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Croatia Book Spot In Davis Cup Finals After Ćorić Comes To The Rescue!

September 16, 2018




DAY 3 



It was supposed to be a cakewalk into the Finals. Marin Čilić just needed to beat American Sam Querrey in the fourth rubber match in Zadar, Sunday after, and everything was going as planned. Čilić beat Querrey 7-6 in the first set and was up 6-1 in the second set tiebreak before everything fell apart. Querrey would miraculously come back to win the second set as well as the following two sets to defeat Čilić and force a fifth and deciding match between Borna Ćorić and Frances Tiafoe.



Ćorić was the favorite to defeat Tiafoe and send Croatia to their second Davis Cup Final in three years, but it wasn’t without full effort. The unknown Tiafoe would take the first set in a tiebreaker before Ćorić equalized the match; winning the second set 6-1. And when Ćorić lost the third set in another tiebreaker, the Croatian fans in Zadar were on pins and needles knowing that Team USA were one set away from the come-from-behind upset.



But Ćorić dug deep and rallied in the final two sets 6-1, 6-3 to push Croatia into the Davis Cup Finals. They will play the #1 ranked French team November 23-25. The host nation has not yet been chosen.



First the World Cup Final. Now Croatia will play the French for world tennis dominance. (That was tongue and cheek).






Doubles expert and 3-time Grand Slam doubles champion Mate Pavić teamed up with Ivan Dodig Saturday in Zadar to take on America’s Ryan Harrison and Mike Bryan. A win would have put Croatia in the Davis Cup Finals to face France in November, however, team Croatia will have to wait another day.



Pavić and Dodig lost the first two sets 7-5, 7-6 before climbing back into the match; winning the next two sets 6-1, 7-6. The Americans would need to win the fifth and final set to keep their Davis Cup dream alive, and that’s exactly what they did, taking the match decider 7-6 in a tiebreaker. The tie will now go back to singles action on Sunday where Marin Čilić will take on Sam Querrey and Borna Ćorić could face Frances Tiafoe.






Borna Čorić and Marin Čilić made quick work of Team U.S.A Friday afternoon in Zadar as the two nations opened up Day 1 of their Davis Cup semifinal. Ćorić took care of Ryan Harrison in straight sets: 6-4, 7-6, 6-3 while World #6 Marin Čilić defeated Frances Tiafoe 6-1, 6-3, 7-6. Croatia are now one win away from returning to the Davis Cup Finals for the second time in three years.



Croatia are favored to go through at this point with doubles expert Mate Pavić expected to join forces with Ivan Dodig in doubles action on Saturday. A win would put Croatia through to the Finals without having to play matches on Sunday. The Americans are set to name Mike Bryan and Ryan Harrison as their doubles duo.


Čilić-Taifoe Match Highlights




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 37 comments

  1. Iggy says:

    Nice! Looks like if this goes to plan we get to ANOTHER big international final this year!

    And if we win the DC this year, Lika Joey has to personally lick my scrotum since it’ll mean the Tennis boys achieved more than the soccer boys. And also Kvartuc should change the banner art to just show Coric and Cilic for the next 10 years – NO SOCCER ALLOWED !!!


  2. Iggy says:

    And the other semi is France and Spain! LEL Piss on my piss!

    Imagine if the final is Hrvatska vs France and this time we win! Man Lika Joey is gonna feel like a total shit-for-brains!

    I hope that happens ahahahah

  3. Goku says:

    I’ve got a weird question for yah Iggy. Do you know if a Tennis Federation of a country holds any honors or replica trophies for from a player winning a Grand Slam?

    For example, would the Croatia tennis association (or whatever their official name is) have some sort of honor / replica trophy from Marin Cilic’s US open win or Ivanisevic from Wimbledon?

    Weird random question i know

  4. Soul Champ says:

    Nice to have this Zadar.

    Is it just me or like every year there is a Davis cup semi-final?

    Does this competition start at a quarter final stage?

    @ Iggy

    I was disappointed with Čilić this time round at the US Open.

    I wanted to see him in semi final at least.

    He needs to hold of these grand slam opportunities.

  5. Iggy Iggy says:

    Not sure about trophy cabinets. I know there’s MORE grand slam champs from Croatia than Serbia btw (we have 3 i think they have 2)

    Davis Cup kinda works like Nations League, there’s “DIV A” but it’s called “World Group” so the tourney starts at round of 16 each year while lesser countries try to get promoted / first round losers get relegated.

    Some of you guys won’t remember but we weren’t even in the world group for many years in the past. It’s just we’re always up there now cos w ehave good players and – most importantly – our good players WANT to play for Hrvatska.

    No Serb or Swiss or Yank actually WANTS to play for their country, which is why they’re shit.

  6. Poglavnik says:

    More like golf.
    Tennis is one of the cheapest sports around.
    The Williams sisters are from Compton and I’d be surprised if any of our stars came from anything above middle class.

  7. Zee says:

    Sweet good news for a change! Not that it’s been too long but that nogomet loss sucked. Let’s put that bullshit behind us. We gonna be ok. U boj!

  8. Iggy Iggy says:

    Look at this cunt talking about how Tennis players are rich. Fucking scumbag has no idea about guys like Ljubicic and Ancic that were refugees and had to flee Hrvatska with nothing but the clothes on their back and made it to the top 10 in the world. What an ignoramus.

    Anyway, onto the news, tie going as expected with mighty HRVATSKA smashing USA.

    What’s noteworthy is France is also up 2-0 over Spain. Now, there’s some poetry gonna happen here.

    We lost to Argentina in that final we should’ve won a couple of years ago, but thankfully the Vatreni well and truly got revenge on them during this WC.

    Now, obviously Vatreni lost the final to France this WC, so you know what’s gonna happen guys, tennis boys gonna return the favour and SMASH french fuckwits in the final.

    It’s poetry dudes and gonna happen mark my words. And where is Lika Joey? I want him to know my balls are ready lmao

  9. Goku says:

    (Sorry for 4 posts in a row)

    Just want to correct my post from above. The 2 worst relegated teams from League A will not be seeded

  10. Iggy Iggy says:

    Well that could well be us if it’s going on goal diff. How many groups are there in League A? Isn’t there only 4 or something? So worst 2 will prolly be us, sigh.

    Oh well, have i mentioned we have legends like Cilic and Coric to at least lift our spirits where the Vatreni fail? ;)

  11. Anonymous says:

    Like Iggy said most nations don’t take Davis Cup seriously, obviously Croatia does and if they do win clearly that’s the reason.
    Nothing to get excited about winning something other nations don’t take seriously, you could say it’s meaningless.
    It’s kinda like winning a 100m race with you being the only able bodied competitor and everyone else has had a leg amputated.

  12. Another Anonymous says:

    Djokovic just won his 14th grand slam and is already arguably the GOAT when you consider the competition he’s faced from the very start of his pro career. Djokovic is half Croatian and his other half has similar surnames to Croats, speaks the same language minus nominal Latin/Cryillic differences, and even has a parallel migration route from the East to their current European location.

    If you didn’t know Djokovic was half Serbian, you’d never say “he doesn’t look Croatian” but if his other half was black or Asian and you didn’t know he was half Croatian, you’d never say “he looks Croatian”. Know what I’m sayin?

    The same people who say “sports and politics shouldn’t mix” are the same people who talk shit about Djokovic precisely b/c he’s identified as Serbian.

  13. Guy Fawkes says:

    “If you didn’t know Djokovic was half Serbian, you’d never say “he doesn’t look Croatian” but if his other half was black or Asian and you didn’t know he was half Croatian, you’d never say “he looks Croatian”. Know what I’m sayin?”

    You only know what you’d say not others.

    If you previously thought he looked Croatian and on finding out he is half black or Asian, would you then say he doesn’t look Croatian? You would, not me, I’d stick to what I initially believed because the way he looks hasn’t changed.
    Anyway, other things are more important than the way someone looks.

  14. canuckcro says:

    I think there is negative Serbs in cognito on this site..iggy pointed out to goku, cro has more big grandslam wins than serbia..just like we have better hockey,soccer,football waterpolo rimac concept offense to serbs but they are tall lanky lurches uncoordinated (except) for basketball ..that’s it..they are not fighters like fritz cuvalo miocic hrgovic miletic etc.

  15. Anonymous says:

    And roger maris baseball..we got better genes than neighbors back home ..too tall jones your only good for of gravity average height is better than a too tall jones lanky lurch.

  16. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @Anonymous – I could be wrong but isnt Djokovic half Cro (mother) half Crno Gorac (father) ? His father was born in Serbia but his grandparents moved from Crna Gora. The only thing Serbian about Djokovic is him being born there but he is half Cro half Cro Gorac.

  17. Canuckcro says:

    thats why djokovic didnt play for serbia in the davis cup..he knows hes not a true belgrade style serb imo..he likes us cros..hes buddy with our vatreni.

  18. Canuckcro says:

    That he is a Serb you can see as a falsification of history by serb nationalists, its not totally wrong because of the heritage of his parents, but they lived already more than 100 years in austrian territory! Further more he only spent one day of his life in Serbia

    From birth on he had the Austrian citizenship (until 1891) and the austrian pass. Also his whoul education and specially his scientific education he got by Austria(from 1867 Austria-Hungary), which was held in german. He attended for example the TechnnicalUniversity Graz(which is even in Austria today XD)!

    Further more i have to say, that someones ethnic or mother tongue dont have to be german to be Austrian or their birth place is todays Austria, so many austrians wouldnt be Austrians(like Radetzky, Fanz Kafka, Joseph Roth or Sigmund Freud).

    But I think the truest answer would be american because all of us would agree with it

  19. Canuckcro says:

    i brought up the tesla and djokovic comparison just to liven up this thread..kill me for startin this ..yebiga

  20. Anonymous says:


    It was the Vatreni that jocksniffed Djokovic, as soon as they seen him they flew over to him like flies on shit.

  21. Canuckcro says:

    really vatreni have enuff quid of their own they dont need jokers money..just his heart..yhats why parts of serb gov dis owned him for partying with our vatreni

  22. Anonymous says:


    Which part disowned him, the chetnik part, they probably looked at him and the Vatreni and thought have a look at these Yugo nostalgics?

  23. Canuckcro says:

    listen to me very carefully..serb belgrade or bosnian serbs are mad he was having a greatime with the hrvatska national soccer team..fact..

  24. Anonymous says:

    “Guy Fawkes” is such a Politically Correct dishonest dickhead, and that’s redundant. You CANNOT look Croatian if you’re half black or Asian b/c Croatians are WHITE you moron. And how the fuck wouldn’t you be able to tell if Djookovic’s biological father was black or Asian that Djokovic wasn’t black or Asian?

    You’re so fucking stupid.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I knew that if I came back to these comments there’d be yet another imbecilic reply.

    Obviously, his name wouldn’t be Djokovic and my point had nothing to with last names you dumb shit for brains dickhead.

    Obviously I was using a hypothetical scenario to make my point about race whereby regardless of his last name you wouldn’t be able to tell he was half Croatian.

    And if his father was Croatian and his mother was black he’d have a Croatian surname but you still wouldn’t be able to tell he was 1/2 Croatian b/c he wouldn’t even be White. Get it now shit for brains? Is it really that complicated in your mind?

    You guys take dickheadness to whole new dimension. You talk all kinds of shit about Serbians and even say they are genetically inferior and then call any white person who doesn’t hate his own race a “hater” and a “racist”. I think that makes you genetically inferior b/c you’re either too stupid to see that or you hypocrites keep pretending you’re right.

  26. Anonymous says:

    “Obviously, his name wouldn’t be Djokovic”

    Whose name wouldn’t be Djokovic, the Djokovic in scenario #1 is Djokovic, the Djokovic in scenario #2 you call Djokovic?

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