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Croatia Will Be Seeded In Euro 2020 Draw

November 19, 2018

UEFA EURO 2020 Launch Event



With Germany’s 2-2 draw against the Dutch Monday night, it was confirmed that the Vatreni will be a ‘seeded’ Pot 1 team for the Euro 2020 draw on December 2nd.



That means Croatia cannot be in the same qualifying group as England, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy or Spain. The final day of UEFA Nations League takes place Tuesday and we will know the final pots and where every country goes after all matches commence.



Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.18.16 PM



Euro 2020 will consist of 10 groups with the top two teams from each group automatically qualifying for the tournament. The final four berths will be chosen in March of 2020 from the four different UEFA Nations League leagues. Euro 2020 qualifying will begin in March.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 59 comments

  1. The truth says:

    This is big. With another high level team i could easily have seen Croatia finish third I’m their group and have to go to a playoff to try to make the euros

    Let’s still hope for an easy group. Not sure if anyone noticed but Croatia has no ability to do well in qualifying

    We haven’t finished first since maybe euro 08 qualifying and most recently couldn’t beat out Iceland

    Each qualifying cycle usually results in our coach being fired

  2. Horvat says:

    The truth/turkey,

    Desperately looking for anything negative to try to make himself feel better about Croatia’s amazing world cup performance.

    Sorry to disapoint you my friend, but Croatian soccer is only getting better! Future has never looked brighter!

  3. Maminjo says:

    Croatia is a top European side, and can easily finish ahead of most of the top Pot 1 teams…

    however, qualifications are different than tournament play.

    Qualifiers take place during the club footballing season, and almost all of our key players play on top end European clubs who are involved in league title runs and European competitions.

    For example, both Rakitic and Kovacic were probably not available in this England game (not because they were too injured to play) but because their clubs pressured Dalic not to play them. Same for Vrsaljko. He probably could have been pushed…but they played it safe.

    A lot of these Pot 2 or Pot 3 teams don’t have this issue as most of their clubs are from mid-tier leagues and are rarely involved in any trophy runs (league or European-wide) or their players play in their own domestic league teams who prioritize the National Teams games for their players as very important (like Turkey, Russia or Ukraine).

    Another issue is that qualifications span over a larger period of time.

    How you start your qualifications, is rarely the same as how you finish them.

    You could have a starting eleven all picked out, but after several months, players in that lineup could be out of form or even injured. Things like this are hard to predict and can come out of nowhere and impact your campaign. Our 2010 World Cup qualifications was impacted by this.

    Qualifiers are not the place to prove your worth against top teams. Tournaments are.

    The world is not watching when you beat a team in qualifiers. Even in this Nations League, most people don’t know that we just beat Spain last week or lost to England on Sunday. However, EVERYONE on the planet knows that we beat England in the World Cup.

    Get an easy draw, qualify for the tournament, and THEN get pumped for facing top competition (because none of that matters until it is during tournament play).

  4. Why don’t you upload a pdf file of the official basic soccer rules? including the basic rules that every 5 year old should know when their mom takes them to play soccer games, covering your man, playing position etc.

  5. The Great Anonymous Doom says:

    This is good news. Most teams will have to go through qualifiers anyway, and a string of qualifiers against teams in the other pots is a good way to train the whole team for the 2020 tournament. The starting lineup in 2020 is not likely to be the same as it was on Sunday, and qualifiers will be the in-game training that younger players will need in order to succeed at the Euro.

  6. Razbijač says:

    I would love to see Croatia throw it into 5th Gear and STEAMROLL the opposition in the Euro Qualifiers–just like the other BIG National teams do in their groups!

    Ya know qualify in style, without struggling, to the point that we’re considered one of the favorites to take Euro 2020.

    This UNL was a fine tune up for the qualifiers. As it’s better than a friendly and simulates high pressure matches. And I do feel the UNL campaign was hampered by a World Cup hangover and a Stadium Ban, but it’s best to get this outta the system now then have to suffer from it in the Euro Qualifers.

  7. tomo says:

    For the idiots that dont know the rules re: foot placement on thrown ins:
    The foot/feet must be touching the ground and be inside the line of play they can be on the line but not over the line of play.
    Englands throw in he’s foot was over the bloody line!!
    Technically rashford threw the ball while in play. Foul.

    Does anybody know if the FA can appeal bad decisions???

  8. Maminjo says:

    Croat Canadian

    There’s always a chance that we get grouped in with Serbia.

    They are usually a Pot 3 or Pot 4 team in any qualifying round or tournament (assuming they qualify).

    We are always a Pot 1 or Pot 2.
    I don’t recall the last time they were at our level. I don’t think they ever were. Maybe for World Cup 2002 qualifying, but that quickly ended when they didn’t qualify for it (and then the following tournament after that).

  9. Maminjo says:

    Just checked out of curiosity.

    Turns out they were a Pot 1 team for WC2002 qualifying!

    That’s surprising, but they did well in Euro 2000 (when they still had Montenegro with them) so I guess that’s why they were seeded.

    They were also a Pot 2 team with us for Euro 2004 qualifying, but then that’s all. They were always a Pot 3 or Pot 4 caliber team for every tournament before and after those two tournaments. We were always Pot 1 or Pot 2.

    There’s always a chance to draw them, but we would beat them again (just like last time). I just don’t want to deal with potential stadium bans (yet again). That’s really annoying, and the main reason I wouldn’t want to draw Serbia and (to a lesser extent) BiH as well.

  10. BZ says:

    Tomo, if any part of the foot is on the line, it isn’t considered over the line. I checked immediately after they scored. I actually didn’t know that rule at the time.

    Call us idiots, but if you are wrong, plz admit that you might be the idiot.

  11. Iggy says:

    March 2013 was such a great game so I really dun mind drawing Serbs again if it provides more great memories for us all. That was a perfect day after all!

  12. CroatianPerson85 says:


    Simunic tackle vs Serbia with Serb commentary only because it’s the funniest one.

    @Anon – Joe S did save us. Sulejmani had a potential breakaway. It was a smart “professional” foul.

    What I like most is no one dared to even step to him. Maybe Kolarov but it was half ass. Helps being the tallest guy on the field.

    It looks worse than it was. Joe knew he wasn’t going to win that ball. He could have been nastier if we wanted to. Nonetheless, smart play by Joe.

    Questions for CS people – Does Modric end up in Inter? And

    Was this nations league kurac good for us?

  13. Maminjo says:

    Surprised that no fans rushed the field after Joe’s tackle. He was completely and visibly unremorseful too.

    But the craziest thing I ever saw players do on a pitch was when the Albanian National Team got into fist fights with Serb fans who were rushing the field in Beograd (after that Albania flag drone incident).

    Bunch of 20 year old Albanian footballers grabbing their flag back from the Serb players and throwing punches at oncoming fans in a full stadium of hostile spectators (with none of the security stewards interested in preventing the fans from killing them).

    Serbs looked like complete pussies after that.

  14. Iggy says:

    That tackle from Big Joe is actually the greatest tackle in football, EVER.

    Guy’s a fucking legend!

    But yeah boy that was a tough game, do u guys remember it? I remember one of the regulars saying ive never seen our guys strangled like this, and it was truly like that. It was a full on onslaught from them, we got one chance and Mandzu finished it in to give us the lead but they thoroughly dominated us. That’s the only issue with playing Serbs: we all know we are much better but they will play way above their skill level and out of their skin when they verse us.

    But, like i said, the win vs them 2-0 was one of the highlights in recent years from the Vatreni so more memories like that are always welcome. Remember the cunt Mijatovic saying poor Serbs in Vukovar ? Lol what a cunt – this was all before that game. It was kinda cool it was Stimac and him as the coaches too, couple of guys who hated each other from earlier repka games. So yeah all in all that was awesome, having them in our group. And let’s not forget they missed the WC.

  15. Poglavnik says:

    Was trying to find something on another flag incident.
    Petrovic and Divac, but only found this related writeup from 93.

  16. Medo says:

    Being seeded is a bit over rated for us.We have always played well against the supposed giants in soccer… the exception being the recent drubbing by Spain.
    The inverse has been true as well.A qualifier in Bulgaria, Skopje or northern island against the likes of supposed minnows has let us down more than a few times in the past.
    Where we used to play with fire and passion when a big team came to Maksimir now these small countries will do the same against a World Cup finalist.
    The World Cup hangover will last a bit longer than we might like is my fear.

  17. Turkey says:

    Haha Croats! You’ve choked yet again. Just like you did in the final and just like when Turkey took half of your land and turned it into Bosnia

  18. Stef T.O says:

    I’m not too worried. Teams like England and Spain had their time to rebuild. There in the final stages. Now Cro will be in transition over the next 4 years. Some guys already retired and others to come. It will take Dalic a little time to figure out new positions and formations. Yes there will be some growing pains but that’s part of sports. Once the new crop of players get setup and new golden generation will arrive.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Responding to the 1st message here, I ‘m actually pretty sure there’s no playoff anymore, at least not based on euro qualifications group play.

    Top 2 teams in each group advance (20 total). And the final 4 spots will be given to the playoff result from the UEFA Nation’s League that just finished (1 team from each of the 4 leagues will qualify)

  20. Turkey says:

    Happy turkey day Croats! How does it feel to celebrate Turkey yet again!. On this thanksgiving, i am thankful for the turkey infused team from France that embarrassed Croatia in the finals.

  21. Maminjo says:

    You know you’ve made it when you have anti-fans trolling your website because it kills them that you’ve achieved the highest level.

    Croatia now has football rivalries with Spain, England, France… Whereas teams like Turkey, Serbia etc have their little regional rivalries that nobody cares about.

  22. vuki says:

    In the last 4 years, the only team that we “always lose” to is France and we’ve played them once. We’re 2-1 against Spain and 1-1 against England. Get your facts right before you post.

  23. Croat Canadian says:

    The teams we want to avoid from each pots
    Pot 2: Bosnia,Denmark,Sweden,Ukraine,
    Pot 3: Slovakia

    Other than that not too concerned who were placed with. Iceland’s time ended, Germany’s falling apart, Wales & Czech are overrated and 70% of the pot 3 teams are weak.

  24. Turkey says:

    Let’s get the facts straight. You guys are 0-3-2 in the last 10 years in regulation against England. Winless! Happy turkey day losers! You guys are celebrating Turkey yet again!

  25. Anonymous says:


    What you mean “you guys are celebrating Turkey yet again,” not everyone here is a dumb American you little piece of shit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Croatia has by passed Turkey by miles.
    Turks would focus on Serbia or Romania who hate you
    More than us. Lol stupid Mongol Turk.

  27. Aussie Croat says:


    What a gadan gypsy narod.
    Have done absolutely nothing in football.
    Stick to kebabs.

  28. Croat Canadian says:

    Mmmmh last time I checked we beat you guys
    Euro 2016 1-0
    Euro 2012 Qualifiers 3-0
    Euro 1996 1-0

    Shut your’re mouth man. You didn’t even make the world cup in Russia. Last time you made it out of group stages was 08 and last time you made wc was 02 LOL how many wins do you have against England? 0

  29. Turkey says:

    You don’t get it! Turkey is everywhere!. We are Germany, we are france, we are even Spain!. The French team that crushed you guys in the finals in France was powered by players from North Africa who are Turkey!

  30. Croat Canadian says:


    It’s funny you mention that because I saw zero players from the French team that descended from Turkey. Spain? Yeah only an estimated 4000 Turks live there and I’ve never seen a Turkish player on Spain. Germany had only two players who were Turkish background in 2014. Relax there buddy and get your’re facts straight. Go troll somewhere else. PS you’re national team is garbage.

  31. Croat Canadian says:


    Your’re so insecure about your national team that you have to come on here and troll. How was the world cup in Russia in Turkey? There’s only 800,000 of Turks in France? How many on the national team? zero and how many on Germany now? 2 Go tell your Turk Khashoggi I said hi..oh wait

  32. Maminjo says:

    Listen you croat Canadian loser, turkey is every where! you just recently celebrated turkey with your Canadian thanksgiving! haha jokes on you again. There were players on France from North African decent. North Africa was an extension of the ottoman empire. all things are turkey!

  33. Anonymous says:

    No way Maminjo is Turkey, but I think Turkey might believe that Maminjo is Croat Canadian and than writes his stupid little comment with the username Maminjo.

    Turkey is just a stupid little Mohammedan, shit at being a troll as well.

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