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Croatians Around Europe XVIII

January 6, 2019




After signing for English Championship side Aston Villa on the first day of the winter transfer window, Croatia’s #1 goalkeeper Lovre Kalinić, had a rough day at the office in his debut match Saturday as his Villa side took on Premiership club Swansea City in the FA Cup. Swansea dominated the match and won 3-0 with Kalinić conceding all three goals with little help from his defense. Although Kalinić could be criticized for getting down to the ground too slow on two of the Swansea goals, his side looked like Swiss cheese in the back. Aston Villa have been eliminated from the FA Cup with the loss and will now aim to finish top-six in the Championship to try and gain promotion to the Premiership next season. They are currently five points behind a playoff spot.



Aston Villa vs. Swansea Match Highlights



It was quiet around Europe as Serie A and Bundesliga were on winter break. Luka Modrić played the full 90 minutes as Real Madrid lost 2-0 to Real Sociedad on Sunday. Ivan Rakitić plated the full match as Barcelona defeated Getafe 2-1. Leaders Barcelona now have a 10-point lead on Real Madrid.




Ante Kvartuč
Posted By: Ante Kvartuč 68 comments

  1. Maminjo says:

    Speaking of Kova…

    I don’t think Chelsea will buy him in the summer.
    He is a good player, but doesn’t stand out leaps and bounds above the remaining central midfielders on the team.
    They will spend the money elsewhere.

    He may end up at Inter again, as they view him as their plan B if they can’t get Modric.

  2. Maminjo says:

    Also, in basketball news…

    It looks like that Covington/Saric trade for Jimmy Butler is beginning to backfire on Philadelphia.

    Butler causing problems again.

  3. The truth says:

    That trade has been depressing for saric. He’s a guy that can average 18, 8, 5 in the right situation. Playing for a quickly becoming dinosaur coach like thibs is terrible for him

    It’s funny. Zubac is in a situation where he needs his coach to stop trying to be some a small ball revolutionary. And saric is just the opposite where he needs his coach to move forward in time

  4. Lika Joey says:

    Come on, Pulisic is an American kid whos grandfather is from Croatia. Christian has zero Croatia upbringing.

  5. Maminjo says:

    Dad is Croatian, and Christian does have Croatian citizenship.

    But he’s not born and raised in Cro, and he probably doesn’t speak the language. Makes sense that he does not play for Croatia. It’s not like Rakitić who is raised in a nearby country, speaks Croatian and was raised among a huge Croatian contingent (with the cuisine, dance, music, etc).

    Christian is from Hershey Pennsylvania, lol. Culturally, the guy is probably white trash, eats McDonald’s and listens to hip hop like most nerdy white American kids who have no culture of their own.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lol, I met People that speak zero Croatian
    And less than 100% blood but god help you
    If you abused them of faux. I bet his father
    Is a Yugo like Zlatans parents.

  7. Lika Joey says:

    Maminjo Pulisic received Croatian citizenship so he can play in Europe that’s it! He would of never got it otherwise.

  8. Zee says:

    Pulisic is a goof period. Lika Joey is correct about his citizenship. He is as croatian as my dog. Olmo is more croat than that clown.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Alen Halilovic should have a look at the energy and work rate shown by young Marc Cucurella to see what’s missing from his own game, if he doesn’t he’s going nowhere.

  10. Soul Champ says:

    @ Kruno

    Thanks for the link!

    Mario Mandzukic had the winner but proved the essence of Juventus grinta in his performance.

    “He is important because he combines physicality and technique. Mandzukic is an extraordinary player.”


    His technical ability has always been under rated.

    He has great first touch and can link well with his teammates.

    His aerial dominance is unparalleled.

    And .. oh yeah .. he bangs in big goals in big matches.

    I remember those Bayern treble days when folks were questioning his game. Pointing out all the things he is not as opposed to celebrating his positive attributes.

    It Juve win the CL and he is banging in goals all along the way.

    They I don’t see how you are not in Turin talking to this dude.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This Real Madrid team is missing something? Modric is doing what he always does but it’s not good enough to get the result for Real, and that wont help him win any individual awards next year.

  12. CFC says:

    What dumb ass gave him Croatian citizenship?
    You don’t have to be 100% to claim hrvat, remember
    Diehl or the black miss Croatua?

  13. Elvis says:

    Did Sammir speak Croatian?

    Pusilic is a punk, fuck him and his father
    Who failed him. I hope the US fails to qualify

  14. Dannyj says:

    Most likely he is kicking his self for not embracing the zds lifestyle after he saw us do our thing this summer
    It’s all good
    Ya he skilled but trust me there is some new modric from a selo somewhere wanting his shot
    We be ok.
    We may have a lull in a couple years but there are a lot of hungry kids with talent with true Croat blood

  15. Maminjo says:

    There won’t be any lull in two years.

    Rakitic is still only 30, Perisic is 29, and the immortal Modric at 33 will easily be able to play until 35 (especially after he moves to Serie A). Lovren and Vida are also 29, and could play for a few more years too.

    Rebic, Brozovic, Vrsaljko and Kramaric were key players at the World Cup and at 25, 26 and 27 are really showing us their value and will only get better. Kovacic played a small role, but should get better as well.

    Vlasic and Brekalo are already doing great at 21 and 20 years of age. Sosa at 20 is better than anyone we have at LB already.

    Kalinic and Livakovic are goaltenders who can actually jump and at least attempt a save. Playing an injured Subasic whose career was already on a downhill slide cost us a World Cup trophy.

    That group of players above are pretty much the team we may end up rolling with at Euro2020, with the only real loss being Mandzukic.

    However, being able to remove Subasic, Pivaric, Strinic, Badelj, and an out-of-form Pjaca and replace them with guys like Lovre Kalinic, Vlasic, Brekalo, and Sosa could be significant.

    We still have a lot of exciting young players, like Benkovic, Caleta-Car, Jedvaj, Krovinovic who can all make a push to the senior squad…but we are pretty stacked already so it will be tough.

    Unless there are multiple Pjaca-caliber injuries happening, I don’t see any lull in the short term.

  16. Niko Kolac says:

    Anonymous parents are Jugoslav Communists. They are from Beograd. They are supporters of FK Partizan Beograd Grobari.

  17. Lika Joey says:

    Elvis Samir had no other option! Pulisic will be the face of American soccer…endorsments galor!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Josip Šimunić is the ideal Croatian Footballer. Pussylic was failed by his father. What did Kolinda say “all for Hrvatska”
    remember that Tata Puisilic

  19. Anonymous says:

    If Christian pulisic jumps ship for cro he would be on the starting lineup when we go to Quatar…I wish our recruiters would have buttered up his dad a bit more because he’s calling the shots for christian.

  20. Elvis says:

    When someone doesn’t choose Croatia I always assume them to be some self hating Yugos like Zlatans parents.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Zlatan called himself a yugo see:

    For Zlatan outsiderdom comes in part from a question of nationality. An immigrant Swede displaced by the collapse of Yugoslavia, he has described himself as “un-Swedish” and “a typical bloody Yugo”, while one of the oddities of his autobiography is his apparent lack of interest in the Sweden team. More attention is paid to his struggles to get hold of an Enzo Ferrari (“There was a long waiting list – what were we going to do?”) than his struggles at the 2006 World Cup the same year while the entire 2002 tournament gets less page time than a nightclub fight that happened just after it.

  22. Anonymous says:

    How bout bamas coach nick saban ,patriots coach belichick and Pete Carroll Seattle ..all three of these coaches will go down in history as some of the greatest coaching success records of all time..all born in usa but also profess they are all proud to have croatian ancestry.Pulisic is sadly,another story..for not playing for vatreni.

  23. USA #1 says:

    Why would Pulisic play for an American jocksniffing country like Croatia when he can play for the real deal?

  24. Medo says:

    Wouldn’t it be sweet justice if we met the U.S. in the knockout stage of the next World Cup …highly unlikely but imagine the press over pussy licks decision then.

  25. Anonymous says:

    @Danny J

    Actually Christian has no regrets about choosing USA#1 instead of the confused nation of Croatia.
    You know Mate and I (I call him Mate when we catch up) actually talked once about Modric and the “Croatian” fellas having their pictures taken with Vlade’s buddy Novak, now you guys all know Vlade is a true cetnik and that he was unmasked by a Croatian fan that ran onto the court with a Croatian flag, me, I knew it all along.
    He asked me “why these Croat players can be friends with cetnik Novak but Petro couldn’t be friends with cetnik Divac, and why Petro was such a bad guy,” and I said to him, “Mate, slušaj me, oh, sorry, my bad, you don’t speak Croatian,” and he said to me “my mum is American so my parents never spoke Croatian in the home and I never got a chance to pick it up,” and I said to young Mate “that’s understandable my good fellow.”

    Anyway, that’s beside the point, so, I went on to tell him how Divac was a piece o’ shit for outwardly pretending to be a Yugo but inwardly he was a ravenous Serb and how these “Croatian” players of today are really just false alarmers that are outwardly Croats (because Yugoslavia broke up and not being Serb they had no other choice but to represent Croatia) but inwardly Yugo, as was evidenced by them having their picture taken with the good cetnik Novak.
    We actually had a great chat and finished having a few drinks (I can tell you that young Mate drinks like a Croat) and listening to some Croatian music, he really surprised me when he said he loves listening to Sinovi Hercegovine even though he doesn’t understand the lyrics and that his favourite song was “Hercegovac za Hrvatsku diše.”

    When I explained to him the opening lyrics of

    “Oj Hrvatska zemljo svih Hrvata
    zasto meni uze jedinoga brata
    golobrada u cvitu zivota

    Je l’ te danas imalo sramota,”

    he all of a sudden didn’t feel so bad about choosing USA#1 after previously having expressed some regrets.

    I explained to him how Croatian genes are in his blood but that if Croatia wasn’t written in his heart to not feel to bad because it’s not written in a lot of Croatian peoples hearts these days.

    We had a good laugh also at the expence of Croatian president
    Kolinda Grubby Kitarovich and how her claim to fame is being confused with Coco Austin.

    Let me tell ya though, the kids a rippin fella.

  26. The truth says:

    The case is closed. Pulisic is not Croatian. He made the right choice in picking America but it was never a choice cause Croatia made no sense.

    Let’s see.
    Be the face of American soccer and rake in a hundred million dollars in endorsement and be beloved in your own country

    Or disappear into Croatian soccer. Don’t make money on endowments. Play for a county you don’t care for. And stare blankly at all the people around you who you don’t understand and wonder why some 18 year who never played for the national team is suddenly starting and then hear someone say the word mamic

  27. Dannyj says:

    I haven’t seen much of pulisic
    But looks like brekalo is the kind of kid who is gonna leave it all out there on the field for hrvatska
    Coupled with his talent…it’s a recipe for success

    Pjaca or halilovic?? Whose got a bigger chance of turning a career around and becoming the next rebic??

  28. BZ says:

    I don’t like Pulisic’s game. I’d take Rebic and Perisic over him all day, everyday.

    Pulisic has a pretty boy game game similar to Brekalo and Kramaric. The problem is, most other countries have wings with better “pretty boy” skills than the USA and Croatia.

    You need bad ass mofos like Rebic. Perisic, and Mandzukic to beat countries that excel at pretty boy soccer (aka Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, and France)

    Our “lull” has already started, as we search for a new identity after Mandzukic’s retirement.

    We might squander the remainder of Modric and Rakitic’s years playing counter football. What a pity!

    @Soul- you up for a trip to Turin with Slavonac and I? We can get this thing done.

  29. Lika Joey says:

    Anonymous, for your information Kolinda was voted one of the most powerful women in the world 2018. Walk up to a random person in a north American big city and ask them if they know what Serbia is….they will have no clue. Kolinda was one of the stars of the world cup.

  30. Anonymous says:


    You’re kidding yourself if you think her greatest achievement isn’t being confused with Coco Austin, that put her on the map, before that she was just a dumb blonde that had a funny walk.

  31. Anonymous says:


    “You need bad ass mofos like Rebic. Perisic, and Mandzukic to beat countries that excel at pretty boy soccer (aka Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, and France)”

    Yo, in Russia France beat Belgium 1-0, Croatia, with our bad ass motherfuckers of Rebic, Perisic and Mandzukic lost 4-1, I don’t count the goal Mandzukic scored when Lloris was fucking around.
    Yo, it looks like Croatia needs more bad ass motherfuckers by the looks of the world cup final result, 3 aint enough.
    Have we got any bad ass motherfuckers coming the through the ranks that you know of homie.

    We did beat Spain in the UNL without bad ass motherfucker Mandzukic.

  32. Anonymous says:

    @The truth

    Lol, are you saying Croatian genes don’t make you a Croat?
    Croatian citizenship doesn’t make him a Croat?
    What does young Mate have to do to be a Croat then?

  33. Anonymous says:

    WTF and that little fag Greitzman didn’t dive ?
    Hang ball? Only an idiot would call that a handball.

  34. Anonymous says:


    Yeah, and like a player diving isn’t a regular occurrence in football, diving is a part of the of the game, but Mandzukic nodding home the goal like he did was a first in a world cup final!

    Croatia also was the first team to lose to a best 3rd placed team at the Euros, that match also featured the returning bad ass motherfucker Mandzukic after we beat Spain without him!

    Perisic did move his hand ever so slightly towards the ball, you cleary see it in the slo mo replays, you gotta remove your homer glasses to see it though.

  35. Maminjo says:


    Kolinda is just a dumb blonde you say?

    Kolinda started the Three Seas Initiative, which is linking up all the Central EU countries. That achievement alone is worth more than what most presidents have done in their lifetime.

    She speaks like six languages, was a Fulbright scholar, and was the first female Assistant Secretary General for NATO.

    Look at the joke Presidents we have in the US and Canada, lol. What did those two idiots achieve without their daddy’s check book?

    LOL @ the Coco Austin comment. Nobody even knew who Coco was until the whole thing with her being mixed up with Kolinda. Only white trash reality TV watching idiots like yourself would know who a ‘celeb’ like Coco is.

  36. Elcroato says:

    Go fuck yourself anonymous. We are 2nd in the world. Only 13 countries have made it to the final, ever. I take pride in our accomplishment and celebrate it everyday.

  37. Anonymous says:


    I don’t watch “reality” tv, and it was Christian Mate Pulisic that told me about the Coco Austin and Kolinda article, there was also a link to an article put up on this site by someone.

    Let me give you the hot tip, it’s not reality tv if you know the cameras are on, it’s acting you stupid idiot, lol you Americans wouldn’t know the difference though.

  38. Anonymous says:


    “koco is your fellow serb and she loves bbc not cetnik prickl”

    Someguy once said,

    “Oh, and to anonymous….in my not so humble opinion, if you post as anonymous multiple times because you’re afraid of being confronted….the technical term is……pussy.”

    So he’s calling you a pussy, lol you’re a pussy and I’m not the one saying it.

    Me, I wouldn’t call you a pussy, because you’ve already confronted me when you attack my comment, I mean I know I wrote the comment you’re taking exception to, so what the fuck is @Someguy on about, also why does it have to be multiple times, wouldn’t once make you a bigger pussy if you have a regular username?
    Yo, homie’s probably just trying to be a bad ass mofo lol.
    Yo you Americans are funny.

  39. Anonymous says:

    All useless trouble making cetniks on this cro sports only website ..who have no business here..suck my my fucking fathead cock you mother cetniks can’t find a pussy if it fell out of the sky and landed on your ugly bearded face.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I told ya.ther mocking gorgeous kolinda..meanwhile cetniks are just hood the old country their demons are chewing them up..the eye in the sky will make them pay the piper one day..seems like they have zero concience..sad,

  41. Anonymous says:

    That anonymous cetnik post above me..if you ever met me in real life as a brick shit house fightin hockey player from canada that I am will shit yu pants and run you tough guy you are..go pray ..u messed cetnik.

  42. Anonymous says:


    “That anonymous cetnik post above me..if you ever met me in real life as a brick shit house fightin hockey player from canada that I am will shit yu pants and run you tough guy you are..go pray ..u messed cetnik.”

    Man do you sound like a legit muppet, here’s the thing, in “real life” I wouldn’t be engaging in any sort of dialogue with a Canadian muppet like you.

    “the eye in the sky will make them pay the piper one day..”

    Lol, that is not the religion of the Croats.

    Also, you seem to know that your “brick shit house” physique and shit for brains wont help you in this forum, and that does explain your pathetic comment, the next step is to just shut up with your special brand of stupid. Fucking Canadians lol.—436317.html

    Comment on that article, if you can read it lol?

  43. Anonymous says:

    I’m crying evil chetnik..above.Quit playing bs propaganda and just tell us who you doubt some fake news cetnik troll who is jealous he/she was not born a pure clean hearted soul but rather an evil protestant religion bent on killing pure souls like us cros,,you will answer gods Rath one day!!

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