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@Toricda: Not Cool! Firefighter Loses Finger At Poljud

September 29, 2018




In Hajduk’s 0-0 draw with Dinamo Zagreb Saturday night at Poljud, Torcida threw flares and small explosives towards the pitch, which resulted in a Croatian firefighter losing a finger.

Angry chants. Fine.


You want to light flares? Completely okay!

But to throw explosives towards other human beings. Not cool!

Imagine if this thing went off in his face?!



24Sata reported the story with video of the incident here.



Torcida have some of the most passionate fans in world football. But this is crossing the line. They pulled this same stunt in St. Etienne, France during Euro 2016. Remember when flares and explosives were being thrown on the pitch during Croatia’s group match vs. the Czech Republic? A French firefighter had one of these “shotgun shell” explosives explode in his hand.



What will the country and HNS do about it?


Explosive goes off during Croatia match at Euro 2016




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 8 comments

  1. Rads says:

    Not cool?? If I blew your finger off your body would it be “not cool”??

    Throwing flares on the pitch is extremely dangerous and stupid. Throwing explosives is deplorable. Racist chants are not OK and just brings more bad attention to Croatia. This is disgusting behavior.

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