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Liverpool Slip Opens Up Premiership Race

January 3, 2019




It took 21 matches but Liverpool’s unbeaten run to start the season is finally over. Reigning champions Manchester City defeated Liverpool 2-1 Thursday night to tighten the gap between them and leaders Liverpool to only four points. The Reds could have taken a commanding lead in the Premiership table with a victory but will now need to battle it out down the final 17-game stretch.

Dejan Lovren had a rough day at the office against City and could be blamed for ‘lazy defending’ on Sergio Aguero’s opening goal. Lovren was a rock at the back for Croatia during the World Cup but has known to be a liability when he’s not completely plugged in.



The Silver Lining: Liverpool still looks good for a title run. With 17 matches remaining in the Premier League season – currently holding a 4-point lead on Manchester City – Liverpool have already completed their fixtures with Manchester City and Arsenal. That means out of the “Power 6″ sides, the Reds will only have to face Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea one more time this season; with the United clash at Old Trafford the only away match for them.



Will Dejan Lovren lift the Premiership trophy in 2019?



I think so.


Was this lazy defending by #6 Lovren?




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 8 comments

  1. Goof says:

    Didn’t take too long into the new year for another video posted here to be “unavailable” when clicked.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Chelsea can’t win shit, why, because they have false alarmer Kovacic.

    Lol did Chelsea think they would get better with the acquisition of Kovacic, the guys a piece o’ shit, I coulda told ‘em the guys a false alarmer.

    What’s going on at that shit club Chelsea, who the fuck they got making stupid decisions like bringing in lol Kovacic?

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