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Croatians Around Europe VII

October 7, 2018


Ante Rebić on the scoreboard again



Eintracht Frankfurt’s Ante Rebić is on fire in the young season. The Croatian striker has fully recovered from a post World Cup injury and is sticking the ball in the back of the net like nobody’s business. On Saturday, Rebić opened up the scoring against Hoffenheim in the 40th minute when he beat the Hoffenheim keeper from long range following a race to the ball; his third straight Bundesliga game with a goal. The keeper attempted to come out to collect the ball but then had to retreat as Rebić beat his defender to the ball first. By the time the decision to retreat was made, the ball was already in the back of the net. Rebić was sent off in the 64th for picking up his second yellow card of the match in a 2-1 win over Hoffenheim. Andrej Kramarić remained on the Hoffenheim bench for this game.


Rebić Goal 0:30



Vrsaljko & Perišić Assists



After a slow start to the Serie A season, Inter Croazionale are rolling now; both domestically and in Champions League. On Sunday, Šime Vrsaljko returned from a leg injury he sustained vs. Spain in September to assist on Inter’s first goal. He would chip the ball in front of net to Mauro Icardi, who headed home. In the 78th minute, Ivan Perišić would be credited with an assist as he placed a quick ball to an open Icardi in the box, who turned and slotted home for the winner in a 2-1 victory over SPAL. Marcelo Brozović did not feature for Inter in this match. With the win, Inter sit in third place in Italy; eight points behind leaders Juventus.




Dejan Lovren chases down Man City’s Sergio Aguero


Dejan Lovren returned from injury as well on Sunday as his Liverpool side played out a 0-0 draw with Manchester City. Lovren was given an impressive ‘8.5’ grade as he was “Lucky not to be punished for a kick at Aguero but, other than that, terrific; brilliant tackle on Jesus.” It’s great to see Lovren back and just in time for Croatia’s match with England this Friday. Liverpool sit tied atop the Premier League table with Manchester City and Chelsea.






There’s trouble in paradise for Real Madrid and FIFA Player of the Year Luka Modrić. For the fourth consecutive match, Real Madrid did not score a goal as they would ultimately lose to Alaves 1-0. Modrić played the full 90 minutes as Real Madrid look to be greatly missing CR7. Luckily, Barcelona and the other top teams in La Liga aren’t doing all that great either, as Los Blancos only sit two points out of first place.



Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 51 comments

  1. BZ says:

    Kvartuc-I see what you did there. How’d ya get The Truth to stand next to Crnkovic over Dwight’s desk?

  2. BZ says:

    @Horvat- I haven’t been waiting for a #10 ever since Dalic put Modric there. 2nd place proved it worked.

  3. ZLATAN HRVAT says:

    Now Ivan Rakitic is saying that Messi deserves to win the Balon Dor over Luka Modric. Before he was always saying Luka Modric deserves to win fishy character.

  4. Maminjo says:

    No, he said Modric was more deserving of the Best Men’s Player prize than Messi…but (after getting some heat from Barca fans) he clarified his statement later by saying that even Modric knows that Messi is different to every other player in the world and maybe people want to change things up a bit.

    Rakitic always says dumb things, though.
    At the beginning of the World Cup he was saying how he dreamed of a Croatia vs Serbia final against his brother (Mladen Krstajić) who he played at Schalke with…meanwhile, that Krstajić degenerate was classlessly making references to the war by saying things after the tournament about FIFA judging Serbia like the Hague (or some junk like that). I doubt Krstajić was supporting Raktic, and was probably cheering on Russia, England and France during those knockout phases (like the majority of that country was).

    Rakitic is just the same as most people in the world in that he just says whatever to please people…but then backtracks a bit to avoid any fallout.

    It’s likely that it was a Croatian news media outlet that was interviewing him about Modric when he said that Modric deserved it, then when it was a Catalan media outlet…he clarifies the statement to pump up Barcelona-boy Messi. It was probably some Serbia media outlet that interviewed him for those comments he made about his ‘brother’ Krstajić.

    None of this really matters to me, but personally, I love people who say what they want and never clarify their statement or backtrack on anything they say. I even love those agitators who purposefully play with the media and make statements just to get them jumping up and down. Rakitic is not that type at all.

  5. Real Modric says:

    Theres nothing wring with the crest dont fix it if its not broken.Even some people were saying time to have a new hersey with no sahovnica checkers we are known for the checkers would be plain like everyone else thats what makes us unuque.

  6. Real Modric says:

    Theres nothing wring with the crest dont fix it if its not broken.Even some people were saying time to have a new hersey with no sahovnica checkers we are known for the checkers would be plain like everyone else thats what makes us unique. Modric is currently favourite for the Balon Dor Niko Kovac will be sacked after Bkrussua Monchengladbach defeated Batern Munchen 0:3 at home.

  7. Real Modric says:

    Theres nothing wring with the crest dont fix it if its not broken.Even some people were saying time to have a new hersey with no sahovnica checkers we are known for the checkers would be plain like everyone else thats what makes us unique. Modric is currently favourite for the Balon Dor Niko Kovac will be sacked after Borussia Monchengladbach defeated Bayern Munchen 0:3 at home.

  8. Maminjo says:

    The HNS crest is actually very nice and simple.

    Not sure why they want to change it.

    That crest is associated with a semifinals and finals appearance at the World Cup.

    The best sports teams in the world never change their logos. They shouldn’t change this.

  9. dfghjkjh says:

    awwww, such a croatian basketball sports sob story crisis, the nigger ball bouncer glen davis gives a big fukyou to zadar even after the fans prepared a big welcome red carpet feast for the ballbonuncing superstar saviour, now pleading that they’re sorry how can we make it up to you and make you feel better and more money and free kfc? HAHAHAHA!!!!!! how pathetic, HAHAHA!! fuck you zadar and every other croatian basketball team for importing pointless niggers in the first place, and soccer teams too, not enough local ball bouncers and kickers? what a sad story and just so awful terrible. HAHAHA!!!!

  10. NK Susak says:

    The only change I’d make to the crest is take the “S” from the “HNS” and make it a “$” .

  11. ZLATAN HRVAT says:

    Whenever you have a good logo and you try and change it for a newer better design it usually looks worse. Like many movies the sequel aint better than the original. HNS HRVATSKI NOGOMETNI SUKER. Real Madrid and Barcelona never change their crest.

  12. CroatianPerson85 says:

    @Zlatan – Real Madrid took their cross off their crest after middle eastern sponsors told them to. Also, Barca started putting sponsors on their jersey after never putting them there before. The times have changed Zlatan.

  13. Maminjo says:

    Both Real AND Barcelona took the crosses off their crests for the Middle East (Barcelona has the English St George cross on it).

    That’s actually very disrespectful by the Arabs to even ask, and yet the Spanish spinelessly did it.

  14. Ingrid says:

    @dfghjkjh. They never want to play in africa though you’ll notice, no way are they going to bounce, kick or drop balls in the so-called mother continent, the dinka tribes have even less taco bells, kfc and big mac than Croatia, he should donate to africa a crate of shovels, rakes, seeds and nike sneakers so his brethren clans can grow their own food gardens instead of whining and intruding on my tv, time to grow gardens instead of dancing around spreading aids and eatinf bugs only then can they have sparkly new nikes.Go play in africa and stay there where you belong.

  15. Soul Champ says:

    Mario Mandzukic:

    Had a really good chance to score from Cancelo’s brilliant cut-back but was denied brilliantly by Scuffet. His positioning in the box caused the Udinese defence all kinds of problems and it was his holding up the ball that helped lay the ball on plate for Ronaldo to double Juve’s lead. Excellent.


    He has two more years at top flight.

    Take the UNL off.

    Euro qualifiers.. ZDS.

  16. Maminjo says:

    Ante Rebić with the nice goal… and then a red card, lol.

    This guy will definitely be interesting for us over the next several years.

  17. Andrej L says:

    Rebic looked dangerous today but got gassed. I thought he was asking for water/signalling he needs to be subbed off and then gets caught with a lazy foul. I really hope he plays CF for us on Friday. Shitty that Kramaric got no playing time, maybe it’s an issue with a coach who already came out to say that he’s coaching another club next year. At least Pjaca got the start today. I wouldn’t mind seeing Perisic, Rebic, and Pjaca start with Krama coming off the bench.

  18. Real Modric says:

    Rebic keeps on getting red cards he has to change his attitude if hes not getting a red card he almost or should have got a red card.

  19. Poglavnik says:

    World Class Rebic!
    Vrsaljko, Kovacic, Halilovic, we can almost make our own FIFA World 11 team.

  20. Mixed grill says:

    Rebic plays a bit too physically. It seems someone is always falling down when he makes the highlight reel. I wonder if he can continue playing this way without it catching up to him, if it hasn’t already, with almost more red cards than goals.

  21. Andrej L says:

    Rebic is definitely physical but I wouldn’t consider him dirty or too reckless. The first yellow was after he didn’t get a penalty call which definitely could’ve been given. He got it for arguing too much with the ref. The second yellow, he seemed exhausted and asked for water 30 s prior; someone dribbled by him and he pulled his shirt. Definitely dumb cards to concede but it wasn’t like he went studs up or anything. He looked real good. Definitely seemed gassed in the 2nd half though. I don’t think he could last more than 60 min on Friday.

    Vrsaljko didn’t do too much running but he did play 90 min which is a good sign.

  22. vuki says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing what Letica can do in goal. If we happen to lose to England, I would just let all of the fringe players finish off the Nations League.

  23. Soul Champ says:

    Ante Rebić looks like he is ready for the next step in his career.

    His skills are underrated and he is scoring clinical goals.

    He is an ideal #9 given our squad depth in midfield.

    He is going to bum rush England CB’s and the EPL is going to be in for him big time.

    Lovren and Vrsaljko are back as well.

    I just hope our boys can summon the extra fire without fans.

    Dalić has to bring them up for this one.

  24. somebody needs to tell suker to wake up and smell the soccer jockstrap, get some priorities, get rid of those overpriced made in the 3rd world shitty quality nike jerseys, overpriced crap, and get adidas to supply our jerseys, nike makes ugly 3rd world quality overpriced crap and I don’t wear nike anything because its for ghetto ppl who like paying a fortune for ugly crap quality sneakers and clothes while doing b&e’s and drive-by shootings.

  25. Anonymous says:

    @ Ivo

    Are you sure??

    @ Svima

    Mandžukić on the Balon D’or list.

    Has earned World Class striker status?

    I know we debate what world class means?

    Seems everyone on this list is indeed World Class.

    Is this another case of a nogometaš getting his due respect?

    We criticize who is not but who is a big time player who scores goals in big time matches.

    There is a role for him at Euro 2020. He may or may not be interested?

    Either way full respect to world class MANDŽUKIĆ.

    Also Rakitic debate is over as well as he is World Class as well.

    Modrić is so transcendent that he doesn’t even need the Balon D’or.. but I’ll take it for posterity.


  26. Real Modric says:

    When the FIFA World Footballer Award and Balon Dor were separated awards Cannavaro and Kaka won both awards in their respective years so theres still hope Modric can win both. When Shevchenko won the Balon Dor Ronaldinho won the FIFA footballer of the year.

  27. Razbijač says:

    Mandzukic is World Class

    Raktic is World Class

    The Balon D’Or nominations confirm it.

    Modric will go into the ceremony in full form.

  28. Andrej L says:

    Rog also played 90 min in a big 2-0 win. Good to see Halilovic and Coric at least make the sub list. Anyone notice Kalinic got the start for Atheltico hahah

    Just watched the most recent interview with Dalic; looks like no Vrsaljko, Barisic, Kalinic, Brozovic, and Santini. Vrsaljko is definitely out; his knee was sore after playing 90 min but I heard that his coach asked Dalic not to invite him to play for Croatia. Dalic called up RB Karlo Bartolec instead. If Brozovic is truly out, then this is the chance Kovacic needs to play with Modric and Rakitic. Badelj has been relegated to the bench with Lazio and Bradaric has been playing well but doesn’t necessarily deserve the position over Kova. Should be interesting to see who plays in net; I heard Letica is pretty good and much bigger than Livakovic.

    Dalic also indicated that Rebic will play the CF role. Let’s hope him and Pjaca can continue to stay healthy and keep improving. Both will get their chance with no Mandzukic. Dalic also reiterated that he is focused on qualifying for Euro 2020 and developing his squad for that summer; make sense why he never called Mandzukic and Brekalo.

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