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Dinamo Zagreb Break The Curse! 1st Croatian Team This Century To Play In Europe After The New Year!

November 7, 2018

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Dinamo Zagreb celebrated in the fog Thursday night as they won their fourth consecutive Europa League match – 3-1 over Slovakian side Spartak Trnava – to book a spot in the final 32 of the EL knockout rounds in February.



Dinamo have been on fire this season – undefeated in Prva Liga play – and perfect so far in Europa League after coming over from Champions League qualifying.


This is the first time this century that a Croatian club has qualified for the knockout round of a European competition. Croatian club football has plateau’d in recent years; making group stages of Champions League and Europa League, but never having the ability to finish top two.



If Dinamo can top the group – which they are projected to do with one more win in their final two matches – they may receive a favorable draw for the Round of 32.



How far can this team go?





Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 23 comments

  1. The truth says:

    I think you speak too hardly towards serbs. It’s time to move on and look forward. It still pains me thinking about the hardships me and my family faced. I still remember the difficulty having to choose between my career abroad and being able to provide money back to my family at home during the war or going back to them during those hard times. I still think about my brothers sacrifice to fight. But despite all that, i realize we need to move forward. Forgive. Reconcile. It’ll be best for us all

  2. Mitkovic says:

    The Real Zlatan Hrvat Je si ti Zvezdas ili Grobar? We have the 1998 Bronze Suker Golden boot and 2018 Silver and Modric Golden Ball winner Serbs will always be jealous.

  3. NK Ludbreg says:

    Great to see. Good for the BBB and Prva Liga… Maybe they will consider adding Dinamo to the Super league.

  4. Goku says:

    He’s not defending serbs he’s just saying don’t always live your life with hate. But zlatan likes to be a cool ustasa like most diaspora croats

  5. Goku says:

    Zlatan, do you jam thompson music while wearing a cro jersey with a big cross over your neck (despite never going to church),and have a huge grb tattoo on your arm…despite not being able to string together 2 sentences in croatian

  6. Elvis says:

    People who listen to Thompson and who get Gen
    Tattoos believe in uniting Croats. People like
    You divide people. If a Jewish person does not
    Speak perfect Hebrew he is still considers a Jew.
    The same applies the Croatians. I am old
    Enough to remember a time when people like Goku
    We’re hunted. Perhaps we should get the hunting party together again?

  7. Robi Prosinecki Bivsi Zvezdas says:

    Would be nice to see the Yugoslav Double Crvena Zvezda for Champions League and Dinamo Zagreb Europa League.

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