I don’t want a grinding defensive game where any team can win. Let’s do it with style and instead of fearing loss play to win. Even if we do not prevail that way at least We can be proud of the skill and talent we displayed.

  6. Croatianperson85 says:

    Anybody else notice we stopped wearing solid black socks after the group stage and went with the red socks against Denmark. I thought the red socks were part of the original away jersey like the ones worn vs Peru, Mexico and Senegal.

    They both look nice either way.

    Great track to get pumped to below.


  7. Jv says:

    SN reporting Kramaric in for Brozovic. Only change from team that beat Argentina.
    Would have preferred Kovacic be in the starting 11.

  8. Soul Champ says:

    Hrvatska: Subašić; Strinić, Vida, Lovren, Vrsaljko, Rakitić, Modrić, Kramarić, Perišić, Rebić, Mandžukić

    Kramaric is due.

    I want to see him on fire to start the match.

    He gets 45 minutes to make something happen in our scoring attack.

    Mandžukić is too valuable on our defensive set pieces to pull off until he is exhausted.


    Depending on what plan B, C, D or E will look like.

    Need to come out ..


    This one is for the free world as we know it!

  9. The truth says:

    Hearing the same about kramaric for brOzovic

    Yet another one of my predictions come true

  10. Brkic says:

    Weather forecast for game time is clear, so as long as there is decent drainage it should not have an impact. Roughly 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so not as hot as feared given the location.

  11. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Kramaric is due for a goal

    Rakitic – “Big games for your clubs are incomparable to those with the national teams, for us, it’s a big honour to play in this sacred jersey and show the world what we can do.”

    When we talk about playing with heart …that’s what we want to hear.

  12. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Rakitić, Modrić, Kramarić, Perišić, Rebić, Mandžukić

    That’s boss firepower…all of them score goals

  13. Anonymous says:

    Truth Troll might possibly do some more trolling today.
    Another one of my amazing predictions comes true again.

  14. Poglavnik says:

    @Toronto Croatia
    True that!
    As in most games, dead balls will be huge.
    I’m predicting either a Lovren or a Vida goal.
    2-0 final with 1 coming in the dying minutes.

  15. Dubrovcan says:

    Looks like we will cross paths with England. I really didnt want that. Those last two qualifiers where we lost big still haunt me.

  16. BZ says:

    Catch 22, I’m cool with Kramaric starting, but that pulls Rakitic and Modric further back. Modric is a better 10 than Kramaric. Last thing we need is Rakitic playing D all game and picking up a yellow (missing out on England.) This lineup has yet to click (0 actual goals recently), but perhaps Russia is the exact type of team that won’t be able to defend it.

    Ideally, if Dalic really wants to attack, he should just take off Strinic, and sit three big defenders back there like Belgium, Brazil, and England do.

    If Brozo starts, he needs to be a true enforcer.

  17. BZ says:

    @Dubrovucan- Beating England will legitamize our run to the finals in the eyes of almost all soccer fans around the world. Bring it, assuming we dont f-up vs russia

  18. Dubrovcan says:

    England havent come up against much serious competition but they do look solid and they have pace on the wings. We dominate midfield and if Vrsaljko and Strinic can handle the wings the game will be ours. If they screw it the game will be theirs.

  19. The truth says:

    Fivethirtyeight had a recent article on Croatias weak offense that I’ve highlighted before

    For a team with a ton of midfield talent Croatia does not play through the middle but instead relies overwhelming on crosses from the wing

    Even in this tournament, rakitic and modric have completed very few passes in the attacking third, even less into the penalty area and extremely low connections with mandzukic

  20. The truth says:

    Perhaps though kramaric would be a better link up partner to the midfield than mandzukic

    Stats have shown that attacking from the wings is generally less effective than through the middle

    But who knows…. Maybe Croatia just plays what is given to them as maybe teams clog the middle on them

  21. Mali Ante says:

    T minus 1 hr and counting….
    Same lineup vs Nigeria would be perfect. Bring on Brozo if we want to move Modric forward. I do hope the ref keeps his cards in his pocket today…if we move on it could be an issue.
    I think we show our quality and win convincingly today. That shootout gives us a world of confidence regardless how ugly the Denmark game was.
    Ajmo momci…let’s seize this opportunity of a lifetime!!
    Bjezite ljudi…bjezite IZ GRADA…

  22. Jarac says:

    Ajmo momci…3-0 za hrvatski…za dom….jebes komunisti…key to game is score first will force Russia to open up play and then we will drop a few on the counter!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Official starting line up-

  24. Anonymous says:

    Relax Jarac, just a friendly jab.
    All the real “gramatički policajci” are busy trying to track down and arrest LaKnat

  25. Mr. Black says:

    Russia with 4 in the back today. Against Spain they were doing it with 5. Russia will attack more today.

  26. Soul Champ says:

    Actually feel Mandžukić is the most important player that needs to play further up the ptich.

    I know he doesn’t stretch you with speed but he stresses you with industry and aerial dominance.

    I don’t want to see him too deep collecting the ball.

    Let kramaric do that.

    Plus plan B-E is coming if needed.


    U boj ..

  27. Maminjo says:

    Even after we went down 1-0, there was no urgency.

    We’re lucky Mandžo and Krama made that run. We havent done anything since the goal.

    Just a bunch of long balls going out of bounds or toward the Russian backline.

  28. Mr. Black says:

    How the Russins run and are really everywhere, doesn’t look normal to me. They’re medicaliy prepared.

  29. Iggy Iggy says:

    Had a feeling Russia wouldnt bunker as much this game and they are kinda playing a bit more

    can’t do much about cheryshev goal, that’s just too good

    this team showing some real resilience to come back from behind two games in a row now. Not an impressive first half but let’s hope we get the job done

  30. Mixed grill says:

    We are too slow to get ball to modric and rakitic. You give the ball yo your best players. Strinic has more touches than modric. They push the balls to the wings on purpose. Who fears strinic??

  31. Poglavnik says:

    A lot of fight on this team!!
    The only thing Russia has going for them is drugs.
    They’re physical freaks. Winning a lot of battles and creating chances with hustle.
    Russia’s wins came again 2 teams weakend by Ramadan and a physically soft and old Spain.
    The one physical team they played, Uruguay handled them.
    Rakitic needs to play quicker and more accurately.
    Ok, bye.

  32. Brkic says:

    We may need to bring on defensive holding mid to free up Rakitic and Modric. Neither is really having a stellar game.

  33. AWOL says:

    Boys are playing well !!!
    So both Lovren and Strinic are out if they meet England. …so far?

  34. Iggy Iggy says:

    Thank fuck Suba survived till extra time

    gosh i was hoping for a less tight, less dramatic game this time but here we fucking go again

  35. Canuckcro says:

    pivaric ain’t go Na sleep ever if we lose..deliberate stupid retatard elbow..fuck me.

  36. Brkic says:

    Speechless… if we play like the last 2 games again we are at he end of the line. Really hoping they can play better vs England.

  37. Hrmic says:

    We got lucky but thank God we won. The penalties could have been avoided with a bit more concentration and effort. On Mario Fernandes’ goal, Mandzukic let him go and did not even challenge the header. The Brazilian/Russian had a free header for the goal.

  38. Iggy Iggy says:

    man i thought we couldnt have more drama lol.. i was high fiving my dad lol


    We gonna be fucked for semis with injuries and fatigue tho lol

  39. TGAD says:

    The penalties could have been avoided will fair refereeing instead of phantom “fouls in attack” being called every time Pivaric, Lovren, or Rebic had a chance at the ball near the Russian goal.

  40. Frajer says:

    Any one want to talk about mental midgets?!? Didn’t think so. Can’t wait until Wednesday

  41. Brkic says:

    Hoping a lot of that was just cramps. Lovre Kalinic can stand in for Subasic, but more concerned about the others – Mandzukic, Strinic, Rebic and Vrsaljko.

    How long have we had that weakness at LB? 2 years? 4 years? Longer? Feels like forever.

    Also disappointed by our inability to take the air out of the ball or hit them with the counter at the end. I guess that goes down to tired legs…

  42. Anonymous says:

    Great win. That is some serious mental toughness.
    We need to play better to beat England but I think we will Play better because England strategy suits our game better.
    Perisic needs to step it up. I didn’t like that substitution and the pivaric one, can’t wait until we have a better LB.
    How good does Srna look now, Vrsaljko needs to step it up too a bit more

  43. Maminjo says:

    Honestly, winning the coin toss and CHOOSING to go second on penalties took balls.

    Also, Rakitić gets extra mental giant points for popping his penalty in the exact same spot as in the Denmark game.

  44. BZ says:

    Dalic, quit flipping the midfield triangle!!! Go with what has worked for you since you took over. Modric HAS to attack. Once Brozo came on, so did Beast Moderic! As usual.

    Why take off Perisic again? No yellow meant he can play hardest defense.

    This next game is going to be rough. Vrsaljko is tough to replace.

    If Jedvaj and Strinic/Pivaric play, it is a guaranteed loss.

    If Vrsaljko is injured we can play our 3-5-2:

    –Vida–Lovren–Corluka– or Car somewhere in there.

  45. Anonymous says:

    How long until the Truth Troll claim of predicting something (after he predicted anything might happen), and just general negative troll in general?

  46. Canuckcro says:

    I agree with bz fuck Dali has to play some better chess..or England will fuck us up bad in the ass.

  47. Iggy Iggy says:

    well considering our team looked more like a casualty ward out there i think the semi will be incredibly tough for us, but who knows hey

  48. Dannyj says:

    Well that took another 4 years off my life

    Whoever asked bout LB weakness
    We have been weak there for all the sranjic years
    We can probably gather hundreds of posts over the years on LB complaining

    I’m ok with England but I think they are fresher and younger sadly

    But hey Do they have stone cold Vida!!

    Straight monster playing from him and nailing the pk

    Man perisic has to get a two goal game for us
    Just not the same he was

    Anyways onwards and upwards


  49. Iggy Iggy says:

    When Vida stood up to took his penalty i thought WTF Vida??

    But his was prolly the best lol.. smashed it in.. i’ll never doubt him again!

    And how cool is Rakitic, winning kick two games in a row for us!

  50. Maminjo says:

    Why does Dalić keep taking out Perišić anyway?

    Also, subbing out Kramarić with the game heading to penalties could have been REAL costly

  51. ZDS Lifestyle says:

    Perasič did fcuk all the whole game game? What happened to the guy? Does he have aids?

  52. Soul Champ says:

    Vrati se ljubavi moja ..

    Back in the semi-finals!!

    Dalić needs to bring on fresh legs to start for England.

    Kovačić has to start.


    Have to play as well.

    LB ??

    Man England will be bombarding our left flank.

    Let’s pray for the best and turn the page for UEFA Nations league for a new LB.

    All talented young studs should be given a trial.

    We simply cannot function without a serviceable LB.

    May have to go with status quo with Strinic.

    Pivaric seems to be missing a screw?

    Modrić and Rakitic cannot play withdrawn.

    I am not buying England at all.

    No James Columbia took them to penalties and Sweden was pedestrian.

    I say refresh the line up and let’s make our run to the final!

  53. Soul Champ says:

    Actually now open to Perišić at LB.

    Or wing back or what ever.

    It gets all our best players in the first 11.

    Dalić has to go for it!!

  54. Horvat says:

    Hvala Bogu!!!

    Molim vas Dalic. Stavite Kramarica umjesto Mandzukica i mi smo toliko jaci!

    Brozovic, Badelj ili Kova moraju uz Rakitica

  55. elcroato says:

    We are usually better in the underdog role — not being the favorite. I bet Rebic will be able to reek havoc on our counter-attacks.

  56. Poglavnik says:

    Pulling Perisic for a more d-minded player like Brozo gives guys like Modric and Rakitic more cover. I don’t mind it when it seems like we’re low on gas.

  57. Poglavnik says:

    @Soul Champ
    Kovacic is garbage. Not sure why you keep calling for him.
    He’s done dick-all every time he’s stepped on the field in Russia.
    Dumb dribbles and pussy-footing tackles. Not my kinda player.

  58. Lika Joey says:

    Martin, when I hear stupidity like your post it drives me nuts. No game is easy…look at today! We will win…but England is 10 times the team of Russia.

  59. Brkic says:

    Bringing on Brozovic made a big difference and Modric and Rakitic went from having sub par games in the first half to taking over the game. We have to start with a holding mid and scrap the double pivot.

    I’m not giving up on Perisic and Kovacic, but it’s now or never for them. Aside from the goal I thought Kramaric left a lot to be desired. Amazing how Rebic has taken this tournament by the scruff of the neck.

  60. Lika Joey says:

    Our guys played two extra times in there last two games. England has young legs. This is a real concern.

  61. Canuckcro says:

    anyone here have enough pull to phone Dalic and tell him ..to put his glasses on so he can see pivaric is playing like shite he’s going to cost us if god is sleeping.

  62. Mr. Black says:


    Don’t agree about Kovacic. I’m pretty sure he’s the future of our Croatian football. He sometimes tries to do too much, but I prefer that than player who hides themselves on the pitch. If you see the speed which he brings to our game, I like it.

    He’s 24. I don’t see one Croatian player of his age who’s already that good.

    About the England game:

    We need to make sure that every player who will play is 100%. Nowadays you can use some simple tests to find out just how exhausted a player is. If someone’s too exhausted to play, just don’t play him. Right how I’m thinking about Mandzo. He’s a beast and we need him but the second Russian goal happened because he was too exhausted.

    I also think the combo Rakitic-Modric-Brozovic works better than Rakitic-Modric-Kramaric. If Mandzo is too exhausted, we’d better play Kramaric up front.

    Don’t know about Vrsaljko, I hope he’ll be ready for England. I’m afraid Corluka will be too slow to stop Sterling.

    What I don’t get is that some of you shit on some of our players. We made it to last 4 which is amazing. We should be proud of all of them. Pivaric and Strinic get a lot of hate, I say they played very decent games.

    Some of you didn’t like Suba. Well, he’s the guy who get us past Denmark and now past Russia.

    Lets enjoy this moment. We only have a population of 4,5 million. It’s amazing that we made it to the semi finals.

    Lets say a big Hvala to the players and the coaching staff.

  63. KRO says:

    Luka Modric has been named player of the match for the third time now hes surely a chance for the Golden Ball award.

  64. filip says:

    TV talking heads are picking England over Croatia. England looked fast vs. SWE. Who wins CRO vs. ENG?

  65. Poglavnik says:

    We’ve got the mids and better technique.
    They got Kane and some fast wingers.
    I prefer being the underdog and I love playing teams that play open. Barring we’re not too gassed and the yellow accumulations don’t mess with what we’ve got I love our chances.

  66. Maminjo says:

    We have no suspensions and we have a potential injury concern with Vrsaljko ((we need him in the lineup).

    We need to go with the Modric, Rakitic and Brozovic trio in the central midfield.

  67. Maminjo says:

    Playing England and one of France/Belgium will give Perisic the opportunities he needs.

    No more messing around with Croatia playing timid and cautious while dominating possession (like they did against the Danes and Russians).

    England, France, Belgium are gonna go at us hard, and we need to pounce right back on the counter. Our true game and style will be on full display for the world to watch.

  68. Iggy Iggy says:

    I think we are the underdog too, i would say we have a 40-45% chance of winning – especially considering fatigue injuries – but im hoping you guys are right about their style suiting us more. Certainly Bilic was saying that on the post-match as well as the poms on that panel, that there will be more space for Hrvatska in that game so i hope that’s right.

  69. Harvaði says:

    Croatia needs to get back to finishing in regulation, too many missed chances, hit posts and missed penalties, the last 2 games should never have gone to shootouts but instead easily 3-1 and 4-1 victories.

  70. Martin says:

    Don’t worry guys we are too good for England. England wiill have to settle for a 3rd place match. Easy win forsure.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Please let’s not start the bullshit of bashing the coach, you don’t know what’s going on down there, guys tired, all kinds of reasons we don’t know.

  72. LAknat says:

    man. the key is in the manager.
    As long as Dalic dare to subs off Perisic and makes our offense more efficient then yes we are absolutely a world cup contender!

    Remember him to subs the likes Mandzukic and Strinic when the time comes 60 minutes will increase our chance to win the world cup

  73. Brkic says:

    I second that about winning in regulation. As far as I know my heart is healthy, but not sure I can take another one of these games. I couldn’t even enjoy the win… almost sick when it was over.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Epic. We never make it easy, but epic!
    Enjoy this moment boys. For most of us, this is twice in a lifetime to make the world cup semi, when it looked like we’d never even have our own country.
    On a side troll note, how much longer before Troll shows up trying to claim he predicted something? I’m guessing once he’s done flying his kite amd playing his x-box game “simulation””.

  75. The truth says:

    Croatia was a clearly superior team today but as often lacked finishing touch and luck fell their way

    This teams run is getting tarnished by these penalty wins

    Unless they beat England, they will still forever live in the shadow of the 98 team that did not require pks against average teams to advance

    England is clearly superior in many ways and a clear favorite.

    But England is not terrible strong in the midfield

    In some ways,, England style could play to Croatias advantage if they are up to the challenge

    England is a ultra aggressive pressing team that lives off getting turnovers in dangerous areas

    If the Croatian midfield can successful play pressure release valve and release perisic/rebic on the counter, you could see some success. There will be a lot of open space. If not, forget about it

  76. Anonymous says:

    There it is, truth troll finding a way to crap on anytjing positive in a negative light. Troll
    Go away troll.

  77. Maminjo says:

    I actually kinda like these PK wins now. We went from being afraid of PKs, to embracing them. We ate Denmark and Russia’s souls with these PK wins too.

    We lost to Portugal at Euro 2016 because we were scared to death of the game going to PKs and we threw everyone forward in one last gasp effort to score. We don’t have that fear anymore, and it shows in everyone’s face (except for Modrić, lol).

  78. Anonymous says:

    Hrvat, don’t actually call out the trolls. One is enough.
    Truth Troll, eat a D. Everyone else, enjoy the moment.

  79. Mali Ante says:

    Another heart stopper but I’ll take it!!!

    Spot on with your posts. That trio in the midfield is a must. Are we sure everyone is available and no one misses a game due to cards? Curious to see if Vrsaljko is ok…we really need him given England’s fast wings.
    Man my heart can’t take this. We really did look tired and I wonder if have run out of gas.
    Against England we need to play our great counterattacking game. Anything is possible….what is encouraging is that we step up against favourites and usually bring our A game. Mentally we are strong as we’ve ever been…we just need Perisic, Mandza and Kramaric to really step up. Modric was been a machine and Rakitic has been solid and clutch.
    Laser focus is needed!

  80. Maminjo says:

    I don’t believe in the whole ‘tired’ argument.

    An athlete needs four full days to catch their breath?

  81. Mali Ante says:

    We have faded in each of the last two games in extra time. They are all great athletes but it’s been a longer season for most of our players. I hope they can rest up and recharge.

  82. Lika Joey says:

    I’m sure their muscles will be sore for a few days but they should be ok for Wednesday. I expect a better game, even through Russia did score nice goals they really killed the game. Really ugly football to watch.

  83. Iggy Iggy says:

    If we had won these games easily and not needed PKs, you know what TruthZivaCunt would say?

    Well, this team will always be tarnished as mental midgets cos they won all their games easy and never dealt with any pressure.

    To me these wins are HUGE. This is the ONE doubt people have about our team: mental resilience. This is now two games in a row we’ve come from behind and then prevailed in the highest pressure imaginable. That’s the greatest test you can have and we passed it twice!

  84. NK Susak says:

    I agree and have said it on numerous occasions that Kovacic is useless and has done ABSOLUTELY nothing for the repka other than one run against Iceland in a playoff. Not to be negative after such a huge win, but we are truly fucked once Modric and Rakitic are done (conversation for another day and we can worry when that day comes).

    Some interesting numbers through 5 games: 8 different goal scorers for us after struggling to score goals leading into the tournament. We managed to pick up 4 yellows today and somehow dodged anyone getting suspended (FIFA has to adjust that rule). How about 0 flares thrown onto fields (at least not visible on tv) after 5 games. And don’t forget, “the truth” is 100% correct on his predictions.

  85. Lika Joey says:

    Mate, it will be a tough match for sure. I don’t know how people think it will be a cakewalk…but this type of game will be in our favor….we will win!!! We will have more space…open game. I just hope we have some gas left.

  86. Mali Ante says:

    I love that we aren’t given a chance. Neither was a quality Belgium side against Brazil and they took it to them. We definitely can beat England…these clowns will be proven wrong!!

  87. Mate says:

    @iggy and lika joey

    I hear you both. Here in Canada the media all over how England has it easy to the finals. Ignorant to say the least.

    On another note looking forward to Stipe fight.

  88. Soul Champ says:

    @ Iggy

    Great point!

    As a footballing nation we needed to go through crucible to forge ourselves into a cup winning side.

    Italy – Germany know how to win major tournaments.

    Dalić has to make adjustments for England.

    We are better than them but need fresh legs to ensure that they do not run over us on the flanks.

    @ Poglavnik

    Kovačić has played well and his legs are needed from the start for England.

    Kramaric off the bench for England.

    Perišić at LB?

    We simply cannot have that glaring a weakness both defensively and offensively from that LB spot.


    Rebić ______Modrić_____________Rakitic____Vrsaljko


  89. Goku says:

    I remember watching kovacic step up and thinking “Oh no,….” and oh no indeed. :D Thankfully the Brazilian missed

  90. The Real Deal says:

    @Lika Joey

    Just to clear it up for the public, you hope we have some gas left for the Final is what you mean?
    What makes you so sure that we’re gonna beat England?

  91. vis a vis says:

    Can Rebic cross with his left foot? He is always looking to cross back to use his right foot it seems to me? Better at right wing.

  92. Lika Joey says:

    The real deal, I feel it…no team has won two penalty shootouts in a row since Argentina in 1990. We have one thing over the other three…our mental midget disease is gone. Our main problem was mental. If we can stay healthy and get our tactics correct…It’s our year! We are mentally tougher than all the other three. Tite said after Brazil lost who ever is mentally the strongest will lift the cup.

  93. Lika Joey says:

    The real deal, we are the second country to win two shoot outs in a row since Argentina in 1990. Tite after the Brazil loss said who ever is mentally the strongest will win the cup. Our mental midget disease is cured. We got this! I feel it. We are lions…just winners.

  94. Lika Joey says:

    I’m concerned about having gas for England. Playing England will be much easier than Russia. The will be much more dangerous with the ball…but we will have space in midfield. We will win! It will not be easy.

  95. Iggy Iggy says:

    Man reminds me how hard it is following MMA, always distressing seeing your dude get brutalised like that.

    Still we can’t be too greedy.

    Wimbledon = disappointing
    UFC = disappointing

    But if you’d ask any Hrvati on the planet, would you take a WC semi final BUT Stipe has to lose and Wimbledon will also be shit, any of us would’ve jumped at that chance for sure.

    Stipe’s already the greatest HW in UFC history so u know he’s won enough tbh and also world cup is most important, obviously

  96. Poglavnik says:

    Love how people are so quick to call him the GOAT.
    If he’s the GOAT then U.F.C. is sadder than I thought.

  97. Iggy Iggy says:

    His record says he’s the greatest HW in UFC history, i think that’s fair.

    But he isn’t the GOAT in MMA, no way. That’s Fedor and then a million light years to whoever’s second.

  98. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I read somewhere that Miocic’s wife is ready to deliver their baby anytime. I’m not sure if that’s on his mind or did he just get too comfortable at being the longest standing heavyweight champ?

    I’m battered emotionally about today’s game. Although we deserved to win and we have every right to feel great, I’m a bit concerned about our match vs England. Maybe I need a good sleep and wait to see the situation tomorrow and the day after, a few of our guys look completely exhausted (Kalinic is the epitome of selfish and delusional), they need recovery time which they don’t necessarily have.

    Overall, we should feel we can compete with England, but we have to have a good day and play at a very high tempo. I’m Hoping Vrsaljko is ok, Mandzukic looked hurt too, Subasic was also hurt…

    What a high but also, what a damn strain on my heart! I almost had a cardiac arrest and needed an ambulance.

  99. Mate says:


    I’m still emotionally drained and pissed about Kalinic. That selfish bastard. I hope Perisic shows up for this game.

  100. BZ says:

    Slavonac, I wrote about Stipe wife the other day. He is also watching Croatia’s run. I said he would have a tough time because of the distractions, but it took an illegal poke to his eye, and a few illegal hammer fists to the back of his head to finally knock him out.

    Dana White and the UFC suck balls, instead of a rematch (which Stipe earned) they are going with Cormier vs Lesnar, who is still suspended for steroids. I will never watch another non-Stipe ufc fight again. fuck them and there retarded wwe direction.

  101. Bilo says:

    I agree @ Slavonac we almost died twice in one week!!

    We managed to overcome another hurdle and came back
    To win two to games in a row at the World Cup. We played better in the 2nd half and extra time but as others have mentioned the DM like brozo or kova are pivotal against teams like England. Our country is behind our decki and any fatigue will be overcome kada zabijemo prvi pogodak!

    I say piva for strinic or 3 on the back with Perišić as wback. Mandzukic je kao panjina. We need him but it doesn’t do us any good if he’s on the wings crossing the ball. Rakitić or Luka Brozo someone is due for a golazo, I am not so convinced of Pickford.

    Polufinale momci!
    Budi ponosan <3

  102. Iggy Iggy says:

    Yes BZ made a very good post in a recent thread explaining why Stipe might lose this wknd, looks like he was on the money. Difficult wknd for him to compete for sure so that might’ve contributed to his loss, definitely.

    On England, i am expecting a loss tbh, although i have been trying to keep my expectations low to avoid disappointment thus far. We have a chance but, yeah, it’ll be tough for sure.. the injuries/fatigue concerns me a lot on three days rest only.

  103. Canuckcro says:

    stipe has his name in lights forever just like our vatreni even if we lose we still won…per capita we have some of the best athletes the world has right now…no apology required ..proud to be cro!!!!!

  104. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Actually, I now remember your comment BZ!!

    Great comments on here today. We shall regroup and see what news we find out over the next couple of days!

  105. Ličan iz toronto says:

    I’m saying it now , croatia goes through to the finals, this team has such a unity it goes beyond the 98 team, we will defeat england, we play much better as the underdog, people don’t realize how hard it is to play in front of the home crowd, also they’ve killed the demons that have haunted us at past penalty shootouts, U BOJ!!!

  106. Soul Champ says:

    I love it .. England press is “touching the money” .. talking about how superior they are to us?

    Dalić needs to fine tune tactics.

    Step one both Modric AND Rakitic need to play further up.

    Kovačić has to start, his speed is needed to support our back line.

    We need to make adjustments.

    England have not been tested this World Cup.

    James less Columbia was it.

    Rest .. recover .. READY!

  107. Ličan iz toronto says:


    Why with the negative comments all the time, you think we’ll lose? No negativity needed on this website.
    We will take care of business, U BOJ!!!!

  108. Tone says:

    Yeah Iggy … it’s good not to boast and trash the other team .. but this ‘we’re gonna lose all the time’ stuff is crap .. get yer shit together bro and try not to bring everyone down with u … U Boj!

  109. Razbijač says:

    Awesome performance by Vatreni yesterday, in another emotional rolla-coaster victory. Modric, Rakitic, Brozovic, Mandzo, Rebic, Subasic, Lovren, and Vida were in particular impressive.

    This team showed true character, being able to bounce back multiple times after being punched in the nose. Even when they were physically spent in extra time, there was a belief in their eyes, there was confidence…

    Croatia become the second team in World Cup history to advance on penalties back-to-back.

    As we all know, this is the second time they reached the semis in 20 years. And they join the elite group of Brazil, Germany, France, and Holland. This in particular is an extra-ordinary achievement, because the tournament was expanded to 32 teams in ’98, making it more competitive to reach the Semis in the last 20 years.

    Modric is arguably the best player of the tournament so far. But I think Rakitic should be tasked with taking penalties during the game. He’s got the coolness and technique to hit the right spot.

    We will see a more improved Croatia vs. England. Croatia are labeled the underdog in this match. A title that suits them just fine, as they don’t wear the favorites label so well. I think the players are really going to step up, while the pressure is all on England.

    Brozovic will be reintroduced, pushing Modric forward. The keys to Croatia will be controlling the midfield through Brozovic, Rakitic, and Modric. And if some of our wingers can step up and take the game to England (I’m looking at you Perisic), we should be in good shape.

  110. Iggy Iggy says:

    I agree with you about penalties but i posted a link the other day saying how Modric will continue to take the team’s PKs, unfortunately.

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