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July 9, 2018




(Editor’s note: I will be traveling this week (Croatia) so the site will be quieter than usual leading up to the Croatia v. England semifinal match)



Croatia are on the brink of history.



All eyes will be on Moscow Wednesday night (2 PM ET) when the Vatreni take on the Three Lions with a chance at a World Cup Final on the line.



We all know what happened in 1998 and could only imagine the next time the red and white checkers would get that far in a tournament again; even though they’ve won four straight matches in the black kits.



Croatia look to be without defensive back Šime Vrsaljko for the match due to a knee injury, but other than that, they will be at full strength. This is a dream semifinal matchup for Croatia. They won their group and avoided France, Belgium and Brazil on their side of the draw.



If Croatia were to ever win the World Cup, the time is now.






Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 373 comments

  1. Vis says:

    Our time is now and I can feel it, we are going to the finals of the World Cup and we will hold the trophy.

  2. Ante Sonamabic says:

    Hey Ante, does this mean they will be wearing the checker jerseys on Wednesday?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any news on Subasic’s injury? Mandukic was looking rough at the end of the quarterfinal. Thanks

  4. Brkic says:

    Pretty sure we’re wearing the black and blue away jerseys again. So many teams have red and white so our home jerseys conflict with both. England is wearing white.

    If Subasic isn’t 100% we should start Kalinic. We could always use the 4th sub to put Suba in for a shootout during extra time if things came to that.

  5. Soul Champ says:

    England has no clue what is coming Wednesday.

    Operation Oluja is in effect.

    English press see us as pedestrian?

    Denmark was a war and Russia was a bear.

    English open up that middle and they will become a canvas.

    Forgive my repetitiveness but Kovačić is the X factor and needs to start.

    You cannot game plan for all three El Classico midfielders starting together.

    Ćorluka will play the match of his career.

    Vida is better defensively at RB than Vrsaljko.



    Badelj or Brozovic given the match flow.

    Subasic not 100% then release the Kraken Kalinic.

    Dalić needs to come out firing.

    Let England know this our time.


    U boj ..

  6. BZ says:

    Vrsaljko is a better defender on the wings than Vida.

    Vida is better centrally.

    Corluka is playing in slow motion.

    Vrsaljko’s absence will be felt, unless Dalic switches up our formation, which he won’t.

    Strinic was a double liability in our last games. The fact that he was not fit enough to complete the game means we waste a sub on him and Pivaric.

    Only things that are wrong, everything else is gonna be awesome.

  7. Chooch says:

    Trump’s pick for the Suprrme Court is…Zdravko Mamic. Two pizdas in a pod.

    Speaking of Cico #50,000, he said he’s too busy scouting Hajduk’s first round Europa League opponent to comment here.

  8. Maminjo says:

    I think Dalic will make the right call in central midfield and go with the Argentina trio of Modric, Rakitic and Brozovic.

    The back four will be an issue.
    I think Dalic will go with Strinic, Lovren, Corluka and Vida.

    We lose our technical ability in the back four with Vrsaljko out, but I can see Rakitic dropping back a lot to help account for that.

    Corluka has barely played so I hope he goes all out and plays his best game out there. We lose our offense at RB with Vida there too.

    Ex-factors are:

    – How well Lovren can do against Harry Kane (he has a grudge against him from that Liverpool/Spurs match)

    – Strinic being about to play a full game at LB at a high level (so we don’t have to waste a sub on elbow-ball Pivaric)

    – Corluka being able to use his brains to account for the lack of footspeed.

    – Vida being able to replicated his excellent defense on the flank

    I also hope that Dalic keep Perisic in there for the full game, and the second Mandzo runs out of gas, we put in Kramaric at center forward to replace him (also in case it goes to penalties).

  9. Bobby V says:

    If Vrsaljko is out and Corluka is in, then you have to start Badelj to help him out.

    @Maminjo, if you say Rakitic is going to drop back( along side Modric in the 4-2-3-1) that leaves Brozovic to play behind Mandzukic..

    I would rather have Badelj and Modric in front of the defenders, and Rebic, Rakitic and Perisic playing behind Mandzukic.

  10. Mali Ante says:

    @ Bobby V
    At first I thought Brozo would be the choice to play and Krama would be out with Luka in the more advanced role.
    Given that Vrsajko is likely out, I would agree with you and think Badelj might be the better option defensively to cover our back line.
    Vida would be on par defensively with Vrsaljko albeit with a little less speed, but we will lose the crossing ability Vrsaljko offers.
    Corluka will definitely play as Jedvaj doesn’t seem to be ready.
    In a good way it may have us play a little more direct and through our mids rather than the bad service we’ve had from
    the wings. I think it’ll actually be better tailored to our talent!
    Can’t wait to shock the English media who are already thinking they are in the finals.
    U Boj!

  11. Soul Champ says:

    Is like Badelj over Brozovic as a pure CDM.

    This is going to be a high octane game.

    All England can do is play direct.

    Not one creative player in the squad.

    Second half you got to bring on subs early.

    England can score quickly if you switch off.

    Love to score early and see England chasing shadows.

    Kontra game all night long.

    England have been flying free so far.

    Want to see them under some real big game pressure.

  12. Bobby V says:

    @ Mali Ante – Agree with everything you said. Well stated.

    Dele Alli and Lingard are attacking midfielders. We will have room and opportunity to counter attack and control the midfield, much like the second half against Argentina.

  13. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Another Vida video came out, this time he said “Beograd gori”!!

    This might suck by tomorrow!

  14. Chooch says:

    What is with our defenders? Lovren starts it off with a handball, Pivaric follows. Then it was Lovren and Vrsaljko with their video. Then Vida.

    What’s next, Corluka and Trump with Russian hookers pissing on them?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Context of Vida Beograd gori comment. He is referring to a bar in Kiev named beograd.

  16. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Actually, I just saw the video again. He was talking about a kafic…I misunderstood it the first time cause I never heard of that place.

  17. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Vida is a head case. He looks like he’d be a stupid drunk…damn irritating.

  18. Iggy Iggy says:

    It’s annoying what he did but he was great in that Russia game let’s give him some credit where due. Prolly took the best penalty tbh. When he walked up to take it i thought Vida?? dafuq?

    But he nailed it perfectly so i needn’t have worried.

  19. Maminjo says:

    The Vida/Lovren CB pairing has worked so well this tournament. I would hate to change it. Even Liverpool is jumping on the hype train on this duo and wants to make an offer to buy Vida.

    Does Dalic just take the risk with Jedvaj?

    Dude is technically very gifted and quick, but is also very error prone.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Also wanted to sayI have no issue with the the song he is singing. I just mentioned it because I was reading some Cro news and they never mentioned the kafic or the song. No context. Most Cro media is cancer.

  21. Bobby V says:

    Can’t understand why FIFA scheduled Champions League and Europa League qualifiers this week.

    Zrinjski Mostar is playing Wednesday and asked to move their game to 12:00pm, scheduled to end right before Croatia-England starts.

    Osijek and Siroki Brijeg play on Thursday.

  22. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Looks like its gonna be Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir. England are playing it up that he is anti-English for in the past sending off John Terry and Gary Cahill as well as pissing off Alex Ferguson.

    Oh well, let them worry about all those things.

  23. Forensić says:

    Idemo is a head case. He posts anonymously like a stupid drunk…damn irritating

    Have a nice trip Ante

    Soul Champion_ Badelj is a must start. Only true cdm we have. fuck Kovacic and his fag got ass long sleeves

  24. Iggy Iggy says:

    Yeah making the semis is great cos you get 7 games either way. We get to see our beautiful team for the whole of the tourney from start to end, regardless of results in these two games, which is awesome!

  25. KRO says:

    If we finish 3rd again it must be staged or fixed because 20 year anniversary wouldnt be a coincidence. Some people are saying France vs England final hope they are wrong with England winning it.

  26. LAknat says:

    let’s put 98 players to commemorate our 20th anniversary of glorious 3rd place into our current lines up ~!

    Asanovic……Prosinečki……Robert Jarni

  27. Mile says:

    Hopefully good omen for tomorrow is that it is exactly 20 years since beating Netherlands for 3rd place. What an anniversary gift that would be.

  28. Idemo says:

    yeah I’ve never posted anonymously in my life, I’ve actually been fairly inactive due to new opportunities, but thanks for the shout

  29. KRO says:

    2010 World Cup Netherlands finished 2nd 2014 World Cup Netherlands finished 3rd We need at least 2nd.

  30. mixed grill says:

    I actually think Brozovic was strong against Russia, quick and confident and game changed when he came in. We need a holding defensive midfielder.

  31. Maminjo says:

    Brozović cut through the Russian defense at the end of extra time and received the pass (unfortunately) behind him.

    Had the pass been a bit better, it was just him and the goalkeeper.

  32. Brkic says:

    Sounds like Subasic is going to start. I really hope he is 100% because we can’t afford to use a sub on the keeper if he can’t jump or kick the ball on pass backs and goal kicks. Would prefer to start Kalinic and use the 4th sub to bring on Subasic for a potential shootout late in extra time if the game goes that way.

    All is to play for and will be decided by the next two games… WC trophy, Golden Ball and Ballon d or.

  33. Mario says:

    Is Vida going to get a match suspension? I really don’t understand this sanctioning by fifa Ok if he did state it on the field but the support for Ukraine was put on his instagram how should this go against him.

  34. Poglavnik says:

    Mentioned how I hoped he’d win it during the group stage and was dismissed right away. Probably by someone who thought Messi or Ronaldo would get it.
    Looking a little more likely now hey boys!

  35. Poglavnik says:

    Mentioned that during the group stage and was dismissed right away by someone. Probably by some Ronaldo or Messi fanboy. Not looking so bloody unlikely now hey boys!

  36. Poglavnik says:

    I’d rather play France. They’re young. Not as much leadership. That’s what’s swaying my Belgium/France pick. Belgium’s oozing veteran leadership.
    France are still too busy playing Fortnite and working on their dances.

  37. Mario says:

    Wow what a game i don’t want to be pesimistic but i think any one of these teams will eat us up. Both are fast.

  38. Maminjo says:

    I’d rather face France.

    Oliver Giroud is good, but he pretty much botches every chance he gets. Griezmann is their star who goes missing for long periods (he’s our Perišić). Mbappe is great, but I can see us managing him.

    Rebić would literally murder Pavard too, lol.

  39. Maminjo says:

    Wow, lol.

    Giroud really does botch every chance he gets.

    How did he miss that setup in front of the net?

  40. Croatianperson85 says:

    Hey guys do we know for certain if Vida will be suspended for tomorrow’s game or is this all a bunch of media hype as per usual?

    I believe Vrsaljko won’t play due to injury.

  41. Iggy Iggy says:

    You know you have to wonder what the point of a national team is when it’s just 70% migrant africans. Why bother if it’s like a club side?

  42. KRO says:

    We will finish 2nd or 4th cant see us defeating France or Belgium only England is out best chance.

  43. Maminjo says:

    Mbappe is such an unlikable character.

    Blatant flopping in that Uruguay game. Time wasting with the ball against Belgium.

    He’s such a piece of shit.

    Someone is going to end his career if he keeps this up.

  44. Iggy Iggy says:

    Vida is not suspended, don’t know why anyone thought there was even a buckley’s chance of that., He’s fine, but he will be booed each time he touches the ball.

  45. Iggy Iggy says:

    But do actual french people take joy in this?

    Can you imagine if 50-70% of the Hrvatska team was immigrant africans?

    Like, would we support the team/care how they went? Pretty sure we wouldnt – definitely not as much. It’s basically cheating. As someone said it’s just an African-super team. The goalscorer tonight Umtiti born in Cameroon, what a surprise.

    Actually that’s a fun game when watching France play, try guess which african country each player is born in

  46. Bobby V says:

    Word from today’s training is that Vrsaljko went through it entirely and said “My knee is fine, Ill play with one leg if I have to”.

    Rebic left with a sore throat but should be fine.

    Dalic hinting that Perisic and Kramaric may not start, which would mean both Brozovic and Badelj would.

    It would mean more of a 4-4-2 formation, with Rebic and Mandzukic up front.

  47. LAknat is Dalic waiting for says:

    Dalic will announce for the starting lines up once He looks up my comment here, so let this formation show up ->

    vs England WC 2018

    ……………………Lovre Kalinic……………………..

    right now I guess keep Perisic for 90 minutes
    subs Mandzukic once he is kinda tired in the 2nd half!
    maybe Kovacic should run – run – run and get subbed!

  48. KRO says:

    Like when Dinamo Zagreb had mostly Stranci was weird if our national team was like that I wouln’t care would be like club football then.

  49. Canuckcro says:

    Ukrainian .fa said they will pay any fine that vida gets for the video..so he gained millions of ukraine followers anyways..i wish Dalic would tell our boys..samo shuti any political b’s.Ok were go na be ok tomorrow.

  50. elcroato says:

    I’m having second thoughts. The last time we played England we lost 5-1. I am afraid they will just blow us off the f’ing pitch. Our guys are tired… and this English guy I know said “it is coming home”. He had this look in his eyes that revealed utter confidence. I just said only God knows. I don’t want that reel to be played…

  51. Mixed Grill says:

    The BBC commentators tonight acted as if the final is already set between France and England. Super arrogant.

  52. The truth says:

    So I’ve been spending some time in Russia recently

    You can definitely feel a negative air toward hrvati after the vida video

    No one has messed with me, but probably cause I’m an imposing figure. I’ve heard of some other hrvati being bothered though

    It’s be stupid to suspend vida for the same video they already warmed him for

    But who knows… Maybe they do it

  53. Brkic says:

    If someone told me we could win the World Cup by beating England and France I would have thought bring it on. Not saying it will be easy (it won’t), but I was more concerned about facing Brazil, Germany, Spain and Belgium. England is confident because they are playing well, but I think they’re taking us a bit lightly. If we can start well and control possession I could see some panic start to set in. England is looking ahead to France, if we play well, we can definitely pull off the upset.

  54. KRO says:

    When England defeated us 5:1 Luka Modric didnt play he is the heart and soul of our team the others together cant be trusted without him leading the way.

  55. Mario says:

    I think England will be getting more breaks by the ref. You know FIFA wants a England /France final more then a Croatia/France final. If England does play good reffing will be ok however if we play good we will get some shit calls i guarantee it.

  56. AWOL says:

    No time for being a fucking pussy or requesting someone to blow sunshine up your ass.
    FYI – best team will win and deserves to win.

  57. Lovro says:

    Funny to see all the support and thanks on social media the Ukrainians are giving to Vida, Vukojevic and Croatian team.

  58. Maminjo says:

    England will probably get their one free penalty against us like they always do.

    We need to win by two.

  59. Rafael says:

    Svaka Cast Vida i Vuko- Freedom of speech is something our people fought a war for. Fifa are corrupt communists.

    We will embarrass the Englezi. We won’t be tired. Our center mids will outclass the english school boys. Our wide wingers will destroy their backs. Mandzukic will stress their center backs.

    The english have not faced a team in the tournament that has a real midfield until now. Tunisia, Panama , Colombia without James and Sweden do not have the midfield we have!

  60. We cannot have Ćorluka play. He has no speed and he is not in form. That as made clear when he came on against the Russians, he should not of received a call up. He looked completely stiff. I don’t think he can function effectively for 10 min much less 90. We have to bring in Kovačić as a starter instead of Corluka. If he was able to shut down Messi during club season he can handle his own against the English. Dalić needs to take a close look at why we were not successful in previous tournaments and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes. We cannot afford any weak links . Subasic was the hero of the game. I pray that he is fit. I respect the warrior in him to continue on. We are close! This is it ! We take the English down and we run over France. France is talented yes, but just remember that talented team gave up 3 goals to Argentina, the French can Be beaten, but do we have the quality to finish. The red lion is biggest challenge we face. We need every man to be fit ,strong , in form and hungry to win. Based on what I saw Corluka is not fit to play. I hope he proves me wrong. And yes your right Mario don’t expect Croatia to get any calls going our way. This will be a knockdown down drag out brawl and mark my words this game may end in controversy

  61. BZ says:

    Index reporting blasphemy, Brozovic starting at RW and Perisic on the bench. If Dalic does this, I will call bullshit on his integrity. Good thing is the Index always reports dogshit, along with a scattering of actual journalism.

  62. Iggy Iggy says:

    Last two games actually Engerand beat us 4-1 and then 5-1.

    But that was like 9 years ago so not too relevant here.

    Like all these knockout games, as i said, i see them as fifty-fifty.

    Maybe Engerand has a slight edge just cos of fatigue/injuries factor but still a good chance we can win.

    I fucking hate england, they are complete pickas. Nothing would make me happier than to knock those cunts out. Even if we lost 20-0 to France in the final i’d be happy just to have fucked Engerand off.

  63. Idemo says:

    Freedom of speech but the Federation sent him home geeez, your a bit conflicted Rafael

    I’m getting tired of not seeing Perisic in the shootout

  64. The Real Deal says:

    I believe this English team is shit and that Croatia should win.

    Modric has to get this done, I just can’t see him having a good game and us losing.

  65. Mici says:

    So so nervous for this game. I’m nervous about the injuries and hope Vida’s comment won’t come back to bite us somehow. I do want to see the English get beaten, so very badly. They are already sitting around discussing the final with France, like a foregone conclusion. I hope Modric and his friends play the very best game of their lives tomorrow or I will be in tears.

  66. Vis says:

    We are going to continue to show that we are an elite team.
    We got this game and we are going to the World Cup Final.

  67. Peter North says:

    Vrsaljko participated in training today.

    Fuck, I hate the French with all those brothers from another mother on their team. Would love nothing more than to see us win the semi and topple those knobgobblers in the Final. Revenge for France 98’

    Deschamps looks like a douche, very punchable mug on him.

  68. Brkic says:

    On Vida… it was poor timing and terribly distasteful for him to be drinking a Budweiser. WTF is he doing?

    I have no issue whatsoever with the comment, I hope he takes back his apology after the WC.

  69. Iggy Iggy says:

    Vida didn’t get sent home, i assume the sent home comment was about Vukojevic.

    I’m expecting to lose cos i dont want my heart broken but fuck me am i gonna have a monster hard-on if we actually win.

    IF we get this done it’ll be the best day of my life i think, i would ACTUALLY rate it above my wedding or anything else, that’s how much i hate these colonial cunts lmao

  70. Brkic says:

    One thing I noticed during the last 2 matches is that we really didn’t have many attacking options available off the bench. Dalic was about to put on Pjaca, but had to pull him back because of the Vrsaljko injury. I think we’ll have a more conservative lineup tomorrow that will allow Dalic to bring on a potential game changer when legs start to get heavy – such as Kramaric, Perisic and/or Pjaca. This may also allow our forwards to press throughout (Argentina game) because they can be subbed off when gassed. For example, against Denmark when we stopped pressing in the 2nd half, they started to get more of the ball and we created fewer opportunities.

  71. Canuckcro says:

    vida is a good player and let god be the judge if he really did anything so heinous that we banish him from the pitch forever..comeon..its all politics he hasn’t played in Ukraine for years..its an old video they will use anything and everything to hurt us as croatians ..never mind soccer..pos vucic Serb wants to make a jasenovac movie with Serb gov money

  72. Canuckcro says:

    meanwhile modern day chetnik shit heads ignore the fact that they were in bed as a collaborator with ww2 entities like many other countries..they lie like a cheap rug…they their leaders seem to think it’s only cros started ww2..they are completed fucker in their unstable mindset,,world knows it,sad!!!

  73. Idemo says:

    Extremely idiotic to turn the host country against us, the Russians genuinely hate the English they only hate us because of Serb association, now they genuinely hate us

  74. Iggy says:

    Yeah it wasn’t an old video, it was part of the celebrations after beating Russia, that’s why they’re pissed. He scores a goal and great penalty, knocks out Russia then goes songing glory to Ukraine and posts it on instagram. You can see how it looks..

  75. The Real Deal says:


    So the Russians hated us falsely for the Serbs sake, but now they hate us genuinely because of Vida? Lol!!

    If the Russians “genuinely hate the English” like you say, they wont be supporting them against us, and they wont be supporting us.
    Vida’s video is a non issue.

    @Iggy & @Idemo
    Were you guys counting on Russian support to get us to the Final?


  76. Xu says:

    Croatia is a country of 4.3 million people which has been in existence for 27 years. In that time, you have been to the semi-finals of the World Cup twice. Most of the players on the current roster were kids who went through a devastating war. Amazing achievements thus far.

    Cheering you on from China. Best of luck.

  77. Goku says:


  78. Bobby V says:

    Lineup for England is set.

    Subasic – Vrsaljko, Lovren, Vida, Strinic – Brozovic, Modric, Rakitic – Perisic, Mandzukic, Rebic

  79. Iggy says:

    Anyone else surprised teams are getting drunk after wins?

    I was. Did u hear French got smashed after their last win and let off a fire hydrant or some shit and the fire brigade was called at 3 am ?

    Im surprised in this day and age of professionalism teams are getting drunk after games tbh! I dont mind it, just surprised. Would’ve thought it would make recovery worse.

  80. Bobby V says:

    After years of posting on this site, it has come down to this.

    Let’s make this a day to remember.

    God help us.

  81. NK Susak says:

    I think the drinking part has been the norm for a long time, it’s just that now everything is put on social media as it’s being done. Many professional athletes have said, had social media been around years ago, their lives would be much different, whether it being locked upin jail, divorced, etc….

  82. Mali Ante says:

    The site that posted the lineup with Brozovic at RW isn’t very trustworthy. Dalic will possibly make a small adjustment but he will not mess with what has got us here.

    @ Bobby V – that lineup makes sense

    Dalic has said he won’t have players play unless they are 100%. My hope is that both Vrsaljko and Suba are as close to 100% as can be. It wouldn’t be ideal to us a sub on either of those two if we want to press the English…we definitely will
    need those subs for some of our forwards and mids.

    Ideally we see Krama, Kova and Pjaca/Badelj brought on in the 2nd half for some tired legs.

    Let’s shock the world boys…ajmooooo hrvatska!!!

  83. Mario says:

    Uhhh had some bad dreams last night. I don’t see us going to the final as much as i would like us to go I have a feeling a fix is in and fifa wants a England France final.

  84. Ernest says:

    Sorry this is going to be a bit of a lengthy post.

    I have been reading this site for years and occasionally posting as well. I will me today feeling grateful. Like many of you, I have been on the verge of tears and sometimes beyond during this run. Today I have decided to enjoy it. I was 9 years old in 1998 and not old enough to comprehend the significance. Today I am 29 and I was still having trouble until today. We are a country of slightly over 4 million and have been to two semifinals of the World Cup in 20 years. How amazing is that?

    But this is for us. For those of us that read this site every day during meaningless friendlies in the middle of the night in China and shared links. For the guys that keep this site up, this is for you as well. I know today is going to be stressful but try to enjoy it a little bit. The whole world is watching us today. Most of them don’t know about this site and that’s actually good. This is our thing. Just like Croatia is our Country. If it was bigger, the pride would be smaller.


  85. Ivo says:

    I though the Turkish ref is an English good luck charm.
    That’s what I read. If the fix is in and the calls are obviously
    Bullshit walk off the fucken pitch. Remember 2014 against
    Brazil. The reds resigned after that .

  86. Soul Champ says:

    We are the champions of the world.

    Every neutral on the planet wants Croatia to win.

    We will play our soccer and walk off the ptich Victorious.

    We have a collective intelligence to this squad that will create goals and defend for 90+ minutes.

    May Dalić choose timely subs in the second half to keep our flow going to victory.

    U boj ..

  87. Rob says:


    Watching in Boston – but from my hotel lobby as I am working remote for the day. If we win – I am hoping to find a big Cro gathering in Boston to watch the final.

    This is the day dreams are made of – idemo

  88. Mixed grill says:

    Thanks Ernest good comment. I also think we should try to enjoy. I was 25 in 1998. We have made it again to the final four and the amazing talent of Modric is recognized. We have already won and anything more is bonus. Plus we survived 2 penalty shoot outs and now our mentality will always be changed for the better. And every neutral wants us to win tonight and win further to win it all! We are 2 matches away. We can do it.

  89. BZ says:

    Vrsaljko is important defensively.

    Starting an unhealthy Vrsaljko might be disastrous, with an early sub and a poor performance.

    Don’t have a good feeling about what Dalic is planning, based on reports from training.

    We CAN win with almost any lineup, but we can also get destroyed with some combinations.

    Great news is, Expect to see us more physical, aka how we were vs Argentina. The last few games we had so many players on yellows, that high risk/high reward challenges were not made. This is why we did not dominate like we did vs Argentina. A few beatdowns and England will fold like Argentina (and like us when Portugal fouled us hard in 2016.)

  90. Eric says:

    An Englishman meets a Frenchman. The Englishman says: we are playing against Croatia on Wednesday and the French says: what a coincidence, we play also against Croatia on Sunday.

  91. Anon. says:

    Lir in Boston had a small Croat contingent for the Russian game. Boylston Street is is probably your best bet.

  92. Sepp says:

    Am loving the cockiness of the English press. They are saying that Modric might be the only player who would start for this England team.

    Reminds me of the final Euro 2008 qualifier game against England, where the English press kept saying how not a single Croatian player would make the England starting XI.

  93. Mario says:

    Enjoy the day love the team pray for a win and prepare for a loss. I have the feeling that a fix is in so don’t get to excited.

  94. BZ says:

    @Horvat- Yeah he has not been training, Rebic would be a huge loss. I am hoping it is nothing, but without Rebic & Vrsaljko our team speed goes downhill fast.

    Worse would be if they do start, but cannot perform.

    At the end of the day, England still must try to stop Modric, Rakitic, and Perisic not an easy task, EVER.

  95. Dejan M says:

    “ Croatian spy arrested “
    These fucking English are unreal
    Turns out he’s a tv repair men who loves football
    What a joke to jump to that conclusion

  96. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Lol it’s funny when England is cocky

    They push Harry Kane as their best player. He plays for Tottenham and hasn’t won any titles.

    We have Modric, Rakitic and Mandzukic who have all won champions league titles before.

  97. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Dear Ivan Perisic,

    Today is a big day for Croatian soccer and for an entire world of Hrvati that live on all continents. I don’t usually ask for much but today I ask that you please do your best to be the best. We’ve gotten this far without you but for us to be successful, I think we are gonna need you at your best!

    Slavonac from Canada

  98. BZ says:

    Worried about our health slightly, but even more worried I will enjoy today a little too much (which might be bad for my health.)

    To England:
    They’re going home! They’re going! They are going home!

  99. Soul Champ says:

    @ Slavonac

    Thank you for that!

    They cannot account for Perišić at his best.

    One performance today from Perišić and he will achieve everything he has ever dreamed of for his footballing career.

  100. Mici says:

    I’m going to have a heart attack. But it’s always this pattern for the last two games. They score first and then the Croats come back. Come on my boys!

  101. Iggy Iggy says:

    Sigh, barely created anything. Actually they looked more likely to get a second, can’t see us winning unless changes are made and they really make an impact but it looks like we’re gonna falter here.. sad face : (

  102. LAknat says:

    Never Give Up guys. .
    Dalic will look a better combine in 2nd half,
    I means keep only Perisic in left side then put Kovacic for Strinic, we are going to get more ball position and dash player!!

  103. Slavonac from Canada says:

    The biggest game of his life and Perisic can’t make a single run…he needs to pick it up or get subbed out!

  104. praesens says:

    Losing to a much faster youthful side. Simple as that. look at Croatia’s bench? Corluka?!!!! Terrible squad selection completely excluding young talent.

  105. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Bring on Pjaca, I can’t wait all day for Perisic to get going…we need urgency!

  106. AWOL says:

    FYI – Euro qualifying first game is March 2019. Selection for groups is December 2018.
    CRO have no speed, stupidity by Dalic did not adjust for second half.

  107. Iggy Iggy says:

    But isnt that Nations Cup thing on before Euro 2020 qualies and it forms part of it or something?

    Man here we go

    third game in a row we come from behind and go into extra time

    more drama like always with us Cardiac Croats

  108. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I’m glad he woke up! I’ve always loved him but he’s been in a rut. We need him to win!

  109. Hrmic says:

    I love it! The ESPN FC announcers said I can’t see how England will lose against Croatia. The English announcers are all big mouths and lots of talk. England showed nothing but 1 free kick and a header off a corner kick in overtime. Croatia outplayed and outworked them for most of the match.

  110. Mr. Black says:


    What a game. We were nowhere the first half but how we came back in the second half. Even the Russian fans who hated us after Vida’s statement finally changed their mind and started to support us.

    TV journalists in Belgium and Holland praise Croatia for their mental strength and willpower. Belgian TV guy said that he wish Belgium was like Croatia, that Belgium would have made it to the final too with a “Croatian” fighting spirit.

    Where’s the time we were talking about us being mental midgets? Where the fuck is Ziva Istina. We’re in the fuckin’ final.

    A big Hvala to all our players, the coaching staff and the fans who were in Russia today. You made this happen!!!!

  111. KRO says:

    Its Funny because in the 1998 Semi Final we hit the lead and lost 2:1 now it was the reverse.Whos the idiot who said Sime Vrsaljkos crosses are no good he also done a good one against Argentina. Josip Pivaric was also great when he was subbed on he dribbled two players and Perisic was excellent karate kick goal.

  112. Funky says:

    This is my first post on the site. I always read everyone’s comments and enjoy the back and forth. I have to say that everyone here should be celebrating this unbelievable achievement! What a great time to be a Croat!

  113. Mixed Grill says:

    So proud. I’m in shock. Need to watch it again now calmly. And the English were so arrogant this is very deserved!!!!!! But now another stressful game to come.

  114. zlati says:

    браво момчета .Поздрави от България
    dragi momci. Pozdrav iz Bugarske

  115. Mr. Black says:

    What about our mental strength? First half we were nowhere. Second half we came back and turned the game around.

    Where’s Ziva Istina with his mental midgets bullshit?

  116. Zee says:

    Ya what a feeling. Peter v.. Wow I’m going to sleep good tonight.. Last time till Sunday. Lol

  117. Iggy Iggy says:

    Im so happy my dudes.. goodness me; today is the best day of my life; today’s the best day to be croatian! ♥

  118. Iggy Iggy says:

    I dont know what to say tbh.. not so many comments on the site cos i think we’re all just speechless

    but there’s a real quiet contentment and deep sense of joy and pride for everyone right now, i know.

    What a time to be Croatian! THE BEST DAY EVER !

  119. Mixed grill says:

    Vrsaljko I did criticize but he made Cross to perisic and he saved goal with header from goal line. I’m so happy!!!

  120. Mali Ante says:

    Hvala Isuse boze!!!
    After watching that second half I would not have seen this coming. We completely dominated the second half and controlled the OT. Amazing performances by all (except maybe Strinic lol – he really was poor today)
    Perisic woke up at just the perfect time. What an unbelievable game…I’m still in a state of amazement how these guys gave their heart and soul. Bjezite ljudi…bjezite IZ grada…

  121. Joko says:

    Wow, what a feeling. Some questions about Mandzukic before this WC from a lot of people (and maybe justified) but he has been nothing but clutch.

  122. AWOL says:

    In Canada:
    The fucking English commentators who picked them have no coverage in Canada anymore.
    Its like the World Cup did not exist.
    TSN and Sportsnet are ….. ….well you make your own opinion.
    Cheers Croatia !!!

  123. Soul Champ says:

    Perišić joining our world class contingent?

    Mandžukić is a world class finisher.

    Dare I ask for Kovačić for France?

    Brozovic was good today, full respect.

    Need to have some more pace in the middle.

    Pivaric was great for a very good Strinic.

    Lovren was borderline today .. as per norm .. but .. Harry Kane?

    I never want to hear that BS English media again about that Tottenham match.

    CL and World Cup finals later .. Lovren is a beast.

  124. ZDS Lifestyle says:

    That was special…congratulations to all the player. They played their hearts out.

    Showed great heart to come back after the early goal.

    I just have to say that Stinic was a disaster show today, him getting injured saved us the game. I can’t believe how may fuck up’s he had.

  125. ZDS Lifestyle says:

    Soul Champ

    Were we watching the same game? Strinic was a fucking disaster. Giving away the ball away multiple times and generally looking totally clumsy and sloppy.

  126. Brkic says:

    Many of us knew this team had it in them and were disappointed when we underperformed in recent years. Others like Truth and Ziva said, no, they’re just not that good… well, just want to say… we were right.

  127. Poglavnik says:

    I cant even comprehend this shit!! Down in all 3 knockout games. What character! We’re definitely a 2nd half team this tournament. One more to go!..

  128. hrvat says:

    I love people who know it all like Maminjo. Remember him. Don’t play Lovren. It will be the death of the team. Lovren. Has been amazing for this team.

    Where is Ziva? Come on your fool talk crap about this team. You are like Holiga. Both garbage.
    No need to walk out on this team. Amazing. Amazing team what they have done so far.


  129. Soul Champ says:

    4-1-4-1 for France.

    Soak up some pressure and pick our spots on the counter.

    Perisc ______Modric ___________Rakitic_____Rebić


  130. Steve V says:

    I have to say, I was right there thinking Lovren was going to be a liability in the back, but wow he has been in beast mode this WC. Never been so happy to be wrong about that.

    Very impressed with Rebic play. Constantly harassing and getting under the oppositions skin.

  131. Dannyj says:

    Some douche guy at a traffic light says we were lucky
    Jebem ti mater lucky
    Let the hejters hejt
    Neka pati koga smeta

    Remember the tie against Finland in cro
    Man that seems so long ago now!!!

    Already those douche canoes on TSN talking bout France being over whelming favorite

    I just want to win to shut all these bastards up


  132. Dannyj says:

    I woke up today and I’m like is this really happening???
    So much heartache over the years

  133. Holy Ghost Karlovac74 says:

    After 4 years of silence due to keyboard warrior frustration, I’m back. Did I not call that Rebic should be playing, that to much loyalty to veterans was an issue and that Werder Bremen would fall after selling Perisic and De Bruyne. Now I’m vindicated and the Hammer is still a retarded pagan worshiper.

    Go, Jehovah’s Witness, spreading the truth and removing the gay pride that has overwhelmed beautiful Croatia.

    P.S. LIKA JOEY, remember when I punched you in the face in grade 2, haha. Hope your doing well..

  134. Holy Ghost Karlovac74 says:

    All teams have been compared to 1998 golden generation but in reality all those guys were past their prime. Imagine they had the chance of representing Hrvatska during the the late 80’s and early 90’s. If this team wins it will be due to a long tradition of great Croatian Football. All I can wish for is a clean game not fixed by the refs. This tournament has been the best due to the virtual ref but let’s hope that trend continues, win or lose,

  135. Holy Ghost Karlovac74 says:

    Regarding Rebic, I claimed he should be playing back in 2014. Too many players sign big contracts, only to be shelved until 25. Luka leaving for Real Madrid diminished his offensive prowess due to Spaniards not returning on the give and go, Halilović is a prime example, not having players pass in Barcelona B. Fear of losing jobs to Croats is major factor, Kovacic was highly touted and is still talented but left on expanding bench of selfish stars. I rather have Croats play regular football on losing teams than be benched. FYI , I’m DRUNK

  136. Anonymous says:

    Perisic and DeBruyne were at Wolfsburg.
    Are you sure Lika Joey didn’t punch you in the face?

  137. crnkovic says:

    dannyJ. i know right? bear in mind i live in england…..
    just walked down the road with my croatia colours. but in that first half wow i was scared…

  138. Anonymous says:

    On Lovren; his last several months at Liverpool, he has generally been a beast. The 1st couple/few months of the season were some of his worst, but since he paired up tith Van Dijk at cb, he has been great. He seems to have finally grown as a player amd person. Confidence, without the old Lovren overconfidence and arrogance (that would give way to the opposite). Happened at the perfect time for us

  139. Holy Ghost Karlovac74 says:

    Correct, VFB Wolfsburg, I did say I was drunk and it has been 3-5 years since posting, hence the mistake. Anonymous, pls don’t be a typical millennial, that trolls on the dark web but would never talk with disrespect in person. FYI, Lika Joey and myself have history and he would understand the joke.

  140. Pero Pizdolizac says:

    I worried Trippier would be this team’s Lilian Thuram. What a second half and extra time this team played. Endless energy, endless effort, endless heart. Bravo Momci! Much credit to Dalic majstore for instilling hope into this team. We know Cacic wouldn’t have done anything to help this team’s mindset after trailing for 60+ minutes of a semi final.

  141. Bobby V says:

    What is with social media saying this was an upset and Croatia is on an improbable run?

    Only to those who don’t really follow club level football.

    Ask Real Madrid if they would rather have Modric or Trippier. Ask Barcelona if they would rather have Rakitic or Henderson. Ask Inter Milan about Perisic or Sterling.


    How many posts has Perisic hit playing for Croatia over the years? Poor guy, you could see it in his face after this last one, but, he was the difference, including the header to Mandzukic for the winner.

    How about Kramaric not finding a wide open Perisic with a few minutes to go in extra time?

    First time in 50 years of watching soccer that I saw English players flopping on the field. Trippier – perfect name.

    Poor Luka could barely stand on his legs the last 5 minutes before being subbed – outstanding as usual.

    Brozovic was excellen

  142. Brkic says:

    We’ll be wearing our home strip – traditional white/red for the final. I’ve loved the black kit, but it’s a fitting way to finish out the tournament and it will be a beautiful sight to see them walk out of the tunnel in 4 days!

  143. Brkic says:

    Is it just me or did Pivaric play lights out after coming in during extra time? Modric and Rakitic actually were not at their best, but so many others stepped up. True team performance tonight.

  144. Faux Cro says:

    Lovren should tell Liverpool and England to fuck off.

    English fans and media are jerk offs.

    Overrated hack league.

    It would be complete shit without foreign players and coaches.

  145. Andrej L says:

    I agree Pivaric has been playing amazing whenever he came on. Not sure I’d make any changes now, but definitely something to consider going forward.

  146. Iggy Iggy says:

    Perisic changed the game. That 10-15 minute spell with the goal and after we suddenly came to life and expressed our ability, and from then on out we were the only ones looking like scoring. Completely dominated the game and thoroughly deserved to win.

    Their free kick goal was i think 1 of only 2 shots on target they had the whole match. We weren’t really threatened and always looked more likely. Anyone who says we were lucky is clearly having a toss.

    So proud atm! :D

    My dad and i just stocked up on alcohol for Sunday night, we gonna watch together and it’s a celebration, win or lose, for this unbelievable achievement.

    Was nice to see on SBS here in Australia Craig Foster talk about the achievement and how unbelievable it is for such a small country to do this.

  147. Iggy Iggy says:

    Perisic changed the game. That 10-15 minute spell with the goal and after we suddenly came to life and expressed our ability, and from then on out we were the only ones looking like scoring. Completely dominated the game and thoroughly deserved to win.

    Their free kick goal was i think 1 of only 2 shots on target they had the whole match. We weren’t really threatened and always looked more likely. Anyone who says we were lucky is clearly having a toss.

    So proud atm! :D

    My dad and i just stocked up on alcohol for Sunday night, we gonna watch together and it’s a celebration, win or lose, for this unbelievable achievement.

    Was nice to see on SBS here in Australia Craig Foster talk about the achievement and how unbelievable it is for such a small country to do this.

  148. Mario says:

    I am glad i was wrong today i had a feeling that refs would be in on something but thank god it was good. Looking back on the past 3 games we conceded a goal early and fought our way through 120 mins each game to win. We defintely spent more time on the field then any other team lol Dalić said the boys just wanted to play nobody was tired. Dalić defintely has a long time more with the team and if he was to settle for silver his name would be Srebrenko. but his name is Zlatko so we know what we are going for.

  149. Crotown says:

    Great joy in Canada- as David threw his stones- Goliath hit the ground never to wake up again
    God thank you – such a joy today that is difficult to describe

  150. Soul Champ says:

    @ Faux Cro


    Lovren slayed the three little lions!

    Beast mode the last 4 months, CL and World Cup final.

    Now he can lock in and have a great final.

    He needed to bitch slap Harry Kane to put that spurs match to bed.

    @ Dalić

    Dai Kovačić za finalu .. molim vas!!

    We need his tight control and explosive dribble against France.

    England was trash.

    France is actuall good.

    We can win this thing but we need to adjust the tactics and give Modric and Rakitic the Kovačić factor.

  151. Ziva Istina says:

    There was no doubt to me that this shitty English side had no chance. They were gifted a group in qualifying and the group stage.

  152. Brkic says:

    It was never in doubt, just look at the poll. 60% of us expected Croatia to reach the final. I bet it’ll get up to 65% by the time Sunday rolls around ;)

  153. Iggy Iggy says:

    Guys did i mention we just knocked england out of the WC ? IN THE SEMIS AND WE’RE IN THE FINAL!?!?!?

    COS I MEANT TO !!!

  154. bojan says:

    life is good ATM
    i truly believe we can beat the France. We will go down but we will ultimately win

  155. Bobby V says:

    English media and Fox commentators saying Croatia on an improbable run and that Croatia upset England.

    Improbable? Only to those who don’t follow club level football. Ask Real Madrid if they would rather have Modric or Trippier. Ask Barcelona if they would rather have Rakitic or Henderson. Ask Inter Milan about Perisic or Sterling, etc. SMH

    Brozovic set a record for the most miles run in this year’s Cup. He and Lovren were excellent.

    How many posts has Perisic hit playing for the national team all these years? Poor guys face after another one today said it all. Player of the game, including a brilliantly flicked header to Mandzukic for the game winner.

    How about Kramaric taking that shot instead of finding a wide open Perisic with only a few minutes left in extra time? Good thing that didn’t come back to bite us.

    That 25 minute stretch in the second half was pure domination.

    50 years of watching soccer and it’s the first time I’ve seen English players flopping. Trippier – yeah, properly named.

    Noticed how both Russian goals and today’s free kick were really properly placed against Subasic.

    I remember Matuidi hobbling off for France against Belgium. Let’s see if he is fit. Their midfield is as good as ours.

    Congrats Boys! Enjoy the euphoria!

  156. christian says:

    Forza Croazia. Siamo con voi per la finale. Battete la Francia anche per noi! ;-) Christian, Venice – Italy

  157. Soul Champ says:

    Kovačić has played against Griezmann and Mbappe.

    I love the character we have shown this run .. but ..

    We have to start better against France.

    We need to add more speed in the middle of the ptich.


    Have all stepped up.

    We need Kovačić to be given the opportunity against France.

    We need to keep possession.

    French midfield will be our greatest challenge.

    @ Svima

    Is Pivaric quicker than Strinic?

    He seems to be moving better in tight spaces?

    I know he had the chicken wing incident but other wise has looked good and last night he looked like he was playing mali nogomet!

    @ Dalić

    You have done the best job in the history of Croatian football. Please make adjustments for France and give us the best chance to win it all.

    Learn from the mistakes of Blažević not playing Prosinečki.

    Kovačić knows these players for France. He knows the speed and technical challenge.

    Start him.

    When he tires you can sub him off.

    But we have to start well to make France doubt.

  158. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    Its like we’re living a dream…we all dreamed to be in the world cup finals and its come true.

    Incredible feeling

  159. Sepp says:

    To think that on October 6, 2017, we tied Finland at home and Cacic was so out of it that he kept referring to Iceland as the team we just played. And we were facing a must win at Ukraine.

    Holy shit. That is some perspective of where we were at 9 months ago.

  160. Sepp says:

    Pyry Soiri. The goal that changed our fortunes.

    As an infamous former poster on here used to say all the time … short term pain for long term gain. ha ha.

  161. Mile says:

    Think about how we felt when we tied Finland at home. Turns out it was the best thing to happen. If we beat Finland, Cacic keeps his job, and who knows, maybe we lose to Ukraine and are out of the World Cup.

  162. mixed grill says:

    I needed to watch again. Was too much to take in the first time. One thing we need to improve are the crosses of Strinic and Varsaljko. Fine, one worked out but most were awful.
    Rebic also needs to shoot quicker, a few too many moves, nice ones granted, with shot ultimately getting blocked.
    Mandzukic and Perisic were my men of the match. I also felt Vida and Lovren played well. Lovren was lucky ref did not caution him more, he was too physical at times. Pivaric looked sharp, certainly more than Strinic.
    My favorite moment was Vrsaljko helping Modric up in extra time. It was touching.
    I also liked that there was no diving and little complaining to the referee. Both teams should be proud of this.
    In the end, nothing prepares you for this type of success. It is all fleeting but I’ll just try to enjoy the coming days.

  163. Yachiba says:


    win OR lose sunday this is still the greatest sporting achievement in the short history of Croatia.

    France will be tough- it is probably the only team in the world that you can say matches the midfield of Croatia.

    I wouldn’t make any changes to the XI. It doesnt need any fixing. There in no one in the front 6 that you can imagine pulling.

    Only question is whether Strinic is fit. I personally think he has had a good tournament and deserves the start…

    Pivaric was dancing around England when he came on. His fresh legs were key in our win. He escaped pressure in vital moments numerous times.

  164. Bobby V says:

    For the second time in this year’s cup, Belgium plays England on Saturday in once again is a meaningless game.

    YouTubeTV service went out yesterday in England during the game but came back just in time for Mandzukic’s goal – haha, perfect.

  165. Toronto Croatia Toronto Croatia says:

    The great thing is all these wins are proving to be a real team effort. Vrsaljko actually had a huge hand in the win yesterday… his cross was the one to Perisic in which he scored…and he also headed the ball off the line in the 99th min …

    And to think he was almost ruled out of playing in this game due to injury.

  166. KRO says:

    2002 Kahn won Golden Ball on Losing team, 2006 Zidane won on losing team in Final 2014 Messi won on losing Finalist also Ronaldo 1998, 2010 Diego Forlan Uruguay finished so Modric now could win it.

  167. Alokin says:

    Anyone know of any watch parties or gatherings in the Jacksonville, Florida area this weekend?

  168. Slavonac from Canada says:

    I wrote this on another site…I’ll leave one part out so I don’t ruffle any feathers…

    I’d probably have said that hard work can get you the result cause its true but in this game it wasn’t just hard work that got us through, it was also technique, style, discipline and the overall mental state of our boys. I mean, when was the last time we saw a team revert to sending rocket launched, long balls to their strikers…hoping they’d get a chance? England resorted to that style and I was shocked!

    I watched the game at home alone, exactly the way I like it. I’m not one that enjoys the screaming, armchair quarterbacks or senseless comments that make it hard to concentrate on the game. I really enjoy watching and listening to every moment of each game, yesterday was no different…even though I do miss the fun and crazy environment that my friends all attend.

    I feel a bit ashamed at myself for going into the England game with the attitude that we were most likely going to get smashed. In my heart and in my mind I was confident in our team and have been pleased with their results. The thing that got me convinced we would suffer a heavy loss was the fact that I had been listening to the media and reading all sorts of articles about how comfortably England would win and that their BIG match was going to be this upcoming Sunday vs France!

    5 minutes into the game we received that goal from the set piece and my immediate reaction went from being nervous to then feeling like “**** this and **** them”, I was kinda glad they scored because I knew that going through the entire game and playing cautious would only help one team…and that team would have been England! By the 30th minute I began to see our team settling down, completing more passes, making diagonal and long passes and it was at that point that I just knew it was coming and that we were the better team.

    Everything became more clear to me in the 2nd half! Our mentality was to fight for every damn inch and by that point there was no damn way we would allow this game to end 1-0. In my mind and on another web page I wrote that Perisic better wake up or he should be substituted out! I’ve always said to everyone that “we go as Perisic goes”. We may not have needed his service and goals in the prior games but our chances were limited and he has been lethal when he’s mentally ready and eager to make the difference we all know he can! Then, out of nowhere…as Rakitic switched the ball over to Vrsaljko and he then settled it, looked up and sent the most perfect cross into the box…I saw Perisic in behind his man. I wasn’t confident he’d get there because I know the decision to commit is less than 1/10th of a second. Before I was able to even see what he was about to do….BOOOOMMM…Perisic came in with that high foot to redirect the ball and silently sat there thinking to myself “thank you God and thank you Perisic”! He woke up and it didn’t stop there. For the remainder of the game he was dangerous, engaged, energetic and back to where he was from over a year ago! Perisic assisted on Mandzukic’s goal through an amazing effort in which I don’t think he would have attempted 30 minutes earlier!

    We have every reason to feel proud! We play a great brand of soccer, totally closing down most of their attacking opportunities. Lovren and Vida were valiant. Vrsaljko demonstrated class, courage and dedication to his team and country…I’m so happy for him. Strinic was definitely someone that gave me a few gray hairs, I’m really not convinced he is conscious of how his body language and attitude is portrayed with those around him on the field…I’m gonna say this whether I get insulted or not but Pivaric makes me less stressed. He might be poor defensively but the guy is always eager, energetic and supportive on the field. Him and Perisic tend to gel better than Perisic with Strinic.

    I’ve argued with many of you here about Kalinic vs Mandzukic. I’ve argued with many people about them…cause I think that character has a lot to do with whether you will succeed or fail. Mandzukic isn’t the greatest goal scorer but he’s one helluva fighter that can hold up the ball, create a lot of attention which then offers space to his teammates and then he’s like a 5th defender on set plays. He has successfully pressed our opponents defenders and goalies and because of that we’ve seen balls sent out of play or even in same cases we have had goal scoring chances. In a game where goals are tough to come by, getting a chance when you don’t have possession but force the other team into making an error is a great way to change the course of a game. Its not only Mandzo thats been pressing but I mentioned him in particular because the him vs Kalinic topic went on for a year…and I doubt we’d have been in a better position if it was Mandzo on the bench and Kalinic on the field.

    After the game I went to see what was going on in the world of social media. To my surprise, I saw many English pundits and fans claiming that Perisic’s goal should not have counted…hahaha. Instead of being gracious, they refuse to accept that we won and were the better team…and we deserved the win…HANDS DOWN!

    There are many who want Modric in jail, called Dalic another Mamic guy and were even hoping we’d lose or that the plane would crash! Yes, its important I bring this up…even Dalic has brought this up a few times….cause now everyone wants to be a part of whats good but they turned their backs when things were tough!

  169. Ante Kvartuch says:

    this is nice and all…but i really think if we walked off against ukraine it would had been better for us long term. put an end to the corruption

  170. Poglavnik says:

    He breaks up everything!
    I watched him closely against Belgium and he was a force.
    France could be missing an Mbappe, Pogba, Dembele, or Griezmann and it wouldn’t make as much of a difference as losing Kante. The French team were even joking going into the semis how they all flew to the city and Kante just ran there.

  171. Sepp says:

    Yup, Kante is the key. He is the only guy that can stifle our mids and wingers. Most important player on the French team.

  172. Maminjo says:


    Some of you are never gonna let Ante off the hook for that “walking off the pitch in the Ukraine game” article.

  173. Maminjo says:

    At the same time, Lovren is making me eat my words after becoming one of the best CBs in this tournament.

    I wanted Mandžo to come off the bench as a burst of high press defending, with Kramarić starting… But he’s also proven that he’s still the starting center forward of this team.

  174. Slavonac from Canada says:

    we are all responsible for our comments and actions. I like Ante but just because he runs this site doesn’t mean we treat him different than we’d treat anyone else. actually, since he runs the site and does live FB broadcasts, we should hold him to a higher standard.

    on that note, I wonder what those Hajduk fans, those that wanted Modric in jail and our national team plane to crash…are they cheering for us now? I’ve seen many of crosports make the comments on the FB link.

  175. Maminjo says:

    Yup. I just called out my own incorrect comments (as rare as that is) but it got moderated, lol.

    I blame Mamić.

  176. filip says:

    Croatia vs. France/Africa in World Cup Final. Simply amazing. Yugoslavia was a true prison for Croatia. Look what has been accomplished since independence. Now Croatia needs to focus on economic opportunities for its people. It will happen soon enough. Security and prosperity for our beautiful country and people. I’m moving back within 3 months after 48 years in United States.

  177. Tr says:

    Modric is a hero. He will not be going to jail. Hajduk fans should rejoice in this victory. No need to be petty. They start looking like Holiga.

  178. canuckcro says:

    Sunday game cro will will be in the red white Jersey and argentinas Nestor pitana will be the ref.

  179. Anon says:

    Now Slavonac is quoting Baldo Leburic to try and label all Hajduk fans at a time we all should be celebrating reaching the finals.

    99% of Hajduk fans love the national team.

    But you will quote any idiot extremist.


    Because you are one too.

  180. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anon, this isn’t one only…as I said earlier…go to Croatiansports FB page and go back almost a month and see how many were saying they want Modric in jail and “ne sicam se”. I believe many or most Hajduk fans are true fans but we have several that were promoting the Modric court case story on many many social media…a day before we played Russia and all the games before that. Some bitch from Split wrote an article 3 days ago and in that article she said the country is divided….you fucking schmuck!

  181. Slavonac from Canada says:

    Anon, I believe many or most Hajduk fans are true fans but we have several that were promoting the Modric court case story on many many social media…a day before we played Russia and all the games before that. Some bitch from Split wrote an article 3 days ago and in that article she said the country is divided….you fucking schmuck!

  182. Peter North says:

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix. No need to mess with the starting 11 unless someone is injured and can’t go.

  183. Poglavnik says:

    As rough a game as I thought Strinic was having (especially early) I found myself really sympathizing with him and pulling for him more than ever.
    Can you imagine being the obvious weak-link on a final 4 team of the World Cup and being picked on time and time again? When he was subbed he looked so fucking spent! A lot of those kilometres he ran were in panic mode and very stressful. It’s probably why England looked so spent. Their running wasn’t controlled or within a good team shape.
    Especially in the middle of the park.

  184. Iggy Iggy says:

    Does anyone know if runners up and golden ball winners are presented on the field after the match or does it happen at some other time?

    I see Sunday night as a huge celebration, even if we lose. I’m gonna enjoy it, have some drinks and celebrate what we’ve achieved here, win or lose!

    Almost feel like pressure is off since we’ve finally surpassed ’98 and that monkey is gone. I hope the players also feel some pressure is released and they can go out and play like we know they can.

  185. The truth says:

    Wow what a time to be a faithful hrvat

    I’ve been over in Russia for a few days in case the crowd has wondered why i haven’t posted. Just been caught up in all the celebration

    Croatias run was improbable. True, they have players at big clubs but even the biggest teams in this tournament had only a 10 percent chance of winning…. Croatia was closer to 3… If you believe they are truly awesome, sure up it to 10 percent

    But don’t be angry that this run was so improbable and the world says so, embrace it

    This is like being a lottery winner. There wss no guarantee we’d ever see this in our lives and we may never see it again, so truly enjoy the moment

  186. Crotown says:

    God what a great ride this has been- please pray for our boys to leave it all out there on Sunday and that they have the courage to continue to dig deep in times of need if we fall behind- if they do so, we can show the world what a decent and proud heritage we are- I know we have done so but a lot of others don’t know or see it – be Croatian and be proud

  187. crnkovic says:

    yeah all i want to see is the team play some free flowing expressive football with a smile. if they do that i don’t care about the result. coincidentally thats also the best chance of getting the right result. kante is an amazing player but it could work to our advantage. modric is at his best when players try to close him down quickly. it speeds him up. i hope kante is told to take out luka, modric will lead him a dance and for the first time in his career kante will be subbed out due to exhaustion…you heard it here first. see that Truth? thats a proper prediction. U BOJ!!!

  188. Joko says:

    Interesting how the narrative from the knock out stage on has been of fight, passion and perseverance. We’ve always knew the talent is there but the rest, at times, seemed questionable. Fair to say the mental midget shit could be put to bed for a while. It’s actually the complete opposite of what many of us fans were expecting would be the difference. If you would have asked 2 months ago most would say technique? Which is def still there but passion and fucking endurance… no chance.

    And… we never make it easy on our selves :)

    Let’s go boys!

  189. Iggy Iggy says:

    Well, Joko, what this team has done is effectively turn their greatest weakness into their greatest strength, and that is actually remarkable. Mental fragility was always our weakness but now the character, resilience and belief is out of this world!

    Some of the commentary ive heard from pundits about us has been great, Craig Foster saying we should be tired but we’re not cos they’re superhuman and behind a cause. Another guy said we are playing like we’re infused with the holy spirit! Haha.

    So it is actually a remarkable turnaround.

    What i was saying to my dad just before was we should be thanking Denmark for taking us to the edge the way they did, cos getting through that game, i think that’s when we started to believe.

  190. Anonymous says:

    “Another guy said we are playing like we’re infused with the holy spirit! Haha.”

    They’re infused with the Holy Spirit even when they lose, majority of Croatians are Catholic.

    You should thak Yugoslavia for your Denmark winning a Euro Cup! Haha

  191. Soul Champ says:

    You never have that feeling like we are going to beat.

    Scoreboard will say what it says but we will leave it on the field.

    On that note:

    Dalić definitely needs to make adjustments to starting line up and tactical alignment.

    He is club winning coach, he knows how to maximize the first 11 to start strong.

    We cannot keep on going down a goal and definitely not against France.

    Kovačić for Brozovic.

    He is the key for ball retention.

    Pivaric for Strinic. Pivaric has got fresh legs. Strinic looks strained out there.

    3rd sub according to game flow

    We have won three in a row on pure heart.

    For the final let’s put in a football master class.


    France needs to be starved of space.

    They do not have ANY creative midfielders.

    They have a great CDM and attacking midfielders.

    They lack a Zidane like player.

    I say we set up shop in the midfield and play a counter game.

    Final is about substance not style.

    Kovačić is the key to keep possession.

    I pray Dalić understands we have to be compact to start and Kovačić has the fresh legs to support the defensive back four.

    Modrić foul on English player was him tracking back.

    He needs all his energy to control the tempo.

    Kovačić is the best at taking the space.

    Again, he has played against Greizman and Mbappe.

    Let him start and run his heart off and take him in the second half and put on either Brozovic or Badelj.

    Pjaca in for Rebic when he tires.

    Listen I am proud of who we are and what we represent.

    I also pray we lean from Ćiro who played and injured Boban and left Prosinečki on the bench.

    We infuse the team with fresh legs and our core veterans will lift us to glory.

  192. Horvat says:

    “The Truth”, I feel sorry you have to see all this dude!

    We didn’t get here by fluke like Portugal in 2016 or Greece in 2004.

    This team has talent and has arguably been playing bettar than anyone in this tournament. All with a population of 4.2 million people.

    Sorry to tell you the future of Croatian soccer has NEVER looked brighter!

    So stop your wishful thinking and give up on Croatia! Unless you do this you will never be happy!

  193. The Real Deal says:

    @The truth

    “But don’t be angry that this run was so improbable and the world says so, embrace it.”

    The world you’re a part of said so.

    Why are you so surprised by a team that has players at Juventus, Real M, Barca, A. Madrid, Liverpool etc. having a run like this?

    The only thing that surprises me is that this team didn’t always have this sort of work rate as it has now, in the past they looked lazy at times. I always felt the only thing holding this team back was themselves.

    “Craig Foster saying we should be tired but we’re not cos they’re superhuman and behind a cause.”

    What is the cause that the players are behind that they couldn’t have been behind all along?

    @Slavonac from Canada

    I said if Modric has a good game I couldn’t see England beating us!
    I was right, you were wrong!

  194. Maminjo says:

    This final is going to be great.

    I’m also looking forward to the next several years of Dalić at the helm. He already talked about bringing in the youth. We have some intriguing players. He also seems like a die hard Croat who ignores all the Holiga caliber politics and just does his job. No distractions, and he’ll actually have even MORE time to prepare (something he hasn’t really been able to do with this team).

    That goof Šuker better start allocating funds toward future development.

  195. Boris says:

    The only thing I can think of is that Slavonac from Canada tried out for Hajduk’s youth academy and was cut after they told him he sucked. I mean, what the fuck else can it be? This is a guy who would ask someone if he was a Hajduk fan before saving him from drowning. Jesus, like an attention whore, great time to get this shit written while everyone is paying attention, right Slavoljub? Except, nobody gives a fuck about you and your grudge against Hajduk. At any time. Especially now.

  196. Goku says:

    Well to be fair. Hajduk are being huge pieces of sh** to not even once congratulate the National team

  197. Ante Kvartuch says:

    Guys, seriously, now is the time for the boycott. That will show the world. Who is with me…

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