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Croatians Around Europe IX

October 28, 2018





It was a tough day at the office for Luka Modrić and company, but his counterpart, Ivan Rakitić, found himself on the winning side of a 5-1 thrashing. Neither Croatia made it on to the score sheet short of Rakitić’s 38th minute yellow card, but his side holds a seven point lead at the top of the table over Luka Modrić’s team, who currently sit in ninth place.







Josip Brekalo put Wolfsburg up 2-0 on Saturday with his first goal of the Bundasliga season. Wolfsburg are currently third from the bottom of the Bundasliga in 16th place.






Juventus striker Mario Mandžukić was left out of the Italian’s squad due to an ankle injury.



Dejan Lovren played all 90 minutes in Liverpool’s 4-1 thumping over Cardiff. Lovren wasn’t necessarily directly responsible for the Cardiff goal, but he slowed his backtrack of his man, who got a touch on the ball for the goal.



Andre Kramarić performed for 61 minutes during Hoffenheim’s 4-1 victory over Stuttgart, but was not able to put his name on the score sheet while on the field.



Colin O'Haravić
Posted By: Colin O'Haravić 30 comments

  1. Iggy says:

    Real shitshow at Madrid by the looks of things, maybe Luka should’ve gotten out after all and joined Inter

  2. Soul Champ says:

    I am fascinated by the symbiosis between Modrić – Rakitic – Kovačić in relation to El Classico.

    Kovačić is the goods .. and should have played more instead of Kroos last year. Modrić at 33 post World Cup run needs a horse to run with in midfield as Kroos is just a show pony.

    Rakitic is big time respected by Valverde as he knows his presence is necessary if Barca want to make a run at another CL title.

    Modrić knew the party was over and that Inter would represent a fresh project to ball out with his Momci.

    Real Modrić had a great run and Real Crodrid was fun to talk about with a potential Kovačić – Modrić axis.

    Kroos was in the way of that.

    Also not sure why Perez felt it necessary to buy Coutois when Navas has been excellent?

    So many other areas to bolster?

    Perez at his heart is a marketing guy and knows little about football.

    You got $100 million for 33 year old Ronaldo and you don’t invest in a new dynamic attacker?

  3. Soul Champ says:

    Vlašić and Brekalo embody the hungry young nogometaš.

    They are both at good clubs where they play regularly and are an integral part of the attacking third.

    Playing time is at a premium if you want to develop as a young nogometaš.

    The very reason our teenagers are so good is because they get first team football in our HNL.

    Our agents then play checkers with their transfer moves. We constantly are seeing young talent go to clubs where there is not an opportunity to play first team football.

    Next step leagues for our boys to develop and get paid in the process:

    Germany (clubs that develop youth)

    Not my favorite but works :


    Spain and Italy are strictly for lower clubs that need and want to play you.

    Big clubs should be avoided at all costs.

    Ages 18-24 is when you need fine tune your game on the field with a meaningful minutes.

    Be nice to have HNL be more functional so kids can hang around at least till 20-22 years old and then make a solid move.

    HNL has to become more functional.

    Players need to be paid. Clubs need to function with a baseline of UEFA professionalism.

    We are in Central Europe for Christ sakes.

    All that Balkan BS needs to me released.

    More kids should be developed.

    We should produce quadruple the amount of quality players.

  4. Faux Cro says:

    @Soul Champs

    Real Madrid getting rid of Kovacic was a mistake.

    He would have been the perfect player to use to give Modric a much needed rest.

    Milan can really use a player like Modric far more than Inter does.

    I do not want to see any HNS players playing in England or Scotland.

  5. JB says:

    Where are the NBA updates? Saric off to a slow start, Bender, Zubac, and Zizic MIA, Hezonja getting some minutes. Bogdanovic averaging 15 shooting over 50% from the field.

  6. The truth says:

    Pretty disastrous start for Croats.

    Saric has been terrible and Sixers look out of sorts

    Zizic and zibac can’t get off bench despite Lakers only having one center and cavs being terrible

    Bender is on the cusp of being cut by the worst team in the league…. Does this make him the worst player in the league?

    Hezonha has been ok. Bogdanovic has been good.

    No wonder Croatia last this summer even with its “nba” players

    There are some bright spots though

    Zizic:. He actually has been pretty productive scoring and rebounding whenever he plays. Even last year. Defense might be suspect. But with a new coach maybe he’ll get some burn, although still not yet.

    Zubac:. I actually think zubac can be really good. But hippie Walton has such an aversion to playing any big guy that he just won’t give zubac any minutes and instead tried to play kuzma at center in a line up that gives up 120 pts/40 minutes which literally makes it impossible to win. Granted, zu has not been good when he played this year (see 5 fouls on 3 minutes game), but i think he’s been out of rhythm and still has potential. Unlikely to get realized in la though

    Bender:. Bender has generally been a disaster. Completely unable to defend without fouling. Empty box scores of barely any shots, shockingly few rebounds and who knows if he’s ever been to the free throw line. But, the guy is only 20 and a 7 footer who shot 40 percent from 3 last year, so there could be a future for him somewhere where he can develop better. Phoenix has been a mess.

  7. Mixed grill says:

    NBA teams that draft young bench warmers from Europe no matter their prospects almost always regret it. Dario might be having a poor season but he came over to the nba later and as a developed player and competed well from the start. I never saw how Bender could make it. They should have left him in Europe for a few years.

  8. Maminjo says:

    Saric will be fine.

    He starts off brutally slow in each of his three seasons, then kills it as the months progress.

    His stats late last season were incredible. The perfect stretch-4 and playmaking-4 for both Simmons and Embiid. They will not trade their version of Toni Kukoc. They will trade off Covington or non-factor Markelle Fultz before they touch Saric.

    Saric’s issue is that he plays for the national team in the summer, then actually takes his summer vacation late (like in September). The NBA season now starts in mid-October and he comes into training camp out of shape and uses the first month of the season to work himself back into shape.

    He’ll go back to averaging 16 and 8 on 40% three-point shooting in no time.

  9. The Real Zlatan Hrvat says:


    I love the first name but this kid looks like another Hrvat in last name only like that pussyich from PA.

  10. Soul Champ says:

    How is it possible that Košarkaši were better 30 years ago?

    Šarić is a baller but has 2cm vertical leap?

    Hezonja is an athlete but is a punk.

    Bogdanović is legit.

    Bender is another big who needs at least 20 cm improvement on his vertical .. actually may have a chance as a stretch 5, like Porzingis.

    We need to honor the spirit of Dražen Petrović and cultivate the talent of a Kukoč.

    Just give me one Goran Dragić.

    Zizic can move a bit but has zero game.

    U16 – showed a couple kids who were bringing it to the west African/Spain team.

    Serbs are twice are population and Divac(cetnik) lead them to build schools. So I get why they are relevant.

    Slovenia has Serbs who wanted no part of eastern Serbian life and are thriving with their infrastructure.

    BiH needs to drop the confusion of who they are and send us all there really-Croatian players.

    There is just a critical mass of corny people within the HKS.

    Rudy Tomjanovic would turn this around in 4 years ..

    Ali .. sve znaju ..

  11. Iggy Iggy says:

    Sigh, Cilic about to lose to Djoko in 3 in the Paris 1000 quarters. He stopped Djoko’s set-winning streak at 30 though, couldnt quite stop his match-winning streak at 20 but a good effort overall.

    Coric had a close loss to Thiem too which is also quite a good effort so not a bad tourney for both our guys despite not making it beyond the quarters for either.

  12. vuki says:

    @Mali Ante I’m almost positive that Borna Sosa is injured right now. Otherwise he easily gets called up over Milic. I still prefer Benkovic over Mitrovic, but I guess it won’t matter if they don’t play.

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